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How to Increase Your Intelligence

Justin Kim
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Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • July 4, 2020
    10:00 AM
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Father we thank you for the Sabbath day we thank you for the medium zoom and bass but constraining technology we thank you for the religious liberty that we have in this country that we ask for a special blessing on every soul who hears this message that you may speak to us in a way that only you can see the harder we pray that you're moving of the Holy Spirit maybe strange we are. Reluctant to have another worship experience that is just familiar and another Sabbath routine we ask or the strange moving a call in our hearts that we will know and that we all recognize. The profound experience that you have in store for us so must now transcend this presentation beyond a Power Point presentation I mean we hear words we pray Jesus. And at this time share my screen. If you see that give me a thumbs up or some visual confirmation. That would be appreciated how to increase your intelligence great excellence is the presentation I could store for for today this is just a little cute thing that I put together you can increase intelligence in different ways the studies of showed us that I just put these 3 shifts mentorship penmanship and scholarship just to help us get into our brains. My mentorship there are plenty of studies that show that if you do them if you want to increase your intelligence just by merely hanging out with other people who are intelligent well without much Mefford on your end increase your intelligence as well as not just regarding on intelligence but regarding any talent and skill any mood who you hang out with is either penciling will who you will become sad also goes for negative skills as well if you hang out with bitter people hanging out with superficial people just to naturally absorb those qualities of those people around you so I call that mentorship and so you want to find people that you aspire to be like and I would say as a pastor when it comes to the realm of character and spirituality find those people that you respect and that you see these qualities that you aspire for and hang out with them as much as you can in the most annoying way possible number 2 is penmanship I don't know what else to call it I just needed a ship there somewhere but this is where I can find my you know this. And I'll talk about it maybe a little bit later but I really recommend that you get something like this this is a journal. And women call it a diary men don't have diaries we have with captains logs we have journals I don't know what you call them but really recommend you get one of these in there's something profound especially in our technological savvy world that we live in the more you don't use your thumbs and just kind of swiping stuff back and forth but actually engaging with pen and paper the neurological studies are coming out coming out now and have been for a while on how this is just a lot more stimulating for brain development than just what being a screen for and so by one way to increase intelligence is really reflecting upon your experience upon your your day on your week and this is something that as as an it we have a wonderful opportunity to do this every Friday night Saturday morning and afternoon and see how the Lord has blessed us and how the Lord has led during the week in the 6 days and then even once a month and then throughout the whole year. And there's different techniques and ways to do this and that's probably another positional together but this is not vertical intelligent enough not horizontal intelligence not more knowing more what's more or isn't full intelligence and getting deeper and more profound or and what perhaps some people call wisdom rather than knowledge or intelligence the 3rd way is by scholarship and this is for those of you who are in the Advent open unity I have been always in that heard with and I've been told by Been there a couple times I've been asked speak many times for schedules have never been able to match up but I know there are many scholars nearby in the universities near I have an open level in the last year and the Redlands and whatnot and I know in the particular age group that many of you are a part of you are all about into scholarship and getting smarter and getting your your M.D.'s and d.d.s. isn't m r S's and m r isn't all that you need to get scholarship is often achieved by books Yes and I don't know maybe maybe. Michelle who let on 7 school can help me out but I don't know of any doctoral program that doesn't use books from the kind of break something you said you might need to listen to this presentation anyway so my scholarship is books so readers are leaders and really encourage you in this digital age to read more this is something that one of my mentors she shared with me and she said that we should be 7th day readers not 7th Day Adventists we should be simply having this but also 7 day readers and she recommend that we re read about 7 books we should be reading stressed t.j.. I don't know about you but I was how good of just buying everything whether it's on Kindle digital or even on analog actual books and just kind of like this is interesting and I buy oh this is on sale this is like $32.00 That's only $2.00 for today I got to buy it because I'm going to earn $30.00 and then I've read this kind of the weird way I have and I just in books and she said that we need to see. Teacher Glee choose the books that we're going to read for our career development also spiritual development and also a personal development and for the 5 books that she recommended and I added 2 more and these 7 books they're not simultaneous depending on your reading habits I usually need to have 2 or 3 books that I'm reading about the same time I get tired of one book some people just have one look at the focus laser in one or others they just 80 on go all 71 day a week and I don't recommend that some people do have those reading of it but the 1st she recommend she recommended is to read a biography biography of any person that you respect and this is not necessarily I I personally go through the American presidents eyes love American history I love especially the Founding Fathers I don't like the middle fathers because there's nothing that happened especially except for support Lincoln and also the contemporary leaders they don't necessarily have to be good leaders that can also be bad leaders they don't even have to be bad leaders and the bad people that by learning and reading their story we learn how to be if that makes sense we don't necessarily have to have that experience ourselves we can see it experience and others and we can say one way of applying the wisdom to say oh that's what that person that I want to make sure I don't do that and the biography is usually a very fascinating read it's an easy read it's something that is not very intellectually difficult just reading about someone's life so you want to have a biography that really inspires you or maybe dn Squiers you to to get you on that number 2 is a specialist you want to find a topic of what you want to be known as you want to be known as the. Person You know I say there's there's Ryan like he is. But Amazon server guy hey there's Christy she's the great girl she knows like every great there is under the sun and she specializes in grace whatever whatever that may be. And this is really the secret to having an undergrad. Or degree a lot of us we pay you know $30.00 to $80000.00 a year to get whatever degree but is that what you see still of a is for you to read about 10 books and you find 10 books on this one topic and going through these and books you will become specialists on that topic usually by book 7 you will have read at least the generic basics on that topic in the last 3 books is your analytical skills start coming in because a lot of the information will be repetitive and you can say well I know that and I agree with this author and all the other 7 said this is about this guy and he start comparing on contrast ing my book 89 and 10 or the hones in your your analytical. This is one way to get a free education without paying or a degree that you'll just put on your wall and ever see ever again Number 3 is a random book so with all the work that you're doing you want to find a book that is just totally off your radar and allows you to make these connections that you would have never been able to before reading a random book this really makes you a more interesting person around you out as a minister it really makes me. A lot more sermon content and it makes you a better conversationalist because you know about random think because the most interesting conversationalists are random people I'm reading a book on your rent I have no connections to Iran never want to go to read never never I don't know anyone from you Don but I read it as a fixed book and I don't remember much about it except for one thing as 1979 is when the United States pulled out because of the political conditions at the time of the revolution that they were going through all the years later I was witnessing to a lady she had her husband and she the husband was used to work for the CIA or the government I think was a CIA I don't know and and I asked you know hey we're talking and then he said well you know about Iran and I'll be all I know is I remember I hate these you leave in 179 and he said Young man how do you know that and I said Well I read it in a book and he said Wow you must be very intelligent I'm like I'm not intelligent I just read a Rand book that doesn't make me smart and he said hey I want to go to your prophecy series b.c. because if you know about 179 and about American history then you must know all of that more than you're coming on to and so that really was the glory to God and this is a for random things when you're sitting next to someone at the airplane or waiting for your bus to come out of a stop just really amplifies your your interest level as a person or for as you want to read a difficult book you inevitably book. Something to stretch your mind you don't even necessarily have to understand this book you don't even have to complete the book as long as you maybe increase your real cab Yori by 5 to 7 words were the book if you digest some difficult concept or if you've just gotten your feet wet in something you want to get into a book that we challenges you and lastly with all the difficult books that are there you want to find a book that you enjoy maybe a small book a very thin book that as because you've completed it you can say I finished the book this book with 10 pages and you really boost up your self-esteem because you finished the book and now on to my 885 page book afterwards the 6th book you want to get into is the Spirit of Prophecy highly highly highly recommend that if you are not if you don't appear not familiar with the Spirit of Prophecy you want to get into the spirit of prophecy it is written in English and I believe all of you who are on this Evan hope call this this chapter whatever the things of this in them platform at least English may be your primary or secondary language just imagine of the spirit of prophecy was written like in Mongolian or written in the Cyrillic language I mean this would be a difficult we have a legitimate excuse but it's written in English and some people now the complaint was written in the 1900 centuries and 1900 was come on you can understand it's not you and lastly it's the Bible. The Bible is the book sounds cliche but this this one factor is what do nights every 7th day adventists it is the core the 7th Day Adventists I don't see that whatever Scripture says is that what we have lied to and so fall for all of our diet our politics our ideology our career our relationships our our series on on the world view or whatever it all comes from scripture and I would even say that our reverence for the spirit of prophecy comes from scripture not that our reverence for scripture comes from the Spirit of Prophecy and even that that calibration needs to be made that it is our faithfulness to Scripture that defines our identity as 7. Well that's a little bit maybe a little bit too too ideologic But I want to get uncivil a bit more practical things here because if there's nothing like scripture that this is according to the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy that increases our intelligence so my question for all of you this morning it how many of you want your intelligence to be increased please raise your hand if you're not raising your hand that means Are you really smart and you're arrogant or that you're dumb and that you don't know what you're raising and one of the 2 wrong answer you want to be raising your hands and want to read the Bible anyway I mean read this book the Bible the mind how enlarge the mind will enlarge if it is employed in tracing out the subjects of the Bible comparing Scripture with Scripture and spiritual things with spiritual There is nothing more calculated to strengthen the intellect than the study of the scriptures no other book is so potent to elevate the thoughts to give vigor to the faculties as the broad and Noble intrudes of the Bible if God's word were studies as it should be men would have brought to mind nobility of character and stability of purpose you've got to say that with a British accent sounds so awesome that is rarely seen in these times so on one level this presentation is very simple it is hey we should study our Bibles on another level the question is during this Corona pen Demick Coba time as we're in court and seen. Are we closer to the Lord through Scripture or are we maintaining status quo or have we fallen away. Undoubtably we have had all more more free time and in that free time are we using it to binge on You Tube and that clicks and are we cleaning our closets or going you know Merry condo on our lives or are we getting to be more familiar with Scripture and so this is my plea that this isn't not just the non-elect a need to know our Bibles better more how are we using our time and how do we value spiritual sources of information that the Lord has given to us I think this little bit of a bit deeper on the we should be reading the Bible and I dare say we should be reading the Bible and daily basis have a particular discipline and even a ritual and we're finding that the millennium and Gen Zinni generational groups there are they are they are appreciating tradition and ritual more than Boomers and Gen x. are is up and they've been they would more want to debunk some of these next generation wants to embrace some of these things the school thing about habit is it is effortless and if you make Bible study and Bible reading a habit it doesn't become this you've got to read the Bible again if you do it on enough times it becomes a habit just like brushing your teeth you know when you're 5 years old or 6 like my son is brushing your teeth is a chore there is a certain activation energy that you have to like and some stuff up to and overcome and it's downhill from that point on but for Hopefully all of you out there who are not 6 years old brushing her teeth is not a chore and if it is you need to go see a dentist right away but for those of us who it is very habit to go and we brush our teeth and it is there is no activation energy needed and it's something that God has created in our our neurological mechanisms to make East. Things easy for us just like putting on our seat belts brushing our teeth or whatnot but not wouldn't it be awesome if we're reading the Bible or just the natural habit no activation energy necessary so that's a level one and that we're not not going to go deep into that because that should be elementary to many of you at this level number 2 is studying the Bible now studying the Bible and reading the Bible are different and then people mix the 2 but these are 2 totally different disciplines altogether in reading the Bible I mean at least for me I try to read a different version of the Bible I do like King James I do like the British you know the eloquence the flow and the cadences but I do believe I'm not a King James only person and there are flaws with King James there are laws with New King James was a better translation especially some 9 as business understand them especially with the mostly place and have been there are problems with every chance that such had to be familiar with all translations and try to be familiar with conservative ones my current by the choice of the New American Standard Version because number one I'm in America you know a lot but it also has a very literal translation I find it to be fascinating there are flaws with this translation as well reading is just reading for the sake of reading and just getting familiar with the text studying is getting deeper into the text and seeing what is repetition and seeing patterns and seeing structure and trying to ascertain what is the idea or the main idea or theology to close to a particular verse or through a chapter. My day job is and is to be an editor at the General Conference and although that sounds maybe to you like some of you a boring job it is possibly a dream job well I where I get to edit Bible studies and Sabbath school quarterlies for people on all around the world we have. Many many Bible study guides for different levels in my area specialty is the young adult 18 to 35 plus which I think many of you who are in the Avid hope subcategory you are in that in that cohort school board and even if you're not if you are 36 years old we still welcome you we still love your old but we still love you as I am and we write this Bible study guide because those who are go in their twenty's have to make decisions that will impact 80 percent of the rest of their lives so the decision is made from 18 to about 2830 years old when the impact the rest of the quality of their lives and we want to make sure that young adults make the right decisions. So we had a Bible study guide called a collegiate quarterly and about 2 years ago last year I don't know we made shift to to update and to find the best of the digital in the best of the analog and we created the inverse Bible study guide so it's Ok I'd like to show you a video I don't know if that is Ok you have no choice I'm here because of some zoom so you have to want to show you a little bit of a 5 minute video about the nuances and probably the on the inverse Bible study guides Ryan if you don't mind and show that at this time we greatly appreciate that. There are a lot of people wondering how to study the Bible this is where in verse comes in this is the best of the Bible best of the Bible within the text the best of the Bible intro the text from different bible verses. The best of the Spirit of Prophecy the best of your observations done through prayer and devotional life the best of the Bible to discussions Sabbath school and the best of the Bible to your experience with Jesus where using the best of the digital and best of the analog and seeing how they come together for a personal experience. We can have been a bible study or people saying like Sunday and who's going to read Monday and is Joe around for Joe Joe's late for service goes or skip on to Wednesday we've taken out the date it's not about the dates it's about the stages of Bible study different props for different aspects of the Bible study experience. So the 1st stage of Bible study is the introduction we're actually reading the Bible verse it's uploading the Bible text into your own mind. The 2nd stage is the inscribed we're actually writing it out with your own hand you're using those hand writing skills that you learn 1st great in applying it spiritually for yourself as I'm demonstrating writing this Bible text. Me even though this is just. I'm seeing things here that I've never seen before and that really it it's the power. Of scripture. The 3rd stages now you look at back at the text that you wrote with your hand and now you're looking at observations circling repetition underlining things that you just feel are so important or you just know God is speaking to you in this particularly context right now. So now we're actually circling all those elements of Lake Erie see men and women and all who can understand men and women and all are sinners repetition there then there's these really important parts that they read distinctly from the law of God They gave the sense in. Understand their reading it just shows you there's different principles that emerge here we need to actually read it distinctly. There is the understand the sense of it. And then there's their school principal of understanding it so it's 3 things are merging from verse in. The next stages interpret or now you're applying these Bible principles that you've distilled from the text and applying them to your personal life. The inspects these looks at how Scripture interprets Scripture and looking at different parts of the Bible and how they interact with each other. The invite section is the most important it's looking at where is jesus in this entire snaps which and centering the Lord Jesus as the Lord of your life personally and also in the Bible texts and the insights stage we look at the writings of spirit or prophecy from Ellen White what she has to say about this topic. And the last stage is the Inquirer stage where there are discussion questions allow you to share with your friends your observations and different reflection questions on the topic it's definitely more intense but this is Bible study on your own terms at your own pace obviously he trusts and we're very excited to have different resources that compliment the bible study of and verse we have a t.v. show produced by Hope channel that has young adults and I actually host a show with different friends of mine representing from different parts of the world we actually go through the Bible study with you we also have a podcast they can listen to the audio version of the talk shows so that while you're running outside or working out or cleaning the house you can join our conversation through the Bible text as well. Amazing part about this Bible study is that it takes Bible study from all different angles you're reading the Bible texts you're studying the Bible text you're writing the Bible texts out you're looking at where is Jesus in the Bible text what the sky. A prophecy has to say about the Bible texts and discussing it in a group of friends but the most important thing is applying the Bible text brave own personal life and. Dive deeper into the verse that's why we are calling it in verse. Great thank you for sharing that and you can go to the Bible and verse Bible dot org g. for that and resource. Line free. And that's one resort to study the Bible we just we just got some e-mails about some generations e younger kids who are in the cademy Cademy years and they're saying we love writing the Bible verse out we just think this is the coolest thing and it's like the newest fad about writing the 5 overs because they're so used at and screens everywhere that they get to choose the colors that they want in the pen the paper and what not and they say that this is a new fad and like this thing's been around for 6000 years people ascribing has been around longer than than than books have been around nothing nothing new under the sun. I want to spend some time on memorizing the word this is some area of interest for me. As someone who works in Sabbath school we realize that the most important part of Sevastopol is not discussing the actual topic but actually doing the memory verse now how many of you do the memory verse present raise your hands this one of the most pressing questions asked because people know don't know how to answer and sometimes people say hey let's all read the memory verse do not really the memory verse if you want to read the memory verse be called a reading verse you supposed to memorize the members memorize it and somehow we get into kind of a sophisticated mindset we think that memorizing is for primary or for beginners or urging years early teen if I'm a grad student I can memorize all the you know arm a suitable well and all the amino acids and all the you know coefficients or whatever but memorize a Bible verse out I don't need to do that so this presentation is to show that kind of thinking is dumb intelligence the study of the Bible taxes that mind of the worker strengthens the memory sharpens the intellect more than the study of all the subjects which philosophy embraces the Bible contains the only truth that purifies the so and is the. Best book for intellectual culture those couple benefits that are mentioned here I want not to read all these quotes but one the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy both attest that we can overcome sin to God's grace but it is God's word renewed if power of the actual words have effect in our lives and so Psalms 111 if you haven't memorized already says I word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against So we are in this battle against temptation against against Satan the Lord has already achieved the victory in men and now he gives us the grace that comes from the cross to allow us for these daily battles against the. If Jesus fought against Satan with scripture it is written it is written and we also as disciples of Jesus should have the same weapon in this war there are to this also Bible memorization really impacts your witness she says here God will flash the knowledge obtained by diligent searching of the Scriptures into their memory at the very time when it is needed and it is just amazing like the more that the neurologist get into the structure and function of the brain we're finding that the god has given us a wonderful organ that the memory capacity and the ability of what the brain can do and we need to get the Bible scripture in there to begin with and the Holy Spirit can access whatever is there and then use it in our actual daily lives whether it's in our prayer lives whether it's a witnessing whether it's in a bible study or whether you're Martin Luther and you just couldn't get that just to live by faith in you can't get it out of your brain just stuck in his mind he couldn't get out of his minds we just started the process reformation so that. We did bring number 3 you're becoming like Jesus yes and I mention this the Jesus ought using date is written and we must do the same a couple minutes and why people do not memorize scripture and their want is people say well I'm really stupid. She says here I'm not going to be the 1st quote but the 2nd quote and bold She says the Intel Act should be cultivated the memory tax all intellectual laziness is sin was and spiritual lesser g. is. That this really is quite the sharp words here but how many of us are similar to this yes we can memorize all the stats of the superheroes you know movies one through 900 every superpower. Every crossover and everything but we don't know anything about scripture and. And what it teaches or our practical lives we become intellectually lazy I remember presenting this one time someone says Pastor I've I'm a graduate student and I've studied so much that men I only have one terabyte up here and 999.99 gigabytes is full of junk material that I'll never use again and I don't have any space for scripture and a neurologist tell us over and over that the brain is not space this is not computer memory we don't have a terabyte of hard drive space it is a muscle and like every other muscle that if you don't use it atrophies and the more you use it the more strength it and I use this is a you know funny funny illustration member in high school I was a very very skinny Asian kid I wanted to be buff I wanted to become like auto and you know when all the girls to me I member going to the gym and I was very I was a very male you know centric person and a member there and the gym there was a woman there and she was like pumping out pound weights and I was like dude that that that's a lot of weight but she's a woman I'm a male god made male stronger than you know so I went over with the sixty's and I couldn't get the sixty's off of the rock have you ever had that you try to go and look all around all the same I went down to the fifty's and I got it off the rack and like to get the girl to do it I can do it she was a pretty girl and then saw mom there and I'm like Have you ever had it were your brain is telling is getting messages to your muscle to move but your body doesn't move at all I'm like looking at the mirror I'm like how is it that I'm excerpting all the strength again but I'm not moving a centimeter from it was all I don't like eventually go down all the way down the rock to where the metal metal weights started turning like a rock. Her and they were like pink and they're like the Reebok ones are like you know 357 pounds I don't hobble myself to these small weights and I don't like whole you do each one and I eventually got used to those grades and that's a muscle does it get used to the effort and the exertion you put on it and you get acclimated to it you've got to challenge it even more and so and now after 3 pounds I got 255771550 now I do 125 just getting. Every So this is what we want to do the human intellect must gain expansion and vigor and acuteness and activity it must be taxed to do hard work or it will become weak and inefficient another word is its muscle atrophy or brain the brain power is required to think most earnestly you must be put to the strict to solve hard problems and master them else the mind decreases in power and aptitude to think the mind must invent work and wrestle in order to give hardness and vigor to the intellect and now I would there say that scriptural information is different than your academic and for me. And so you may have these different degrees and achievements in the academic world but into when it comes to the Bible it is the same organ that we're using but it is on a different scale and different different skills are developed to do this. Number 2 Midsomer 2 is I have no time pastor convention No I'm a graduate student I have 100 kids and I have a wife I've a husband like 9 jobs and I'm also an Internet star and I'm a You Tube whatever whatever I have no time and she says here keep her Bible with you and it's a so-called We are living in a day and age where we have our cell phones our cell phones have kind of our Bibles on them and not to just study and to to digest but to memorize wonderful resource that as you have opportunity read it fix the text in your memory even while you're walking the streets you mean read a passage and meditate upon of the spitting in the mind receive people all the time who are texting and walking at the same time you be memorizing and using your phones and walking at the same time I know one of my mentors who memorized pretty much the entire New Testament many portions of of the Old Testament and I remember asking him like hey where do you find the time and he said usually when I'm talking to people that I don't like I have a facial expression that says but in my mind I'm memorizing scripture and I find that to be very end high social and maybe even so sociopathic but it worked for him and I started doing myself in as a wonderful thing and like now hey happy sad in my mind Genesis that I don't know what or whatever you have time in your mind if you can find it several times each day precious golden moment should be consecrated to prayer and the study of the Scriptures is it is only to commit a text to memory that spiritual life may exist in the soul so if you understand this this could very interesting correctly is interesting that that if you have no time she says at least memorize that and then we memorize it you've got in your brain and then you can you can. To bounce back to and dwell upon throughout the day when you're when you're when your mind has time and space and is it a very cool thing that the in Hebrew the word to memorize the word to study the Bible is the same word to ruminate as a cow that chews the cut so if you know anything about cows cows have. I don't know how many stomachs but they don't have one I don't know if they're more than once and so they do as they chew the the cellulose that human beings can't digest and then they chew it and then they make it small and they put it into one part of their stomach or one of their stomach the cellulose breaks down through from an Taishan and then they have to throw it back up into their mouth as they chew and then goes into another digestive tract or die just the part of whatever whatever and so you know when and when we're as evidence and people of God are instructed to to eat clean animals it's for health sake also but is it also a connection to the rumination. Of scripture of stunning a dwelling upon it she never seen a cow ruminate I mean they're just like. We don't grasp a city literally but in our minds we take a Bible verse and we ruminate upon our minds and I talk about that little bit later but if you don't have any time at least memorize and get it in your brain. She says I'm not gonna read all things here but a few moments here and there moments that might be frittered away in a molest talk the morning hour so often waste that time spent travelling on trains or a railway cars waiting at the station moments for waiting for meals waiting for those who are tarting keeping an appointment out maybe modernize and waiting for your job or waiting for your live waiting get off of social media waiting for your friends to text back expect whatever whatever whatever it is you have time you have to find these little tidbits here and there and especially this and in this Corona world we have extra time and we should be spending it with other things that that. That we shouldn't be doing to continue there if a book were kept at hand and these fragments of time were and improve in study reading careful thought what might not be accomplished resolute purpose person industry and careful economy of time on the able men and women acquire knowledge and mental discipline which will qualify them almost any position of influence and use so here's someone going to really briefly these are cumulative through the years one quoting out loud neurologists say memory study memory specialist say that you actually say it out loud you actually engaging different parts of the brain at the same all at the same time simultaneously that you're actually eating it you're reading it you're hearing it and you're thinking it and it's engaging or parts of your brain simultaneously with a cool cool thing I have a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of rent Quest written out the entire Bible and their bible is like this super fit and it's like taped together with masking an ugly bible of the heavy Bible but this guy said when he goes to church and here's a sermon on Romans one the actually opens his Bible he's got to open it this way and mix of the art and he have to turn some Romans one and the cool thing his brain he actually remembers the time and the conditions of when he. Wrote Romans chapter one it's so cool the brain has the capacity to do 2 to acquire this information and mystery is singing you all know these cheesy cheesy cheesy scripture songs but my theory is the cheesier it is the better you memorize it that's why they're cheesy and then it doesn't that doesn't have any an awesome song doesn't have to be some like hip song and just be cheesy and then just an earworm that sticks in in your brain number 4 I have a family a friend of a family friend who they have kids because I'm the youngest kid they didn't know how to read but they would draw the Bible verse out in the cool thing is when the kids just saw a need picture he just didn't know the entire verse right away just the where the cool thing if you are visually oriented use your app to follow an old fashioned probably the best way to flash cards by the location for me what I mean by that is Romans one is always on the left hand on the right column so I got to use my Bible and I'm a visual If I use your Bible and Romans on the right hand side of the right column that Bible is not inspired That's not my bibles at that away for me I've got to use my Bible this is a visually oriented that leads me to highlight or Romans as read these are highlighted and I later want to get a good i like by the way your highlighter is not a scanning machine there are some people who way to study the just highlight everything in their textbooks they think oh if I highlight it doesn't mean it's in my brain it's not you're just coloring you're not studying the coloring while you are at the library or use your mirrors gentleman when you're shaving put it on your back or mirror so that while you're shaving the memorizing scripture simultaneously ladies when you're at your beautification stations and when you have your drill and your hammer and your Tweed pleasers and your you know scalpels or whatever in front of your beautification stations that before Sabbath memorizing scripture while you're making yourself. Use your house many people say the Apostle. All use this method and the Hebrew Greek scholars the Greek philosophers the what they would do when I close my eyes I see my bathroom then I go into my master bedroom ounce hallway downstairs into the kitchen and I see the garage so what I do is they put a Bible verse in each of those rooms and rather than trying to memorize the order they just kind of geographically to us basically go through their house to keep each point and many eloquent speakers have been known to use this technique years or commute I have a friend who has she had 2 hours and to me every single day and after listening to The Book of Acts she memorize the entire book of Acts just from listening to it the brain is so sensitive that she said that she even memorized the cadences of the way the person spoke it so that when she's now she's regurgitating the scripture she accepted copying the cadences and the Christian though and the demand diminuendo as if you are musically oriented that the people use just amazing how. There's something called the something where the for the brain to be and often will environment for learning in East to be an area where there's organized chaos and he said the worst place for learning is an area where too many 90 degree angles and where do people go to study to go to the library which is a building full of 90 degree angles everywhere there's just you know straight you know stacks everywhere and the place where you see natural organized chaos is in the wood then nature where you actually look up and the way you see that the leaves and the branches you may think it's chaotically grown that way but there is actually an algorithm a natural algorithm which chaos theory that we can prove and it's in that environment the brain just complete relaxes in its prime learning and as a school that when you're not in nature you're memorizing scripture that you used I just easier countability one of the benefits of being married or to have a girlfriend or boyfriend is to keep each other accountable and accountability just means that if the other person didn't do it you're giving that person permission that person permission to hit you in the shoulder as hard as you can that's what really the purpose of marriage is the punch each other if they didn't do something so you get into a partnership and you memorize your Bible today no and you punch them and it's a wonderful serotonin boost that you get from that and if you didn't think this and then move on with the rest of your day for Christian leaders I highly recommend that you memorize these passages I'm going to be some 73 you all should know something in 3 they call it the quintessential American song I don't know why it's American it's not but you also know it's a sound 23. 1st cousins 11 is a passes on communion a rather than reading from the Bible how could how cool would it be if the elders were quoting from memory Matthew 28 all of Jesus's disciples should know this by heart sounds 46 is a emergency Psalm collisions one he goes once livings to and John one is to call the or Christological passages and. John John Stott I believe recommend that we memorize these for this memorize one of them really talk about the nature of Jesus Philippians 3 and Gratian is to talk about sanctification Gleason's 5 is about the fruits of the Spirit you should know naturally Romans 8 is just awesome I mean who doesn't like Romans 8 you should know women sure Number 6 is around a blessing a pretty cool benediction and you 24 and 25 is about victory or recent as I've been if these are all the passages that I recommend 10 commandments I love that in the in the African-American communities in the at mistresses they the gold or the 4th commandment as a congregation they memorize it together wonderful tradition as Aben is we should not only know the Sabbath command we should know all 10 commandments are the beatitude these are the blessings from Jesus the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 57 basic. Text for a Christian. Granules messages are in Avonex Psalms 119 it was said that William Wilberforce and the few Henry and trust Persian had memorized some one scene that even William Wilberforce who is known to guide the British guy who was in Parliament who helped the British Empire abolish slavery it was known that he would take during the lunch hour and probably clock to 1 o'clock he would come out a parliamentary Parliamentary the court there and go into the Commons and just kind of walk around the columns and see what I witnessed as I witnesses said that he would have a sandwich underneath his shoulder and on under shoulder and he would have the Bible in the other hand he just got his exercise eating and memorizing scripture all at the same time just a cool cool cool cool visual there and you'll be memorizing Psalms one thing you guys know something and they think it is the longest chapter in the Bible and there's a story in British history about a guy who is fighting with these 2 parties are fighting and they're going to execute this one guy and they put him in the saw and the Sox's you know the 3 holes rebut your hands and your head in and then the execution a comes out with the axe is going to chop his head off and he said is there something you'd like to say before you die your last words or whatever not exact quote The guy said hey I'd like to quote some one thing and then execution is like no if you put that axe down but for the I mean the guy's calling some Going to 19 responder super street and as he's quoting sounds like 19 his friends are at the king's court and they're overturning the edict to kill this guy and so as he's about to finish up some sons when they gain the guy is on horseback and he's shouting from afar is that the king has overturned the e that the king has overturned the edict and literally that bought him enough time to save his life so literally. Memorizing the scripture can save your life the men see although you need to memorize a scripture memory scripture well out of happen if you memorize 1135 Instead what if he said I like to say this list left this last Bible verse celebs the shortest verse in the English Bible not the sort of verse in the Hebrew Bible and said Jesus wept I'm not that I'm not downplaying that verse it's emotively probably the most powerful scripture in the Bible but it is short and you would have died for sure. I sold winners these are some some verses I highly recommend I'm going to put this on the screen and you can access this by doing a screen screen capture later on and freezing your your screens. This is from county councils to the church as a means of intellectual training the Bible is more effective than all other than any other book and all other books combine the greatest of esteems the dignified simplicity of its utterances the beauty of its imagery Quicken and uplift the fall as nothing else in no other study can impart such mental power as the effort to grasp the stupendous truths of Revelation the mind is thus brought in contact with the thoughts of the infinite cannot but expand and. Strengthen and expand. I want to maybe even challenge you here further is don't just memorize verses memorize passages and even chapters I'll talk about that little later we are instructed to be faithful in the least so you know get to the pink Reebok weights 1st and move up to the middle weights later on develop a strategy move use your hands walk about talk out loud if you're totally lazy just cited for 100 days and you'll memorize it watch for times of efficiency and seasons of efficiency my friends who live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan said they have a harder time in memorizing in the winter time for some reason and there are correlations between vitamin d. and and memory. Screw the memory function so make sure maybe you don't have that problem in Southern California but if you are interested in work with computers you might have some issues with with the vitamin e. on a consistent time in a consistent place these are things that have helped. Controlling your environment impacts the habits that you make memorizing and make sure it's a light be aware of pride and I have to admit I was one person who struggled with pride because I memorized whatever book and I was like a og memorize noone what have you memorized memorized you know I would die out if only like one chapter of memories I would die. And if you do this I recommend that you stop because I'm a member is a sin is not making you more like Jesus is making you more someone like like Satan so you stop in the process all together the secret really the Bible memorization is not intelligence and I surmise all of you here if we were to memorize something now you'd be all able to do it the question is if we were to come back tomorrow would you be able to recall that and so it's just repetition it's not about memory capacity it's not about intelligence it's not even about about. You know how many degrees you have or what just really about diligence and how well you go puting these habits she says that we should memorize chapters and it's going to really breach we here really recommend Isaiah 51. I say 53 is it 55 is if 58. First 201213 because no 12 it's about spiritual gifts 13 is the chapter of love yes and this is what I meant about a strategy a calendar and I try to find different ways to plug in an intentional lies the memory memorization of scripture sometimes we have these great intentions they I want to memorize this is so inspiring and then we just kind of let it you know grip we need to plug it in and plan for and on contingency plans and built into them sometimes of relaxation as well so this is from the King James these are just chapter verse word count from the New and Old Testaments and I started couple couple years ago several years ago and I didn't like 3rd and 2nd John I want to memorize the 1st one so I skipped over it so I memorized by Lehman did I like Jude because going through so I went to Titus and working on the vessel on Ian's 1st and 2nd the Timothy's and the Peters and moving myself up on the pink Reeboks up to the middle middle ones and then I know other friends who they want the other way and they're this to memorize x. and Luke and they're going to Matthew and John and God bless them I don't know where they are on that process but they wanted. The 2nd to last exercise in Scripture is meditation and this is something we do that before we go to bed or when we're taking a shower or this is just an inner recesses of your mind and you take these verses and you want to kind of to each word I'm going to use a supposed traces a little bit disgusting but my son who loves oranges especially in mandarin oranges and he has a thing where like me she's an orange needs to inhale the whole thing without chewing it it's not the actual taste or the absorption of vitamin c. it's just satiating his empty stomach that all he's worried about the problem is that oranges are made out of primarily cellulose the outside part so if your teeth are not. Ensuring every I don't know what is called You know you have the orange slices when you peel or slice you have a little I don't know what they're called that you'll eat that's the one you got to puncture each one and then you got the orange juice leaked out and an orange juice has all the nutrition which I'm paying for it right I'm paying or immune system Bute boost but this kid doesn't care about the immune system because he just wants the stomach to be full so he doesn't chew he just swallows and before his diaper trained now are his toilet trained now or when it changes diapers we would see the evidence of the non digestion if you know what I'm saying if you're not a parent you're probably disgusted but you're May you be disgusted in the future with your with your future progeny and wait for the rest of us we see and I'm just like men how do we do that is kind of the word this is a waste we're throwing this away I'm not going to make sure it again for sure enough so we have to show him teach of chewing your food to get maximum efficiency of the food that we're giving you so we do the same thing with scripture sometimes we read without actually digesting so many do this really really briefly I know many of you are familiar with it when you do this with Genesis 11 we do this over and over and over and what happens is in the beginning God created the heavens here in the beginning God created the heavens and here in the beginning God created the heavens and here in the beginning God created a. 17 year and a being God created the heaven and the year and the beginning God created heavens and view. Dramatic side of the just a shallow but I'm just as we want to do that in your brain and it almost kind of changes the meaning of the verse in a micro way if you know what I'm saying you're trying to chew each for us and as if to each verse you want to see how verse one connected verse 2 and then how that composite and exits with the 1st 3 and then do that for the whole chapter and even see how that chapter connects with the previous And and then the chapter after and then quit this picture of this composite building from scripture from your mind grow chewing of each verse and this process takes an Essex place in your brain you're meditating and you're ruminating on this throughout the day the last exercise. Of scripture is applying it a lot of this a lot of this is intellectual work but there's a story about this businessman pulled all of this people together and he said I'm going away for many years I'm going to give you instructions on how to run this business and I'll be coming back to see a guy who needs and every couple months or so sensible letters and sums and emails instructions to how the bin in the business should be run he comes back after several years and comes back and it comes back to like a mess like the books everywhere everything is disheveled the windows are all cracked there's grass growing in the parking lot everyone's in shorts and flip flops and once the receptionist the sweeping the secretaries are all just playing on it and he shouts I was like Guys what's going on here and everyone comes rolling around are like hey the boss is back hey this is awesome we've been waiting so long for you to return we are so happy that you've come back. And he says well it's good to see you guys too but how many of you guys have been getting my letters and he said Have we been getting your letters we love your letters we print out your letters we put all your letters together we made a compilation of your letters we printed on the great best paper we cover it with with genuine leather maybe sometimes on the letter for those of us who and you know for the genuine whether we have an old gilded on the side and we memorize your letters we know your manuals forwards and backwards everything when we do love your letters and then his question is it's great that you love my letters it's great that you've printed out it's great that you have calendars and and and personal devotions regarding these letters but how many of you have actually done what the letters say and that's my plea to all of us in this thing age let's not only reveal your scripture Let's read it but study it let's memorize it that's meditate upon it but most important of all let's apply it to our own lives and then how many of you in song capacity and some little way you want to take the Bible a little bit more seriously and you want to put the Bible in your mind you've been inspired in some capacity and you want to say Lord help me with that desire to raise your hands and ask the Lord for a split compass only the Lord can help us and it is those quests for to find their minds with scripture will be able to survive the deceptions the last days and this is what we 7th they haven't been called to. Any preview. Christmas father we ask for a special blessing upon each sister in each brother who has heard this message. Well there we want to be more intelligent but not intelligent on a selfish plane we want to be more intelligent on a spiritual level to glorify you Father grant us the breadth of mind the stability of purpose the the nobility that you you have talked about father especially in these days where we do have instability of our culture instability of the politics instability of the ecology Krantz us to be stable Christians before your site help us to take the Bible seriously help us to take it one step further and in each of these steps Lord help us to fall in love with scripture for the 1st time or once again bless each person has risen their hands and made you in a very tangible fire and in a radical way. Take our journey in Scripture onto another level we bring you. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio dot org.


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