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Tipping Point

Eric Walsh
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In a time of upheaval where dread and doom seem everywhere. God speaks to the prophet Isaiah and gives a blueprint of how to come through these hard times.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • June 26, 2020
    6:30 PM
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Good evening and welcome back to the 3 Angels Church here in Newington Connecticut. As of the pandemic is surging in southern parts of the United States among young people will wait and see if that means. More hospitalizations and deaths but the rest of the country and much of the world now is beginning to really come out of it we are still recording in an empty church. And have kind of grown used to it now so we want to get into the Word tonight for this week and our reading comes from Isaiah Chapter one starting at verse 17 through 19 it says learn to do well seek judgment relieve the oppressed judge the fatherless plead for the widow come now and let us reason together said the Lord though your sins be a scarlet they shall be as white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool if you be willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land our message this week is untitled tipping point in a crossroads of history tipping point let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study or Thank You Lord for being better to us than we are to ourselves Lord once again I just ask that you make me a nail upon the wall hang a portrait of Christ there Lord let me not be seen instead Father God let us hear a word from the throne room of grace and of mercy is our prayer in Jesus's name Amen was started as a 6 and verse one Isaiah 6 and verse one says in the year the king a Zaya died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up and his train filled the temple Isaiah begins his the 6th chapter of this book. Referring to the death of the king of Juda that King is king. Now while we look at the map here you can see that at the time of eyes in Aziz day before the Assyrians to the North Kingdom you can see northern the northern kingdoms of Israel the Phillis time still had their rule and over here Philistia would place like Ashdod and Ashkelon and Gaza. Judah was here in the middle there were Jerusalem also sat and it just shows you all these territories around was out here and King had been dealing with him and would Philistia for Israel for Judah. You in order to make this really plain you can see here that the. And I say as they this is the ministry of Isaiah you notice that Amos comes before Isaiah under that pretty much as his ministry here is encapsulated inside of his life the ministry of Micah fits inside the ministry of their contemporaries as his name who has a short ministry that goes past him and was a of course is also during this time the king as I is here he dies in about 740 b.c. he Kol reigns with his son Joe thumb because he gets so sick before he dies. And then from there a has rains and then has a cholera and then his son Manasseh and they call rain for a while as well due to illness. And so you've got a great picture here of where Isaiah sits and what is going on in terms of the monarchy and some of the other prophets the book of Isaiah is often called as it is called The Prince of the prophets His book is often called the 5th Gospel when you study it it speaks to the triumph of the church it speaks to the punishment of the wicked and it often Remend sions a remnant it is a powerful book of scripture one that should be highly studied. And prayed over seriously and you can see the Old Testament as 39 books the judgment chapters of Isaiah are 39 the New Testament is 27 books the comfort chapters of Isaiah 27 so the chapters match that way in the total books and it's all chapters between the Bible haven't $66.00 books and the book of Isaiah happened $66.00 chapters is also noted there. The other thing to mention in the time of Isaiah of course is that the size and scope of the Assyrian Empire and you can see none of a here which was one of its capitals in all of the green territory of the area they influenced and you can notice that after a while it's just Judah no Israel they get taken. From 745 to 7 a one and this is a massive territory they were rivals primarily to the Babylonians and if you really study Isaiah and Kings and Chronicles you find that the people of Judah in Israel thought that they could lean on places like Ethiopia and Egypt to help them against the Assyrians and he didn't trust God but he Assyrian Empire was a serious and powerful one that God in many ways used to to deal with the fact that his people had rejected him and I would say that it all he needed them the fact that they rejected it meant his protection was pulled from off of them and so the Assyrians out the upper hand as a 17. Says your country is desolate and this is describing what the Syrians and even later of Babylonians would do your country is desolate your cities are burned with fire your land strangers devour it in your presence and it is desolate as overthrown by strangers the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers as a besieged city except the Lord of hosts had left on to us a very small remnant we should have been a Sodom and we should have been like unto the Mara Isaiah in the 1st chapter before even before the scripture reading that we just gave it tells you that the destruction and devastation was coming for God's people and it shows you that Jerusalem the daughter of Zion would be left like a cottage in a vineyard or as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers meaning it just be left out as a busy city all by itself as the Assyrians begin to pick off all of the other walled cities in Juda on all of the protection that King as I had built up they would be left alone and then it is a a gives the reason and don't miss this why Jerusalem had not been completely destroyed by the Assyrians it says except the Lord of hosts had left on to us a very small remnant we should have been like Saddam or like them are a meaning that the fact that there was a remnant who still believed in Jerusalem was enough for God to hold back the winds of strife. If you take it to 2 places and by the number one it takes you to the story of Abraham many angels come to him intelligent are going to destroy Sodom and Abraham starts at 15 counts all the way down to 10 asking the Lord if he would just say spare Sodom for that many and if there were just 10 righteous a remnant in Sodom the whole city would have been spared I want to submit to you that there are places in the world today that are still standing and of not some come to the judgment of God because they have rejected Him and His protection there are places in the world right now that it is because there is a rod meant that they are still standing and let me tell you that the church one day when the remnant has disappeared from those places many of those places will fall he says will be like Saddam of them are what does he mean well as if you're 60 universe 49 and 50 tell you what Saddam was like behold this was the iniquity of the sister Sodom pridefulness of bread and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy and they were haughty and committed abomination before me therefore I took them away as I saw good what was the sin pride fullness of bread abundance of idleness and neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy and they were arrogant haughty and because of all of this they began to commit abomination Now this sounds like America pride. Fullness of bread everybody has more than they need the abundance of idleness and as the we have been dealing with injustice in this country recently is the whole issue around not strengthening the hand of the poor and the needy. So it speaks to our time today and as we are dealing with the aftermath of. The killing of George Florida forward in the gentleman down in Brunswick Georgia and we're dealing with the aftermath than the riots and more killings and more deaths and then more riots and more protests in the thing is beginning to escalate and I want to submit to you that America is at a tipping point America is at a crossroad in history on the one hand America has to now answer for the sins of bigotry and prejudice and racism that have plagued the country but any other side of that is that America has asked in many ways it's people to walk away from a knowledge of the true God and you're beginning to see that unlike the civil rights movement where the fight for rights and equality came from out of churches that's not what he come from now and is a different spirit it almost seems at times leading to the streets so that it's a very complicated and twisted time where injustice must be dealt with but how will it be dealt with at a tipping point. So to the chapters we go through this the chapters of the book of Isaiah. One to 5 in Isaiah leading up to chapter 6 we're going to get back to shows that they were in trouble there with their 12392 of the problems in their nation Isaiah 110 through 221621 of the problems of the religion of the people of Judah in Jerusalem Isaiah 121 through 31 and 222 through verse through through Chapter 4 verse orange of the problems in their society the fact that they that the rich were taken advantage of the poor. Siphoning off all their wealth in Isaiah it talks extensively drug later on in the book of Isaiah how drunk how alcohol is one pastor talks about a vomited the table was full of vomit and filth they got to a point where it was just about revelry and a society became the generate this city that David had built up and Solomon had built up that was supposed to be like a city on a hill to show the whole world the benefits of serving Jehovah God Now it was like all the rest of the nations except on top of that sinning it had elegance and pride so I say a $51.00 through 30 shows the punishment from God that they would suffer. And I says and I just want to people of God are brought into straight places and apparently there is no escape for them the more alone must be their dependence so what did God do he allowed some not corrupt and the Assyrians to not only March off and disperse the 10 tribes of Israel to the north of the kingdom of Judah in the kingdom of Israel which never existed again that kingdom was wiped out and everyone was scattered and then Judah was left really 2 tribes 2 and a half tribes just left in Judah and Drusilla and and now there were those who wanted to turn to God because they saw their impending doom I say the prophet who has been warning them and trying to speak to them is at his wit's end trying to deal with his people and that the body end of chapter 5 of the book of Isaiah all that seems to be on the forecast for Israel is destruction and devastation that like Israel to the north not all the southern kingdom of Judah would be wiped out and I could imagine as a prophet would be preaching all this time Isaiah was heavy hearted and we're told that he's in the portico of the temple when all of a sudden I see a 6 in verse one comes to him in a year that King as I had died 740 b.c. as there outside the temple he saw the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up in this train field the temple Isaiah was upset because other Saia died Isaiah and Asya as I had the king it died it was eyes a Zion who had built up all the fortified places it was a cya who had made allegiances to protect Judah it was a desire who was for most of his life a righteous man I say I had a fall as long as a Zion was alive. But when he died I could imagine there was despair for many in Judah and Jerusalem and the prophet himself was worried Here's one of the 2nd Chronicles Chapter 26 verse 15 and 16 describes some of king of his life the one it talks about how he was a pretty noble king verse 1515 says he wasn't as noble he was a wise intelligent he used technology to his advantage 2nd ground of those 2615 says and he made in Jerusalem engines invented by cunning men to be on the towers and upon the bulwarks to shoot arrows and great stones with all and his name spread far abroad for he was marvelously helped till he was strong he was able to set up a defense he added with 300000 soldiers but he didn't just have soldiers he had weapons of mass destruction at least for their time they could shoot arrows and stones he was able to protect the city of Jerusalem and much of Judah he was marvelously helped the Bible says until he became strong What does that mean church verse 16 tells us can desire when he was strong his heart was lifted up to his destruction for he transgressed against the Lord his God and went into the temple of the Lord to burn incense upon the altar of incense and I don't have time to get into the story the priest come in. A 70 of them or any of them come in to try and stop him any defies them and as he's standing in the temple where he's not supposed to be burning incense he's a king is not a descendant of Aaron he's not supposed to be there leprosy strikes him in his forehead. And they go to throw him out and he runs out of the temple and he lives the rest of his life institution and that's why he and his son serve at the same time now in 8740 after this man would built up all this the all of these weapons and it protected the people and the Kingdom of God Here is what happens when he is successful he is polluted let me tell you some churches there's a lesson you get from the life of King as I would do a message maybe just on him one day but but. It's that you've got to be careful the devil will not just use your failures against you he will use your success against you as I was a successful spiritual believing man but his pride his self righteousness caused him to fail and I say is hope or dust when this King walked into the temple and did the wrong thing it was diseased and then died I can imagine Isaiah was what was the straw but he wanted Israel and Judah to come back to God and now he only had Judah to preach to and here to King what protected him and now turn the kingdom over to someone who is not like his father and here Isaiah is worried about what will happen and I can imagine as Isaiah is worrying about the death of us I gotta let me show you something I said as I saw all saw the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up this tree feel the temple is like gods and I say I know you're worried about the death of the King let me show you who the real king is I say is able to look through the portals of time and space in Bishan and he sees the creator of the universe sitting on his throne high and lifted up his train which represents his righteousness fills the temple. Here is Isaiah and the portico of the earthly temple he gets to see God in the heavenly temple and here now he is humbled because the scripture goes on and says in Isaiah 6 and verse 2 above it above the throne of the Serafin each one had 6 wings with 2 wings Twain he covered his face and with $22.00 wings he covered his feet and with 2 wings toying he flew a 6 winged angel wings to cover his face too to cover his feet out of respect for the God whom he worship and with 2 wings he flew couple on you've got to see this thing I say is worried about what's going to happen to Israel and Judah especially now Judah and Jerusalem as he is worried about it he sees God on the throne and then he sees the Sarah from who are there behind him and verse 3 says and one of the Sarah from cried and did another look at his the call and response they call to each other holy holy holy is the Lord of Hosts the whole earth is full of His Glory Can you imagine Isaiah sees what I just showed you in last what is Syrian army taking over the world and the righteous remnant are becoming a tiny tiny group I say I can see it it seems as if all is lost and God says oh look at me on my throne and I want you to hear what the angel say they say I'm a holy I'm holy I'm a holy doesn't matter how much filth you see on Earth the God of the universe remains holy and it doesn't matter how Belleek the situation is on earth the earth is still filled with His glory I don't know what you're going through tonight. I don't know how hard things are for you tonight I don't know where your family is right now and I don't know how impacted by this virus you might be but I want to tell you wholeheartedly once and for all that you need to know that no matter how dark things are here on earth God is still high and lifted up his train still feels the temple angels still cry out to him Holy holy holy and the whole earth is still filled with His glory so powerful is the seen as the angels cry Holy holy holy that the posts of the door of the temple in heaven somebody ought to realize that we have a built the temple in heaven or put that thing that gather put that thing the get the right. They didn't have any bad a workmanship up in glory yet when angels cry so potent other words they cry that the door moved the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried and the whole house was filled with smoke a sign I had gone in to burn incense and because this sin the prophet Isaiah is allowed to see the type of the smoke in the of the incense on earth in the temple he gets to see the anti type the real thing in the heavenly temple and I bet you all of a sudden things are to clear up for him as Isaiah standing there all of a sudden I'm sort of whole thing starts to change he had been calling everybody else out rebuke and everybody else out and calling down judgment on everybody but look at how what happens when he sees the condition of the holy God the environment of His throne and Isaiah 6 in verse 5 says then said I wol isn't me. I am undone because I am a man of unclean lips and I do well in the midst of a people of unclean lips from mine eyes have seen the king the Lord of Hosts when I say I who was feeling himself and it away as a prophet worried about his people when he stands before the holiness of God He says the war is me I'm in trouble why he says I am undone what does that mean he says I am in complete I'm not finished not nearly as holy as I thought I was the problem for a lot of folks get self-righteous in our churches they stop looking at how holy crap God is so out of the apostle in the New Testament as listen if someone says they sinned they are the says they have no sin if they say they have no sin they are a liar and the truth is not in them let me tell you something there is a perfection that Christ has that we can always move closer towards Now we are covered in the root of his righteousness he will make up the gap but his perfection is in sin night and until we are glorified in our bodies we will all have this Schuman flesh that is the generate So we're going to fool yourself into thinking you know what I'm better than other folk because I don't eat this stuff and I'm better than other folk because I don't drink that stuff and I'm better than other folks I go to church on this church on this day and let me tell you something when I say I saw how holy God was this is Isaiah the prophet the prince of prophets as he is called he is related to the kings of is or of Judah he was royalty when I say a sees it he says I am undone because I am a man of on clean lips it's and I do well in the midst of a people of unclean lips. He starts to realize everything we say what we do we are sinful as a 6 and verse 6 then flew one of the Serafin. Unto me having a live coal in his hand which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar if any laid upon my mouth and said Lo this has touched by lips and look at this and iniquity is taken away and I sin purged as I say is sitting there pondering this thing is a wall is me I'm undone I cut I have unclean lips and I come from a people of unclean lips he starts to realize just how sinful he is and let me say something in order to be healed you've got to realize how broken you are one of those Serafin who is crying holy takes a live coal in his hand which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar and he lays it on I say as for the very part of his body that he said was unclean he lays this cold from off the altar on to his mouth and here is what he says to Isaiah and let me say this if you get touched by the coals you can he is if he said it to you too it will talk about that morning 2nd be Angel says that iniquity is taken away and I seen as a recognizes his sinful state confesses condition believe me repents right there on the spot and the mercy of God is taken from off the altar remember the mercy seat that's in the most holy place in the sanctuary his mercy at the throne of God is the mercy seat is like God's throne here on Earth and that sanctuary when he says is taken off the altar it's as if a piece of mercy is taken and applied to Isaiah and his sins are forgiven. Somebody is listening to this who thinks that they have sinned be on where God can reach them I was asking God to speak through me now because I noticed somebody who needs to hear this you think that you have gotten so dirty by this world and in this world you think that what you've committed has been so dark and dreary that somehow God can't put you back together let me tell you something that coals are still available a god can still lay upon your lips and upon your heart the coals taken from the altar coals of mercy coals of grace they can still be applied you have not sinned God's ability to save you I'd challenge you to stand before the throne before the mercy seat of the Living God and the call of his name confess your faults and your sins and my God will still send Serafin many angels to come and deal with you about a part a Holy Ghost you can feel you to live a new and different life but a blood of Jesus Christ he can cover up all that you did in fact I like what the Bible says about how God deals it said he says he casts it into the sea of forgetfulness and God will remember your sin no more if you come to know Christ as your savior the coals would touch you and it will light like hot coals would take if you place them on paper when a sin is written that paper will be incinerated and it will be no evidence again that the sin was on the paper that's how it deals with sin in your life as this 6 in verse 8 once his sin is dealt with look at what the Scripture says also I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send and who will go for us then said I hear him on send me 6 chapters into the book. I say a when I say have realizes his condition and a cold from all the all to our plight his life and his sins are forgiven the next thing God says because God has work to do in Judah he's got work to do for his people he says Who shall I send and who will go for us the humble now simple contract Isaiah says. Here am I Send me God has dealt with your sin you want to serve God but a prophet Jeremiah says it'll feel like fire shut up in your bones you want to tell somebody else about what Jesus did for you and why in a book called Port Aventura list page 1000 she says when the Lord's voice calls whom shall I send and who will go for us the divine Spirit puts it into the hearts to respond hear my send me Isaiah 68 but bear in mind that the live call from the altar must 1st touch your lips then the words you speak will be wise and holy words then you will then you will have wisdom to know what to say and what of leave unsaid you are not tried to reveal your smartness as theologians you'll be careful not to arise a combative spirit or Excite prejudice by introducing controverted points of doctrine you will find enough to talk about that will not excite opposition but that will open the heart to desire to desire a deeper knowledge of God's Word when we entered it here I have a good friends who will debate the Scripture with you and and and it's and it's as nice to debate the scripture but a lot of times I just give up and and allow him to really just when I think he wins a conversation because if you're dealing with the Bible to try and win a point it's almost as if you're trying to prove you know more than someone else or you're smarter than someone else that's not the Spirit of God at work the Spirit of God wants as a contract spirit where you find common ground in leading other people to Christ. And here is a formula given and in a book called Puerto Aventuras. As a 6 and verse 9 says and he said go in this part we were get hard he says Go and tell this people here he indeed but understand not and see in the but perceive not make the heart of this people fat and make the ears heavy and shut their eyes lest they see with their eyes and hear what there is and understand with their heart and convert and be healed and man can you imagine when what I say gets this that basically listen I need to go preach to people who are not going to respond he says go he didn't and it will shut their eyes then I don't see. That you know they're not going to be converted and healed Can you imagine an iss response is one of concern for his people he says how long Lord Lord how long. God says until the cities be wasted without inhabitants and houses without man the land be utterly destine desolate and the Lord ever moved men far away and there be a great for say King in the midst of the land God says you to preach this thing until Judah and Jerusalem is basically no more until they have been completely broken down now we know that this is fulfilled one never can never comes after King Hunt has a coyote shows them everything and never can as a Comes 1st even takes Kingman NASA captive we know that eventually this thing off falls apart and God uses that don't miss this preaching of Isaiah was a seed so that when the Babylonian captivity came into play and even once and I quote surrounded Jerusalem and has a Chis day the preaching of Isaiah was there like a seed so that later on in captivity and a few that were left behind they would remember the teaching and preaching of Isaiah and it was allowed a remnant to be born so that finally later on when I when Cyrus and I'm in the Middle Persian Empire allows people like as right and me I might have to come back and begin to rebuild things that those who come back they come back with an understanding of what God expects. I believe Daniel and the 3 boys knew the teachings of Isaiah that's why they were able to stand so strong in Babylon and ultimately convert never can never I say his preaching didn't go in vain he need not live to see the fruit of what he preached like John the Baptist did not live to see the fruit I say it was cut in half by King Manasseh and and and John the Baptist had his head chopped off by heritage but yet and still what they taught and preach has eternal ramification let me say something you may think that what you're doing doesn't make a difference but I'm telling you stay the course the ministry you're doing the the word you're speaking to folk your helping I want you to understand and some of you your mission field is your house because you've got wayward children like I say you may not live to see the fruit of the seed you've planted planted anyway and I says it like this it is not surprising that when I say I was called to be a God's messages of reproof he shrank from the responsibility he knew he would encounter resistance as he thought of the stubbornness and unbelief of the people his task seemed hopeless. Should he in despair leave Judah undisturbed to the to their idolatry where the gods of Nineveh to rule the earth in defiance of the God of heaven such thoughts as these were crowding to rise as mine as he stood under the portico of the temple suddenly there rose up before him a vision of the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up on the train of his glory feel the temple on each side of the throne the Sarah from United and solemn invocation Holy holy holy is the Lord of Hosts the whole earth is full of His glory until pillar and cedar gate seem shaken with sound and the house was filled with praise it's going to be difficult work for you when the work gets difficult look to the throne. Look to the throne that Isaiah saw there 6 in verse 13 says but yet in it shall be a 10th and it shall return and shall be eaten as a t.l. tree and as an oak who substances in them when they cast their leaves of the Holy See each of the the substance there of the sea that Isaiah planted would allow for the remnant to return let me say this church have a prophet who planted a seed over 100 years ago so that the remnant today would be strong and return and I challenge the people and the House of God who hear this message be the remnant follow what God has said when he says Who shall I send say like Isaiah harem on the shores brought courage to Isaiah he had seen the king the Lord of Hosts he had heard the song of the Sarah from the whole earth is full of His Glory verse 3 of Isaiah 6 he had the promise that the message of Jehovah would be accompanied by the convicting power of the Holy Spirit and the prophet was nerved for the work before him throughout his long already his mission he carried the memory of this vision the 60 years or more he stood as a prophet of hope predicting the future triumph of the church Isaiah in the portico of the temple reached the tipping point when he saw God on that throne as they realize that as long as God is on the throne there is hope and I don't know what you're going through tonight but I want you to know regardless of pandemic protests injustice regardless of economic failure unstable leadership in the world. I want you to know that the God of the universe is still sitting on his throne he's still high and lifted up his train still fills the temple and the angel still cry Holy holy holy when you feel distraught and you feel like you're going to lose it all I want you to take a page from Isaiah in chapter 6 of his book and I want you to look to the king not desire to build earthly for. Strongholds and weapons who made allegiances what he kingdoms of this world I don't want to look to the kings of the earth the politics of this nation I want you to look to the God of the universe who is still sitting on his throne I want you to have a tipping point of having an experience with God use the rest that is locked down for that purpose so that you'll be ready for what he has for you to do and ready when he comes Father God we thank you for this opportunity Lord to study Ord what a powerful image of you high and lifted up seated on your throne in the temple Lord God somebody tonight needs help listening to this their marriage is failing the children are or are in rebellion the doctor has given them a terrible diagnosis their money is running out their faith is waning the doubt is growing Lord tonight I pray that any who hear this would reach the tipping point that they would look up and see you high and lifted up. On your throne and they would understand that you are in control. In this Isaiah experience your mercy from a cold from off the altar and praying for mercy to be dealt with those who are to look to. Grace will be applied to the. Father God the church. This is a chance it's. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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