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Truth, Tragedy and Transgenderism

Conrad Vine
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Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • January 12, 2019
    11:45 AM
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So in today's untitled truth trudging transgenderism and as you can guess from the title this is a serpent sermon that those had more than the usual care attention put into its preparation. We're living in a world that is changing very fast around us there been for 3 revolutions in American history the American revolution the industrial revolution and the sexual revolution and what we're witnessing is the flowering of the 3rd revolution in our society today and I recognize that many of us here may know people who identify as being in transgender community and for those of you who are of those of you who identify as such I want to say up front that God loves you and he wishes for you to receive the gift of eternal life that is without question I recognize this is a difficult topic and normally I like to move around the pulpit on the platform here but today I will not be moving around quite so much I'm also aware of the fact that people watch you on You Tube and then they post vicious attacks on you and words have meaning and so I need to be careful what I say today so as far heads invite the presence of the Holy Spirit father you promise that if any is lacking in wisdom they should ask not doubting that they shall receive and indeed they will receive so today father as you bless the children of Israel with a tribe that was particularly gifted with the understanding of the times in which they lived so today Father we ask for the gifting of the understanding of the times in which we live today I don't understand ing father that allows us to make sense of what is happening and understanding that allows us to respond with grace and truth as to Jesus when he came to this world so far as I pray for the outpouring of the Spirit in our hearts this morning I pray for the anointed of your spirit on my hearts my mind upon my tongue. I ask Heavenly Father that you will be glorified and all that happens here today this is my prayer in Jesus' name amen. And I was on a plane just before Christmas 2 years ago I was flying into Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle and I was reading a book on the papacy and there was a young lady sitting next to me and I realized after about half an hour into the flight that she was kind of reading the book with me. And so I realized that you know I could hold a book like this so I could kind of twist it around like this so she could see and eventually I kind of held the book wide open so she could see everything I was reading and when she's not heard when she'd finished and then we can move on to the next page. And so it's one of those kind of awkward things. And so you know when I went to the restroom you know she had to wait when she went to the restroom I stopped reading and when she came back to go pick up where we left off to get what I thought. When I finished the book or when we'd finished our book together. We were about to descend into Sea-Tac Airport and we got talking and she asked me why I was reading a book on the papacy and I explained a few things to her and so I asked her what she did and she was a student at some university in Washington state she was studying gender studies. And I thought oh that's interesting so I said it will tell me more and so she was starting to get really evangelical about gender theory and all this kind of stuff you see and she was talking talking talking and so I I decided to put her to the test and I said Excuse me but. I'm actually elated. And she kind of stopped. And I said you do believe that don't you she said Well I'm not so sure that I'm a woman. And she looked at me and I said well you accept that I'm a woman are you filled with hate and she kind of looked at me says well I guess if you think you're a woman you're a woman I said I'm actually 6 foot tall and a woman you accept and she kind of went silent and there was silence in the seat next to me as well. And I said I'm a 6 foot tall woman. She looked to me I said you accept this and she said well I'm I guess so I said I'm actually a 6 foot tall woman from China. And she looked at me and I looked at her and I said you were bigot would you accept I'm a 6 foot tall lady from China there was silence in the rows in front and behind. I then said I'm actually an African gray parrot I'm transparencies. And she looked to me answered That's why I can talk to you African Gray Parrots can talk I said I would bigot would you accept that I'm an African gray parrots and as a parrot I don't have to submit an iris tax return every year and not only is up as a parrot I'm part of a protected species and so the you the taxpayer should pay for my housing and for my food. We were bumping through some turbulence coming into Sea Tac at that moment metaphorically and metaphysically. And. We carried on talking and the absurdity of her logic position was kind of becoming clear to her. As we were coming into land. We started talking about what I do I stand I'm a minister of the gospel and I was going to a place where there's deliverance ministry expected and she said Oh I believe in demons she says I have a demon I saw a religious yesterday says I read tarot cards for people I tell a futures she says I have the Tarot cards in my carry on I'm going to do a reading with somebody. And I said well you know those demons will kill you. She said Oh I know she says they killed my friends but I'm still alive she says the demons won't hurt me I control my demons I said no they don't you they control you and one day they will destroy you and their intentions not to give you power or knowledge today which is the basic attraction of the occult they're attempting to destroy you. And so we sat in silence and so I switched to the Gospel and said Did you know that Jesus Christ came to see can say about the last and there was silence I quote It's more passages to her and when we were coming into land I gave her my card I said Look I said I know you're involved in the occult but here's my card if you accept it you're giving me permission to pray for you every day I'll be praying that Jesus Christ will nullify your magic but he will turn your magic back upon you so your magic will be of no effect that what the demons disclosed to you will be of will not come true and that ultimately you'll be saved in God's kingdom and so she sat there for seemed a long while and eventually she said I'll take your cart and she took my cart and I've never met her again I never heard from her. But she is a young lady who is being marinated in the latest flowering of the flaring of the sexual revolution in America which is the meeting place of the occult and rebellion against God and she has no idea of the spiritual danger in which she's living. I'm talking about this topic today because I have 2 kids are growing up and I know what this culture is saying to them. I'm not going to talk today about the length of your dress or whether you have a short back and sides in the pulpit or not because. There's one theologian made up a word called Belton charm that means worldview will be become a very famous view among theologians I want to get another word today it's a shared point it's a German word that means the center of gravity it also means the focal point for attack where is this fair points in the church today where a stake in attacking the church is not attacking us on questions of musical dress or food or taste is attacking us through the l.g.b. t.q. movement. It's affecting our schools let's be honest about it it's affecting our churches it's affecting how generations relate to each other within our church today and the younger generation has a very different view to the older generations so I want to talk today about this because this is Satan Shepherd and this is where he's attacking the church today. And as I discuss these issues with people I discover that unlike women's ordination where people are either for or against an issue of transgenderism there is general confusion where is this coming from I guess all around us but how do the suddenly happen so I'm not speaking into and have an angry debate now I've been to church I'm speaking here because a God wants us to understand the times in which we live so that Secondly we can respond meaningfully to people who are struggling with these with these problems and the. So I'm going to very careful what I say today. We've been by affirming the gospel of God's love and grace in grace and mercy given to each one of us in the life death and resurrection of Jesus on the Christ's lordship we approach this question of the transgender movement for a position of fundamental equality and solidarity for we are all poor lost sinners without hope of salvation except to the mercy of us through Jesus on Calvary and in a church today that exists only by the grace of God There is no place for price or tearing down of others as if our own suppose right this was our possible to heaven. So therefore we respond today to every child of God who experiences the tragedy of dysphoria gender dysphoria identifies as being transgender with nothing but love and compassion and we are firm in play the promise of renewal and eternal life to all who look to Jesus Christ in faith we are to love all people as ourselves not just only the nice people and we are to treat all people in the manner in which we ourselves would wish to be treated with this in mind then we're going to look today at the broader philosophical movements happening in American society where is this transgenderism coming from well in June 26th 2015 there was a landmark case many of us were aware of it between the u.s. Supreme Court called overkill versus Hodges and June 26th 2015 it was decided that same sex couples have the rights of marriage under the due process clause and the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the u.s. Constitution and that night the White House there it is there was lit up in the rainbow flag of the l.g.b. t.q. movement and a subsequent press conference the president said I didn't have the chance to comment on how good the White House looked in rainbow colors to see people gathered in the evening on a beautiful summer night and to feel whole and to feel accepted and to feel that they had a right to love that was pretty cool that was a good thing and of court. And having brought through same sex marriage into American society not through the legislature but through the judiciary the present then pivoted to the next wave of the sexual revolution but it is the transgender ideology and so May 2013 many May 13 2016 the Department of Justice in the part of education sent a letter in title dear colleague to all the nation's public schools it set out the new policy on gender identity defined in letter as quote an individual's internal sense of gender. Schools must now allow students to quote participate in sex segregated activities and access sex segregated facilities consistent with their gender identity because these federal agencies would now treat a student's gender identity as the student sex for the purpose of In Touch of enforcing Title 9 and Title 9 was passed in 1982 of the education amendments and it was intended to protect women and children in the area of education and sports in particular and to ensure that women and girls had equal access to education and to support transgender idealogues in the 2015 or so start insisting that anything less than full access to the sex specific intimate facility once choice that's a long phrase I recognize that what I saying is. A man who identifies as a woman must be allowed access to the girls changing room any denial that access will be a transpose it denial of their civil rights and equality before the law. To be granted these accommodations a student only needs to declare a quote internal sense of gender and quote contrary to their biological sex not only that but schools would be forbidden so schools would not be allowed to require such students to have a medical diagnosis undergo any medical treatment or produce a birth certificate or other id documents before treating them consistent with their gender identity let me be clear about this if I drop off if you have a son who drops off at school as a boy you think he's a boy and he's going on a camp out it's a great trip when they go to the 8th grade trip and they go to the swimming pool swimming pool the boy simply says to the teacher identifies a girl and he must be then allowed a teenage boy to go and change with the teenage girls you can ask for any identification any proof of the transgender status that is in itself is viewed as being transphobia. As a parent of a daughter I do have a problem with this. In September when he September 26th seen. The Department of Housing and Urban Development just before the presidential election here finalized a new gender identity rules equal access to the Hud housing program eliminated the Equal Access Rule and eliminated the exemption for a single sex emergency shelters with common sleeping areas or bathrooms services for refuge women seeking refuge women who are homeless women who are battered women who are abused runaway wives women who are escaping an abusive relationship women who have been raped women who've been abused in various ways now are required to share common sleeping areas with men who identifies women. This does not help the women's mental health when you have common showering areas common sense oil facilities common sleeping areas. There is a legal case going on right now in Alaska which is question on this very issue can a man who identifies as a woman can he insists that he sleep with the women in a women's shelter again as a father of a daughter I would say no to that but this is what the Obama administration was forcing across the United States when they were still in office so what exactly though is transgenderism Let's go back to basics biological sex is identified by the organization of an organism for sexual reproduction now organisms exist at multiple levels but they all characterized by the integration integrated functions of the parts for the greater whole male and female organisms have different parts of the functionally integrated for the sake of their whole and for sake of a larger purpose that is reproductive purposes biological sex is identified. By the organization of an organism for sexual reproduction males donate genetic Masoud materials the females receive it and the females gestate that and out comes a child now this is actually fixed in our genes x. x. and x. y. x. y. is the male as the y. chromosome ordinarily carries the s.r.y. gene that is the sex determining region on y. gene which directs the formation of the male testes. Now for 6 weeks after conception there's no differentiation between male or female in the in the womb but in the 7th week the f.r.g. s.r.y. Gene picks into action and initiate the formation of testicular differentiation i.e. that's when you can see this is a boy but not before the 7th week that when puberty begins and different hormones are produced and their religious outs and technical differences in male and female bodies including in the size of the body the shape of the body bone length and density fat distribution musculature and various organs including the brain and those differences are profoundly consequential for our physical mental health our response to pain and our experience of reproduction maturing and aging now in the physical development process there are well known disorders of sexual development d.s.t. is they can result in it in ambiguous external genitalia incomplete development of reproductive organs or the formation of 2 sets of sex organs. These are generally caused by chromosome will or hormonal defects and they are not a 3rd sex like male female and d.s.t. but their profile a gene the development of an otherwise healthy male female body if you buy a car and it has 3 wheels instead of 4 on one of the males is missing you don't have a new kind of product you simply have a car that is defective and a d.s.t. is a defective development of a normally healthy human being the people with disorders of sexual development often known as into sex individuals they manifest a wide variety of medical conditions that are medically diagnosable someone not obvious or in some a life threatening such as c h some conditions would be watch for the possible developments of cancer this plastic gonads and understand the testes and all need parental supervision and support Now that is d.s.t. disorders of sexual development but then what is transgenderism. Well the did the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders otherwise known as d.s.m. the handbook the Bible the psychiatry and psychologists when the 5th version right now it defines gender dysphoria as an incongruous between one's experience slash expressed gender and assigned agenda in conjunction with clinically significant distress or impairments in social occupational other important areas of functioning I read the language carefully it says. Assigns genda know that words are true crucial phrase this is a significant difference from the previous d.s.m. which was the d.s.m. fall which used the term gender identity disorder. And which recognized the disconnection between physical reality and subjective self understanding is a matter of profound psychological concern. Why did this change take place in the d.s.m. manual from 4 to 5 Well this is the reality medical professionals across the West have been brow beaten and railroaded into changing that diagnoses and their definitions not because of clinical evidence but because of ideological pressure those who adopt to the new the ideology receive funding those who do not adapt to the new ideology lose their license to practice they lose their position they lose their right to publish there is huge pressure on the medical community from transgender ideologues to force these changes through and the language is also ideological it is not medical because the d.s.m. defines transgender as assigns Jenga rather than biological sex you see the difference. Gender is now considered to be assigned birth by the pediatrician or the o.b. g.y.n. outcomes the baby oh it's a boy that's the agenda that is now being assigned we no longer talk about your biological sex that they're now talking about your assigned gender and if you have an agenda a gender assigned to birth that leaves open the possibility for a child simply that they will miss gendered and they are in fact of another agenda you follow the logic so rather than saying that you have a biological sex at birth you now have an assigned gender the American Psychological Association has kind of caught up with the ideology here in the last 20 years and they say that gender identity is quote a person's internal sense of being male or female or something else and quite. Which is which again leaves open the possibility that there are multiple genders out there. Within the American Psychological Association now the recommended treatment for those who complain of this dissonance between their biological reality and their sense of who they are that gender identity is a 4 stage transition the 1st transition is known as the social transition that involves changes in your gender expression and role so how you express yourself in society your preferred pronoun for instance. You please call me by this pronoun Robin by this pronoun the dress you wear and helping the person live as if they were a member of the other sex thus the 1st h. you can have the psychotherapy stage so if you have a social transition somebody goes through a psychotherapy process that's helped 2 of these 8 the negative impact of stigma in society to alleviate internalized transphobia our own sense of revival of revulsion that something isn't right with me and to improve one's sense of one's own body image the 3rd stage is home and therapy which exist to feminize automatically lies the body the provision of drugs testosterone if you're a girl transition to a boy. East region and other drugs if you transition from male to female Finally there is surgery that is the last age to chop off all at bits and pieces so that you can now live in the body of your assign a chosen agenda the gender that you believe you really belong to. In this stage people become infertile. So when we put little children on foothills on puberty blockers and we take little children and they're little children now going through this process when we help them go through this process by the time they're 18 or 19 they are infertile they can never have children regardless of their confusion growing up as to who they are this is an evocative state that we take children to they become infertile now that's describing the process but there are some profound philosophical problems with the transgender ideology there are 5 questions you may ask how precisely does a biological male come to the conclusion that he is a woman nobody knows nobody can explain it's purely a subjective sense of who I am today. If he rises conclusion based on the fact that he feels like a woman how does a biological male Know What It Will what it feels like to be a biological female. Don't laugh this is an honest question these are questions that idealogues cannot answer how does a biological male know what it feels like to be a biological female nobody knows nobody can explain again it's purely in the eye of the beholder I feel like it therefore I must be this Thirdly. What exactly is a female feeling. Do you know what a female feeling is do you know what it means to feel like a female nobody knows nobody can explain you can't put a female feeling in a test tube you cannot by a female feeling you cannot market it you cannot drink it nobody knows what a female feeling is but this is part of the essence of the trend of the transgender ideology they will have a female feeling if you going from male female falsely in what objective sense to those feelings make you a woman instead of a feminized man it's a good question. So which there is no answer because there is no objectivity about the transgender movement Fifthly if gender is truly a social construct will come of that in a minute with that with 2nd 3rd 4th wave feminism but if gender is truly a social construct and a woman is not defined by her d.n.a. by a chromosomes by her biology by physiology by her anatomy by reproductive organs or thoughts or feelings what exactly then is that woman you see the moment you say I am a trans woman you have to say that the word woman has no definition so words it's meaningless in order to make that transition because if a woman is not defined by her genetics or by a crumb of chromosomes in a body if she's not defined physiologically psychologically or by reflective organs what exactly is a woman and so as we talk about I'm a trans woman in the process of saying I'm a trans woman I had to empty the woman of any meaning in order to say that I'm a trans woman so you really think I'm a trans nothing there is no definition because if you must the moment you define what a real woman is you can't have a trans woman does the you follow logic you can't say I'm a trans woman and I expect me to understand what you mean by woman because in the process of being the trans you have to empty the word woman of any objective reality or any boundaries of what you mean by woman the word woman is a meaningless concept in the sexual revolution the concept of definition of woman is a stripped of all meaning and transgender ideology to be a trans woman therefore is a meaningless concept because transgender ideology denies any definition of what it means to be a woman at its core the transgender ideology claims that feelings determine reality and everybody else must keep up with everyone's feelings which fluctuate back and forth through the day or else your hatefilled biggest. So. It's just a backup here when the letter went out from the Department of Education to all the public schools in America they said that gender is what you think you are. There's no medical diagnosis required to say I'm transgender There's no psychological evaluation quiet say I'm transgender there's no diagnosis is no medical or psychological evidence you simply say I am transgender and you must accept this. And so it is self diagnosis and parental involvement under Obama's rules was expressly prohibits if the child came to school as a boy identified as a golden schoolhouse therefore into sex or disorders of sexual development is a medical category. Gender Dysphoria is a psychological category and transgender is an ideological category if there's nothing you remember from today so many is this slide here d.s.t. is a medical category which you can be diagnosed with by a doctor gender dysphoria it's a psychological category is the difference between your sub self and finding who I am and the reality of my biological body but transgender because it does not require any kind of assessment a diagnosis is not a psychological medical or psychiatric it is a political ideology ideological category with no basis in medicine physics physiology or biological reality if you don't take anything from today someone remember the slight medical category psychological category or an ideological category. And in totalitarian fashion transgender activists ignore silence those who have gender dysphoria who transitions from male to female or female to male while in the throes of immature puberty and you're in that teenage years and yet to have come with life maturity to profoundly regret that decision and there are many people who've gone through the transition who then profoundly rejects the transition but nobody speaks about that because once they've gone through the transition you can't go back you are now in fertile You can't have a child perhaps most tragically transgender i.d.r. activist ignore the most reliable clinical evidence that shows that over 80 percent of children who complain of gender dysphoria overcome that condition with appropriate counseling and psychological support as they go through their teens so with all these internal contradictions How did the transgender ideology come about why did it come from has it doesn't it just drive in a vacuum where does it come from and to look at the roots of the transgender movement we need to go back to the sexual revolution in America. Is based in the 4 movements of feminism. In 792 Mary Wollstonecraft asserted in quote vindication the rights of women that the natural rights of man should apply to women that natural rights have no sex and I think most of us would agree with this. A century later John Stuart Mill wrote a book called The subject of women he criticised the way that women with torture accept a quote subordinate status I think most of us would agree with the. But then in $18948.00 there was a conference Seneca Falls out of which came 1st wave feminism had deep roots in spiritualism and 1st wave feminists argued for basic legal equality some for women and for men for more control over their own lives the abolition of slavery the rights of women to tame property marriage and possibly even the right to vote in the future they were the forerunners of the suffragettes now but they did have deep roots in the spirituous movement there was a parallel movement in America when Christian women such as Hannah Moore Francis were lot and Clare Boothe Luce they follow they found the Women's Christian Temperance Union the w.c. to the w.c. to you and they mobilized for the betterment of women and men across American society. But by the 1960 s. feminists were not happy with the progress they've made and so the 1960 s. who move to 2nd wave feminism they were not happy with how women exercise the newly found rights they argued that society was conditioning women to internalize their own subjugation and 2nd wave feminism the writers are avowedly atheist secular and anti Christian in nature what do 2nd wave feminists argue for they argue for the right to use birth control opposition to sex discrimination laws female self actualization only being possible when freed from the realities of the tyranny of childbirth therefore abortion on demand is the holy grail of 2nd wave feminists for the lesbian lifestyle and for the elimination of the nuclear family. We'll come back to the female actually zation in a moment very famous right cicle Simone de Beauvoir wrote the book The 2nd Sex and she said that one is not born but rather one becomes a woman in other words society and culture teaches girls to think of themselves as the 2nd sex defined by their subjugation to the 1st sex that is the male sex they June 1983 a very famous book was produced called The Feminine Mystique sometimes known as the feminist mistake very famous book if you never read it if you want to understand American society you may want to read this book Betty Friedan wrote this book America allegedly produces like quote Millions of young mothers who stop their growth and education short by density The Feminine Mystique has succeeded in burying millions of American women alive not literally but what she's saying is that because Women bear children children hold women back from achieving her full actualisation full potential therefore for a woman to achieve a full potential she must be liberated from the tyranny of childbirth hence abortion is all important to 2nd wave feminists This is also the genesis of the transgender movement in this 1960 s. the false concept that the real you is somehow separate to the biological you this is where it starts in 1960 s. with the 2nd wave feminism and that for me to achieve my full potential self actualization I must be separating myself from my biological reality for a 2nd a feminist that means abortion on demand it comes to mean transgenderism in the early 2006. Thus the transgender movement is actually a return to ancient pagan thought very famous right Sickles to them a theist on Firestone. I'm took these feminist ideas the logical conclusion in the book called The dialectic of sex she was a Marxist as much of today's social justice war is without realizing it she used Marxist terminology to call for a sexual revolution by the sexual underclass with the aim to of eliminating oldest engines between the sexes and to do this job you'd women must seize control of the means of reproduction quote the reproduction of the species by one sex for the benefits of both will be replaced by at least the option of artificial reproduction I'm not sure how many of you would agree to that the tyranny of biological family would be broken quite That's from the famous right issue limit faster than Simone de Beauvoir actually put it in pretty stark terms she wrote The family must be abolished so the sex revolution really took off in American popular culture in the sixty's Woodstock hippies flower power the pill and free love and the transgender movement is really the illegitimate daughter of 2nd Jane checking generation Secondly feminism both share the same underlying philosophy men and women. Are identical but women are better wiping out all differences between men and women is a moral imperative and all gender differences are socially constructed and are therefore unjust and must be deconstructed so we can make an imposed by force if necessary a brave new society. This is the underlying philosophy between 2nd wave and secondly feminism and 4th wave feminism and the transgenders by the time we come to the early 2000 and I'll have 4th wave feminism are going to bypass 3rd wave feminism because they argued about questions such as is empowering for women to dance on a pole not. As a father I would say no but some feminists argue yes so we're going to skip through 3rd wave feminists because they argue about ridiculous topics like that to the modern wave which is known as 4th wave feminism they argue for abolishing the alleged gender wage gap. The right to murder one's unborn child abortion on demand even partial birth abortion with babies coming out and you kill it on the way out and the sex discrimination the evil villain the white patriarchy the emasculation of men society gender fluidity that means I can change choose my gender by the minute the resistance fully embrace of leftist anti Christian ideology that courageously silent on the oppression of women in Islam they never say what about that they embrace the full l g b t Q I a gender they fully support Planned Parenthood and ironically any any woman that doesn't agree with the sisters unless they have that tact and social media and in the mass mainstream media ironic given the very thing that family said they were fighting against was society forcing women to think and act in a certain way now the 4th wave feminists are themselves doing it to other women as a profound irony in this. Yes this sexual revolution is devouring its own children even within the modern feminist and l g b t Q movements there are profound disagreements when people talk about the l g b t community they gloss over the fact that there are profound philosophical disagreements between the elves in the G.'s and the bees in the Ts they are fundamentally at odds with one another if you are l. or g. you rely on the fact that that gender is a physical construct and it is immovable a man loves a man biologically but if you are key you say that the physic biological sex has nothing to do with your agenda and so you know I have a wife she's a woman I have a wife and if I we are a heterosexual couple if I say tonight I'm now woman that means we are now a lesbian couple in the morning she says she's now a woman went back to heterosexual and if I go back to mail by tomorrow afternoon now where I had a homosexual couple what this implies is that with gender fluidity sexual orientation is an infinitely variable thing about the lesbians and the gays in the l.g.b. t.q. movement they deny absolutely that you can have this fluidity of sexual orientation it's fixed and it can never be changed there are profound philosophical differences between the l.g.b. t.q. components of that of that grouping. But even today there are profound these disagreements are being seen on the streets if you have to go to a pride parades if you do good luck but if you go to a Pride Parade you'll notice that there are feminists protesting in the Pride parade why are feminists lesbian feminist protesting the fight pride parade because they say that a woman is a biological woman and the transgenders in the pride parade as saying No woman is a construct is not a biological reality and so if a woman who only wants to be with another woman she says I'm a lesbian but then if a man comes along and says I'm a woman as well she's supposed to accept him as a woman or she's supposed to reject Him I mean there are profound disagreements here and so even today you have 2nd wave feminists protesting what they call lesbo erosion the air rage or womanhood by the 4th wave feminists and the transgender ideology the l g b t Q If you Movement is not this harmonious group of people there for the softly and profoundly opposed to one another many around that many radical feminists today are bitterly opposed to the transgender movement they do not want biological men to invade biological women spaces such as shelters for battered women or men or female sports in response as the totalitarian left does in American society and you are acting in his being born to the meanest t.r.f. as a trans. Exclusionary radical feminist if you're turf. Count your blessings I suppose the turf is an acronym meant to shut down debate to marginalize the to us just like the terms racist homophobe Islamophobia Saajan istic canso because also designed to shut down rational discussion what does to mean it means I'm a woman who believes that a woman is defined by her biology and I reject the idea that that you can be a woman with a male body and because these women reject the transgender ideology they are now called terse routinely attacked by the 4th wave feminists or the transgender ideologues but there is a deeper contradiction yet transgender ideology which condemned which considers gender to be fluid and socially constructed undermined feminism which advocated violence of women as a real and essential gender category the left can have transgenderism or feminism but it cannot have both either Women cannot be women by the men cannot be women or there is not such a thing as a woman either man women are distinct categories or to put on paper to Planned Parenthood some women have a uterus if some men have a uterus that is if some men are women than what exactly is a woman if there is no categorical distinction between man and woman that has no real difference between the sexes then what precisely is feminism is an excellent quote in order to have transgenderism you must eliminate the definition of woman and of man and now we're all nothing. So why is this happening why are these these fights happening well. You might say that in the theological world when we had higher criticism in the 1800s mostly Staffan in Germany in England high critical high critics they rejected the idea that scriptures of God The scripture is superintended by the Holy Spirit that there is essentially unity of Scripture and they started slicing and dicing the scriptures in what was known as source criticism they bantams the fundamental beliefs about scripture and treats it like any other human document then you have source criticism and because that ran into the into the ground and they came up with form criticism and one form criticism run its path and then they realized that it had fatal contradictions then people came up with a reduction criticism and these were the 3 major forms of higher criticism and when you came standard production criticism you start out by denying beginning that Moses wrote the pen to choke and by time you can send a production criticism becomes inclusions maybe Moses did in the Bible is right all along and the these these attempts to live a life philosophically means that he away from God ultimately end up in defeat and confusion and this is what is happening within the 2nd 3rd 4th wave of feminism in American society today with the transgender movement the further they go away from God The more confusion that results in not just among our children but among the ideologues themselves in the sexual revolution the terminology is always evolving the ideology is changing by the week the ideological to moms have a changing yet these men and mandatory vocabulary becomes tomorrow's epithets Yesterday's in light and meant becomes tomorrow's hate speech and bigotry yesterday's requirements of science medicine and justice and logic become tomorrow's suicide and using oppression honest researchers are being censored while famous medical professionals who help people overcome their transgender disorder are being destroyed around us in North America and in Canada there are real cases where this is this has been happening at its heart for. The sexual revolution. Including modern day feminism the transgender movement has nothing to do with medicine or psychology it is a revolution against a society founded on biblical principles a society founded on Judeo Christian foundations. The sexual revolution rejects the biblical creation order of male and female in a loving and complementary relationship and it is an explicit rejection of God as Creator and his revealed will for Humanity the endgame for the sexual revolution is a complete removal of male and female distinctions from society and from below replacement of Biblical morality with personal subjective choice replacement of moral absolutes with moral relativism and the replacement of an all powerful creator with an all powerful government at the Supreme of its own and force of the new social order this is why the language of the Jews by social justice warriors is essentially a reincarnation of essential Marxism but the government will take control of everything and because the I l.g.b. t.q. agenda. Is scientifically fraudulent philosophically incoherent a morally bankrupt it only advances in American and Western society through massive compulsion through Obama and the actions he took boy he left office and the modern progressive left and by the enormous social pressure on the unrelenting propaganda in our schools in our media and even in the North American division the teachers conference in August this year in Chicago teachers were given a book that issues multiple gender identities it never justified them issue named multiple gender identities no evidence was given for the list of gender identity that that book and can contain the book was helpful because it emphasizes the need to love and have compassion for people but nowhere. Was there any discussion of the philosophical incoherence of the idea that there are multiple gender identities because Taken to its logical conclusion if you would sense of if your agenda is your internal sense of who you are if there are 7 and a half 1000000000 people on planet earth at this moment and how many gender identities are possible any one time 7 and a half 1000000000 there is no deceit affirmation of what is and what is not a gender identity as we all think of ourselves differently we can all claim our own gender identity that is known as confusion and that is why we have melt or lips and female toilets Robin 700000000000 types of toilets. Ultimately the most famous example. Of the sexual revolution was Marilyn Monroe. The glamorous woman. Who lived the life you had full freedom. Yet she suffered incredibly she experienced profound personal brokenness she endured 12 abortions so I have multiple salts in abusive relationships and eventually was found dead committed suicide she is the symbol of the sexual revolution as a father of a young daughter I do not want that for my daughter as a husband of a wife I do not want that for my wife as a father of a sudden about to go to college maybe to Andrews I do not want my son to be marinate in this Marxist theory has been pushed in our colleges these days let's be clear about that is what is happening we need to open our eyes brothers and sisters and realize that the new Marxist anti God politically correct rep ideologies of the sexual revolution modern just modern feminism social justice warriors and l g b t Q lobby are being explicitly discussed in an approving manner in front of our young people in our schools this is an abandonment of the Gospel we are not producing educated young people we're producing political militants and we're turning them away from the Savior Jesus Christ. I may not. Receive my thumbs up from people in our colleges for saying this but it's the truth. So what we say in conclusion today. Well for those of us who are experiencing the brokenness of sin as involuntary gender dysphoria. I want to affirm in the Gospel say that Jesus died on Calvary for you. That his grace is sufficient for you. And that his forgiveness and healing power is sufficient for all who turn to him in repentance and in face Jesus commands that we love one another as He loved us about him but means we not just love the individual but we also Whole Truth high as well we manifest grace and truth. That's how we as brothers and sisters in this church we are called by God's to minister lovingly and truthfully to those are experiencing the confusion of gender dysphoria who claim they are transgender and to press to encourage them and stand with them and by them as they seek to overcome their profound personal discomfort as they go through the stages of life. And have a few other things written down here but I won't time is pressing and I'm aware that people are watching who want to pull me down so I bring it to a close here I will say this we have religious freedom in America today. Speak the truth but speak it with grace. As you minister to somebody or walk beside them love them as you would yourself treat them as you would be treated yourself never Mako humiliates which is great but recognize that when someone claims they are transgender they are experiencing a level of profound brokenness and discomfort that maybe we will never experience ourselves the suicide rates are horrendous. Before treatment and after the translation it does not help the suicide rates what people need is the healing power of the Good Shepherd who alone can lead by Still waters and green pastures May we minister to people with hope with kindness and compassion we do not compromise on truth by ministering in love but neither do we have people in their mental disorder or mental illness for that is what it is and as we call people to follow Jesus we ask him to do the work that only he can do in hearing the brokenness of the human condition may God bless us as we minister to those with gender dysphoria nomics maybe he may give us words of wisdom when the right moment may everything we say and do be tension with the love of Jesus who never looked on a crowd with anything other than compassion for his namesake and this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through research in audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave it w w w audio verse or.


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