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Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: Hope Filled Living in the End Times

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Associate Director of HopeLives365 and World Evangelist for Adventist World Radio



  • July 25, 2020
    11:30 AM
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What does it mean that Jesus died for our sins What does it mean that Jesus is the Messiah and does it even really make a difference let's pray heavenly father you knew that this time would come before it arrived you knew that each of us would be in this room each would be watching online before we began our travels or before we begin typing the web address and now Lord I pray that you would come and teach us today help us in our desperation that we might know You the One True God we pray this in Jesus name Amen if you have your Bibles I would invite you to open your Bibles to Daniel the 9th chapter there in Daniel Chapter 9 we actually have lived out the reality of this song that was just sung. You'll remember of course in Daniel Chapter 9 you'll remember that Daniel of the character Daniel the individual had been taken captive and he had been taken captive to Babylon and there he had been in Babylon for at this point about 70 years of his life Daniel Chapter 9 in verse one in the 1st year of various The son of a has You're waris of the lineage of the Medes you know of course because you've studied Bible prophecy that the media Oh perfect an empire had taken over for Babylon now today in history books when you read about Mito Persia you often simply read of the Persian Empire and that is because initially when the meads in the Persians joined forces to conquer the great nation of Babylon the meads were the stronger of the 2 nations however over the course of time the Persians became so much stronger that now in today's history books there is barely even a mention of the means but I want you now to put yourself in the place of the prophet Daniel who had been taken captive probably when he was somewhere around 16 or 17 years old and taken off to Babylon there in Babylon they attempted to remove his identity and give him a new one they took away his name 1st then they took away his food they had already taken away his home and then they made him a unique taking away from him the ability to pass on his genetics to a new generation and so Daniel seemingly had no identity and captive in this foreign nation. But as we have well read the Book of Daniel Daniel did not give way to the attempts of the kingdom of Babylon to remove his identity because Daniel had a secure identity and that secure identity was found in Jesus Christ which no king nor any empire could take away and here in Daniel Chapter 9 What do we find we find Daniel we find Daniel praying Why is Daniel praying What is he praying about Daniel being a student of the Bible knew and understood one of his contemporary profits the prophet Jeremiah had written in Jeremiah 2512 and Jeremiah 291-1212 that 70 years Babylon would keep Israel captive but at the end of that 70 years Babylon would be punished and God's people would seemingly be freed and so now Daniel is praying about this in fact the Bible outlines in verses one through $23.00 how Daniel is confessing the sins of his people thanking God for his sovern t.v. and asking God to remember his promise that Babylon would be punished and God's people would be released and then in verses $20.00 to $21.00 the Angel Gabriel comes to visit Daniel and in fulfillment of the words were just that were just saying Ask and it shall be given seek and you shall find Gabriel says these words in Daniel Chapter 9 in verse 20 it says this. At the beginning of your supplication the command when it out and I have come to you excuse me that's verse 20 excuse me that is verse $23.00 at the beginning of your supplication the command went out and I have come to tell you for you are greatly be loved therefore consider the matter you see the angel Gabriel was fulfilling the promise of Isaiah 6524 it shall come to pass that before you get a call I will answer and while they were still speaking I shall hear God hears us when we cry out to him and this sermon while not primarily about prayer. Is coming in the context of the reality that prayer works see we may not always feel like our prayers are answered but this is the reality God is always listening and he always hears We may not feel like our prayers are answered because sometimes we don't like how he answers especially in those moments where he says no or is asking us to wait we may feel like he does not hear us but let us be clear even when God answers no or he answers wait it does not constitute him not listening but rather constitutes the reality that God desires what is best for each of us in our own lives and in His timing and we will see in just a moment that Daniel waited long for this prayer. You see while Daniel was praying for the temporal release of his people God had something much grander in mind and God answered it he answered in a way that was abundantly above all that he had even asked or thought. And I want to take a pause here because many of us have studied the prophecy of Daniel Chapter 9 versus 24 to 27 several times in our lives and there will be a there may be an implicit reaction to say I've heard this all before but I want to encourage you to listen because as I was preparing for the sermon the Lord was speaking to me in ways that and giving me insights that I have not shared before as I've studied this passage and so I want to listen and study intently as we come to verse 23 and the end of that 23 again burial says to Daniel therefore consider the matter and understand the vision consider an idea and understand let us be clear actually in the original Hebrew it's the identical word he says it to him twice therefore consider and understand the Angel Gabriel once Daniel to sit up now and pay attention in fact literally that word is translated to pay attention to examine to discern to gain insight and when Hebrew writers would use this word it was more than just simply the gathering of data that they were describing but rather it was a deeper knowledge a perceptive insides. And it gives us the clear understanding that this insight is not something based on our i.q. but rather on the understanding that comes as a gift from God But Gabriel comes in answer to this prayer above the temporal release of Daniel's people and says I want you to listen Daniel and consider this matter understand this matter gain insight into this matter and I want you to understand the vision what vision what vision is he talking about no vision had been given yet in Daniel Chapter 9 now from a purely logical standpoint in the enlist language you would take that word vision and find where the word vision appeared just prior to and of course that comes in Daniel 827 and I didn't know fainted and was sick for days afterwards and I arose and I went about the king's business I was astonished by the vision but no one understood it what vision was Daniel talking about and Daniel 827 you remember from your study of the Book of Daniel and Daniel Chapter 8 in particularly Daniel had a vision and in that vision he saw a ram and he saw a goat representation of Mito Persia and the Greek empire and in that vision he is given understanding in that insight but then there is an additional insight that discusses $2300.00 days in Daniel Chapter 8 and verse 14 but Daniel does not understand it and his lack of understanding is so deep that it actually makes him physically ill. In addition though to the logic of this reference being to Daniel Chapter 8 and verse 27 and I want you to stick with me here for a moment if grammar is not your thing just hang on for a minute and Daniel Chapter 8 and verses $26.27 it uses the Hebrew word when to teach you a little Hebrew today it uses the Hebrew word Monterrey can we say that all together Monterrey that is the identical word used by Gabriel when he says I've come to give you understanding of the vision and Daniel 9 verse 23 what part of the vision did Daniel not understand the vision of the 2300 days which is identical to Daniel Chapter 8 and verse 14 that word Their vision is the word Monterrey However in Daniel Chapter 8 in verse one it says in the 3rd year of the reign of King Bel showers are a vision appeared to me that is the Hebrew word HA's own let's say that together can we say that together hoss own we got to be a little deeper than that it's not natural to our English language hoss own use it's wonderful you bunch of Hebrew speakers now seeker America Lee Gabriel came and he explained it Daniel I've come to give you understanding to the 2300 day vision Why is that important because for each of us to go from Daniel Chapter 8 to Daniel Chapter 9 it takes that long Daniel Chapter 8 ends with Daniel fainting and being sick for days because he does not understand and it simply takes us this long to go to Daniel Chapter 9 where we get understanding of the portion of Daniel 8 that Daniel did not understand. But the time frame between Daniel Chapter 8 and Daniel Chapter 9 in Daniel's life was not simply the turn of a page the timeframe between Daniel Chapter 8 and Daniel Chapter 9 was 13 year olds Daniel did not have understanding of this dream for 13 years and I can imagine that Daniel prayed often for the understanding of that vision but he did not receive it it did not mean that God did not love him it did not mean that God was not listening it simply meant that in God's timing 13 years prior he was not ready to receive the understanding of the vision and now in Daniel Chapter 9 in the midst of the confession of the sins of the nation Daniel concerned with the temporal deliverance of Israel God says Cave real go talk to Daniel because now we're going to give him the promise of not just temporal deliverance but we are going to give him the promise of eternal deliverance and so now we come to Daniel Chapter 9 versus $24.00 through $27.00 many of us have studied this passage many of us might be able to explain this passage but my concern dear friends is that we have been consumed with the question what but we have not concerned ourself with the question So what would I mean by that I have some of my preaching students here you see what is the practical application to the 70 week prophecy we can get to the end and we can say all 490 years and will explain all of that in just a moment and at the end of that in the midst of the last week Jesus will come Jesus will die on the cross and at the end of that Stephen will be stone and then we fast forward to the end of the 2300 days 844. And isn't that nice to know but what does this mean what does any of this mean and how does it apply to my life and make a difference to me in the 21st century and Gabriel wanted Daniel to understand because Daniel prayed for temporal deliverance but Gabriel gave him the promise of eternal deliverance and are we embracing the promise of the internal dead excuse me the eternal deliverance promised in this very passage Daniel Chapter 9 beginning in verse 24 Gabriel now helping Daniel understand the vision which he does not understand from Daniel Chapter 870 weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city to finish the transgression to make an end of sins to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up the vision in prophecy and to anoint the most holy 70 weeks are determined it is literally in the Hebrew cut off from the beginning cut off from want 70 weeks of wot it's actually very interesting when you study the Hebrew the Hebrew itself actually literally says 70 weeks of years now typically we go to the c.e.o. for 6 the numbers 1434 for the day for a year prophecy interpretation I believe that it is a biblical principle but grammatically in the very Hebrew we don't need to go there because in the Hebrew it literally says 70 weeks of years 70 weeks of years how many weeks she is me how many days are in a week. It's not a trick question don't worry just 7 days some of you look at me like I. Know it 7 days 7 days in a week Ok read a little math there this morning I think we can do it together 70 weeks 7 days in a week leads us to how many days 419 if you had to get out your calculator I'll pray for you. I always appreciated Mr Haynes my calculus teacher in high school we were doing calculus and he did not allow us to use calculators always that's a true story I always appreciated that 7 be weeks of years 70 times 770 times 7490 this prophecy is clearly indicating that this is a prophecy that will last 490 years 490 years have been determined they have been they have been set apart literally have been cut off from the 2300 days or 2 hot 1300 years of Daniel Chapter 8 in verse 14 and I will tell you my primary concern in this sermon is not for an understanding comprehensively of the math between excuse me the math of the time prophecies there are plenty of resources that Hope Lives 365 at Living Hope 7th Day Adventist Church and elsewhere where you can get that but we will go through it briefly 70 weeks are determined for your people who are Daniel's people the Jews the Hebrews people and for your holy city what was Daniel city Jerusalem was Daniel city now us but I want to stay focused though what's going to happen. The 70 weeks have been determined for God's people what will happen during those 70 weeks of years the 490 years to finish the transgression the word their finish literally means to bring to completion or accomplish in the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible it uses the word Tell Los when should to remember that because it will become very important in a moment but it uses this word transgression in the Hebrew This comes with it the idea of a breach of a relationship or rebellion you see the the 70 weeks of years the 490 years that have been determined for God's people are to bring to a completion the rebellion of God's people we could spend time rehearsing we could spend time rehearsing the rebellion of God's people and God's promises and prophet after Prophet that God sent and the Hebrew people would not listen and now we've been given a prophecy where for 490 years there is going to bring to a completion that rebellion and that rebellion will be brought to an end but it's not just that in this time frame and end it will be brought about of sins. Typically in the English language we use transgression sin and iniquity as synonymous terms but in the Hebrew they meant different things the word here since literally means to miss the mark. You see during this 490 years there will be an end brought up and the word there and it is a sealing up. A wiping away a destruction it's the same word used in Genesis Chapter 6 and verse 7 where God speaking to Noah says he will destroy the earth it's the same exact word of making an end but it also carries with it the idea of blotting out Isaiah Chapter $44.00 in verse $22.00 when God speaks of blotting out the sins of Israel you see during this 490 years not only will rebellion brought be brought to an end but then there will be a blotting out of God's people missing the mark over and over again but then there is making reconciliation for iniquity the word their reconciliation is the Hebrew word atonement we are introduced to Day of Atonement imagery substitutionary imagery you see the Day of Atonement and the entire sacrificial system that the Hebrews utilized in both the physical temple and in the wilderness sanctuary fundamentally was founded on one principle and that one principle is this you cannot save yourself your salvation must come from an external source and all of the animals sacrificed in the sacrificial service were representative of the imagery that we cannot save ourselves it takes this outside means and all of them pointed forward to the work of the Messiah who would remove the sins of Israel and blot them mount the word here and nicotine is the word that means to bend to twist to distort. You see the the the happenings of the 490 years are the removal of rebellion the removal of missing the mark and the removal of the twisting and distorting of God's holy law but it wasn't just to do that it also says it was to during this 490 years to bring in everlasting righteousness it would be a pathway to bring about everlasting righteousness the word righteousness you know well literally translated means correctness honesty what is being talked about here in Hebrew thinking it is the establishment of an ethical moral standard that is in line with the standard of the will of God What is righteousness righteousness is conformity to the standards of the Word of God during these 490 years God would create a pathway where the removal of the sins and iniquities of God's People would happen where their rebellion would be pulled away were there twisting and distorting would be pulled away and a pathway would be put in place where they could attain to a righteous snus that was a conformity to the standards of God's Word but not only that it would be a time to seal up vision and prophecy the word here vision is the Hebrew word hasa own it will bring to a completion the entirety of the vision and then to anoint the most holy I'll come back to that in a moment so that's the what but who's going to do this and how is that possible than Daniel 925 Enter duces us to who will be able to do it. No therefore and understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem we've been given a time prophecy of 490 years but we have a problem we've not been given a starting point but now here in Daniel 925 we've been giving a starting point from the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem 457 Ada You can check the history books as are a Chapter 7 in verse 25 is the edict is the command by our desert seas to go back and rebuild in sri store Jerusalem but then it gives us now the promise no therefore and understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince who will be the one that can turn God's people away from rebellion who will be the one that can blot out their twisting and distorting of God's law who is the one that can bring in a pathway in which we can attain to the moral standards that God has set forth in His Word we are introduced to the one and the only one who could do such a thing he is Messiah the prints that the Messiah who many religious leaders at the time that Messiah was to arrive thought that this would be an individual that was primarily politically. Motivated but we read here in Daniel 924 the removal of sin the pathway of righteousness is not primary political motivation and I'm not making a political statement but I have not seen any politician in my 46 years of life that is run on the platform of righteousness and right living and the removal of sin you see the Messiah was consumed with the making right of God's people Messiah the Prince was to come after 7 weeks and $62.00 weeks which is $69.00 weeks which is 483 years from $457.00 It takes us to $27.00 a d. does anything happen in $27.00 d. Luke chapter 3 tells us exactly what would happen Jesus Christ comes on the scene and Jesus Christ is baptized in $27.00 d. And according to Acts chapter 10 at his baptism is when Jesus was annoying tit for ministry. But what would happen Daniel Chapter 9 in verse $26.00 now tells us when this all will take place after the $62.00 weeks must saya shall be cut off but not for himself and the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary and I need to take a pause here because I have dear friends and brothers and sisters in the evangelical world that have made this prophecy all about the anti christ but this prophecy is not concerned with the antic crys this prophecy is concerned with the work of the real cries but Satan in one of the most ultimate deceptions to exist in Christianity has shifted the attention of this prophecy squarely from Jesus Christ to some mythical anti christ figure who is politically motivated but the concern of this prophecy is on the messiah and his work over the course of the 490 years the Messiah would be cut off but not for himself the this word cut off is literally a word that means to be destroyed to be to be killed but he's not killed for himself he's killed for another reason why is he killed how he just answered it to remove and blot out the rebellion in the iniquity in the sins of God's people but in case we don't understand this Daniel 927 tells us exactly how he will do it and then he who is the he referring to here he referring to the Messiah that had been cut off shall confirm a covenant with many for one week. There are 2 key words in this the word confirm in the word covenant. The word confirm in the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament is the Greek were dunamis many of you know well that that word is translated as power or mighty works or enabling power how would the messiah how would the Messiah. Confirm or give power to the Covenant in Acts Chapter one Verse 7 and 8 it tells us exactly how the Messiah would confirm the covenant will open up on the word covenant in just a moment. After one verses 78 Jesus speaking to His disciples who had spent 3 and a half years plus 40 days with him still did not understand the function of the Messiah because they ask him in verse 6 lord will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel the disciples are consumed with political motivations and now Jesus says to them it is not for you to know the times or seasons which the father has put in his own authority if you're reading from the King James it says with his put in his own power it is the Greek word Exoo see which literally means those things that come in the Parag of God's power my friends it's not for us to be concerned with the political aspirations of those around us now that doesn't mean we don't vote and we don't involve ourselves but what it means is we do not need to fear who will be the next president of the United States who will be the next prime minister of Canada who will be the next president of whatever country because if we believe the Bible the Bible tells us in Daniel 2 that God raises up kings and he brings them down and so it doesn't matter how much fear you have how much anxiety you add how much fret you have over who will come next your worry will not advance your yours at all. You see Jesus says in Matthew chapter 6 in verse 34 for today has worries of its own let tomorrow be for tomorrow and Jesus says to his disciples us not for you to worry about those things what is it for them to worry about but you shall receive power that is the Greek word dunamis when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and all Judea Samarium and to the ends of the Earth you see Jesus confirmed do to me the covenant with his people because Jesus came he lived he became a man he performed miracles he did ministry he die he rested in the grave he was resurrected from the dead and he ascended to the Father but did not leave us alone in giving us the Holy Spirit you see because the covenant What is the covenant we had to go all the way back to the beginning Genesis Chapter 17 God makes a covenant with Abraham and what does he say in this covenant Genesis 17 and verse 7 Genesis 17 and verse 7 and I will establish my covenant between me and you and your descendants after you in their generations what kind of covenant does it say it is for an everlasting covenant between me and you for an everlasting covenant to be God to you and your descendants after you you see God makes an everlasting covenant with those who are the seed of Abraham he will be their God and they shall be his people how long is that covenant for. Everlasting How long is everlasting forever doesn't come to an end. He will confirm the covenant what's going on here now fast forward to the book of Galatians stick with me friends we're turning around here in the Bible here and there are studying just as the Bible has said let the Bible interpret itself collisions chapter 3 what does the Bible say about this interaction of the everlasting covenant and how the Messiah Jesus Christ fulfilled the confront confirmation of the Covenant Genesis excuse me Galatians chapter 3 and verse $29.00 and it says this are you ready now and if you are Christ's then you are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise you see the purpose of the Messiah was to come and provide adoption to those who would choose to follow him no longer was the covenant a matter of d.n.a. a physical d.n.a. But now with the coming of the Messiah the the covenant now is a part of spiritual d.n.a. those who make a decision to follow Jesus Christ those who make a decision to follow Jesus Christ are Abraham sons and daughters and now are errors according to the promise you see the giving of the law of the life of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary was to provide the pathway to righteousness and to confirm the covenant with those who would be willing to follow and the primary concern with Daniel Chapter 9 vs 24 to 27 yes while identifying the timing of the Messiah has a much more important reality for each of us and that is the Messiah came on time will you make a decision for him on time. And Paul says that time is today now is the time today is the day of salvation we don't have time to weigh it's Eagle ations chapter 5 in verse $24.00 The Bible says and gives this promise and those who are Christ's have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires my dear friends when we make a decision for Jesus Christ to become his it is a decision to give up our own desires our own wants and our own will and come in alignment with his Will Paul and the book of Galatians with these words in Galatians 6 person 14 but God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world has been crucified to me and I to the world for in Christ Jesus excuse me for in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision of veils anything but a new creation You see Daniel Chapter 9 versus 24 to 27 are consumed with one thing and one thing only how to remove sin transgression and iniquity out of your life and mine too often we are consumed with the when of it all and we forget the what of it all and so it makes no difference and so we know when Jesus came but we just keep on living our pagan lives and Jesus wants there to stay for us to be able to say I know that Jesus lives I know that Jesus came on time I know that he came at the fullness of time and he came at the fullness of time in my life. That I might be changed and the question that we must rustle through is will we be changed by his coming. You see this prophecy is so important friends I am really scratching the surface with what we can do with this morning but the focus the focus of the entire Bible is not on the coming of the anti-christ but on the coming of the real Christ it is Satan who wants us to have our eyes taken away from the real Christ it is Satan who wants to take the people's attention off of Jesus and try to get it to focus on him that is the reality we must face our eyes can be fixated on one of 2 things our eyes can even either be fixated on Jesus the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Or on Satan who is working through the anti-Christ the anti christ is a counterfeit everyone knows the only way to spot a counterfeit is to know the real thing inside and out it's are we consumed with studying counterfeits are we consumed with studying the genuine article you see my dear friends by applying this very principle to the end to Christ by applying rather the Anti Christ to dis taxed he usurps the very purpose and mission of Jesus and tries to turn Jesus into some sinister evil person. We must know and understand the purpose here Gabriel is come to promise to Daniel Daniel you're praying about the temporal deliverance of when you get to go back to Jerusalem but I've got a better plan Daniel Gabriel says I'm going to give you the plan and the pathway as Pilgrim's Progress calls it to the so less the old city where you can live forever in perfect peace and perfect happiness because Daniel even after your people return to Jerusalem I have bad news for you in 70 a.d. the Romans are going to come and do even worse than Babylon did in fact the Romans will come and destroy the new temple that you build after you return to Jerusalem because salvation is not found in a building salvation is found in a person and that person is Jesus Christ one of the greatest concerns I've had out of covert 19 is the fact that online we have access to anything and everything we want to watch and because and instead of becoming devoted followers of Jesus we've become fans of particularly preachers when Jesus comes again he's not going to ask you whether you listen to a certain preacher or not when Jesus comes again he's going to ask one simple question do you know me and probably a more important question that he will ask of himself is do I know you see Jesus says Jesus came on time and he came on time to do things at the right time that each of us might be saved Daniel $927.00 after he has confirmed the covenant with many for one week but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to the sacrifice and offerings. How will he do or how would he have done that in the middle of the last week sometime around $31.00 a.d. he would bring an end to sacrifice and offerings Daniel $926.00 says that he would be cut off but not for himself Romans 5 and verse 8 speaking of this very time omens 5 in verse 8 many of you may know this passage but I heart says these words But God demonstrates His own love toward us in in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us John Chapter 15 John Chapter 15 Jesus says in verse 13 Greater love has no one than this than to lay down one's life for his friends see the reality of Daniel Chapter 9 versus 24 to 27 Jesus came to cure us of our twisted and distorted thinking he came to blot to pull up and out of us our sin He came to bring an end to our rebellious hearts and he did this by being cut off not for himself but out of his love for you and for me and that love that he uses there in verse 13 is the Greek word a ga pain which literally means affection with no strings attached that means that Jesus when He died on the cross knew and fully expected that there would be some. Who would not love him back yet he died anyways y. to fulfill the covenant Hebrews 8 and verse 10 for this is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel after those days says the Lord I will put my laws in their mind and write them on their hearts and I will be their God and they shall be my people Jesus coming to this earth was that the covenant would no longer be an external experience but an internal transformation with the law of God would be written on our hearts and on our minds complete transformation in the Renu ing of our mind that no longer would we have to wallow in the sin and rebellion and twisted thinking we have but we could follow him on the pathway to righteousness when Jesus hung on the cross he made a pronouncement as his life was leaving him and he simply said the words it is finished the word they're finished is the Greek word tell Los the same word used in Daniel $924.00 to bring about an and to the sin and iniquity problems of this world Jesus' sacrifice on the cross was complete and in full but that sacrifice is not activated unless I accept that sacrifice on my behalf my dear friends we have spent a lot of our lives trying to save ourselves we have spent our lives living by the principle we just need to tighten up the bootstraps. But the reality that is taught to us by manual Chapter 9 vs 2427 is that we can't solve the problem ourself it can only be solved by the one who came on time who died on time who ascended on time and right now at this time as Hebrews 8 outlines is in the heavenly sanctuary minister ing on our behalf one who sympathizes with you because he was like you and as for John 21 articulate it's my little children these things I write to you that year we might not sin but if any man sin if any woman sin if any child sin we have an Advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous who is the pro pitchy ation for our sins and the sins of the world the word propitiation is the word atonement it is the same word used in Daniel 924 it is the same word as reconciliation you see God is not in the business of behavior modification God is in the business of complete transformation and reconciliation God is in the business of making a place for you in heaven as he promised in John 14 Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and why is that because God is consumed from Genesis to Revelation through today with one thing and one thing alone and that is to be reunited with you. And it began in the garden immediately after the 1st sin when God came and Adam and Eve know that they're naked they've been exposed fully for the sin and rebellion that they had committed and God asks one question where are you. Adam. Where are you and he was not concerned with where he was geographically because Adam answers him I was naked and afraid God was asking Adam about his spiritual orientation and today in the 21st century he looks to you and he says where are you where are you and Jesus finishes the answer by saying where are you because where I am I want you to be you want to be where he is I want to be where he is and Daniel 924 to 27 a passage that has been hijacked by Satan is redeem it when we understand from the Bible Jesus is consumed with one thing God the Father consumed with one thing the reuniting with his people through the sacrifice of the Messiah friend are you struggling with sin in your life you struggling with the nic when he you struggling with some kind of transgression are you struggling with rebellion in your life are you struggling with the twisting and distorting of God's way in your life are you struggling with false sense of satisfaction through some type of addiction in your life are you struggling with listening to things that points you in take you away from God The Bible says. Come to Jesus the one who takes away the sins of the world he will remove from you he will blot literally meaning he will lift up and away from you these things all we need to do is trust fully in him and when we trust fully in him we need to let go fully Too often we say to Jesus Jesus I come with my sins and we hang on with one hand while he grabs it with the other and we play the tug a war game it's time to stop playing tug of war and start playing and stop playing at all actually and just yield and submit and give it all to him as we close today we're going to sing a song that we don't often sing. It's number 198 in the him not and can it be that him was written by the Wesley brothers number 198 I believe it was written by Charles Wesley in particular Charles Wesley wrote this song as a result of his encounter with the living Christ he had been brought up to believe that he had to work his way to heaven when he and his brother who founded the Wesley and church and that Wesley in movement eventually became the Methodist church when they encountered the living Christ as they read the introduction to The Book of Romans a commentary written by Martin Luther they say that their heart felt strangely warmed as they understood for the 1st time that Jesus Christ is the one and only one who can take away the sins of the world. Friends do you want to have that encounter with Jesus today let's pray together Heavenly Father we know when understand that it is Jesus alone that takes away the sins of the world and most important but it takes away my sins and so Lord we fully trust in Jesus today we yield up our sins to Him fully. And we pray Lord that we would have that experience as outlined in Daniel Chapter 9 versus $24.00 to $27.00 that our sin would be removed our sin would be blotted out our sin would be brought to an end in our life and that we would walk on the pathways of righteousness Lord we don't want to modify our behavior we want to be transformed and. So pleased that Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit w w w audio verse or.


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