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The Beast and the Little Horn

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films


  • March 7, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Hi there my name is Chan chrism with Anchor Point films and my wife and I find travel around full time producing documentary films and and also speaking lecturing around the world on subjects like the gut brain connection overcoming depression can we trust in the Bible whatever what's called apologetics we also talk. Overcoming Depression and overcoming addictions also and if you have any interest in learning more about our ministry go to our website anchor point film stuff com or if you have any questions or comments or even suggestions for messages things that you would like to hear more about once again contact us at Anchor Point Selmes dot com And but before we begin let's power heads for a word of prayer Evan the Father we thank you so much for the opportunity to study your word to study prophecy you know that you told us in the book of Psalms that you've told us the future you revealed the future to us and we can know through this that you are the true God problem I pray that your Holy Spirit would be in this place I pray that Jesus would be see or that our hearts will be open to you and your spirit alone Jesus. We're going to look this evening at the anti christ power and I want to let you know about our ministry anchor point films if you go to our website which is Anchor Point films dot com if. If you have any interest in having myself and my wife come and speak your church we speak on Biblical subjects prophesy overcoming habits and addictions health subjects like the got brain connection overcoming. Addictions and also we have a seminar on scientific studies course comparing and contrasting natural remedies compared to many drugs medications headed by head are head to head rather and how often many of these natural remedies actually are more beneficial than actual drug medication we look at scientific research on the so had many different seminars if you're interested go actually to anchor point films dot com to our website or you can go directly to our e-mail anchor point films a g. mail dot com If you have any interests but now we delve into our study on the anti christ power and who changed God's law who changed God's Law Jesus is the center of scripture Jesus is the center of our lives and in solemn Chapter 4 verse $7.00 and $8.00 the Bible says in a prophecy of Jesus that we already looked at then sighed I lo I come in the volume of the book it is written of who me who is the volume of the ball you move the book written about it was Jesus it was written of him and what does it say about him what was Jesus All About He said I delight to do your will oh my God gave your law is within my what heart no notice when the Bible tells us in this prophet you say Chad how do we know less about Jesus when you read in Hebrews Chapter 8 it quotes this in tells us it was a prophecy of Jesus that's how we know and this text tells us that Jesus us delighted to do God's will because something was in his heart and what was that something. It was the law so now listen if God put His law in your heart what would you begin to do you would delight to do God's will you see naturally we don't like to do God's will last naturally we like to go our own way we like sin we love sin naturally but when we are changed and the Holy Spirit puts his law in our hearts we actually begin to enjoy the things of God is not good news and that's what the new covenant is we read in Hebrews 1015 and 16 the Holy Spirit also testifies to us for after saying this is the covenant that I will make with them after those days says the Lord I will put my laws on their what or I will put my laws into their hearts and I will also write them on their mind so listen the new covenant when we give our lives to Jesus He fills us with His Holy Spirit and then he writes his law in our minds and in our hearts and as he does that many Christians think all the New Covenant means God writes the law in your heart so you can now break his law does that make any sense yes or no Jesus put the law in your heart so you can commit adultery that doesn't make any sense. What does it actually say if Jesus had the law in his heart and it enabled him to keep the law that's exactly what will happen in the New Covenant experience when we give our life to Jesus and we ask for the Holy Spirit Day by day we're dying to self God fills us with this spirit and we can be we can by the power of Jesus begin to delight to do God's will because God's law will be in our hearts that is the new covenant That's the new covenant experience and we're looking at the Anti Christ Our who would think to change God's law why would the anti christ want to change God's law because if the law is part of the New Covenant experience and the Anti Christ could change God's law even in one particular what would he be keeping us from experiencing he would keep us from experiencing the the new covenant you follow this is what we see this is very important now let's look in the Greek language of the New Testament what does the word n.t. mean in the word anti christ is says anti means instead of or because of in the room of often used in composition to denote contrast Requip will notice this next word substitution correspondence etc So what do we see this tells us that the n.t. Christ is a substitute Christ someone who comes taking the place not someone who comes contrary seemingly outwardly fighting Christ but rather someone who comes in looking like Christ so this power that will arise will look very Christian very Christ like but will lead people away from God's Law fascinating now I've had the opportunity if you've got if you're ever in Chicago totally worth a trip while you're in Chicago it's a free free museum cold the what we call. Oriental museum thank you thank you praise the Lord you're here to help me share this talk of the Oriental museum in Chicago's a premium to go to of archaeology and they have some of the original lines that lined the processional way in Babylon so you can go see lions that Daniel walked by maybe day by day in that powerful and it's really why would you not go if you're in Chicago right and so you can go see these you can stand in front of them and realize Daniel walked in front of this very thing that you're looking at and these lions were representations of the nation of Babylon like the United States what is represented by what Eagle and so we're going to look at this these we don't have time to go into all the details we go into this in our longer term seminars but we're just going to review but this this is this 1st beast that we see in this nation of Babylon God had this prophecy of a statue with a head of gold chest and arms of silver belly and ties of brass legs of of iron and the feet part of iron and part of clay representing these 4 nations God for Told the future of Earth over 2500 years ago roughly 2500 years ago and so Babylon was represented by the head of gold the lion being the with eagle's wings represented Babylon we see the chest and arms of silver representing me to Persia and a bear that was raised up on one side with 3 ribs in its mouth we see the the belly and thighs the brass representing the Grecian empire and Alexander's brass clad soldiers and then we have this for headed leopard with 4 wings of a fowl or 4 wings of a bird and then we have the long legs of iron representing the iron monarchy of Rome and a dreadful beast terrible nondescript but yet it had how many horns. 10 horns and an 11th horn a little horn rises up who ends up being who the any cracks That's right the any cross now you say how do we know this now if we had more time we could go on but we could go into this for long periods of time but this is nothing new what we're teaching here is just the culmination of the Protestant and early Christian teachings from the beginning this right here is a quotation from HIPPA lightest on history to sonne Christ and anti christ he was a theologian who died in 8236 so we're talking 1800 years ago this quote is this is incredible what to say it says the golden head of the image in the lioness denoted the Babylonians the shoulders and the arms of silver and the bear represented the Persians and the meats the belly and thighs the brass in the leopard meant the Greeks who hold who held sovereignty from Alexander's time the long legs of iron and the Beast dreadful in terrible expressed the Romans who hold sovereignty what at present seen HIPPA lightest a Roman still in power so he says we're living in his day 800 years ago were living during the Roman Empire during this 4th beast this dreadful beast but then he tells us the future in his day the toes of the feet which are part of clam part of iron and the 10 horns were emblems of kingdoms that are yet to rise meaning they would come after the Roman Empire and then he says the other little horn that grows among them meant the you was. Anti Christ in their midst the stillness smites or strikes the earth and brings judgment upon the world was what Christ so do you see we're not teaching anything new here this is this is the the culmination of the prophecies of Daniel Daniel saw he lived during the time of Babylon and then he lived all the way into the reign of me to Persia then we move on to the to the days of Greece and during the days of Rome the faithful followers of Jesus knew where they were a nurse history they knew where they were in prophecy because we have this prophetic yardstick right we have this prophetic blueprint this is what we have and so they understood looking at this prophecy Babylon me to Persia Greece romp Rome would be divided into 10 kingdoms then another nation was wise up or Mongols kingdoms in it would be easy and because they understood nothing so we're going to look at characteristics of the anti christ characteristics of the n.t. Christ so if you have your Bibles turn with me to Daniel Chapter 7 we're going to we're going to study this out together Daniel Chapter 7 and what do we find what are the characteristics of this anti christ power if you're looking in the Old Testament Isaiah Jeremiah limitations you'll you're coming to Daniel Chapter 7 you know Chapter 7 we're going to begin in verse 8 this is the characteristic of the Little Horn power which is none other than the anti christ power it is a kingdom in Bible prophecy the Bible just tells us later on in the same chapter but let us see what this is it says in Daniel Chapter 7 in verse. It says I considered the what horns in the cold air came up what's an x. word among them another what. Little Horn This gives us 2 points amongst the 10 horns the 10 divisions of the Roman Empire Rose up another horn which was a little one right this is this is what we see here in this passage very very clear now so number one this will be a little kingdom later in the chapter tells us that a horn is a kingdom so this is a little kingdom and it says it rises up among them these are 1st 2 points what does that mean well here we have a picture of Western Rome as it fell it divided into roughly 10 divisions of Western Rome which is Western Europe and North Africa with the vandals you have the her ruling here where Rome is so you have somewhere within this vicinity the anti christ would arrive somewhere within this vicinity the anti christ would arise so we come to our next point read in verse goes on to say in verse. It says will read it again I was considering the horns of the old there came up among them another little horn before whom there were 3 of the 1st horns walked up by the. Roots of that's that's our next point number 3 is that this kingdom would pluck up 3 of the 1st kingdoms What does that mean it is going to pluck up 3 of these nations we're going to find out it's the Ostrogoths the vandals and heroes who rule but we'll come back to that So what is our next point number or in verse 24 read with me in verse 24 it says and the 10 horns out of this kingdom are 10 kings Once again these are king in a king always has a lot. Kingdom right a nation right so there we see a Horner is a king or a kingdom and the 10 horns out of this kingdom are 10 things now a kingdom has to have a kingdom has a king at its head this power will have number 4 man at its head and then number 5 is that it will be different notices as in verse 24 in the 10 horns out of this kingdom are 10 kings that show will arise and another shall arise after them and he shall be diverse or different from the 1st and he shall subdue 3 Kings there's a few points we just notice there it says he would be different That's number 5 and it also says it would rise after them well these other these other 10 horns it would be would rise after them after they had come up or sometime after the fall of Rome after a.d. 476 it would arise after them number 7 is in verse 5 it says and he shall speak great words against the most high but of the newer translations may say he will speak both full words or pompous words or the Book of Revelation Chapter 13 says he will speak blasphemous So this is blasphemous power. Speak blasphemy now let's let's allow the Bible to explain what blasphemy is in the Bible we see a couple at least 2 actually there's more definitions but we're going to look at 2 of them in March Chapter 2 verses 5 through 7 you may remember a story of Jesus was in a house and he was preaching and as he was preaching they brought a man who was paralyzed his 4 friends brought him they carried him they couldn't get into the house because there were too many people out there so what they did is they climbed up on the roof they literally pulled back some of the tiles as you could do back then and they lowered this man down to Jesus and Jesus said what did he end up saying this it says in verse mark 2537 when Jesus saw their faith he said under the sick of the polls and to the paralyzed person son your sins are was forgiven but there were certain of the scribes sitting there and reasoning in their hearts why just does this man just speak what blasphemies who can forgive sins but God only so Jesus says Your sins are forgiven they say that's blasphemy because only who can forgive sins was Jesus speaking blasphemy why because he was God man you guys speak in tandem this is pretty good I don't even need to be here you could just share the message seems right so what do we say so Jesus was gone and when he says you can he can forgive since it wasn't last me because he was God That's what you said right and so that is the quick case but what if we had a guy named Tony hearing out up front said Come to me you can confess your sins then and you can be forgiven what does the Bible call that. Now Bible calls that blasphemy that is claiming the very Parag a to. The very Parag a to God So what do we see now let's go forward this is this is one of the ways to speak to speak blasphemy is claim to be able to forgive sins so you remember another time Jesus was speaking to some of the Jewish people in John Chapter 10 verse 30 to 33 Jesus said I and the father are what. Then the Jews took up stones again to stone Him Jesus answered them I have shown you a good work I have shown you many good works from my father for which of these do you stone me the Jews answered him saying We do not stone you for a good work but for blasphemy and because you being a man make yourself what God now was Jesus blaspheming here yes or no now what if once again Tony not only claims you get forgive people since but he also said that he happened to be God What would he be doing. Be speaking blasphemy that would be blasphemy So 2 forms of blasphemy are both claiming to be able to forgive sins and claiming to forgive to be God that claim to be not now our 8th point is also in verse 25 notice with me here it says and he shall speak great words against the Most High and shall wear out the saints of the most high or shall persecute the saints of the most high number 8 the characteristic here is that the anti christ would persecute the Saints Now let me ask you a question what if a saint. Is a saint that an individual that the church election says oh this person is now a saint no in the Bible Paul writes to the saints in you know places like Corinth or Philip why he writes to the saints in the church in Bible times a saint was simply a follower of Jesus Christ and what is a saint today a follower of Jesus Christ right it's not someone ordained by the church to be a saint it is simply a follower of Jesus Christ so in see Christ would persecute the faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Number 9 Write same verse says. It says in verse 9 are back in verse 25 Sorry point 9 verse 25 it says and he shall speak great words against the Most High and show where all the saints of the most High think to change what times and laws that's our next point right there he will think to change times and laws so the anti christ will change God's law and we already said why because the law is a part of God's new covenant that he writes in our hearts do we get to go to heaven by keeping the law yes or no why do God's faithful followers keep God's commandments because they love Jesus Christ and they want to be faithful and so by God's power and in a love response just like you said they keep the commandments gone it is a love response not a ticket to heaven. So what do we see here now notice Revelation Chapter 13 also talks about the anti christ and I put it on the screen for times sake in verse $7.00 and $8.00 revelation teamer $7.00 and $8.00 it says and it was given on to him it was given unto the Anti Christ to make war with the Saints to persecute. And to overcome them and power was given him over all kindreds and tongues and what nation if something has power over all nations we would call that a world wide power. This is a worldwide power and then it says in the next verse and verse 8 and all that dwelled upon the earth shall What worship him now worship is something someone does religious power this is anti christ Sometimes people think all it'll be like atheism communism but Communism is a secular atheistic power this power seeks to worship what kind of power seek worship religious powers right so this is this is number one a worldwide and number 2 religious power actually in our points is number 11 in number 12 this is number 10 and number one and sorry this is a worldwide power and religious power so here we have the 11 points that we are looking at we have the 11 points that we are looking at so don't don't say please don't yell it out Ok and I'm being serious I'm being honest don't don't I'm going to ask this question but please don't say literally be science and I'll ask you to say in a minute but not yet so we're asking the question who is the Anti Christ now in order for you to just guess you'd probably either have to know this already or you have to be something like a theologian or a historian so what we're going to do is we're going to take 5 points that probably most about 99 percent of you know we're going to take 5 points that by 99 percent of you know and then you're going to tell me you're going to say Ah I see it and when you do see it don't whisper until the guy next to you or the lady next to you keep it keep it yourself. Keep it yourself keep silent and what we're going to do is we're going to look at these 5 points and then you tell me who this house but don't yell it out until I ask you to succeed. So what are the characteristics of the any crest this is a worldwide power. Well kind of hard to tell which is that one it's a worldwide religion Wow now we just. Focus down to like maybe 3 or 4 things in the whole world a worldwide religion so this is a worldwide religion that rose up in. Europe there is only one worldwide religion that rose up in Europe but this one world ruling power this one world wide power this religious power that rose up in Europe had a man at its head so we're coming along for the Don't shout and now it's a worldwide religion that rose up in Europe with a man at its head that claims to be able to forgive people saying I don't say who it but I want you simply by the raising of your hand if you don't say who it is but if you think you know what is the worldwide religion that rose up in Europe has a man and its head that claims to be able to forgive people sins if you think you know who that is would you simply raise your hand where you are almost every single hand is raised I've heard it said that in any given audience 10 to 15 percent of people will not raise their hand for anything but that's not true at this audience because I hardly saw him that wasn't raised right. So most everybody here seems to know now I want you to tell me who this power is on the count of 3 Ok and don't leave me hanging now that I've told you to be quiet for so long on the count of 3 who do you think this power what is the worldwide religion that rose up in Europe with a man at its head that claims to forgive sins All right 123 tell me it is Vatican City or people I didn't even need to tell you didn't the Bible simply told you that's what's so powerful about scripture in his soul powerful that if we allow the Bible to interpret itself it makes perfect sense it makes perfect sense there is no other worldwide religion that rose up in Europe with a man its head who claims to forgive since there is no other one yes or no now before we go one step further we are not talking about Roman Catholic people gone and loves Roman Catholic people yes or no there are many godly faithful Christians in the Roman Catholic faith yes or no yes no we're not talking about Roman Catholic people we're talking about a a religious power that has killed millions of people who did not follow. Millions and we're going to get back we're going to get back to that in just a moment so this sure Church has has it was a faithful church it was the Church of Rome up above a gospel are not a gospel but one of the the letters of Paul was written to the Romans the Church at Rome it was a faithful church but the Bible prophesied sadly that this sure would fall away in the Greek it says that it would it would go into Apple stays or apostasy or the word means a divorce they would divorce themselves from the truth of Jesus crying. It doesn't mean that there aren't faithful people in that church not at all that's not what we're talking about but as an institution it turned away from the Scriptures and you won't have to take my word for it let's look back on this you say Chad is this just Protestantism trying to cast aspersions on the character of the Roman church absolutely not ever hard the 2nd the archbishop will solve or was there in Austria was a Catholic archbishop who was the 1st the 1st to prophetically show that the Catholic Church is a little horn of Bible Prophecy this was understood by people within the Roman Catholic Church this is not some Protestant thing that just was point you know pointing fingers at all this is not at all this is something that people within the Catholic Church were looking at their own church in there saying we are not following the Bible anymore by the way if you had a Bible during the Dark Ages and you were caught with it what would happen you would be burned to death at the stake because the Bible had been hidden from the common man so let's go over the points to make sure it fits all of them number one is the Roman Catholic Church a little kingdom yes or no it is officially a Kingdom actually and this Kingdom is 109 acres the property we are on right now is over 800 acres so this is bigger than the Kingdom of the Vatican. You get an idea it's a very small kingdom you don't expect the kingdom to be smaller than this camp do you know you don't expect that number to did the Roman Catholic Church rise up among these 10 divisions of the Western Roman Empire yes or no yes it right here in the booth grew up in what was called the you know the Kingdom of the rule I But you know now obviously this is Italy and so it says it would pluck up 3 of the Kingdoms did it pluck up 3 as we already stated yes the papacy as it was rising to power it plucked up the vandals of North Africa the Ostrogoths here and the Who Rule and booted the Ostrogoths out of Rome and specifically out of the city of Rome in 538 interesting Lee enough when they gained their political power now does the Roman Catholic Church have a man at their head yes or no yes it does is now what made the Roman Catholic Church State different than the nations around it well for one thing the other nations were basically they were just political powers this power was a religio political power so it was a religion and a political kingdom mixed together Number 6 it would arise after them or after a day in $8476.00 now we already said that this power after kicking the Ostrogoths out of the city of Rome it was able to do that in $538.00. Go on to number 7 disc our would speak blasphemy it would speak blasphemy for both claiming to forgive sins and claiming to be gone does the Roman Catholic Church. Claim that it has the right in the Parag it is actually forgive human sins yes or no you don't have to take my word for it notice this is taken from the Roman Catholic Church and in a work called dignity and duties of the priest and it says we're the Redeemer to descend into a church to sit in a confessional to administer the sacrament of penance where someone comes and maybe sits and confess their sins or sometimes if you go like maybe to the Vatican or you go to some other places you might see people kneeling where they would you know they would come in and minister the Sacrament of Penance and priest was to sit in a confessional So whether Jesus went to confessional or whether a priest went into a confessional Jesus would say it says over each of penitent ego tapes all the priest would likewise say over each tenant each of his penitent ego to absolve all and the Penitence of each would be equally. What this says if if Jesus were here and a priest were here you could go to the priest and have your sins forgiven just as much as you could if you as if you went to Jesus. And I don't say this to be put your to but this The Bible calls. This is Blast this is the last we go on you say well what about claiming to be gone probably one of the most beloved pope's at least of my lifetime one of the most beloved popes of the pope by the name of John Paul the 2nd in John Paul the 2nd he wrote a book called crossing the threshold of hope this is a cover of the book here and notice what John Paul the 2nd said here this is a very interesting quotation is said he said rather confronted with the pope. One must make a choice the leader of the Catholic Church is defined by the faith as the vicar of Jesus Christ and His except that as such by believers but notice what he goes on to say the pope is considered the man on earth or who represents the Son of God Well you know if we said Ok all Christians should be representatives of Jesus Christ would you agree I would agree with that but then it goes on to say the pope is not only not only represents the Son of God He takes the place of the 2nd Person of the omnipotent god of the Trinity do you take the place of Jesus can any human take the place of Jesus yes or no impossible impossible to say that I if I were to come and say I take the place of Jesus Christ the Bible would say Chad that is that is blasphemy we don't say that to put anybody down it's just looking at the this is taken from the official Vatican website here at the official Vatican website and read it read this with me don't don't miss this here notice what it says it says will read it right here notice with me it is official Vatican website and it speaks of the daughterly outspokenness of Saint Catherine of Sienna toward the one the pope the one whom she called we Christ on earth is the pope we Christ on earth yes or no no no this once again is a form of blasphemy and let's ask a question did the Roman Catholic Church persecute the followers of Jesus for centuries for centuries the Catholic church hid the Bible from its its followers actually do you know what year the Catholic Church officially allowed its its followers to read the Bible. Officially now yes Catholics before this time read the Bible but that was not according to the Catholic Church it was 963 they officially allowed people to read the Bible 963 you say but John I know Catholics who had a Bible long before that true but the reality is it was not accepted by the Roman Church until 1963 and here's the thing did the Catholic Church kill many people if you are caught with a bible if you are caught with a Bible during the reign of the Catholic Church you were taken you were asked to recant your faith in the Bible and if you would not recant your faith you would be burnt to death notice this quotation here from w e h Leckie in the history and rise of influence of rationalism in Europe that the Church of Rome has shed more innocent blood than any other institution that has ever existed among mankind will be questioned by no Protestant who has a competent knowledge of history the Roman Catholic Church healed a minimum of 15000000 people for the heresy of following the Bible the Roman Catholic Church killed 50000000 people over its reign of power this is a very heavy thought this is it here to put down Catholics we already said that God what a lot God loves Catholics doesn't this is a prophecy about a church that turned away from the Bible and they actually tell us they don't take my word for the Catholic Church has yes we have turned away from the Bible I'll share with you some quotations the pope the Bible says that this church thinks to change times and laws did the Catholic Church claims that they change God's Law notice this I own this book right here did I bring I might have even brought my bag here and let me see it or maybe Africa I have it here though yeah here it is this is the I bought this at the it's called the converts catechism of Catholic doctrine by Reverend Peter government this historically. Yes in history if you would have converted to Catholicism Let's say you are a didn't believe in God Are you a Protestant want to become a Catholic you years ago you would have been given this book right here on page 50 it's written in literally in a question and answer format. So a question is is put forth and then the answer is given and so the question in this book right here you can read it after it's Page 50 it's easy to remember but remember page 50 I'll leave it up here you're welcome to come look at the question as asked by the Catholic Church which is the Sabbath Day answer that it is a sabbath day why do we have service Sunday instead of Sabbath because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday the Catholic Church says we changed all that law now that that right there you know Ok they totally admit it it's right there you come up and read it afterward but I want to show you another Catholic work called This Is it here is sure a way to find out the true religion a true way to find out the true religion by Reverend t. badly this is notice what he says this is a literal quote this an actual you know just kind of a picture of the page and notice what it says if you can read it lastly the keeping holy The Sunday is a thing absolutely necessary to salvation and yet this is nowhere put down in the Bible on the contrary the Bible says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy which is Saturday and not Sunday therefore the Bible does not contain all things necessary to salvation and consequently cannot be a submission to rule of state the Roman Catholic Church as we change the Sabbath You keep our day holy and that is proof that the Bible is not good enough as a standard of faith. That's what the Roman I don't I don't say that nor do I believe that but the Roman Catholic Church as we change the day from Saturday to Sunday we change not know what the Word of God says their Bible still says Remember the 7th day to keep it whole they didn't change the Bible but in there in the older you know in the catechisms like this they're very clear very clear they just tell us we change the Sabbath this is another book that I own called The Faith of Our Fathers we read carnal genes have been says this you may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification or the holiness of Sunday he says Go read through the whole Bible you'll never find Sunday sacredness or that God commanded people to keep Sunday in the Bible it's not their father and right a Catholic priest he wrote this very fascinating to use to put this in a newspaper I have a facsimile copy I you know I'm on my computer and it says He said this I've repeatedly offered a 1000 dollars to anyone who will prove by the Bible alone that Sunday is the day that we are bound to keep and no one has called for the money. It was the Holy Catholic Church that changed the day of rest from St Saturday the 7th day to Sunday the 1st day of the week the Roman Catholic Church says we follow the traditions of the church we do not follow the Bible as our supreme guide of faith I don't say that the put them down they would acknowledge that they see it very clearly and so they actually use this in the 1800s as a tool they would say Protestants What are you doing you claim to believe the Bible but you're not following the Bible you're following the Roman Catholic Church why don't you just come home that was an evangelistic tool of the Catholic Church in the late 800 s. now it's not talked about so much and in such an open and bold manner today but you may say Chad how did this happen how did this happen we're going to show you a video clip from our documentary called The Anti Christ revealed and this is just a short clip it's an hour Don almost an hour documentary but we're going to will try this out hopefully will our sound of a good note. That happened all right let's do it again so an inquisitive person like myself this was the question was burning in my heart when I 1st heard that that message was how did we lose the battle How did that happen when how do you go from centuries of Sabatini thing among the people of God to it suddenly going the way that we know explain Froman historians you how did this change really came about 7 Sundays initially all to Christians and Jews in. Madrid uni and changed to place in a number of sectors. And initially. As a Jewish sect Christians. Say day but in time change the nation for centuries and one of the factors was that the Jews started to persecute the Christians we see this already in Acts Chapter 8 how there was a great persecution of Christians by the Jews however cos did use it great religious liberty we should view so she did use Jordan to do however in the Nero it changed again Nero was accused of setting the city of Rome on fire and generally the scapegoat in this kind of situation would be the Jews so Nero's wife pumpin who is a Jewess a convert to Judaism how can she keep her people the Jews from being Nero scapegoat the night to find a scapegoat and with the help of the. Scapegoat. Focused only. In fact the apostle Paul was seen as one of the masterminds behind and so the Christians were from that time on being persecuted they began to use Christians as Human Torches at the Hippodrome you know the great horse races all appeared to. There be to us crucify hurt. You had it and then you time to Christians were singled out persecution however because the Christians were also being persecuted by the Jews the Christians became very uncomfortable with the Jews and a growing amount of anti-Semitic literature came out. And so did you lose the modem a persecuted the Christians also were seen us part of Jews because they kept the Sabbath too and anybody who keeps the unique Sabbath was considered the juice of the Christians had to find a way out and specially in the 2nd century. The Emperor Hadrian he was so fed up with the Jews that he outlawed this year's version and the Christians who kept the Sabbath were part of a group who were outlawed and persecuted Christians in Rome started in to look put away I don't and the best way used to not to come together on the Sabbath but on Sunday and I think a large part of the motivation was to distance themselves from the Jews who were with whom they had conflict and who were being labeled and persecuted within the context of the room then. They were causing a lot of trouble to one of them are we know about that from Josephus the Jewish wars and so on and so there was a temp to distance themselves from the Jewish people now the Christians in the effort not to look Jewish began to adopt Sunday as a celebration day but it was not kept the day of rest until around the time Constantine or century now with Constantine you get the new 1st Sunday law Now keep in mind comes a team bus of paying him you came out of a family of some worshipers and see here how Constantine formulated the 1st something low effort in this world. You set quote all George's city people I mean craftsman rest on the venerable day of the sun not country man made without hindrance tend to agriculture so it is often happens that this is the most suitable day for sowing grain or planting vines so that the opportunity reported by divine providence may not be lost for the right season isn't sure to be she this finishing creepy some going to use it it is basically a signal law it is devoted to Venable day of the sun so you can see here Sunday is already been a good night to begin you can see Constantine's connection of the Sun God when you look at the ancient Roman coins that limited in his day on one side you have Constantine and on the other side the Sun God So in this the and then civil side what's the real reason for choosing the 1st evolution because it's the day of some worship now we're not in the realm of Christianity we're not the realm of Judaism we're not the realm of one of course and this is not a Christian concept this is a political way for the Roman emperor to unite his empire pagan and Christian under one umbrella by having a compromise so that yes we're going to acknowledge the sun worship but we're going to transfer that Sun worship over into Christianity so that paganism just walks right into the church it's pregnant. It's not a little God didn't authorize it it's not legitimate it's not right for me to do it was politically very clever of course to the church leaders were not happy with it and so then he should shortly after that all loss. And made it clear division boss is a religious law you know men are really Christians and not thinking in the mixed into Sunday is the largest city and the one who did it one of the 1st one pope Sylvester in the time comes and is declared this and this but in the Bible if you stick. By the Lord. And this is clear when we look at Augustine and recognize we have no question as to where Sunday absorbance came from look at what he said the holy doctors of the church have decreed that all the glory of the Jewish Sabbath is transferred to funding whether it's therefore keep the Lord's day as the ancients were commanded to the Sabbath again who were responsible for this crisis no no holy doctors Oprah church and therefore let's keep the Lord's doing so by that time in the minds of the people the Lord's Day is Sunday not 7 and so here's an interesting thing some conscientious Christian and I appreciate their sincerity will say Well David you keep the Sabbath like the Jews but I keep the Lord's Day So let me read Revelation Chapter one Verse 10 I was in the spirit John writing from the island of Patmos I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and I heard behind me a loud voice as of a trumpet now Revelation Chapter one is the only time in scripture that the Bible specifically uses the words the Lord's Day Now we do have other places in Scripture that use similar terminology for example as a chapter 58 if you will turn away your foot from my holy day the only day that God ever called his is the Sabbath Now nowhere in the Bible you find in the last days something. The Lords to clear the n.c. will mark to 2 new boards face did you see this. Actually this idea of Sunday being the war stay did not come about until a later time it's very interesting to see that this initially came out of Paganism the Sunday the day devoted to the sun god that was commonly It was a common day to venerate to the sun amongst pagans who are sun worshippers and so to unite these 2 groups it became something that well the Christians didn't want to look like the Jews and the Christians were keeping the Sabbath after Christ's death but later this kind of they kind of wrapped this together the papacy came and wrapped the 2 ideas together of what we can kind of bring the pagans into the church and so what you have is paganism kind of moving right into Christianity this is what we see so the Roman Church number 9 fought to change times and laws they claim it we don't have to just say it they're just clear as day that yes they say we changed that day number 10 is it a worldwide power is it a worldwide religion today yes or no goes without saying is it religious yes or no so that's very simple are 11 points or so crystal clear if all you had. Was this prophecy to know if the Bible was true you could have a rock solid certain that the that the Bible is the Word of God yes or no I had a man coming to a seminar that I was sharing in the country of Iceland he had been he was a spiritualist he was a literally a spiritualist and after coming and hearing about the anti christ he walked up to me after the message and he said something very interesting to me he said Now now I know that gone is loving how I know that God it's love. And I think you'll see why in just a little bit so the Bible also says that this power would go on to receive a deadly wound in 798 Napoleon sent his general birthday into the Vatican took the Pope off the throne brought him into exile in France in a city called balance I've had the opportunity to go there they literally took the pope's heart out of his chest and left it there in violence and took the body back to Rome I believe it was have the opportunity to go there but they received the deadly wound but the Bible said that they would come back to power again and that is what is going to happen not terribly far in the future they are gaining the ascendancy the power once again that they had wielded long long ago you say Chad what about grandma my grandma You may say was a was a Roman Catholic someone might say Are you saying that grandma's lost what not her hall there are faithful people within the Roman Catholic Church we're not saying that all that Grandma may have been a faithful Christian believed in Jesus Christ love them with all their heart spend time reading the the Word of God She was a faithful Christian if she loved Jesus Lawler heart and she had repented of her sins and was walking with Jesus she was in a saving relationship with Jesus the Bible says in the book of Acts Chapter 17 it says in The Times of ignorance Gawd winks at what does that mean it means that God overlooks when we don't know any better Amen God doesn't say Oh you didn't know I'm sorry you're lost no he says I overlook when you don't know any better God is so loving God is so merciful but God is calling us to a higher walk with Him If we know what the Word of God says we've already said it Jesus said If you love me what. He my commandments walk forward in what I have to share with you so that we ask is this a new teaching Chad is this something new no almost every Christian denomination used to teach this until they came up with something else they all used to believe if you look at the wall then he's taught this a 1000 years ago the Huss ites after Johann who Sir John Haas used to teach this also Wycliffe taught this Martin Luther the founder of the Protestant Reformation he taught this is clear as day John Calvin I was raised a Calvinist and I said I want to Calvin College there in Grand Rapids John Calvin taught the same thing who the any crisis they knew this this is nothing new just zing Lee thought the same thing Maleng thin Tyndale Lattimer Ridley even the translators of the for the King James Version of the Bible if you have a if you have the King James Version of Bible that has the translators notes in the beginning they will even tell you right there this is nothing new this is always been around this is been around for We've known for a 1000 years this no question you say Chad this maybe this isn't important maybe we should just stop talking about these things but it affects our relationship with Jesus why do I say that Paul the Apostle wrote these words to young Timothy in 2nd in 1st time of the chapter 2 verse $5.00 and $6.00 where he said for there is one God and there is one Mediator between God and men the man Christ Jesus who gave himself a ransom for all to be what testified in due time who is the only mediator between God and man Jesus is there any man that I can go to and ask for forgiveness of sins yes or no not unless that man is Jesus Christ same and Jesus Christ is the only one he is the only one we can go to. This is what the Bible clearly teaches and you see they say we have we have changed the law from Saturday to Sunday we have a new tradition and you may have family members that say but this is our tradition this is what we've always done this is what our family does but Jesus with love said in Matthew 15 verse 3 and why do you break the command of God for the sake of your. Tradition tradition the Jews and Jesus they had been following the traditions of men they were not following the Word of God and Jesus was pointing them back to the faithful living oracles back to the Word of God We said it over and over that love we see in 1st John the Bible talks about and this is the love of God that we keep is commandments and His commandments are not grievous they are not burdensome the commandments we are not saved by them Jesus simply says if you love me keep my commandments follow my message Jesus says this is what he said yes this is what we see in the word of gone now I want to close with 2 saw my younger sister and I when I was young were playing ball in front yard we are rolling of all we are very very little so we are rolling a ball back and forth to each other is one of my 1st memories and as we were rolling this ball back and forth to each other I rolled it to her and she missed it and it rolled out into the road and you know what children do when things roll on the road and has run out afterward when they're really little but mothers they seem to have eyes in the back of their head and so my mother sees this rapidly assesses the situation and as she sees my sister running out of the road she also sees that there is a vehicle barreling down the road toward her and as she see this sees this my mom screams might my sister's name is Nicole but my my mom just screams out me much much louder than that. And when I heard mom just this blood curdling scream I turned away from my sister and I looked at my mom in the basic thought of my heartless why is she so angry now was my mom angry yes or no. That was a scream of fear mixed with law that makes sense it was a scream a fear mixed with love and a Revelation Chapter 14 in the 3rd angel's message verse 9 through 11 it says that the message of the the beast power the anti christ power goes forth with what kind of voice a loud voice is that voice sometimes when we hear certain messages we think that's harsh this is this is this is too harsh for me but this is not from God as a voice of of screaming anger not at all this is a shout of law calling people out saying come on to Jesus come to the Word of God come to the standard come to your Savior Jesus Christ no more no more do you have to go before a man and confess all the dirty thoughts you've had or all the actions rather that you've had I should say No longer should you have to do that you can come right to save you you can come right to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ you can come right to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ's I read a story some time ago true story of during the dark ages when when the Roman Church had made it illegal to own a copy of the scriptures in your own language and this young man had acquired a copy of the Bible and he began to read it in its reeled his soul to read the Word of God because nobody around him that he knew had a Bible for a new is illegal and he knew it was countered by and so it was it was it was thrilling but there was also distracted a sion that went along with it and so it would have to be hidden. And as he's reading it's trying I'm closer to his beautiful savior the one who is altogether lovely the one who gave his life for him and as he's reading this is heart is so stirred so touched but somehow the word got out that he was reading the Word of God He was actually some of the soldiers made their way to this young man and they said Is it true that you've been reading the bible new we can line that yes the Bible was captured the young man was taken he was asked if you would recount his faith in the Bible and he said that he could not it was the living Word of God I can't let go of this no I don't know if his family talked to him but I can sure imagine they did I can just imagine him saying son let go of this just come back to the traditions follow the family you don't need to follow this but you see he had been to the Word of God He had seen these loving Savior in the words of eternal Scripture and it's really his soul and he couldn't turn from he was given the opportunity to recant but he was not willing and he knew that the punishment would be this the burning at the stake on his way to being burnt to death this young man was walking forward you can imagine some people with broken hearts other people with excitement to see a heretic lose their life and yet they are there a young boy ran up to this young man as he was about to go upon the sticks to be burned the young boy ran up to him and he said Mr Mr I've got a question you've got to let me know I've heard it said that when when someone's following Jesus and they and they love Jesus when when the fire is it's burning all around them that they the feel that Jesus is near that he gives them strength to endure. And if that's true would you simply raise your hand and clap 3 times when the flames are going up around he went to top he was chained to the state the sticks were finally ignited all around him. Slowly the black smoke began to turn into billows of fire the fire began to work its way up his body it began to engulf his entire person finally he got to the point where his head's down as did some of the people in the crowd thinking Jesus. And then those 2 arms raised up to heaven and he clapped Jesus had been with even in the true friends Jesus will never leave you nor see his call that calls for it is a call of love not to put anybody down not to insult anyone it is simply a call of love saying come back to my word come back to the Word of. The standard the standard is not the traditions of man Jesus himself and his words on the stand this is the truth of the Word of God friends just now we have our ushers are going to be coming forward our ushers are going to be coming forward since this is such a short meeting we have 2 cards during this meeting and so our ushers will be passing this out and as they pass them out pass them right down the row there each wanted to go forward you see Jesus is coming again. He shared with us this beautiful message you say chat that's easy for you to say I'll tell you why it wasn't easy for me it was hard coming from a background of keeping Sunday every single week it was a difficult thing but when I saw what the Word of God said I knew that Jesus said it was so clear I saw what the Bible said I saw that the Bible said that the 7th day is the 7th that Jesus my Lord and Savior was Lord of the Sabbath that Jesus himself rested that day the Jesus when he was here on earth he kept that day if you need a pen just just raise your hand I'll bring a pen to you so you can make sure to have a pen so you can write this raise your hand if you're missing a car you see not only that but we also saw Jesus prophesied Jesus prophesied that the Sabbath would be kept after his death in Matthew chapter $24.00 Then he tells us we see back in the Old Testament the book of Isaiah the Sabbath would be kept even in the new heavens in the newer Jesus said as we said over and over he said if you love me keep my command now friends if you have the card in your hand the 1st question here is is it in or to the State me or is it is clear from the Bible that the 7th day of the week Saturday is the true Bible Sabbath and is a sign of God's power as creator and redeemer do you believe that if you if you believe that you can put I can put a check right there it's clear to me I see that the word a gun. Number 2 in loving the constitution is this I desire to keep all of God's commandments by His grace we can only keep him by his grace and because of our love toward Jesus through faith including the 4th commandment to keep the Sabbath holy if you want to say that would you put a put a check right there I want to I want to respond yes I want to be faithful them number 3 I would like to become or consider becoming a part of the Sabbath keeping grew a Bible believing Christians if that's your desire would you put a put a check right there by that one or if you'd say I'd like to I'd like more Bible study material on the Sabbath you like more material on us we can try to get some of that for you or the next one says I have a Bible question regarding this Sabbath you have a question you can write it below and at the bottom it says I would like to meet with a with a pastor or a speaker or if you want to give your life to Jesus for the 1st time or if you would like to be baptized if that's a desire you can write that in right at the bottom there we don't have a box for but you can write that in right there at the bottom and then you can fill out your name and your address and your phone numbers Bill those out friends I'll tell you it is such a blessing to walk in the will of God. I'll tell you the Sabbath has been become such a blessing to my life you're working hard all week and finally you have that they just put it away to focus on number one God as our Creator Jesus as our divine Savior and Lord we can focus on him we spend time in nature remembering him as the creator we spent time in fellowship with each other breaking bread together we've been breaking bread together every day this week we've been here you can break bread with Christians all the time but we gather together on his holy Sabba to worship and rest on his holy day so if you filled out your card as you filled it out what we're going to do is I'm going to ask the ushers now to just come forward you can pass your cards to the center of the aisle when you're done when you finish your card just pass it into the center of the aisle or at one of our ushers will pick it up for you we have one more message tomorrow morning you've had a power packed several days here what a blessing it's been and just just past a car then you can just pass right to the center of the aisle quickly pass a minute to you finish it you finish filling them out pass them right down to the Senate right now friends we're going to we're going to just in a few minutes we're going to take a break and then there's going to be a time for one of our documentary films we're going to watch out on ancient health but before we do that. We're going to pray together we're going to pray together but I'll let you finish your cards I want to make sure that you get them all in that we don't miss anybody here all right anybody else raise your hand if you still don't want to use the want to get anybody else raging on I think we have just about everybody so let's close with a word of prayer Heavenly Father we are so thankful for Jesus we are thankful that he is the Way the Truth and the line that no one comes to the Father Father I pray that each of us has come. Not only day the moment by moment we would learn the not only people of the book who spent time with you daily in your words but also. For next forms in your. Lesson name. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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