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Sanctuary Question and Answer Session

Richard Davidson



  • October 15, 2005
    5:00 PM
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let me share with you in about four minutes the areas I was going to cover in detail and if you want me to do any of those you can ask that as part of your questions they just are a few thoughts that I want to deal with an eighties of their problems they okay so I'm out one area is the reality of the heavenly sanctuary is a heavenly sanctuary rail or is it just a figment of our imagination and why is that important very crucial thing be happy to talk about that if you want what are the colors of the sanctuary Doctor I believe there's two pillars what is psychology and one is prophecy the types and the prophecies and both of those have been under attack claiming that we should not really argue from type and subtype can't look at Leviticus and tell what's going to happen will happen in the future that's all illegitimate to do historical critical method has argued that God can't predict the future and so really long any long-range predictions are out we'll talk about that I'll be happy to talk about that of the picture prophecy beard a principal the 's sources view of prophecy all that is been under attack we talk about that happy to be investigative judgment the idea of an investigative judge was claimed and is still claimed by some evidence below to that that is an invention by evanescent shortly after eighteen forty four the face-saving device but there isn't really such a thing the investigative judgment the Bible I'm convinced that the investigative judgment is a procedure that goes all the way through Scripture it's the very procedure of God that he deals with as a feeling with individuals and nations throughout history have been some examples of that are there are those who argue that and hit a strategic two-stage atonement we teach that in Leviticus that the sins that one of the sin offering was offered that the individual was forgiven but the record of those sins went into the sanctuary that at the end of the year those require most Christians don't believe that most Christians believe that is only one stage the tone and so what is the evidence to rapid assembly stand on to argue for two-stage talk I think we do very powerful case happy to share a story about that book of Hebrews some of argued hay Hebrews doesn't teach when Adventists teach Hebrew stooges and when Christ went to heaven he went straight into the holy of all this to start the day of atonement so how can you say that the damage home and started making forty four either some amazing new evidence that shows the book of Hebrews is perfectly consistent with what I've been a stage Jesus didn't start David told when he went up to visit such started the inauguration there's evidence to show from the book of Hebrews to show that some say what the sanctuary was all fulfilled in Jesus Jesus was the fulfillment of everything absolutely talking about a heavenly sanction I would do I argue that you will help fulfill Jesus the first stage and was fulfilled Jesus and is still being fulfilled in the church which is also the temple the body of Christ but it will have a final phase of fulfillment apocalyptic phase at the end of time and evangelical Christian just focus on one third of the answer they don't see the other two thirds we can spend more time about one of we talked about the absurd observation of the festivals already there are those who are sitting time still setting dates on the future after eighteen forty four you have any people around here that are doing that you have an answer for the and you still set dates is there still time prophecies after eighteen forty four I don't believe so I believe there's good evidence way cannot set any dates the dates after eighteen forty four some similarly on the sanctuary was basically in Moses sanctuaries is borrowed from the ancient near East as the temples and ancient near Eastern time they look exactly like those sanctuaries of Moses filled Solomon built so how can we say that they really have any divine pattern that their copy of the heavenly goodness file is borrowed from ancient berries those are some of the problems that the critical scholars bring up if those are none of your problems then don't even mention and I won't have to worry about answering are talking if you struggled with some of those there was some others are you have some other question that has nothing to do with this now is your chance for me to say I don't know the answer to that question shoveled off the someone else don't I think in the Michaelson says is being recorded on a couple questions based on your last visitation in your stomach the first third and seven months of the year yes IQ questions one is what months in our calendar today do those referred to and then the second question I had is in Leviticus twenty three forty one when the sum of the FISA Tabernacles talks about you should keep it seven days in the year shall be a statute forever in your generations yes and I'm just wondering if that were forever means that we are to continue to keep that even after Jesus time or why don't I wish was to keep it now if he said to keep it forever in your generations okay really two great questions the first question is one that I should have covered and I'm sorry try to go past the watch the clock I didn't get into that I didn't say the spring of the year but Nissan comes in March or April first month starts in the spring March or April unless you're in Australia it starts in the fall March or April in the fall I really get in trouble going down illustrated lecture on the sanctuary because I think the spring festivals and it's all there in the fall Festival the spring for them so you have to avoid using the word spring and fall and talk about months this usually comes in May or June six and the high holy days of the seventh month usually come in September or October that's the first question second question has to do with the word forever and as some of you know the word here is a long and Hebrew which does not always mean in propensity to it in perpetuity it means as long as conditions last your to do it until conditions should change the call for a change so for example in the Exodus chapter of twenty twenty one and verse six if you have a servant and he wants to stay with you he doesn't want to go free after seven years it says then for six his master shall bring them to the judges he shall bring into the door to the doorpost and his master shall pierce his ear with an all and he shall serve him forever similar a lot but doesn't mean that he's going to be serving him for a billion years means as long as conditions last that he's alive that he will serve him and this is the use of this word in Hebrew along as so as long as the Jewish economy was in force this is what they were to do the Jews understood this themselves in Jewish writings the even the Jews understood still and still today understand that when the Messiah comes the festivals will be no longer enforce is the reality toward which they point will have will have come in so that's that's the scoop about the word forever yes just follow what festivals don't reinforce and which ones are judicially enforce legitimate using just recently made between salmonella on the malloc wheel interestingly that they do the only one that they say will still be in force firing from remembering right is the festival of Purim which was not a ceremonial law it was a celebration in the time of Esther remember when the Jews were were were delivered from payment and the goals were trying to kill the Jews and so it was sent as a as a festival to to rejoice before the Lord every every poor every year at the things the twelfth month and know they they spoke about not to do not the Sabbath Festival but they spoke about the the annual festivals but they didn't they didn't speak about the Sabbath so they made that distinction as well on there is a study that one of my students did recently his name is Ross Cole the OL E and he wrote a dissertation on the Pentateuch goal sacred time and he looked at me even if five criteria of permanence that Arctic could be extrapolated from the from the text to know a different when do they start his rate indication when they and are they should be should they be observed at a certain place and does it have to be connected with the place and and you establish five five criteria for permits any random through all of these festivals and demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt my mind that for every one of the annual festivals they didn't need a single one of these criteria permits they were they were didn't go back to creation they started only they were connected with the Temple ever connected with sacrifices and on and on and on so that when the sacrifices and the Temple is when sin and when when the reality comes the statute of limitations for patients and their and they're no longer applicable where is the Sabbath doesn't isn't bound by any statute of limitations none of those five that he found from Scripture apply to snap is a powerful powerful dissertation on urging them to write it up as a popular book he hasn't done that yet so he teaches that Avenue Q why bother him right in Avondale and think that it him what powerful okay neither of queries when she didn't get in on on Sun Microsystems what's a good source to go to to show that you use basic reuse specifically young earnings report to show people independently at music or at certain times of the year and in a continuing lack in the serial port you go to say I don't prefer just occurred was a okay of his forests modern occurrences of these days you can go to most calendars will tell you when Yom Kippur I'm a little datebook will tell me Yom Kippur is the state day of atonement and so less of these festivals you can also get a Hebrew calendar that shows all of the Jewish dates and when the new new Moon festivals are when all these festivals are closer both are available in bookstores the Jewish calendars but with okay but here's the here's the cost the Jewish that the rabbinic way of calculating the festivals Festival dates is based upon a sophisticated mathematical formula that they worked out while they were in captivity during the Babylonian captivity because they weren't there to observe the calendar is based on the harvest exactly and according to those the way that the Scriptures describe it you came to the twelfth month of the airmen of new loan was not part you you you observe one of the pneumonia started but even that was based on observation that could be a day or two Aussie has an interest want to really know that is a figure the Newmont mines by the observation of when the crescent moon it first appeared above the sky but on a twelve month they would go out toward the end of the twelfth month and look at the harvest the only harvester and what we just talked about here last hour the barley harvest had to be ready so that they can waive the wave sheaf of ripe barley on the day after the first Sabbath of Passover and so they had neglected a harvest for the individuals month and say is this barley could be ready is the right there's a special Hebrew word for that it's actually a being is intervened in the air as an enemy of the by the fifteenth day and if it wasn't meant to be then they would add an intercalated month the thirteenth month because you know we got twelve months that doesn't quite fit with three hundred and sixty five days a solar year and a lunar calendar don't quite mesh and so about five times out of every nineteen years you have to add an extra month in order for it to work out the Arabs don't do that that's why Ramadan you know you heard about Ramadan but they're celebrating over there in the earthquake they can't they can't eat during this month it wanders throughout the whole year sometimes it will be in the spring sometimes of the Balkans they never enter in at an intercalated extra month but they just do so that it keeps the calendar basically in the same season so the question is eighteen forty four was happy here at the barley was right in time so that they could waive the way she or did they have to add an extra month just before that year started the rabbis said according to their calculations of Matt they didn't care about the what really actually happens in the harvest because it would have to do this anymore there's no example have I said there was no need to add a thirteenth month just like there were a few Karaites there that's a group of Jews and terrorize Jews that were still living in Jerusalem in eighteen forty four and the Adventist iron ears heard about this group of Karaites that were living in Jerusalem and they found out that the terrorizing Jews added an extra month about a month where month ahead of the rabbis and so on that year of eighteen forty four our Adventist pioneers follow the care rights who were following the biblical plan so Muslim Torah rather than within a tradition and they added that thirteenth month and so if you go to the almanac of eighteen forty four it will say David Solomon is September twenty one on October twenty two but if you go to the character 's you'll find that this missionary that actually went there about eighteen forty in an net this group of carrots reported in the American repository he found that that that that the carrots were still observing they still observing the festivals according to the calendar that was about a month different the rabbis so they still were there was still doing and just so observation and we don't unfortunately don't have a chart records we have records of this of this missionary that note that said they were there I met them in their calendars differently the rabbis and this is all written up actually on a website of the think of the carrots are still alive and well in Jerusalem today in there figuring that celebrations based upon observation now rather than upon this mathematical formula and so there's there if you want to really know when these festivals take place go to the care right corner .com I think it's called care right corner .com and it describes when the festival taking place now trying to River the name of that website and it's an Adventist pastor that has a psychic if you want to write me at Davidson Davidson Anders EDU I can give you the website for the good question so yes there are sources of the just one more answer that question Bill Shea has been an intensive study of this not using the Karaite data using a straight dead reckoning from the mathematical materials that that the astronomical tablets and he is shown that has to be October twenty two that year and as written up in his notebook else physical book selected studies in prophetic interpretation the last chapter of his book selected studies critical interpretations that be another source for that help I got a couple questions the first on issues like every one of the feasts and eventually sentencing date is within Apple the sentinels of the understanding of possible while I think it could be that seventy one the interest on the sense from heaven and why not if if God has been precise and all the rest the time why wouldn't he want to have the tabernacle the centerpiece of Tabernacles things can happen I would pretty should eventually interconnect that's what I'm using is some distance while there's two basic interpretations of that some say that refers to the second coming other Seo refers to the newer ICANN for thinking that it's the new earth because at his second coming there still has to be the scapegoat was let out into the wilderness and then once the scapegoat ritual is finished then feast of Tabernacle starts and that is the scapegoat takes place after the second coming so that's why I see that the feast of Tabernacles as as the new Earth and the flowing of the trumpet which is according to Leviticus twenty five is to take place at the end of the day and told at great show far sounding the Jubilee trumpet the second coming that's when the dead that's when the trumpet of Michael the Archangel people so I see that as the second coming in the piece the tabernacle doesn't work but no by then one will merge into the other will have the feast of the marriage supper of the Lamb that will give way to peace of tabernacle will start celebrating for sure when we get there whether it's called the Tabernacles just answer the question am I going to an interview of a dominant opposite of the judicial generation it does not affect the way I live my life as a Christian would have been different defendant city four eighty forty four is a magnificently tested the question of what should be our lifestyle is better this was at that aspect P Bouygues is not here today what should we be doing during the day of atonement is it any different than what we what happened before then from a guy gives the answer that in Leviticus twenty three actually gives five activities for Israel on the day of atonement and each one of those describes what our activity should be at the seventh eighteen forty four I bring this up as a paper than be happy to send to you what the details of this again just right to admission event on the board here in fact if you really want to get an answer fast don't write to me because I'm way behind in my e-mail but my secretary is response very quickly so few righteous shall D S H O W the name is Dorothy Dorothy shall at Andrews .edu just ask for the paper called the good news of Yom Kippur and I've dealt with this in detail but to get a brief version of it all Leviticus twenty three starting in verse twenty seven it says it is not submitted a telemedicine be a holy convocation there is the first day it will come together they were to come in the sanctuary and so I argue since eighteen forty four is a special time for us to have our eyes on the stage should be focused on an Vietnamese people have been raised to give a message of sanctuary on that it says and you shall afflict your souls afflict your souls in Hebrew that literally means you show humble yourselves humble yourselves and as I look at the Adventist lifestyle issues I'm convinced that we have given our kids the wrong reasons for many of our lifestyle reasons are not good enough reason why don't I drink I don't drink because when this priest went into the sanctuary he was not to touch any alcohol as I am going in with Jesus during Day of atonement I want to be drinking any alcohol so that my mind can be clear like a camera by who when offered strange fire while they were drunk and we can go into other things David Thoma was a time for the taking off of ornaments and David date of judgment throughout Scripture when it was an investigative judgment the ornaments came off as a sign you're in the investigative judgment does that mean God doesn't like ornaments it was beautiful jewels he made in fact he's going to deck his beloved bride with jewels the new Jerusalem will be his with jewels and when you are part of that will wear crowns of gold and studded with jewels and he says that comes at the marriage supper of the Lamb now we are engaged in Christ will not marriage and some to take the symbol of marriage before Mary were instead of a billion billion of investigative judgment and if the time for the sign of affecting us all so that's the reason I don't wear joy suffixes Joy's ugly as Justin God wants to put on the jewelry on their way and let him put it on within the jumping the gun and so have a sign that I'm married to them before or the marriage supper of the end I think we can go to other other experiences of our lifestyle and ask is is in harmony with the spirit and in the tone and we might come up with some wonderful reasons that our kids would buy my son just asked me just two weeks ago sit down when we drink I can't find any arguments against it in Scripture seems like they had some wine once in a while I know there those as a mocker strong drink is rental those but there's also the needs of others and go the other way I presented this day of atonement picture to is a dataset first answer that never made sense to me thanks thank you Lord now is forgiven me something to say that it made sense to the jaw that's the second activity afflicting of souls by the way the same phrase is found in Isaiah fifty eight because the Sabbath of Isaiah fifty eight is the day of atonement specifically says there in Isaiah fifty eight lift up your voice like a shofar and tell my people their sense this is why did they fast on the day of fast the Sabbath weekly Sabbath was not a time when any Jew would ever fast they will fast on weekly staff only one fast for the Jewish day of atonement goes on to say why do they afflict their souls as language and day of atonement from right here so if you want to know what to do and gave atonement that is in accordance with living the lifestyle of humbling ourselves before God read Isaiah fifty eight the whole picture about the incumbents out there for the boat just had to flick a convocation foot your soul is often offering made by fire to the Lord focused on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and Ellen White's words in these last days in one name should swell everything out Christ our righteousness if you want to do what they did on day of atonement to focus on the possible and God is since eighteen forty four wanting to restore the gospel of New Testament times with its balance of justification sanctification setting judgment synchronous message of the three angels message righteousness by faith and then finally visit you shall do no work on that day verse twenty eight other similar to quit our jobs what is needed in a work Hebrews forgets his the answer rest like God rested from his finished work by entering into an experience of trusting solely in his righteousness and not our works we are entering into God 's rest experiencing Sabbath rest of grace Hebrews four describes for us and finally says to make atonement for you verse twenty eight to May each of you work for is the day of atonement to make atonement for you and compare that with chapter sixteen Leviticus sixteen and verse sixteen in verse thirty four that Dana Priest shall make atonement for you to click as you ecumenically and from all your sins from before the Lord the Day of atonement administered be teaching the special day not in order to say but because regarding say deep cleansing time went by focusing upon the Lamb of God I be holding him would become changed that's an easy meaning of data talk and summarize a typology Leviticus twenty three does that help attractive elaborate on that in this article but that's a big seven yes the one thousand two hundred forty eight year processes that mentioned several times in the Bible what did the other religions saying at the time being indeed I have never heard of any scenario that they get this prophecy they did the other denominations Christian denominations of a think you're missing the twelve hundred sixty eight prophecy is of Daniel seven and then again of revelation and again in Daniel twelve of it out now the critical scholars the critical scholars will say all of this is talking about the time of Antiochus epiphanies you know that great king back before Jesus live sex about the time of possibly three years when he got this defile the Temple there and then it was restored and saw six is an approximate date for that of the twenty three hundred is another approximate date of the longer they didn't know they could they could predict the future so that they just did he states that approximately right in fact they didn't even know it remember exactly how and what was so Israel prophecies or written after the event took place and it's sort of an approximation of the of the of the attacks of Tiffany's prophecy but if you do that to follow the historical critical way of traitorous way of interpreting you have to knowledge that the prophecy failed because immediately after release the twenty three hundred a prophecy of Daniel seven definitely there was supposed to be done coming of Christ and the second coming of Christ and all the kingdoms the other kingdoms that away with it nor after after of this little horn power the next thing was the was not another world empire it was good to be the coming of Christ and they have to does the knowledge and profits along we can trust the profits that's the critical way the evangelicals actually Martin Luther and all the reformers they all believed in a year day principal Martin Luther even wrote that Christ was that a comment about four hundred years after his time around the time of eighteen forty and I'm not sure of how they put I don't remember how to put the twelve hundred sixty with the twenty three hundred days but they saw a prediction still in the future that was linked interestingly not only to the your day principle but to the see every reformer understood the that prophecy had to do with the papacy and its included the magisterial reformers Luther Calvin Melanchthon included the other reformers all the reformers were clear on that beard a principle to interpret those prophecies and it dealt with the papacy now what's happened since the reformers modern Christians have gone following two Jesuit priests one that went the way printer residents of prophecy failed was referring to in carcass companies another group going and saying futurists this sensationalist saying there's a gap of two thousand years announced and be fulfilled in the three and a half day period of time in the tribulation at the time after the rapture but you know what there's no biblical data for either of those views one has to say prophecy failed the other has to say there's a gap of two thousand years is not an none of the prophecy the only view is consistent with the whole biblical data is the historicists do which the reformers believed there's only one real class in the world it steadily is as the Seventh-day Adventist church I am proud to say I am a member of the group that are the errors of the Reformation in prophecy I praise God for the long answer maybe but I think okay all right I meditate to our questions since about five thirty and then will head off into the sunset guests will will will will yes the funeral and all in all our will and will recognize as the micrometers repeat that the twenty three hundred tried to help me if I don't get right twenty three hundred day prophecy was written before the Old Testament it was sealed and sealed during the time of Paul's writings the question is did Paul refers to the day of atonement in the book of Hebrews I think is what you're thinking of specifically and to answer your question let me just take a couple of approaches toward I believe that it was sealed it's the only book in the Old Testament that was sealed all the other prophets of the Old Testament showed what God hoped would happen through Israel with the promise of Israel being a special favorite people that would last forever Jerusalem would've never been destroyed and that the blessings of God would spread from Jerusalem and Israel to cover the whole world and it would've happened far different than the book of Daniel describes if Israel had been faithful God was describing to the prophets when his will was for his people is the same time Daniel was written to show that God knows the end from the beginning he knew what would happen and so he wrote Daniel to show that he's not a God who doesn't know the future is not taken by surprise as we wrote last step one step after another one kingdom after another showing what would happen this seems of world history and got sealed it up even in the time of Jesus it could've happened according to what the prof the other prophets Jesus was great the people of the nation as a theocracy and long for them to accept him and for Israel to continue on as a nation forever but you know what happened the leaders at least rejected him and the theocracy ended and God and to choose a remnant out of Israel and from that remnant he started the Christian church when it went on all Jesus referred to the book of Daniel as you know and in referring to the future data in Matthew twenty four he said he'll understand he who has understanding that Henry Suleman owes a sealed book there were parts of the lease that they could understand and that part dealing with the fall of Jerusalem Daniel mine could have been understood in the time of Jesus what about the Day of atonement did Paul understand the day of atonement was still future and he wrote I believe he did and to give a short answer to a very important question these texts that we read last night about coming to the sanctuary some have seen is referring to the day of atonement Hebrews six verses nineteen and twenty it was six nineteen and twenty this hope we have as an anchor of the soul that enters the presence behind the veil what Jesus has entered for us having become high Priest for ever talks about Jesus going within the veil and that phrase in the Old Testament use reverse of the second bail so is this describing Jesus going within the second bail to start the day of atonement so says some of the detractors against Adventists but does the text actually say what the event is the Jesus went in four dozen sages says he wanted besides the day of atonement what other time of year did the high priest for the one acting as priests go into the prior sanctuary one other occasion besides David Tolman did he go even into the whole reports on the state of one time it wasn't I was apparent yet because Aaron had not been appointed as priest and so Moses was functioning as priests and your member he went into the holy place and to the most holy ice why to inaugurate the sanctuary before it started out in Exodus chapter forty it describes Moses going into the holy place and the holy flip most holy place and to anoint with oil all of the articles of furniture that was the start of the services to inaugurate the earthly sanctuary when the label is could be that that's what this is talking about how can I know for sure what so happens that Hebrews is in a kayaking structure the central part of Hebrews is in a classic structure a mountain climbing pattern in this verse is matched on the other side of the pattern with the only other text that talks about the veil about entering within the veil and message up to ten Jackie Chan and verse nineteen and twenty therefore brother and having boldness to enter the sanctuary by the blood of Jesus by a new and living way which he consecrated for us through the mail that is his flesh and scholars generally recognize this text chapter ten verse nineteen twenty is speaking of the same event as chapter six they were the they are afraid of knowledge that the double light on to say this is student about the atonement but guess what in this text in Chapter ten it gives the key word that tells you what the event was that happen when Jesus when it is not good of atonement sorry the word is right here in verse twenty by new and living way which he anybody that new American Standard Bible anybody have the new American Standard you have new American Standard translation is most accurately of the great wording and kind in so and it means to in nod your rate to object and it's used in the Old Testament in the very Bible that at all is according from here the Septuagint is quoting in the book of Hebrews from the Septuagint is writing to people that were Jews outside of Jerusalem they couldn't read Hebrew Hillary Greene so he posted about a great Bible and this word and kind and so inaugurate his only found in one chapter in the Pentateuch and it's not Leviticus sixteen dealing with the day of atonement it's found in numbers chapter seven which is the chapter on the inauguration of the sanctuary it's never this word is never used the day of atonement is used for the inauguration what's the point up front on and try to make according to Hebrews ten when Jesus entered into the sanctuary was not hard to tolerate in the first century it was to inaugurate to start up the services of the day of atonement this keyword tells us that but not your question keep reading look at verse twenty five not first in chapter ten verse twenty five not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of some but exhorting one another and so much the more as you see the day approaching the word today if you're reading this as a Hebrew reader in the first testament first century time the word that day is a technical word technical term that means the day of atonement you'll could pour in the in the Jewish Michelle which is the commentary on the on the Torah they have ahead chapter which is called the day and it's all about the day of atonement it's called you home try the game of atonement and so I believe Paul is saying here so much more we need to gather together as you see the day of atonement Connie so hasn't come yet in Paul's day no it's still manager in Paul's day and what does he say that they has been a consistent read the next verse verse twenty six for if we sin willfully after it received the knowledge of the truth there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins but a certain fearful expectation of judgment Paul does not speak of Christ's work in the first century as that of judgment he says judgments which I what kind of judgment as a well high indignation which will devour the adversaries that's executive judgment but the next verse for sport twenty eight anyone who is rejected Moses law dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses a kind of judgment is that we've got witnesses testifying here's you can tell me if the trial it's not the sentencing stage of delay derisive liars I'm really trying to say buyers didn't think I had that much of a southern accent the vendor relive the moves out okay our lawyers contest of who will I use can testify to us that when you're talking about the testimony of two or three witnesses are speaking of the trial phase 's investigative judgment and Paul says it's still not sure anyone is going to be just our detractors say our names never came up never judgment nor does the judge or judges in Christ and earnings never came up in judgment in the future read what the text says here in verse thirty four we know him who said vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord and again the land where judge who is people access so here we have a clear picture I believe in Hebrews of the day of atonement you'll not the day it's still future from the title all it wasn't what Jesus did when he went back to heaven the first when he first went back to heaven and still future analyst type of judgment was can happen sometime in future I went for that you got to go to Daniel but Hebrews is completely consistent with the book of Daniel with the book of Revelation sorry I try to make that just as compact as I could three hour lecture there in the sanctuary class I try to go in the ten minutes I may want to fast but I written this up as an article to be happy to send to you what the old book that one in question the last word who's good have the last word as a lawyer want to give the last word no joint liars evil as in half okay good Jesus was doing in between intervention any report okay that's a great question let's end on that one glad I'm glad you let me end on a positive note here what was Jesus doing when he went back to heaven well what did the priest to listen when the sin offering was offered to the blood and he often he applied it into the sanctuary either on the horns of the all all the holy place until there was doing the work of mediation and Hebrews is very clear on what Jesus is it was doing during that time and I think the key text answer your question is Hebrews chapter seven in verse twenty five therefore he is also able to save to the uttermost those to come to God through him since he ever lives to make intercession for them Jesus been doing he's been applying the benefits of the atonement to you and me so that when we confess our sins reach out and accept handsomest spot these are my children he's been engaged in the work of a liar testifying in our behalf all through history but specially since eighteen forty four sick on a new urgency that hasn't stopped his work he still doing the same work since eighteen forty four student on another special work of the final windup of the great controversy but he still does it work now is living to make intercession for us that's what caused the disciples to have such power in the upper room when the Holy Spirit is ever likely to set an hour ago was the Holy Spirit as such they gave the power it was the fact that with a sigh that Jesus was now their high priest interceding for covering his merits standing for them in the in that in the heavenly realm and caused to be filled with joy so that we can go and preach this to the whole world that's what Jesus is still doing don't ever say he's got this work and start another one is a common misconception Jesus from breaking hundred years visiting the holy place ministry many saw daddy started doing the judgment work when I was wrongly that that means in the judgment there is no mercy just judgment no he kept on doing this work of intercession is just added an additional semester to be over and go home so I think God for what he's doing and I like to just I I didn't take the opportunity of your question they just make this one more statement about the sanctuary some have said you Adventists we focus on the sanctuary not on Jesus Jesus Jesus is the center of my religion you have the sanctuary and I say wait a minute print we can insist him Jesus now these in the sanctuary if I'm going to focus on Jesus on that one a focus on what is going so administer the most Christ centered people in the world would we could be no unfortunately sometimes messed up representing the legalistic version of the school languages and news I tried to inoculate you that from you that today from that today to the good news is centered in Jesus because that's what Jesus is in fact the great controversy started in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary where Lucifer fell at Jesus is solving the same problem in that same place it started as soon as the solution is finished and he has revealed to be universal who coordinates what these final events of Banda he will cause his sanctuary to revert to its original function Jennifer will be his home where he invites us to come live with him and worshiped with him forever so praise God for the Christ centered message of the sanctuary go out studying listed preachers and rejoice the wonderful gift that God has given to us to share with the world but when we stand for closing prayer led is a long day I thank you for these people brothers and sisters who love to study your word and for the questions that they've raised and and there are better answers I'm sure that what I have given please leave them with all of us to never deeper study of this message help us to see Jesus always is the center of it was to see the good news joy of it and Lord I pray that sanctuary life and your experience and that soon you will come and take us to the marriage supper of the land that will give way to the great feast of Tabernacle last return of the Lord you've heard our our expression earlier this day we wanted without one missing say that we will by your grace is there who say that again at the end of the session and I thank you Lord for hearing our prayer and for the intercession of Jesus our high priest and for the love of the father the power the Holy Spirit are all mightily working in our behalf and could hardly wait for that day we can see you face-to-face come soon Lord Jesus is our prayer and what was


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