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Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • June 20, 2020
    8:00 PM


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Thank you for. Taking us on another journey. For bringing us up to the high places thank you for freedom. To study the Word. To hold convictions Thank you Lord for freedom of expression. And thank you for protecting our right to choose in the Garden of Eden. Tonight Lord I pray that you'll continue to bless us as we look into the life of the last Apostle. And into paid the last invitation in Jesus name I pray Amen I think the question that the world is asking is Is it real. Have you noticed that since the onslaught of the new revolution we might call it the sexual revolution of last 30 or 40 years where free love and and freedom of expression sexually has taken hold in lawlessness has increased we see a corresponding statistical assurance that Christ's words are true that the love of many has grown cold and there's an increasing number of young men and young women who want to know is marriage worth it is the risk worth it will it work out or will simply be a bunch of trouble to me they don't want to go through the grief of watching something to be so good unravel into something so bad I'd like to suggest that underneath that layer of skepticism and wondering is a question that ought to be answered 1st and that is whether or not the love as described in the Bible is real. We heard Pastor Michael and Pastor Jonathan in their seminar on digital evangelism and I believe Pastor Page also referencing to those Google searches about what is love what is God I'm here to assure you today that we live in a more skeptical world than ever before and the question everybody's asking is Is it real does this Jesus really exist is there a group of people that are reflecting the theory into practice and tonight as we end there can't meeting I want to assure you that the last lived and the most loved of the Apostles Yea the disciples of his age leaves us with the directive of how to keep it real and assurance that it is real and he brings to the front of the New Testament a new covenant experience the admonition from the Solve us that people should be able to taste and see that the Lord is goodin. It's like smelling your afternoon lunch before you eat it and knowing the cook you don't have to worry that what you're going to have is a call an air experience is going to disappoint you but how many times in the name of Christ have we watched Holmes descend into hypocrisy and Incan grew and see of conviction in action and the children come away wondering is it really real little boys and girls who who look to their moms and dads and hopefully sit in family worships are the moms and the dads behind the scenes maintaining that love relationship with Christ working out the dynamics of their marriage processing not in what all call the pseudo emotional reality of emotionless living but actually loving each other passionately enough to sometimes be as angry as they've ever been with another human being but their commitment is such they're going to dig down to the foundation and they're going to build a household of love on Jesus Christ him the 3rd corded strand so that their children can know as hard as it is and as challenging as it is it is absolutely real there is such a thing as love yes indeed the devil knows that most of the conversion experience is caught before it's taught so if you are the devil when you want to destroy the love relationship of the Body of Christ for each other in the home in the school in the larger institution certainly in the church when you like to turn every denomination and every spiritual journey into a an expression of faith but an expressionless dynamic of true love so come up with your list and let's see how many ways we can divide people but tonight I want to assure you that the one that loved Jesus made it very clear that he who does not love his brother. Does not know God. He would go on to say that he who does not obey God does not know God because that obedience is an expression of love for the one who was subject to lawlessness so that we could be subject to the law of God written on our hearts remade into the image and person of Jesus Christ tonight I want to talk to you about John the Beloved who challenges us to be the family of the be a lot of it and to anticipate going home to be with our beloved Dear Jesus if you have your Bibles and see evening let's go to the Gospel of John John Chapter 21 he goes all the way through the story of Christ before he reveals in in direct format the fact that he has a special friendship with Jesus does that make jesus love for anyone else and he the last not at all but there was a special group of 12 and inside that special group there were 3 that were especially close and when you get inside that group there was one that drew even closer. And the very last words of His Gospel narrative John tells us that he's special to Jesus friends I want to tell you tonight he's no more special to Jesus than you are God loves you and there's a special blessing for those who love God having never seen him. That's going to draw us into this circle just like John without sin in between 2 limit and stratify relationships went on earth this man pressed closer to Jesus than anyone else but friends it's all right with Jesus if you want to press just as close Jesus is walking with Peter John is walking along as well. Peter turning around verse 20 saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following. The one also who had leaned back on his bosom at the supper table and said Lord who's the one who between you and seem so Peter seen him said to Jesus Lord and what about this man and Jesus said to him if I want him to remain until I come what is that to you followed me there for the saying went out among the brother and that this disciple would not die yet Jesus did not say to him that he would not die but only that if I want him to remain until I come it doesn't really matter to you. This disciple was called up on the Mount of Transfiguration this was a disciple who was the 1st at the tomb this was due to Siple who not only told us that in heaven we would get new names but while he was on earth he got one given by Jesus this was the disciple with a brother in the group and they became known as the sons of thunder this was one of those fun during young men whose devotion to Jesus was somewhat misplaced we find it in at least 2 places once when this affront comes to Christ because he's on his way to Jerusalem and needs some Samaritan hospitality and the Samaritans won't receive Jesus they're going to let him go hungry. And while James and John don't totally understand the love of God they're there ardent affection for Jesus recognizes an indignity and these 2 men say Lord look $954.00 do you want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them just as Elijah did and you know what a love relationship with Jesus was like Jesus rebuked them in kindness and truth and he said you know what you don't understand what kind of spirit you have John received the rebukes Judas rejected them their past diverged as they got closer to the culmination of Christ Ministry and another place recorded in the Gospel of Mark Chapter 9 John is humble enough and childlike enough to say teacher we saw someone who doesn't follow us he's not one of us and he was casting out demons in your name and we for bait him because he doesn't follow us you see woven into the fabric of their expression and love for Christ was a selfish ambition there was a vacancy that was yet to be filled in the heart of the Apostles prejudiced bigoted unconverted yet growing in their love for Christ Jesus patiently bore with them and made them into the pillars of the New Jerusalem the new experience the cornerstones with him for our heavenly experience were standing on the shoulders of these great men this is the same John who wrote to us and John chapter one verse 12 to as many as believed on Him to them he gave power to become what friends the children of gone take your Bibles and open up to the little epistle 1st John Chapter 3 this is where so simplicity. And the beautiful love of Christ come together on behalf of the hopes of the experience of the church that would follow on 1st John Chapter 3 beginning with Verse one I'm reading from the New American Standard Bible it says see how great the Love The Father has bestowed upon us that we would be called the Children of God and such we are for this reason the world does not know us because it didn't know him by the way friends I want to assure you the world in the church didn't accept Jesus they had come to love darkness and when the world is in the church today it will reject some of the simplest expressions of Christ like love coming from the broadest spectrum of mental ability but I want to assure you today that all of Christ's followers are as down to earth as the greatest men and the largest hearts that have ever followed him and they know that coming as a child before a crisis the directive of Matthew 18 it was the life of the 12 and once they gave up their selfish ambition their joy began there's an old hunger in proverb that says when selfish ambition dies joy comes to life how many of us perhaps because we do have this vacancy yet to be filled by Christ are looking for the extra ill affirmation in place of the internal joy that would allow us to be anything or nothing but we are going to draw close to Jesus and we're going to follow him and drawing close to each other. Beloved verse 2 now we are children of God and it's not appeared to us as yet what we will be. We don't have all the mysteries worked out but we know that when he appears we will be like him because we will see him just as ias And in this beautiful simplicity he goes on to write not in any way that would suggest that we earn our salvation but that with the great goal of seeing him and with the knowledge of all that he suffered and with the recognition of all that we are not so complimentary though it may be that everyone who has this hope fixed on him to revise themselves just as he is pure friends fixed on him by beholding we become changed we've been studying the book steps to Christ we came to this wonderful simple awareness that when you plant something if the conditions are right it will grow but if you surround it with things that will destroy it the blast of heat the blight of overexposure to the sun the absence of water won't grow but if you draw near to Jesus as you immerse yourself in the community of faith as you tune out from the world and tune into the love of Christ you can't help but become like him and the purifying work will go on with a little bitty opportunities every day and Christ will help you Christ will change you Christ will live in you it's an amazing journey but I believe when we come to the discussion of John the Beloved. There is one thing that stands out in John's heart and that is as Jesus became his elder brother an expression of Isaiah's. Declaration that not only would it become our elder brother but he was somehow even indeed the Everlasting Father the prince of peace he was all these things somehow John Drew deeper into the family experience of God ahead of the rest but friends as we come behind we can follow on and enter in the same way John has a special burden that the family of God knows the joys and the privileges of being sons and daughters princes and princesses he wanted I believe more than any other gospel writer any other person encountered the living Christ for us the know the joy of being a child of God. Go to the Gospel chapter 17 John 17 How do I know. That an opinion pastor Well yes it is an opinion but it's not completely based solely on my own assessment when we look at the narrative space that's dedicated to a completely different gospel or at least the uniquely different gospel we see John capturing encounters were outcasts are brought in Jesus having encounters fears conversations with those that he wanted to win even though they didn't want him on the inside and we come to this final week of Jesus' life where he's spending this extra time focusing on what he hopes for his family that he's going to have to leave behind and we come to this special prayer that John records and John 17 all begin with verse 17 John 1717 sanctify them through the true. Your word is true. Of course the logos of the word of truth is the opening dynamics of this Gospel it is the Living Word the transforming word it is the living presence of Christ it is the written word woven into the fabric of our being verse 18 as you sent me into the world I've also sent them into the world for their sakes I sanctify myself that they themselves also may be sanctified in the truth in other words we're following behind and entering in to the experience of Christ I do not ask on behalf of these alone but for those who believe in Me through their word that you and me you can write your name in the margin there that they will be what friends one that they will be one even as you Father are in me and I in you that they also may be in us so that the world may what believe that you sent me yes it's a skeptical world they want to know if it's real Do you really love the person down the pew from you in proper Christian affection brotherly and sisterly concern is the family of God really family or is that archaic language is it really Brother So and So and sister so until. We really praying for each other and considering the needs of each other above ourself John understood and he recorded the importance of these words because Jesus understood that unless there was a different communion in a different community we might as well just hang our placard up and go home because anybody can proclaim and anybody can profess but when it actually comes into the experience and starts the amazing transformation of selfish human beings being woven into a fabric of a heavenly harmony of that deniability difference. You can't press together if you don't get to gether. You can't press together if you don't pray for and with each other you can't press together when lingering resentments and suspicions and evil surmising are running through your mind you can't press together when your own needs are met in crisis and somebody else is making you insecure because they seem more gifted they seem more articulate they seem more influential they seem more important so what in the eyes of God There's only one of you and all the billions of stars in the sky and billions of grains of sand on the sea god made only one of you and you're just supposed to be you and when you're in Christ it's wonderful for everybody else to be who they are to me one a wonderful thing the amazing diversity of gawd that we should make are so entirely unique and different all of these innumerable encyclopedic dynamics of the d.n.a. only recently discovered as believers we must serve an awesome God and believe whatever handicap or inhibition or challenge we might have there's a God up above that has something special for us it's his love and also something special for us to do and that's to reflect it in a way nobody else can through the the see through the lens of our experience yes Jesus knew and John knew that all the proclaiming would add up to a nothing but a hill of beans a big cypher and nothing if we didn't understand what it meant to be family what it meant to actually be a son or a daughter of Christ because the world is naturally very skeptical and every on his Christian has to say we've given him plenty of reasons to be that way how many pastors of turn television ministries into mega businesses. How many elders and deacons have walked away from their fidelity to their spouse how many moments has a been when someone has cowered to speak a true word when somebody standing up would have turned the whole side but everybody was afraid of reputation and nobody wanted to bear the emotional cross of being the person on the wrong side of the right idea or the right side of the idea even ever though everybody else is wrong you see there's a bond of perfection according to Paul in the book of Colossians chapter 3 and that bond of perfection is love and love can't be killed it can be run over it can be stepped on but it blooms and blossoms through the power of Christ in the midst of suffering and that love is to be experience between the family of God and you have to remember who this John was this was the same John with his mother and his brother who went to Jesus and stepped right on top of the rest of the 10 saying I really would like to have that spot for the left and he'd like to have the spot to the right and this is mama's request it's hard to dishonor a mother in Israel but Jesus had to tell them Do you understand what you're asking for and what price tag that comes with they assure them that they did but they were wrong Jesus understood that behind the question was a genuinely beautiful desire isn't it wonderful how Christ sees us be on our own ability to see our blind spots in our flat spots isn't it wonderful that Jesus can see beyond what we're doing and understand there is at least a motive come of innocent pure good desire behind it all this is how we're to see each other you've heard me say before if you sit in this congregation regular regularly I know more bad things about the people that attend church here than any other person hands down. It's always been that way no it wasn't this church if you were to go back 8 years it would have been almost 20 years in one church and in that church I absolutely categorically knew more about everybody than any one single individual after experiencing a generation raising my kids in that community and what a debt of gratitude I have to that church they were a fantastic family of faith and they endured the price tag of growing together. And so many of them true conscientious Christians who didn't cut and run when the emotional work got hard but actually practice the presence of Christ lived out Matthew 18 went directly to the people they needed to talk to oh not all the time the sting of criticism and gossip managed to make its way at times through that community of faith you like it may through yours but don't give up friends this very same Jesus and this brother John followed on to know love and to love as jesus loved and you and I can too indeed it is the family that is to be the final and greatest expression now just before I came out here to preach I went ahead and looked at my with my app for the own widest it just to make sure and I decided to type in some phrases so I typed in you know what the proper boolean dynamics on each side certain words one of them being pressed together. For 3 or 400 some odd times she uses the word press together but because I've preached on this subject of unity before which tonight is not really the subject but it is the function of the family to be unified in Christ I decided let's do the prayer of Christ which is a reference to the verses I've just written. 700 and some odd references of course some of them are multiples no doubt but for some reason whether it was her or a compiler they decided that these phrases were important but then I decided to get just a little bit simpler and I typed in the word unity get your number let the mind world how many times does this modern day articulator of inspiration and love suggest that whether it's in the family or the home of the church the word unity should be preeminent you have your number 6700 and I think it was 1918 times how unified are we how unified Are you as a spouse with that one you made the promise to what kind of time energy and you are you taking to dig down to a foundation that will actually allow each of you to be benefited by each other's love how many words of affirmation are you giving so there's security enough to talk about the insecure dynamics and when you know it right at the end of time the devil has only one go and that is to make sure that the corporate experience the family of God is not unified and together so give them lots to do with their education and give them lots to do with their money and give them lots to do to make sure their children succeed and give them lots to do to make sure they keep a little bit of sanity for all of those other productions so that their margin time just make sure they can't come together they can't press together they can't be one they can't have the witness that is in controvert of all I want you to think about the word incontrovertibly No they may not like your doctrine. They may think your diet is weird they may think your dress is old fashioned They may think you just a little bit too limited in the freedom of entertainment opportunities but there's one thing they can't deny just like the Romans could not deny the love of the of the scorned and outcast early church they can't deny that you know how to love and that others love you in return. The world wants it to be true. It's just pricey for it to happen because the devil is constantly rolling boulders down on the highway of love trying to slow down the traffic so that people can actually get from the destination of stranger to bonded in Christ but healthy homes and healthy marriages and healthy churches keep saying Jesus we need your help we gotta roll this boulder off the road because we're on the we're on the narrow way of love and we need you Lord because we know the devil wants to throw something into our lives they keep us from loving that brother down the pew loving that sister down the pew on yes indeed Oneness this is the beauty this is the dynamic of family when you get into a good family friends you don't have to be convinced of anything ask me how I know I love my mother and I love my father and they have kept a marriage for almost 555657 years the truth of the matter is with the touch of Christ in their lives their catching up with all of the things that Jesus has wanted them to have but as a teenager when I was dropped into that Peoria church and I was invited home to the pastor's house to have lunch I want to tell you it didn't take long for me to recognize this is good. I didn't need him to preach me another sermon I used to think his sermons were as boring as could be and then all of a sudden one day when I was sitting in church he was a fantastic man. And he was married to a fantastic woman and by God's grace not too many months or years ago I had the chance to see him after probably 40 years he baptized me on a hot July day with my sister as a teenager in that period church but I want to tell you something happened inside of this man me and his sermons became the most interesting sermons I had ever heard and I sat in the cube listening God was doing a work I was being drawn into this family experience I had tasted and seen that the Lord was good in the junk food of of satisfaction from the world wasn't going to drag me away from the sweetness the harmony and the beauty of that wonderful love of Christ manifested in actual human experience this is what God is calling us to but it takes so much work that most of us are just a little too lazy and careless and endeavor and afraid and maybe ignorant about how to actually get there. I just happen to believe that John is the ultimate simplifier of the Bible message and he doesn't give us formulas but he does explain what ought to happen and the Holy Spirit steps in to connect those dots and whether it's bringing back the words of Jesus that we ought to go talk to somebody give it a try how many times have I had somebody say won't do any good won't do any good some thinking myself this person has a prophetic gift they already know it isn't going to work maybe we should sign them up maybe they can forecast the future in other ways won't do any good my response is had you know until you try and tell you it always does some good you know the good it does it does the good of you knowing that you did what you could which is exactly what the New Testament writer said they said as far as possible live at peace with on then. And when somebody won't hear you and somebody won't be honest about their contribution at least you can know that you tried and maybe someone down the road they'll change the way they're relating to you and say I'd like to pick back up where we left that I don't I want to tell you we are living in an age in which the devil would like to give us a side line which would become a dividing line. And it doesn't matter to me doctrinally what it is in Ellen White's day it was the daily of Daniel 8 Central you could say to the development of adman as prophetic eschatology but she told him stop writing about it stop publishing it stop talking about it it is a minor matter a little farther on down the way we have the law in the book of Galatians tied distinctly to the message of righteousness by faith and we had conference presidents go in this way and some going that way and we had people following them off into their loyalties which were to people but let's take a cue from Paul when he says some of you are saying I'm of c.v.s. I'm a Peter I'm of a policy said in any of them die for you our 1st loyalty is to Christ this is how we keep love alive in a politically correct age we've decided that what we should protect is the feelings now I don't like to have my feelings hurt any more than the next guy everybody is insecure until they're made secure. There is nobody whose barrel is so watertight that they got all the security poured into them they needed it one phase in their life and they never need a word of encouragement affirmation love tenderness or sympathy as a matter of fact we're all leaky that souls and we all doubt ourselves and how many times how many days do you have to go through before you realize you're just naturally prone to mess up and make mistakes we all have this self accusing self doubting spirit that came with sin and it's just so easy for us to live that way and then to start projecting out of our insecurity critiques of other people friends I'm here to tell you we must press together we should take the advice from steps to Christ prayed for each other and she says when you start praying for somebody else let them know you're doing it weaving the fabric of security into the element of our Christian experience is a priority in the mind of Jesus Christ it is a priority in the elements and the writings of John it is a call to Christian unity and family togetherness but it takes so much work it involves vulnerable to. It involves emotional anguish some of us are woven a little different in regards to how much interpersonal and and personal dialogue we want to have but Christ does not let any one person off the hook there is a ladder of intimacy proper spiritual and relational intimacy that grows in whatever the definition on the relationship is be it marriage be a parent be it friend be a coworker and all the time Jesus is looking that we might reflect to the world something the world does not know how to get because they don't have G.'s s. So what is it today will you go this way on women's ordination and some want to go that way. You go this way on last generation theology and someone else a go this way you go this way on that someone else will go that way on that and I wonder how many times human pride and insecurity is standing in the way of us being one and I believe that if there is a national generational Sian it is arrogance of idea and pride of opinion that would not subject oneself to the elemental dynamic of saying you know what Perhaps this is really not central to the experience of me or you and yet there are those that are waiting to thrust upon us templates that suggest this is the tipping point this is the dividing line get on the right side of this get on the wrong side of that there is something that precedes theological debate and division and it is the love between the brothers and it is the love between the sisters there is something that says I'll actually delay down my life for you what is it with these Christians the Romans hated them they mocked them they scorned them they derided those 1st century Christians but in 3 generations they conquered the pagan world. It was their love John would write if you walk in the light as he is in the line you will have fellowship one with another on the blood of Jesus Christ will purify you from all sin I'm here to tell you nobody's going to heaven on their own you've read before that we're going to go through appear to time we can't lean on any human being you're exactly right but until we get to that time you better be leaning as hard as you can lean and learned as much as you can learn because you're going to need the prayers of those you love even when you can't see them and even when they're not around. God is calling us to a type of experience that does not easily believe evil about each other and refuses to be dishonest with ourselves when evil surmising and insecurity would make it convenient and easy for us to step on somebody who's not there so we can get just a little bit higher in the esteem of everybody else and it's absolutely flat out wrong. Jesus is inviting us into an experience that's different from the world. And our experience will be caught before it's taught and we will be able to do a whole lot more explaining and a whole lot less convincing I want you to think about it it wasn't hard for me to spend a Sabbath with people who love Jesus and love me it wasn't hard for me to step away from the television on the basketball court not when I had something else something better take a bob and turn over the Book of Revelation Chapter 19 How can we preach a sermon on John and not reference to the Book of Revelation I'm only going to choose 2 spots the one is our scripture reading and the other is this amazing 4th Hallelujah verse 6 of Chapter 1000 then I heard something like the voice of a great multitude and like the sound of many waters and like the sound of my t.p.o. of thunders All right so let's just break it down just a little bit the voice of a great multitude that's people the sound of many waters in the book of revelation that's people. And the sound of mighty peels of thunder this is divine proclamation Hallelujah for the Lord our God the Imam Ali almighty reigns let us rejoice and be glad and give glory to Him for the Marriage Supper has come and the bride has made herself ready it was given to her the cloth for herself a fine linen bright and clean this is the robe of Christ's righteousness for the fine linen is the righteous act of the saints and then he said to me right Blessed are those who are invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and he said to me these are the true words of God. Can it be that true friends the garments providing the feast is waiting the invitation is yours and we're going to sit at a table in Christ is going to serve us it's a beautiful thought we're going to be family but it gets just a little bit better because Jesus would say and at least one apostle would write it down let not your heart be troubled could we say together ye believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you and I go and prepare a place for you that so I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also and I love the fact that really the better translation is is that I've got a house and I've prepared a room for you in it family. I know no greater joy than walking down the road holding my wife's hand talking in a beautiful love relationship not far behind it is sitting with my family at a table living Laffey loving working. At the end of the day their opinions matter about my life and my experience more than anybody else's and the joy of being in their presence just in their presence is better than any other joy that can be offered to me in this world why because love is there and what would you give for love you wouldn't sell it for anything many waters can't quench it I want Jesus to set himself as a seal on my heart on my family start on my churches are and I don't want anything to divide us we may not always agree but we have gone beyond disagreement we have laid the superstructure of unity in the humility of Christ to love and realize that my opinion on this just might be wrong if the church will put on the robe of Christ's righteousness withdrawing from all allegiance with the world acts of the Apostles page 6001 there is before her the dawn of a bright and glorious day God's promise to her will stand fast forever he will make those he will make her an x. eternal excellence see a joy of many generations truth passing by those who despise and reject it will triumph although at times apparently retarded its progress has never been checked and when the message of God meets with opposition he will give it additional force that it may exert greater influence in Daoud with divine energy it will cut its way through the strongest barriers and triumph over every obstacle. So what's keeping you friends. What's keeping you from pressing in and pressing together and seeing the brother and sister in the pew as someone you're actually bonded to closer than those in your family who don't know Jesus what's keeping you from making the sin challenged of gathering together and pressing together and coming together that we might be one so that we could know the joy of this family experience on Earth and the white will say we are to have a little bit of heaven to go to heaven and why shouldn't it be the church can be I've been in churches where it is. I've been in churches where it's growing and developing I'm in one now I hope you are Jim the spirit in the Bride say Come and let the one who hears say Come and let the one who's thirsty say Come and let the one who wishes to take the water of life without cost let him take it. And he testifies of these things says yes I'm coming quickly I once worked at a summer camp that went out of business the 3rd entity I'm talk with you about the day that's gone out of business my wife and I were newlyweds and the youth director honored our contract even though the camp was shut down the young poor kids in love they need money we're not going to hire anybody else the summer but we're going to hire them we're going to keep them on I'm not sure how big of a blessing it was for those of you that work at summer camps you understand that week number one you're strangers I'm talking about the staff now we've numbered to your bonded in solving all the challenges and too busy to think about anything by week number 6 or 7. There's a fraternity that's developed in prayerful ministry to disciple these young children all of whom you're sure you don't want your kids to ever have those kinds of problems or challenges and by the end of the summer when you say goodbye people who were mere strangers are now like a brother or sister that's in your real life family I can remember walking up and down the main hill there was no sound of voices. I can remember looking into the empty buildings gathering dust I'm not sure I've ever had a more depressing assignment in my life. How long should our churches look like we're not anxious to be together on the other side of Jordan how long should the people drive by and only see cars there one day a week how long should the church be on auxilary attachment to our life not the central modus operandi of of all our being inside a proper relationship with Jesus friends we're missing out and the world is consequentially missing out as well as we failed to make a priority of coming into a deeper family communion with each other for the sake of the glory of Christ and the ultimate driving out of the spirit of skepticism our kids need to see it and they need to be challenged to invest in our non-believing relatives need to understand that it's important and sometimes they won't understand sometimes our believing relatives with much more law is a fair commitment to a lost world won't like it. But letters come in communion with Christ and then into commune with each other and let's give the world an invitation that they just can't turn down likely aroma of a 7 course meal in a beautifully decorated hall with wonderful music and wonderful entertainment let's give the world an invitation that transcends all the cheap dynamics that are out there today let's let them see that they can still taste in c. and that Jesus is saying I'm looking forward to bringing your home it's a 7 day journey friends let's make that final 7th tabernacle journey with Jesus and let's leave behind the Pilgrim progress at the gates of the New Jerusalem and you might walk through one with the name of this a car or the name of Judah or whatever but when we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing is going to be but let's let the rejoicing start now let's go through the hard work of going to heaven in a heaven that's created by the love and the presence of Jesus in our lives let's remember he that loveth not no it's not God. For God is love Oh it's very convenient to not be with each other because then your love's not tested but tonight friends I'm just extending the invitation one more time it's real Jesus is coming it's real. There's a heaven and there's a heaven to go to heaven and I'm appealing to you at the end of this the end of this camp meeting journey that we are to move forward to the finish and we are to give the invitation and our very person is to make the in the Taishan attractive before the words are ever on our lips because we go the extra mile we suffer sometimes without complaining I'm not talking about for perpetual just function relations but I'm talking about the momentary irritations and the job nobody else wants to do and the ability to actually care for people I'm calling to be an echoing sentiment in Heaven's orchestra. Come. Come into the fellowship come into the joy and in to supinate a greater joy this message preached on the backside of great disappointment in 844 is going to crescendo and to an undeniable contest between good and evil light and darkness and when it's all said and done and the information overload that marks our society just seems to stand in the way the un avoidable in unequivocal completely clear incontrovertibly the essence of truth will shine through and that there is something different about these people that defies all the critique defies all the characters defies all the misrepresentations these people have something that's real I know it's real because the cornerstone of their experience is. Even so come Lord Jesus. This media was brought to you by are you a website dedicated to spreading God's word through research in audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you'd like to listen more sermons leave the w w audio or.


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