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COVID 19, Miracles, Science and You

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • June 1, 2020
    2:30 PM
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Well and have a more thank you today you know so we have to study and work wants to us today who study and interact with Temperance know from now on let me just ask you this question this morning so so make it more of. How many you think we need some miracles today in the world. Yes. And walk out of miracles do you think think we may. Healing we have. You know certainly healing miracles I mean that would be in a lot of people are saying we don't have any cure for a virus although the generous thing I was reading a. Science this week that they're doing they're doing a lot of antibiotic testing and finding out that the many people already have antibodies against coronavirus and they think the numbers are going to be much less than I thought originally However they're still high. Though it appears that it's already or one form from some ways and that is the miracle of. An a in unity and a key part of nudity. You know I was already working on that for a 1000000 in many people but I believe we have also you know the small miracle of with that and other diseases and then what about what about this guy George Florida and the others that have been. You know killed or at least that's the allegation and. He's 3 black men that have been shot. Or murdered and then all the unrest cities burning down looting the White House surrounded last night by all kinds of people and the f.b.i. and security had to be called to protect the president and then the president was forming. Well last night on one was something came off on my bonus now saying to the coil you are me to various cities but how many think we need a miracle probably need some town America. And. So was this look at what is a miracle what would you say a miracle is going to be a miracle on something that is not explained by science and comes from something. That is natural to have been would say. Riemann good direction that's good Anyone else want to say what their definition of a mere full of something supernatural. Something supernatural. Yeah here's a couple definitions of extraordinary and manifests they soon. Of divine intervention in human affairs Affairs says Webster and something unique to break a pattern so expect them to establish that we hardly consider a possibility that to be broken well of this definitions anyone else have another definition that like that. One off so miracles. All right well there's another word for miracle in the New Testament. Us or semi on. Which literally means a sign a sign so a miracle is also a sign in other words miracles are not about themselves they point to something or someone beyond themselves a lot of you've said this morning in your definition that it's something supernatural it's something extraordinary it's something that God has broken in something it's pointing to something else a miracle it's never just for itself it's to point us to something else them if we say we need a miracle we're basically saying we need. Something that's above the natural order it's not in the creation it's a public creation it's not the created maybe it's the creator so miracles are meant to point to something else. The on themselves now a number of years ago or wrote a book called The intelligent design the bridge between science and theology by a guy named William Dembski and William Dembski. I pointed out something I thought was very interesting and that is he said that looking at signs the sign must be clearly specified otherwise it can be rationalized away so if you want to have a sign that this is true it's really a sign of has to be specified for Secondly it has to be extraordinary just like someone. That no one will say The necessarily hostage to the miracle but it must depart from the ordinary course of events. 3rd assign must be clearly types of some decision on the level of if the sign happens it must be clear what is to be done or believed and then finally signs are contending in other words they can happen well they don't have to have them because they. Were actually delivered by a free moral agent who doesn't have to but can deliver Saeed's So you think about it from a new old testament while the. Children of Israel were going through the wilderness that they have any signs. You have stepped not only. Signs all the time I mean then man every day that have. Water from the rock they had a fire by 9 o'clock by day and one other interesting book that I sometimes have people read is a book called disappointed with God by Philip Yancey who actually says that you know God tried it he tried having a time period where there were signs every day miracles every day and people still reject it so what's a God supposed to do. As miracles every day they complain they they want different things and so hope for the book is you now you're disappointed with God Or maybe he's all disappointed with you because he was it. Right all the signs and wonders a miracle and Jesus says the same thing you know an evil generation 6 for a sign for no sign will be given a set the sign of Jonah in other words Jonah was in the bow of the whale 3 days and 3 nights I'm going to be in the grave 3 days and 3 nights but I'm not doing other signs and things just when you tell me to I'm not like some kind of divine monkey that will be tricks for you and will roll over. Of other words signs are content they they can't happen but they don't have to happen and sometimes this happens like getting him that he asked for a sign. And there it happen. And happen and if this happens then I'll go fight fire with the Midianites When did he do that he did that so all the d.s. for a side he did was a given to me now because he was going to do the Witch and The God Who said you know I'm not like giving you a sign the fairest sees that they ask for signs that he gets them now he's a wicked an adulterous generation so if you guys are wicked golf for us so in your generation I'm not giving you any sides but you asked for us if this isn't the right thing for me. So let's put Now of course or some stories. About science and miracles Moses unfair this is one of the great stories in the Bible and. The election is 3 and 4 God instructs among us to leave the Israelites out of Egypt to live a Cain and what did he say. That he said Ok Go on I'm good to go What the deuce it didn't want to do it yes is how why are they going to listen to me I mean I'm most got killed last hours they're trying to do social justice and that I killed somebody because I was trying to be just and that didn't work out well when I spoke for justice ministry was shut down when I had to leave. And. Well not going to believe me so God says Ok I'm going to give you some of the miracles of if you see the 3 pack of miracles for cracked. So that they may believe that the Lord God of their fathers of God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob appeared on t.v. accidents for 5 so he gets these miracles Rob it turns into a snake kind of like to have that when you go to Walmart that that turns into a snit if you have free shopping of all places right or just fully. Into your hand the terms leprous So then they can turn it back and forth this would be really good at the doctor's office but you know what. Would be great in a nursing program to say I graduated from when nursing them I just want to let you know that we have ability over diseases but my hand is leprous in the house not or water the terminable so they were good he was given the Symes is very interesting he was given the science a Can Dance people to do what they were supposed to do they will not believe the near the heart of a voice if they don't believe you have the 1st sign then they'll believe it the last science in other words you might have to use a couple science in Miracles to have them believe you got the models when they were meant to convince their guns and they were not uniquely specific to God However because what happened the. Magicians of Egypt collar fit them well so they didn't like manna with their own chant mints so. Then however comes the plague of the lights. So they do all these things and they work with them life comes and the magicians try to duplicate the plague but they could not I don't know they had a problem formulating in the wings or making the thing fly I'm not sure but they could not come up with lights and then they said this is what they say this is the thank God the miracle of lights miracle Weiss Have you ever thought of life as a miracle. But this is like the miracle of the lights remember that the next time you're talking to a patient or somebody who has lights to say what if the Old Testament this was the miracle they're not going to be convinced by that but anyway so the miracle of life it's this is the finger of God All these What's Rog's and pale and all these different things they keep going with even though the one I did meant acknowledge the plague number 4 was a figure of God. That Moses or did there all week knowledge it not until the death of the 1st one but plagues were very specific like we said no more pointing at the be specified and the decision the God wanted coming from these plates is a cool place that causes physical suffering and. Which should get our attention today we have plagues that are causing physical suffering in these plays are very specific and then if then statements if the frogs over in Egypt then Pharaoh was the law of the Israelites that we if well Ok if this if that 10 Call us with your obey God really took only the last played to heart when he did that only after it was too late so. That's in any. So how do we recognize the finger of God. How do we recognize that from the how you would like to know how to recognize it and your god is this a miracle or not now I would just say it was very interesting the Old Testament and the Bible for e 3. Existed before what we call modern science but it was in looking at these plates but the scientific method was born with me so so you know why it was that. We were you know the feeling of God by witnessing something that got along could have gone by witnessing a sign as you make me specific to God the dream the degree of extraordinary that we were quiet before attributing sign of God to Pence on what events we are willing to attribute or unique to God All of us seem to have some kind of threshold beyond which we would attribute sign uniquely to God So. It has the rates of some kind of bar some kind of stand now Francis Collins has had of that and I ate Naslund says that he's the top guy with an eye and he was an atheist Well then he began to study the d.n.a. and he studied d.n.a. and the biochemistry of d.n.a. he said this is so intricate complicated and unique that there is no probability that this could have just evolved this had to come because of the design or this had to come because of God and he became a believer when he's now the top scientist at the end. This is a great book jury but the language of God So. That Heaven's Claire the miracle working power guy right so unless you just kind of don't know biochemistry. The 2nd argument which I found fascinating I'm on a come back to this in Francis Collins book was the moral law argument so not only do you see white Psalm 1970 Claire the glory of God. When it's just later in Psalm 90 the law of the mortise perfect can bring the soul but all of these things impact this column and he said the moral law stood out for me as the strongest signpost for the existence of God When Why was that because it's well about what was wrong it was wrong to kill this black man or put his neck on there for a minute that's wrong it's reprehensible if it's wrong and he says the moral law spells out everything that's wrong but not only that it spells out what is right and what did Collins think was the right thing in the moral law that points out the wrong but it points out the right selfless all truism self sacrificing was he said look it points out what's not love and it points out what is love if you know did God have to deliver the Israelites from Egypt then yes it is that absolutely not did he have to come down here know so he's got a selfless self sacrificing love in any one else's like God begins to get involved in acts of selfless alter with these 2 things. Further it. Francis Collins the top scientists at the United States now I could go through other scientists and tell you how they were converted by some other things but I think one is enough so you that now let's go on next story 1st Samuel 5 said what's in the 5 and 6 what is this picture oh we're going I'm not sure it's the actually it is a fish you can see it looks like a fish Well it has a leg as well as an arm that's actually day gone the fish guy which is talked about for salmon $5.00 and $6.00. Sorry for the pixelation of the nose going to look like that the legislative. Now in this story and 1st Samuel 506. The Philistines were at war with is alive they were out of the Israelites they captured the ark what's in the ark was of God and. By the way I forgot to say this back with the Israelites out of Egypt experience and when they got to. Sinai What did God do he gave them the law. Replaced the 10 Plagues 10 Plagues laga now here these people still mock God and what do they do once they still the are they celebrate the capture of it and dance around it and they move the ark to the temple of. Alright so what could be better at this proper their enemies when they have their god is more powerful than God of it is white so they put them in there of this to show but something turns that 1st you had falls over. They have proper backup or proper backup the next and then it falls over again you can see there is the arc of them's the 1st guy and they're going well this is bad but then something else happens what else happens not only those de gon fall over and get mutilated the people of Ascot begin to suffer physical play. Physical sickness the sound familiar injection set physical sickness right plagues that were allowed and sent by the God to lead them to a decision of some kind of the system already I'm fascinated by what I'm saying are you fascinated by this because now we have 2 examples and by the way are we living in an example where people are having physical sufferings. So I heard that said so. And this is they of course the in the Renaissance time period they painted every Old Testament story with buildings from the Middle Ages but this is supposedly them getting all the sickness there and ask. But couldn't find the actual picture of and that this is what the middle medieval setting were all sick so they have captured God's law they haven't taken out what they look they don't want their confused people have asked they say hey look we've got to get rid of this arc so they unloaded on the people and gas people and gas is that sure will take them the people and gas develop Saurus that's becoming an epidemic and now moving towards a pandemic so all over the world. They try to switch it to any friends of nowhere something down our borders we're not letting their know they're not sent us. Law the art don't sense the art. Because we're going to get sick still cool Well they core and save. The people from gas and asked. What people are asked. But we're Ok so what is dollar line here. Where you things happen anybody with the idea. Well they don't know what's going on really and so they don't want to admit that this came from God that they say look there came from science say it came from something else we don't want to admit it came to from God but we've got to test it out now because because we can't figure anything else out this is a model situation for us it's a novel situation we've not seen it before so we've got to come up with some tatts get a new car already into cows that have cab that have never been you know it's the carts of the calc would take the cabs away and Penn them up and take the arc of the war and put it in the car and sent on its way but keep watching it it goes up to its own territory towards about Shamus. The war has brought this great disaster on us by We've got some a sense I think the way some is difficult but it does not go up about some of us when we will know this is not his hand that struck us and it happened by chance what we're trying to figure out that hand of God the finger of God and they come up with this you might call it what would you call this well this is what I don't usually get to do what I preach in the service over the territory don't get to going to listen to you guys what do you think your what would you. While you're wanting a sign. The other one is a sign or whatever that sign be now. Miracle they want to see if this is a miracle but they use what are they using to figure out if it's a miracle or not. Dear animals. They're using a rudimentary scientific method on. Which they say would not happen ordinarily yet they're so look at the logic and. Look at the logic of an I might suggest the scientific method. The Philistines are seeking to see whether or not this is a sign the sign give or they think maybe the God of Israel the specified sign is the cows will go towards about 70 and they'll have to go against natural law to do it. And the decision would be that they would believe that the God of Israel of looked at the Philistines because they captured and kept the art and their other beliefs might be we might get rid of this disease if we come from the plane and admit that God is God. But I think this is kind of fascinating. If while you the ark is drawn by 2000 goes up on its own territory it's Wordpress Shimkus Then the Lord has brought this disaster on us the scientists decks are ordinary the cows that have just had calves normally stay with their calves and don't leave them well to move away from them would be to go against their madness rule inclination would be actual or very well and of course. What they do sides in a pixellated they. Went to the borders where they took the cows pitched them to the cart cleaned up their calves they place the ark Lord on the car when the cows went straight towards about some of the rulers of the hills and it's follow them as far as the border of Brussels. Having confirmed that the cops did go to us the most the Philistines or can dance but the God of Israel wasn't the responsible for the spring disturbances of the land including the plagues they were having the cancers they were having with diseases they were having So 1st of all the sign was specified can be rationalized away with extraordinary to the 3 it was tied to some kind of decision we will let the ark go back we will acknowledge God is God we will acknowledge that he's powerful more powerful than. Course it was contingent didn't have to happen but it did happen and why did it happen because God was trying to do what not only teach them a lesson but to fit her life's a lesson. On that lesson would be bringing healing not just physically to their biochemistry for for Also moral while 2 examples now now now that those 2 examples were for death from Dembski and his book to be honest now another one I thought oh you know what about Daniel once same kind of thing then you know one. Will sign had to be clearly specified it was it was looked through your servant for 10 days and give us the them only things to eat from seeds that's the test 2nd the sign was the actual ordinary Well it was extraordinary see if it's there is not an extraordinary difference between us and that was 10 times that's very extraordinary there of the Simas be clearly tied to some decision if this happens. Then give us things that we want to eat from now on and was tied to a decision and fact it ends up being mal specifically seen as the oldest scientific study but it was really a what a miracle. A sign and miracle that in the being science that's been a big bust of the science happens of must be clear what is to be done are gave them the things wrong from seats from then on and then he acknowledged to not have a can of their knowledge to ignore this guy this is the guy who did this. Now wait a minute this guy who does it but we can replicate the study how quiet it was all kinds of studies that have been done in fact I'm going to interview someone on Sunday afternoon is Dr Richard bloomer and he's down over 80 studies on The Book of Daniel says Joe and that this is still valid but it's of the rest of the meat is it's not only science it's a miracle right now in America and around the world what do we need we need a miracle that's been sent we need a miracle drug or even it's kind of laughable but they say we need a miracle vaccine but a vaccine really is what it's just like dumbing down the disease so it doesn't kill you but if it's just triggering the already intrinsic miracle you are that is your immune system I read through some number of miracle stories this last week the people that have survived folks at 19 and they all said it's a miracle I was on a ventilator for a month and then suddenly got better but when you look at their immune system guess what they now have antibodies what happened was their immune system somehow kicked in and so we like to say if we're secular Well we're going to come up with something and we have the solution but ultimately the solution is something that already created our immune system passive finally the signs of contention in other words they can act and they don't have to and Daniel story and did he ever he and his friends ever say hey look. God you can do this sign or miracle if you want but you don't have to it's up to you either way will trust you remember Daniel 3 fiery furnace gods of stream or agent you could choose to go over us with from the start for us but if not we're not to abandon our belief and worship you and it's that kind of person that God can especially do a miracle for because I'm not asking God to be proving himself when there is already ample evidence for God on how many you're follow me so far what do you think. Now now it gets interesting we're just laying a foundation here. For. Miracles we've talked about miracles haven't science we've talked about science happening and we've seen a connection between you 2 how many of you seen a connection between the 2. Now miracle science and you or me or us look at this paradigm before we go on Moses he's given Samir a full some science he goes to Egypt and he's given 10 plagues to convince people to believe the 10 Commandments the 10 Commandments point out what's wrong and they point out what's right they define love both about what's against love it what love this I think that's kind of fascinating. Secularly Phillis that they're given to play because they still they are which have its own commandments in it so. They're come to acknowledge that the play is from God and the 10 Commandments are from God while next Daniel all the other kids that are over there eating the king's meat and wine and they're pretty much plagued with ill health then it stands up and as friends. Well they say we don't want to defile ourself according to the law guy and so they magnify the 10 Commandments it becomes more and more explicit in the book in the Book of Daniel finally and then you know 6 you've got God's law versus man's law then you know 7 you have a little horn power which is attacking God's Law persons God's people the whole book of Daniel is built around the paradigm apply a yes people's intentions so that they can acknowledge the 10 Commandments mess what about us what about God's last they by the way. Could we give other evidence you know that I could preach a long time focus on that you realize but I want that I didn't mention. Which is probably some of why I really should mention. Is the resurrection everybody has sickness of God comes and hills their sickness and when I was there 49 or so he magnified the law when they looked at him they said look just as good definition of the law and he is the definition of taking care of evil and he's the creator and he's the Redeemer and then he dies and then he raises again he says look he said before he died it's as if I die on the road he can't you're going to know that I'm. I'm the guy who can heal your diseases that's why ology what I'm also the guy who can write the moral law in your life because if you are a disaster and you will hurt somebody was I do that and then he says everyone needs resurrection power and then we send a New Testament we want to have a right direction Paria baptized as a symbol of Diana's self. Again powerful picture we're about God bless the people. Do they have this pattern of plagues and I think the menace as a 20 was a text that they're going to say have quite a long time because they want to point to the political. The 10 commandments to the law and to the testimony if they do not speak according to this word because of there's no light in them this is a test if this and that if a scientist if a theologian if a person is not speaking according to the law and to the testimony don't follow that. This is the test of a miracle we already know that right but America calls also. Like science and so it reveals the signs of nothing. So we have a scientist Those been involved in science that's going against God's law we've got to be nervous about that right. Now by the way it's fascinating to me to look at the resumes of the scientists to be very turn to in the world today you know. What they're To track record is you know how they use science some of you science to actually go against God's law there are a lot of voices today and they're being listened to. By people around the world as the answer for play and as it were working out well no. It's not working out. Now so there's going to be those people in the time that speak according to the law and testimony one says what's going to happen what's going to be in their lives but I end up the testimony of civil law I'm on my disciples so they're going to be disciples that have it's God's Law in their hearts and minds it's going to be sealed or they're going to be sealed without law this is miraculous. Because there is no one righteous no not want everyone turns away it was in his own way says both in the Old South and the new Romans 3 that's the big point there is no not me not even so many not. Dr followed by. The never family or the Nelson and any one of this is miraculous and this is why they can guess what they can from the excess from the New to the newest God so I will write my law in your heart and your mouth I'll be your God We my people know I have to tell his neighbor more than I will know I will not remember your friends Russians or your iniquities I'm going to change the I'm going to do a miracle how many think this is America but we need what was it a miracle that Pharaoh needed but rejected was that the miracle that the people in the Phyllis thing Williston knew yes was it the miracle that Nebuchadnezzar needed and finally accepted and is it the miracle that we need today is there health involved with this last day people are always in 146 and 7 what does that say and I some other angel find in this of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to the drawing of every kindred tribe tongue nation of people saying with a loud voice fear. What is very God the around me tells its keeping dogs law and give them Glory wherever you eat whatever you drink whatever you do to alter the course so there is the health mass of the Law God there for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him when they have an inner city in the phones of living waters in other words he's the creator he's the one that's over it all he's the one that created it and he's the one who can step in and say bad ones follow this follow that out of that city. So you have health you have a lot God specifically the Sabbath in the last day people who are sealed who are disciples and then Revelation 1412 where it's Jesus and all that right in the center of it what's it's but there is the patience of the same there in a very rough time looks like all hell is breaking loose all around there's riots or diseases there's plagues there's destruction here is the patience of the saints here they keep the commandments you might say the commandments kept them I think we can really even keep the commandments and iced teas and life and the so they have a fair if the Jesus turned around the faith of seeds of his which is a gift not something that they have a something they've they're given allows them to be obedient this is a miracle is it a miracle to be obedient even once that's a miracle it's against it's like going towards that semi it's a miracle anytime anyone doesn't thing or it's a miracle because that they for Jesus leaves obedience in the context of what a very high price to do and what are miracles for what are signs for are they for themself or not or wetness there for a witness for who. Live on the earth who are. Saved then one thing one thing that goes along with what you said is Luke a teammate that says one of the Son of Man returns will he find faith on the earth and it is a gift that we can have so he wants us to have it meant and that's the point I think that what we need today when we have someone to be on someone's neck for 8 minutes. We have racism coming back up because we're stressed comes up all the things that are inside come out again the message violence is a way off anger way off on. That and we see that happening when we need we need America feel we need a miracle and is a miracle possible is a miracle going to come by Sunday not the army is a miracle going to come by doing all these various things. Now what we need is actually a miracle when I was thinking about this so it's a way to go with this black against white and I thought of that instantly of John Newton that slave trader who probably put his foot on the neck that many people probably killed people and then finally he realized what I am doing is not right it's not right somehow miraculously something spoke to his heart and I would say I'm not the man I ought to be. I'm not the man I wish to be but I'm not the man and I'm not the man I hope to be by the grace of God I'm not the man I used. Ending was able to surrender to God who God who created him will put together his d.n.a. but the God also of moral law he said Thou Shall Not Kill by the way the moral law was one of the 1st indicators that God also cared for people that were on the server subservient to the this and he said look you know on the Sabbath day off were interesting points out there on forms on the right then what did he say in his great Him I once was lost now I'm fall Was Blind But Now I see science. Miracle science a new American see where were saying about you and me was going to have a last day people that are surrounding him and notice how the Bible talks about I was going to use those people and I want to be one of those people want to see you too is going to help point them say you're my and the children whom the Lord has given me we are for war spy on us and wonders in Israel that we need a revival and reformation inside the church we have probably racism in the church we have a problem with violence in our own homes we have problems the reason Jesus has not come at least. For Revelation says it is because he doesn't have a sealed people when he wants to have sealed people that bind up the law on the testimony allow God to do that lives so that we could be for signs and wonders in Israel when the war got opposed to the walls in my own life together I don't have a more Thank you it's a day that. Your great desire is to help us in the midst of the pandemic moment or plague moment recognize our need of America. Thank you for making the entire world aware of their need of a miracle may meant they not just see science says the miracle but see that science itself with an even being in existence without the Scriptures Alang down the science defect mount method and make. Many people come to acknowledge that you just like Francis Collins the. And many other scientists as they look closely at the biochemistry look closely. The intelligence that was behind it is line and even connect the dots in people's minds so that we're back seeing the times with many would welcome the that itself is also just the knowledge and that the immune system you've given actually is what gives us how you name it in the acquired community that you give us and meant to you give us a fighting chance to give us the ability to. Put ourselves in the right. Place within your will concerning what we eat whatever we drink whatever we do to do to your glory so we're with those who are suffering when those who are fearful thank you for the many many miracles you've been doing in bringing healing to many people through their immune system in the antibodies that have been developed not the worst thing that's happening well those who are still languishing when Also we asked that you would cure them all ills in our hearts on the hearts of our country of our nation but you would write your law to harvest the mines and you would give us the say John Newton Amazing Grace experience in and give this nation that experience. Ross Ross the near of those in the wellness center of violence right now protect them. Direct them but most importantly connected to you that they may have the same life that sorta like. 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