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Abomination of Desolation in Antichrist's Day, Part 3

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, continues his Abomination of Desolation Series with part 3, discussing events that lead to the desolation of the sanctuary by Nebuchadnezzar. He leads us into very interesting similarities of abominations that occurred before the formation of the United States of America and how it will affect us today.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • July 4, 2020
    11:00 AM
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It's good to see to view here and. I'm thankful that we have the opportunity to worship together today I didn't know with all the backtracking of various things if there would be a decree from the governor to. Shut down or scale back meetings at houses of worship. The close as it came was to. Not be singing. But I've cleared a spot in the woods. We have a nice place we can meet in the woods woods open here so we're ready just in case that was how we like to have church outside in. Someone's working with me getting a parachute so we can cover up the area so the sun does not sign down and we could have some more logistics there if you're interested in helping with the logistics on that to sub me now but I think you'll be great to try that out and. You could even leave your cell phones at home so your cell phone could be sheltering at home while you're sheltering in God's Word can you save it. We might need to think about those things at some point Ok well let's just. Well let's just make a remark I think that we actually should be calling our services protests because then we can actually maybe get more accomplished now our protest may be a little different than the protest that you see on television or read about or hear about because our our church is part of what's called the Protestant Reformation but it's actually the radical Protestant Reformation and those reformers that I have pictured up here you know. Especially Luther which is one of the some all reformers. Their word Protestant actually comes from $1529.00 a council that met in the German city of Spiers an accident curry that would restrict the preaching the gospel to the areas that already adopted Reformation teaching and were choir that no new reforms be adopted and the church demanded that the German princes who supported the Reformation accept the decree and those princes. Did not go out necessarily and physically pick it. In fact these princes never even met the Elector of Saxony never met Luther King never met him but he wrote a letter to the German princes rejected the create and issued a document and here's the document we protest by these presents before God only creator preserve our Redeemer and Savior and who will one day be our judge as well as before all many creatures that we for us in our people neither consent nor adhere to any manner in any manner whatsoever in the proposed decree in anything that is contrary to God to His Holy Word to our right conscience and to the salvation of our souls so they sent a letter. And I might suggest that writing something out and. Even today and flooding the. Mailboxes of those that you want to get your message out might be more effective than actually even marching downtown might they'll be able to read it let it later they can then ponder it and. So. Loser then said the less I'm convinced by scripture or clear reason for I do not trust you the pope or in councils alone since it is well known that they have often heard and contradicted themselves I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted and my conscience is captive to the Word of God I cannot and will not recreant anything since it's neither safe nor right to go against conscience God help me man so this drumbeat of the Reformation was freedom of conscience in areas of worse All right that's not part of my sermon but I just want to say that so let's just pray and then we'll begin the message today Father heaven we're so grateful we can study your word or I'm not able to cover this message effectively. Except with your help and we're not able to hear it without your help so we ask you to be here through the agency of your spirit and that you would speak to us and translate the message to each of us individually including myself and give us additional insights that we may need in our own specific situations in Christ's name. So we've been. Studying the Abomination of Desolation a little phrase in Matthew chapter 24 so I invite you to turn with me in your Bibles to Matthew chapter 24 and will look you there now in our 1st message on the abomination of desolation last night. We saw how the abominations in Israel led to the desolation that came upon them by the never can answer and the Babylonians and how they were taken captive and their sanctuary was actually desolate left desolate and they were taken into captivity for 70 years and then this morning we studied how the temple had been rebuilt. By the decree and the prophecy in Daniel Chapter 9 and they've been able to come back to the land of Israel they've been able to come back to Jerusalem they have been able to rebuild their house and in fact even though it didn't look like Solomon's the desire of the nations would come into it says hey guy chapter 2 verse 8 and the desire of the nations is also the desire of ages we have a book that many of us are aware of called the desire of ages and he actually came into the temple that was built to point towards him but sadly as prophesied by Micah in chapter 3 they he came to his own and His own received him that and not only did they not receive Him They actually turned against him and the key element that led to their desolation of their sanctuary which was awesomely torn down by Titus in 8070 was that they had a blending of church and state against Jesus. And the church and state came together the Sadducees who were you might say the liberals of the day they were most mostly interested in money outward things they didn't believe that there was a resurrection this was all you got and so when they went to church they were working to network to make sure they could make more money they were very interested in those kind of things and then you had the Pharisees that were kind of the arch conservative of the day they prided themselves in the fact that they could. Quote the law and not only the law a disability was so when Daniel and his folks were taken captive it was because the nation was lax on Friday night we went through that and they had all kinds of problems going on which we covered as we look at. Second Kings after $22.23 they had lost the Bible they had lost the spirit of prophecy they had ordained people that were leading in false worship they had idols and they had Sun worship and they had moon worship in fact Sunday had become a big day for them and they also had homosexuality inside the temple so in that text that we read right here in Daniel Chapter 24 says Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel prophet standing in the holy place whoever reads let him understand part of that abomination was homosexuality and Gen sex issues worshipping a bail immorality and actually was inside the temple. But all cell the thing that really took Daniel or that time period in the captivity was their rejection of the Sabbath and that's why it says in 2nd Chronicles Chapter 36 that they had to stay in captivity for 70 years. Year for each year that the land had not kept her Sabbath and so they key catalyst was a union of church and state that had turned against God and had gone against his lot in many ways and has especially broken the Sabbath in Jesus' day like we learned this morning it was that the Sadducees in the Pharisees came together with the her roadie And finally and they they again did many terrible things but the catalyst at the end like we learned this morning I invite you to listen to that message if you didn't hear it was Jesus Sabbath miracles he did 7 Sabbath miracles How many miracles that He do 77 miracles the 1st 2 or 3 they didn't pay any attention to actually the 1st $2.00 but the 3rd one they came and they started to watch him and they said and then to be in a quest and him and then they said you shouldn't do that and then they said if you do that again. We're going to kill you and in fact they did and so it was a church state union in Daniel's day with a disregard of the Sabbath that led them into captivity it was a church state union in Jesus' day where you had to her audience representing Herod and the Romans the Sadducees and the fair seas coming together in a union that then. You know question Jesus concerning the Sabbath and likely missing this morning in one phase of desolation the abomination of desolation spoken of by the end of the Prophet phase one. The real issue was life sensuousness in the 2nd phase of the Abomination of Desolation it was legalism So which is worse legalism or licentiousness they're equally terrible they're both abominations and this is some point we sometimes uh you know fail to recognize now in this 3rd phase 3rd phase an application of this text that we find in Matthew chapter 24 Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place we go back to the Book of Daniel again and. Let's just look there I don't have it this way in my slides which is why I don't like to have slides when I feel like we need to look at the Bible 1st here so there are several other text about the abomination of desolation let's look at one in Daniel Chapter 8 so in Daniel Chapter 8 we looked at one of Daniel Chapter 9. With the 70 weeks this morning but let's go back to Daniel Chapter 8 and Daniel Chapter 8 you have this picture of all the Kingdoms. That are passing on the stage and you have then this kind of summary text from verse 13 and then I heard Daniel Chapter 8 verse what then I heard oh holy one and another Holy One said to that certain one who was speaking. How long will the vision be concerning the daily sacrifices is an added word if it's in your bible how long will the visit be concerning of the Daily and the trance question of desolation there it is the abomination causes desolation and the giving of both the sanctuary and the host to be trampled under foot so here you have another text that is dealing with the abomination of desolation Ok but this actually has a time marker with it in verse chapter 14 and he said to me for 2300 days then sell the sanctuary be cleansed so this abomination of desolation would happen 2300 days later not just any day days on which the sanctuary was cleansed how many days out of the year was the sanctuary cleansed once a year and it's saying there how many of them $2300.00 which would be how many centuries $23.00 centuries how many are following what I'm saying because it's one a day or it's one day a year so this is $2300.00 days of atonement and after that time you would have you you would have developing this abomination of double desolation around that time period how many centuries before Christ. Was the Book of Daniel written like 5 centuries right 5. Minus 23 is what 23 minus 5 is what. 18 So when you moved it to you know sort of b.c. you go to 80 this prophecy would take you down just by using simple logic we could do it other ways but it would take you down some time near the 18 hundreds and said that time there would be another abomination that was causing desolation look back at verse 12 Why was it causing desolation Daniel chapter a verse 12 because of transgression an army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily and the test true to the ground he did all of this and prospered so you have a you have an entity little foreign power that has an army given over to it and it uses that army to what persecute people and cast truth to the ground how we can see that similar to what we saw in Jesus' day so we have his church state power this little horn power is identified by. Protestants classically as Roman Catholicism but it was also identified by Catholics as Roman Catholicism for a time period where one time there were 3 popes I remember this there were 3 popes at one time and guess what they called each other they called each other all the end of Christ and guess what sex they used same sex that Protestants use we just happen to still agree with them so they use those texts and so this power would come at the end of time and it would be a church state power that would arise after Jesus came and after he died did the gospel go everywhere rapidly it did I remember that collapsed in chapter one verse $23.00 as says it was preached wherever there was a creature in one generation. 1st that's a lot of chapter one every single chapter and verse testimony one says well let's look at this I want you to get this idea so you can get an idea when this this power would come up 1st Thessalonians chapter one by the way 1st us alone it was one of the 1st books that was released in the New Testament 1st those lines chapter one in in verse 10 with a picture of the 2nd coming to wait for His Son from heaven whom he raised from the dead even Jesus who delivers us from the wrath to come so chapter one basically says he's coming again chapter 2 verse 18 therefore we wanted to come to you even Paul Time and again to say to him and before what is our hope our joy or crown of rejoicing is that not even you in the presence of our Lord Jesus at His coming you are hope you are glory you are Joy So chapter one at the end last verse 2nd coming Chapter 2 2nd coming they believe is coming soon chapter 3 End of chapter 3 now verse 11 May our God and Father himself Oh Lord Jesus direct our way to you and May the Lord make you increase in a bound in love to one another just as we do to you that he may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before God and Father at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all his saints so chapter one the 2nd coming Chapter 2 2nd coming chapter 3 2nd coming Paul believe Jesus is coming again Chapter 4 look at the end of chapter 4. Verse fit 16 for the Lord Himself. Will descend from heaven with a shout and with the voice of the archangel with the trumpet of gun in the Devon Christ will rise 1st then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and then we shall always be with the Lord therefore comfort one another with with these words in other words we're going to see him come we're going to be caught up now we can see that there's a real belief that Jesus is coming soon and that the law needs Chapter 5 end of chapter 5. Now verse 23 May the God of Peace him self sanctify you completely and may your whole spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ there's going to be a people that are ready when Jesus comes and they say we're going to be the ones that are ready and if you read all the context of 1st s. ones it tells you how to get ready but did Jesus come at the end the 1st us allowance he did so look at the 2nd settlement and see what happens it will bring into relief this desolating abominable power that was foretold not only by Paul but by the text we're going to look at later in Daniel Chapter 11 and Daniel Chapter 12 1st or 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 now brother in concerning the coming of our Lord and there are gathering to gather to him we ask you to not be soon shaken in mind or troubled either by spirit or by word or by letter as if proboscis as though the day of Christ had come let no one deceive you by any means for that day will not come unless a falling away comes 1st and the man of sin is revealed that son of perdition who opposes an exultant suburb of all of those called God and His worship so that he sits as God in the temple of God showing himself that he is God. Do you not remember when I was still with you I told you these things and now you know what is restraining that he will be revealed in his own time and what is he doing while these in the temple of God which is a code word and 1st Corinthians chapter 3 verse 17 for the church what is he doing verse 7 for the mystery of the lawlessness is already at work only he who now restrains will do so he is taken out of the way and then the lawless one will be revealed to the Lord will consume of the brothers mile and destroy with the brightness of His coming on the coming of the lawless one is according to all the working of Saint with power signs and lying wonders and all unrighteous deception among those who perished because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved and for this reason God will send them a strong delusion that they will believe the lie so Jesus dies the Gospel goes everywhere in one generation the 1st book released in the New Testament is 1st that the learning as they say Jesus is coming again he's coming again he's coming again he's coming again he's coming again wait he didn't come again why because there must be a falling away that comes that the man ascend might be revealed that he was that man of sin that's revealed that some of that sitting in the church that's a lot less and sets up an abomination that causes desolation how he could see this Ok so now let me go I was going to talk about 1st I kind of gave you my Bible study 1st. I like my slides. You know James Madison wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson he said perhaps it is a universal truth that the las of liberty at home is to be charges against provisions against danger real or pretend and from abroad James Madison one of the framers of the constitution he said look America is very fragile. When there is a lot of stress and pressure on it from outside and inside and so even though we put together this declaration of independence and even though we frame the Constitution in even though it took us a long time to get the bill rights together by the way America was never known as really America as we know it. In tell 1798 that's how long it took to get the bill of rights ratified and the colonies would not sign off until this is you know there so although there was a declaration of independence on July 2 and a document came out on July for it wasn't until 1798 that it actually was seen as a nation by the most powerful nation of that time or most influential which was France and France sent them a nice little statue the Lady Liberty I'm eager following me so far and the big thing that kept Madison at wake at night was what happens if we get a lot of pressure from outside and what happens if we get a lot of pressure from inside it might fall apart and we kind of worried about that even today and it only takes. A covert virus and now there's another one c.d.c. takes action to prepare against g. for swine flu viruses in China and the same way more is coming I'm going to you're kind of on the edge already with all the stuff that's been happening. There's been racial disharmony f. not against ethnic asked Matthew chapter $24.00 talked about there's going to pass a lance probably the best known pestilence of all history because it's communicated instantly all over the world. There's been a betrayal of people one against the other there's been false prophecy someone saying that there's going to be fireballs that hit Nashville July 18th and they have all these kind of scenarios that are worked out even though and these are some of the evidence or form or some of the evidence even though it says and that my message last Sabbath morning listen to it if you haven't that there will be time no longer We're not to be setting time prophecies we're not to do soft sell ones like oh it's almost 7000 years that's a sop sell time prophecy and God says don't do that or even more particular ones so there's that's happening false christ false dreams I got at least 3 e-mails this last week with dreams that people wanted me to look at the Analyze as I looked over them I realize they were false dreams because they had false prophetic scenarios related to the dream so they have error mixed with truth which means they're not true I mean with me on this and then it says Lalas this would have bounced in the text and methods have a 24 and we see that the Supreme Court recently is handed down rulings that specifically go against 6 of the 10 commandments and so allow those this is a balancing in terms of what the High Court is doing and by the way it's functioning correctly if it's reflecting you know the populace but it's not even doing that it's making decisions without even going to Congress and I'll show you kind of why that's happening in a minute. And then you have this added stress that's coming and I found it interesting this dynamics of disaster by Susan key for. Disaster creates conditions particular fitted to rapid alteration of belief systems disaster produces questioning. Anxiety and suggestibility that are required to change only in its wake are people moved to abandon all values of the past this should terrify us a bit but this should also motivated this is the best time to talk to people about got there in transition there are open Number 3 belief systems which under non disaster conditions might be dismissed in a disaster receive sympathetic consideration so you have everybody throwing the kitchen sink at the pandemic I'll take advantage of it for my personal agenda don't waste a good pandemic don't waste a good crisis and this is what the scholars say they say look this always happens so when this I mean I'm sit in my I'm sitting in my house minding my own business with my lovely wife and my children sitting around me and all of suits around the table and I get yet another report from the Supreme Court this last week coming down with 2 decisions and I'm like what it's almost as if it's like it's almost as if God is allowing people to see all of the elements that are in Matthew 24 kind of come to the surface at the same time how many uses understand it and I'm going wait but it's almost like they're in sequence because. Well I'll show you what I mean. There are agendas out there to try and kind of move things different ways the United States Supreme Court may soon liberate this was written a number of years ago the biblical concern of church from old prejudices that should of long ago been jettisoned forcing it to rightly bowed to the enlightenments of modernity so I'd say look we all have the Supreme Court starts to make rulings this was written about 5 years ago. We ought to start to make rulings because we need to move on beyond the Bible and in fact Georgetown University a Catholic institution says this one of their scholars they said this a couple of years ago the American system of government is broken but almost no one blames the culprit our insistence on obedience to the constitution with all its archaic idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions and say look they were slave owners look at this they said it was equal but they're not equal we need to get rid of it get rid of it get rid of it and all the 18 presidents that had slaves get rid of them to tear down the monument of Madison tear down the monument of Jefferson they own slaves and in that ilk it continues instead of arguing about what to be done we argue about what James Madison might have wanted to be done 225 years ago why are we even listening to Madison he say and then he says there is something to be said for an elite body like the Supreme Court with power to impose a do use on political morality of the country he says exactly what's been happening over the last several months he says well you guys can't decide in Congress no one's going to listen to the president let the Supreme Court and poses it's viewed of political morality on the country and that is exactly what has been averaging. John Roberts last week this is the headline says many of them like 30 articles this is this the one that I thought was most shocking. John Roberts or most accurate general Roberts just bulldoze the wall separating church and state his stunning 54 decision forces states to fund religious schools and augers even more radical rulings down the road. Religious schools should have the same access to scholarships and funds as private schools the justices ruled in a victory for conservatives in a sweeping 54 decision forced a majority of states to fund private religious schools and a ruling compels millions of us tax Packers to subsidize Christian education even if financing others religion violates their own beliefs Incredibly this maximalist decision did not go far enough for 2 conservative justices who would apparently let state stablished an official religion these are all code language words taken directly from the Constitution that there should be no is stablished ment of religion I mean calling me this. And you might say Well that sounds good I mean we Mars needed some money finally the government going to send all home my friends don't take the crack cocaine. Because if you take title my money you also have to abide by Title 7 which was passed last week but there's many more problems 18 years ago is almost a Simmons a bare majority of the Supreme Court ruled that under the establishment clause states are allowed to fund public private schools who vouchers now the court has declared that under Free Exercise Most states are compelled to fund private religious schools the conservative majority has revolutionised church state law in record time the upshot taxpayers in most of the country will soon start funding overtly religious education including indoctrination of children into a faith that my class with their own what conscience. What does the Supreme Court have to say to Montana who did not wish to fund religious indoctrination that contradicts their own beliefs in short they say Too bad your rights just don't matter as much this decision flips the 1st Amendment on its head the amendments free exercise clause protection religious liberty its establishment clause commands a government to make no law respecting an establishment of religion the government Roberts explains has no compelling interest preserving separation of church and state beyond what the 1st Amendment requires and then he says nor does the government have any interest in protecting taxpayers right not to func religious exercise that infringes upon their own beliefs we do not see how the no aid provision promotes religious freedom says the chief justice who also is a Roman Catholic and was schooled in Roman Catholic thought just like that professor from Georgetown was and from the Catholic perspective there is nothing wrong with this absolutely nothing wrong especially since they have the majority of schools. And it would be like establishing their existing schools make no mistake many schools are failing right now and will be knocked out of the game but the only ones though exists that are private schools. Are. Those with deep pockets and long histories and this by the way is Roman Catholics up the reference to school choice. In canon law means that the Roman Catholic Church favors voucher programs Roman Catholic schools the United States from kindergarten to university all receive hundreds of millions of dollars of tax subsidies not through their tax exempt status but through a provision of transportation textbooks teachers salaries research grants construction loans and grants and forth and so on about 3 programs how permit Roman Catholic schools to receive hundreds of millions and billions more tax dollars and this ruling last week will only accelerate that we must use the doctrine of religious liberty again independence now this is now the evangelical side of that they're all saying even the trumpet ministration this is a great way and because he stands in front of monuments with the Bible and all the people in this press corps where crosses this is all meant to manipulate Christians we must use the doctrine of religious liberty again independence for Christian schools until we train up a generation of people who know there is no religious neutrality then they'll get busy in constructing a Bible based social political religious order which finally denies the religious liberty of the enemies of God Why because church and state come together just like it did in Jesus' day President of church to get the state to enforce the observance of Sunday and introduce the teaching of Christianity state schools is but a revival This is Ellen White speaking of the pagan Paypal's doctrine of force and religious thing and as such it is anti-Christian and I'm the evangelical side if you go to 100 churches 99 of them are going to say this there is no such thing as separation of church and state as merrily a figment of the imagination of infidels. The Constitution was designed to perpetuate a Christian order the concept of a secular state was virtually nonexistent in 1776 as well as 787 but those are the wrong dates my brothers and sisters America did not become a nation in till 1798 after the Bill of Rights including the 1st Amendment had been passed and so you have people that are ignorant of history that are being led down a path I wanted to Pads perhaps robbers this article from the magazine or the news that I was reading to you can't see what's the problem with this but James Madison certainly could and that's why I named my son James Madison James Madison seventy's most to be exact. James Madison and the Sabbath. Now he's probably now wanted me to say that but Madison famously opposed the Virginia bill that would have tax residence to support teachers of the Christian religion condemning it as a signal of persecution that violates religious liberty he asserted that religion could not be forced on people and that state support actually corrupted religion government properly limited rather would promote a civil society in which people of different phases could maintain their beliefs according to their own conscience disease said yes there's going to be all kinds of religions in America but at least none of them will be in the majority that I can find at but they're all going to be healthy. Unless we prop some of them up unless we take a majority rules that way who wears the majority and you know the court has been tending this way since the ninety's where it says We'll just help the majority religion that's a way of establishing religion. And it's interesting to me as I listen to these 2 Justice Roberts and Gorsuch Gorsuch comes out with a ruling that is specifically tailored to promote his own church which has all the same values and then rather comes out was a ruling that provokes a loud jerk. And how many of you understand what I just said you have to know what the rulings were last week it was redefining sex so that the Civil Rights Act could make a space for those with God calls being involved in abominations. Their activities according to scripture are abominations that cause desolation and you know what nobody says it but it's true even scientifically but nobody wants that science anymore but if you're involved in those behaviors you're going to head desolations in multiple organ systems but some churches think that's Ok course it's church that that was Ok so he passes something and it goes along with the others that goes along with history it's almost establishing his church in a sense at least in that title 7 arena and then the whole court goes along and says wait a minute maybe we will just give money to all religious schools so why was Madison like this Well you know Madison in the early America the Church of England came and trance and power and was having increasing influence over political affairs one of the colonies had a stablished official state religion and Virginia was the one where there was a test case where both matter since and Jefferson worked to change that because these established religions were persecuting people if you went to Virginia what was Virginia. It was named after who's the Virgin Queen Elizabeth so if you went there and you are a fiscal your Church of England you're Ok but you get persecute if you want to present you if you want to marry land what do you think their religion was their Catholic if you went to Pennsylvania what do you think their religion was there it was quite her and Roger Williams says forget this all these people are well what were they doing what were they doing in these places. Sellers would attend morning and evening prayer every day and those who show up and willfully absent themselves from these divine services will be punished according to the law for a 1st offense settlers already living on the edge of starvation would lose a day's provision of ration rations for a 2nd offense they would be whipped and a 3rd they would be sentenced to serve in the ocean going galleys for 6 months and then it got worse jails fines floggings and sentences and exile or death were commonplace before federal guarantees of religious liberty began to take effect and those took effect with the Bill of Rights was ratified finally and fully in $798.00 we have all kinds of people pointing back people to the history before 1798 and the time of persecution a time where churches today came together to persecute and Madison and Jefferson said enough of that already. Jefferson writing 818-002-1798 extension 1802 notice today believing with you writing to the Baptist in Virginia that religion is a matter which lies between man and his God I contemplate with sovereign reverence that the whole that the whole American people was declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or their of thereby building a wall of separation between church and state and Jefferson dot that was very very important why does he think that what year was it what year was it what year was it January 18th no to who or what had just happened where he just came from he was our representative of our government to guess what nation France. And guess what he had just same in friends he had seeing the French Revolution. Why was there a revolution in France because church and state had come together and they had killed all people that disagree with them or made them leave the land the human acts thank Bartholomew's massacre the Albigensians the Walden sees all these groups were persecuted with church and state together and so Jefferson said that don't work that dog does not hunt that watermelons to not be sliced we're not doing that here in America let us separate church and state and we can see why I came to this conclusion. Because I'm not sure you understood the prophecy I told you about I showed you the prophecy didn't night that this power little horn power would get an army given to it and would cast truth to the gallon and would do that from 53827908 that's what was happening religious persecution all during that time and he said let's not do that anymore let's have a republic and let's have a separation of church and state let's have a nation without a king and a church without a pope. Because we've seen that when you put those 2 together it's always toxic unless God Himself is leading it like a theocracy right Madison chimed in as well strongly guarded as is the separation between religion and government in the Constitution of the United States the danger of encroachment by ecclesiastical bodies may be illustrated by precedents already furnished in their sort of history 776 Regina adopted the Declaration of Rights of proclaimed in no uncertain terms all men are equally entitled to free exercise religion according to the dictates of their conscience Patrick Henry wanted to say religious tolerance medicine is unknown at tolerance since that means they can change if they want no we have to word it this way and then finally what they did in Virginia is what was done in America and the Jefferson's grave if you visit he says the most important thing I did was that ruling in Virginia not being president of the United States. Madison and Jefferson both died on July 4 or was it and was. Adams both died on Adams and Jefferson both died they were kind of enemies on Miss Adams wanted to kind of bag be a king that's why I didn't win a 2nd term you've got presidents to try and act like kings they usually don't win 2nd term because Americans don't like that. I'm not making any political statements I'm an independent but I'm just sharing history with you now notice what it says here this is ensconced now from this study in our Constitution Congress so make no law stablish a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof nor so the rights of conscience being friends how many think that's just a beautiful statement and yet it's under attack by the rulings of the high court how we can see that and how many you think you should be concerned about that So while I had this twice maybe it's good maybe something I should repeat Now what about this French Revolution there's no period of history in the world that could be compared in point of interest importance of that which in braces see progress and determination of the French revolution in the former age where the events of such magnitude crowded together interest so momentous as issue between contending nations from the flame which was kindled in Europe the whole world has been involved with a conflagration a new era has dawned upon both hemispheres for the effect of his accents and stance in another words the French Revolution was in everyone's mind and they represented one approach to what to do and America represented another approach of how to have a revolution in the French approach they said Eagle attend a Everyone is equal do away with all issues in terms of gender sexuality they were the 1st nation ever to pass a rule that supported homosexuality. As you know the friends they said treat the animals as equals become vegetarians Voltaire was a vegetarian they said look get rid of the guild's knock em all down because you should be able to eat cake. And that just have the royalty do it and so they came up with things called Restore the woods then turns into a word called restaurant days restaurants but it was all based on this idea of doing what taking the established order and replacing it completely James Madison talked about it in the papal system government religion in a manner consolidated and that's found to be the worst form of government and most governments in the Old World the legal establishment of a particular religion and with or without very or toleration of others makes a part of the political and civil organization and there are not a few of the most enlightened judges who will maintain that the system was favorable to either religion or government and he's talking about what happened in the French Revolution because this was not favorable to either and guess when this all happened folks right at the time period Bible prophecy said it would Bible prophecy set in Daniel 7 and Daniel a in a Daniel 12 I know the cipher forgot to put Daniel in the air that there would be a power who would be given an army to oppose the daily cast truth to the ground and prosper and we call the abomination of desolation it would cast truth to the ground what happened in the French Revolution sanctify them by value truth i word is truth John 1717 what happened to God's word in the French Revolution and also in Catholicism God's word was cast down. During the time period of the Catholic rule what happened to the place of God's sanctuary justice and mercy is this each other and it says the foundation was passed was cast down as well the place of the sanctuary was cast down Daniel Chapter 8 verse 11 and what happened to the daily ministry it was co-opted and turned into a money making stance scheme that made the politicians and the populace of France sick they were selling candles for money they were selling holy water they were selling masses being sad for people and finally they drove out everybody didn't believe that way and they were getting sick of it because the poor getting poorer and the rich were getting richer and they were a disenfranchised 3rd a state and there was this fomentation saying you know what we need to cast off the church we need a whole new way we don't like this church and state that you look to the churches if you look in the churches you had God If you go there even today you look in the cathedrals you have God picture there with the angels Next you have the king and all the privilege together and then us. The poor people in the service and they said we don't want that anymore and Roman Catholicism had laid the foundation for that revolution by disregarding God's word disregarding the foundation. Having the counterfeit sanctuary ministry and raising itself as high as the prince was saying Look Christ is not in control but the Vicar of Christ is we are Christ on earth and in persecuting the stars God's people this came right after 7098 the French Revolution was 709321798. And you know when it started the French Revolution the French were the ones that started giving the power when the 20th when the 1260 day arose I remember a says that there were 3 horns that were plucked up in Daniel Chapter 7 verse 25 I mean rumor that would pluck up 3 horns and he would think to change what times and one law this is a new thought Ok why don't we change times and law. What law is it that has something to do with time why don't we change that so they did that and they plucked up 3 horns as it began Clovis did the Ostrogoths of this August in a hurry that some years ago I was reading for one of my classes and I came across a fascinating statement that all of these Ostrogoths and this aghast and hurry away were all saboteur in tribes they all kept the Sabbath so at the very beginning they said church state will get rid of the cemetery and so yeah they were also Arion some of them which I don't agree with Arion ism in any sense but I don't I don't kill them you know how many would be and then. So what happens in the French Revolution there anti-static tearing at the 1st and they go all that time and then they say look you guys have gotten rid of all these people and everything else we don't like what you're doing and during the French Revolution one of the do as a result of reaction against the excesses of Catholic Christianity church state Christianity in the late 700 the Republic decided to institute a new calendar based on the decimal system 10 days weeks decades to sew the 7 day weeks 10 hour days 100 minutes each instead of 60. Minutes each minute 100 seconds and the rest every 10th day so they said let's get rid of all religion in the French Revolution. And let's specifically get rid of the Sabbath Gallic said change of the Sunday they said get rid of it all how did that work out during the reign of terror the 10 day decade was imposed by force churches were closed and allowed to open only on the 10th day mental institutions quickly filled the overcapacity even the animals begin to die so we kind of covered our Bible study how do you get the point the abomination of desolation spoken of by Dana the prophet in Daniel Chapter 8 Daniel Chapter 7 leads up to 1798 right and then Daniel step 12 or 7 Look at this one because it's the it's giving another thing we're supposed to understand the abomination of desolation spoken of by being a prophet and we're understanding those dynamics go back with me now to Daniel Chapter 12 and Daniel Chapter 12 you have. And that's the last text bom an 8th of the desolation there's another one in Daniel 11 How many think I should not try and cover Daniel 11 today along with what I told you already so I'm going to come back to that later I want to do it by the way we're told we're supposed to understand then your 11 more fully at the end of time and there's all kinds of books out there on it and I think there is a lot of confusion and so I'm going to talk about that next week Daniel 11 for a look at Daniel Chapter 12. And this by the way is the time period of the Advent movement these texts are right there during this time period of 184-318-1844 then it says this verse 10 many will be purified made white and refined but the wicked chill do wickedly and then of the wicked still understand but the Weisel understand and from the time that the daily is taken away and the abomination of desolation is set up this will be 1290 days blessed it is he who waits and comes to the 1335 days Daniel Chapter 12 verse 7 also has that other marker look back at verse 12 I heard a man clothed I mean verse 7 of Chapter 12 I heard a man clothed in linen who was above the waters of the river when he held up his right hand of his left hand to heaven and swore by him who lives forever that it shall be for a time times and a half a times and when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered all these things will take place and the words sometime after the time times and half a time which is in some $798.00 there'd be a scattering and shattering of God's people did that happen. And then it says there's 2 more time periods and they had to do with what verse 11 from the time of the daily is taken away in the abominate date bomb a nation of desolation is set up there will be 1290 days so this abomination of desolation with that set up he didn't really understand what it meant it 1st but the taking away of the continual in the daily in the setting up with abomination happened in 5 away already talking about it because I gave you the Bible Study the 1st this was when Clovis the Frank became the king and married her Hilda who was a Catholic. And somehow when you get married and those of you potentially thinking about this you can be influenced by your spouse how you think that's probably true. I know my wife has influenced me greatly although we're both sort of the evidence Christians before marriage and member I told you that Bible way Clovis comes up he is instrumental in helping pluck up 3 horns all those 3 horns are what saboteur Arion and the concept of 2 abominations was developed by the reformers they said the 1st book abomination was Rome Pagan Rome and the 2nd was a future answer Christ the 2 abomination view was held among the reformers they believe that the 1st abomination was Rome and the 2nd was Papal Rome that coming from Daniel Chapter 8 verse 8 in 9 we just read the verses added up to verse 13 and that's what they believed and these time periods in from the time that the daily sacrifice was taken away in the abomination that makes desolate was set up there will be 1290 days bless it is he that way the thing comes to to the to the $1305.30 days and then 2nd to last of Thessalonians we just read it for the mystery of iniquity that's already work only he who is now let it will let until he be taken out of the way in other words the Roman pagan Rome when Paul was writing in 2nd says alone it would get out of the way and who would come in if twice Roman Catholicism with the church state idea 2nd Thessalonians deals with 2 persecuting powers and so does Daniel 12. Or they're persecuting those a don't believe the way they do and that's exactly what happened the Roman emperor made the Pope the head of the Christian church and recognised Catholicism as the only legal religion in 538 and France entered the papal power with the sword and the deadly wound in 1798 and it was at this very time that Madison and Jefferson were say how do we set up a country that doesn't go through that one of them was a Bible student Madison was trained in theology and Princeton he kind of went away from religion because he had a seizure disorder and everyone teased him so he said I like that these are Christians and they tease me anytime it was John just against persons because of that according to the most recent book I read on his life but Jefferson he just wanted to protect all religions and not get in the middle of these let's make a system where they don't keep killing each other can you say hello you to vent and by the way he's the Bible do that render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar and then to God the things that are God So 5 always these are that these are the time periods 1260 to the 7098 and then the 1335 until 1843 and Clovis the Frank was the one that came up with that church that state abomination that caused Altman desolation in the French Revolution a new relationship between church and state emerged in gaol in the word for France in the 5th century that became the model for the formation of the future Holy Roman Empire Clovis is married to could tell the niece of the king of Ghana bought of the burgundy and the Italians and what happened he got baptized by the pope in 5008 and he instantly went to start plucking up the 3 saboteur in 4. And this is why Jefferson said when we found our government let us have a separation between church and state so they do not come together and do exactly what they have done for centuries freedom of religion you can have that if you're in this country he said or you can have freedom from religion now by the way how many of you agree with Jefferson I mean you agree with him on if you don't know what to say at this point how many of you agree with Jefferson that you should be able to have freedom for religion or no religion in this in this nation the commandments of nappy used to rule this nation the commandments should be in your heart they should be in your mind they should rule you but not the nation was the 1st commandment that was out have no other gods before me how we think that going to work in America not going to work some people don't believe in God Some people believe in a different god than you live and let live that Jefferson and by the way the Bible says the same thing in Romans Chapter 14 verse 23 what does it say that which is not of faith is c.n.n. the so if you make people do things because you believe it but they don't you're causing him to do what sin and Jefferson said you don't want to condescend to you and so you need to have a separation between church and state Roger Williams said the same thing he used the metaphor long before and you know Roger Williams You learned it he learned from a guy named Coke cook spelled cook who had seen everything that happened to the Puritans at the hand of King James so. Freedom from freedom of religion or freedom from religion as Madison said freedom arises from a multiplicity of sex which pervades American which is the best and only security for religious liberty in any society for where there is such variety of sects there cannot be a majority of any one sect to oppress and persecute the rest I think there's some wisdom here from Madison and we think there's some wisdom here from Jefferson and some real wisdom so Clovis new paradigm of church state relations aided the rise in success of the Roman Catholic Church and implication of Justinian law code made the Pope the head of the Christian Church corrector of heretics France into the papal power with the sort of deadly wound but after that America opened up in 1798 as a Christian nation that acted like Christ want to came to different religions he did not force or compel to diseases or force or compel people and at that time the advent movement would arise so how many think the advent movement has a special role given what I've said you see the magisterial reformers Waldo Luther all these folks begin to persecute people that did not believe like them right and they came to the Anabaptists stepchildren of the Reformation to expand the Reformation and that's that's where you got the idea of separation of church and state the same author Leonard ver were doing which I encourage you to read also had a book call the 1st Amendment in the remnant. And explicitly sells out each one of those groups founded separation of church and state that hadn't happened there wouldn't be any Baptists here in America there wouldn't be any Presbyterians here in America. They would have all been killed long ago and the melting pot of America is founded on the separation of church and state which is founded on Scripture and history any movement in favor of religious legislation is really an act of concession to the papacy which 1st so many ages has steadily ward against one liberty of confidence and if you are warring against liberty of conscience putting state and church together that by definition is the abomination of desolation how we are following all these things are in the mix today people are making decisions people are getting back and studying the Bible I want to encourage you with these words We are not doing the will of God we still inquietude doing nothing to preserve liberty of consonance That's why I preach the sermon today I've done my job today now you go tell some people how many of you value liberty of conscience there are many who are these who are as it were asleep can come from human cells with the thought that God will protect this people the day of trouble but God will not save us if we make no effort to do the work he's committed and to our charge as faithful watchman You should see the sword coming and give a warning that men and women may not pursue a course through ignorance that they would avoid if they knew the truth I think that's enough for today. I know you may have questions you may want to clarify some things I'm certainly welcome and open to more deeper Bible study on those things but I believe folks that Matthew 24 we went through it Matthew chapter 24 has many many many many many many cameos that have all been touched on in the current situation and I believe Jesus is coming again soon and I believe what we're seeing are showing us that he's about to come does he desirous to worse of him out of fear do we think that we can be saved by keeping God's law absolutely not the reason people keep God's law is because they love God and he writes it in their heart if you want to review that last week we went through was God's main objective and we showed how his desires are right has won our hearts but he doesn't and not only that he's the one that keeps his law in and through our lives we never could do it and if we thought we could do it that would be actually a simple statement to say but I believe Jesus is coming soon I want to closer to him number 207 it may be more and but Oh that's right we're not going to do that right now let's just pray and then we'll sing. As some puter time let's pray Father in Heaven Lord we're so thankful today. That there is a great crowd of witnesses that have thought about the things I've missed today much longer and more deeply than I have thank you for those whose shoulders we sit on thank you for the United States of America thank you for the freedoms that the thoughtful study. Of people like Madison and Jefferson put in thank you for the Declaration of Independence which holds that we have liberty to worship God according to the dictates of our conscience and not be manipulated by others thank you for the Constitution in this time when all these things are under attack may your people and may we be committed as a study of your word and may you through your loving example cause us to so fall in love with you that we will move at the impulse not of our works but of your work within our lives and may we as a result be able to be an example. That the righteous requirements of all while might be fulfilled in us that walk not according to the flesh. What according to the spirit. In Jesus' name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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