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God's Great Objective

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • June 27, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven more thank you so much today that you are our Father you are in Heaven there is hope and there is help and their strength and their support we asked that that would join us now through the agency of the Spirit as we hope in your words as we study in Christ's name. Ok So God's great objective what is God's great objective. Where we're going to look at that and you know as we look at that last week we noted that there's kind of a. What would you say us summary of things in Matthew chapter 24 says turn there for a minute to Matthew chapter 24 there's a summary of things. That are listed that are connected with what we would call the end of time in time events we would call that and as I spoke this morning my focus was that we are not. The. Actually waiting for the end of time we're not near the end of time the end of time is here and I think it's important to understand that as we look at this morning so in Matthew chapter 24 verse 7 Jesus was talking to his disciples in this passage and he was explaining to them not only the end of that era that being. Of the time that the Jews would live in Jerusalem for quite some time he was also explaining what would happen at the end of time at the end of the world and one of the things he said in verse 7 was that nation would rise against nation. And we talked about that last week out there would be ethnic unrest nation against nation the word there is that c f not against at not it's not only that in the same verse it said verse 7 nation would rise against nation kingdom against kingdom and we have a little bit of that too we have ethnic on runs we also have kingdoms against kingdoms we have. A lot of people that are concerned about. America as a nation and a lot of nations that America is concerned about and people are concerned about what various leaders are doing or how they're doing and then it says there would be postulants is and we certainly have had a postulants or a pandemic. That's probably like none other in any of our lifetime and probably in the entire history of the world and never has been something that gripped everybody's attention around the world like that 19. Bad as. That has been is rapidly communicated. At least in terms of talking about it and people responding in various nations and those are what were called The Beginning of Sorrows in Matthew chapter $24.00 and then it says verse 9 many shell be. There actually verse 10 many shall be offended and still betrayed one another. And hate one another and we certainly see that. As unrest has increased people their underlying hate and disregard for newfound hate in this regard seems to come bubbling up that's why we spent a number of messages on the tension of racial tension and whatnot and thank you by the way for many of you've given me feedback on those various messages and you've said thank you to the church for actually talking directly about the issue as the places you are attending have not been talking about those issues I don't think it does us any good to not talk about what we're all thinking about and apply God's word to any man. And also I don't think it does any good to have just one voice on an issue like that that we had Dr for the it is we had Norland. Who gave a gave a great message we had Dr Celestin who gave a great message we're going to have one of our students this next week Eliza is going to give a message on it will be great and so doesn't do it is going to back away so a time of betrayal and then this morning we talked about by the way I encourage you to watch. This 8 o'clock message that we gave here very important false Christ will arise and this certainly or false rather profits will arise and this certainly has happened this past week we had. Someone that had ties in the past with the administers Jeff pippins or who took out $14000.00 ads a crossed. Certain areas of Tennessee. Talking about how there would be a nuclear attack on July 18th and the city would be obliterated and how did he know this because he had time prophecies that he had put together and so we talked about this morning because the Bible is clear and the evidence church is clear in its teaching which is why that gentleman was disfellowshipped from the church and no longer is and add to this years ago is that in Revelation Chapter 10 it says that there would be time no longer that doesn't mean no time of probation closing that doesn't mean there is no time right now we're alive but no time prophecies and that's why I'm saying we're not living near the time of the end time of the end the time of the end is here and it's been here for quite some time and we're living in the time of the end and not to reproach the sermon of this morning the Lord has shown me that the message of the 3rd angel must go and be proclaimed to the scattered childer of the Lord but it must not be Hong on what time I saw that some were giving a false excitement arising from preaching time but the 3rd angel's message is stronger than time can be. I saw that this message can stand on its own foundation and needs not time to strengthen it and it will go in mighty power and do its work and will be cut short and righteousness so our message anytime you hear a message where people are saying Ok. I'm setting a new time that hasn't already been explained in Daniel to Daniel 7 Daniel 8 and 9 Daniel 10 through 12. That you should know right there that that's a read play so if you want more information on that which I think you should have please listen to this morning's message the 8 o'clock message later on or maybe you already did. So now that racial unrest pestilence beginning of sorrows and then offended betraying one another false prophets will arise and then picking up on last week but I thought we should talk about a little bit more Lalas and this shall. And lawlessness shell abound so let's look at that Wallace in the cell about last week we mentioned this but I just want to make an observation. There's been criticism of the Supreme Court of the United States and several cases beginning back in the seventy's where the interpretation of the law various. You know Title 7 last week but civil rights. Amendments and different things that were passed in the sixty's were. Kind of reinterpreted or ruled to be different than what most people thought perhaps in the country one was road versus way Roe versus Wade with abortion and what whatever you think about that and there's a huge discussion you can have we certainly know that abortion leads to the ending of of life and we would agree that abortion leads to the end of life and millions of lives they have been brought to an end and sell that ruling of the Supreme Court was actually against one of God's laws that shalt not kill then more recently we talked about this last week in 2015 the high court decided not Congress not we the people not those kind of things in the Republic we live in that same sex marriage was in fact of the law of the land is same sex marriage whatever you think do you think same sex marriage is htat within the Bible and we think it's in there no it's not taught there right in fact as we discovered last week as we looked at that same sex marriage goes against 5 of the 10 Commandments. This is the nucleus of the fathers upon the children assumes a family structure that. Honor thy father the money mother assumes a male and female Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife in the bible times it was always written in masculine single $10.00 commandments and so this was not a wife of a wife this was a husband and wife. That ouse shalt not commit adultery douse out not covet thy neighbor's wife but then finally the 5th Commandment we considered of the 5 that this ruling was against. Is the Sabbath Commandment it talks about sons and daughters in the 7th commandment it's addressed to the fathers again and it is with the idea that this was a natural law it was rooted in creation for in 6 days he made heaven earth the sea and all that in them is and rest of the some of the so this whole idea of marriage between a male and a female actually comes from 5 of the 10 Commandments and then you add of course into that 6 of the 10 Commandments have been ruled against by the High Court of the United States of America. Now that should be a little sober Have you think that's a little sober and. Then the ruling last week was expanding this. Rulings to marriage I mean marriage most people you know they don't care that much about it it doesn't impact them too much I mean in culture people just kind of do what they want the only reason they were kind of interested they had benefits that would come from the state and it was kind of a commandment that was blending of church and state I don't do it anymore but I used to say by the power invested in me by the state of wherever I was living I pronounce you man and wife want to do anymore. I'm I let the people go down get the paperwork I'll sign it but I'm not representing the government anymore. I'm just representing God Ok so you come to the church get married before God and God's people are right and there's many nations in the world by the way that ministers have to do that because the laws have become so corrupted that they can't really even say that so so now this has been expanded to the workplace not just marriage but 6 days out that labor and all that work that 6 days of the week there is this potential for a law lessness to be expanded there if you want Title 7 coverage or you get Title 7 cover Now let me hasten to say that's not a done deal you know the high court said bring it back to the court because there are discrimination policies that are intrinsic to the civil rights law of 1964 In other words religious organizations actually had a cutout and they still do today Minister Ariel or religious organizations can still discriminate because there is a separation of church and state now I think that's a good. That's challenged I'll talk about it next week when I have a series on religious liberty on this will really be related to a kind of set up for that very important by the way to understand that I'll go through all the court cases that have been connected and discussed as a result of the recent Supreme Court case and I think you'll be heartened by that but you'll also be humbled so now Robert George the McCormack professor a jurist prudence at Princeton University had this to say about the ruling last week that the High Court made. What happened yesterday in a Title 7 cases that the court rewrote the law they gave the word sex a meaning which everybody agrees it did not have even in the minds of the most liberal progressive members of Congress whose votes made the act into law in 1964 when courts whose job is to apply the law as we were as written rewrite the law they engage others not me talkin this is that had a jury of prudence at Princeton they engage in what. A form of allow this Miss now to read that I was immediately shocked because that's what Matthew 24 says Lalas minutes. And he say they not only violate the principle of the rule of law they undermine the public's faith in the principle of the rule of law and certainly of the Republic where never is the high court supposed to do that and not only that for those of you who are hermeneutical and accidental exegetical are concerned they the gentleman went on to accuse the High Court of ice a Jesus that is saying something the original law did bad thing taking a word and changing it. And having a completely different meaning. And they accuse them of that by the way that can happen also in churches as they study the Bible as well and sometimes people do that with God's law they try and do this they tried to change things so they can just do what they want they want to have good news about their bad habits so it says that a lot listen this cell phone and now what does that word a bound mean in the original languages have our Greek scholar here he probably knows but it actually means a balance to fill up a long list is still become for full itself a bound and you may remember bat in Genesis Chapter 15 verse 16 it says that the that the the the simpleness and Lalas this of the Amorites was not yet full What does that mean the Amorites were a nation there were the you know the Hittites the jebus sites the the Amorites and. So they actually became so simple that as a nation that there iniquity but there are a lot of us knew this would become full and this is what happens with nations and in fact America will in fact at some point is not there now will have a lot of us in this that is full but I disobeyed you it only had one commandment with a specific Supreme Court case against But then in the last 5 years it's gone from $1.00 to $6.00 commandments and how many commandments are there in the 10 Commandments. And so a lot of us this is beginning to do what I found and become full interesting the law of God is under attack. And you and I will soon have to be able to defend our belief in it. So last week on my trip to Bailey's wedding I was in talk to another these plain and I I read about 187 pages of this 310 page book called Last Day events I want to encourage you to read this book I want to encourage you to read this book I want you to not only crazy to read it but I want you to put on your thinking cap and say Ok I see these statements where those in scripture so I start to go through and I was asking myself the question where is that in the Bible where as in the vials and every single one I know where it is in the Bible I could actually give you all these concepts from the Bible itself. But that's always a discipline So anyway let me read a couple of these to you we shall have to stand before magistrates to answer for our allegiance to the law of God to make known the reasons for our faith and the youth should understand these things. The youth are especially vulnerable what's wrong with same sex parents what's wrong with homosexuality what's wrong with these things and the youth are especially going to have to answer that question. They should know the things that So come to pass before the coming up of the world's before the closing up of the world's history these things concern our eternal welfare and teachers and students should give more attention to that this is a prospect before us of a continued struggle at the risk of imprisonment loss of property and even life itself to defend the law of God. To defend what. God. We go on and then you'll 6 and in Revelation 13 it was all about defense of the law of God right. Look at this those who trample on God's law make human laws which they will force the people to accept the men will divide and counsel and plan what they will do what happened in Daniel's time of Daniel the Lion's Den I said look this guy is faithful to his God we're not going to find anything except go against the law got so they made a law that went against the law of God so that Daniel would have to choose between God's law and man's law and if he choose chose if he chose God's law he would be marked and he would be put in with the beasts and be killed but if he chose. Man's law he would have everything he wanted same thing happens in Revelation 13 like we said last week at the end of time there is the mark of the beast issue that comes as a result of a debate between God's law and man's law how many are beginning how many are awake today how many of you understand what's happening now let's look at a couple more of these I want to encourage you to read what I've read this whole book. I know that the we mark is close for inventory next week. But maybe we can prevail upon them to get some of these in any way but I wouldn't I wouldn't I would encourage you to read that you can also look at it online and look at this Revelation 13 again where there's a there's there is a picture in Revelation 13 of the papal power coming together with America and working together to make of none effect the 1st 4 commandments and make an image to the beast and worship the beast make an image of the beast had the number and name of the beast and then have the mark of the beast the authorities in the United States and other countries will rise up in their pride and power and make laws to restrict religious liberty want to talk about that more next week but do we already have hints of that. Look we still have religious liberty we have great religious a real all kinds of protections all kinds protections still there I want to go over this next week but we are entering that time period that was foretold and you know it's been interesting to me when the advent moved started it's said that the papacy would come back to ascendancy and then it would come together with America and do things together everybody laughed at that and I'm laughing now they're not laughing now and suddenly not only the Bible but the pen of inspiration is looking quite interesting to many people in fact I said in the 1st message this morning I've been interested to see I do a little bit of counseling and. You know one of the people that was coming to be for counseling they said well they want me to talk to this person and that person but I don't want to talk to any of them I want to talk to you I said What do you want to talk to me because you have the Bible and you know what God is saying and that's what I need more than anything else. I don't need c b t elemental p. q. or as for t.v. I want the Bible and I said well the Bible is the ultimate c.v.t. it takes your cognitions and looks at them and says they're connected to your behavior like we learned in the 1st hour here with the Sabbath school lesson you don't just read you also do cognitive behavioral therapy in the Bible is the best for what they said I want to know how God answers my problem I want to know Christ answers it and then I had someone else that said to me I was on a trail walking with them and and we walked about 10 miles together and met him on the c.i. we were lost or anything we were just talking and he stopped me he says you know I got to tell you something I don't know what I do without understanding the Bible's worldview concerning what's going on today. This guy has veracious Lee read not just the Book of Daniel revelation but commentaries on it because you have anything else to read my whole library he's reading it and he wants to know what's happening and when he reads it he sees what's happening how many you can understand that another was his present truth present truth Ok so let's go on to another one the adherents of truth are now called upon to choose between disregarding a plain requirement of God's Word or forfeiting their liberty if we yield the Word of God and accept human customs and traditions we may still be permitted to live among men to buy and to sell the have our rights respected but if we maintain our loyalty to God it must be at the sacrifice of our rights among men for the enemies of God's law have lead together to crush out independent judgment in matters of religious faith and control the conscience of men. That's what that's what that's what's going to happen right. The people of God will recognize human government as an ordinance of divine appointment and will by precept and example teach obedient to it as a sacred duty song along as its authority is exercise within its legitimate spear but when the claims conflict with the claims of God we must to choose to obey God rather than men let me just tell you something masks and not wearing masks has nothing to do with this. It's a public health issue look we've known for for decades when you go to the hospital that the doctor wears a mask how if you know that for decades you don't think it's politicized and trying to take away all your liberties mask is a mask and if you want to if you want to read up on this and last day of mince last events we're told that we said compromise everything and go along with the law unless it's the moral law of God as you know that so the way we relate to these little tiny things that are happening now is important and will be used. For you with me how many who want to save your thunder for the Sabbath or one of the 10 Commandments and not a mask. I'm just telling you how many want to save your energy for what's really important. Are you with me Ok so by way says that it says that in here when you look at these books I was shocked I was like well because I needed to hear that myself I mean I won't I won't wear a mask I will wear a community of our time where in a suit I have a hard time doing basically thing but. The Word of God must be recognized that obeyed as authority above all the all human legislation thus saith the Lord is not to be set aside for thus saith the church or the state the crown of Christ is to be uplifted above all diadems of earthly potentates how we think that's that's true and that's going to be the test Ok one more of those who lived during the last days of this history will know what it means to be persecuted for the true sake in in the courts and justice will prevail the judges will refuse to listen to the reasons of those who are loyal to the commandments of God. So you've got God's law versus man's law and there were refused to listen to the reasons how many can see how that's being set up right now. They will say we have a law and by our law he ought to die they said that to Jesus right God's law is nothing to them our law with them is supreme those who respect this human law will be favored and goes on to talk about the Sabbath but as I looked at all of these statements they all were talking about the law of God all possibly then the Sabbath command but right now 6 of the 10 Commandments are being attacked. Right so we keep going here. How we think these are fairly interesting stayed. All right now let me ask you this segue now to a little Bible study what is the largest quotation from the Old Testament to the New Testament. If you have your bible there what's the largest quotation from the Old Testament to the test I know it's your 1st day that's a lot of pressure but anybody want to help him out anybody here visiting the 1st time maybe you can help not just care I was teasing these people really but you know what is the largest quotation from the Old Testament to the New Testament and does it have anything to do with the law it actually does in fact the largest quotation from the Old Testament to the New Testament is about the law of God So if you're going to say what's the big deal in the Old Testament what's the big deal a New Testament it would be the law of God. In fact Jesus said in his is said of Jesus and I say 49 that he came to magnify the law. Magnify the law but here's a largest quotation you can write it down and you can look it up later it's Jeremiah 31. 2934 and as quoted in Hebrew set to 8 verse 8 through 12 so you know what is that it's the new company and it's all about God's Law In fact why don't we just look at it because you've got to see this another words I've shown you something in contemporary happenings where the law of God is under attack did I do that and I showed you how I was under attack not only in the state but of showing how it's under attack in the church that I show you that and then I show you some statements about that from this book in time events but now let's look here and see how big the issue is and also here Jeremiah 31 behold the days are coming let's start verse verse 31. Behold the days are coming said the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel with the House of Judah not according to the coven I made with their fathers and the day I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt my covenant which they broke though I was a husband to them that was what was the covenant he made with them as of the 10 Commandments right well this is the covenant I will make with the House of Israel after those day said the Lord I will put my law that's the tank a mammal law in their minds I will write it on their hearts or their inward inward parts literally it's not just going to be extrinsic it'll be intrinsic and I will be their God and they shall be my people not just in name but indeed not just Dexter inal but internal not just on the outside but on the inside. And I will be their God this will be my people no more cell every man teaches neighbor and every man his brother say no the Lord for they also know me so not only will they know him they will show him they will tell other people about and that's their mission I got to tell everybody and it's not just telling them it's it's not just speaking it's it being a certain way I know the words it's easy to talk but they actually walk the walk you know once you have this teaches neighbor anymore because everybody will know from the least of them to the greatest If the world has that happened yet does everybody now know but it will happen at the end of time one for I will forgive their in their goody and their sins I will remember no more now just make a point lest you start getting stressed out oh no I'm not measuring up notice who's who's who's leading that entire thing who's making the I Will statements God is then you say hallelujah. So connection with him is the thing that gives us hope I was in someone's home last week and I said I'm a sinner I go out and I walk on the bridge and I tell God Look I messed up today help me again and you know what that's great because God does help us each and every day now he wants us to do better and I would dare say if I was talking to that person again that he would have to admit or she would have to admit that at that time when they did what they knew was wrong they weren't fully surrendered right at that moment but they're probably saying I want to be surrendered all the time and I meant. So that's the largest quotation and it's quoted in Hebrews Chapter $8.00 to $12.00 verbatim and then in chapter 10 it's called again but guess where it's quoted after it talks about how Christ came and then it says the Holy Spirit says I will write my law your hearts and minds in other words after Christ came some people say after Christ came the law is done away with but Hebrew says no no no no no no the Holy Spirit wants to still do that even after Christ came. How many are following. Every lawlessness Elop out now let's just look at a couple text because this is important let's look at everything the Apostle John had to say about lawlessness or the law Ok. Well everything from 1st 2nd 3rd John and revelation he wrote all those I didn't go back to the Gospel of John but look at 1st John Chapter 2 look at these texts look him up with the right and down 1st John Chapter 2. Verse 5 the star. A certain verse for. The start of verse 3 for John Chapter 2 verse 3 through 6 now by this we know we know him if we keep His commandments you want to know if you know God and by the way this is life eternal that they know me it says and John 173 How do you know if you know him so I have a relationship but I just kind of do what I want you know by this we know that we know him if we keep His commandments that's how you know if you know him he says I know him and does not keep his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him but whoever keeps his word truly the love of got is perfected in Him By this we know that we are in him so now you know that you know him and you actually understand what love is I hear a lot of people say love wince when what's being talked about is the very opposite of what the take it ma'am and say that's actually hate winds how many are falling when I'm saying and this is when the Bible defines it he says he abides in him od himself also to walk just as he walk go down in Chapter 5 in the same book whoever believes Jesus is the Christ is born of God and everyone who loves him who bought be got also love him who is be gotten him by this we know that we love the children of God How do we know if we love God We keep his command how do we know if we love the child of God We know this by this we know that we love the children of God when we love got and keep what his commandments for this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and His commandments are not burdensome and we think this is fairly clear but keep going so I can John 6. This is love that we walk according to his commandments this is the commandment. That as you have heard from beginning you should walk in wait a minute some people say no that's a new covenant Commandment it wasn't in the Old Testament I disown you it's in the Old Testament in fact it goes all the way back to Genesis were God says if you love me eat all these trees but not that one and the devil came up and said No no I do cover and I give it to you eat whatever you want and you will live forever you will not surely die offering Ellena everlasting life for doing something that led to everlasting death and this is why is saying here in John this is the commandment that I you have from the beginning. So what is God's greatest objective is to show you the love of God in a time when the hate of God is masquerading as the love of God. How many you're following me. So we live in a time where the definition of sex was changed but we also live in a time when the definition of love has been changed and we have to decide whether or not the definition of sex and love will be God's definition or man's definition. And this is God's great objective. He came down home and he came down to show that the law of God was honorable and to make notify the law and to be in all points tempted like as you are but without sin. And to actually die. Because of the Law God was with that and that's why he didn't just talk about it he did he didn't say I'll tell you this from Skype you all zoom you know he came down to them lived among us. And he's going to have a church that does the same thing look at now Revelation 17 you know these from memory perhaps the least I hope you do you should memorize all of these. This is in the Dragon was rot with the woman Revelation 1217 was wroth with the woman who is the woman church the rim insured and went to make war with the remnant that's those that are just like the original with the remnant of her See those who keep the commandments and have the testimony obviousness you know the testimony of Jesus's is the Spirit of Prophecy and it says in relation to Ted and Peter's says that testimony of Christ I once was reading recently where someone says I don't like it when I had been a stock about everything through the lens of Ellen White they should only talk about it through the Bible and when I read that I realized this person does not understand that the Spirit of Prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ himself. However thankful for the Bible and the testimony of Jesus. And this is not mena we can be lazy we need to go back and understand the fact kind of inspiration says none of these things would have to be written if we'd been studying our Bibles. I used to think that Ellen White was a plagiarist and then I found out she was she was plagiarizing the Bible. Every time I looked I go oh wait that's from there that's where when I was ignorant I didn't know that but the more older I get I'm still quite ignorant but so ignorance can be 2 things either ignoring it or not knowing about it I don't know about it I try not to ignore it but either kind of ignorance will get in trouble but the more I read of my realize Wojo look at how God. Has been leading his church. Because this one Revelation 1412 here is the patience of the Saints this is our scripture reading another words here they are under extreme pressure this is the 3rd angel's message it's talking about the mark of the beast it's talking about those who don't worship the beast Well you know they'll come after them to kill them and. And by the way. They have to pat have to face the wrath of God They can all look at half How's that terrible the wrath of God will look they either face the wrath of men and Revelation 13 or the wrath of God and Revelation 14 how many would rather face the wrath of man than the wrath of God and that's the issue what it comes down to love and God's law what are you going to put up with the wrath of man or the wrath of God. I talked about the last week even in our own homes when we talk about the 10 Commandments we talk about the law of God sometimes it's hard to stand up even with our own family that's why God gives us families if you can't run with the footman you're not going to run with the horses. So here's the patience of the saints here are they to keep the commandments and have the what the faith of Jesus not just the testimony of Jesus and now they have the faith of Jesus this is literally a transaction where the faith of Jesus comes to you and becomes your faith. This is not like not faith in Jesus does is the faith of Jesus. It's like it's being given to you for that crisis where you have to choose between God's law and man's walk and you need help that you don't have because you can't do it you can't keep God's commandments. But God can. And he does it in and through you if you let him and that's why I think Revelation 22 is so beautiful look at Revelation 22 we've look now at everything John said about these commandments for the short Bible study how many like little Bible studies like this so now look at Revelation chapter 22 I kind of like it you know if I don't have a sermon has a little Bible study and I don't think it's a sermon I think you know what is that you need to get another job I mean you know. I don't know Ok relations 22 verse 14. 0 look at verse disco back I mean this is also good verse 11 he that is unjust let me on just tell he that is filthy let him be filthy still he that is righteous let him be righteous still and he that is holy let him be Holies to other good people be people of the in a time that a righteous and holy according to that and I going to people that are on right as an unholy according to that yet there are and behold I'm coming quickly and my reward is with me to give to everyone according to his work in other words he's coming and he's going to reward everyone according to his work on the elfin the Omega the beginning the end the 1st the last the last it are those verse 14 who what does it say do his commandments that they may have right to the tree of life and may enter into the gates into the city but outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters and whoever loves and practices a lie. Now these I started out with some illustrations of how the high court is upholding things that are literally totally opposite God's law what are those called in this passage lies and loving those lies and we can see that and there's going to be a group of people at the end of time the don't love those lives. They love the people that maybe are involved in the lives they may be serve them they help them but they're not into what they're doing they know that what they're doing is not loving or helpful and there's going to be a group of people I'm going to be their group of people. And what does this say about them they have a right to the tree of life that they may enter through the gates into the city not like up us in a different translations of the amplified translation Blessitt happy and b. to invade are those who cleanse their garments instead of do the commandments that says cleanse their garments by the way if you're doing the commandments your garments are clean that you know that. Because that's Christ's righteousness in you that they may have the authority and right to approach the tree of life and enter into the gates of the city another words as this group of people that they say yes I want to keep the commandments that I know I can except for the power of the blood of the Lamb. And that's what they cleanse their garments in. Hallelujah. Blessed are they to wash their of their right to come to the tree of life they may enter the gates of the city bus or as a watch their robes or they get it through the gates of the city and eat the fruit from the tree of life happier those who watch their robes clean and so have the right to eat the fruit from the tree of life and go through the gates into the city. So that's the big dilemma which city you want to go to if you want to go to Babylon. Which is fallen is fallen that great city that made all nations drink of the one of the rather perform occasion most people are going to Babylon or do you want to go to Jerusalem do you want to go to Zion. Do you want the love of God or the so called love but really hate of the world those are the times we live in folks lawlessness is our founding it's filling up in a nation where God said it would you know that we know what you know what excites me about this this means that there is a group of people who are ready for these things to happen God would not allow these things that happen unless there was a group of publish show it to you you see what he's talking about. Look at relations 7 relations south. I saw 4 angels standing the 4 corners they're holding the 4 winds of the earth that the winds are not blowing the earth the searingly tree tree in the parlance of the Bible is as you know bless it is the man that walketh not according to the council then Golly but is the light is on the law of the Lord in His law that the meditate day and night he so be like a tree that's planted by the rivers a want of this is Psalm one so here you have trees and I saw an angel of the city from the East having the sea of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice of the 4 angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and sea so do not harm the earth the sea or the trees that's the faithful believers till we have sealed the servants over God on their foreheads and then the 4 winds begin to be released you know I believe the 4 winds are being released and I believe there's faithful people that are desiring to keep God's law and be kept by God's law but you can't you don't necessarily keep guns like it keeps you. And I believe there's a group of people that are so bought out sold out forgot that God is able now to release these winds so the devil can sell who he really is he comes not about to hurt kill and destroy he's behind cohabit 19 and any disease he's behind all these things we've just talked about he's behind any time someone tries to substitute man's laws that are God's law as it relates to marriage as a relates to abortion as it relates to anything else he's behind that he hates God's law and he's always had a very law but there's a group of people who will believe in God's law and they'll believe in the person who died for them and for all their sense. And I believe that group is developing today or these things when the been happening I like the original is much more expressive of that verse. Blessed are those who do the commandments that they may have authority over the tree of life I would have authority over the 3 alive. Have a 40 power over the tree of life and authority founded on a right and this right founded on obedience to the commandments of God and that obedience produced by the grace of God working in them another words the righteous requirement the law is being produced in then you know that largest quotation from the Old Testament to the New Testament you know it is I will write my law in their hearts I will write it in their minds I will be their God and they will be my people. I will forgive their iniquities I will forgive their transgressions what are all those of their statements about what God will do if we lead God's grace will produce the good in of us. And then he rewards us as if it was our own good how we can say hallelujah to that that's what he does lawlessness still a balance but at the same time righteousness cell abound. Righteousness still abound there will be 2 crops there'll be wheat and they'll be tears at the end of time they'll be love and they'll be true love and I love how Paul puts it in 2nd Corinthians 6 notice that new covenant experience where it says I will I will I will God says this and look at Notice how it's pictured. Verse 14 let's start there 2nd Corinthian 6 was 14 Do not be on equally yoked together with unbelievers for what fellowship has righteousness with what law less ness and what communion his light with darkness and what a court has Christ with believe and what part has a believer with an unbeliever in other words someone that has the faith of Jesus for someone who does not that word believe is faith and what agreement has the temple of God with idols for you are the temple of the Living got what was in the temple the ark and what was in the ark the law of God The d.n.a. of God. And notice this powerful text hall in the King James I like it better than the new kings and 2nd Corinthians Chapter 6. As God has sad look at this underlined this if you have a Bible and maybe you haven't already memorized like some of the people here I will dwell in them and walk in them and says in the King James not walk among them I will dwell in them and walk in them I will be their God and they shall be my people come out and be separate says the Lord don't touch the young clean and I will receive you I will be a father to you you will be my sons and daughter says the Lord God Almighty look at the head. So we should not be going into the end of time. In fear except of God and the fear of the Lord Lisa life and he who has it will abide in satisfaction he will not be visited with evil problems in 1903 so we come into the fear of God we're not going to fear the beast we're not going to fear the dragon we're not going to fill fear of the false prophet we're going to accept a 2 prophet we're going to accept the lamb we're going to set God Himself we're going with the truth to try unity and not the false apostle try unity we're saying God have your will and your way in my life. In this time of lawlessness where it's a bounding may you abound in my heart Francis Collins. All together in this Christ imbues men with the attributes of God How can say hallelujah. He builds up the human character after the symbol to know the divine character and goodly fabric of spiritual strength and beauty Thus the very Are whites a snice of the law is fulfilled in the believer in Christ you could say Ob-Gyn ounds in the believer because what does the word of Allah mean filled up and what's happening in the believer it a bounce which means that not only stays in your careening am. It goes out to others because that is what the word of Christ while in your richly and all wisdom and teaching so you're singing admonishing others and songs and hymns and spiritual songs as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord that's justification so walking in him and sanctification rooted and grounded and established in the faith as you have been taught founding in it with Thanksgiving that's justification that's sanctification and the abounding his calorific case. By his life and death Christ prove that God's justice to not the story is mercy but that sin could be forgiven and that the law is righteous and can be perfectly obeyed thus Satan's charges are refuted how many of you want to be refuting see charges Francis Collins the head of the n 8 was a disbeliever. For 28 years you can believe. And then guess what happened he began Look closely at every cell and found that there was a structure called d.n.a. and you begin to decode the d.n.a. and you begin to say look at this there is no way that anything but God or a designer could have done this it's too technical it's to bribe it's to why. And he was gripped by that song 19 The heavens declare the glory of God the earth so if for this hand the handiwork but then he noticed the 2nd part of that song not only the biochemistry can convicted him but then the moral law because it goes on in the song to say the law the Lord is perfect converting the soul and he began to look at the moral law and he said wait a minute for 28 years I I didn't believe but look at this this moral law is kind of like the d.n.a. And it's that stood out to him is the strongest signposts for God and he begin to believe in God gave his heart together. And he said the reason I believe because God's Law points out the wrong and doesn't Vernace it and points out the right as well points out the wrong appoints the right he became a believer I don't know where you are you might be listening today might be same man that made a lot of sense I want to encourage you put your faith and confidence in God this is Francis Collins one of our lead scientists in America did long ago there is not a debate between science and God God is the originator of science though by the false debate but how can you tell whether or not it's true or fake science by looking at it through the lids of God's Word and God's law last thing that gripped Francis called was when he saw the selfless altruism of Christ in the Bible. And the selfless altruism of the Christians that he had met. How many want to be that person and if you are you will be part of being God's great objective and what is great objective. Wants to have people that are like him. And what does he say he wants to be able point people to they want to say here who they are here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments. Have. Faith. In Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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