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Abomination of Desolation in Our Day, Part 4

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • July 8, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Good evening everyone and welcome to our comm midweek service in our last study on the abomination of desolation. We've been studying that text in Matthew chapter 24 verse 15 and when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the name of the Prophet standing in the Holy Place let the reader understand and we've seen in that. In that text that we should read the Book of Daniel and we should consider this phrase abomination of desolation and the reason we were so interested is because as we've been studying Matthew chapter 24 we've seeing all of the things in that chapter that the Lord said would happen before he comes we've been reminded of many of those things over the last several months and they've been put in our mind in a new fresh way and it's almost as if they have been happening almost equally. Because we have a pestilence and then we have you know Ethne us against f. not that of the riots and then the racial tension and then we have not only that we have. You know people that are men's hearts are failing them for fear and we have. False prophets we talked about that false prophecies we talked about lawlessness that would abound and then in that same setting this gospel of the king it would be priests all the world is a witness and then the end would come and then came that text. The abomination of desolation and so we've looked at that and we've seen several elements as we've looked at the 4 different text in the Book of Daniel we've looked at 3 of the 4 texts and those 3 text had these elements a union of church and state. That caused corruption and increased creasing list of abominations crowding abomination that was related to Sabbath desecration and then a falling following resulting desolation and then we always ended with a picture of hope so we saw that in Daniel's day remember and Daniel's day they said we don't want to have well before Daniel ever came on the scene they said we don't want to have a prophet we want to have a king the Kings became very corrupt and then and the 2nd Kings 22 and 23 and the 2nd Chronicles step to 36 we saw all these the list of abominations that then ended with a death and abomination concerning the Sabbath and then there was a desolation they were taken captive to Babylon remember that but was there any hope yes a remnant was identified Daniel and his friends and they lived faithfully in Babylon for that 70 year period right and then the hope was they'd be called out of it then the 2nd time we looked at the abomination of desolation in the Book of Daniel we saw in Daniel Chapter 9 verse $26.27 that there would be abominations and desolations that came relating to the Messiah and so on the Messiah came. There was a church state union that came against him the scribes of the fairest seas in the her audience and they came together and then there was you know an increasing list of abominations that is summarized in Matthew chapter $23.00 But the crowning abomination of Sabbath desecration was seeing and how they related to Jesus when he did his what 7 Sabbath miracles and so we looked at those 7 Sabbath miracles and how they became increasingly upset with him and then they decided they would kill him over the issue of the Sabbath. But when he died was there any picture of hope yes his believe Earth the disciples rested according to the commandment on the 7th right after he died and this faithful remnant that would keep the Sabbath after he was gone they spread the gospel of the whole world in one generation Colossians $123.00 and Acts Chapter $1711.00 they turned the world upside down so. That was the 2nd one then the 3rd one we looked at was looking at Daniel Chapter 8 verse 13 which again pictured there would be a desolation that was set up it was connected to a time prophecy in Daniel 814 taking us all the way down to the time of the end 798840 4 time period and sure enough there was an abomination of desolation that was set up in 5 a way to $538.00 that led led to multiple abominations and then the abomination of Sabbath desecration both at the set up we looked at those tribes the Ostrogoths the Vandals the hurry ally and they were all Arion and Sabbath Tarion and they were eradicated by the church at the beginning of a time period and at the end of the time period in the French Revolution as a reaction to the corruption of the papacy then. France did away with the Sabbath and everything else and. Had a 10 day week instead of a 7 day week but was there any hope yes God would have a room and people arose at the end of the 1290 in the 1335 that would discover the Sabbath again and would share the room that mass of how many remember this so in every single pattern we had a union of church state and increasing list of abominations a crowning abomination of savage desecration and then the following desolation and then a picture of hope so we'll look at that again now but it's a little more complicated than how an apology is going right into this because this is a little more in-depth then anything we've covered so far so let's pray again and ask the Lord to bless us Father in heaven or advise us as we study tonight the anti-Christ in the final American and then global desecration or desolation and bless us that we might be able to understand help me to say things clearly and help us to be able to concentrate after a long day of work in Christ name Amen Ok Daniel chapter 11 verse 29 and 30 is where we find. Our text at the appointed time he said return and go towards the south but it's still nothing like the former or the latter 4th ships from Cyprus so come against him therefore he shall be grieved in return and rage against the holy covenant. And do damage so he shall return and so regard for those who for sake of the holy covenant. So. These are the 2 verses before well there's the next 2 techs are going to talk about the abomination of desolation but we're picking up now this discussion in the midst of perhaps one of the most complicated renditions of prophecy in Daniel and Daniel Daniel 2 has an outline of Babel and me to Persia Greece and Rome and then the 2nd coming Daniel 7 the same thing but the little horn is pictured going up to the time of judgment Daniel $8.00 and $9.00 has more details pointing to the Messiah and also the time of judgment and Daniel 10 through 12 have an even more in-depth prophecy that's going to deal with the abomination of desolation so rather than go through the entire chapter of the Book of Daniel we're starting right in the middle today and we're picking it up here and Daniel 1129 and then you 1129 which we just read describes the end of the Western Roman Empire and for $7680.00 when it fell to the barbarian tribes pictured as I said a more Cyprus and divided it into temp loin parts the ships of Kilo more Cyprus refer to the pirating vandals who were the 1st to sack Rome they had previously settled in North Africa when the Phoenicians had established Carthage Rome's mighty and taken us during the Punic Wars and here the Vandals came and when they came they were going to destroy the city but the pope the pope came out and reasoned with them and they said Ok We want to store it we'll just vandalize it we're get the word vandalism and so they came in and they robbed everything but it was obvious that Rome had basically fall in the Western Roman Empire was not powerful if that's what happened and so this is the end of the Western Roman Empire. And then there was this guy just standing in the grave who said let's make the Roman Empire great again and he came along I don't know if he had hats like that I just put that on it however the role would be indignant they would return and crush the vandals as well as the Ostrogoths and in doing this Justinian showed favor toward those who had forsaken or apostatize In other words they adopted paganism and Paganism began to come into the church. And the pope was established as the head of the church is on the 1260 years of pace of per persecution are vividly described in these next verses so we have a sift in Daniel 11 from Pagan Rome to Papal Rome. And now we're looking at the papal power so let's keep going Daniel chapter 11 verse $31.00 and here is where we get our final text from the Book of Daniel concerning the abomination that causes desolation and forces shall be mustered by him and they still defile the sanctuary fortress then Michele take away the daily sacrifices sacrifices as an added word that's why it's in the talents so literally then they shall take away the daily and place the abomination of desolation there is our phrase right we've been studying that this is now the 4th time so somehow there would be something that causes an abomination of desolation forces or an army the King James says would be mustered by him and they said defile the sanctuary fortresses Now what does this mean. The text here uses the same words found in Daniel $813.92 desolation but this time this desolation is Papal Rome and Clovis the Frank gives military might to the papacy Close's got married we talked about this on Sabbath Clovis got married to a Hilda who was a Catholic a burg on d.n. an Italian and she said you know we've got these people that are plaguing our church would could we use your army could we borrow your army sir he says like any good husband would do you can borrow my army and Justinian finishes the job. His general Belisarius completed by plucking up 3 powers again those 3 powers were Arion and sabotage Arion And so during. This time period there was an attack not only on the Sabbath but also the truth of the sanctuary Daniel $812.00 says they did all this and they cast truth to the ground and prospered and so we had this time period that goes from the time that an army was given over or they mustered an army to the end being 50 weight to 1798 so let's continue on how many here with me can you said abomination the cause desolation the papacy comes together with an army and it causes. A desolation of of God's people and the dark ages how many are follow me so far let's keep going now what let me tell you what I'm going to tell you and then I'll tell you and then maybe you'll make more sense as we're going on did you know 1130 through 36. Or actually 3339 they basically show that desolating time period of the papacy Ok and then. They then it goes in verse 40 it's all repeated in embryo and everything that happened during the Dark Ages happens again right at the very end of time in verse $4345.00 so that's what I'm going to show you so in other words and another way to look at this which you might be more familiar with is in Revelation Chapter 13 verse one through 10 you have a picture of the papacy and then revelations at the 3rd team versa Levon through 18 you have a picture of a revival of the papacy along with America at the end of time Ok so what we're looking at right now is kind of the parallel to Revelation Chapter 13 verse one through 10 we're looking at the papacy Ok are you with me all right so let's look at this those who do wickedly against the covenant is so corrupt with flattery but the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits the people who knew their god throughout the Middle Ages there were groups of faith of believers the not bowed to the flattery and the deviancy of Rome Pagan Rome or other Papal Rome the Huguenots from France. They were faithful many of them were killed or chased out of the country is a matter as a matter of fact it's very interesting some of the top business woman even in this country today trace their lineage back to the Huguenots and I was reading about some of them and commenting and they were saying if you look around America today it reminds us of the French Revolution and of course that's where they escaped from and they're seeing than the Walden cm's in northern Italy were faithful the Lollar Dz earlier in England had been faithful. They knew their god the Huss ites who followed Haas and Jerome were faithful and than a Baptists from which our heritage comes as so full so called radical reformation and then of course the Lutherans as well were faithful Daniel 1133 and those of the people who understand shall instruct many if for many days they shall fall by the sword and slain by captivity and plundering so they during this time period the dark ages many fell by the sword but being burned at the stake. By captivity in plunder there were millions of faithful followers of Christ during that time who were in prison exile and tortured and killed by the Catholic Church for their faith during that time and it went on just for some days a reference to the fact that it would be cut short. The $1260.00 time period. Was all that was allowed through sounds like a lot of time but. Another words there was a it was for some days now let's review these key points from these verses. The abomination of desolation came as a result of military assistance being given to the papacy by the state and that union is technically known every time we look at it as a union of church and state there was a faithful remnant that was alive at this time we just look at them there was an attack on the covenant the law of God on the Sabbath as well as those who believed it and there was a time prophecy connected to the persecution that would go on for many days let's continue one Daniel 11 in verse $34.00 now when they fall they shall be aided with a little help but many shall join with them by intrigue So the true believers in the 1400s begin to receive a little help in their fight with heresy that was dominant at the time the Bible was translated Wycliffe Luther and actually before that the wall dense eons translated the Bible they were one of the 1st trance places and then the ministry of Martin Luther and John Haas and Jerome and William tendril they translated the Bible and there was a acceptance of Lutheranism by some princes in Europe. That they were the 1st ones called protest and so are protesting and they begin to protest against. Charles the 5th and Leo The 10 who wanted to do away with the reformers. And there were Muslim attacks also on Catholic Christianity that allowed the focus to be taken away from the reformers they would be looking at at the Muslim invaders and fact Solomon or so-called Solomon the bag Nif isn't actually sent money to Martin Luther and to the reformers and was subsidizing the Reformation So this remember that when you talk to someone of the Islamic faith you probably wouldn't exist without their help and they helped and many times as I've studied with folks of a Muslim background I've sown them then they're very interested in these things and that's a common point of interest to them Daniel chapter 11 verse 34 Some will join with flattery or entry not all the people will join the process of movement were true believers Protestantism suffered and got involved in politics and even began to persecute those who taught anything contrary to their beliefs in the Bible they might say hey you got to come in one. And then people were not really true because of the coerce and this happened up until the time of a miracle actually there is coercion both by the Catholics and the Protestants to get people to believe and some of those of understanding verse 35 shall fall to refind them purify them make them white until the time of the end because it is still for the appointed time while some of the wife still fall arguing continue between Catholics and Protestants and too often wars were fired over the doctrines for instance the 30 Years War from 1618 to 1648. It was a Catholic Protestant war mainly almost devastated Europe it took 200 years for parts of Europe to recover and. There was an inquisition in Spain that killed many faithful believers many shall fall be purified and made white in other words these people had to truly know what they believed and why they believed during this desolating time period they had to be faithful just like it says and then yes after 12 or so leaven of the Advent move movement many would be purified and made white and refined right. The wicked will do wickedly and none but the wise still understand so this happen back there in Daniel 11 as well to refine and cleanse until the time of the end the Reformation continue to grow with God adding more more truth to the movement Martin Luther taught the Bible in the Bible only only Jesus can save humanity by grace are you saved through faith John Calvin separation of church and state and being involved in social ministry John Wesley personal godliness and devotion he actually wrote a book on anatomy and physiology he actually vote wrote of the values of value of vegetarianism and so did those before him Colombian Cullom Banus also were vegetarians and Dreyfus Fisher and Oswald the late added information about the Sabbath as did Andreas Carlstadt so they were being refined they were being cleansed during this time of abomination during the time abomination there was a bright spot and that is the remnant was beginning to understand the message and refine it. Until God could create one movement that would include all the truth is at the time of the end Daniel $1210.00. Daniel 113637 Then the King shall do according to his own will he still exult made define himself above every God shall speak blasphemies against the God of gods and still prospects of the wrath has been accomplished for what has been determined shall be done he shall regard neither God the God of his father's name of the desire of women nor regard any God for he still exalt himself above them all this is the zenith of the papacy he's exulting himself about everything else and. Similar to the prophecy of Daniel 7 the Catholic Church from $538.00 to $79.00 a claim to be the only true church of God on Earth grandiose words right provided salvation for only those who adhere to her teachings be God on Earth as the pope claimed to have never eard claim to change the Sabbath. And the law of God as a sign of it's authority this is the all time an abomination right like we've seen in all the other ones as well so then what happens in Daniel 1138 but in their place he shall enter a got a fortress is a God which his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver and precious stones and pleasant things so. God of fortresses. Another words the papacy that abomination that caused the salacious would use a military force and would use fortresses and war interment implements of war and then was serving a God His father didn't know many see this is a prophecy that the Catholic Church would create a new god they would begin Mer shipping Mary the Blessed Virgin the Mother of God and what have all this gold and all these different things the worse a man ever seen images to Mary that are just o.p.l. and they're all around the world and seems to be matching with this text. Does he so act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god which he's selling knowledge in advance it's glory and he's so cause them to rule over many and divide the land for gain for him God. Another god that Satan who would do miraculous signs and give power to the church in the middle ages and so magnify with honor and make rulers only the kings that were Catholic during the middle ages could prosper in their kingdoms and people would not follow a king who was not in favor of the church because they were afraid at that time period now so that was pretty heavy wasn't pretty having all the different things and it basically was just talking about what the union of church and state that was corrupt that led to all those abominations just to summarize Ok and then it also introduced the fact that that just like in all our other time times we looked at this the also an abomination was attacking God's Law which includes one of the sad right so that's a summary of what we just went through now. There is an interesting statement by Ellen White who some of the evidence believe had a prophetic insight and by the way when she wrote about all these things people just dismissed her she wrote a book called The great controversy and they dismissed it because at the time she wrote it the Catholic Church was basically very weak and incipit me was recovered was it was it the pope had never come out of the of the. Of the Vatican when do still until 1929 they lost all their papal states they looked very weak and she wrote about all this stuff about how there would be a revival of the papacy and all kinds of things people said you're outta luck as you're out to lunch and that's saying it now people are devouring her books and saying wait a minute this is someone who not only Sa this happening but sized correctly and this is what she has say about this passage. Then you 114245 we have no time to lose troublous times are before us the world is stirred with the spirit of war soon the scenes of trouble spoken of in the prophecies will take place the prophecy in the 11th of Daniel has nearly reached its completion and she's writing this in 1900. Nearly reached it's complete fulfillment much of the history that has taken place and fulfillment of this prophecy will be what's it say repeated and then she says Where in the 30 of verse a power of spoken of that will be greed and return and have indignation against the holy covenant so shall he do he shall leave in return and have intelligence with them the 1st sake the whole of the the covenant and we saw that of the 30th verse that the papacy would arise after the fall of Pagan Rome papal Roma arise and then she quotes after quoting verse 30 she quotes 1st $31.00 through $36.00 which we just went through showing all the abominations of the papacy and she says what all those things that happened would we very period again at the end of time and then she talks about verse 40 through $45.00 so it's like she's saying what just happened is going to happen again at the end of time are you following me so now let's look at this because this abomination that causes desolation is now look at we're very close what we call present truth. And our own time period so much of this papal history would be repeated military assistance the prediction is will be given to the papacy a union of church and state will come between a state power in the papacy causing an abomination of desolation a faithful remnant will be alive at this time and attack will come on the law and on the Sabbath and persecution will come to those who believe it the papers these actions however were limited and so would the papacy actually for this power is actually that the end be limited and judgment would be made in favor of the saints because so now let's look at it in Daniel chapter 11 verse 40. At the time of the end technical word time of the end is $1798.00 that's when that prophecy from 538-1798 comes to an end so in other words in 17 the at 98 that king of the South not mentioning since early on in Chapter 11. The King of the South so attack him and the King of them nor so come against him like a whirlwind with chariots and horsemen and many ships and so into the countries over while them and pass through so at the time of the end sometime after 70 many a day the king of the South which earlier on is known as the Ptolemies or Egypt will attack the king of the north which is the papal power and come like a whirlwind in with chariots and horsemen and many ships this is military might economic might if you look at Revelation 18 ships always talking about the you know economy so economic and military might and he shall pass he shall enter countries overwhelmed them and pass through so let's break that down a little bit. So at the time of the end of $79.00 a. The King of the South Egypt. Atheistic France or communist Now why are we saying that why don't we just say Little Egypt because Caesar and Syria Caesar Augustus came against Mark Anthony and obliterated the Ptolemies I mean remember Cleopatra and Mark Antony and that big bet the battle of axiom you're probably thinking about all day when you like to have a little act I'm no anyway so Balla back to him the Ptolemies were basically done all done away with and Egypt never recovered any magazine a might and. And then the other thing you have to keep in mind after Christ comes on the scene a prophecy then after that happens many times things are looked at through a spiritual lens when we're looking at prophecy so Egypt actually is looked at way by John the Revelator Let me show you that so you can see that I'm not just making this up look at Revelation Chapter 11 Revelation Chapter 11. Rusev and when they finished their testimony the beast citizens of the bottles pit will make war against them overcome them and kill them and their dead bodies will lie in the street of that great city which spiritually is called Sodom and what Egypt warlord also was crucified was Jesus crucified in Sodom literal Solomon literal Egypt No but this is a spiritual situation where Christ is being persecuted some time in the future because John the Revelator is writing after Christ had already been then been there and it's actually talking about how Christ was done away with during the French Revolution Ok So atheism and atheistic France then gave birth to communism I notice it says in Revelation Chapter 11 Bers 7 that the beast that ascends on a bottomless pit will make war against them so atheistic friends became kind of like a it was like the bottles of pit were all kinds of things came out atheism all these different things came from France and then it says that he would push in Daniel chapter 11 verse 40 would push against him the king of the north that is the papacy would come against communism and push against it is what it's saying at some point there would be this pushing by the papacy against communism like a whirlwind very quickly. So in the language of the sign language of the Scriptures there would be a time period when the papacy would come against the atheistic powers that came out of France originally were called communism and this would happen like a whirlwind very quickly and there would be chariots and horsemen and military power in other words and there would be finances involved as well now did this ever happened was there ever a union of church and state power that went against communism the downfall of communism came as a result of what was called the holy alliance between Ronald Reagan and pump John Paul the 2nd in June of 1982 I remember it well it was very interesting they committed themselves in the institutions of the church and America's So church and state came together the u.s. resources the equipment the finances the CIA intelligence coupled with the Vatican directed delivery system of priests started to go against communism Nobody believes that communism could collapse and or that it would collapse rapidly but they begin to work together and it was talked about in this magazine the Holy Alliance back at that time and I could show you a clip that talks about it but I won't take the time to do that so then what happens he sell into the glorious land and many countries shall be overthrown but these cell escaped from his hand eat him and the prominent people of Amman so at some point then. The Papacy shall enter the glorious land now if you look at this the glorious land literally in the book of. In scriptures both in the Psalms other places always refers to what Israel says and you know that you had the king of the North the South you had the glorious land which was right next to the Mediterranean and then you had coming from the west to the east but remember now we're looking at this through the lens lens of spiritual our spiritual eyes just like Egypt is now spiritual Egypt or atheism so the glorious land is spiritual Israel of God's people world wide I would dare say something else it's even more specific than that. It's his Christianity is I would I would go so far as to say it's Protestantism worldwide. Because proselytism of course is seen as you know. As as true Christianity during that time period with the papacy now what happens here is you have the papacy interest a glorious land but Edam Moab and Amman they are a scape it says now Itamar Esau's descendants Moab are the sons of Lot and men are the sons of Lot and these were originally Edam anima they were they were God's people really fill their process eyes back in the literal time period have remember this but what you see here is they're going to escape and. It appears as though these these the they represent bible christians who will eventually escape. When the papacy will enjoy the glorious land but why will they escape look at where they were located geographically they're all to the east of Palestine you have Amman they're up there at the top right in the yellow then you have Moab in the green and then you have eat them in kind of on what you call that color. The color at the bottom. So you have them all listed there now look with me and Isaiah Chapter 11 and let's see how these people are talked about here and Isaiah Chapter 11 Isaiah 11. I fail and. It is a Chapter 11. There's a come for the rod from the stone and just be a branch so grow out of his roots Spirit of God So rest upon him the Spirit of wisdom and understanding the spirit of counsel in might and the spirit of knowledge. In of the fear of the Lord his delight is in the fear of the Lord and He shall not judge by the sight of his eyes nor decide by the hearing of his ears but with right just as he shall judge the poor and decide with equity for the meek of the earth he strikes fear as with the rod of his mouth and the brothers the lips. With the breath of his lips he still slay the wicked righteousness of be his belt a belt of his law and faithfulness the bell of his waist. And the wolf so also sold well with the lamb the leopard so why down with the young go and the calf with the young lion and the fatling together with the little child Salit them on account to bear so the graves of their young ones shall lie down together the lion she'll eat straw like the ox the nursing child still play by the Cobras hole and the wean child shall put his hand in the by President and they shall not hurt nor destroy in notice these words all my was holy mountain the Holy Mountain and Daniel 11 as well 4245 for the earth still be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea and in that day there so be a root of Jesse that's a beer root as a banner or a sign you might say to the peoples for the gentiles so seek him and his resting place shall be glorious. So they're going to seek God and his resting place and it's come to pass on that day that the Lord will set his hand again a 2nd time to recover the remnant of people who are left from a Syria and Egypt and path Rowson couche and Ylem and shine our and him within the islands of the sea and he will set up a banner for the nations and will assemble the outcast of Israel and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the 4 corners of the earth the envy of Ephraim cell depart and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off Ephraim shell not in b. Judah and judicial not Haraszti for him but they still fly down upon the shoulder of the Philistines to the west together they will plunder the people of the east and they still lay their hand on Eva. And Moab and the people of Ammon sell obey them so here is this a recovery of what eat a Moab in am and now there in obedience. I will or will only straw the tongue of the sea of Egypt with his mighty wind he will say kiss fest over the river and strike it in the 7 streams and make men cross over dry shod and there will be a highway for the remnant of his people look at this fascinating prophecy but now let's look at it why shall Edam Adam and Moab a scape Well you have God's Holy Mountain mc pictured in our past as we just read which is sanctuary you have his in sign or is Banner is resting place another words of the Sabbath is the sign of rest. You have a 2nd recovery that we read about a verse 11 so there's a really conversion and they are adopting the banner of God The Sabbath is being accepted there is a reversal we saw there and verse 13 of animosities and they sell obey eat a Moab in Amman sell a bather Sabbath message and the Egyptians see that is atheistic communism Walter Bentley fully be destroyed now as we read this it's interesting that some of this is already happened did the Soviet Union fall did communism receive a deadly wound is there still communism is there still North Korea is a still Cuba is there still China right. And all to Billy these also will fall the Egyptian the sea will fall but we have seen now that there was a church state union that came together America and the papacy to do in part of communism how you seen that in history yourself and the exciting thing here is that as this all plays out some of these folks that have not been faithful. As a type the eat a mite's the more bites the Ammonites will actually come back into the fold and even accept the Sabbath message if we are reading the. Language symbolic language of Daniel 11 correctly let's continue and he will stretch out his hand against the countries and then the land of Egypt shall not escape we just read that you still have power over the treasures of gold and silver and over all the precious things of Egypt and also the Libyans and the Ethiopians self follow at his heels so we looked at the them and it in Moab but we now have Libya Egypt and Ethiopia pictured here you still stretch forth his hand this is the papacy over the land of Egypt that is communism and communism will not escape it would fall and we've seen that a large portion of it fell with the Soviet Union and then the treasures of gold the riches and then Egypt Libya and Ethiopia all the countries of the King of the South. Would be harnessed the papers he would harness the financial power of all nominal Christian around the world as all the world would begin to wonder after the beast Daniel $1144.00 but news from the east and the North shelled trouble him there sore he still go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many so the king of the North is in the south at this time bright fight with the South and he hears tidings ears tidings from the east in other words he hears about the Sabbath sealing masses he hears what the IJA might send he them and Moab and am are responding to and he hears that message. And we see this look at Revelation Chapter 11 or rather Revelation Chapter 13 Revelation 13 shows this power who. Is. Attempting to go against all God's laws verse 12 he exercises all the authority of the 1st beast in his presence and causes the earth and those who want to worship the 1st beast whose Deadly Wound was healed so calling for not. Listening to the 1st Commandment Thou shalt have no other gods before me he makes an image of the beast verse 14 he has the name of the beast verse 17 and verse 16 he causes all both small and greats rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on their hand or a forehead on the forehead of their hand and their hands are on their foreheads that no 1 May buy or sell save he who has the mark or the name of the beast so and of course it's verse 15 it says if you would not worship the image of the beast you would be killed so you have this Sabbath message commandment 123000 not take the name of Lord they got to be let's look at those again so you get that causes all the world to worship the 1st piece that's breaking commanded number one making an image to the beast commandment 2 says that son not make it to the grid any graven image taking the name of the beast 1000 not take the name of the Lord I got him pain receiving the mark of the beast which would be would command 4th commandment and so he sees that he says look if you keep that Sabbath then I'm going to kill you and this church state power comes together to tell people that they have to keep the Sabbath the papal Sabbath and set of the Bible Sabbath or else they'll be killed. Sabbath message that people don't give up on it they start to proclaim the Sabbath more fully in a loud cry and what does the attempt that the papacy attempt to do it goes forward with great furie Daniel 1144 to destroy just like it did in Daniel Chapter 7 verse 25 and want to destroy the people that are keeping God's law and when it tempted changed times and laws so here you have church and state coming together all kinds of abominations and that what was the 3rd thing the altar but abomination relating to what the Sabbath again just like we saw in all of our messages so far how many are following this and then what happens next the dragon attacks the commandment keepers Daniel a Revelation 1217 and the dragon was ra. With the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed who. The rest of her offspring who keep the commandments and have the testimony of Jesus Christ so they go forth with great fury to destroy but the a power attending the message will only Madden those who oppose it the power attending the last warning has enraged the wicked their anger is Kendall to get us all who have received the message and Satan will excite to still greater intensity the spirit of hatred and persecution remember what happened in the French Revolution the same kind of thing same kind of power against God and His People happens again and. Daniel 114-5121 he shall plant the tents of his palace misses the papacy between the seas in the glorious Holy Mountain and I believe you know the glorious land we talked about of being Christianity Protestant Christian and the glorious Holy Mountain. Tom if you've ever read about mountains of scripture the mountain always represents what is the sanctuary message isn't it come let us go to the mountain when they left Egypt they went to the Red Sea They went to the base of the mountain where there was a burning bush and then they went up and they ate and drank bread together and then Moses went to make intercession and got the law at the top of the mountain that's the exodus but that's also the sanctuary when you look at the sanctuary it starts with what. The land when elect Egypt going through the laver That's the Red Sea and then the lamp stands right there in the sanctuary of an Eden drinking with Moses on the mountain right there in the same tree the next thing event Moses making intercession and then the law of God So the glorious Holy Mountain summarized the Exodus was summarizing that experience of going from Egypt to Mount Sinai and God's people the faithful people are always aware alternately are they at the base of the mountain or are they on the top of the mountain are they on the base of the mountain or are they on the top of the mountain are they on the base of the mom or are they on the top of the Mommy you say the base and we see the top at the end of time there on the top of the Mount the glorious holy month old Revelation 14 1st one and 2 you have the lamb on the top of the mountain and who's with him the 144000 and what are they doing there singing it. They have picture of the beast they have victory of his image their victory over his mark it says a relationship to 15 we're going to come back to this on Sabbath we're going to have 3 messages on the Sabbath Ok When we come back to this so it will review it but they're on the top of the mountain so he shall plant his tense between the scenes in the glorious holy mountain so the papacy is going to be there he'll come to his in and no one will help him at that time Michael stand up to look at this the papacy so set something up the tabernacles of his Platte palace the command center the church state union will happen what will come together between the seas and the glorious Holy Mountain the command center of the papacy versus God's faithful remnant 1st of all the glorious land and all the countries of the world are coming against to the faithful remnant those pictured on the glorious holy mom and they're all coming against him because of what because of the Sabbath because they follow the lamb wherever he goes because they're so into Jesus that is laws written in the arts in their minds how we can see this final showdown and this is what's you know building up right now actually. And then there's a time of trouble in the last battle look at Daniel Chapter 12 Daniel Chapter 12 it's all this is coming together and in Daniel Chapter 12 you have this time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation and. At that time the papacy comes to his in no one to help him as a root those old of who standing up at that time. Michael Steele stand up remember how we saw in all of the things we study we have a church and state coming together we have abominations come as a result of that we have the abomination all to believe the Sabbath which causes a desolation right and then we have a picture of hope and we see this here again right it looks like the desolating power is going to end it all but guess who stands up me. Al who me cock is as well God and who is that Jesus himself stands up he stands up at that time Michael so stand up the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people and they'll be such a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that time and at that time your people shall be delivered Can you say hallelujah So they're delivered everyone who is found written in the book. And many of those who sleep in the dust of the year are still awake some to everlasting life some the same an everlasting contempt for those who were wise so sign like the brightness of the firmament from those who turn many to righteousness like the stars for ever and ever it is with a picture of what. Hope at that time referring back to Daniel 114245 the time of trouble the last great conflict over the Sabbath Michael stand up Jesus will intervene his people will be delivered everyone found written in the book how many of you think that's an important phrase. All in every single abomination of desolation we looked at the people that were delivered are all the people that will be found written in the book can you have assurance today that your name is written in the book. Can you tonight have assurance no matter what happens that your name is written in the book look with me in Philippines chapter 4 collations a fiddle and collations Philippians. So here we're talking. From a fine this isn't one of my eyes here. Yes here it is there from my beloved long for brother and my joy my crown stand fast in the Lord beloved. So Paul says I want you to stand fast I am poor you dear and I am poor so think me to be of the same mind in the war and I your Jew also true companion help these women who labor with me in the gospel with clear men also on the rest of my fellow workers whose names are wide in the book of life let me ask a question can you have confidence that your name is in the book of life and how does Anthon that happens if you say look I. Write your law in my heart and mine forgive me for my sins I confessed my sins to you. I ask you to cover those sins with your blood I ask you to impart your righteousness to me impute your right system even Ellie imputed but also imparted I want to not only know that you covered my sins but that your in my life and that you're living in my life so that when the abomination of desolation spoken of by day of the Prophet arises and it manifests itself with a law against God 7 I have confidence to stand I'll have confidence assurance knowing that my name is written in the book of life. Many of those that sleep in the dust of the years still awake and they'll be the resurrection of the same so let's review how many you found this one critic predicted somewhat fascinating has Daniel chapter 11 verse 40 $245.00 actually goes with Revelation Chapter 11 or Revelation Chapter 13 or so leaven through 18 so what do we look at there was a union of church and state that would cause an abomination of desolation at the end of time America and that 2nd and that 1st beast power the papacy as well as Pa state Protestantism and spiritual ism all come together there's an increasing list of abominations that come as a result of this union the crowning abomination is of course the mark of the beast relating to what the Sabbath issue and then there's a following resulting desolation and conflagration and time of trouble and then what happens Michael stands up and the faithful remnant come back even. Mo Av and when. They return they accept the Sabbath again and they join together with the faithful remnant who's found written in the book of life how many want to be in that book and we want it to have your name written there therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by day of the prophets standing in the Holy Place let the reader understand human Now this begs the question because it's talking about the Sabbath and that's what we're going to study over the weekend Ok We're going to look now next in Matthew chapter 24 says pray that your flight not be in the winter or on the Sabbath how Remember that phrase. So it tells you that there is that and it also says when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the day of the prophecy noise of the river sand then get out of town go to those in Judea go to the mountains so when should we leave when should we leave the big cities once we leave the little cities when should we escape how we look at those things how we like to study there that's the next thing in Matthew chapter 24 and it's the next thing and in the setting here we see we need to know that right because we know that the abomination of desolation is set up has to do with the Sabbath so we're going to study that. As we continue one in a little mini series on the Sabbath over the weekend so I don't know if I'm tempted to have 3 more sermons on the Sabbath I'm tempted to do that but I probably only do 2 because I have another thing I'm working with this week but so 7th morning of 8 o'clock and 7 point 7 o'clock will study about the Sabbath I cannot impress upon you how beautiful the Sabbath is but how under attack it is and we need to understand the Sabbath more fully to be able to proclaim it more fully how many want to understand that as well because Jesus is coming. Again let's pray together father heaven thank you tonight that we've been able to study this final picture the abomination of desolation which is in the future and yet is experienced partial fulfilled fulfillment as we've seen the church and state power come together and accomplish things against the king of the south and we also last week studied how even in our current setting there is a nod being given to the papacy by our own high courts so we recognize that this abomination of desolation is being set up and we want to be ready we want to have the face of Jesus we want to have our names written in the Lamb's Book of Life so tonight we confess our sins ask you to forgive us our sins one doesn't come into our hearts right your law in our heart and mind we 3 in Jesus name in. 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