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The Sabbath & the Mark in the Forehead

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, give the mid week of prayer, showing us the difference between a mark and the seal. Which one would you like to receive? Be sure you get the right one because they are starting to be given out.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • July 22, 2020
    6:00 PM


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Ok so. Yes tonight. We're going to study. About the. Market and the field so open your mind. With me. To Revelation Chapter 13. And you may remember that word in the series looking at someone. Has backs. Into Time vents that we see Matthew chapter $24.00. And we started studying about the Sabbath. As a result of our series on the promenade just elation where we saw that. There was a bombing hastened by causes thus a wasted. Or time spoken of by the prophet and each time they said. That the holidays that. Caused this doesn't listen when the Sabbath just. Were living in that last abomination of desolation like the prophet so were still exactly more holy. Revelations happened 30 there was a battle for the right hand of the leaders as well as the heads and hearts of humanity in the devil and the Beast powers. Are attempting to do well while the rest of the living working together has even to either force or manipulate people to blasphemy and worship the 1st beast rather than Christ. To worship the hands of Christ rather than right. In the we already study how the right hand in Scripture is what he used to create. What he used to redeem what he used to write the sentimental while with a group of those. And so the right hand actually study the right hand some of this for sure that when the Enterprise powers attending to Mark God's people on their right hand and specifically attack savages. And the God of the savage. Winds reminds us of his act of one creation and really. The key issue with him time will be a battle over who will be a novelist. Or did worse or. Look be. Our Creator and Redeemer the worse upon the Sabbath day or will we succumb to a how to fit. Ok. Worse. So today it's difficult to see on the right hand I like to focus on the forehead. Now look at the forehead here Revelation chapter. 13 verse 16. He causes all all small and great rich and poor. To receive a mark on the right here or rather for. So. Then this is what the beast power of the tend to do and then relations have to fork to take. First one. I looked at the whole the land standing side and with him 144000 having their father's name written on there or. So. This receiving of a mark in the forehead seal on the forehead is. The place where the name of God is who are the name of the. Hand And our study of the name of God. We're reminded that that word name is. No mob and the root of that word are they just that underline word is good no scope which means the alert or to comes of no knowledge or to become know. So what a person learns or constant now about God or the beast they're in a position to receive that many of which ever they choose in their forehead because as they comes another character of either God to be then they're in a position where they can receive. The information other word receive a little Asian 13 didn't mind means to be given which means you would receive it was given to you but he received it and said commit to. Ork and Revelation 21st floor look over there from. Proto laserjet to 20 of the 4. I saw crawls and they sat on them and judgment was committed to the last of the souls of those to be headed for their witness to Jesus for the Word of God without worship the beast or his image and not received his mark on their foreheads or on their head. And that work were there says had not received the mark is not deliberately but it's long Blago was literally means to take upon one's self to claim for one. So what you receive the mark of the beast. Is something you're deciding to do you're giving yourself all here to admitting yourself. And you are actually. Taking upon yourself and planning for oneself so receiving the mark of the beast is the no character of of the person that's given hat and to actually accept it and receive it how you understand. And this is what we do with our foreheads. We. Can have value wait hand we can look at things so the person that's forehead here for his is a is a place where a person learns about the character of God or the character of the beast then the person gives their mind over. Or commits themselves to one of these 2 powers. And then the character of the entity that's chosen is literally the written. On their foreheads so when we get the idea written on their forehead well. In the. Old raisins up to 71st by speaking of the heart of. The relationship to 14 we just stop a. 14 is they have the name of good written on their foreheads. We have 144000 have the Father's Day written. In their forehead and revelations of seeing those that are following. The feast our picture here the Harlot. On her forehead was a name written Mystery Babylon the Great mother of harlots combination here. So this is a process that takes time. And you don't just quickly receive the seal of God and you know just quickly received the more he. Was not something done. Once a Wal-Mart to receive the work to be. Something that you had assembled and to understand. So let me show this to you. And we show this to you by looking back. At the 10 commandments. So look with me. Back So this chapter. One. Acts is a step to 20. We have. A process described. God spoke all these words say ah of the Lord your God who brought you up out of the land to be the. House. Was slavery. So the last one had no other guy. The commandment is associated with God's name his character and his character. This being demonstrated as that 8 of it deliver someone who delivers the character of God because He gives people out of slavery he gives some out of bondage I brought you up on the land of Egypt in other words I rescue you from all the knots. And you might think that's a small thing you want to gods they had and he did. They had what you read in terms of historic. Looking had got to be there they had summary $4300.00. 2000. They had huge ships and Panthea. Kind of like a period then to go was. Like God the liberties people from all of the. Other 10 play us gave the highlights of the Complete live 10 as a number of completeness of the 510 commandments 10 years and. 10 years not necessarily what that number is what is meant to give a complete of. Sorrow. Let me just go through some of these they worst of the night the god copy cause the rivers overflow and can move faster than the human beads in the clay and held them up so the light of the Ray could give them life so they would worship the over. The horizon if you are worshipping the river I'm going to humiliate the river by turning units of water. And suddenly they were not interested in worshipping the river it was all bluff and he was giving them a hand you're not state by the river you're say by the one of the one. Your sig line. You're saved by the river that comes out of me and mine thanks for him in a matter of fact the sacred music of 47 as a river flows out of. The river of life. And so he will you. We're gonna of the river and they worship the river this is where we get food this is where we come from. They worship the frocks they worship the God why can't the frogs the goddess of fertility and childbirth so when they saw frog they would worsen the frog it was a capital offense you would die for killing a frog they worship rock they were not allowed to frogs. So what's it got to do with the frogs Ok if you believe that the frogs are God I will have the frogs go every word you like. I have a frog though that is outside but inside her house inside her grad inside her kitchen inside the quest where you're going right inside the place if you score frou frou. And suddenly they realize they did that one god and all of their lives if God was a frog was going starting killing a frog and getting this it never happened in Egypt before killing the rock. And so God was showing that he had power over the frog God you know I think you can jump off a long way with a frog got enough Yeah I was much stronger and bigger than the God of the frog. So he was sure they used to worship the Beatles those air of Beatle picture the Sun God and His warning for the worst of these beetles and as they were said the Beatles it was as if they were worshipping the God of the sun is the sun being in Egypt there's a lot of sun over there in Africa. All kinds is a 100 and so God. You know made of bugs and different things go everywhere they want is a just. The also not God of Egypt was on the rock the God of the sun it was the most powerful god. Rom work with children rock. The sun god who was believed to have created all the other gods and who created all human beings and all life on Earth. So another words in Egypt what you worship. Was certainly all these blogs and all these things but the real thing they were city. Was what. The sun god. The sun now you can see why this is of course the study. Now shall have no other what. Thou shall have no water gods all those gods 2000 of them. Were actually coming from one God which was what God. The Son of God. We are following. So the 10 Commandments stand as their coming eyes as look I brought you up from this bonded still all these gods. And they did not create you and the Sun God did not create him I created you and I redeemed you. Saw 95 song 95. Verse 3 through 6 Psalm 95. Verse 3. Were. Over Come let us sing unto the Lord what is making a joyful noise so the rock of our song based let us come before his presence with thanksgiving and make a joyful noise and to himself. The Lord is a great God. For the commandments of all more God is in the us the word Every great k. above was above what. All God's in His hands are the deep places of the year the straight for the hills this is also. The sea is his and he made it. His hands formed the dry. Hokum of us worship and bowed down let us know people who are are made. Throughout the Scriptures God is fictional as the creator and this is good as a reason we should worship him he stood by. He with me. And we knew about them guess what you did for God you put your forehead on the ground. You were searing with your forehead on the ground before God Did he is the creator and he also is the redeemer. The grind the word like God that brought the yeah out of the house upon. And so. You have again and again this picture. Of. God. Delivered not only Redeemer got the letter read Psalm 18 and verse 2. The Lord is my rock my fortress and my deliverer my God is my rock. My take refuge my shield on the horns of my salvation by strong. So don't have any other gods before me command level one because I heard your deliver were and I hear 3 you're following him. For this reason that God said How shall have no other gods before me. To Man Number 2. Back to him. You should have make for yourselves in the car village. Here you'll like this of anything that isn't the bog for that is of the earth and he for that is in the water under the here you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I the Lord thy God and they was jealous God visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children to the 3rd and 4th generation of those that hate selling mercy To 1000 so those who what love me and heat my command. So you should not while down or worship them. Because I'm the one. I'm the one who brought you out of the land of Egypt. So what is this teaching us. And by the way we're going to come back to these after we go through them and then we're going to look at accuracy of our face so this is not because he was. What are we learning here. Not Meghan's of the integrated lives in other words what they were doing was never say Ok God didn't create this God didn't redeem us but the frog did or the cow did with a calf did and then they were making an image and they were worshiping that instead of the Creator they were worshipping the creature rather than the creator and they were actually for me get out of their own hands and then they were worshipping him and he said idle words I got him hey Sallust guy. This is an adjective singular absolute which means this is describing a God who was all because nothing else should you be devoted to other guy. Well images no pains you create with your hands only God I am the Lord that is minding my glory I gives a new Other your mind praise to car aisles I say of 42 so I will or as no one else do not make an image do not bow down to him. My courageous I give him my lords and no other. So this idea of jealousy and exhaust means to protect In other words. As you follow me I protect you I don't want anyone else getting in there I want no one else taking my place and any regard we think that makes. Me think of so it's not as likely as gels as it's a holy jealous. That's a. Second Corinthian. Or a love. Holy would bear with me a little falling into the deep you do bear with me Paul talking to the. Poor I had jealous for you with a godly jealousy for I had to approach you the 14 Husband Wanted says. So the 2000 husbands that want to says no just a one husband but I may present you as a chase burgeon to write down other words do not have divided loyalties because I'm a jealous God and in fact. James Chapter 4 says that the spirit moves wiles in us the spirit how do you have a why have the Holy Spirit must fear it who was in us yours for us jealously. So when you have the Holy Spirit in your life what is it doing. What's it doing. Oh. What is the Holy Spirit doing. Do you think that the Scripture says a man does here it who dwells in us yearns was. Jealous. Jealous that's the whole idea other words. Don't kick a false god or false gods don't make images to them because I'm jealous I only want you. To worship me only. None of us have that commandment in the 2nd command. Of showing mercy and the thousands of them that love me and keep my command. So in other words. People that worst of all Scots. Will make Evans's of those false gods and they will have Commandments. That are related to the false gods. First they want their followers to make physical representations of the gods 150-2000 there he tipped they made images to fly as frogs beetles towels and livestock next his medical bank God and His commandments they made their gods they fastened them and they made commanders for those gods. I don't disown the commands of the ancient egyptian gods. They had daily rituals that were performed by priests or by Pharaoh for the people and these rituals still libraries library. Of rituals written on a higher. Rituals concerning food rituals concerning water rituals concerning incense rituals concerning sacrifices of precious metals all written. Written Pyra pieces of parchment and cap and Temple library. Literally thousands of. Self. Vera would have to hire all kinds of people on his back to be doing all kinds of rituals following all kinds of command. If you didn't give those commands you could be in trouble. So they had many gods 1000000 exists many command. Taxes 20 percent of the estimate. Thou shalt not take the name of the war the flag God and. The Lord will not hold him guiltless that take of his name. Ok so what do they have they pick almost gods. Right they make images do those false gods the what do they do. They make commandments. I go those walls God is the build libraries. Then want to say next is do not take the name of the Lord thy God and they. All look this is. You know there are things like saying God's name in. Other words along with it take God's name in vain that's a superficial and of thing we should be using God's name loosely we should say forms of God's name should be saying she is the Jesus or godly. We should be travelers like all mine and then use God then we should be doing. The hats she been in your eyes Ok but that's only part of what is talking about. This people is they have 2913 says. I was here 20 and I have 13 this people honors me with their lips but their heart is far from me and very Do they worship me teaching as doctrines the commandments of math. So the next step in receiving the mark of the beast. First is choosing a false god. Someone who's not God someone who place of God and He means in place of God and see Christ in place of God and then making an interest of that. Right and then heaping the commandments of that god. And then teaching other people to teach teach those false command teaching other people to keep the balls to the false God Himself I'm here with what was the primary god they were sent in Egypt last Sun. What was it that they made to him against in the sun all kinds of images of the pyramid What if you do the sun in the pyramids there are all kinds of windows of the outside point of the various luminary body they've done that by looking and standing so they were surveyed the sun moon stars are primarily the sun who was Pharaoh he was on the right yacht the sun god so they chose in Egypt the sun so worship and all those other gods that were on her it. Made him the judges to the sun god they made what commandment there were related to worshipping the sun god how we were following this and then they made other people keep those demands. Was that sound familiar at all. To do things. And that's when you know and these were very they may cost a. You idols have spoken. Vanity and the dividers have seen a lot they have. Told falls 3 who become prevented. Zachariah 1st. So why do the heathen rage and the people imagine they need they need. Packs for when. We were listening and spoiled to the last beer are very dizzy after the tradition of man. Right. Sol. They were choosing a false God what God was it what God was the primary god in Egypt some god they were making when ever it is true that false god I love the was pointing the direction to the false god with the pyramids and all the other things and they were making what the man meant there were related to the false god and there were libraries full of them. And then while they were teaching other people to keep those commandments and they were using their military and their might to 0 they were more powerful than the other nations and they were the most powerful nation on her with. And one thinks of God's people captive they made them work how many days a week. Some news a week and they said you will keep our command nighter. I recall. This wasn't a bomb a nation that was about to bring desolation on his or. Her God heard their cry we want to keep the Sabbath we want people priests of the Lord Exodus 5 remember how we study that we want to come out of there we want to worship you. And the Moses comes back and says you know what I'm going to help you get out of here. God Stepney delivering him. From the 2000 god summarize under one God the Son of God. He's made it to Mr himself all over Egypt and causing you to work to make it more bricks more stronger believe pyramids and you're building all these things in our villages and idols towards the false gods and the false god of Egypt. And I'm going to get you out because not only that they're making you keep their commandments. I'm going to get you out so you can keep. What they're. Sad. And what they haven't said. That's our nice command Let's go back to the hunger to give you the see something here. How we begin to see a paradise. So what does he give them. Remember the Sabbath day. To keep it holy. 6 days out by the way or the while your work but the Sabbath day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it. You shall do no work. You or your son or daughter or your male servant or your female servant not even the cat. Or the stranger that is within your kids. Why is it. Or is 6 days Oh Lord not the gods of Egypt. Not the sun god the Sabbath God The Lord made that Heavens and the earth and the sea think about how that would ascended to an Egyptian. All those 2000 gods you heard about liars. There are not the Creator and there are not the Redeemer. God made all that in the. Rest of the 7. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day. And how did. That happen if you are beginning to see now the significance of the Sabbath day perhaps a little way. I mean really to see that. The placing of. Another words this Sabbath day was a radical departure from Sunday or worse or go to the Sun God. And it was tied by God in His own voice with his own words too I complete reversal of everything you need. 200 Gods 2000 gods Mel. They're all wrong. They are all wrong and I was the Lord God and right. As you give you have evidence of that I delivered you from Egypt. I over while the most powerful military. And I brought you out. With my powerful right on the arm like creators you. The arm that redeemed you. Those you might have forgot being a slave so just remember. So the Sabbath then is a summary it's a summary of these 1st 3 commits how to be a sig. It's a summary of the 1st 3 command. And I'll make Now this this kind of application and our last few minutes here. The 1st 4 commandments show you how you can be the receive the mark of the peace. Or you can receive the seal of God then we can see that now you can see where and how do you do that. Paul commanded number one if you choose anything. To worship other than the creator or the redeemed her you've chosen a false god. Some people the Bible says as their god is their belly. Usually it's much larger than the rest of their body see that they've been worse of being their ballot. Some other people worship. Finding. Their God his money some other people were. Made And Bishop. Some other people maybe worse of. Immorality whatever this they focus on the creature rather than the grid here with. So when you choose a false god or receive it. Right then what's the next step begin to do. You have images of it all over the place you take pictures of. You maybe. Imagine. You have imagination concerning. Right. And then once the next day. It's so important to you that you have Commandments that you keep. I will only do this I will we're going to as my life around I can't go to the church because there's a full all game. And oh Paul is more important than the church. I can't do this I can't eat that because I like this taste of wife's it's more important than when God says did he. Want her with. I've actually seen people that won't go to a restaurant without their own special sauce they have to bring as a command they have to put. Some number one you choose something. That's not the creator or the Redeemer or to you you make an image to it or you have imaginations about it and by the way it can be a false concept science can be a false god science that tells you science that tells you that God was created through evolution or the guy who not created evolution is true that's a false god I'm going to fall. Over here with. Did God created in 6 days that's what the commander said or was it evolution. So choosing a philosophy can be choosing a false god and then there's images mangy of a text books research suppose a great service and then there's command. This is how you have to understand day and then what happens next those commandments are taught to other people who are tired of all those false gods and if you don't follow what they say. Then. Your person. Is this happens in this time. In the sciences if you say you believe in creation not of evolution whatever. You've broken one of the commanders and you're out. You have said. The wages of sin is death of your scientific career because. We've all. So. This is fascinating to have you think that commemorates are actually fascinating because they're actually teaching us want to avoid. Where you see them. Now what happens next. Alternately. When we break commandments 123. We don't feel like we have any special relationship with the Creator. Also we can substitute other day. Or do other things rather than celebrate our relationship with him or one day for him. And if we do maybe we have a power that comes and says that they will thank you and change times the laws they make to change times the laws use their from the low incentives times the laws. And drive to get the whole world to do what worship on what day Sunday as they were with de sac. A complete reversal. Of one of the most powerful acts God in his. I'm here begin to see the importance of this that. Really is. Now. What what can we do. What we. If we keep the 1st Amendment. And the 2nd half and the 3rd command and the 4th. This is our not only. A picture of how we're going to receive the mark of the beast if we don't follow them but it's also a picture. Of how we can be strong in the world. Where you think that as a positive. We can actually strengthen our frontal lobe. By doing let me show you so. Look with me in his eternal chapter 3. There were 4 attacks on the Sabbath or the abomination of desolation series that we saw. Remember that his contemporaries was. Out he had a guest because. Again. You have this wall of throne of God that is trying to. Fly around kind of like Air Force water God's ultimate rocket ship or his throne. And it comes in the spline around Israel. Or around the top. Prize climbs although we are on the sample many times of the ball also really goes to the side example the side the city of the flies away by is a good thing. Why does it fly away well it has to do with the frontal lobe. Looking at his heels you have 3 busy to his here. And he has to deal with a rebellious house. She had to to. Verse 7 you speak My Words to them that is Israel they hear. Whether they hear or whether they were a few for there were a valley. Or you saw the man hear what I say to you do not be rebellious like everybody else how open your mouth and what I did. How when I looked it was the hands thrust out to me and behold a scroll of a book was that. They spread it before me and there was writing on the inside and on the outside and on it a lemon seasons and mornings and was. More he said in the sun than heat which you find the best grow on goes big to the house and so I opened my mouth and he caused me to eat the scroll. And he said to me Son of Man feed your ballot. And fill your stomach with this rule that I can for you so I hate that it was in my mouth like honey this week. And he said to me Son of Man go to the house of Israel. Has be with my words to them what's happening here he's eating God's word and sweetest face and he says now share with someone else. Share with us of his or your god sent to a people of uncle here speech are hard like was the 2000 visit of not so many people of unfamiliar speeds are hard language whose words you can't understand her 6 Celia sent to them they would listen to you but the house of yours will will not listen to you because they will not listen to me for all the house of Israel are empty it is. Impudence or strong of forehead literally hates strong of what forehead and hard hard so Israel has become what. Strong forehead. I guess Scott is it is it is it are you are you able to be strong for head against a. Post there. Before. The. Bomb is added Stone Harbor them slept I had major forehead Do not be afraid of them nor be dismayed at the looks where they are I was. Rebellious house. Over. The last prophet. Is having to deal with these rebellious people are being taken captive the bad wiring taken get the bad you remember all the abominations but finally one. Sabbath does a grace. And he said Ok I'm going to give you a scroll that he is going to be sweet to you try and reach out to them and it is your reading my words as your last name I have as and my laws in your heart your forehead will be one. Strong and they'll be like What led you to look at the bows scale of hardness of rocks you know the hardest one is it's an adult Have you ever heard someone say that person talked about this to me and they were very adamant I mean ever that was. There ever they said I have to wear a mask they rather. Look at me. Then you're not changing their mind they have a strong forehead. And this is your forehead will be stronger than theirs there will be like corks. Now the end of time religion 13 who plays power will have a very strong forehead he will cause all the world to worship and blaspheming God all the world will worship except one group. What group is. That group. That eats his work. And has his wife in their hearts. It's interesting to me that the advent movement starts out with the girls that he was role that had been closed but then result it's interesting to me that the advent movement once they eat that sweet stroll coming to us our experience and lust got but God gives them strength and he uses their strength and foreheads to preach His gospel so the whole world and revelations at the center point to one of your with. And one of the things they preach is what. Remember God's command. Here is the patience of the Zags their midst of a severe crisis their foreheads have to go against other for. They keep the commandments of God losing the sad and they have a lot. Hey for Jesus. I'm going to see this they have a strong force. Because they have settled into the truth. They just settle into the truth. Look at his equal chapter pay. To see a picture. Of the word God. The Spirit of God picks up. Easy Celt and who says and verse 3. Brought me in visions of God to Jerusalem. To the door of the north gate of the inner court with the seat of the image of jealousy was which provokes jealousy was the 2nd commandment don't make any graven image or any like disappearing thing they have a problem here today for I wanted my wife. Jealous God. What are they doing with this image of jealousy and behold the glory of the God of Israel was there like a vision was as on the plane he said son a man with your eyes now to the north and I lifted my eyes to the north and there who are through the outer gate was this image of jealousy at the entrance more recent to me Son of Man do you see what they are doing the great abominations the house of Israel commits here so make me go far away from my sanctuary turn and you will see greater abominations and he took me to the door of the court and when I looked there was a hole in the wall he said Son of Man a day in the wall and when I got to the wall there was a door and he said go ahead and see the wicked abominations with us they are doing there and I went in and I saw their every sort of creeping thing Obama will be some idols of the house of Israel betrayed all around them all the wall what they have done back to Egypt they got back to worshipping all these idols can you see it. There stood before them sadly that of the elders of out of Israel and in their midst a design and I are the son of the fallen each man had a sensor in his hand picked out of instance one up and he said to me Son then do you see what the elders of the house of Israel do in the dark every man in the room with the of his idols for they say The Lord does not see as the Lord has forsaken the land he said to me turn again he was the greater abominations they are doing he brought me into the door of the north gate the words house and to my dismay. When we were sitting there weaving for Tammuz this is the fruit so here I. Live he said to me Have you seen this also the man turned again to use the greater abominations and so he brought into the inner core of God's house and there at the door of the temple between the porch and the altar were $25.00 men with their backs towards the temple of the war and their faces to war they East and they were worshiping what. Was saw on. How do you see that are there reversing the 1st organism can see that. He said Have you seen this only something is it trivial thing that I was a Jew that give it the abominations was a command here or the us still the land with violence they have returned to provoke me they are indeed there put the brands to themselves. So what happens then. Suddenly burst to sixpenny come from all directions each with a battle axe in his hand. One of them was close to the limit and had a writer's ink or have this sign they want in the still of the bronze altar the glory of God of Israel gun up from the chair or advance of the threshold of the temple a call to the medical clinic who had the writers of course he said Go through the list of the year through the mist of Jerusalem and put a what. Mark on the foreheads of those who say I cross over the abominations is done with it. Because he said to my hear you go after him to the land and kill those who do not like your eyes there. Slay old and young maiden and little children women who do not come but do not come near any one who has the mark and began my sanctuary. So they began. With the elders who were before some. What are we seeing. Just people's frontal lobes to believe we can bring up all his flaws. His e.q. was sent to try and reach out to them. He saw that they had got back in the worst of all the idols. And chosen they were God like big attendants do it they have provoked the God of jealousy because they were keeping the commandments of those gods and making other people do that. So he senses the fuel just like he sent Daniel to never can answer he says is equal to the house of Israel. Because Does was going to begin with the House of God uses go ahead with your strong forehead go on with that forehead were you when you're reading that scroll word you're being revived by my word and go here with your Strong's forehead against their foreheads which are like flags and going to try to save whoever you can. And going to try and save the people who are worshipping the sun or worshipping on Sunday instead of my day. And crock and stock the abominations done in Israel. How can you tell if you're receiving the seal. Of the heart of. Your word. Of God. You're worried about the stuff that's going on. You're worried about people who are breaking the Sabbath. Keeping the sat. On your frontal lobe is becoming stronger. And stronger and you would find this you know with boldness. Are able to stand up against other forms almost. Other force. And even though all will worship the beast image. You're part of that group is. No I'm not and. I have the faith of Jesus. He's did. I'm going to keep this to him. And could use their. Context of peace in. My gift curse. I might have someone stand up against. My front solo. Has been strengthened. By reading His word and I'm adamant that. You know what the absolute stone was. The hardest stuff. Has died. Malakai speaks of his people God's people being a jewel. God comes. When God comes in he's going to have a group of people. Who are have. Time. As won't be written in their forehead. And will be on the top of my. I'm going to be a part of the. I would say commanders are not just things to memorize they give us a paradigm shows us where we are. Are we receiving preparing to receive the mark of the beast. Or. Demonstrating. The seal ready to receive the seal God. As an added bonus. You know a High Priest hat on his. Shoulder to still they have all the names of. The end of the 5 and have 12 stones on the over all the major because. He was carrying all the names of the people. And he would go in and carry their day. Into the sanctions. But he had something else I want Did he have on. And something right across his or was that. All either. To the Lord. Who that high priest wrote. Who the high priest or a. Representative. What was Jesus attempting to do. Present. Each one here and your name. In the heavenly city. I would say how we. Had that Sakshi word was also a picture of the actually. Leaving each. Save the only. One to the Red Sea away being the one in the world the brother of life against us is now moving into the most holy place. Taking our name before the fall. Or is lot is right there in the wall 44 days. Away except what Jesus has done to what. He said was all right. Your Man. In the lands book of life. So remember the Sabbath day. He took home. As is the sack. Of the world like. He's your Creator. You. Received my name. Is your. Noticing. Mark. Was great father have. Strengthened our foreheads to the study of your word. And strengthen our forehead. As we've you hold in gratitude. In the commands that you are our deliverer and our Creator. Like you that you don't give up on his that you're jealous that you're attempting to help us you're trying to work with our foreheads there's a way to remember this. Who gives for all of our arguments examples throughout Scripture in history. Of Your Love only. A few. Of the prophets telling you calmly you come close to God for us or. Make us think we. Exist. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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