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How to Find Hope When It is Lost?

Christian Martin
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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • June 27, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Thank you very much c. that are for the beautiful beautiful music God is good the message of that song spoke to my heart seize Cylon to be with you in your kingdom and I pray that that is our desire in our prayer and as we open the Word of God today and trust that God would have will have a word of encouragement a word of hope for all of us here today so with with that in mind let's fire heads together as we pray our Father in heaven thank you that you got us out of bed this morning thank you for a good night's rest thank you that we can see the light of a new day and think you that we can encounter you on your holy Sabbath as we open the Word of God we pray Lord that it would speak to us powerfully as well as gently in personally for we know Lord that you are an intimate God who knows more than we know ourselves and so we pray Lord that you would speak to us through your word and we thank you in Jesus' name amen the year was 2 $1018.00 and the story captivated the intention of the world the youth soccer teams name was the wild boars it was a team composed of thirteenth's boys ages $11.00 to $16.00 and their coach 25 year old coach and they set out to explore the longest cave in the country of Thailand but they became trapped. In a small chain Burr about 2 and a half miles deep into the cave and they were stuck there for 2 who weeks. 2 weeks after heavy rains have quickly flooded all the passages leading to the point where they were none none of the 13 boys and their coach members of the soccer team had any diving experience and most of them could couldn't even swim trot scared terrified it doesn't take much to feel hopeless Take for instance Tony Williams With tears in arise she recalls her time in the hospital with Kobe at 19 she said I was hooked up to everything known to man and was just left there was just left there one of the toughest parts for her was the isolation I don't think she said I'll ever get over the emotional drama it did to me alone and emotionally desperate see Las hope and then there's others like Daniel a young man a different story but the same cry you see Daniel is a black student at Butler college and he attended his 1st protest on June 6th. Where you see these words. We just want to be treated equally we don't want to more we just want equality I don't have to flinch every time I hear sirens I shouldn't have to worry about being arrested if I want to go out on a walk I shouldn't have to worry about matching the police description but unfortunately all these things and much more are ality for me and many black people in America hope is almost loss and for many it's been lost for a long time as it was for John he would stay home as often as he could more often then coming to church while out where I was a pastor there in the state of Michigan he's often stayed behind a closed bedroom door in his house several hours a day other members of the church family would visit him at times and they would all come back with the same the same story pastor we spent hours with John but we made little or no progress if he said it once he said it several times I'm just a hopeless case tough times happen to all of us for many today it may not be trapped under miles of rock but deep in the pit of depression is just as dark as it is and it's just asked so despairing for others that I may be talking to today you may not be alone in a hospital due to a virus but you're all alone due to fear. And you feel hopeless many wake up in the morning realizing that their worst nightmares were not bad dreams but a reality treated unjustly because of their skin pigmentation humanity shares one feeling it's a feeling mix with a loss fear and deflated dreams this is called hopelessness hopelessness It's a common feeling in the heart of humanity in the heart of the human race why because we live in a world that's under the sway of the enemy we live in a world where the enemy has one agenda and that is to steal kill and destroy and he will do whatever it takes to steal hope from our hearts by speaking lies to us and then killing our faith our trust in God leading us to destroy our confidence in him in God and in ourselves hopelessness So far too common emotion to far too many people and how can one find hope when it is lost how can one provide hope to the one who so desperately needs it we're often surrounded by people who need hope so much in their lives so what to do what to do what is the best way to be able to offer hope. Is the sharing literature is it passing along information is a directing people to websites where they can find content that will respond to their greatest need is it sharing a magazine is it is that another panel discussion online is that another Zuma meeting is it Facebook live across the country is that another Youtube presentation that we can direct them to do we ask the church by default and up educating informing transmitting information and boy do we have lots of it lots of information to get out into a world that needs hope so let's share let's share everything we know let's share everything we have let's take hundreds of glow tracks and place them across the country all over our community let's leave stacks of them in public arrest areas let's do whatever it takes to get the word out that there is hope we need to share more of what we know is the rally cry as a pastor for nearly 20 years now if I've heard it once I've heard it many times let's go sharing this afternoon let's go sharing things that people need let's go sharing implying that we have content that needs to be put out so that people can find hope. So we have Sirhan him we have hope channel we have 3 a b. n. we have hope lives 365 we have hundreds hundreds of sharing books and glow tracks we have we have all sorts of materials to share to share you know I typed that word share on an Internet search engine and you know what I found I got over a 1000000000 yes a 1000000000 hits on the word share no doubt there Stephan Lee a lot of sharing going on but do people care do people care sure they have the content and the information they need on hand but listen listen carefully if transmitting information is all we do and by transmitting information I mean putting in content out there transferring content putting it out so that people will find it if that's all we do we're missing something profoundly necessary something is missing case in point I want to take you to a Bible story a Bible story that it's on in the book of Acts So if you have your bible says take a moment to go to a story in The Book of Acts Acts Chapter 8 Acts Chapter 8. We find the story of a man and from the O.B.'s he was a unit of great wealth the Bible tells us and and a man of influence no doubt he had great authority the Bible tells us and and I and I can imagine him travel traveling hundreds of miles to Jerusalem Evidently he was a believer in the one true God and we need showed up to Jerusalem this man of great wealth when he came to town he made sure that he went back home with the very best and so I can imagine this man going from bookstore to bookstore if we could call it the bookstore looking for content looking for material that he could take home to study and internalize and and be blessed with and be filled with knowledge and so he went from bookstore to bookstore he couldn't quite find what he was looking for he wanted the very best Hebrew writing so you can come across finally finally he finds that it was Screw all of the ancient writings of the prophet. And this is precisely what he wanted he bided whatever the price I'll take it and he found what would give him Oh so he thought so he thought let's keep reading the story yes he walked away with the wealth of inspired content but it would be only of matter of Tahn as he was sitting comfortably in his chariot that he would come to an unexpected conclusion let's read about it Acts Chapter 8 notice verse 28 Acts chapter a verse 28 and sitting in this chariot he was reading i.z. the prophet. The Spirit said to Philip go near and overtake this chariot 1st 30 so still a Brant him and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah and said Do you understand what you are reading this 31 and he said how can I unless someone guides me I want to pause there how can I unless someone guides me he realized I do not understand what I am reading I do not understand I do not understand how does one find hope when it is loss is it written material is that radio broadcast is a television programs is a social media is it is it is it transmitting information but is there something missing if that's all we do you know when I was a child I grew up in the mission field and so at an early age had a love for culture a love for diversity a love for for missions and so I over the last. 40 plus years of my life I've I've I've traveled to many different countries and mostly if not all on mission trips and if I had been asked when I was a little kid if I loved the people of the world I would have said yes I love all the people of the world you love the people of China yes I love the people of China you love the people of Mexico Yes I love the people of Mexico to have people of Kenya Yes I love the people of Kenya I would have raised my hand for every single Mason I love all I love all of them out of all of them but then the day came when I was a sophomore at Southern I've been to this university that I made a choice to be a student missionary and I went with Adventists frontier missions to the country of India. And stepping into this city of a population of about 250000 people which for India is is not very large so that number did not overwhelm me why at 1st why because I was ready to conquer the world for Jesus I was one of these student missionaries that was I glad me loose I got something to share with people but it would only take one visit was one sit down visit with the career missionary John Baxter who had been there for a number of years already to sit down with me and to inform me and tell me realise that the strategy he would be one and a very simple one for that matter no local radio station no television programme no massive literature campaign why. Because books new truly transform inverse information to people broadcasts online and television and even radio professionally delivers content to people but I learned that day more than ever before that only people can get it. Intimately involved with people only people can care for hearts of people jump backs are continued I want to prayerfully I want you to prayerfully be friend a young man your age get to know him mingle with him pray for him every day and devote quality time. With him he was right and I did his name was pin to pin to became my best friend while I was in India do I love all the people of the world sure of course I do even to the country stuff never been to. But I don't love them all like I love my brother in India name into why because I made an investment with him I gave of my personal time with him I I devoted time energy opportunity and space to put into I poured my life into a relationship with pin 2 I still love all the people of the world. But I love the people of India somewhat more why because I can't help it and why can't I not hope it because I gave I personally gave. It because I gave I love. Jesus was a man who gave of himself come with me to John chapter 4 as we now take a closer look at this concept of giving of ourselves come with me to John chapter 4 John chapter 4 as we enter the question how can I find hope when it is loss what compels people to have hope what is the fundamental cause of giving people a reason to hope Jesus Jesus was the men who gave of himself in John chapter 4 the gospel writer simply wrote in verse 4 John chapter 4 verse 4 but he Jesus needed to go through some area the need that John re 1st to was not geographical that wouldn't make sense it wouldn't make any sense for me to go from this point to that point in front of me by taken up a huge salute around the block just to end up where I need to go just a short distance away that was the idea basically of what happened here cheese us was not needing to go to some Marriott some area in order to. Take the short cut or for any geographical reason for Jesus it was personal since the contest suggests that he was already in the Jordan Valley Jesus could have could not and could have easily avoided some area by going through a different direction into Galilee But Jesus knew what he was doing Jesus knew what he was doing he needed to go out of his way John chapter 4 for 7 says a woman of some Marriot too near to to draw water and Jesus said to her may I have a drink of water she says when out of his way to have an encounter with the woman at the well come with me to Mark Chapter 4 as we take a look at yet another story Mark Chapter 4 Mark Chapter 4 the gospel writer and Mark Chapter 4 recorded she's a saint in verse 35 let us cross over to the other side no doubt the disciples including Mark were curious to what area Jesus was was specifically referring to when he said the other side and when they knew was Decapolis the region of Decapolis they probably Grynch to why Mark Chapter 5 or so one they came to the other side to the country of the Gadarene. You see according to the tall mid. The people of this area were described as belonging to the 7 pagan Canaanite nations driven out of the Promised Land by Joshua and the Israelites these these these pagan nations these canonized Nations the worse a bail they aid pigs they pay sacrifice children and this region of Decapolis was regarded as snails since that had that they belonged to and so the people of Jesus stave you Decapolis as a very pagan territory in fact the presence of Pigs and the Decapolis area in the region of could bear a there in verse 11 would certainly have made the area offensive in and off limits to those who followed Torah Cheesus did not avoid people living in darkness he went to them and mark records of the 1st words Tisa spoke to the wild man of could Darragh in verse 9 were what is your name as for the disciples they are nowhere in sight they're not mentioned in the rest of the story no doubt they took off as quickly as her legs could carry them and they left the scene but she says remained Presson Point number 2 1st point was that Jesus went out of his way to meet people 2nd point is that Jesus remained present while people watch his disciples scattered and disappear Cheesus went nowhere he remained present he remained present this man. We are told we symbol a wild beast more than a human being so far removed from the image of God Now with Jesus the creator himself now in the flesh standing before him did not take one step back from a man so far removed from the image of God instead Cheesus spoke to his heart and connected with Him What is your name another story come with me to Mark's have to attend same gospel just a few chapters over Jesus and His disciples literally go in and out of Jericho I least that's what the Gospel how the gospel writers write or puts it there in verse $46.00 marked up to 10 percent or 86 now they came to Jericho as he went out of Jericho in and out with history cycles and a great multitude blind Bartimaeus the son of team is sat by the road begging it was clearly obvious that this man was blind I would even venture to say that he will most well known in this community he was one of the beggars he was there regularly he was seen often he was seen every day people recognize him by his voice he was a man that was always down the same street doing what he always did begging and one could have easily judged the poor beggar and assumed what his greatest need was without even talking to him some even showed contempt. Quiet don't bother the master he's not going to pay any attention to you just close your mouth be silent don't ask for mercy you deserve what you have the Bible says that sees us rather than showing contempt rather than showing in difference rather than ignoring the voice of one man when he was surrounded by a great multitude that was giving him all the attention she. Showed empathy he listened he understood and he shared the feelings of that man he asked the blind man of Jericho What do you want me to do for you he didn't make any assumptions he didn't make a judgment call Instead he asked a question for the purpose of this. Listening to the Deep is great is needed that this man would share with him because he signed Jesus someone who cared someone who cared you see Jesus took late night appointments who want to meet in the middle of the night tell me when and where she says approach the Untouchables one could run clear let's get out of fear worse Jesus Jesus was walking towards them he defended the marginalise woman where are your accusers barring the words of John he wrote in the that he wrote in the very last verse of his gospel in John Chapter 21 verse 25. John wrote and there are also many other things that Jesus did which if if they were written one by one I suppose that not even the world itself could contain the books that would be written. So what can we learn from the few stories that we looked at yes we could have seen many more for Jesus was constant never changed what did we discover today that Jesus often went out of his way he didn't just take the easy option that was most convenient for him if it meant to care for the heart of a woman who was this by us who was We Jack did and be little Jesus went out of his way to care for her Cheesus was present when everyone else was running away Jesus was the. By his side wanting to know his name. Cheesus had the ability to understand and he sought to understand what do you want me to do for you. Jesus share the feelings of another Jesus. So the question I have is what compels people to continue to have hope what compels people to have hope and what appears to be such a hopeless case how in the womb does someone go from hopelessness to ever ever coming to the point that they could hope what makes the difference the headline featuring. Tony Williams No the lady who was in the hospital with Colbert 19 and feeling all alone and feeling like she was just left there the headline to her story begins to answer the question the headline reads I came out of there because you gave me hope Kovac 1000 patient Thanks nurse who cared for her the article reads in walks this little nurse and she looks at me and says How are you feeling in a Sigma head Williams remembers she walked over to me put her hand on my forehead and said it's going to be Ok she only knew her as Stephanie and she said she sold compassion in big ways and small she said a couple of positive words a touch on my forehead mend the world to me she said I told her just let me lie here I understand my fate and the nurse turned around and looked and said Not on my watch after 11 days in the hospital Williams was able to go home she still has some trouble breathing but is recovering and believes it is no small part due to Stephanie and she's quoted by same I want you to know it's because of how you treated me I came out of there Williams told Stephanie because you gave me hope knowing the nurse cared enough to place her hand on her forehead and personally speak words. Of comfort and positive words of hope it gave Williams hope so what exactly compels people to have hope the answer is simply this knowing that there's somebody out there that personally care for their pain and that it gives people hope Donald recalls his experience at his 1st peaceful demonstration remember Donald feeling a sense of hopelessness but notice what he said we all came together as one you all have seen the headlines the protests are worldwide He says that gives the ho for a better tomorrow knowing that strangers absolute strangers would be willing to stand together with Donald that cared enough to March along side him to join voices together with him gave Donald hope what compels people to have open knowing that someone is personally involved and caring for their pain the operation in Thailand that included these soccer team boys stuck in this cave Well it also included stashing tanks of air on this long route to safety a process that took hours set up by these not only rescue missionary workers but volunteers that came from nearby villages for more than a week. They pumped hundreds of millions of gallons of water out of the cave and they also worried about the dwindling oxygen levels in the cave so they they went out of their way operation to the max of delivering awesome tin tanks down down down to this cave the operation on that last day took 9 hours rescuers dug more than $100.00 holes in the into the mountain and hopes of finding alternative routes to get to those boys come on focus roll up our sleeves we need to get to those Boyce let's do whatever it takes to diverse our company one boy at a time guided by rope in the pitch black muddied waters the last for boy is war for face masks as they clung in hung on to these rescue diverse later they were told that they could hear the sounds of rescuers getting closer and closer to where they were those boys were given the opportunity to write letters at times to give to their families and the article reads in letters to their families the boys urged their loved ones not to worry about them they were being rescued and they express hope what gives people hope knowing that others cared enough to break through stone in the Merced themselves and pitch black muddy the waters it gave the boys hope and gave the boys hope I went to visit John myself. When Saturday afternoon I knocked on his door I had a set of Swiss It's planned for that day and I knew I had to get to a hospital visit soon after but I knocked on John's door I needed to see John well he answered nice a price in Lee he was discouraged he was feeling hopeless I said down with him and spend nearly an hour with him kept looking at my watch after a while because I needed to get to this hospital visit it was this window of opportunity that I had and as I talked to John for a moment I fell in press I got it I got it I got a I got to leave the Holy Spirit no doubt gave me an impression that you know was from God I film press to say John what are you up to John what he would be doing right now John had an idea that he had nothing much to do and said John are you free right now he said or yes nothing to do precisely said listen John come with me I got to go visit someone in the hospital police I want you to come with me thankfully sunset Sher got his clothes on his boots and his coat and we took off to the hospital as we were heading towards the hospital I told him John when we get there we're going to visit a woman who's who's now doing well she's been diagnosed with cancer and the doctors are still trying to determine the best way to approach this and I said John when we get there I'll talk and I'll share a few words of encouragement and then when we pray John I want you to pray to deal can we do that he said Sure I'll pray to Will we arrived and we went into this lady's room and I shared a few thoughts and then when it was time to pray. I looked towards John and I gave him a signal and he proceeded to drop down on his knees next to the bed and he took her hands took her hands and he prayed and friends if only I could have recorded that prayer because he prayed when the most beautiful prayers of intersession that I've ever heard anyone pray before it was later they realized that John himself had gone through a similar journey he understood that women more than I did and he prayed for her and he held her hand and held it tight I could see that John cared after we prayed we headed back towards his house and we said goodbye headed back towards the house and I'm going to tell you right now that John's County minutes on the way back to his house was nothing like the countenance the Ed had moments before as we were heading to the hospital John had a glow in his face that I had never seen before in John he radiated with strength he radiated with hope it was then that the words of Solomon came to mind when he sets in Proverbs chapter 11 verse 25 he who wonders will also be wondered himself and might I add or May I paraphrase he who gives hope he who gives hope will also be filled with hope in snow what gives people hope to know that somebody out there another human being another for fellow human being cares personally. From my heart for my pain and it's personally involved in my life Jesus did it he did it often and that's why he turned this world upside down hope hope when given has this very very strange dynamic that it fills in turn though good hope give it when one gives hope it in turn fills our very own hearts with hope as it did for John and pin to well pin 24 years later share with me the greatest news that I could have heard from pin to you see hope that pin 2 to make a commitment to is God Hope gave pin to a picture of a God who cares a picture of a God of hope Why do I keep having hope in my life. I'll tell you why because I know that there is a God who is personally involved in caring for my pain in that last day when Jesus breaks through the clouds when they sowed sorrow heard. This is our God we have waited for him he has come to save us this is the Lord letters be glad and rejoice in his solve a sin it will be because we were fully convinced of the promise found in 1st Peter chapter 5 or 7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Living Hope Church family. Friends and viewers from wherever you are watching here today there is there is hope in this world if only because Jesus wants to give hope to a world so desperately in need of oh by ministering to others through us and it all that it takes is a willingness a commitment it might mean stepping out of our comfort zones to say I am willing Lord make me willing to be willing to go out of my way to be precedent in the lives of men and women all around me to be able to give a word of encouragement to listen to have empathy to understand to take I to be able to offer hope God is looking for men and women to be a sense ferments which should be the one today to say here my lord send me where was out there I'm willing send me and today as you offer hope to someone else happy of servants that your own heart will be filled with the hope that comes from heaven and you will be blessed yourself let's pray Father in heaven thank you Lord Jesus that we are part of the human race there do we ourselves can make an eternal end act in the lives of people all around us Lord Jesus if there's a need for repentance or turning away from focusing. On myself for caring for my own needs 2 watching out for me he will or we reap and give us Lord divine appointments give us opportunities give us insight give us your eyes so we can see you people that need somebody to care for their hardships and by your grace Lord you have my permission you have our permission as a family to begin with me begin with us Lord Jesus thank you for the joy of being a part of your ministry here on earth may we go out here from here and change the our world and give hope. That you bring. Thank you Lord G.'s your name we pray in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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