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The Steamboat Solution to Racism

Peter Chung
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Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • June 6, 2020
    10:00 AM
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Holy father our father God Heaven Father we thank you that even in the midst of this momentous time that we could freely worship you in spirit and truth and father today as you know me every heart deed in action my sinful erring self a flawed man Father I have been given the opportunity to share your word so Father I see fill me with your Holy Spirit then spite of myself might be a blessing not a curse to people may this message be understood fully and may bring healing and restoration to the church father for when the church is healed we can do a great work to the world so father today I asked to use me of this humble feeble flawed instrument to do it I will this we pray in Jesus' Name one of the defining moments in my life especially in high school was in April 29 1902 at that time I was a sophomore in high school I just gave away my age and that that time was a great civil unrest and my home city of Los Angeles California and I already moved out of Los Angeles to another state at that time I was at a admin this academy in another state at that time but my heart was always in l.a. I was always an l.a. boy and so this was the time when there was a police brutality case of a African-American man that Rodney King that was caught in grainy v.h.s. videotape where 5 l.a.p.d. officers almost beat him to death. And after that incident the case went to trial and all the police officers were declared innocent and this led to one of the greatest civil unrest in the history of the United States were 60 people were killed and almost half of Los Angeles was burnt down all the way from Koreatown to south l.a. building after building were burnt down it was so bad that the United States military was mobilized to patrol the streets of South Central Los Angeles I don't remember vividly the trauma of seeing my home city burnt down seeing my Korean community businesses burnt down because a racial strife and racial tension as I was in a avenues academy where there were practically 15 minority students out of torn and 50 and it was sad to remember hearing racial epithets and words hurling around back in 1902 and that traumatized me greatly and fast forward to 2020 civil unrest again this time not only Los Angeles but cities all around the United States isn't discord and division and sad to see in the social media room we see 7th Day Adventists exhibiting the same spirit of the vision of that of the world manifested in social media but what does the Bible say regards to race and also the Bible says an x. $1726.00 knows the words upon the Bible says this and I have made over one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth and I determine that time for a point in the bounds of the habitation other words we are all made one where one nation one race by the Blood of Jesus. Or admin this church is a worldwide movement of every nation kindred Toman people in fact in the United States Pew Research Institute has shown us that there's some of that in the shirt is the most diverse church in the United States of America praise God and so Jesus made because of his blood of the spill and Calvary he made the human race into one race our nationality our race is bonded by the Blood of Jesus that is the race that God desires is the be the human race in fact known as what inspiration says knows what 2nd slip to messages page 343 paragraph one states in fact I don't have that statement there but she says that we should by precept and example demonstrate that there is no racism within the church and that by precept and example there should be no protests in the church that we should be a demonstration to the world that we're something better that we are the example that we are the head and not the tail as there is racial strife outside the church was within the church we have unity we have peace we have love among the Brotherhood now there are some that believe that racism is a still shot justice issue that racism is a liberal agenda a far left issue but what does the Bible say about racism Those are the bible says a number Chapter 12 risk one notice about a racist in the Bible and she was a civil way of a major patron notice the bomb was a number one Miriam and Aaron speck against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he got married for he had married an Ethiopian woman so I'm very I'm an errand had a problem with Moses because Moses married and Ethiopian woman in other words Miriam and Erin Erin were races they discriminate against poses because he married if you will be and what. Well knows what it says in verse $9.10 notice how God responded to Miriam errant racism the Bible says this and the anger the Lord was Kindle against them and he departed and the cloud departed from off the tabernacle in other words the glory of God left his sanctuary in the most holy place because of the racism within the Church of that time and behold Marion became leprous white as snow and Aaron looked upon Merriam and behold she was leprous and leprosy is a type of sin and so racism is not a social justice issue it is a spiritual issue just like abortion just like thievery though just like rioting just like fornication it is a sin issue and we as a church are called to deal with it in fact most of the Spirit process says it is so that what Page 13 paragraph one knows with inspiration says the heavenly intelligences rejoice to do the will of God and preaching the gospel to the poor in the announcement which the Savior made in the synagogue and Nazareth He put a strong rebuke upon those who attach so much importance to color or caste and refuse to be satisfied with such a type of Christianity as Christ accepts the same prize was paid for the salvation of the colored man as for that of the white man and the slights put upon the colored people by many who claim to be redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and who therefore acknowledge themselves debtors to Christ mis represent Jesus and revealed their selfishness tradition and Prejudice pollute the Soul they are not sanctified through the truth those who sly the brother because of his color are slight in Christ Ellen White dealt with racism you know we as a Senate that of the church historically. I have a strong tradition of standing up for the oppressed this prophetic plaque card is from the Advent this little graph in the 850 s. historian Kevin Burton to share this morning notice this represents a land might be used in Revelation Revelation 13 this is the absence imagery and notice how this image speaks of the dragon Notice it says slavery in creeds in other words what made the lamb like the speed because a dragon for Adam's pioneers was that of the institution of slavery and slavery was fueled by racism in fact knows what Jan Andrews wrote at $855.00 known as what he said we regarded to Hornby's then that's a symbol of a civil religious power differing in many respects from those which have preceded it is in the parents the mildest form of power that ever existed but it is after having deceived the world with its wonder to exhibit all that tyranny of the 1st piece in other words the lamb might be east will have tyranny of that of the papacy and why know this and the pretensions of the power well founded let us examine if all men are born free and equal why then does this power hold 3 millions of human beings in bondage of slavery why is it that the Negro race is reduced to the rank of chattels bought and sold like brute beasts. You rise Smith said this We do not claim that the dragon voice is yet fully developed and the prophecy fully carried out in this respect but enough has been hurt identify the bees and establish a president from which we are justified expecting almost any result saying that Declaration of Independence we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights and yet the same government that others this sentiment in the very face of this declaration will hold an abject servitude over 3000000 200000 of human beings robbed them of those rights with which they acknowledge that all men are in doubt by the creator and writer based the Nile of all their fair professions in characters of blood in the institution of slavery is more especially manifested does for the dragon spirit that dwell in the heart of the hypocritical nation did you know that Joseph Bates one of the founders of the something of the church was that abolitionists and he worked closely with William Lloyd Garrison one of the national figures of the abolition movement didn't know that John being 10 the 1st president of the General Conference and this brother and son were part of the underground railroad that they would have escaping slaves escape to Canada breaking federal law breaking the Fugitive Slave Act Did you know that Ellen White said in volume one the testimonies when the fugitive slave law was passed federal law that stated that in the scape slaves that escapes the North must return to the south that she told the wren the church that we must defy federal law and we must allow slaves to escape we have a tradition of standing up for the oppressed and it's time to revive that in our in time sure sure today. Now I'm sad to see some of these posts in social media by some of the Admin this I widened out their names but these are some that they are having is that posted this in reaction to what has happened this past week in their banners they have 3 main jewels messages in their banners they have let evangelize over division in their banners they openly declare 7 Day Adventists in their posts everything is political in their posts their supporting one political party or the other demeaning others in their posts they are stating these things on their posts how can these posts bring healing and restoration whether it's true or not what good does that do is winning the argument better than winning the soul and it breaks my heart and I'm bitterly disappointed when people are in pain that 7th Day Adventists are posting this type of material on social media and to be fair I couldn't get a screen shot because I did not find one of my feet but there are other 7th Avenue in the opposite spectrum there are just the fine rioting and looting that also is a sit and so both sides are posting certain things that are not acceptable whatever side of you or we are simply adding this and how can we post political arguments and political agendas and none of your posts rarely have anything about the bottom spin or prophecy yet you have a 3 and Banner having the form of godliness and denying the power there of for such turn away people who are crying out for pain people or hurting people in the church and wait posts seeking to win a political argument rather than taking time to listen to why people are in pain. Now for those that know me it's no secret if you follow me in social media many I'm on this you call these are African American most of my close mystery friends are African-American some speakers that you unwired greatly that preach all around the world but do you know that many of my African-American some of the Imus friends that dress and suit and tie that speak well that don't have a stereotype of gold chains and a hoodie and a baseball cap clock in the certain way and speaking and in a certain vernacular do you know that they have been racially profile do you know that they have been pulled over and also in the Avenues review what Lee fits the African-American minister of that saying for numerous presidents have been detained in the airport by the f.b.i. suspicious of why an African-American this traveling so much if we don't think this does not exist even my own some of the avenues brothers who have been profiled who are upstanding citizens and preach of the Marines messages can we not take time to listen to people in pain we seek to downplay people's pain and telling people that their pain does not matter that is unfounded but that's no better than the papacy in seeking to control the conscience who are we to tell them that they shouldn't be in pain we don't even listen to their story but I have hope just like we can delete social media posts and pictures and replace it with new posts so too when we confess our sins Jesus will forgive our sins and Clintons for all unrighteousness and so too he can delete the social media profile spiritually of all the mean spirited spirit that within our heart because I love abundance of social media our hearts speak it right now. In fact the angels are recording angels they don't even have to make I could accounts because we do the job for them on social media and so when we confess our sins just like we can delete our social media profile we can have a new profile and God Therefore if any man in Christ he is the new creature behold all things become new you could be a new person you can be part of the solution not the problem just like Paul who was from a racist system of the Hebrew economy that looked down upon the Gentiles that God converted and he went to preach to the Gentiles to all the nation so too if you had Dominion Post God can use you to reach out to the same people that you hurt there's always redemption and forgiveness in the eyes of God So what does God do when people are crying out to him from their pain it was about was in xs chapter 3 verse one the Bible says that the Lord said I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt and I've heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters for I know their sorrows in other words God listens when we're in pain God knows our sorrows and what was the purpose of Jesus coming down here on this earth knows the Bible says and I zip it 3 Verse 4 the Bible says is surely he a born or griefs he had carried our sorrows yet we did esteem and stricken smitten the God and afflicted the purpose of Jesus coming down to this earth is to identify with our pain identify with our hurt and let's be real a lot of our hurt came from our own bad choices yet Jesus is willing came to be a listening ear and identified with their hurt and the pain of the consequences of our own actions one of the wonderful God that we serve in fact knows the Bible says that he was shot to traverse 18. The Bible says this for he himself has suffered when tempted he is able to help those who are being tempted the whole purpose of the plan of that redemption is Jesus coming as a human being to identify with our pain and suffering and our temptations and so too as we are followers of Jesus can we not listen to those that are in pain and identify with those that are in pain and won't God's people who are ready for a 2nd coming do know what the Bible says and 1st contact with reverse to what will God's people who are ready for his coming well they demonstrate the Bible says this beloved we are God's children now and what we will be has not yet appeared but we know that when he appears we shall be like him because we shall see him as he is so when Jesus appears we will be like Jesus we will perfectly reflect the character of God In fact I find it interesting that many people that post those negative divisive posts believe in this statement cross obsolescence page 69 paragraph one I believe the statement knows what inspirations this when they character a cry shall be perfectly reproduce in this people then he will come to claim them as his own if part of God's character includes hearing the pain and cries of those who are hurting you know press are you who pose demeaning posts reflecting the character Jesus ask yourself if Jesus had a social media account would he post what you post. You see the Jesus that I know that minister to the earth minister to the hated Samaritans you know the Jewish people were the dominant race and the Samaritans were the minority race but Jesus reach out to the Samaritans but he went beyond that he reached out to the king and that woman that was considered he that she would be like the most little today well it gets even deeper Jesus also reach out to the Romans and charity that this same oppressive political power that was oppressing the Jews if Jesus opposed the political posts what he'd be able to minister to this diversified group and His followers of Jesus are we not to do the same that's why God workers page 391 states that we should not be in the here and to partisan political parties political parties have no business with us and some of that business again God's work was page 91 so we have diagnose the problem what is the solution and also the Bible says in Luke Chapter $418.19 this is the divine solution to the problem of racism the problem of racial division and racial strife the Bible says in Luke Chapter 4 words 18 and 19 the spirit a Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor he had sent me to Huel the broken hearted that preached deliverance to the cap this and were covering of sight to the blind to set at liberty them that are bruised to preach the except warrior of the Lord so notice with me here the Bible says Jesus was preaching to the broken hearted Jesus was preaching to the oppress Jesus preaching that hurt Jesus that hewing message in connection with knows where this is the 1st 19 the preaching except where you are the Lord in other words does not a human sit and a prophetic message. Because the preaching except of your Lord is connected to the Book of Daniel Daniel Chapter 9 for Jesus I was present truth at that time so the lie Jesus went to preach a healing message of the everlasting Gospel to every kindred telling people but also preach prophecy that Jesus is going to come the 2nd time that is the message for us to declare you know for something having us the parable of the 10 virgins is something that is very significant to us they meant we have the wise virgins in the foolish virgins and oftentimes we think the wise virgins is they know the doctrines they know the 3 angels messages they are straight in theology they know the truth they are preaching the truth but if you look at Christ object lessons page 418 paragraph one nor this what she says about the wise virgins that very very very extraordinary knows what inspirations says practical work will have far more effect than mere sermonizing If Christ is abiding in us our hearts we fool of divine sympathy the seal fountains of Ernest Christ like love will be unsealed God calls not only for the gifts for the needy but for our cheerful continence are a whole 4 words are commonly hand class when Christ healed the sick he laid his hands upon them so should we come in close touch with those whom we seek to benefit she continues on there are many from whom hope has departed bring back the sunshine to them many have lost their courage speak to them words of cheer pray for them there are those who need the bread of life. Read to them from the Word of God a poem many is a soul sickness which no earthly bomb can reach nor for physicians heal pray for these souls bring them to Jesus tell them that there is a bomb of Gilliatt and physicians there this is a wise version speak hopeful words of kind this is part of the 3rd angel's message that is the work that God has called us to do and so how is our prophetic message relevant to the a President Obama says and 25 many of you are familiar with this this talks about the anti-Christ power the law of war and power Notice it says that the little foreign power would change times the last one out or persecute the scenes of the most high in other words the church state power the little whore in power will persecute a woman just minority will oppress a religious minority will give police and civil brutality to a religious minority and as we as some of the after this we can identify with the oppress because sooner or later regardless of whatever race we are within the church we will face this situation but notice there is hope in this prophesy what's going to happen to the oppressive power this oppressive system of church and state notice what's going to happen now is the Bible says December 25th the Bible says this but the judgment that is the investigative judgment 844 shall sit and they shall take away his Domin to consume and to destroy it unto the air and in verse 11 of that same chapter I beheld then because of the voice of the great words which the horn spate I believe even tell the beast was slain and his body destroyed and given to the burning flame in other words what's going to happen. You know why our prophetic message is so whole for the oppressive persecuting power that commits all sorts of grievous abuses to religious minority that seek to preserve their fidelity to God that oppressive power will meet justice and be destroyed that is a hopeful message and that is a message that can resonate to every nation kindred tongue and people you see the anti-Christ little foreign power has the guise of pushing an a t but has the spirit of the dragon so to we are told in the last days that this nation will have a guise of a lamb but speak as a dragon and why is this anti price power judged because it violates God's law and we have some fabulous rightly so we focus on the Sabbath but there's one part of God's law that we truly neglect and also the Bible says in Romans $1310.00 love work with no ill to his neighbor therefore love is the fulfilling of the law the reason why the anti-Christ power is judged because they don't not love their neighbor as themselves instead of loving their neighbor they persecute their neighbor as themselves and so we have some of them in this if we are commanded keepers and when we ask us we can I keep the longer on screen when we ask God for a new heart as David says clear to me a new heart a clean heart will go on and renew a right spirit within me Hebrews 8 1st 10 says that God will write his law in our minds and our hearts and we can demonstrate that by faith knows what and why it says and so then work page 34 Paragraph one. The law of God contained in the 10 Commandments reveals the man as duty to love God supreme way and his neighbor as himself and white coats is the American nation owes a debt of love to the colored race and God ordained that they should make restitution for the wrong they have done them in the past those who have taken no active part in enforcing slavery upon the colored people are not relieved from the responsibility of making special efforts to remove As for us possible the sure result of their and slain son where Page 54 Paragraph one so this statement by Ellen White inspired his son Edson now grew up as a rebellious. Child of James and then a white in fact he was sent to jail and this mother had to bail him out so he was a problem child but the age of 44 God worked in this life and he was converted all the praying that Ellen White and James White did was hurt never stop praying for your loved ones and so Ed somewhat heard that statement from Ellen White this statement above and then the spire tip to do something he took up on the so inspired by his mother's article our duty to the colored people he decided to get a steamboat call that morning store have a small team and sail down the Mississippi River in the $890.00 s. now during this time of American history was a time what's called Jim Crow Jim Crow was this so he gave between African-Americans and whites African-Americans were denied equal facilities equal education they were denied the best schools they were denied access to public places and also they were denied. The power to vote. Poll taxes your grandfather clause and so on and so forth this is the Us history teacher that is coming out to me if you could bear with me also during this time the federal government pulled out their union troops out to allow the Southern states to have their sovereignty again and because of that they k.k.k. was rapid African-Americans were lynched and murdered the police officers were part of the k.k.k. the judges were members of the k.k.k. anyone from the north now was white that supported and sought to minister the African Americans were targets for the k.k.k. and they too were murdered but here's some white he's brave his life to take the morning star down the Mississippi River in the deep south risking life and limb in the boat it had a library a chapel a photography lab a print shop and a commendation for stuff they would sell from major southern bastions like Vicksburg and so on and so forth and they would raise 50 schools doing medical missionary work raising churches raising institutions that would bear fruit to what we call Oakwood university here today this is the work that some of them have is that you know what if someone had a little support within his own church but yet he did the work if God has compelled you to do a work for the work just like some wine and notice this is what Edison white reported this is what 7th Day Adventists did in this morning's Star ministry knows what it's and what wrote to his mother in this letter. 2 weeks ago tonight a mob about 25 white men came to the church at Colmar at about midnight they brought out brother Stevenson our worker and then blew the church burning books nots charts they hunted for brother Casey are leaving colored brother of that place but he had escaped in time so they did not reach him they went to the house of brother all then called out and whipped him with a cowhide I think they would have killed him if it had not been for friendly white men who ordered them to stop whipping after they had struck a few blows they did not pay attention to about 1st but he drew his revolver and said the next man who struck a blow would hear from him and then they saw during this time they shot that brother all VNS wife and struck her in the leg but did not hurt her seriously they took brother Stevenson to the nearest railway station put them on the cars and sent him out of the country they posted a notice on our church for bidding me to return and for bidding the steamer Morningstar to land between Yasu city and expert this is the work that some White did he brave life and limb not seeing the political division of that time in the north and the South not seen the bitter division and the post Civil War era he saw that African-Americans were human beings just like himself and him in the scheme brave their own personal safety to go on the morning star to reach a people that need to hear that in time gospel message and God is calling us to get on the steamboat here today. To get on our morning stars you see we don't have to the sale of the great Mississippi River to minister we don't have to go to a foreign nation to minister our ministry could be a freeway away from Interstate 10 or for those that live in moma Linda your morning star can be just crossing the road tracks off Waterman to San Bernardino you see as is will this dividing We have an opportunity to be it's n y 2.0 to give a demonstration of what the kingdom of heaven is because the kingdom of heaven is the true land of the free and the True Home of the brave many years ago I had the privilege of Bible working in south Los Angeles in the inner cities of Los Angeles and 55 in Vermont this is gang territory and you know our team was made up of Australians New Zealanders Asians African-Americans Hispanics and Caucasians and one of our Caucasian sisters was from Walla Walla Washington but all of us went door to door you know during that time as a career in and post l.a. riots African-Americans and Koreans at that time had great racial tension but I went door to door and you know an African-American former gay member pulled me aside and said you know what we appreciate you because you care about words you care about bio and so no one's going to mess with you if you take yourself out and take yourself in the lead and people will respect that you're sharing the gospel and so we saw miracles happen we saw people being baptized that were former gang members prostitutes people of diverse backgrounds except thing the 7th day I've been this message. And so to today in this period of division we could do the same we could be at some white 2.0 we could get on the steam boat and get on our morning stars our ministry can be a light example to all the world and I see so often some of the obvious ministries already having their morning stars I look at church shoot in Oakland California it is big and plant based restaurant and having a center of influence in the inner cities of Oakland that is a Morningstar ministry I look at what's happening with fusion in San Bernardino reaching to the homeless population that is a Morningstar ministry setting up clinics setting up job training and mentorship and connecting them to that 3rd angels message rather than being keyboard warriors opposing political posts is the work that we're called to do God is asking us to get on the steam boat to combat racism God is asking us in calling us to get on the steam boat to be a demonstration to be different to show something better than the world because I'll tell you one thing no matter who is president of the United States it will not solve the problem no matter what laws you pass it will not solve the problem because the true solution is within the transformed heart or transform the heart will love people regardless of race or transform heart will not loose or riot and so God is calling us to be Morning Star ministries to be Edson wide 2.021 nation in a world that needs. To be a light in the store world to connect the medical missionary work with the 3rd indoors message to preach with power and to be a demonstration of God's character in these last days. You see you know how our hearts melt as I bring my final points you know how we could demonstrate this message if we understand how much we are sinners in the eyes of God we don't understand how we are so unworthy of God's grace but yet Jesus God commanded his love towards us that yet when we were sinners Christ died for us Jesus came regardless of our present condition and he's seeking to forgive and forget our sins and to blot our sins in the most holy place and they have an essential work so too when we understand that message that Jesus is seeking to forgive and forget our sins we could be more forgiving and more understanding and more empathetic to our brothers and sisters if we accept the message of justification by faith that will transform us to finish this work in these last days and so brothers and sisters I can't see you what am I a fake I will make this appeal my 1st appeal was this father today I want to repent for being divisive I want to repent for making my God a political God By be holding the politics of the world I reckon that I'd change the image of the lamb like Beast that speaks of the dragon because I beheld partisan politics but today I want to follow the lamb and reflect his character Father forgive me and help me to reach the very same people that are hurt to use me as an instrument to win them to the kingdom if that's your desire in the privacy of your homes I ask you raise your hand that your desire my 2nd appeal was this if you desire to say Father today I want to come aboard that steamboat. As you were calling workers and a crew to man that steam boat I recognize the Jesus and the helm of the steamboat and I want to get on the same boat to be a light in the great river of Providence to be a blessing to this divisive nation to be the solution to racism by sharing their lives in God's will I want to be at some white 2.0 I want to get on board the morning star if that's your desire I ask that you raise your hand that you desire God sees your hands I am raising my hand brothers and sisters even in this darkness God is giving us an opportunity to do good for what seat meant for evil God can mean it for good and we as some of the Admin this have an opportunity to do something beautiful because God makes all things beautiful in this time and he wants to give us and reflect the beauty of his character the beauty of the 3 and those messages to work during world there isn't golf and pain and grief and division to finish the work to reflect that character Jesus fully so the world will know who Jesus is we have an opportunity in the midst of this ugliness let us finish the work together regardless of race and caste let's pray Father in Heaven Father we thank you we thank you Father for being so good to us Father we have many issues we have theological issues we have racial issues we have class issues we have all sorts of divisions but father in spite of our broken souls you still see us as the apple of your eye and you still see to redeem us and forgive us to clean this up and to make us perfect in your image and so father today as we have made decisions for you we're asking for a new heart. We asked that we be justified by the blow Jesus as though we have never committed those sins and to be clean and transformed so just like Paul who came from a racist society to reach the Gentiles so too we can do the same and father here today we are also made decisions to get on the steamboat to get on our morning starts to minister to the cities of this nation as other Ted Wilson made a call to minister the city's Father help us to have more urgency to reach our cities where our mourning store steamboats to be a light in this world help us to recapture the spirit of ats and white to minister to those that are all press and those are heard Father we thank you for your mercy and grace May the latter rain fall upon us so that we could declare to allow private 3rd Age all this we pray in Jesus' name. 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