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Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • June 26, 2020
    7:00 AM
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Welcome back to our series titled 3 cosmic messages Earth's final conflict in this series we're looking at the prophetic book of Revelation unfolding the prophecies of Revelation but specifically and distinctly Revelation Chapter 14 and Revelation Chapter 14 God unfolds his last day message he describes that message symbolically is being carried by 3 angels in mid-heaven And it's that message that we are unpacking that message that we're studying Now if you've been with us in previous presentation you have noted that in our 1st presentation we looked at the great controversy between good and evil we studied the fact that down through the ages when Christ has been in conflict with Satan Jesus has never lost a battle Jesus when Satan loses and that's the great theme of the Book of Revelation that Christ is predominate that he will be victorious over seat in the last days of verse history because when you look at Revelation it talks about a mark called the mark of the beast it talks about a time when no man can buy or sell it talks about persecution and death decree and if you allow those images to grip your mind and strangle you you'll lose your hope so the theme of the Book of Revelation really is much more than the persecution that's coming it's the triumph of Jesus Christ in the last days of verse history in our last presentation we looked at the idea of harvest in the Book of Revelation that they'll be to harvests the harvest of gold and grain and a harvest of grapes righteousness will be fully manifest unrighteousness will be fully manifest and we look there at the Book of Revelation very very carefully and we noted that in. Those 2 harvests there will be 2 eternal choices that every human being on a planet called Earth will make any turtle choice in this presentation we are going to probe more deeply into Revelation 14 verse 6 the 1st of those 3 cosmic or 3 angels messages so as we want to read into our topic let's pray Father in heaven we thank you with all of our hearts for the great messages that you've given in the Book of Revelation we sense that these messages come from Christ and so as we study them more deeply help us to be able to understand them more fully and as we understand them more fully our lives more fully reflect you change just by your grace we pray in Christ's name Amen my topic in this presentation is Hope's grace the old and time message have you ever noticed how corporations have slogans for example Master Card slogan is there is some things money can't buy for everything else there's Master Card have you noticed Nike slogan Just do it the Nike symbol Nike of course meaning victory then there is the slogan of Apple Computers think different somebody certainly had to be thinking differently when they developed the Apple computer and then you go beyond that to the New York Times all the news that's fit to print when you read that slogan you if you know anything about news media in America you immediately think of the New York Times L'Oreal the famous cosmetic group in Paris because you are worth it. Throughout these various corporations there are slogans these slogans or catch phrases Entrepreneur magazine puts it this way the slogan for these businesses is a catchphrase or a small group of words that are combined in a special way to identify a product or company so you may not need to even see the product or know the company but when you hear the slogan or the catch phrase immediately you a dented fi when you see the little swish of Nike immediately you dent Adana fi with that product brand when you read Master Card and you see their slogan those simple circles have read in yellow or orange you immediately a dent of thought I with that slogan for some things money can't buy but for everything else there's Master Card You know you a dent a fight with those slogans Israel had a statement of faith that a dent to 5 Israel it set it apart from all of the heathen nations their statement of faith was found in Deuteronomy 6 verse 4 written in Hebrew but trance lated into English hero Israel the Lord our God is one ward children from the earliest ages in the Jewish nation were taught by their mothers that expression here oh Israel the Lord our God is one Lord mother is rocking their Jewish babies that 3 months old 6 months old as Mama was rocking the baby mama sang to her this what they called the Shem Ah here oh Israel the Lord our God is one now there is an interesting experience that occurred during the 2nd World War. Mothers continued during the war to teach their children Deuteronomy 64 they did not want these Jewish children to lose their sense of a dentity and before the children were even learned to even learn to speak they were taught this phrase during the war many Jewish parents knowing that the whole cost was present knowing they would be transported to prison camps and die or put their children in orphanages some of these orphanages were run by Catholic priests and nuns the idea of the Jewish parents was this could save our children and after the war they will be reunited either with us if we get out of the prison camp alive or if we don't with relatives or other Jewish families when the war ended and thousands of Jews came back from these terrible horrific prison camps many of course died over 6000000 died in these prison camps one of the greatest crimes against humanity in the history of the world when many of them came back they looked for their children couldn't find them on one occasion 2 rabbis came to a Catholic orphanage and they said to the priest who was at the orphanage we who would like to look for Jewish children here he said there are no Jewish children here at all you're mistaken there are no Jewish children here the rabbis left the priest wouldn't let them come into the orphanage to try inquire and discover whether there were Jewish children they came back in the evening and they said could you just at least let us walk through the orphanage one time can you just let us walk through the nursery the sleeping room when. The priest allowed them to do that the rabbi began to sing the Shimla he began to sing the Lord our God is one Lord and began to sing it in Hebrew children woke up from their cribs they begin to say Mama mama mama they recognize that Hebrew they recognize that Shem Ma It would tend to fight them as a people and the rabbi said to the priest that's one of mine that's one of mine there's nothing the priest could do he had to give those Jewish children back to their rightful place in the Jewish community the Shema a dent a fight them is there a shim Ah Is there a point of a dentity for God's people today there is the Book of Revelation the 3 angels messages are our Shema there are rallying point they had benefit by a community of believers that God has raised up in the divine drama of destiny to prepare a world for the 2nd coming of Christ in the book of a Angelus on page 119 I read this statement in a special sense 7th Day Adventist have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers to them has been intrusted the last warning for a perishing world on them is shining wonderful light from the Word of God Now you may be a 7th Day Adventist watching this broadcast watching this d.v.d. And if you are I want to undergird this reality that the message of the 3 angels is not simply something that is tacked on to Adventist faith but it's the very foundation if you are not a 7th Day Adventist I invite you to journey with us I invite you to walk with me as we go through these messages and. There's only one daddy in the world that's preaching the 3 engines messages and that's a 7th heaven a church God raised up the advantage which miraculously 7th Day Adventists believe that there is Christians in every denomination at Venice believe that there is a loving God fearing people in every religious communion but we also believe that in the divine drama of destiny in the providence of God humbly we believe that God has raised up a movement to prepare a world for his soon coming and that the a dent AFIC cation of that movement comes in this Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 to 12 these are some of the most significant verses in all the Bible and they clearly a dent if I God's last 8 people today so let's walk through these verses together let's study them together and discover what they say in this Book of Angels in page 119 that statement goes on they Adventists have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message is these 3 cosmic messages there is no other work of so great importance they are not to allow anything else to absorb their attention they are to a nothing else to absorb their attention in the blazing light of eternity in this cosmic battle between good and evil Jesus has sent a last day message to the world Jesus is sent a message in this message of the 3 angels. Revelation is a grace filled book. The Book of Revelation is filled with the grace and love Jesus Christ it's filled with the grace of God Revelation Chapter one Verse one says The Revelation of Jesus Christ whose revelation is this it's the revelation of Jesus Christ where did he get it which God gave Him to show his servants things which must shortly take place you know when you read Revelation one verse one here is a divine chain of truth it says this it says. Revelation it is the revelation of who Jesus Christ where did he get it God gave it to him What did Jesus do when God gave it to him he sent and signified it according to Revelation one verse one by his angel to whom to his servant John so God has a message for all mankind just that end time he gives it to Jesus Jesus gives it to the angel the angel flies from heaven impresses John who's in exile in his ninety's on the island of Patmos and John writes it down and you and I take that in our hands today this precious message from the Book of Revelation is not a human message it doesn't come to us merely become through human opinion it comes to us directly from the heart of God directly from the throne room of the universe if there is a message that comes from the throne room of the universe that message must be critically important that's why we're spending time with King at this message from Revelation particularly Revelation 14 verse 6 to 12 now notice when written revelation one sets forth the entire tone of the book it sets forth who this Jesus actually is and it says he is the one that loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood so Revelation Chapter one sets forth this magnificent Christ it sets forth this grace filled hope filled book in the context of God's love in the context of a god that cares for us so deeply that he doesn't want one of us to be lost revelation indeed it is a grace filled book there are some people that have said to me as I've studied the Bible with them I am hesitant to study the Book of Revelation because of the fact that I only want to study the gospels about Jesus they are forgotten that according to Revelation one verse one this is the revelation. Of Jesus Christ other people have said Revelation is a closed book but the very name means unfolding the very name means revealing So the Book of Revelation is an unfolding or revealing of God's love in the context of last day events at the end of time Revelation 14 verse 6 we begin to study in this present ation this message of the 3 angels this gospel of God's grace then I saw John says I saw it what did you see John another angel flying in the middle of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue n. people so John looked up in heaven and in prophetic vision he saw an angel messenger flying in the middle of heaven having the everlasting Gospel another word for everlasting is the eternal gospel so John saw this eternal gospel what is the gospel the gospel is the very foundation stone of the 3 angels messages if we study the 3 angels messages and miss the Gospel we've missed the very foundation of the 3 angels messages we Mish the very foundation stone that is the that enables us to stand solidly on everything that comes after that the Gospel is that very heart that's the very pulse it's the very foundation stone of the 3 engines messages now we might ask What is the gospel the gospel has to do with the life. The death the resurrection the intercession the gospel is a big word if we can translate it as good news it's the good news of Jesus you know when the thief hung on the cross he experienced the gospel and you remember when Jesus was dying there were 3 choruses on the Hill that day there were as Christ was in the center cross and 2 thieves died on either side of Jesus one thief mocked Christ one thief said if you're the Christ come down from the cross but the other thief looked at Jesus dying on that cross the other thief heard Christ's words Father forgive them forth Hayden not what they do that thief was impressed by the Holy Spirit he accepted the fact of his own guilt that he had gone astray he accepted the fact of his sinfulness he accepted that in Christ there was forgiveness that Christ's righteousness could atone for his sin that thief that day Aster salvation he said Lord remember me the when you come into your kingdom and Jesus said I see into you today you will be with me in paradise I say to you this day. This day than I'm dying on the cross this day that it doesn't look like I can save anybody this day with the nails through my hands this day with the crown of thorns upon my head this day with the blood running down my cheeks from the thorns in my brow this day with the pud running down my wrists this day I say to you you will be with me in paradise Jesus while he was dying on the cross gave the thief the assurance that one day he would live with him for ever and ever and ever in in the kingdom of God You see what is grace grace has to do with the righteousness of God manifest in Christ what is grace it is the salvation that God freely offers in Christ when Paul defines the gospel he defines it this way and 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 verse one and 3 you know you can look for a lot of human definitions where people write books on defining what they believe the gospel is but the Apostle Paul makes it very simple and God often makes simple things that are complex and the apostle Paul says this Moreover brethren I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you which also you received in which you stand now notice what the text says Paul says I declare to you the gospel so he's going to explain it he says he preached the gospel to them they received the gospel they stood in the Gospel what was this Gospel that he preached what was this Gospel that he received for I delivered to you 1st that which I received that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures so what is the Gospel it is Christ dying for our sins according to the scripture he continues that he was buried. That he rose again the 3rd day and he was seen by sea 1st repeater and then by the 12 so what is the Gospel it is the perfect life of Christ atoning for our imperfect lives what is the Gospel it is the death of Christ bearing the guilt and shame of sin on Calvary's cross in the place of our death we deserve to die he gives us a life we deserve to rid wear a crown of thorns who gives us a crown of glory we deserve to hang on the cross he hangs on the cross and we sit upon a throne we deserve to wear the robe of sinfulness and degradation he wears that robe for us and gives us a robe of righteousness Christ enters the domain of death dies the 2nd death in our b. half he who knew no c And 2nd these 5 verse 21 becomes sin for us curse it is everyone that hangs upon the tree 3 verse 13 so Jesus takes all the shame he takes all the guilt he takes all the condemnation of sin upon himself he dies the death we should have died so that we can live the life that he should have lived what is the Gospel it is more than Christ's death because of Jesus died never resurrected he's just a martyr dying for good cause but Christ goes into the grave he comes out nice alive and that's what Paul says Paul says that Jesus died he but he Jesus rose again ice stood. They are looking at the muzzle Liam of Lenin at Lenin's tomb in Red Square and I've stood there thinking they Prince the Russian scientists have preserved Lenin and he's in this class too and people would come in reverence him and stand in long lines during the heyday of communism but Lenin was in his too but thank God Jesus Christ is not news to the tomb of Christ is empty Jesus is alive that's the gospel and Jesus lives for you and me we can come to him he gives us his strength and power to live a godly life Jesus delivers us from sins penalty from the condemnation of sin he delivers us from sins power and one day finally Jesus will deliver us from sins presence what is the Gospel it is Christ delivering us from the penalty of sin its condemnation Christ delivering us from the power of sin the grip of sin in Christ delivering us from the presence of sin what is the Gospel it is the life death burial resurrection of Christ in the promise that the christ that live the Christ that died the Christ that resurrected the Christ that's in heaven for us this Christ will come again and save us the crucified Christ redeem sussed from the condemnation and guilt of our past the resurrected Christ gives us power for the present and the returning Christ gives us hope for the future this is the big huge picture of the gospel of Christ outlined in the Book of Revelation. It is this Jesus who Paul speaks about this Jesus that Paul leads us to give our entire lives to this is the Christ of the Book of Revelation this is the cornerstone the foundation of the entire message of the 3 angels the Apostle Paul describes the Gospel further this way Romans 3 verse 2426 being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus whom God has set forth to be a pro peace she asian that is a ransom no notice we're justified freely not justified because of what we have done but justified because of what he has done not justified because of our goodness but justified because of his righteousness not justified because. Of the fact that we live a perfect life our lives are imperfect and sinful but he is the one that live the perfect like we're justified because we accept His perfect life in the place of our imperfection we accept his death in the place of our death we accept His righteousness in the place of our guilt in our shame were justified what's the next word he got it freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus and God is set forth he is that propitiation he is the one that paid the ransom price through faith in his blood to declare who is righteousness is it are us to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are passed through the forbearance of God to declare I say at this time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of him which believes in Jesus when I come to Jesus I have absolutely nothing to give when I come to Jesus I come with my sinfulness I come with my weakness I come with my folly but I come I come and you can come today you say but I'm too much of a sinner that's why you come you say but I've fallen in the past that's why you come you say that I'm not righteous that's why you come Jesus is come unto me come unto me all you who are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest this is the very heart of God's last a message for humanity I saw another angel John says flying in the middle of heaven having the everlasting gospel. To preach to those the 2 on the air to every nation kindred tongue and people of the gospel the good news that you can come come to the cross and let the drops of blood symbolically fall upon you let that blood cover your sin inclines you from c.n.n. knowing that as you reach out to Christ he's already reaching out to you that desire you have to know Jesus that desire you have to be forgiven by Christ that desire you have to be free from guilt that desire you have to live the new life that desire has been implanted in your heart by Jesus he is drawing you to Himself Jesus said in John 12 verse $32.00 and I if I be lifted up will draw all men to me the cross is drawing you the love of God is indeed drawing you we are justified freely by grace grace is a declaration of God's righteousness we are not righteous he is we receive that through grace God justifies those who believe in Jesus what does it mean to be justified simply saying it means I stand before God clothed in the robe of righteousness surrounded by God's grace filled by God's love just as if I had never sinned God accepts me just as he accepts his own son now that thought is overwhelming in fact it's a mind boggling thought that when I am come to Christ I am accepted the Bible says in a fusion stew in the beloved I'm accepted in heaven just as Jesus is accepted in have you see is it that simple it is that simple reach out by faith. To his righteousness reach out by faith to his goodness Romans Chapter 5 or 6 to 8 says for when we were still without strength we were the out what strength in due time what's that mean in the right time Christ died for the ungodly you and I would have been ungodly for scarcely for a righteous man will one die yet perhaps for a good man some would even dare to die But God demonstrates His own love toward us what does God demonstrate toward us his own what love in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us here we find that God in love reaches out when Adam and Eve sinned God could have pushed this universe in the far reaches of space and quarantined it and let sin destroy and kill us all. When Adam and Eve sinned God could have blotted them out like some mosquito and started all over again but God's love was too great for that while we were yet sinners God's love reached out to us to save us and God's love is reaching out to you today my friend God's grace is unmerited God's grace is undeserved God's grace is unearned but it is ours in Christ that is the gospel I love the way it's put in a book called Desire of ages one of the most outstanding books ever written in the history on the life of Christ it's on page 753 it says upon Christ as our substitute insure it he was laid the iniquity of us all he was counted a transgressor that he might redeem us from the condemnation of the law the guilt of every descendant of Adam was pressing upon his heart so when Jesus hung on Calvary's cross he was counted a transgressor the judgment bar of God was set up on Calvary's cross and Christ who had lived a perfect righteous life was counted a judged as a sinner that's why in Hebrews chapter 2 verse 89 says he tasted death for every man so he experienced the eternal death that you and I should have died on the Cross that day he could not see himself coming through the tomb he only saw the darkness of tune because of the guilt of sin this statement goes on the wrath of God desire of ages page $753.00 against sin the terrible manifestation of his displeasure because of iniquity filled the soul of his son with consternation all his life. Christ had been publishing to a fallen world the good news of the father's mercy and pardoning love salvation for the chief of sinners was his theme but now with the terrible weight of guilty bears he cannot see the father's reconciling face the withdrawal of the divine countenance from the Savior in this hour of supreme anguish pierced his heart with a sorrow that can never be fully understood by us can you imagine that Jesus lived with the father from the ceaseless ages of eternity Christ is the eternal Christ he never had a beginning and will never have an ending do you have a son or a daughter are you a parent what if you had the sense that you would never see your son again you'd never see your daughter again what if you had this sense that your son or daughter was going to be eternally lost and you'd never see them again what if you have a wonderful relationship with a father or mother and and and you you sense that you are separated them forever however much you love a son or daughter however much you love a father or mother that cannot reflect one drop in the ocean of God's love for his son in the Son for the father their love was an ending undying their love was infinite and as Jesus hung on the Cross there in the guilt and shame of sin only could see was that guilt and shame Certainly he said You destroyed this body in 3 days or raise it up again but at the point of his death on the cross all he saw was the darkness of sin and he all he saw was the tomb and he sensed that because of sin he would be separated from the father forever but he said if this saves Mark Finley I'm willing to do it if this saves Tom or Harry or Mary or Jane I'm willing to do it Christ was willing to have his heart torn apart and to have the pain of sin separate him from the Father for ever. If you could see if you were me that is a love that is in comprehensible notice what it says Hope did not present to his coming forth from the grave a conqueror or tell him of the father's acceptance of the sacrifice he feared what did Jesus fear What was Jesus' greatest fear on the cross was it the nails was that the grace pay was the crown of thorns not at all he feared that sin was so offensive to go it that their separation was to be eternal Christ on the cross feared that the separation from the father was to be eternal Christ filthy anguish that the sinner will feel when Mercy show the longer plead for the guilty race it was the sense of seeing bringing the father's wrath upon him as the sinners substitute that made the cup he drank so bitter and broke the heart of the Son of God So as Christ hung there the guilt of seein the shame of sin the condemnation of sin was so great that he felt the anguish that the sinner will feel when he's lost at the end what is the essence of hello the essence of hell is the sense of abandonment by God the sense of no longer having the presence of God It is the pain and mental anguish in agony where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth certainly there will be physical pain in hell but that physical pain of the flames of hell when the individual is consumed and gone from God's presence forever that is not the deepest pain the deepest pain is the sense of separation from God for ever Jesus felt that on the cross and he was willing to experience that forever because he loves you so much that's with this message of the 1st danger was all about I saw another angel. Flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel in a generation starved for love the gospel presents Love beyond what we could ever imagine it presents a Christ that did for us what is on a magine a book offering his divine life on the cross the story of the cross is the story of boundless It's the story of unfathomable It's the story of income principle it's the story of undying It's the story of an ending it's the story of infinite love of Christ who longs to be with us for ever and as Jesus hung his head in the father said Son The sacrifice is accepted and all of heaven saying all of Heaven rejoiced Jesus Christ died once so that when he comes again the 2nd time he could take you all were you worth Christ. What you worth sacrifice where you worth what Christ gave for you the incident life of the Son of God you say Pastor Mark I'm not worth it if you are not worth the sacrifice Christ paid for you Christ got cheated he thinks you're worth it you are more valuable than you could possibly imagine and of Christ to loose issue he can never replace you the value of an object is dependent on the price paid for the object you are valuable in Christ gave all for you. And we give all to Him sin no longer reigns in our life we may fail but sin no longer has dominion because the love of Christ breaks the bondage of sin Romans 8 1st 15 says for you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear but you receive the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out Abba Father we are no longer in the bondage of sin sins guilt is gone sins condemnation is gone the chains that hold us are gone why because love has broken those chains and love has broken that bondage the plan of salvation was not an afterthought it was not something that Christ that hey we got an emergency we better deal with it not at all 1st Peter chapter one verse 18 to 24 you know not you think not you guess not maybe not perhaps you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your fathers but with the precious blood of Jesus Christ a lamb without blemish or defect he was chosen No Don't miss this this is what we need to get he was chosen before the creation of the world but was revealed in these last times for your sake so before the world was created the father in son knowing that if they gave the human race the freedom of choice or the capacity of choice that Adam Eve could make the wrong choice but at but God did not want robot creatures he did not want mere puppets God gave the freedom of choice knowing full well the situation that of Adam and Eve that he God would come he would give them every reason to make the right choice but the put a salvation was put into effect even before Adam and Eve. God love the human race so much that he wanted to ensure the salvation of the human race and that plan was put into action in heaven the it is the everlasting Gospel what is Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 say I saw another angel flying in the middle of heaven having the what the everlasting gospel why it's the gospel everlasting it's everlasting number one because it was put into motion in heaven in the ceaseless ages of eternity it's everlasting number 2 because it speaks to every generation it speaks to every culture it's mixed every nation kindred tongue and people it's everlasting number 3 because it will never get old the story of the cross the story of Christ the story of His love the story of his grace the story of His mercy will indeed never get old. It is love that breaks our hearts it's love that changes our lives forced allegiances contrary to God's very nature the beast uses force the beast in the last days of verse history says that unless you follow me no man can buy no man can sell a you'll be in prison to be beaten you'll be ridiculed you'll be mocked and you'll be put to death that's the Beast says the peace tries to use force to legions but Christ appeals to us with love and when we see the love of God He breaks our hearts we were made to love our hearts are starved for love and it is God's love revealed on Calvary that does change our lives in desire of ages page $22.00 it says the plan for our redemption was not a what we read it in 1st Peter didn't we an afterthought a plan formulated after the fall of Adam it was a revelation of the mystery which for a has been kept in silence through times eternal What is that mystery that has been kept in silence from times eternal it is the mystery of God sloth it is the mystery of God's grace and it is that mystery of His love in grace that is to be proclaimed to the end of the earth in a generation starved for love in this air in this generation the earth is to be lighted with the glory of God in what is God's glory it is His love is his character in that glove changes people's heart desire of ages page $22.00 again it was the unfolding of the principles that from eternal ages have been the foundation of God's throne and one of those principles to love God supremely and to love one another in relationship. To a generation start for genuine love longing for meaningful relationships the Gospel speaks of acceptance forgiveness be longing and life changing power there's an old country western song that said Oly if somebody knew who I was only if somebody loves me for a generation starved with love young people looking for love looking to fill that void within husbands wives looking for love Have you ever noticed that however much your parents love you you still feel loved deficit however much a husband or wife love Sure there's still that love deficit in your life have you ever noticed that you can never get enough of Love The reason for that is because God has made us to love Him God has placed a divine vacuum within our hearts a divine whole if you please within our hearts that can only be filled up with his love into a generation starved for love to a generation longing for meaningful relationships to a generation that plane's more time with technology than it does with open communication one with another sharing our heart needs sharing our burdens some time ago my wife and I were at a meeting and we were walking to ape speaking a point that I had and I saw a group of 5 young people sitting on the wall they were teenagers and they had their cell phones out they were texting and I didn't think much of it until I stopped and said Hey that's kind of interesting you guys are sitting here texting everybody's text who you're texting one another the skill to walk all the they're not communicating verbal e.-i to I face to face their decks they want another Could it be any question of why we're start for human relationships has technology actually taken place at times of relationships sharing opening our hearts to one another. God can fill that relationship void in your heart he can fill your heart with love so that you can reach out with Will in love and kindness to others around you and one day when Jesus Christ comes and returns we are ushered into eternity to see him face to face and experience the joy of His love for ever and ever and ever the Christ that died on the cross is coming again to take us home now some time ago Ellen White was asked the question is this message of the 3 angels the message of Justification by Faith that you've been talking about is that that message of justification by faith in the Bible or in the review and herald April 1890 she wrote several have written to me inquiring if the message of Justification by Faith is the Met is the 3rd angel's message and I have answered it's the 3rd angel's message in verity let me summarize that very very quickly for you the gospel is the message that righteousness is in Christ not in ourselves that's the 1st angel's message 1st angel's message leads us. To open our hearts to Christ to commit our lives to Christ to accept Christ as the only one who can stand for us in the judgment 2nd angel's message which will study more deeply in another presentations Babylon has fallen is full of what's babbling about it's self centered self inflated importance that substitutes human opinion and human ideas for the grace of Christ it substitutes human traditions and teachings for the word of Christ it is human human centered What about the message of the mark of the Beast What is that the essence of the mark of the beast is egotistical Manston thinking he has the authority to change the very war of guard So what is righteous a spy thing righteousness by think is trusting Jesus for myself righteousness by faith is trusting Jesus power so that I can live a godly life righteousness by think is accepting Christ word as he has spoken it righteousness my faith is putting my confidence in Jesus in His Word and living in harmony with that Jesus saves us not because we are good people but because he is good all of our good works are motivated by his love any empowered by His grace we come to Christ just as we are but we do not remain as we are we are changed by his grace righteousness by Thing is God's an ending love it's his abounding grace there at the very heart of these 3 angels messages that were studying there were going to unfold more and more and more each present ation in this series 2nd Corinthians Chapter 5 in verse 14 tells us that if we are motivated by Christ to love changed by Christ's love that the love of Christ compels us what is it that causes men and women to go to the ends of the earth leave family and friends and leave for missions it is because they've been charmed by his love changed by his grace redeemed by his power the 3 angels message and. Hording to Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 is to go to all the world the message of the 3 angels leads us from the pre occupation with our own self interest to a passion for Christ service you cannot come to the cross and remain silent the cross changes you the cross makes you over again Matthew 19 verse 20 says All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth go there for and make disciples of all nations Jesus last words were Go Go to the ends of the earth and make disciples to all nations Revelation 146 says I saw another angel flying in the middle of heaven with the everlasting Gospel to preach to who to every nation tribe tongue in people this message will not die out and some whimper this message will not go out like some candle in the wind blown out into insignificance this message of the 3 angels will rise to its destiny it will leap across geographical boundaries it will go penetrate language groups the message of Jesus Christ for people men and women boys and girls committed to Christ changed by Christ will go to the ends of the earth proclaiming his message in the last days of verses stree there's an interesting book called The Quest for more living for something bigger than you by Paul David trip that that has a statement that really stunned me when I read it human beings were created to be part of something bigger than their own lives sin causes us to shrink our lives down to the size of our lives the grace of Christ is given to rescue us from the cost of phobic confines of our own little self focused Kingdom and frees us to live for the eternal purposes and satisfying delights of the Kingdom of God we live in a culture that has institutionalized so folk. And personal in title meant if you look around it's very clear that we need to be rescued from ourselves things like debt addiction obesity divorce are the fruits of a culture of self focus where we look for a meaning where meaning cannot be found there is freedom to be found in living for something bigger than yourself ultimately it means living for the glory of God in the success of his agenda for the world he made if you want to be part of something big for God You want to be part of something great for God you're a young person looking for meaning in your life you have been maybe playing church you are an adult and you've been simply coming and sitting in the pew there's something bigger and grander than the self occupation in-cell focus that is a life committed to sharing his love a life committed to taking the word of God dear friends and neighbors this message of the 3 angels this message of God's grace is to go to every nation kindred tongue and people God is inviting you to something big and grand and large to be part of something that is spanning the earth and lightning it with his very glory and God is inviting you not simply to take a stand for Christ and sit in the pew God is inviting you to something big something grand something great for His eternal Kingdom this gospel of the kingdom Matthew 24 verse 14 shall be preached not it might be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations then shall the and come you can be part of something big for God You can be part of something grand for God You can be part of something that is much larger it will go to the world as a witness to all nations not going to die out in a whimper not at all Abraham. Was a shepherd woodcutter from California. He became a Christian and a committed Adventist Christian when he was in his sixty's he was 65 years old when the Lord laid a burden on his heart take the Gospel message to China Abraham of the rule wrote a letter and he wrote it to the 7 to have it as headquarters and he said got his little bird on my heart to take the Gospel to China now remind you he didn't know Chinese Mind you he didn't have any money he was 65 at the time general conversation they have this wrote back and they said Will brother Leroux you're a little old for this assignment you know there are no believers that we have in China and we don't have the money to send you but you know what Hawaii that's that's out in the Pacific someplace if you could happen to get there and maybe you could sell Christian literature so Leroux got a lot of books together Christian books and he braces money went out to Hawaii but then after he sold a few books there the next book the next boat he could find the ru on his own money went to China and there began selling books and there this man now in his late sixty's labored year after year after year and after years of labor there were 6 people baptized but today because of the roots that that the seeds that that may and sowed and the roots that sprouted up in the fruits today there are hundreds of thousands of ads in his Christians over China who would have thought that God could use a 65 year old lay person to open the doors for the Gospel to go to China. He got a sense of the big ness the grand us the greatness of this message called the 3 angels and here he caught the significance of Revelation 14 verse 6 I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel of God's grace to preach to them that well on the earth every nation kindred tongue and people God is calling you into your neighborhood God is calling you into your community God may be a burden on you for mission service the everlasting Gospel is to go to the admins of the Earth great conversely page $612.00 says servants of God with their faces lighted up and shining with holy consecration will hasten from place to place to proclaim the message from heaven by thousands of choices all over the earth the warning will be given the earth is going to be lightened with the glory of God The message of the 3 angels is going to go to the ends of the earth the message of the gospel of Christ is going to be carried you can be part of something big for God It is almost time for the Lord to do you since the moving of God's Spirit to stay in sin the conditions of our world that it's time to move out for Christ it's time to make a decision for Christ it's time to share the word of God with others it's time to give Bible studies time to pass out literature time to invite people to watch godly television programs it's time to get involved for Christ and be part of something big and grand for God has almost time for the Lord to come do you believe it listen as Charles sings and catch the spirit of this advent movement with every nation kindred tongue and people proclaiming God's Grace Jones. Juice oh oh oh yes time long to call on. The. Dogs Dogs all of a dog groove. If it must be the breaking of the voting. Polls we are bringing all the day to go in one big hit America can go though they. Know it is almost gone the day is coming along with being the bringing all the good you. Saw signs Kauto and the sun and movement and the earth and c.n.n.. All all proclaim to move all then come on to the coming out of the Moscow draw is unknown I hope. We are breaking although they both must be either breaking all the day that night is almost gone home though they is coming on the full body being either breaking the earth is. The time for the we are to cast her primary knowing full well here it is a law and then turning allow you to call the briefing on the. Full cost of the rigging know the good a vote on the bringing all good day night is almost gone the day is coming on the whole would be the bringing all the good. Old quick being in the streets and the you and him alone highway. And call. All. Hope to God to be ready to. Be called on. Who would be. A. Nightmare is almost by. Their years coming up. With the. Most the. Heart of Gold. God is leading you. To know him more deeply. To trust him more fully. To be committed to him. In a way that you've never been committed before. We're living on the knife edge of eternity we're living in a crisis our of this earth history we're living with uncertainty all around us we sense it in our hearts. We feel it deep within. God is leading each one of us. To step out from comfortable convenience. As the song says go out into the lanes the highways. Go knock on your neighbor's door develop a loving relationship with a mature Christ share Christ with the people in your workplace. Share Christ. There in your community. Share Christ. As he. Opens doors of opportunity for you. Would you like to make a commitment right now as I pray. That for you it's no more business as usual no more pleasures as usual. No more life issues sure but you have a great desire as God opens doors of opportunity to share his love with others to share this great message of Bible truth the message of the 3 angels let's pray Father in heaven we thank you with all of our hearts that we can live for something bigger than ourselves something greater than self focus something greater than the preoccupation with our own needs and desires the Gospel breaks our hearts the love of Christ sends us out into the world and that love leads us to be committed to share your love with others thank you in Jesus name Amen friend of mine Jesus himself is calling you stay with us through this entire series next presentation we're going to talk about Revelation 14 verse 7 and the judgment bar of God What is the judgment and how can you have confidence the past the judge of god bless you this.


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