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Tortured, Tried and Transformed

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films


  • July 14, 2020
    7:00 AM
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Good morning I'm happy to be with you again for those of you who don't know me my name is Chad cruiser and my wife is finally here and we have a ministry called Anchor Point films where we produce documentary films on Bible prophecy and health and we also do seminars on Bible prophecy overcoming habits the gut brain connection and in many more things if you have any questions or you'd like to contact us go to our website which is anchor pointed films dot com That's anchor point films dot com in this morning we're going to look at a message called tortured tried in transformed strength for the coming persecution we can see all around us troubling times are not too far distant friends but Jesus will be with us but before we begin let's let's put our heads for a word of prayer. Heavenly Father we thank you so much for your word for the opportunity to study we thank you that in the midst of trials tribulations difficulties and dangers that we have a Savior that is with us at all times father we need your strength we need your presence we need courage and we thank you that you supply all of these things. To the power of the Holy Spirit so we ask for this and we ask for wisdom now in the name of Jesus Amen. And. In a book in titled ghost a boy. You find out about a young boy named Martin Pistorius where the age of 12 he went to a sickness that caused him to go into a coma and he was not able to speak he was not able to move his limbs his parents were told to just help keep him comfortable until he in Tilly died well he had what was called Total locked in this syndrome what that is that means that he could hear he could understand everything that was going on around him he just couldn't respond he said I cannot express to you how much I hated Barney You see he was taken to a center that would take care of me live at home with his parents but during the day while they would work he would be at this center and they would just sit him because they thought he was just gone you know like a vegetable or he was in a sense that he couldn't move but he could understand everything and they would just sit him from the age of 12 to the age of 25 in front of a t.v. watching in a children's programming and what ended up happening he said I hated watching Barney that crazy purple dinosaur I mean literally you understand that that in itself is torture I mean nobody nobody likes that and if there were less he being in this place being in this facility that was supposed to take care of him he was abused mentally physically and even sexually by multiple caregivers he his mother even said to him I wish you would die but his father he did he daily shower him and and he took care of him he washed him and he closed him and fed him and he took him daily to the care center. And in his father's diligence paid off in one perceptive caregiver one of the people that were that was worth one of the people that was working with him noticed in almost an perceptible smile as he was talked to he noticed these tiny little nods and finally that caregiver said to the parents you should have him you should have him tested and it turned out that at the age of 25 he had a fully functioning mind to use can move his body very much so through a computer he was able later to communicate with that computer he was able to go to go to school to go to college and get a degree and he finally went on and he went on into into web design and a woman ended up meeting him and she began to witness to him and Martin Pistorius gave his life to Jesus Christ amazingly enough him to marrying this woman and all along. When unable to communicate he had a sense of God's presence he he didn't know the Bible he didn't know Christian doctrine he wasn't really raised in a in a religious home but yet somehow he in the midst of all of this knew that God was right there with him even long before he met this woman who shared Jesus Christ with him he sensed that God was there with him even as he couldn't communicate with anyone and somehow God used this torturous experience to play a part in bringing this man Martin Because story is to Jesus Christ. You know we we are go through trials in life now maybe not necessarily like Martin wind through but in the last days there are there is going to be trouble there is going to be difficulty we know of GIGO OBSS time of trouble these things if we cling to Christ we will they will rather than draw us away from Christ will actually help us to draw closer to Jesus than ever before I was reading an article from Scientific American by Scott Barry Kaufman in the heat he says in his article he talks about something called consume it spelled k i n t s u g I now consume years it's a century old Japanese art of fixing cracked pottery now rather than hiding the cracks the technique actually involves rejoining the broken pieces with lacquer mixed with powder of gold silver or platinum and when put back together the whole piece of pottery looks beautiful as ever even while owning its broken history it's interesting that this part can end up looking just as beautiful as ever even showing its brokenness in the reality is with God's people. Overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and typically your testimony involves trials tribulations that you have gone through that your beauty can show for the you can be as a broken vessel that is put together put back together by the part or by the master and it even with the trials even with the difficulties even with the examples of what you've been through the trials maybe deep the hardships or Yet Jesus put you back together. Far from these trials separating us from Christ we read in in Romans chapter 8 beginning in verse $35.00 who should separate us from the love of Christ shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril or a sword as it is written for dice sake we are killed all the daylong we are counted as sheep for the slaughter name in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us for I am persuaded they need their death nor life nor angels nor prince of palettes nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord friends I don't think Parker have really come up with anything else he gave us every He just ran the gamut of all the things that could cause us trouble and yet he said these things cannot separate us from Jesus Christ if we yield broken if we yield our weakness if we fall upon the rock that is Christ nothing shall be able to separate us from the love which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Psychologists Now look at trauma not only potentially as causing in some cases something like You've heard of p.t.s.d. post-traumatic stress disorder but on the contrary in many people it seems to propel them the researchers tell us on to something actually marvelous the actually gives them a higher state of life in the psychologists and now have turned this they call this post traumatic growth. And we're going to get back to this we're going to get back to post-traumatic growth but I want to give you some examples of people who had post-traumatic growth in their lives I mean we can look through the Old Testament we can go through story after story we can look at Joseph amazing example in his life we can look at Samson we can look at Isaiah Jeremiah him anymore more examples in the Old Testament figures in the Old Testament on how the trials they went through actually drew them closer to God But I want to look at some new testament examples of people who winter trials in difficulties and yet it actually elevated them to a new experience in Jesus Christ one of the great examples are the disciples they suffered throughout their ministry they went through trials Dave by day as a minister for their Lord and they heard people lying about Jesus maybe falsely accusing them the finally they saw that the people the leadership of Israel the priests the Pharisees the rabbis began to conspire together to lie about what Jesus had done this one who had gone about doing good healing those who were were sick literally raising the dead casting demons out of people they saw all of this and finally they saw their master tortured and a cruel death on the cross in this is this destroyed them that this just this was it did this finally destroy them well for a moment it seemed to for a moment to seem to overcome them but in the end no it didn't destroy them it actually it was actually the cost in the resurrection that transform their lives so is this traumatic experience that actually gave them the greatest power. In their ministry you know in looking at them the sufferings they went through within their ministry after the cross so it was it was an initial traumatic experience that actually propelled them in their ministry in we really you know we look in accepted 5 you probably remember the story the Apostles were all healing they were preaching and as a result they were thrown into prison for it I mean what on earth they're healing people and they're thrown into prison for what while in prison you may remember that an angel opens the door and then Angel tells them to go back into the temple in preach the name of Jesus and they did what they were told and they were arrested again in you think like me I did what you told me to pick up I was being faithful to you and and I got thrown into prison again but they were subsequently told by the leadership not to preach in the name of Jesus but their response was we are to will be God rather than man Lord help us to have that same zeal that same power to help us to begin to share the message as as the craziness goes on around us as your force as society right now is trying to make a unified thinking that we all have to think the same way and you can't speak contrary to the accepted words of society to the to the new speak as it were as a society is going around doing this friends help us to be like the disciples and say we are to a big our brother the man we're going to share Jesus we're going to share the 3 jewels message we're going to prepare the world for the coming of Christ but what happened to these men after they said we are to a big obey God rather than men then we read what the leaders did to them in ash after 5 verse 4242 and when they have called the Apostles and beaten them. They commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus and then they let them go Reece 41 says and they departed from the presence of the council we being in gnashing of teeth no no not there is and there is rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer a Shane that for his name and daily in the temple and in every house they cease not to teach and preach Jesus Christ is their powerful that a traumatic experience. Cause growth they had post traumatic growth now as we said psychologist tell us about this thing called post-traumatic growth and they talk about 5 areas of of growth that people have when they have post-traumatic growth are they 5 areas that they might grow and and we're going to get to that were 1st someone look at Paul and in looking at him and look at the trauma that he went through and what it did for him notice what what we read in in 2nd cringe in chapter 11 verse 2428 it says of the Jews Paul says 5 times I received 40 stripes save one you may know that this 40 stripes I mean that sounds kind of nice are 40 stripes sounds kind of light like all that we know is 40 stripes minus one and this method of of being flogged they would have from what I understand they would have these these whips with at the end of them they would have you know these strings or little pieces of rope that would have you know shards of bone or sharp objects and as they would whip you it would literally sink into your flash and in portions of flesh would be ripped off you would be believing you would be lacerated throbbing with bins of flash with the blood coming out that you were not allowed to have this 40 times the if they did it over 40 times you the actual person who had done it to you they themselves would be punished so they would just to be safe they would do 40 stripes minus one they would do 39 but Paul says 5 times I went through this of the Jews of the people who you were a part of your church flogged shoe George Church causes this pain to you thrice I was beaten with a rod once I was stoned thrice I was I shot I suffered shipwreck a night in the day have I bend in the deep. Imagine you know swimming in the ocean or swimming in the sea Paul said I've been there in journeying so often imperils of the waters imperils of robbers and perils of my own country by my own countrymen in perils by the heathen imperils in the city imperils in the wilderness imperils in the sea imperils among false brother and in weariness and painfulness in watchings often in hunger and thirst in fastings often in cold the nakedness beside those things that are without that which cometh upon me daily the carrier of all the churches look at all the trials this man went through did he go through trauma that's an understatement you know almost no one who's gone through trials like the apostle Paul and so you can imagine he would just say enough of this I skip this I'm not I'm not going to go through this this is ridiculous what I did sign up for this Actually he did he was told right from the get go I'm going to share with you how much you're going to suffer for my sake but if this were not enough he goes on in the next chapter in chapter 12 verse 7 through tennis's And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelation there was given to me a thorn in the flesh the messenger of Seaton to buffet me never had a messenger of same in your life never had some kind of temptation some kind of tribulation some kind of suffering that this star kept coming back to your mind. You know I see it over and over I don't see it as much because I'm not a social media guy I probably should be to be a better witness on there but it's just it's not my thing to be on social media but I hear I hear from others of people just they they come on they say are I'm going to just do this or no because I struggle with Listen friends I'm human struggle with temptations Paul struggled with temptations let's not give up you will find the greatest joy in life if instead of just going along with your drives your desires your lost your cravings if instead of just going along with those things if we give our lives to Jesus daily every time that the devil comes to us with temptation submit yourselves therefore to God Read exist the devil and he wore flee from you draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you cleanse your hands you sinners listen every time the temptations come every time the difficulties come to flee to Jesus he reaches out you say but I'm sick of it I'm sick of fighting friends don't get sick of fighting Paul never became sick of it Paul kept going for he kept clinging to his Savior Jesus the one who had given off for him how could he how could he turned his back on the one who had given or for him Paul went through all of this. But then he goes on to say lest I should be exalted above man or measure for this thing I was sought the Lord thrice 3 times then it might depart from me and he said to me My grace is sufficient for you and he says those same words to you the Lord Jesus as my grace my power is sufficient sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness most gladly therefore Well I rather glory in my infirmities but the power of Christ may rest upon me friends when we are weak and we turn to Christ we become strong Therefore I take pleasure in my infirmities pour says in reproaches in assessor tease him prosecutions in distresses for Christ's sake for when I am weak and then I am strong for from the suffering Paul went through keeping him from Christ or keeping him from witnessing it actually spurred him on to greater witnessing and it's interesting the Paul the days that Paul lived in the be in there and surround him was supreme the bigotry against the truth of Jesus Christ is supreme people think that it's bigotry to to speak the words of Christ to speak the truth of the Bible are that's foolishness the bigotry is in those who do not receive Christ who fight the word of Christ but friends we need to not call them bigots we instead do what we try with love and tenderness to share the truth of Jesus cries friends sharing the love of Jesus sharing the word of God as actually the most open minded thing you could possibly do there is nothing more open minded than walking in Jesus and sharing his message friends anything contrary to Christ's message is close minded by definition because it's closing its mind to the truth. So Paul had this revolutionary experience even before this it was on road to Damascus and there he met Jesus which was probably quite dramatic in itself or quite traumatic I should say in and of itself he actually win blind as a result of the situation and then for revenge God sent one of his faithful followers to come in and through the power of God to heal the blindness of Paul the scales came off of his eyes as it were and but I want you to notice I I was looking with my wife and for Libyans and you can basically see most of these 5 experiences of post-traumatic growth in the Libyans Chapter 4 So Paul shares just with with others he's trying to witness to them and we're going to see these that with these 5 areas of post-traumatic growth and the 1st area that the psychologists tell us about that they refer to they look at some of these characteristics of post-traumatic growth that certain people go through instead of the trauma destroying them actually propels them on to higher heights in life we read in the 1st one is that post-traumatic growth can actually give you a greater appreciation of life we see that an imposed life in Philippians Chapter 4 verse 11 through 13 did he have a greater appreciation of life he says Not that I speak in respect of want for I have learned in whatsoever state I am there with to be content I know both how to be a based and I know how to abound everywhere in an all things I'm instructed Well to be full and to be hungry bull to a bone and to suffer need to know how many people can naturally say it in all situations even in trials I am content I'm satisfied I'm gratified very few this is an experience that we can only find. In Jesus Christ so did Paul after his trauma experience a greater appreciation of life for someone to say I have learned in every single situation to be gratified to be content to be satisfied absolutely we can see that Paul had a greater appreciation of life after the traumas that he had gone through Number 2 the 2nd manifestation of post-traumatic growth is a greater appreciation and strengthening not just of your appreciation of life but a greater appreciation and strengthening of close relationships now in the same passage Paul tells us in flippin Chapter 4 notice notice how he speaks to people who he once persecuted meaning these are followers of Christ so if the followers of Christ are the people that he actually had a seemingly a job a position to persecute does he now have a greater a strengthening of close relationships noticed Libyan's Chapter 4 verse one therefore my brother and dearly beloved in long before my joy and my crown so stand fast in the Lord my dearly beloved twice in the spirit verse he calls these people these Christians these Christ followers my dearly beloved look at the love the compassion that just kind of loses out of Paul as he speaks to these people you may remember Paul saying things like I make mention of you always in my prayers does Paul have a strengthened relationship. With people around him the answer is absolutely yes after his traumatic experience after he as it were fell off his high horse on that road to Damascus after his blindness after the trials after the tribulation Paul has a greater appreciation for people around him and he sacrifices his life for those around him now the 3rd characteristic of post-traumatic growth is the identification of new possibilities or a new purpose in life Depaul find that after as he came to Christ did he find a new purpose now what was his former purpose where he said it was killing people at least be a part of being a part of of killing people we see him at the at the experience you know we see him persecuting throughout you know in the book of Acts and we see Stephen as an example he's there and now what happens with Paul what we see do we see him having discovering new possibilities new purpose in his life in Philip is tempted for verse 9 same passions passage he says those things which you have both learned and received and heard and seen in me so you've seen how I lived do he says do what you've seen in me and the God of Peace He'll be with you Paul's purpose was leading people to Jesus Christ and friends that are to be our our purpose Lord help us to have the zeal I feel I fear and I feel that there is just a spiritual left Origi that has come upon God's people I feel it even in my own soul and I think Lord help us have the zeal the zeal that we need to be the people you've called us to be. And Paul had that he lived out the message and he encouraged other people to do so also he found his purpose in Jesus Christ So number 4 is a greater awareness in utilization of personal strength Now it's interesting because in this same passage Paul talks about this in he says in a verse that probably many of you have memorized Flippy's Chapter 4 verse 13 which says I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me so notice Paul doesn't say yes I have all these great strengths what he says is I find my strength in Jesus Christ you may be afraid to witness to people you may be afraid to share the Bible with people you may be afraid to stand up for the truth how could I do this I don't know well enough listen but Jesus can strengthen you you can spend time with Jesus daily in his work you can begin to read some of the Bible study guides and think minute I could read through this or someone else there already written out. I want to ask God to help me to to share with a friendship with a family member share with a coworker Lord help me to have a zoom conference with someone or Face Time What have you I want to be a witness for Jesus in number 5 the 5th element of post-traumatic growth is enhanced spiritual development Depaul have been here and enhanced spiritual development after coming to Christ that goes without saying I mean that's his whole experience the guy who was one of the largest writers of the New Testament this man obviously his whole life was a growth in Jesus Christ. You know we look at Paul and we think of we see posttraumatic growth in his life friends each one of us can have this you may have had trauma and Jesus can turn that trauma on its head and actually make that he can make you like a vessel that now has gold in place of the broken this a changed character I think about even Jesus we think of of Jesus as just the perfect Son of God was he perfect sure but he also became human and in Hebrews Chapter 5 in verse 8 it says though he were a son he had learned he obedience through the things which he suffered even Christ the learned something he learned obedience through suffering 1st Peter for one and 2 says for as much then as Christ has suffered for us in the flesh arms you arm yourselves Likewise with the same mind for he that has suffered in the flash has ceased from sin you may say what are I have these cravings I have these desires I have these bends it's who I am but notice the tax doesn't say that those who cease from sin or those who don't sense the drive for sin those who overcome sin are those who are born with certain drives and temptation or not is as it says For he that has suffered in the flesh to cease from sin to overcome there is a suffering friends that he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flash to the lusts of men but to the will of God and friends just like Jesus we can overcome we can find victory were told in sept the Christ page 14 you probably remember this therefore death my father love me because I lay down my life that I might take it again John 1017 that is my father so loved you that he loves me. More forgiving my life to redeem you in becoming your substitute in surety by surrendering my life by taking your liabilities your transgressions I am in dear to my father for by my sacrifice God can be just and yet the just of fire of him who believed in Jesus so Notice Jesus actually because of his sufferings and came into a deeper experience with his Heavenly Father powerful you know the results of the trials of God's peace that God's people go through make them closer than even angels this is almost too good to believe in desire of a just page 21 is the angels of God glory the angels of God of glory find their joy in giving giving love and tireless watch here to souls that are fallen on holy heavenly beings will the hearts of men they bring to this dark world the light from the courts above by gentle and patient ministry they move upon the human spirit to bring the last into a fellowship with Christ which is even closer than they themselves can know can you imagine through the trials the temptations of this life that when we are close to Christ we can actually draw closer to him than even the angels themselves what a far. You may know that heaven will be cheap enough if we obtain it through suffering early writings tells us as I saw that we must be in order as I saw what we must be in order to inherit glory and then saw how much Jesus suffered to obtain for us so rich an inheritance I prayed that we might be baptized into Christ sufferings that we might not shrink at the trials but bear them with pay chance and sure knowing that Jesus had suffered that we through his poverty and sufferings might be made rich This is page 67 of early writing as God's people are going to go through trials and there's a picture in revelation of God's people at the end of time they are actually called the Laodicean church these people are wretched miserable poor blind and naked yet their character is changed and they have goal tried in the fire fire as a symbol of trial tribulation in even difficulty and notice that they go through the trials and have their character changed as a result revelation bursts chapter 3 verse 21 and 2 it says to him that overcome with Will I grant to sit with me in my throne that's almost unbelievable what Jesus is on the throne with The Heavenly Father and he says yeah when you overcome you get to sit down on the throne with me this is almost too good to believe too good to be true I should say but I do believe it even as I overcame he says and I'm setting down with my father and his throne he that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit say it under the churches many people say you can overcome you cannot overcome. I'll let other people debate that I'll just believe what the Bible says you know for me I just have a simple faith I'm not the smartest guy I'm not the brightest guy I'm not a scholar I'm just a guy who says Hey man if Jesus says it you know what why would I want to debate that why would I want to argue what that means I'll just say he said it he said he can make me an overcomer and that is almost too good to be true that he can make someone like me an overcomer But you know what I'm going to simply believe that he can give us the victory friends there will be trials will be difficulties but he is going to set us free if you're willing if you're willing to cling to him in the trials don't give up you know through trials deep in conflicts or yet still smile of joy he War friends let's press forward with Jesus in closing my wife and I am We'd read the book before we just finished it again last week story of or maybe even this week we a story by Darlene de blur she shares a true story she shares her harrowing experience as a missionary in the jungle of New Guinea in the midst of her work with the indigenous people of New Guinea World War 2 broke out it struck and she was thrust into a Japanese prison camp she suffered their interrogations beating and near starvation but in her book she tells she relates an experience after her husband who he himself died in another prison camp she shares that the the leader of her prison the Japanese leader Mr Hugh Moggi she'd seen this man you know beat other prisoners in front of her and he had killed another prisoner and another prison. And she says these words this is the man she had seen be so evil so terrible and this is what she says late that afternoon Remember her husband has died and Mr Moggi knows that and late that afternoon Mr your mind called me to his office he was standing behind his desk knowing you're de blower I'm guessing no new means miss not no new dealer I want to talk with you he began this is war yes Mr Jim you're Monte I understand that what you heard today about your husband's death women in Japan have heard yes sir I understand that too you were very young some day the war will be over and you can go back to America you can go dancing you go to the theatre you can marry again and forget these awful days you've been a great help to the other women in the camp and I ask of you don't lose your smile Mr Margie May I have permission to talk to you he nodded sat down and then motioned for me to come in take the other chair Mr Margie I don't sorrow like people who have no hope I want to tell you about some one of whom you may never have heard before I learned about him when I was a little girl in Sunday School back in Boone Iowa in America his name is Jesus He's the son of Almighty God the Creator of heaven and earth and God opened the most wonderful opportunity to lay the plan of salvation before the Japanese camp commander tears started of course down his cheeks he died for you Mr your Moggi. And he puts love in our hearts even for those who are our enemies that's why I don't hate you Mr. Maybe God brought me to this place at this time to tell you he loves you you know it seems as if this man's life is actually changed after hearing this Darlene through the years of suffering in near death after the war she went back to America she married again and she went back for almost 30 years and to overseas missions after going through this torture a 6 perience She writes this in the book Evidence not seen a woman's man nor raw killers faith in the jungles of War 2 powerful powerful story of how clinging to Jesus in the trials the promises of God how they would continually come back to mind the passages she had memorized how they would be a string in encouragement from the trauma in the midst of the trauma this was not a post traumatic growth it was in the midst of trauma growth I haven't read about that in the psychological you know writings yet but there is growth within the trials friends that we don't have to wait until a year from now to find victory for Jesus can get begin to give us the strength for the trials today friends you may have been through trials and life in we're going to go through more trials friends cling to Jesus in these things far from keeping you from Christ can actually deepen your experience and draw you closer to the throne of grace and Sunday Jesus can look to you and say Well done my good and faithful servant. And her into the joy of the heart come in sit down with me on my throne with my father friends Jesus went through the sufferings and he will be with you in the trials don't give up you may be in temptation right now and you may feel like giving up don't give up friends Jesus reaches out his hand of ever lasting strength and he will give you victory and finally the devil will flee from you don't give up press on let us pray Heavenly Father thank you so much for your laugh thank you that we can have you can give us victory even if we have had post-traumatic stress you can give us post-traumatic growth I think you that you can give us present traumatic growth that you can give us a victory in the trials not just after the trials that you can give us a new appreciation for life that you can give us a new appreciation for relationship with others father I know that saw so often were caught up in in the media in the Internet our cell phones and we don't even care anymore about humans other than surfing over there there are little stories and comments on social media but we don't even care to be around humans many times but Lord you can give us an appreciation a strength for closer relationships father you can give us a new purpose in life you can give us a new strength a new father an enhanced spiritual development I pray that you would draw each one of us nearer to help us as the Apostle Paul help us as the disciples help us as Darleen deeply or help us as this young man Pistorius who went through trials but help us to be like Jesus as he were was here on Earth. We thank you so much for your love and. Maybe be faithful into the Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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