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Karl Marx, Social Justice Warriors, and the Gospel

Conrad Vine
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Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • January 18, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Heavenly Father I thank you that you invited us to reason together and Father we come into your presence today. Not because we are better than anybody else but we are sinners in the end of the Savior and father that may we never forget. That all in this world's that you died for each one of them that you are saving grace is to extend to all who turn to you in faith and repentance and so we come before you today father's sin is to is saved by grace. And I prayed all the grace you've extended us will flow through us to the world around the father speak through me this morning Mayor angels God This place may be all that is said and done bring glory to you and may your spirit speak to each of our hearts in the name of Jesus I praying man. I've noticed as I've got older. It's awful to be able to say something like that but I've noticed as I've got older that language changes. And that people use language in new ways. Raising teenagers I've learnt that there's a whole new way of speaking among teenagers and if you have teenagers you'll know this phenomenon my little girl says that's legit and I have to figure out what does legit mean and in what sense is using were legit or something is wicked in what sense is something wicked Is it the traditional understanding of wicked or is with this wicked mean something is really good and totes I had never heard of totes before and when it all girl started saying took stabs totes I was wondering what does totes mean and so forth there's a whole language that every generation we adapt and we mold the English language and in every society this is true but there is also a language that we are learning it's coming across the airwaves we read it in the media we hear it in the radio radios and T.V.'s and we hear it on youtube clips this is these are some of the words of this new language and it's a whole new vocabulary s j W's anybody know what that means social justice worries yes snowflakes The platforming Safe Spaces trigger warnings patriarchy privilege white supremacy white privilege white fragility intersectionality identity politics conscious bias implicit bias subconscious bias unconscious bias systemic racism offended triggered gender studies woke and it gets bit more complicated critical race theory 4th wave feminism the Frankfurt School standpoint to piss Tamala genie emancipate through politics and this is my favorite privilege preserving epidemic pushback. So where did this come from. When we hear that. People talk about social justice where is this coming from why is this arisen in about the last 20 years in Western society is social justice as presented in the streets and we here in the in the common property media is it consistent with scripture what does the Bible say about justice the difference between biblical justice and social justice and how do we respond to the challenges in the world around us because God is a God of justice as we saw in our scripture reading and God is concerned with justice and God is concerned with injustice so we're going to start out by looking at some of the history of this and we might say that Col Mark started it all. Otherwise known as a dead white european male in some circles but his influence lives on today he was a German economists a political theorist and a social revolutionary his best known titles are from 848 a book called a Communist Manifesto and then a 3 volume work called Death capital and he lived for many years in London and he's buried in London to this day with apparently no hope of the resurrection Now how much the series are known as Marxism they collect from you know as much as and they hold that human societies develop through what is known as Class struggle he argued that there is inevitably a conflict between the ruling economic class whom we call the boy who was easy to control the means of production such as the owners of a factory and the working classes whom he calls the proletariat that enables those means by selling their labor in return for wages Marx argue that there is a continual struggle between the boys the and the proletariat he saw the world in terms of economic differences and economic differentiation he argued that the working class which should carry out organize revolution action to topple capitalism and bring about social economic emancipation in which the government would control all the resources of production and it would control all the means of production and it controlled the distribution of the rewards and the products of those means of production in theory to ensure equality now my wife is from a Soviet former Soviet Union I spent many years of my life working the former Soviet Union when it collapsed and there is there is some truth that there was some social equality if you if you were not a member the Communist Party you could also have 10 years in prison for no charge being an enemy of the states there's a very famous movie in the former Soviet Union of a man who gets in a grated on New Year's Eve and his friends instead of taking him to his apartment in St Petersburg put him on a train to Moscow and he gets out of the rain station train station in Moscow and everything looks the same the same Petersburg. And he goes down the same prospect and he finds the same Charlie busts in his new rated states and he goes to the same apartment block and it just looks the same as in some people's books and he goes up to the same floor and there's the same door with the same color in the same scratches and he puts the key in the same key and he walks into the same looking apartment with the same furniture with the same food on the shelves and then the real owner comes home they fall in love and get married that's the story but the point of the movie is that everything is literally the same. Very famous Russian moving well what happened after Marxist theories came out well the Russian Revolution came about in 1917 led by love me in each we are not otherwise known as Lenin to history the Man of Steel he led the party known as the Bolsheviks so many parties the Bolsheviks the Mensheviks and so forth and he helped to establish what was known as the u.s.s.r. the union of Socialist Soviet republics and those of the unholy trio that started it styling Lenin and Trotsky Lenin died 1st Trotsky died shortly thereafter he had an encounter with an ax down in Cuba and the Stalin was the guy that outlived all of them Starling replaced Lenin as the head of the former u.s.s.r. and he rules there as his life and he ruled up into 1953 the Russians have a grim joke about Joseph Stalin 80 who was adult Hitler they say he was a minor dictator in the time of Joseph Stalin. Adult Hitler though he was evil pales into insignificance compared with the crimes against humanity the sheer bloodshed caused by Joseph Stalin who initiated what Russians refer to as the terror of the 1930 s. and people were really literally in terror of what this guy would do a jury in the reign of the former Soviet Union approximately 110000000 people died. From $117.00 up until $190.00 around the world Marxist theory was responsible for mass deportations concentration camps reeducation camps labor camps the killing fields of Cambodia Paul Potts and the Khmer Rouge the cultural revolution of Mao Tse tung in China internal repression is a man made famines even though Idol Hitler killed his millions Joseph Stalin killed his tens of millions and all in the name of imposing Marxism upon the world and even in the Ukraine we wonder why there is so much trouble with Russia and Ukraine these days well in $130.00 s. Stalin wanted to eliminate. The small scale farmers he wants to collectivize all the agriculture so he sent in the Red Army in the n.k.v.d. the 4 rooms of the k.g.b. and they confiscated all the seed the result was between 4 and 6000000 people died of starvation the next 2 years and if you wonder why there is friction between Russia and Ukraine it goes back to the whole lot more as the rise of Ukrainians call it it was a manmade genocide and actually stopped for 6WW people to death Marxism historically is responsible for more deaths than any other idiology in human history and it's not popular to say that these days but it is the truth. Now according to Continetti they got some various pictures there in 1973 a book was published called The Gulag Archipelago the Gulag is the Russian acronym stands for glass Knight who probably any of the luxury I mean the general Directorate of camps and an archipelago is a series of violence and what outsold it's in was arguing was that all across Russia there was this that was so many camps it was like a series of islands across the sea of the Soviet Union and there were hundreds of camps all across the Soviet Union when you were given a 10 year sentence at the end of the 10 years you discover another 10 year sentence and if you're lucky you were led out but you could never go back to your home you had to stay within a certain parameter of that camp for the rest of your life and so it was a life sentence even if you had committed no crime you simply were guilty of maybe being a pastor or a priest or a Christian or something like that and Joseph Stalin the Communists tried to eliminate the Christian presence because Marx wanted to eliminate Christianity per se but when this book was published $173.00 we traced the beginnings of modern day identity politics and social justice warriors so the publication of this book philosophically in the West the ideological challenge of socialism started to fade in 1073 when this book was published because it revealed to the world exactly what was happening within the Soviet Union and this presented a challenge for those who bought into the theories of Col Marx How could they carry on the fight for social revolution when its major ideological turn to those communism was no longer viable Alto publication of this book and the Left found Unser in an identity struggle. Between It was the next conflict between Boise and proletariat was reformulated into an ethno racial struggle a ceaseless competition between colonize and colonized in the sixty's and seventy's victimizer and victim and now to the oppressor and the oppressed and this led to what social just called Critical Theory critical theory is the philosophy behind social justice was today and it understands all social relationships through the prism of power and the exercise of power so this critical theory that we talk about today it's Marxist philosophy that as you know Marxism has no place for Christianity or any for any religion it's a deconstructionist philosophical approach seeks to test as my society and understands all of our relationships through the prism of power and therefore it must divide the world into the oppressed and into the of the oppressed and the oppressors significant areas of study including areas relating to gender race and sexuality and that critical theory writers they argue that the oppressors they oppress the oppressed they choose their hegemonic power through an appeal to logical reason or history or academic qualifications or academic achievement in order to justify their dominant role and when you listen to the theories that are being a spouse to understand how this logic works so for instance if most judges are white males then the argument goes that they maintain their power in society by insisting that to become a Supreme Court justice you have to pass an undergraduate degree and they must pass your law degree then you must pass your bar exam and therefore all of those examination systems are intrinsically a tool of racism to stop non-whites from becoming Supreme Court justices that's how the logic flows I hope you can follow what I've just said but that is how the logic flows that exams are intrinsically a racist tool to keep the oppressed under the thumb of the oppressors. Systems of logic systems of reason scientific research respectful dialogue evidence based research and critical reasoning I'm now viewed by social justice warriors on the streets and in their writings as tools by which the oppressors hold down the oppressed the lived experience of the oppressed is now what determines truth and so that is why you now see we talk about his stand point system ology them point to small genes epistemology isn't theory of knowledge how do you know what you know standpoint to piss Manji says that you know what you know because of your unique experience in life and so in critical theory the oppressors they see the world from their own limited perspective but the oppressed see the world from both the perspective of the oppressors and the oppressed so the oppressed are blessed with a double insight and this double insight is referred to in the literature as your lived experience and if you feel if you pay close attention to Fox or c.n.n. or whatever channel you happen so what you'll hear these terms coming out your lived experience is your truth as Oprah Winfrey said this is your truth no longer there is truth that there is your truth truth is no longer objective or absolute but it is subjective relative and different for each individual and so we have the concept of your truth now if it is true as social justice Warriors are in some parts of the states are you can stay that truth per se is an artificial construct of the whites you are a West and that truth as a concept must be rejected as a tool of supremacy then what is left all that is left is violence on the streets. Because if we cannot discuss and come to an on something of truth in any area then there is simply false and physical domination. According to social justice warriors the oppressed exist in so we exist in social groupings on a social totem pole This is known as identity politics our identity that's who you are is inseparable from my group identity and I categorization as oppressive or oppressed is inseparable from our group mockers such as our ethnicity or religion or sexual orientation or gender identity Martin Luther King argued for a time when we would be judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character modern social justice wise have rejected that concept entirely now you are judged by the color of your skin no matter what you say or do you are guilty or a victim regardless of the content of your character so we've come a long way since the teachings of Dr Martin Luther King Jr identity politics atomizes society. Into different interest groups according to sex or gender race sexual preferences or more it presumes that such characteristics are the main or the only attributes of the holders and that they bring with them some added bonus hence people say in public meetings speaking as an Asian man well really how does that affect truth or speaking as a white guy or speaking as a homosexual How does who you are in terms of the color of your skin fact what the reality of truth really is but this is that the idea behind identity politics that you who you are is determined by the color of your skin or who you are attracted to leading on from that is the idea of intersectionality this is the idea that we must spend our lives working out every identity in victimhood invulnerability claim in the midst of a perpetually moving hierarchy now this hierarchy shifts periodically as new victim groups come to light and it is true historically that there have been many victim groups and we should not trample on the rights and we should affirm the place in society of those who are victims of the current victimization flowchart go something like this all humans are equal if you can read that will praise the Lord that all humans are equal but as a George oversight in Animal Farm but some are more equal than others if you know Animal Farm they are the animals kick out the human to take over the farm the pigs are the leaders of the animals and they say that all animals are equal. Well then the pigs decide that they want to rule the farms so they said All animals are equal but some are more equal than others to justify their position of power and the story of Animal Farm the pigs take on the cats are 6 of the men and in the end the animals see no difference between the men who rule them and the pigs who now rule them it's a critique of the former Soviet Union written by George Orwell a very insightful man but all humans are equal but some are more equal than others in intersectionality but white heterosexual fist gender women who keeping up the language here are more equal than white heterosexual says gender men but non white heterosexual says gender men are more equal than white heterosexual says gender women but I can't read it from here non white heterosexual says gender women are more equal than non white heterosexual says gender men who keeping up with this but white gay lesbians and bisexuals are more equal than all previous groups but nonwhite gays lesbians and bisexuals are more equal than whites gays lesbians bisexuals and all previous groups but transgenders are more equal in all previous groups including members of the l.g.b. community but Muslims are more equal than all previous groups that's kind of an outline of the current victimization flowchart that we see all around us today for social justice warriors oppression and victim hood only flows down from the top of society like a waterfall gravity dictates that water can never flow uphill water always flows downhill therefore oppression can never flow uphill it can only flow downhill therefore by definition racism which is to be condemned in all its forms can only be manifest by whites or blacks but not vice versa within critical theory and in the writings of social justice warriors that fall and you take this into practice as a transgender individual is lower on the victim pole chart totem pole than a white girl for instance or or an Asian girl or an African-American girl because that transgender individual is lower on the totem pole than that young girl of anywhere. This the transgendered visual must have the right to enter her changing room because the transit Chunder individual is by definition a victim of the oppression of that small child who is not a transgender individual and so this is how the totem pole works I mean only works one way. Now the gay rights movement if I go on to fire in the 1960 s. after the state and Stonewall riots in the seventy's was successful because it convinced western society that to be gay is not a matter of software that is how you live your life the lifestyle choices you make but it's a matter of hardware that you're wired to be gay and if you're wired to be gay or as Lady Gaga sings you are born that way therefore living a guy and again lifestyle cannot be a question of the morality that success was in persuading society that to be gay is a matter of hardware and not software you follow me on this if you're born that way if you're wired that way if it's innate to who you are and it's not a matter of choice therefore it cannot be immoral to live that lifestyle that was the success of the gay rights movement from the sixty's all way up to the early 2006. On the other hand feminists took us in the opposite direction feminists in the full faith and this move sought to persuade western society that being a woman is not a matter of hardware it is not a matter of genetics or chromosome or x.x. vs x. y. our genetics physiology and psychology know being a woman is not a matter of hardware but it's a matter of software that is being a woman is merely a social construct it's a matter of what some people call a reiterated social performance hence we have to draw on the transgender movement if being a woman is not a matter of biology and it's a social role that you play that means anybody can play the role of a woman. So these are some of the changes that are happening around us in the early 2000 we saw a change in the writings of critical theories and this is where we're coming to today radical feminists evolved from arguing for women's rights and arguing in the ninety's about a war on women they started arguing about a war on men. And you may have heard these expressions out that all men are trash all men are rapists and the problem of mansplaining the problem of toxic masculinity the idea that a man would provide for and protect his wife which I still think is true and I think through my own life and the evils of the patriarchy. So feminism has moved from promoting the rights of women to attacking men we see the same among some radical African-American scholars civil rights the civil rights movement has evolved from calling for equal civil Neagle rights which I hope we would all agree to as a matter of basic Biblical justice is moved from promoting the civil rights of the African-American community to demonizing those who are not black so now we have whiteness studies white privilege white denial implicit bias and conscious bias privilege preserving epidemic pushback and the problematize ing of whiteness as one scholar wrote just recently. This surely is the textbook definition of racism to to denigrate an entire group of people purely on the basis of their skin color. Now we have no understanding just how awesome sight is going to be broken by the advances of this rapacious new idiology that reject a very concept of truth as being a cause being a manifestation of white supremacy and racism social tripwires now abound all around us you can barely open your mouth without being accused of racism or homophobia or sexism or transpo be a massaging your prejudice or bigotry these charges hold people to close you down and stop the conversation so you can no longer have a conversation about anything that is affecting anybody anymore and why is this system spreading through the West so fast when I 1st some of this morning we saw the dramatic reduction in the ink in the faith in the God of the Bible among the Lendl's is a dramatic reduction in the last 10 years and so as a millennial this are moving away from faith in God they are adopting essentially a new secular religion that secular religion is social justice warrior philosophy is based on critical theory and how do you demonstrate that you are a member of this new religion then you call yourself an ally of one of whatever mob marginalized group happens to be out there today as a. White male I couldn't help to be born this way but as a white male I'm assist gender which is not sure that means that means that my gender identity in my biology line up I believe I'm a man and biologically man that means I'm assist gender in there from an oppressor and as a heterosexual male. I am the most represent the most evil group in human history apparently but how do I avoid being part of the most evil group in human history I voided that by if I say I'm now an ally of one of the minority groups and so people who are white this gender heterosexual males like me they they divert the social pressure by saying well less is who I am but I'm actually an ally of the street for that group or the other group and so they use you here too people saying that I'm an ally this is politically laden talk to divert. Just. Guilt from yourself based on based on the color of your skin or who you are who you are attracted to now how is forgiveness possible in the modern era Well actually it's not forgiveness and there's no forgiveness possible because nothing can be erased with the advent of the Internet your past is hostage to any Internet archeologist with a vendetta everything you post from this moment on can be used against you when you are Mirandized the police say everything you say can and will be taken down and maybe use never once again still you have the right to remain silent these days with the social justice war as you have the right to remain silent and everything you have a said will be used never dance against you and so. The council culture of day is eliminated in your professional and financial ability to survive the viability due to the alleged sins of yesterday and this is very hard just to live in because what is considered moral today is considered hate speech tomorrow. And so people are retreating into a sullen silence afraid to post on Facebook or social media or to stand up and preach you know topics like this because it's going to be held against you in the future you're going to be canceled you're going to be platforms you're going to close down because you didn't go along with the new political correctness as a list of alleged sins shifts by the day it is impossible to know whether what is viewed today is morally acceptable will tomorrow be turned you into a social pariah your sins as a teenager and your postings as a student will be forever held against you for the rest of your life and it is not surprising as Dr Neil Natalie said when he was here last year and to speak about mental health it is not surprising that today there is an epidemic of mental health problems among teenagers and students I remember some of the statistics he gave us 25 years ago 5 percent of students on American campuses had diagnosable mental health problems now 60 to 70 percent there is a crippling epidemic of anxiety depression and other mental illnesses pocky brought on about this can by this council culture that everything you say is going to be used against you people are terrified of speaking up about what you believe anymore because it's going to be held against you and so rather than engaging in society in the sharing of ideas and debating concepts engaging in the give and take of healthy discourse we are as a society retreating into a sullen and fearful silence afraid to speak up for what we actually believe anymore Truly you have the right to remain silent and truly what you say will be used against you and in this new era of sullen silence our freedom of religion and freedom of conscience is under direct assault that is the reality of what is happening in America today. That is what is happening in college campuses across North America is what's happening in small schools it's what's happening in the media and are the result is that the social justice heroes of today are cancelled tomorrow is a classic example of this the rights of the hard parts of books what's the names they remember the name j.k. Rowling case use the Afghan guards she was in favor of x. y. and z. and about 2 months ago a woman was fired by the British government for saying that's a biological man could not be a woman and j.k. Rowling tweeted and she says Well of course biological men cannot be women and the Twitter verse and just assaulted her and she experienced cancel culture she is now to be demonized this woman because even though she was the hero of social justice was 2 months ago she's now been cancelled and she is no longer worth listening to and she can be deeply formed and simply for saying what most of us and most of human society for thousands of years is held to be self-evident truth that a biological man cannot be a woman. So having discussed some of the characteristics of of critical theory of social justice worries and what they're arguing for it's important that as Christians we don't just throw the baby out with the bathwater because there is huge injustice in our world today Ok there is injustice and God has not called us to be a comfortable middle class church a human that just because there are things is good in my life is good for everybody else in the world God calls us not only to holiness and to right just in us those are going to see right useless and justice are interchangeable in the Old Testament defining justice is actually very difficult when talk about biblical justice now we all sense when there is injustice but we find it hard to define justice per se a good working definition of justice is found in The Little Book of biblical justice. It says that justice entails the exercise of legitimate power to ensure that benefits and penalties are distributed fairly and equitably in society thus meeting the right in enforcing the obligations of all parties it's a good working definition of what justice is and so the word justice appears is most commonly in the appears in the Bible using for Hebrew and Greek words there's mixed parts which is Hebrew most often translated as right just less said because in Hebrew as often translated as justice Dick I assume name in Greek translated as right just in this Joseph was a dick I also write just man and Chris that's the Greek word meaning condemnation or judgment we get the English word crisis from that and in the English translations of the Scriptures these words appear to be completely separate concepts for instance we think that right just in this is a matter of private morality and holiness but justice is a matter of publicly setting things to right but the Bible doesn't have those meet an easy distinctions the ideas of of righteousness and justice are actually kind of interchangeable throughout the Scriptures we see this particularly in the Old Testament prophets but let justice mission part roll down like waters and righteousness said they are like an ever flowing stream the pattern is them in the Hebrew text or that these ideas are almost interchangeable ca King will reign in right just notice that the car and princes will rule with justice that is mission part we move on the Lord is just in all his ways and behind all his doings It's a beautiful verse and about God He's just in all his ways but he's kind in all his doings Moses says I will proclaim the name of the Lord described greatness to our God the rock his work is perfect and all His ways are just a faithful God without deceit just said because an upright is Jova God and who else makes his Jesus himself right just miss set a car and justice or judgement has missed part of the foundation of the throne of God steadfast love has had faithfulness go. For you a lot clouds and thick darkness are all around him right just mist and justice are the foundation of a certain are getting the message here that God is a God of justice and God is concerned with justice and righteousness and justice of very closely related concepts within the scriptures it says he judges the world with right just in us he judges the people with equity that means there is no nation that God does not sit in judgment on including our own when there is injustice God judges the peoples with righteousness he judges the the world with righteousness he judges the people with equity in the in the in the Bible we see the biblical justice involved shall long. Shall long is not just undoing oppression it is establishing the presence of a positive life reinforcing life affirming relationship within a community within a covenant community it is not just the absence of war it is the presence of the Peace of God that equal justice involved the edge of covenant peace and justice will result in all test will result if all Testament Israel remains loyal to its covenant relationship with God and treats each other as God asks us to treat each other that in all things we do unto others as we would have them do unto us that we call justice involves a concept of law all the lords of the law of the law is perfect it guides our feet it's educational The law of God explains for us what it means to live with righteousness and justice in society medical justice involves the concept of deeds and consequences that God is not deceived as a man so it so shall he so shall he reaped either that reaping is a direct consequence of the choices we make or God is involved and brings judgment upon us and finally biblical justice involves atonement and forgiveness this is a means by which penitence is demonstrated forgiveness is experienced restitution is made and this restores the covenant relationship within the covenant people with God You might say their full justice is a central feature of the Scriptures we may not see it all the time in the Bible but I would argue today that justice is as much a reflection of the character of God as it is love and God wants His people to be those who seek after justice as well as those who manifest is love and a broken and you fall in worlds true justice in the scriptures therefore. You might say this without the commitment for example to exemplify in effect God's character of Justice our worship of God is bankrupt. I may sound like a hard sentence but without a commitment to exemplify and reflect God's character of justice in these 4 walls in our community in our nation and in the world our worship of God is bankrupt God does not want the worship of people who come with blood on their hands he wants people to come who show equity to one another who show mercy and kindness and up holds the rights of all members of the community God is concerned this is a summary what we find in the Bible time to go through all it all today that God is concerned with justice how we relate to each other and a lifestyle of justice seeking and justice making is an essential mark of holiness just a sexual morality is a mark of holiness justice making is a mark of holiness within the covenant community of God. So. How do we compare. The social just as well view in the biblical just as well view I'm going to put them side by side on the screen the left hand column there this is a this is the basic dimension can look at this is a social justice Well view on this is the Biblical justice Well view in social in terms of identity in the social justice Well view which is an atheist worldview you have to find irrevocably an irrefutable even looked awfully by your social group by the skin of your color or who you are attracted to that will define in and of itself whether you are by definition an oppressor or one of the oppressed groups of society in the biblical justice world view every child that is born has created the image of God and bears the image of God and therefore every child that is born has equal moral worth and it is our responsibility to reflect the character of God to every human being that is the biblical worldview in the social justice worldview the ultimate authority is your lived experience what happens to you in life is your truth and that is the ultimate determinant of truth period. In the scriptures we find the ultimate determinants the ultimate authority is actually the word of God It is not your lived experience because we all have different lived experiences we perceive them differently we process them differently and you can have the same experience happening to 2 identical people they have radically different understandings of the same event the Word of God is the ultimate authority in the social justice well view the common enemy of the oppressors and society and because social justice views every relationship to the prison of power that means anybody who has power over somebody else is by definition an abusive relationship so social justice where is talk about parent ism your ferrety that a parent has over a child is by definition an abusive relationship able ism the at the way that society is structured to look after those who are able bodied as opposed to the disabled is viewed as a as a form of abuse within society and so any any authority is to be taken and taken out and citee in the middle just as well view the common enemy that we all face is sin Satan and death. Well the 2nd death in the the relationship of power and social justice will view all power is abusive all power and they'll talk about parent ism and Abel ism and so forth if you look at the black lives matter world view which is right out of the genuine concerns of many people in the African-American community but they've gone down this path and if you look at the black lives Matters website it talks about raising children they don't want children to be raised by their biological parents their own children to be raised by the community because a parent child relationship is intrinsically an abusive relationship in the biblical just as well view loving power relationships are necessary for society to flourish that the abuse of power is wrong not the exercise of power per say so I have authority over my children I seek to be a loving father rather than an abusive father and power is not wrong in and of itself but it's becomes wrong when you abuse the position of power that God has intrusted to you in the biblical world view. Sin and I see my See my I can't read the other this is a sin yes no action can be taken against a member no action taken against a member of an oppressed or of an oppressive group is considered a sin All right so that means that social justice warrior can come and beat me up like me over the head with a baseball bat is not considered wrong because by definition I am an oppressor. In the biblical world view all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God oppressor or oppressed none are exempt regardless of group identity there's a a verse we often don't talk about Ecclesiastes 4 a says that God looks down upon the world he sees the oppressed and there's no one to comfort them when the next verse says and he sees the oppressors and there's no one to comfort them either and we always think that God comforts the oppressed but that verse tells us that God wants to comfort the oppressors and you wonder how is that possible or just give you snobbery or if you're in a if you're in an elevator with Jeffrey Dahmer accountable in a murder and you have a pistol in your points in that show means of defense. He's a victim because you're pointing a gun at him but you're just as much a victim of the situation because you're acting out of fear of what might happen to you and often times in history the oppressors are acting out of fear of what might happen to them if they let their foot off the pedal so God is concerned with both sides of the equation because only God sees the full experience we've all gone through and can read the fears of our hearts forgiveness in social justice warrior ideology there is no forgiveness possible you have counsel culture you have the right right to remain silence and everything you say will be used against you in the biblical world view forgiveness as for provided through confession repentance and receiving the gift of grace in social justice warrior theory if there is no God to say that you are right yes you have a sense of self righteousness through posting on Twitter or Facebook and see how many likes you can get you get the applause of other social justice warriors and therefore you feel good about yourself on the more likes you can get more followers you can get the more sense of self-righteousness you have in the scripture justification is the free gift of God to all who repent and believe. It is a free gift forgiveness is possible with God It is not possible with the what culture we move on to these final differences between social justice Well view in the biblical world view truth claims and social justice worry thinking these are to be rejected as they are intrinsically the tools of the oppressors in society in the biblical world view that truth is to be validated by research and dialogue and Jesus is the ultimate truth and source of truth conversion conversion is possible in social justice warrior Well view because there is alleged social guilt there often is social guilt but it will be legit even if you're innocent and social justice war in mob tactics and there's a literally mob tactics in the biblical Justice Wells you conversion come to the movements of the Holy Spirit upon the heart convict me of my sins ultimate outcomes and this is when we talk about equality in the social justice why well view the role of government is to engineer equal so signal make outcomes that we all live exactly the same and equal power distribution in society as I talk about this Russian movie where everybody has the same house and the same furniture and the same food in the same length of time in prison and so forth as happened throughout the Soviet Union the biblical world view is that we are personally responsible for our temple and our eternal outcomes yes we pray give us this day our daily bread but the Holy Spirit also reminds us that those who do not work what shall not eat there is an element of personal responsibility and if we are to live in a society where the government guarantees equal outcomes for everybody guess what's going to happen to human endeavor and striving for excellence it will cease to exist the practical effect of this was in the Soviet Union when you bought a new Russian car a brand new Lada on evil usually I did this many times you spend 6 months repairing the engine before it can work. You don't buy a new Russian car in the former Soviet Union you buy a car that's one year old because it's actually been built by the owner why is this happening because the car manufacturers in a large It was usually an Eva they knew they were going to get the same wage regardless of what work they did and so if the shift the shaft be rolled off the end of the production line with no engine in it nobody cat because everybody's going to get the same at the end of the day this led to stagnation socially economically and politically and eventually that system collapsed if you do not insist on personal responsibility. Then a society will collapse Margaret Thatcher was a prime minister when I grew up and said If you believe in equality of opportunity that everybody gets the same start then you must be willing to accept inequality of outcome because 2 people from the same starting point one will become a drug addict one will work hot one will go down to the depths of despair and one will become I don't know my microphone or billionaire and if you really want equality of opportunity you must be willing to accept equality of outcome. The ultimate source of morality and social justice warrior whatever is trysting trending on Twitter that tells you your morality what is the view of today what is right thinking today go to Twitter that'll tell you combined with humanist or atheist critical theory writings changes changes day you've got to keep up with it it's hard work keeping up with the ferocious winds of the present because today there's today's orthodoxy becomes more is hate speech and oppression and in this biblical just as well view the ultimate source of morality is a loving heavenly Father who loves the entire world who sent his Son into the world that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life and in the social justice warrior Well view there is no freedom of conscience. Because under the Marxist teachings religion is the opiate of the masses and it must be eliminated by all means necessary so if you want to worship God there's no place for it within the social justice Well view unless you kind of color it pink and right and put a rainbow flag outside your church but every church that does that is collapsing in numbers every denomination is going down that path because people know what the Word of God says you can't hide it in the biblical worldview God gives absolute freedom of conscience God never compels you but he respects the decisions that you make today and in terms of that relates to equality of outcome God is not willing that any should perish but that all should have eternal life social justice war is don't believe in the Everlasting the hereafter in heaven and therefore they want a quality today God says No I want everybody to have equality on everybody have eternal life but you're just not going to experience it in this world because it's a world of sin but everybody has the chance to achieve that eternal future that I have in the Father so our time is almost up here and that's a book I recommend you read the madness of the crowds it's not written by a Christian it's number one book on in a culture and Amazon really recommend if you want to read a lot more about this that you read read this book here let me just go through for a couple of minutes that we have left what are the some of the major injustices happening in our world and these are agreed as there are many injustices but these are some major and just as number one slavery we think that slavery was abolished with the emancipation that Gratian absolutely not there most players now than there were in the Deep South. They're scattered around the world there are estimated to be over 40000000 people to living in slavery and North Korea has the highest percentage of the population followed by was Backus down in Cambodia in here in Qatar. The highest prevalence is in Mauritania African African slavery is alive today in kicking and if you go to Libya you can buy slaves in the slave markets people from Nigeria they come up on the migrant routes are trying to cross into Europe they reach the Arab countries of Libya country of Libya and they're getting taken off the streets and sold into slavery you can find on You Tube The u.n. has raised this is a major red flag you can buy slaves today if you have that if you have the desire to. Slavery is a global problem and the fact that it's not happening in Berrien Springs does not mean it's not happening today there are 10000000 children in slavery today 24900000 people in forced labor these are from the United Nations $4800000.00 people in forced sexual exploitation we have the problem all around the world of forced labor debt bondage human trafficking descent basically every child slavery forced in early marriage the problem of slavery affects every racial group every ethnic group every national group every religious group it is a human evil period and I would encourage any social was just as warrior to say let's tackle some of these problems together but we won't because that will be imposing a Western world view on those who practice it that would be a view of the it is a colonial world view so we have to allow slavery to continue this is the tragedy of the situation which we find ourselves slavery is an egregious injustice and an affront to the nature of God and not many people doing anything about it today young people if you want to kohls in life slavery is a great things been not to be involved with but to fight against human trafficking in the USA Nobody really knows how many people are trafficked maybe up to a 1000000 human trafficking victims in America today we talk about making our country great again I think trafficking is a stain on our name. It is an evil there's a girl who's a niece of one of our missionaries she's 16 and she disappeared 2 months ago today last week was the 100th day when she was trafficked the parents have no idea where she is not of interest raise an adventurous family the grandparents live not far from here this is an egregious evil that is alive and well in our country today about 50000 people are trafficked into the United States every year for 2 purposes immorality of forced labor and a half of those people are trafficked children for a moral purpose and I say God bless this country I want God to bless this nation but this is evil it's happening in every community it's happening in every county it's happening in every state and southwest Michigan is a hub of human trafficking. You can check out the southwest Michigan and human trafficking network human trafficking is alive and well even in Benton Harbor and St Joseph and all the I 94 corridor this is an evil in our society and it's something that surely all of us can agree that something needs to be done to stop this evil scourge in our nation the weakest this is another example today in the last 2 years up to 2000000 weekers have been put in concentration camps in northwest China they are Muslims they were annexed by now from outside hung the 1950 s. China wants to eliminate this people group and so they put them in reeducation camps the Chinese are open about the fact that these are camps they are forcing people to renounce their faith their Islamic faith to eat pork and drink alcohol they face torture sleep deprivation execution and when the men go into prison the Chinese government is moving hand men hand nothing majority ethnic group and China into they were the wives of the prisoners. And they're not just living with the winds there's an epidemic of Bush and now in northwest China because of what is happening they are going to breed them out if they can't kill them this is an egregious injustice today and we allow We want religious freedom for Christians if we are honest we must ask for a religious leader and for all groups not just for Christians. And finally the persecuted church of today in 2 of 200-1000 estimated that over 250000000 Christians are living in places places where they're experiencing high levels of persecution thousands of Christians are dying every day for that faith and it's happening in many parts of the world and we in the West where so we're immune to this because we were drowning in a sea of froth of meaningless entertainment with blinds in the sufferings of our brothers and sisters around the world and it's a call for us as Adventists today to speak up and to help those who are caught in these terrible situations I was. In Cyprus few years ago Secretary of the Middle East union of many years ago now and a girl came to church with bruising all over her face she was from Armenia we spoke with her she'd been trafficked she was working as a trafficked gold in Cyprus it's essential trafficking in the Med girls go there they get broken in and they get sold on to Western Europe and she came to church absolute terrified bruises all over the face and rip the chest and so what do you do you just say Have a happy Sabbath go in peace. So we pulled together our money we bought her an airline ticket and we said to her you know a certain day we're going to come outside where you're working you walk on the street with nothing with you just walk out on the street and we'll get you out of the country she walked out with about 5 suitcases and we thought really and I shot a possible and she ran out and I drove up with a friend of mine who had baseball caps on sunglasses I'm just like in the movies to get in and she got in the car give us your phone we want your sim cards nobody can trace you been speaking with we drove it to the airport followed by a police escort and we walked with the police to put her on the on the plane and she flew home to her family and if I have a daughter try to ask you to do the same for her we are not called to turn a blind eye to injustice we are called to stand up when there is injustice and to be agents of God's grace and to bring reconciliation and the shallow of God where there is grievous injustice in people's lives today so what is saying conclusion our time is up the truth is that social justice warriors they do remind us of some very uncomfortable truths that power does corrupt and there is social injustice in all of our societies as we've been mentioning this morning Christians in the past have been complicit in social injustice and the church many times has been slow to take up the cause of the oppressed we must be honest about this and we must do a better job than that however social justice warez represent critical theory is a form of Marxism. And so we actually reject critical theory it's vocabulary and its underpinning atheist philosophy but we are called to Gen 2 to articulate in 2020 and every year that goes forward a vibrant and distinctive Christian approach to Biblical justice not social justice we are called to stand for biblical justice in our societies and around the world grounded not in an atheist world view but in a biblical world view so my pill to us today is. That is show with our lives of mercy forgiveness and love as neighbors to those down the street that we serve a Savior who died for all peoples that our Savior came to set the oppressed free and to break every yoke and he calls us today to surrender our lives our lives of ease and comfort in the West to bring hope and healing to a broken world to those live that brokenness in Berrien and Michigan in the States and around the world may we be a people of hope you can point people to the soon coming savior for his namesake Amen. 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