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07-Process of Discipleship - Plant

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Callie Williams


What are modern methods of intentionally planting the seeds of spiritual interest?



  • August 10, 2020
    9:00 AM

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One of the greatest boxing matches in the Bible on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Temporary dish. Now here's your host just in with the invite. Hey guys want to welcome you to in verse we are in the midst of this Corona virus season and we are filming from different our respective places and it's a privilege that you decided to join us on this episode we are studying the topic of this type of ship and we are in episode 71 of my friends here would have a word a prayer when I read scripture and already get in deep into the topic as I said in my openness on the greatest boxing matches in the Bible probably one of my all time favorite chapters and I said a lot about it about a lot of chapters but that's our prayer and Sebastian can you lead us to the throne of Christ yes sure let's pray Heavenly Father it is such a privilege to be able to gather together to study your word Lord we know that Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit that He would guide us into all truth and we pray for that experience no they would open our eyes that we may behold wondrous things in your word as we continue in this exploration of discipleship is our prayer in Jesus name in men and women and men Kelly we're going to John chapter 4 John Chapter 4 is where this boxing matches and maybe you are anti violent out there then we're going to go on the greatest dances in the Bible and maybe for anti dancing then we just have one of the great conversation in the Bible is found in John chapter 4. Where we were 7 to the 1st 7 to 11 please. The Bible says a woman of some area came to draw water Jesus said to her Give me a drink for his disciples had gone away into the city to buy food then the woman of some area said to him How was it that you being a Jew ask a drink from me as American woman for Jews have no dealings with Samaritans Jesus answered and said to her if you knew the gift of God and who it is who says to you give me a drink you would have asked him and he would have given you living water the woman said to him Sir you have nothing to draw with and the well is a deep Where then do you get that living water Ok this is awesome passage and so I let's let's do this let's talk about John chapter 4 and then let's why the dynamics there and after us and zoom out and see how this plays in the level of the process of discipleship So Israel om kind of give us context of where we are in John 4 and just get us started in this conversation so the Book of John in general deals with the different miracles that Jesus produce produces that show that he's a messiah It also talks about different conversation different encounters that he has with people and so he's going to have a counter win if he must just in the chapter before where we have one of the greatest expositions of the gospel now we have an encounter that Jesus has specifically with the woman at the Well this woman is approached by Jesus Christ it seems as though Christ has a need but in reality he's trying to give her the need that she doesn't even know of and that's the water of life and so that's kind of the context of what's taking place. You know I love John gives us these like vignettes on his one on one conversations with people and in John 3 you have a guy John for you have a woman John 3 you have an upper class John for a lower class John 3 nighttime John for daytime John 3 Jesus are the guys going to Jesus and John for Jesus is going to I mean just kind of these crazy opposite experience of those calories going on in a verse or 78910 what you just read what are some insights you see in that passage so we talked about this in a previous episode we talked about Philip and how Philip starts his conversation with the question and Jesus does a similar thing where he asks a favor he asked for water. And this takes the world by surprise just like why would you ask me because like we're not supposed to have dealings with each other and it's interesting because if he had you know given her something that would be maybe like you know he could be if you like Samaritan but to put himself almost at the mercy of the Samaritan she recognizes a that's crazy as like to have many that's to like yet but the that's and send him to you and so. Then do this response that with the super spiritual and kind of cryptic message about. That he can get really water and I love her response because I'm a very practical person and so does appreciate her practical perspective she's like in the well as deep so I don't think so I would actually do that like Explain that process you. Yeah I know I mentioned this is kind of a boxing match or like a dance or interpretive dance. But it fell of this conversation and it's not a linear conversation it's it's kind of like here Jesus goes here and then the one kind of responds but then she kind of goes here and Jesus kind of follows her but then he goes from here and then she's kind of trying to get out of it it's kind of this condo alluded conversation and I'm just incredulous that John even could could record this whole thing as verse 9 it says that the woman of Samaria said to him How is it that you being a Jew ask of me for me American woman the actual original Greek and the grammatical construction is like totally weird it's like how you need needs met and you do is just as if she started airing and to emphasize the craziness of the encounter we say that we know it's about noon time or a hot part of the day and here this woman is trying to avoid everyone because everyone wants to well in the morning or evening she's trying to avoid people so here Jesus knows something's up Sebastian can use a reading from verse verse 12 to 15 please short Bible says Are you greater than our father Jacob who gave us the well in drank from it himself as well as his sons and his livestock Jesus answered and said to her whoever drinks of this water will thirst again whoever drinks thirst but the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life the woman said to him Sir give me this water that I may not thirst nor come here to draw in Jesus said to her Go call your husband and come here the woman answered and said I have no husband Jesus said to her you have well said I have no husband for you have had 65 husbands and the one whom you now have is not your husband in that you spoke truly. I mean if this is just just just went from like water to do to private life like it's an escalated of the Near and I mean and then the next for us I think is a similar a so you're talking about the omens marital status and then verse 1000 women said to him Sir I perceive that you are a prophet Boy there's a conversation let's go over here. Because of us want to what are some observations that you see in the passes that you just read well I think the 1st thing is that Christ always has this way of using something that is familiar to a person to teach them the unfamiliar truths of the Word of God and how he connects his goal of planting the seeds of truth the seed of the Gospel using something that they're dealing with in their practical life so her drawing that water he's actually utilizing that same concept and idea in order to try to bait her into kind of biting you know in in asking him the questions that he wants her to ask him so that he can tell her about who he is and what he's come to accomplish and use that word Big 8 and then can have a negative connotation but it's not to actually just to get her but there is he's trying to fulfill a need in looking her eternal salvation and happiness and purpose and to fill that void as she's had in her life if she is filled with husbands or boyfriends or as will chime in. There are several different things that really speak to me 1st of all is the fact that how Jesus approaches the woman in the very beginning is that he comes to her and he asks or for this request it kind of catches her off guard it shows the Jesus is not bound by the customs of his time it shows or Jesus not care that the Jew that she's a Samaritan and so here shows that Jesus is not a conventional person it's upon this that the whole nation really of the conversation takes place in other words if Jesus doesn't do something this bold now then it's going to come across as oh he's very rude when he then speaks about the fact that she's got 5 husbands and one that she's with now is not really or as an inveterate cetera I think the lesson that the teacher in this Christian is that we should not be bound by the social constructions of our world today if I myself identify for who I am as a you know Mexican American male living in the United States of America if but if that becomes my primary identity it's going to be very difficult for me to do the work that God has called me to do Jesus says you need to become Christ like you need to be not bound by the customs of this world why because the work that we are called to do is a world it's a work that is out of this world and so I think that's something that 1st and foremost really strikes me how Jesus himself in the way he interacts with people breaks down these barriers that would prevent him from reaching another person with the gospel. And I love that radical ness of Jesus Kelly chime in here. Yet just zooming in on a very specific thing that Jesus talks about in that we've kind of asked on versus 17 and 18 so interviewed us knows us doesn't have a husband so he says you know your husband he's like I don't have one he's like That's true and let me show you how true that is and then he gives the details now this is a very in this culture right especially this is a very shameful fact about her life it's probably why she is going to draw a lot of the middle of the day in the morning and evening and I love how do you the says Jesus like he only says it so much so she knows that she knows he doesn't say in a way like you you've been around town you have all these guys all of you like he just he states it as like I know what's going on and that's it and I like that balance the way Jews approaches it because Jesus doesn't shy away from sin he doesn't shy away from things that are wrong or hurt us or hurt others but he also doesn't throw back in our face a cause you didn't you're a terrible person and so right if you notice as if that balance of like this is true let's talk about that you know you know she's evil she's like politics and you know he's afraid if you talk about the issues but then he's not there to condemn the person is going to Sebastian and that afterwards I was just going to say that you know building off of Calis you know point there is that this shows that Jesus is interested in broken people you know the fact that he even took time to not worry about how he would be perceived talking to a woman like this it's like oh this one this at 5 husbands the guy she's co-habiting with isn't her husband now and you want to associate with this type of person I mean what a beautiful truth to know that a huge part of planting the Word of God in really good soil referencing our previous episode is basically being willing to have quote unquote bad company being willing to be interested in people who are very broken in who society has put to the side. As well. I I often have the ability to talk with people who are getting into ministry to pastors or going into ministry and there's a principle that emerges year and that is that we cannot be disciple makers of Jesus if we do not 1st understand who we are and the reason for that is that Jesus when He speaks to this woman of some area exposes the fact that he already knew her past and yet knowing the past did not prevent him from addressing her and I think that this is what gives her confidence if we all have a realisation of who we are and we understand that we ourselves are sinners this would be helpful in us not condemning people or not having this could damage your spirit of other people and so I love how Jesus does not change how you act based even though he already knows what who she is I guess yeah and I condemn the Tory spirit sometimes as kind of a natural in us when we come back after the break we're going to look at what are they this is Jesus but what are the practical implications for us as followers of Jesus are we to have these conversations and what attitude and what methods are we to implement in our walk with him. The best interests been a blessing to do you have questions or comments of feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching by with on Facebook the bit on the Instagram for you to know that while there join us like dance contest thumbs up next to our handle again and invest Bible and else thinks the the now back to the discussion above. Hey welcome back friends were in John chapter 4 and we read verses John chapter 4 verse 7 to about 19 and I'd like to finish out that least that passage starting in verse 20 so verse 20 Our fathers worshiped on this mountain and you to say that in Jerusalem is the place where one ought to worship assists very interesting she just finished the conversation about her personal life and about you know all the boyfriends and husbands and then now she's going to go into religion and politics and in one way is it diffuses the Yarra again and up in my space kind of an attitude so as 21 she's assessor with all gentleness and doesn't condemn her for that but gauges and says Woman believe media hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem worship the Father you worship what you don't know we know what we worship for salvation of is of the Jews but the hour is coming and now is when the true worshipers will worship the Father inch in spirit and truth the spotter is seeking to seeking such to worship Him God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth the woman said to him I know that the Messiah is coming who is called the Christ when He comes He will tell us all things Jesus said to her I who speak speak to you and he I just get the chills on the back of your neck probably the one of the another humorous verse that I see in verse verse 27 she goes out verse 28. Bible says and the woman then left her waterpot and went her way to the city and said to them and she tells them and their I just love it as she leaves her waterpot to wash she came to the wealth because of the water that was her purpose and she lost her purpose and found a whole new thing described the dynamics as a funny and funny funny chapter of the arc with Sebastian in what is Jesus trying to do in this conversation in a sense well doesn't really seem like he's doing much but in a sense he's joining a lot yeah I mean Jesus is a master example of how to find different ways to connect the word of God to what's happening in a conversation I mean he's trying to use her personal relationships he's trying to use her general Erin's of going to get water from a well and he's trying to use her political views to find ways to introduce her to who he is and he's trying to find ways to plant that seed of the Gospel and so Christ is showing that we need to not be married to just one method and that one size does not fit all we need to be adaptable we need to be responsive we need to be agile and our approach to relating to people in trying to plant the seed of the Gospel in their hearts. Kelly. Well I might take us a different direction but I just want to post something that the justice that I love and something that sounds it sounds rude it's verse 22 he says You worship what you do not know we know what we worship for salvation is of the Jews so Genesis is straight out you know what she thinks about this whole thing here and I like that verse because Jesus again he doesn't shy away from the truth but he's also not being a jerk about it. But personally sometimes when I'm witnessing to people I just avoid verses like 22 like I need I need to tell you this truth but like it might offend you something like bypasses just not do that but Jesus is able to side with the bad guys in a sense because the bad guys are the Jews here in the sense that they're mean to the Samaritans of the Americans I mean back so Jesus is like you know the Jews are actually right it's like what I thought we were having a great time talking Why would you side with the mean people. But he does that because that's what's true and you know I've experienced that before where I had some spiritual conversations again I guess my only witness in school but other classmate of mine. And. He you know he asked me some questions and he found out I was a Christian and we had this friendship because he was an atheist and we'd hang out sometimes and I remember we had a mutual friend who was by his own admission of writing nominal Christians so not an authentic one and he was asking my atheist friend some questions and he just went off about how all Christians are idiotic none of them think straight or stupid and just what I don't like sitting right next to him and so after finished I was like So you think that you think I'm like that me like I don't know like you're the weird except for that I get you but everyone else is that way and never says that conversation I've asked God to make me an exception and someone's view of Christianity I guess they have this negative view like Jesus sides with the Jews but he's still so compassionate so Kovno Alsace of just mentalism or condemnation in his voice or its actions and he is literally an exception to her world view of views and I think God can use us to be those kinds of exceptions to other. Just very much he's us really is really trying to say well let me just get sued to Cali is trying to get sued he's talking about the religio political kind of the headlines of the day and Samaritans and Jews were notoriously And so each other but even Samaritans acknowledged that their truth their religion stemmed a recently from the Jews and they knew the Messiah would come from the tribe of Judah So I mean it's just this master fall our conversation in Jesus is trying every angle to get to a certain goal but what I love and the something that Kelly Hyland he's not aggressive about it he's not pushing and demanding it demanding it out of the conversation. I think one mistake we can make as as Christians is that what Jesus is providing for us and John Chapter 4 is not a formula and we should have we should be we should be tricky and we should be intentional and we should be we should anticipate what other people are going to do and we need some down. Conversation so that we can bomb hit him with the Gospel at the end this is not a formula I think was very clear in in the story that emerges to me is several foundational components 1st of all Jesus really loves this woman is that to me is clearly seen and it's clearly seen and how he is relentless with her in other words he did text her a spiritual interest and he will not allow her to run away from it how did he do that but I think look from the very beginning I knew that you had issues and I still came to you I still in Gage's with you I still ask you for this favor and so he provides this kind of a comfortable space for her to go through it's true that what Kelly said this true Jesus so direct with how he speaks to her but also what we have to at the same time understand and observe is a fact that there is no other person that Jesus gives such a clear declaration of themselves to as he does to this woman at least that like in some cases look I am the Messiah Now if you compare that with with with nicotine as right he speaks of it could be material like you know the wind blows were Listen you don't you know now all these crazy things you're like confuse what the well you know even the could be made of his apprenticeship for the not understand what Jesus trying to say right now Jesus speaks or a leader her why because this woman has that kind of a desire that kind of a yearning for a better life and so I think the lesson that it shows me is this whenever there is someone that has a spiritual that. Or to follow Christ my job is to love God so much and to love people so much that I will do whatever it takes to ensure that they receive what they're looking for which is the water of life and that's what ultimately the story reveals to me this is not a formula but this is an example or a picture of what it means to love people like jesus love people. That's the broader now and zoom out and in this topic of discipleship last week we looked about how we need to be preparing the soil if you do use agriculture as a motif prepare the soil prepare the heart for a conversation and this we will look at now after preparation like what Jesus is doing in this passage is trying to find out ways to deliver truth in a very gentle way but in very direct way into the conversation and into the relation Runa and he does it and are fully all tried and different ways and Indian is successful what are modern ways that we do this it could be through a conversation and what are ways we do it today and maybe water ways that we've done it today and we've got it in correctly. With the correct let's go with Sebastian. Tell us how i think i think about. It and then with you Isha I know you're an expert. I think I think for me one of the modern ways is obviously media. Digital media Internet media information technology have completely revolutionized our reach our Billy to speak to people that we may not even me in person and I recall posting a video years ago I was doing a series in Berlin and the name of the video was where God Gandhi and atheists agree and I was posing this question that there was a particular idea that all 3 of these parties actually agreed on and I was quoting from Gandhi's statement that he says I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians because your Christians are so unlike your Christ and I was showing that this is the same core issue that atheists have with Christianity and it is also the same issue that God has had in the Bible is trying to get his people to be what he's called them to be and that ended up bringing an individual to the presentation that night and that led to a conversation where he eventually 2 weeks later had decided to commit to coming to that church each and every Sabbath and also beginning Bible studies but it all started with this fact that someone was willing to come out and say that all Christians are not perfect and that God Ghandi and atheists agreed on this key point so much modern media video technology is a is a new modern way of how we can so those seeds human him and social media we have all of our phones and all those little gadgets Kelly what are some other modern ways that we do it and we do it well and we do it wrong today. I'm going to continue to leave the wrong one for Israel to take forest. Another another way of intentionally planting experienced as call Porter Culp ordering or literature evangelism and the way that I've experienced this that there's many different ways you have driven them but the way I've done it mostly is going to a door and giving Christian literature for nation basis. And yes I bring this up. 7 Secrets absolutely as of mission anyways Ok so it's was very it was it was honestly one of the most difficult summers of my life and I did this for a summer and it was early in my Christian experience but I bring it out because I was able to have such spiritual conversations with complete strangers because going into it I'm like how in the world is going to work like I don't even know you how are we going to have a beautiful conversation but time would fail us for me to say how many different time just praying with people or giving out books and just even kind of having actually like John for like conversations with people of Italy really wrestling for their souls and really be like Listen just get the spark. And God really moved on a lot of hearts and so I think literature evangelism gets a bad rap sometimes especially from my generation but I think God is still using it for amazing amazing things even today. You know appreciate that that testimony with time does fail us we can't get to Israel and this and trying to share some of his failures in his ministry lucky lucky ones you have to say we want to encourage ahead of you to continue the conversation online through our social media Our handle is in verse Bible in see past and present episodes of in verse at home t.v. or g. slash in verse We're so glad that you decide to join us here we want to encourage you to have a spiritual conversation with your friends around you to plant the Word of God into the hearts of those around you and you need use here and before you can do that we would be preparing as well in this process of this so you guys will see you next week here on and verse you've been listening to envious a Bible based causes say Halliburton is wrong with Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could battle. Just to. Invest is brought to you by the whole town and television that changes like this and more inspiring after so there's that embers that are all that hard to find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is enforced.


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