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Logo of Talking Points, 3rd Quarter 2020: Making Friends for God

04-Prayer Power - Interceding for Others

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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Pastors Kameron DeVasher and Mark Howard share study and teaching tips for Quarter 3, July 25 lesson “Prayer Power - Interceding for Others”



  • July 20, 2020
    9:00 AM
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I have Cameron to be sure and I Mark Howard and this is talking points we're in our quarterly about making friends for God and this week is a lesson for prayer power interceding for others pastor Howard a lot of good information this week Important Yes Oh absolutely and in fact it's in capsulated and remember verse confess your trespasses to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed and then it says the effective fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much and a lot of people we think of this in terms of anointing for the sick Yes and it talks about healing there yes and so oftentimes people think of this in terms of just simply praying for healing but it also talks about confessing sins and really the 1st speaks to praying for souls and that's what our lesson is about this week the idea is that you know again prayer power interceding for others. Intercessory prayer. Praying for one another on behalf of one another that's what we're talking about when we're talking about interceding in prayer or intercessory prayer if you're not familiar with the terminology well and to put it in the context of our lesson this is not just about prayer in a generic sense the importance of it when we could talk about that or even praying for healing like you mentioned but we're specifically looking at the entire quarter about making friends for God of the joy of sharing in his mission this is about soul winning work and it's really the role this week we're talking about the role of prayer intercessory prayer and the work of soul winning so we're going to seize it a little bit as we go and develop this study right and on Sabbath afternoon the last paragraph of that says when we seek God and intercede for others God works in our own hearts to draw us closer to him and gives us divine wisdom to reach them for his kingdom he also works powerfully in their lives in ways we cannot see or even fully understand to draw them to himself So that's again that's General Yes And listen I don't know if this is a good time to mention that but in that sentence where it says in ways we cannot see or even fully understanding as we talk about this in our if we were deliberating about how to make you know the outline of what not and the things to hit on and one of the points you brought up which I think is very important is the idea that when we talk about prayer we're standing at the edge of a of a great mystery that we don't understand all the nuts and bolts we can't formulaically outline how it works and why it works but we are told to do it we're seen examples of it we're it's recommended in fact it's commanded that we prefer it so clearly it's important we advocate for it but we're not going to sit here and say like and therefore we know exactly how it works and when it works and there's an algorithm that will be a guarantee of it we don't begin to us write well especially we're talking about intercessory prayer you know when I'm praying to God It's just talking to God And it's interesting In fact I think we're going to get into this in the lesson that the you know the angels talk to God. And that would be called prayer only they do a face to face and you know when we don't but praying for somebody else this is where it gets sticky and I I told you going into this I have always been there's always been the the element of mystery with intercessory prayer because God gives every person a choice I mean the greatest. Underlying principle in the great controversy is personal choice and so what I pray for somebody and I take away the choice and of course nobody says that but it's just it's one of those things you know another aspect of this is you can get very easily fall into the he even idea of prayer where God isn't willing to do something and you're twisting his or appeasing him and that's not happening here either so we're going to do our best to navigate through you know some good points in the lesson in the passage of scripture but I think you make the point that there's there's going to be an element that we're not going to fully understand this side of heaven but what we do understand is it's important to pray for our own spiritual well being and for the spiritual well being of others a myth and so we'll do our best to understand all that the scripture and spirit prophecy inside while understanding our limitations and still accepting it as a commandable That's right very clear now our focus in talking points is to point out yes we took away from the lesson as key points of discussion and again you may come up with different key points of discussion but I. I've said in some savvy school classes recently and I always you know when you're in the department we're doing this kind of thing now. You know they follow the Monday Sunday Monday you know the weekly So let's go to Sunday let's go to Monday let's go to Tuesday and I'm not saying that that's wrong but one of the things that really hit me is that it you it's very easy to make the lesson disjointed and everything's a lesson in itself let's go to Sunday hey there's this great story on Sunday and Monday you can for example in this particular lesson you could lose the overarching theme that we're talking about intercessory prayer you know or we're talking about seeing people as Jesus sees them like we did last week and that's why I prefer to take the overview of the lesson and also the church members have the opportunity of study to Lester's or get I want to reiterate the very same thing for them and so draw out key points this is what I came up with this week. Of course we've talked about this before your book ends or Sabbath after Sabbath afternoon and Friday would Fridays generally a summary and Sabbath is an introduction and he basically went over the edge and while there might be some substance in there of note they're really just kind of entering and exiting where the real substance is typically on the Sunday through Thursday that's right and so what I drew out this week was 3 key points number one the need for intercessory prayer number 2 Jesus the motto pray. Who modeled intercessory prayer and then Point number 3 is how to intercede for others how to engage in intercessory prayer now I drew my 1st point the need for inner city this intercessory prayer what I'm taking away from actually when disease lesson and Sundays lesson and Wednesday is where I'm going to start and I'm saying that because you know for me often times if you just follow through the line of thought it may not be your line of thought or it may not be for me it makes more sense well we'll see what I will you even think you're saying take it wins day and Sunday as you read through the lesson seem to complement each other nicely yes I know they were chronologically adjacent Well Wednesday Sundays lesson is a cosmic struggle and it brings up Revelation 12 which I'm going to go to here in then Wednesday goes into Daniel and goes to this behind the scenes cosmic struggle you really don't see as much of the cosmic struggle on Sundays lesson as you do with it even though you have the title the cosmic struggle because they only work together right up and point number 2 Jesus' role as intercessor them Jesus the mighty intercessors Monday's lesson and so that corresponds with Monday and then how to intercede for others Tuesday's lesson is on Paul's intercessory prayers and Thursday talks about focused prayer when we're praying for others so they complement each other as well as far as that's how I came up with that theme atic Lee you number one the need for intercessory prayer number 2 Jesus the model prayer and number 3 How to intercede for others yes and one of the things that's been difficult and it's going to continue to be difficult in talking points. Even now we want to go over the lesson but we also interject things we learn through our talking points Ok And one thing we've talked about is we come up with are 3 points and we still can run into the challenge that the 7 day you know Sunday Monday Tuesday Well we've only got 2 Tuesdays lesson or you're cramming through you know the last you know Thursday and Wednesday and Thursday because Ok because you spend so much time well we've done that sometimes with our key point yes we have it and we're literally of couple of Mel and we actually saddling you and so but I want to I want to make that point to our viewers that it's easy to do so even when you have key points you want to get in your mind Blake this is how much time I have because if they're key if they're all key then you want equal weight you don't want to come down to Key Point number 3 in this case and say well we got 2 minutes there yeah so because of that also this isn't a us teaching the lessons per se we don't have time to look up all the passageways So we're going to comment in what I have in the handout and you will show again the link that you can get our handouts our outlines rather for these handouts you can use in handouts if you want but. The need for intercessory prayer and I have a ballpoint a cosmic struggle which is the name of Sunday's lesson and we look at Daniel in the lesson it goes to Daniel $1010.00 to $14.00 where Daniel is praying and the angel Gabriel comes to him after a period of time in says listen Daniel from the time you started praying I was sent to answer you but we were dealing with this other situation with the Prince of Persia and. I'm going to comment on this. I respected the contributors of the lesson but I don't always agree with them and not that I totally disagreed but there was a strong point made in the lesson that the Prince of Persia could not have been dairy is or Cyrus rather it had to be an in-joke being that's not necessary to the lesson and one thing I've noticed as have gone to some of us as well classes is especially 7th Day Adventists we. Sometimes get this idea that we have it all figured out and we can't learn the same old stuff again it's got to have some new edgy whatever and and so we get off on tangents that are not necessary to make the point it doesn't matter if the Prince of Persia that Gabriel was contesting with was the spiritual power behind him or whether it was Cyrus himself in either case there's a cosmic struggle that's going on to make sure that God's Will goes forward and that's the point of that lesson in Daniel and also Sunday's lesson is that when we're talking about winning souls I mean think about how easy winning souls would be if there was no evil force in here and there was no conflict no great controversy right well that already won there wouldn't that right there would be a battle and the fact that you're making you're bringing to light here is a very important one the this unseen spiritual battle is the reason we have seen the problems that we do and the reason we need to pray for each other the reason that people are in need of spiritual help is because of that very great controversy behind the veil struggle if you will you know you have done your quarterly Wednesday last paragraph which brings out says this day in your 10 draws the curtain aside a reveals the struggle between good and evil as Daniel prays Michael the Almighty Jesus descends from Heaven to beat back the forces of hell although we may not see it Jesus is at work to answer our prayers of intercession as well he is a mighty savior not one of our prayers God goes unnoticed awesome but the idea is that we are in the other text mentioned here and 6 right talks about 6 verse 12 talks about the spiritual forces that right then are not battling his flesh and blood Exactly so we have both the Old Testament and New Testament are consistent on this behind the scenes spiritual struggle that we are we find ourselves in the middle of and the answer to that is to appeal to the Lord in prayer to our. His mighty agency to help where we can't fight that's right and I put in my notes that we are smack dab in the middle of an unseen spiritual war and our prayers are one means of enlisting in the cause of Christ and it's casting or is part of the battle and being on the side of Christ and so you know the need for intercessory prayer there's a cosmic conflict going on yes and there's this constant battle over souls and so our prayers are are moving in that direction that's speaking of moving that's a fantastic transition to this review and herald statement December 14th 1005 which writes prayer moves the arm of the tents he who marshals the stars in order in the heavens whose word controls the waves of the great deep the same infinite Creator will work in behalf of his people if they will call upon Him in faith he will restrain all the forces of darkness into the warning has given to the world and all who knew he'd it are prepared for his coming so you see that complex where he will restrain the forces of darkness is in the context of prayer per moves the arm of omnipotence to do what and we talked about that like I know God doesn't take away somebody's choice but we he can do is he can hold back the powers of darkness in a sickly place and provide talk about greater opportunity and further you know time for prayer people or clear out of space or whatever it is he does a great don't understand how it works but we enlist in God's army to help him move that arm as incredible That's right in that there's another statement that the lesson brings part of it from 1st testimonies 345 it says Satan cannot endure to have his powerful rival which would be Christ appealed to he can endure us appealing to Christ in prayer. For he fears and trembles before his Christ's strength and majesty at the sound of fervent prayer Satan's whole host tremble now if we had nothing else that let it be a great I understand it I'm going to be pretty and exactly whatever that is I know some of it is great right amen So anyway as you get into the lesson that's what we saw as one key point is just introducing the need for intercessory prayer no you can add to that of the great spiritual Yes and you can add to that our own personal need in fact that we don't understand we don't have the wisdom we need more that could be said right but it creates a framework for why prayers and yes why isn't intercessory prayer important Ok now if we go to Jesus the model pray earlier. And this is a little play on words not really intended by to put this together but the 1st question that came to my own mind in the lesson is bring this out is what did Jesus model prayer the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6 have to say about intercessory prayer Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name and most people as they go through that they think. Really really doesn't save our daily bread give us this day keep us from temptation I'm praying for me I'm not really praying for souls and it doesn't lie on the surface but it's very old servant and I've got a lot to say about this and go back to the time we've been in the real tight but but it was a look at that model prayer and again to be clear when Jesus taught to pray he didn't say pray these exact words he wasn't giving a formula right but he was giving a template of the types of things that we should be thinking about right and when he says our 1st appeal should be our Father in heaven hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done On earth as it is in heaven I don't think Jesus was using decorative language when he said like your will be done on earth he wasn't being poetic I think he literally meant the number one desire of our heart should be what Christ is that God had already done here the same way it's done there which begs very question how is God's work done there how is it all accomplished well and even what you had said there what is the burden of. The heart in the work of God of Jesus of the holy spirit other than the loony tunes of Heaven right what are they doing up there are they preparing for a big party years old and if you look at you know and I'll ask you when it's up Are The Lamb Ok yeah but if you go to Revelation 45 which we don't have time to do you see the remember the godhead of the 4 living creatures the 24 elders but then you his whole sea of 10000 times since doesn't angels and thousands 1000 agents in the Bible tells us and Hebrews what those angels are for their administering spirits versus 7 and 14 if Hebrews one that's right who are sent forth the Minister for those who inherit salvation so all of Heaven the overwhelming majority of heavens population the angels are front line ministers seeking and saving the last you know and so according to the model prayer that should be the number one priority of our hearts Lord how can I enlist in Heaven's cooperative agency for the saving of souls that's so intercessory prayer though it may be explicit It is primary in the Lord's prayer as he tells us to pray and then of course as we see his example I think of Hebrews 57 and put in the nose prayer prayer was essential for Jesus said he cried to God with strong crying tears to him who is able to save him and and you know you can read that and say rightfully say Jesus even prayed for Himself in His humanity. But when you think about what he was praying for himself for what did he need strength for what was he praying for for his mission which was seeking saving the last I mean you don't get around Christ Ministry we don't need to take any more time on this right Jesus prayed for lost souls if he was modeling that well even John 17 which is the true Lord's Prayer and since that was his prayer it was after he prays for himself for a few verses and then he goes to his disciples and and is all those who believe in all the exactly I want I want them to believe and I want people who are going to hear them to believe like the mission that he has is not just his own preservation but the giving of the was able to the world that's right and I have included this statement was in the lesson but I would share it in class it's so powerful subsidize $94.00 says what a why. It is that we pray so little God is ready in will in this a specially in light of the fact that Christ felt the need to pray right and you'll see that we're moving not praying. God is ready and willing to hear the a sincere prayer of the humblest of his children and yet there is much manifest reluctance on our part to make known our wants to God What can the angels of heaven think of poor helpless human beings who are subject to temptation when God's heart of infinite love yearns toward them ready to give them more than they can ask or think and yet they pray so little and have so little thing and it goes on in that statement actually to say how much the angels love to come and talk to God Why don't you mean beings and so especially in the context of the need we have when it comes to reaching others for god. That's why Jesus that's what Jesus was modeling for us yes and not only did he give instruction about it we talk about the modeling of Jesus perhaps the quintessential intercessory model of Jesus' ministry was his prayer for his own disciples but that's right Peter on the night of his betrayal Yes the lesson brings that out specifically in Luke Chapter 12 where Jesus says to Peter that I in fact what he says and it's fascinating this goes into a cosmic conflict again the 1st thing he says is Satan has asked for you that you need a sort of a new way where there's so much I'd like that but that's that backdrop and I honestly can't explain how that all works but there is some kind of permission going on has to be as totally think open the oh yes when they say in the approaches and says it has this dialogue about job in his character and why he stands up and he asked permission can I hurt him a little kind of hurt his family going to take away his money and guys that are you can go this far but no further and in the New Testament apparently like you brought out Jesus is asked Satan even ask apparently to yes to sift him to take him to hurt him and get them the answer was yes and so this is the whole like I can explain all that and I can only imagine Peter would go then you told him yes you know what to say as I asked for you that he may say if you as we but Jesus as I have prayed for you know he's speaking of so here Jesus is speaking specifically to Peter prayed for him by name and he prayed something specific that your faith fail not. But indeed even in the context Jesus knew he was going to deny him he wasn't of the faith but in case now he says but when you're converted strengthen your brother he had already told me is going to you're going to deny me 3 times so in that context yet Jesus had prayed for Peter's faith and had the broader believe that in the end he would overcome at least in part because the pretty well he's because he exactly in part because he prayed because he said I prayed for you that won't but he did but then he says when you're converted you'll. The implication you just drew there is that Christ knew that in from the beginning and he still prayed for him that's where it will help him strengthen through this even if he falls to pick him back up and give him the strength he needs to be the disciple I call him to be there's so much in that and I mean I'm thinking when we're praying for others yes it and then they fall and we may say oh it didn't work hold on a minute when there's more to the store you know it's it wonderful all doesn't constitute whether you're going to be an attorney a man a man I mean is that not going to be raising the Gospel itself so Jesus Yeah he modeled intercessory prayer so we see that there's a definite need in the context of the controversy and with our own just being a part of the ministry yes trying to reach other souls for Christ and we see Jesus the model pray earlier modeling for us in the Lord's Prayer and specifically praying for Peter in that whole example and so as he hands off that ministry to us yes you know as my father sent me so send I you write we can't exclude intercessor operated well in the Apostle Paul talk about giving it he refers to what we have is the ministry of reconciliation that we are like that God is through us drawing people to him that's all right we take basically the same thing that Jesus was doing that raises and now he's left us with that task that we need to pick up the baton and move on with that same work you know Jesus prayed for others we absolutely ought to as well so how do we do it and that's point number 2 how do we intercede for others and in light of these things what what do we know practically Well our memory verse again James talks about praying the the fervent prayer of a righteous man and fervent speaks to to passion and warmth and other words you've got to need some level of investment intensity so when we're praying for others we've got to have a burden for souls in part I mean not in part. But that comes from the Lord and I know that some of you have a burden for souls I just want you know understand then that burden doesn't come naturally for any of us true and we receive it from the Lord which should be encouraging because of the Lord's giving us a burden that's because he wants to answer that burden as we pray so pray fervently that's one thing we know when it comes to intercede for others and then the lesson brought out on. Tuesday the example of Paul's prayer for the efficient church and for the church in Philip high both of those examples are given and part of the point of the lesson on those on that day was to pray with focus and so intercity with those pray fervently and then pray specifically with focus not just like right or just be with you know please help him you know help him what prays all the people who are said you know help him to know the depth in the height in the breadth of the love of God and be able to walk try him for example he said I have prayed for you that you call a great name but what issue he was going to face with all the different he didn't just say I prayed for you all in a way to Peter like this really right he said I'm praying for you for this issue so pray pray fervently pray specifically with focus. Pray with boldness in other words when you are praying Don't be like well I don't ask that what's going to hurt the Lord can say no he tells us to pray and ask pray with boldness Matthew 2122 which was neither of these were listed in the lesson but I've listed in the outline Jesus said whatever things you ask in prayer believing you will receive obviously that's in a context of course I never got that were are you I prayed for you you know but you get what I'm saying and what Jesus is saying we're praying for souls that are certainly within the will of God Absolutely and so pray with confidence pray with with boldness rather in the same James Chapter 5 just before in James Chapter 4 Yes The thing about prayer he says you have not because you ask not right what it is awful in some ways what it all. Awful thing like you mean I could have had it right if I were you never asked what it was like it was a reason to have it you didn't ask so but I just go I didn't think you'd give it to me you know that's a short essay Yeah. So again the praying with boldness means don't be afraid to actually state or ask your true petition that's right you know that's right God can say no but he might just say yes when you die he was going to say no and the lesson does bring this out on Sunday this quote from great controversy $525.00 says it is a part of God's plan to grant us in answer to the prayer of faith that which he would not be stoic do we not that thus ask so I'll tell you this is one of those areas I stop and say I don't know how it works. But the Lord has called us to this ministry of intercession of ministry of prayer for ourselves and for others of course in the context of our lesson here their souls their have their spiritual life and apparently their stuff he will give us if we ask that it will you know wisely I don't know as well part of that we know is that the Lord inspires us with what to pray Ok so it's not like it should at if it's something we should be praying for his Holy Spirit and if we're all just asking for it to ask for the right things he'll give us the right things that is right we're going to be in tune with him but anyway pretty so I said confidence before which is no surprise fervently pray specifically with Focus pray with boldness and then I had to pray with confidence is what sells the same well the differentiation for me is praying with boldness is don't be afraid to ask for whatever in behalf of souls but then praying with confidence means believing that God's going to do something about it so for example you pray for somebody and then you see them go down a path and you're like all God didn't hear no he did hear have confidence that he heard and he answered Paul in that prayer for the Libyans has one of my favorite verses in the Bible being very competent company of this very thing that he has begun a good work in you will complete it on today he's praying for them he said I'm confident of this well I know God her similarly 1st John Chapter 5 Verse 14 of this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us and so the idea being that we can have that same word is used confidence right that Paul and John write about when we appeal to God we can have confidence that the river 16 and let's keep going was going to verse 15 and if we know that he hears is whatever we ask we know that we have the petitions that we have asked him if anyone sees his brother sinning as sin which does not lead to death he will ask and he will give him life for those who commit sin not leading to death there is a sin leading to death I do not say that he should I do not say that he should pray about that. So I mean there's a lot that we could cover. There but basically the point is that is immediately anything we ask according to His will he'll give us and it's in the context of praying for other people specifically right if you will in the in the soon to death is that is the unpardonable sin in the human being knows what that is so John is not saying don't pray Well he made it on the up committed don't bother praying for him that's not what he's saying he's trying to clarify that there are no there are certain things God's not going to rescue a person from but I don't know that you don't know that so we keep saying Ray And what's also him is he says he will give him life and commentators are divided on this is the life giving the one who's praying or the one who's being prayed for but the net effect is the same and it's Albert Barnes in his commentary in 1st John 516 that makes this point he says in common to this verse 16 what a motive is this to prayer how faithful and constant should we be in pleading for our fellow sinners that we may be instrumental in saving their soul Amen think of that god given us the ability to be instrumental it's not us doing it yet we can have a part in somebody who is human in the kingdom just by praying for them why not pray Amen So in conclusion we need to wrap this up but. Proverbs $61.00 verse one by your fervent prayer for his that that is a consolation of prayer Yeah that's precisely that's not the right you'll see that the reverence p.r. is your father's it's a prayer paid 61 paragraph one by your fervent prayers a faith you can move the arm that moves the world goes back to that omnipotence you know the idea that I don't know how to mechanics of the world somehow we're in contact with God who can move worlds at his command and this is what we have to connect with so let's pray let's pray you will pray for us. Father in heaven oh Father what a privilege is prayer privilege that we do not take advantage of as you wish we would and especially in praying for lost souls Oh Father forgive us where we fallen short and Lord may we be impressed and inspired in remember as we go forward to to pray. To give ourselves to the Praying for lost souls and help us to be confident Lord that you are in the process of hearing and answering those prayers that at last souls will be saved multiple souls will be saved and you Kingdom we thank you for here in answering this prayer for we prayed in the name of Jesus.


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