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02 The Decision that Decides Your Destiny

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • June 19, 2020
    7:00 AM
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I'm delighted that you've joined us for this series titled 3 cosmic of messages Earth's final conflict in this series we're focusing on the Book of Revelation but specifically on 3 messages in Revelation Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 to 12 when many people think of revelation they think of mystic symbols they think of strange beasts they think of weird images but yet Revelation Chapter one Verse one says The Revelation of Jesus Christ so the Book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus to grant to us insight into the last days of verse history and prepare us for the coming of Jesus effect Revelation Chapter one Verse 3 says blessid are they that read and hear and do the things that are there in so as we study the Book of Revelation but particularly this very heart of Revelation Revelation 146212 we are studying the very messages of Christ to prepare people for Jesus soon return I want you to bow your heads with me just now as we pray and ask God to come in a very special way to minister to our hearts to speak to our hearts to impress us with his last day message let's pray Father in heaven as we open your word as we study the Book of Revelation I pray that the words would leap right off the page that the Holy Spirit would guide direct in strengthen us guide us as we go into this presentation today a moment of destiny I pray thee in Christ's name Amen. Now let me review just for a moment our last presentation for you in this series 3 cosmic messages Earth Final Conflict in our last presentation we talked about the fact that Jesus Christ is indeed Lord of all we pointed out that Jesus is the one who had victory over Satan in the heavenly realms we pointed out that the dragon fought against Christ but yet the dragon Satan was cast out of heaven in heaven in that 1st episode Jesus one and Satan lost Satan was so vicious against Christ that He then tried to destroy Christ on earth when Jesus was born of the male child that would rule with the rod of iron we pointed out that this expression rod of iron is a symbol of invincible everlasting Domine and principle rulership that Jesus again would rain defeat Satan and Christ defeated Satan at his birth to Satan tried to destroy him but Jesus was led with Mary and Joseph into Egypt directed by an angel and protected their satan stalked Jesus all of his life and tried to destroy Jesus as they are but yet Jesus was victorious in the wilderness with his temptations over Satan at the cross Jesus was victorious in his resurrection Jesus was victorious and in his intercession heaven Jesus is victorious Jesus when Satan loses in that 2nd episode Revelation Chapter 12 gives us the Penna Ramma of history down through the ages Revelation Chapter 12 reveals the plains of God and it shows us that Christ has never lost a battle with Satan yet during the great dark ages remember Revelation 12 talks about this 260 years this period of the Middle Ages against Jesus when Satan loses in the last days of verse history Revelation 12 comes to an end with revel. 12 verse 17 and in Revelation 1217 it says the dragon Satan is angry with the woman goes to make war with the last part of her see to keep the commandments of gone the issue in the last days is that Jesus so when Satan will lose and Christ will come on a rescue mission the Star Wars controversy will be over this intergalactic struggle will be over in Earth's final conflict God's people will win and Satan will lose in our program today I've titled this programme a moment of destiny you feel it in your heart you sensed it in your mind you know that something is going on in this world and we're at a moment of destiny things have changed in our world dramatically in the last few years there's been a moral decay there has been a loss of confidence in governmental institutions and institutions in general Western society is at a moment of destiny Western society is at a crossroads things that we counted on in the past have seemed to fade away there seems to be no compass to guide us no moral stuff no north star to direct us Western society is in a cross roads one writer said this Christian morality is being ushered out of American social structures in off the cultural Mainstage leaving a vacuum in its place and the broader culture is attempting to fill the void in other words. This nation that has been built on Christian principles Christian ethics has seen those ethics eroding things that would have been determined unconscionable decades ago are accepted as moral norms in our society today as we look at our society new research reveals a growing concern about the moral condition of the nation even as many American adults admit that they're uncertain about how to determine right from wrong now that is a striking statement Pew Research one of the more remailed research organizations in the United States when it surveyed Americans discovered that many were uncertain how do I determine right from wrong in other words there's no moral guide there's nothing that guides our ethical behavior many people feel if I think it's right in my own mind it must be right if I believe that something is acceptable to do I can do it so there is no guide no standard higher than the human mind many people are uncertain how to determine right from wrong 80 percent of Americans according to the barn or research group regardless of their ethnicity gender social economic status or political ideology express concern about the nation's moral condition now that is absolutely staggering it's absolutely astounding 80 percent of Americans really have serious doubts concerns they're troubled they're perplexed about the moral condition of America today and the world. In 1960 approximately 72 percent of the United States population said they trusted the government oh most always to make the right decisions so most 3 fourths of Americans look at how that's changed today only 19 percent of the population say they trust the government to oh most or always do the right thing that is 81 percent do not trust the government to do the right thing 81 percent when you look at that that is a whopping large number so what do we see happening a loss of confidence in government institutions a loss of confidence in political institutions loss of confidence many in the medical care that can be provided in the United States the United States spends more on medical care than any other nation yet our outcomes are not in the top 25 there is one Jeff ity is much longer in many other nations than in America today so people are losing confidence in in society in general there's this new spirit of rugged individual ism that's coming back where people begin to feel I have to care for myself but yet they're incapable of doing that lives tend to be more stressful more harassed. And people's lives seem to be falling apart our society is a society in trouble when popularity is more important than purity a nation is in trouble when money is more important than morality a nation is in trouble when entertainment is more important than ethics a nation is in trouble when pleasure indeed again is more important than purity a nation is in trouble when there is confusion of sexual roles. Sexual orientation and God's original plan of one man married to one woman for a lifetime is flagrantly violated a nation is in trouble and when children even of kindergarten age 1st grade age are given a choice of various. Genders some choices of 51015 just so you choose which one you are a nation is in deep trouble when the roles are confused in sexual lines when crime is rampant in our streets when Christ is mocked in our schools a nation is in trouble when we look at these signs in our society we sense that we are living in the days of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy those great prophecies that Christ gave in Matthew chapter 24 the signs of His coming those great prophecies that Christ gave in Luke 21 of the signs of His coming in 2nd Timothy and particularly the Book of Revelation the book of revelation was made for this generation the 3 messages that God gives to us in Revelation are messages for this time at this hour of Earth's history the ancient prophets speak to this generation in trumpet tones and their messages come echoing in Riyadh going down the corridors of time they speak to us in thunderous tones in this age in this moment of Earth's history Proverbs Chapter 16 verse 24 says Righteousness exalts a nation but c.n.n. is a reproach to any people now underline that carefully Righteousness exalts a nation nations are great because nations are good and when a nation ceases to be good it will soon cease to be great now that may take a period of time Babylon ruled the world but yet its moral foundation crumbled a nation and Babylon was conquered by me to Persia me to Persia ruled the world and that it crumbled Greece ruled the world and then it crumbled and you come to the Roman Empire and you look at Rome how it. Ruled for many years 168 b.c. to about 351 a.d. but yet it too crumbled Proverbs Chapter 26 verse 2 says like a flitting sparrow like a flying swallow so a curse without a cause shall not highlight and that the language is a little bit old in its reading but we still get the point but let me show you a little more modern translation it says as the bird by wandering as the swallow by flying so the curse cause less shall not come the curse causal is shall not come so when a nation experiences this moral decay there is a cause and effect relationship there are parallels in Western society with rooms collapse some of you will recall the monumental volumes written about the history and collapse of Rome by Edward Gibbon he thinnish 20 years of research in 1787 and one of the great. Set lessons of that book are his summary of the reasons Rome fell and in the book he talks about the waning morality of Rome he talks about the moral degradation of Rome the sexual immorality he talks about the heavy taxation upon the people the class structure in Rome in the 1st century the Roman population was just over a 1000000 as clear as we can tell it was about a 1000000 200000 at times but yet a 3rd to 40 percent of that population were slaves so you have this great class structure in ancient Rome and the division of class structure the very rich and the very poor so given talks about the fact in the decline for the Roman empire of this moral decline heavy taxation wealthy getting wealthier because of the poverty of the people he talks about the slavery the de human ization of human beings but then he gives 3 major reasons here they are number one. He says that Rome had this mad craze for pleasure that sports became every year more exciting and more brutal for you you know we have a movie called The Gladiators but the Romans had the real thing and they had what the gladiator games that people jammed to the Coliseum and as the gladiators fought thumbs up was spared their life thumbs down was cut off their throat Can you imagine that having pleasure from the bloodshed from brutality of seeing lives taken. Yet today you look at the video games that kids are playing violent video games what's this doing to the Human Mind you look at t.v. in movies and D.V.D.'s with the glorification of bloodshed the gorup cation of violence and so given says when a society has this mad craze for pleasure in fact one Roman writer wrote that all of Rome wept when its favorite team lost the chariot races in the Circus Maximus people get out early in the morning on up when pleasure dominates your life when the skin scintillating desire for pleasure fills your life and that becomes the summum bonum of existence and when good hard honest work does not there comes a time when society is on the verge of moral collapse Secondly says that Rome built gigantic armaments when the real enemy was within the decadence of the people was the real problem they wanted to protect from the enemy without but the real problem is moral decay nations are changed not by legislating morality but by transforming the hearts of people Rome overextended its military money was lavishly spent to build their army and their infrastructure crumble Thirdly. In Rome there was a decay of religion faith faded into a mere form it was not that there was no religion but it lost touch with life it became him potent to warn people when you look at the fall of Rome in the collapse of Rome you see those modern indicators in our society today you see in our society this love for pleasure this erosion of morality this craze for things in the getting of more things if those extra nal things can satisfy our inner needs America needs a moral revolution the Western society needs a religious revival that would bring transformation the Book of Revelation describes 2 great movements that will take place in the last days versus St The 1st movement is an attempt to change society by legislation church in state unite there's a form of religion there is attempt to coerce religious behavior but there is a 2nd religious revival that the Bible speaks about a genuine in the 1st there is legislated morality in the 1st there is the working of demons and spiritual ism in the 2nd. There is a genuine heartfelt commitment to Christ lives are changed and society has changed not by legislation but because people are transformed by the grace of Christ the revival in Revelation is a revival that comes because 3 angels flying in mid heaven have an eternal everlasting message 3 cosmic messages in this final conflict and men and women accepting those messages are transformed by the grace of Christ their lives can never be the same again and they live for Jesus in the light of this of his love lightness the earth with his glory if nations are ever to be changed it's because there is a radical moral transformation in the hearts and minds of its people and that is precisely that is precisely what the Book of Revelation is about that's precisely what the messages of the 3 angels these 3 cosmic messages are about the change of society by the change of people people are transformed by God's grace people that understand the age that we're living in and people who understanding these 3 messages have their lives changed picture to spin angels flying in the midst of heaven 3 eternal messages 3 universal messages 3 messages that go to the ends of the earth to prepare a people for the coming of Jesus Christ I love what James Russell wrote once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide in the strife of truth and falsity for the good and evil side that's what Revelation is all about it's about truth it's about false it's about the preparation of a people for the coming of Jesus Christ in the clouds of heaven this book of revelation leads every human being to make eternal choices. It is now time now time in this generation to make eternal decisions it's now time on our knees to plead with God in say God show me your truth you may be viewing though this program in this series of programs on 3 cosmic messages and you may be a truth seeker all around the world God has truth seekers people that are crying out people that want to know God people that long to know his last day message for this world and God has not led you to this series of programs by accident you have not watched this d.v.d. watched this youtube presentation watched this television production you have not done it by accident the Spirit of God has been working in your heart and God's going to unfold truth to you God's going to reveal truth from his word to you and as he does he invites you to take a step eternal step to walk in that way of truth there come a day when every human being on planet Earth will have made their final irrevocably decision just like Noah who entered the ark with his family preach for 120 years that rain was going to come people felt he was foolish but he entered that Ark The door was closed with the door was shut it was shut just like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah where God hastened a lot and his family out of the city but then the fire fell so there will come a time when God will say it's enough they'll come a time when the message of Christ is gone to the ends of the earth the Bible says in Matthew $24.00 verse 14 this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations then the end will come whenever a human being has had that opportunity to make their final irrevocably choice when they've had that opportunity to make a choice for Jesus then indeed the. The end will come then indeed Christ will return the book of Revelation describes those 2 classes revelations last a message leads us not merely to have information in our head but it leads us to make divine eternal irrevocably choices for the Kingdom of God or for the Kingdom of the evil one the Book of Revelation is a book of contrasts well Revelation Chapter 14 is the heart of our study in this particular series and Revelation 14 is divided into 3 parts the 1st part is verses one to 5 Revelation 14 describes a group called 144000 this group called 144000 stand on the sea of glass that is they are living there in eternity with Christ they have been redeemed from the earth this term 144000 is a character term it describes the character of a group of people who are totally sold out for Christ not necessarily a literal number but 8 term to describe those people who are redeemed when Jesus comes then Revelation 146212 describes the message that prepares this group of people it's God's last day message with the final judgment announced and that is the message that we are going to be looking at in this series 3 cosmic messages but to understand the message you have to understand the entire chapter then verses 6 to 20 describe 6 angels the 1st 3 angels announce the final judgment these 6 angels. Totally describe the judgment in the 1st 3 they announce the final judgment and the last 3 talk about the execution of this judgment now let's pause on that a little while to make it plain for you so you understand in the 1st angel that flies in the middle of heaven the Revelation 14 verse 6 says I saw another angel flying in the middle of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those that do well on the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God give glory to Him for the obvious judgment is come so this 1st angel announces the judgment the 2nd angel that flies the 2nd cosmic message on Earth Final Conflict announces the for all of really of Babylon which is a series a system of religious confusion a system that is contrary to God and His word a system in which false hoods are substituted for truth I'm going to study this in this series very carefully the 3rd angel is judgment upon the beast so there is 1st the announcement of judgment than judgment on all fallen religious systems that pretend and that exhibit themselves as righteous and then thirdly judgment upon the beast then the last 3 angels execute that judgment and that's what we're going to look at now this final execution of this judgment I looked and behold Revelation 14 verse 14 a white cloud and I'm the cod one sat like the son of man having on his head a golden crown in his hand a sharp sickle who do we see on that cloud we see the Son of Man will study that expression and what does he have on his head a golden crown So 3 things in the text 1st a white cop out. Jesus a stiff sending on the white coat 2nd the expression the Son of Man And 3rd a golden crown on his head now you remember that in action or one verse 9 the Bible says while they watched he Jesus was taken up in a cloud received Him out of their sight so the disciples gazing up into heaven see Jesus ascend into heaven on the clouds he will return on the clouds so Revelation 14 verse 14 and onwards are the description of Christ returning in the clouds just as he ascended in the clouds man steps off a mountain and goes down Jesus stepped off a mountain and went up as he ascended because the laws of gravity cannot keep the creator of gravity down but here he now is not ascending in the clouds because what did the angel say this same Jesus that you've seen ascend into heaven shall so come in like manner as you have seen him go he will come so the predicts in Acts Chapter One is that the christ that ascended in the clouds will return in the clouds that's what the angels say men to Galilee that is the disciples while you stand gays in your inhabit this same Jesus the Jesus that walked the streets of Galilee that trod the cobblestone so of Jerusalem the touch the eyes the blind they were opened in the years to the deaf and they were and stop this Christ is going to come again and that's what Revelation is all about this same Jesus that was taken up from you into heaven will so come in like manner as you see him go up into heaven he ascended in the clouds he will descend in the clouds that is the message of the Book of Revelation in Revelation Chapter 14 we go on to the 2nd phrase What is that 2nd phrase I looked and behold a white cloud he went up in the clouds is coming in the clouds one sat like the Son of Man. Now notice the expression the Son of man he has a golden crown on his head in the sand a sharp sickle sickle represents reaping crown represents victory but it's this expression the Son of man the son of man is used throughout the Gospels it's used in fact $82.00 times in the Gospels and it's especially used in the Gospel of Matthew the Son of Man expression is a very common expression to describe the Christ the dead of fives with us everything you go through Christ has already gone through everything you experience in life Christ has already experienced the sorrow the disappointment the heartache the temptations Christ is victorious for you he has overcome in your behalf as we trust Him we can overcome now when you see the expression of the Son of Man particularly in the Gospel of Matthew it is often linked to the 2nd coming of Christ very often now for example Matthew 16 verse $27.00 for the Son of Man did we read about the Son of Man in Revelation we did for the Son of Man will come in the glory of his father with his holy angels then he will reward each one according to His works when we have the expression the Son of Man in the Bible it often is in harmony with Christ coming in glory and harmony it with judgment because you see here it says here reward every one according to his works so when we read about the son of man throughout Matthew Here's another example in Matthew Matthew 24 verse 2730 for as lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west so also will the coming of the Son of Man be than the son of the Son of man to appear in heaven then all the tribes of the earth will what morn they will see the Son of Man coming on clouds of heaven with power and great glory so in Revelation when we read about the son of man we read about Jesus Christ coming in the clouds we are reading about a time of final judgment where. Every human being will make their eternal everlasting decision for or against Christ Matthew 2531 another good example when the Son of Man comes in His Glory Do you notice all these texts and Matthew talk about the Son of Man coming how it is glory with judgement that's the theme of revelation and all the holy angels with Him He will sit on the throne of his quarry throne in PI's rulership there's been a battle for the throne in the universe ever since Satan we belled in heaven against God and was cast out of heaven Satan has desired to usurp God's throne in this inter dull lactic struggle in this Star Wars Conover see between good and evil there is a battle for the throne is God the rightful ruler of the throne is Jesus the do good judgment Son of God to rule with his father on the throne is Jesus the rightful one that can wear the crown upon his head the crown of glory upon instead is he worthy of our worship in our loyalty is he truly a God of love or is he a vindictive God of wrathful tyrant So 3 things are this idea the Son of Man indicates one that Jesus will come again 2nd thing you'll execute judgment when he comes 3rd that the destiny of all nations in the destiny of all humanity will be decided for eternity when Christ comes now the son of man is not a unique phrase to the Book of Revelation or to the book of Matthew. The Book of Daniel is also a prophetic book and here in the Book of Daniel Chapter 7 we also read about the Son of Man Daniel Chapter 7 nations rise and fall Babylon rises and falls meta Persia rises and falls Greece rises and falls Rome rises and falls there is a religious or political power that usurps the authority of God in the people of God are persecuted and then the eyes of the prophet are taken from earth and they're focused on Heaven in this what it says I beheld till thrones were put in place to see if the battle for the throne the cosmic struggle the Ancient of Days was seated his garment was white as snow the hair of his head was like pure awoke his throne was like fiery flame a 1000 thousands ministered to him 10000 times 10000 stood before him the judgment was set the court was seated the books were open I watched in one like the Son of Man came before him so here is this cosmic judgment in heaven here is this judgment that settles the destinies of all human beings were to study more about it in a future study but when we read about the Son of Man we're reading about the coming of Christ we're reading about judgment reading about something significant we're reading about our last day message but calls all humanity to commit their lives to Christ in the light of God's last a judgment we're reading about a heavenly court that has been seated a Son of Man in the ancient of days that come forth to settle the destinies of every human being now the question in the judgment is not necessarily well if I've committed more good deeds than bad deeds I'll be saved my good deeds are not weighed against the bad deeds but the question the judgment is what have you done with Christ are you totally sold out for Christ are you totally committed to Christ have you given your life to Christ is the longing. Of your heart to live in the glory of His love in the atmosphere of His grace what have you done with Jesus you see on the cross of Christ His sacrifice was enough his death was enough. His atonement on the cross was enough His forgiveness is enough His mercy is enough His grace is enough and what the judgment shows this final judgment that takes place shows is that Christ has done everything necessary to save you and me now remember when we read there in Revelation the 14th chapter you remember we read I looked and behold a white cloud Christ coming upon that cloud and on the cards that one like the Son of Man that's refers to the 2nd coming of Jesus the one who lived on earth with us the one who walked in talked with us this Christ who healed the sick who open the blind eyes who and stop the deaf ears this Christ this Jesus who forgave the woman caught in adultery who assured the thief on the cross a salvation he is the son of man he had done to fight with us he is coming again he is not a god that's far off he's a god that's near but he has on his head a golden crown a golden crown once he wore the crown of thorns but now he comes in he's going to wear the crown of glory once he wore the crowd a suffering now is going to wear the diadem of righteousness here the word there crown he comes to the golden crown is still fun us and that means the victors crown Jesus is coming again in brightness is coming again in glory he is coming again my friend to take yo he's coming again with the victors crown as the triumphal Lord Revelation 14 versus 15 tells us I saw another angel come out of the temple crying with a loud voice to sit to him who sat on the cot thrust in your sicko notice this angel comes out of the temple he comes iridescent with the quarry of God He comes in the presence of God and he says thrust in your sickle for the time is come for you to reap for the heart. Of the earth is ripe he comes he descends and he comes to the reaping angel and he comes in the presence of God And this angel comes to the next danger and he says The time is here go get my children bring them home God has given the divine pronouncement it's time my people are charmed by my love my people are transformed by my power my people are filled by my grace my people have gone out to witness to this world the world has been lit with the glory of God It is time sin in suffering will be over disease and disaster and death will be over confusion and chaos and calamity will be over pestilence and poverty will end pollution will be over it is time Jesus tells the angel the angel tells another angel did you see what it says here another angel came out of the temple from the presence of God He cries for the loud voice to him who sits on the clouds thrust in your sicko and reap the time has come for you to reap the harvest of the earth is ripe now Revelation Chapter 14 speaks about to harvest is the harvest of golden grain in the harvest of Gauri grapes there is another harvest the 1st harvest is the harvest of golden grain the 2nd Harvest is the harvest of glory grapes you see every seed goes to harvest every see there is no middle ground there is no neutrality in the last days of versus tree we will either see the fullest metaphysics station of the righteousness of God in the history of the universe or the fullest manifestation of the wicked evil of Satan in the history of the universe when the last days of verse their stories come. We will see this earth a lift with the goal lightened with the glory of God and we will see the powers of God work in ways we've never seen before and we see the powers of Hell work the outpouring of the Holy Spirit from above in fullness of power will call forth the spirits of demons from beneath every human being will make their final irrevocably decision to harvest gold in grain or glory grapes another angel came out of the altar who had power over fire see the power over fire what is that it's the destructive fires that come from the Divine Presence of Christ when he descends from Heaven on the cloud his righteous character destroy us. The wicked his his restraint has been withdrawn his protection has been withdrawn and in a sense by their very choices they destroy themselves in the presence of God Revelation 1417 to 20 says thrust in your sickle and gather the costers of the vine of the earth for grapes are fully ripe so the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth and he gathered the vine of the earth and threw it into the great wine press of the wrath of God You see the Book of Revelation is a book of contrasts there is the Lamb of God Christ and the dragon Satan there is the seal of God God special sign and there is the mark of the beast there is new Jerusalem from above and Babel and from beneath there the spirits of Jesus in the Holy Spirit in the spirits of demons in the Book of Revelation it's a book of contrasts and here in Revelation 14 we have the 2 harvests golden grain men and women sold out for God You remember what Dwight l. Moody said the world is yet to see that man that woman who is totally committed to Christ I will be that man I will be that woman you say the world is yet to see a manifestation in a corporate whole of a group of people in the last days of verse history who want nothing else but Jesus they want nothing else but his love there have been individuals who have made that choice down through the generations but in the last days of verse history Jesus will say here are they the keep the commandments of God of the faith of Jesus here is a group of people. Whose have Jesus the quality of things in their lives and his faith shines out from them and leads them to live godly obedient lives but here's another group of people who are possessed with the spirit of demons Here's another group of people who are not possessed with the Holy Spirit every seed goes to harvest and the Bible says blood came out of the wine press up to the horse bridles for 600 furlongs What's that 600 furlongs What's that all about often when we talk about Bible prophecy God gives it its relation to to the nation of Israel in the New Testament spiritual Israel is God's church and what's this talking about 600 furlongs in the Bible a furlong is about an 8th of a mile 600 furlongs under 93 miles of there about that's from the north of Israel to the south of his real so what is God saying he is saying simply this wickedness will be totally destroyed if you take Israel as a symbol of God's people you can then say that the wickedness of this world will be totally absolutely destroyed and God's people will ultimately eventually totally triumph this scene is that every seed goes to harvest and God's people triumph and the seeds of wickedness or evil are totally destroyed. The Book of Revelation describes once again the victory the glorious victory of Jesus Christ and the victory of his people the Christ that created the world with everlasting power will lead his people to triumph the Jesus the triumphed over Satan on the cross the Jesus the triumphed over Satan his death will lead his people to everlasting triumph the Christ that ascended to heaven this Jesus this same Jesus you saw go up into heaven we read it and actually after one this same Jesus is coming on the cloud he is the son of man he is coming with a cloud with the crown of glory upon his head wickedness will be destroyed righteousness will triumph the fruit we produce in our lives is the result of the seed that we sow in our lives. The harvest does not take place in a moment the harvest of Earth takes place as the result of the sowing of seeds that men and women are doing in their lives right now you cannot so seeds of evil and reap righteousness you cannot so seeds of immorality and reap purity you cannot so seeds of dishonesty and reap honesty can I be very open with you if you are filling your mind with the garbage that comes over mass media if you're filling your mind with video games of violence that is not going to produce a character that stands in the last days if you're filling your mind with the smut in the immorality in videogames if you filling your mind with the panache graffiti on the Internet if that is dominating your mind you will not be part of the harvest of golden grain you'll be part of the harvest of glory grapes if your if you are not honest but you take advantage of your boss and are dishonest in your work in cheating and lying that will not produce the harvest of righteousness you cannot so the seeds of worldliness and repetitively mindedness you can do it you can't so the seeds of intemperance and reach the health if you are abusing your body with Alcoa with tobacco eating whatever you want if your body has become a fun house rather than temple of the Living God You see these messages are calling men and women to decision their calling men and women to say to fix their minds on the things of eternity their calling men and women to be committed to the everlasting Christ notice there's a wonderful statement in a book that I love called great controversy page 555. The mind gradually adapts itself to the subjects upon which it can dwell the mind is gradually adapting itself slowly imperceptibly the mind is adapting itself Jesus says Philippians $25.00 Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus our Lord in every harvest there are distinct and somewhat certain laws of sowing and reaping and in this final harvest there are certain laws of sowing and reaping the Bible says and 6 or 7 Do not be deceived I don't want to be deceived you do not be deceived God is not mocked for whatever a man so's. That will he also reap Now notice the expression particular god is not mocked That's an interesting word you remember the New Testament is written in the Greek language and this God is not mocked it means the care is the Greek word it says to turn up your nose that to treat with contempt ridicule or or disrespect So in other words you can't treat God With this respect you treat God with disrespect if you think you're going to sow impurity and reap irritate you so you treat God with disrespect if you think you're going to reap dishonesty so dishonesty and reap honesty you so you treat God with disrespect if you think you're going to reap so worldliness and reap. A heart of of righteousness it's just not going to happen friend do not be deceived God is not mock whatever a man so that's what's going to happen whatever he sows he's going to is going to reap if you sow good seed you can have positive results and it's never too late to begin sowing good seed you sow good seed in your life you begin to read the Bible and fill your mind with the things of the Word of God you get on your knees and seek God and pray you fill your mind with that which is noble pure holy just true righteous and you build a righteous character but if you sow seeds of worldliness you don't produce righteousness if you so evil seed you're going to have the negative results in your life and character that come from that negative seat everything reproduces after it's kind you don't plant carrots and expect a tomato to pop up out of the ground. You don't sow a seed of corn and expect a put Taito to come up out of the ground you sow corn seed are going to add garden we reap what we sow but you know what we reap all lot more than we sow no farmer in the world is going to sow one kernel of corn and expect to get one kernel back you're not going to sow one little tomato seeds expect it one tomato back not it we report we so unkind but not in quantity young person goes out and parties gets have to wrong gets in the car drives home hits a telephone pole and ends up a quadriplegic you see a ripple out more than you so you go out some night in and you commit immorality thinking it's fun the girl gets pregnant and your whole life is changed your whole life is dramatically changed God invites you to so good seed the decisions we make now are preparing us for eternity they're not casual decisions they're not light hearted decisions they're not decisions that have no consequence the decisions we make have have consequence we cannot so discord in the family and produce unity we cannot so law isn't produce truth we cannot so see in and produce holiness if we so indifference to God. In spiritual values and priorities we reap the fruit of indifference of apathy and spiritual complacency and frustration in our lives this is the time to make an eternal decision for Christ this is no time for playing around this is no time for for playing games with religion this is the time to sew good seed somebody said so a thought and your reply what act you so in act and your reply What habit you so a habit in your reap character you so character and according to The Book of Revelation you reap a destiny the Book of Revelation is about a lot more than mystic symbols and it's about a lot more than strange beasts we're going to study those but it's about character it's about a final harvest and God's appeal to your heart God's appeal to your heart wherever you are to make an eternal decision for him the promise in warning of scripture in the Book of Revelation is that we reap what we sow what are you sowing in your life right now what do you sowing in your life now there are 2 fatal mistakes the Christians make 1st they look at their past and say have sown so much evil seeking and my life is ruined the next mistake they make is they look at the future and say I don't think I could ever possibly even if I make a choice today I don't think I could live in harmony with God's will I failed so many times in the past yesterday is a memory tomorrow is a dream this moment is sure you have it now today you can't do anything about yesterday very little about it tomorrow has not yet come but today is here for us would you like to see Jesus. Do a new thing in my life today do a new thing in my life today God is willing to do a new thing in our lives right now it's harvest time and Jesus says to you this moment choose you this today. Who you will serve. And let it be the Lord. In times like these. We need to save. Times like these. Times of moral confusion. We need the certainty of God's word. In times like these. God is leading us. To make eternal choices listen as Charles comes to saying in times like these and wherever you are what about your head now and say Jesus I am yours. In times like these evil sweet. I like you. We need an anchor herder to parents will move on then there is a store or your anchor pole at risk the swathe Erzerum August the only lives I. Yes he's old on upon this world is he's. Any old there was no being too me shallow the severity you're your anchor pole the prince the saw a better off on. Times like these. Indeed you're a viable. In times like these. They know are hard old being very sure. Been bearish you're. You're a thorough old timer Prince Boguslav a. We're all. Times like. I have lost save you. Time I lie. On how they could. Very. Very close. I could blow the grandfather. A. Desert a cheat. He'd go home. The wrong it's. The whole you're home on a very shallow. Airshows. My anger can blow the grimmest a slow day. For all. Are you very short. Your a cold and rips the sod they spotted are all over the. White everything beneath our feet is crumbling there is something that's solid that we can stand on do you remember the story that Jesus told the story of 2 houses one built on sand and one built on rock both houses appeared. To do quite well when the sun was shining sky was blue and fair but when the storm came when the storm came when the winds blew fiercely when the rains beat down the house built on the sand collapsed in the house built on the rock stood firm anybody that builds their life on the sand of human opinion on the sand of human strength on the same end of human ability when the storm comes will be swept away but anybody who builds on that solid rock of Christ within door the last days of verse history in Christ by Christ because of Christ and through Christ Jesus' love is strong enough to hold you secure Jesus' love is strong enough to keep you in the greatest test of this series history Jesus' love is great enough to surround you and to protect you would you like to open your heart right now and surrender your life to that love Father in heaven we are so thankful. That in the harvest of this world you have given us the freedom to choose that Satan cannot manipulate our choice Satan cannot coup worse our choice Satan cannot force our choice right now we feel the prompting of your Holy Spirit we open our heart to your love your salvation your strength and your power keep us in the center of your Will we choose just now to make eternal decisions to sow good seeds of character so that we can one day live with you in Heaven forever in Christ's name Amen thank you for joining us in this series 3 cosmic messages Earth's final conflict don't miss one of the series next presentation I will look very deeply into Revelation 14 verse 6 and 7 God bless you with me God.


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