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04 Will You Pass God's Judgment?

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • July 3, 2020
    7:00 AM
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Welcome back I'm glad you've joined us for this series titled 3 cosmic messages Earth's final conflict I'm Mark Finley the host of the series and we've been on a journey a journey through the Book of Revelation but particularly looking at Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 to 12 in these 1st says God presents his last day message for mankind He pictures that message is being carried by 3 angels in mid-heaven in our last presentation we looked at Revelation 14 verse 6 we saw that the everlasting Gospel the gospel of God's grace and goodness was to go to the ends of the earth we saw as well that God has a plan for us a plan to participate with him to cooperate with him in taking the message of his love grace and truth to every nation kindred tongue and people and that of course begins with their own families with their own neighborhood with the work places where we work with our communities in our schools in Revelation 14 verse 6 in 7 The Bible says I saw another angel flying in the middle of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come when many people think of the judgment they begin to become quite frightened about their lives appearing before God in judgment in this presentation we're going to focus especially on the good news of the judgment let's pray together Father in heaven. Thank you that we need not fear that eternal judgment that in Christ we can have confidence that you are our judge our attorney and that you will vindicate us in these last days of verses story that in Christ we have nothing to fear so as we study about the judgment in Revelation help us to have that sense of your standing by our side but teach us 2 that were responsible for the choices that we make in Christ's name man the title of this presentation is Jesus in the judgment why the judgment is good news not bad news no you may not have thought about it that way before you may have thought about the judgment and trembled at its thought that's legitimate the judgment is a very serious issue in fact some time ago Daniel Webster who was one of America's best known statesmen in orators was asked what is the most solemn thought that has ever passed your mind and Webster responded the sense of my individual responsibility to God You and I were created as free moral agents we were created with the capacity of choice of the opportunity to make decisions based on the faculties of conscience of reason and of judgment and the judgment in of God in eternity is based on how we have responded to his grace in the choices that we ourselves have made Daniel Webster said this this thought that is the thought of the judgement is not pleasant to those who are living in their sins and out of relationship to him and consequently are not prepared to face the tremendous issues involved but whether the issues are faced or not this now the fact remains. So quoting Romans 1412 so that everyone of us shall give account of himself to God we are all responsible to God as the Word of God declares and cannot Xscape our responsibility you and I are created to make positive choices the Holy Spirit impresses our heart to enable us to make those choices God arranges circumstances are alive so that we can make the best possible choices but the judgment has to do with the decisions we've made in life rigid catch what Webster quoted in Romans 14 verse 12 so every one of us not a few of us not one or 2 of us but every one of us shall give account of himself to go that is part of our destiny one day will appear before the judgment part of God choices are the stuff that life is made of in our choices will determine our eternal destiny what kind of choices are you making today what kind of choices if you made this last week what kind of choices if you made this last month this last year are your choices guided by a spirit directed conscience are your choices in life subject to the principles of God's Word are your subjects guided in shaped by the teachings of scripture 2nd printing in 5 verse 10 adds for we must all again notice the university ality of this just like in Romans 1412 for we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ that each 1 May receive the things done in the body according to what he has done either good or bad so in the final judgment bar of God the. Issues in that judgment bar are how have our choices then made what choices have we actually made that either will lead us to eternal life or eternal damnation Now someone says But wait a minute in life is it our good deeds or way to get Star bad deeds let me explain it this way when God created us He created of course Adam and Eve with free more as free moral agents throughout life since Adam and Eve's for all the Devil the serpent the evil one has been leading men and women to make poor choices he's been leading us to make choices that lead us away from God Jesus on the other hand appeals to us with hands outstretched to come to him he appeals to us to make eternal decisions guided by his spirit decisions that are based in fear and founded in his very word there's no question that according to the Bible we're accountable to God There's no question that we are responsible for our actions you know some people say well it's my genetics that has done this you know I'm predisposed to act this way my father got angry so I get angry my mother. Glossary patients she was an impatient person they say so I at times lose my patience somebody says well you know I have obesity in my family it's in my genes other people say well you know I can void anything except smoking because my father was a chain smoker he was an alcoholic you see all kind of excuses can be made but the truth of the matter is although we may have genetic predispositions to something we do not turn on those genes this is called epi genetics we don't turn on those genes until we make choices to indulge those inclinations so we are responsible for our actions now there's no question at all based on the Bible that the decisions we make are going to determine our eternal destiny now there are a number of facts about the judgment we're going to study this judgment that's outlined in the Book of Revelation remember Revelation 147 thier god give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come we're going to study that very clearly the 1st thing we notice about the judgment is that in the judgment Jesus is our judge that that surprises some people because they have the idea that the father is the eternal judge that is true in a sense but notice what the Bible says John 5 verse 22 for the father judges how many the father judges what no one but has committed all judgment to the Son So based on Jesus' own statement in John 5 verse 22 Jesus is our judge in this final judgment. In the judgment not only is Jesus our judge but he's our defense attorney say that that's got a confusing isn't it let's look at it 1st John 5 verse 22 my little children these things I write to you so that you may not sin but if anyone Sian's we have an advocate that's an attorney with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous So Jesus is our judge Jesus is our advocate you see that's a conflict of interest it really is but aren't you thankful that Jesus takes upon himself that conflict as our judges are our defense attorney let's suppose that we're going to court and let's suppose that I have gotten a speeding ticket hopefully as a pastor having gotten it's be do I suppose I did I suppose I'm going 70 miles an hour in a 40 mile an hour zone because I'm rushing to get some to some meeting and the officer stops me and he says no you you're going 70 miles an hour to 40 mile an hour zone that's going to be a fine and let's say hey wait a minute I was rushing to the hospital to see somebody dying I'm going to fight this in court and so I go to court and I stand up and I look there and that's my brother who's the judge and. I'm astounded Now I don't have a brother with this illustration so let's suppose that's my brother who's a judge and I'm astounded and I think that's good news and then let's suppose my he gets off the bench and he says I'm going to be your defense attorney as well so my brothers my judgment brothers my defense attorney I think that's a pretty good opportunity for me that I'm not going to pay that expensive fine what do you think Jesus our elder brother is or judge. And before the judgment bar of God our elder brother says to us these wounded hands were for you this the thorns that pierced my brow were for you the guilt and shame and condemnation I poor on the cross was for you I am your judge but I'm also your attorney and before the universe before thousands and 10 thousands of times being I will present your name and I will say this man is one of mine this woman is one of mine in Christ because He is our judge in our attorney we need not fear but if we do not have Christ if Christ doesn't fill our hearts we tremble in the judgment as our lives are exposed before the universe now revelations last a judgment in the Book of Revelation it presents it very clearly that there is a judgment these 3 angels fly in the midst of heaven they announce to the whole world no more business as usual no more pleasures as usual no more a life as usual we're living in a critical time of this earth's history remember what we read and have been studying in Revelation 146 and 7 then I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those that dwell upon the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a what kind of voice what kind of voice what a loud voice Why so the whole world will hear fear God In give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth the sea in the springs of waters do you notice the expression for the hour of his judgment this is not simply the hour of our judgment it is the hour of God's judgment what does that mean. The devil has claimed that God is unfair in unjust and these not worthy to rule the universe and the eternal judgment that takes place in heaven the hour of God's judgment it will be revealed before a waiting world in a watching universe that God has done everything he could to save us that there was not one more thing he could have done and God will be proved righteous got to be proved just gotta be proved as the one worthy to be to rule throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity Jesus' life and Jesus' death revealed his character of unselfish love in the judgement it will be shown conclusively that this Christ that lived the perfect life that we should have lived that died the death we should have died that is resurrected this Christ has done everything possible to save us there was not one more thing he could have done now the judgment reveals God's justice and mercy the law demands that those who break that law suffer eternal death God's justice could not have let the human race go on without paying the penalty of a broken law if God would have done that it would have created chaos in the entire universe and so God has to deal justly with the sin problem but God's mercy would not allow him to destroy the creatures that he created and so justice and mercy blend together at the cross of Calvary determining for us just when Jesus determines for us. To bear our the guilt and shame of our sins that enables us to stand free before the universe as our judge Jesus and as their advocate Jesus presents our case before the entire universe in the final judgment the entire universe will see the countless times that God has reached out in loving ways to save us in the final judgment before the whole universe the record books of heaven will be opened and it will be showed that God sent angels to beat back the forces of Satan in our life it will be shown before the universe recorded in those books of heaven that at the times of our deepest temptation at times are about ready to be discouraged and couldn't go on a step that God was sending his angels there to be packed the forces of hell to bring the light into the darkness of our lives to give us encourage me in hope and inspiration just when we needed it it will be shown in those books of record that God arranged the providences in our life that God brought people into our life to lead us closer to him it will be shown that he revealed himself in the natural world every sunrise and sunset reveals His love the gentle falling rain that causes the crops to grow revealed his love the stars twinkling in the sky reveal the very very love of God the earth that spins on its access an orderly makes its way around the sun reveals the perception the accuracy and the glow of God You see in the judgement it will be shown that there is nothing that God could have done that he hasn't done to save us but most of all it will be shown. That Jesus left the glories of heaven left the worship of the angels left the worship of the Serafin Serafin and Jesus plunged into the snake pit of this world this morally defiled this sex centered thrilled jaded generation this crime ritual polluted world Kreisky the air and Tabernacle the human flesh and as he did he lived the life we should have lived so that we need not die the death that he died the judgment reveals all of that he gave us opportunity after opportunity to respond to his loving appeals He sent His Holy Spirit to our hearts again and again and again the hour of God's judgment has come Satan is claimed God is unfair Satan is claimed God is unjust Satan is claimed that God doesn't care for us Satan is claimed that God is a vindictive judge that all he wants is selfish worship from his creatures in the judgment it's revealed that his love is magnificent that there is no lengths no depths no heights that it would not have gone to to redeem us that's why the whole universe in Revelation $6.00 and $7.00 seeings great and marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty just in truth are your ways so king of saints at the end of that judgment every knee will battle every tongue will confess that he indeed is Lord at the cross we find the intersection of justice and mercy in the judgment we find that it's not good deeds weighed against bad deeds it's rather have we accepted the living Christ into our lives now the bible says Romans 6 verse 23 through the wages of sin is death. Sin has a wage in that wage or that price is death but the Bible also says Romans $623.00 the gift of God is what eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord if we have come to Christ if he fills our hearts with his grace if we are charmed by his love if our lives are committed to him we need not fear the judgment. Now how do works play their part in the judgment we talked about choices early on and the importance of positive choices it is not love Christ and simply do whatever you want to do when you love Christ you do what he wants you to do that's why Jesus said in John 8 verse 29 I do always those things that please him that please the father that's why it says and Hebrews 17 and onward I come in the volume of the book to do that I will oh god that's why and get 70 when the world trembled in the balance in Matthew Chapter 26 verse 393-6239 The Bible says not my will Lord but your will be done so when we come to Christ and we are truly changed by Christ when by things if we grasp his righteousness when his grace changes us we long to do His will not to earn ourselves ation but because he has saved us apple trees produce apples not in order to become apple trees but because they are apple trees Christians produce good works not to prove they are Christians but the good works are the spark Taney as a result of a faith relationship with Jesus Christ now notice Revelation 20 verse 12 the dead were judged according to their works by the things that were written in the books what else could the dead be judged by what else could they be judged by our works are the external manifestation of our faith Now notice how it's put in a feature in chapter 2 verse 89 For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves it's the gift of God So in the judgment it's not our good works it's not because we have struggled we have had this striving for salvation if we go on through this painful torture to. Do good works it's rather because Jesus Christ is committed to our lives in changed our lives that Christ has made us over again and that's why the Bible says it's not of works lest anyone should boast but look what it says next we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works so we are saved totally only completely by grace but that grace leads us to obedience and the obedient lives that we live are the spontaneous results of being saved and transformed by his grace our good works empowered by the Holy Spirit do not save us but they do testify that our faith is genuine the x. sternal manifestation of our works presented in the judgment recorded in the books based on our choices demonstrate that our faith is indeed genuine Did you ever. This story it's rather an amusing story of one of these wizards who is able to do about anything I don't mean some kind of magician but I mean one of these guys who does strange odd feats he's strong Can you believe this true story he's strong a wire across Niagara Falls and he walked on that wire across the falls no people had died trying to go through a barrel across the falls they had died in other ways tried to do this tightrope but he's strong this tightrope wire across the falls diagram falls and he walked on that type of rope you know ever so gently across the falls and he did it 2 or 3 times and people gathered to see this man and they were yelling and screaming and applauding and he said how many of you after you've done it 3 or 4 times how many of you think I can do it again they raise their hand how many of you think I could do with a wheelbarrow they said all we know you could so he wheelbarrow the thing across we build it back how many of you think I could do with somebody in it they raise their hand yes yes how many want to get in it. Not one person stepped forth to give him that wheelbarrow Did they really have faith did they really believe See if you believe if Christ changes your heart if you grasp I think that is manifest in your choices it's manifest in your actions are good works what we say empowered by the Spirit because they're not good works we do in and of ourselves they don't save us but they testify that the interfaith is genuine our inner faith is revealed in our outer works now there's something else about the judgment according to the Revelation Chapter 14 verse 7 the judgment has arrived it's a present tense judgment the hour of God's judgment what does Revelation 14 say has come now you say what does that mean the hour of God's judgment has come it means that before the coming of Jesus there is a judgment in the courts of heaven to determine who will be ready when he comes if according to Revelation Chapter 14 chapter $22.00 verse 12 if Jesus is coming to give out his rewards there must be a judgment previous to his coming to determine who receives what rewards when he comes in so the judgment has arrived it's a present tense judgment Another words the destinies of the entire human race all of those who have died in ages past are currently being settled in the judgment bar of God Revelation $147.00 fear God that is respect and give glory to him we're going to study about that in our next presentation for the hour of God's judgment not will come but it has come when Jesus spoke about the judgment in his day in Matthew 12 verse 36 and 7 he says every idle word that men speak they will give account of in the day of judgment it was future. Throughout the gospels the judgment is always something future but when you come to Revelation it predicts that just before the coming of Jesus The clock will strike the hour and there will be an end time judgment will in fact study in a next presentation as well the timing when did that judgment begin what is the significance to you and me that we're living in this judgement hour now the Bible says in Matthew Chapter 16 verse 27 for the Son of Man will come in the glory of his father with his angels then he will reward each according to His works again Revelation 22 verse 1112 Matthew 16 verse 27 when Christ comes he comes to give out the rewards so there must be a judgment previous to his coming before the whole universe so they can see God's wisdom His love is justice so they can see those men and women that have responded to that love whose faith has led them through the power of the Holy Spirit to live in harmony with His will they will receive that reward of righteousness that reward of eternal salvation when he comes again Revelation 2212 again throughout the Bible be old I'm coming quickly I believe he's coming is sued that the signs of the times indicate that he's coming rapidly soon quickly my reward is where with me to give who every one according to his work so again the judgment takes place before his coming could we be living in the judgment hour now is time running out we're going to study the exact time period of when that judgment began we're going to sense from the scripture the prophecies of Daniel the exactly the time the clock struck the hour revelations prophecies my friends are being fulfilled we are living in critical times of Earth's history the se ends in the hourglass of time are running. Out this is a time to open our hearts this is a time to make a full complete absolute commitment to Jesus Christ if the hour of God's judgment is come when did this judgment begin we're going to study that and this is why it's so critically important not to miss one of these presentations invite your friends to watch these D.V.D.'s invite your friends to watch these telecasts because we're going to be a den to find exactly when that judgment hower began the books of Daniel and Revelation are companion books the book of Revelation is explained in the Book of Daniel in the Book of Daniel as explained in Revelation both of them are prophetic books of prophetic visions the Book of Daniel provides a foundation for the Book of Revelation one can never fully understand Revelation in the message of the 3 angels unless you're 1st understand the Book of Daniel so let's go back and study this judgment scene from Revelation $147.00 in the Book of Daniel itself there is a magnificent scene in heaven in the Book of Daniel now in Daniel Chapter 7 you have the rise in fall and the destiny of the nations there in chapter 7 nations rise and fall these nations want to use syrup the very kingdom of God Babilon rises and falls Daniel says I watched as these nations were rising in full view of Babel and me to Persia Greece Rome you have the breakup of the Roman Empire all these nations and Daniel says I look beyond the Rise and Fall of these nations I look beyond the conflict of nations on earth I watched Daniel 7 verse 9 and 10 till thrones were put in place the thrones are movable throw the thrones put in place the Ancient of Days who is that the engine of days God the Father right was seated his garment was white as snow and the hair of his head like pure will his throne was a fiery flame its wheels were burning fire a fiery stream issued before him. A 1000 thousands ministered to you 10000 times 10000 stood before him the court was seated the books were open do you get the sense of this here is an intergalactic meeting here is a universe so meeting of 1000 times $10000.00 every heavenly being is there Cherubim in Serafin more their ancient relic beings are there. We have the whole host of heaven crowding in in the courtroom of God the destinies of the human race are to be settled but even beyond that God's name is to be cleared on the cross of Calvary Jesus Christ demonstrated his love and the name of God was vindicated before the universe but the question is is God fayer in dealing with every human being has God truly giving everybody the opportunity to be saved in the final judgment before the universe will be revealed the justice of God I want you to catch the majesty of this moment I want you to catch the solemnity of this moment the significance of this moment let your mind dwell on it 1000 times thousands of being gathered around the throne of God They are there to see God's name honored in exalted before the entire universe the destiny of all humanity is decided in the heavens courtroom but more than that God is dealing with the great controversy between good and evil in a way so that sin will never rise up a 2nd time once we see how bad scene is how evil see any is how wicked see it is and once we see how good God is we will never want to go back to the cesspool of sin again Daniel says Daniel 713 I was watching in the night visions and behold one like the son of man who is that Jesus what does he do he comes with the clouds of heaven who does he come to he comes to the Father father in Son meet together and there in the court room of the universe in the most holy place the inner sanctum of the heavenly sanctuary Jesus presents his blood he presents his sacrifice before the whole universe and he says I am. The savior of mankind and those that have accepted me they in me through me because of me they are accepted in the love it and they have right to enter into heaven he came to the Ancient of Days they brought him near before him then to him was given dominion and glory in a kingdom that all people nations and languages should serve him what happens in the judgement of Christ in the judgment to catch it didn't catch it don't miss it then to him was given what go 1000000 and glory and a kingdom that all people nations and languages that serve Him So in the kingdom of God in the court room of the universe in the inner sanctum of heaven sanctuary Jesus steps forth and he is presented with the Kingdom His sacrifice is enough his righteousness is enough His grace is enough and though universe seeing through the corridor of his name he is given the kingdom the judgment shows that Christ is the rightful ruler of the kingdom Daniel 7 verse 14 his good minion is a what everlasting Dominion which shall not pass away his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed now the judgment also reveals the saving righteousness of Christ and his triumph over the Prince of pallet these and powers of him the judgment reveals that Christ will be honored exalted in the universe and that all the powers of his will be ultimately destroyed Revelation Chapter 4 verse one says after these things I looked Daniel 7 shows us the judgment. Revelation 14 shows us it and also there is this vision in heaven that John has of the judgment we get some added insights here when you study the Bible you have to compare text with text you get a little bit here and a little bit there and you put it together revelation for one after these things John says I looked and behold a door standing open in heaven there's a door open in heaven for you my friend whatever experiences you're having in life however you feel oppressed discouraged disappointed there's a door open in heaven and what is God say after these things I look to be able to do are standing open in Heaven God says Come look through the open door you'll get new courage new hope new inspiration and the 1st voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying Come up here and I'll show you things which must take place after this here the voice from heaven says Come up here come up here into the throne room of the universe come up here into the judgment bar of God Now when John looks there through that open door into heaven in Revelation Chapter 4 what does he see this is a magnificent sea revelation the 4th chapter and I want you to see it as I read it from scripture Revelation Chapter 4 after these things I looked in the doors open in heaven whoever you are tonight there's a door open in heaven for you whatever you're experiencing tonight there's a door open in heaven for you God invites you as he invited John come up higher take another step by think if see what Christ is doing in your behalf in the light of the judgement hour see this Jesus who stands for you in the judgment still gather around the throne room of the universe notice what it says. It says and he was sat on the throne verse 3 was like a stone was a sort of stone in appearance was a rainbow around the throne the rainbow indicates judgment and mercy God put a rainbow in the sky after the destruction of the world by the flood indicating the world would never be destroyed by a flood again notice around the throne were 4 in 20 Thrones and on the thrones were $24.00 elders sitting closed in white robes they had crowns of gold upon their head who are these 24 elders that sit on the throne the Bible says they were redeemed from the earth in ancient Israel there were 24 courses in the Levitical priesthood those priests represented Israel so the 24 elders are those who have been redeemed from the earth resurrected at the time of Christ's death in resurrection the Remember the Bible says when Christ died the graves were opened after His resurrection there were those that came out Who are these $24.00 elders they are men just like you just like me these are people around the throne of God the God is brought up there to his throne why are they there to represent us before the throne of God you know the Bible says 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 9 that we are a chosen generation we are a royal priesthood. We too are priests and kings of God and those $24.00 elders that are they are represent us at God's throne and if they are there if they made it we can make it to they stand with Jesus around God's throne notice what the Bible also says it says that these $24.00 elders that represent all the redeemed that one day will rejoice around the throne of God It says that they come from Earth they face temptation they face trial they face difficulty but they are there if they made it we can make it now The Bible also says in Revelation Chapter 4 verse 6 in 7 it says that there are 4 creatures around the throne of God It's a little strange theme it says these 4 creatures are like a lion like a calf like a man like an eagle what about these 4 creatures what we were in from the history of Israel about them Israel marched in the wilderness under 4 banners a lion a calf the face of a man and a flying eagle these were the banners that Israel marched under these banner symbolized God's continual protection his everlasting guidance and illustrated the rules that Jesus would play in the deliverance of the bondage of sin the think of it Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah the lion he becomes a sacrifice or a calf an animal of sacrifice for us he Tabernacles in human flesh as a man the face of a man but after his death he flies again to heaven as a soaring eagle So what do these represent just as these banners represented God's everlasting guidance and just as they and emphasize his protection so likewise these 4 creatures around the throne of God represent the total ministry of Christ for us the one who is the lion of the tribe of Judah rocking the device. Christ the one who became a man to sacrifice his life in our behalf and the one that was resurrected from the dead as we look into the judgment bar of God there are the elders that are there they represent all humanity they represent all of the Redeemed there are they are. The 4 creatures representing the living Christ there before the throne of God Jesus stands for you and me and we can come from all points of the compass the north the south the east and the West whoever we are every nation kindred tongue and people to gather at that throne through faith in Christ knowing that Jesus indeed is our savior that's why at the end of Revelation $411.00 It's as you are worthy Oh lord to receive glory and honor and power this is what the judgment is about it's about the honor of Christ it's about the glory of Christ you are worthy Oh lord to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and by your will if they exist and were created we exist by the will of God we were brought into existence by God's will we were created by a loving Christ and redeemed by a loving Christ and one day we will be ushered into eternity by that loving Christ now in Revelation Chapter 5 It builds on Revelation 4 and Revelation Chapter 5 John sees the scene there is a being with a scroll the scroll is sealed with 7 seals John asked the question who can open the scroll John senses that this is the scroll of judgment he senses that if nobody can open that screw all the sins of humanity are there he watches as Jesus comes forth 1st John is weeping because it appears nobody can open the school but then Jesus steps forth and Jesus is worthy to open the scroll the question is asked revelation 5 Verse 2 who is worthy the answer revelation 53 and no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or look at it nobody in heaven nobody on earth could open it except to accept Jesus no angel. Could insure yourself ation no cherish him or Serafin could insure yourself they should know being on earth could insure yourself they should but there is one who can in the judgment Jesus the living Christ John says I looked revelation 5 verse 5 and 6 I looked and behold in the midst of the throne and of the 4 living creatures in the midst of the elders stood a lamb as it had been slain there before the judgment bar of God is the picture of a slain a lion am the living Christ who has died for you and for me having 7 horns horns are a symbol of power 7 eyes are a symbol of wisdom which are the 7 Spirits of God sent out to the earth but one of the elders said to me Do not weep the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David has prevailed to open the scroll and I looked and behold the lamb as it had been slain here is the incredible good news before the judgment bar of God the authority of all heaven before all of that authority of heaven Jesus steps forth he is given the kingdom salvation is given to his people watch because Christ has provided ransom all of c. in Romans 323 and come short of the glory of God The wages of sin is death as we've read but the gift of God is eternal life we need not fear the judgment some time ago was a fascinating story the took place in New York City. There was a judge. Who was known to be very kind and very compassionate and as this judge was trying a particular case a man came in before him and the man was tried because he was a thief he was arrested as a thief he had gone into a bakery and he had stolen 8 or 10 of those a pred and as he was leaving with the bread the police apprehended him because the big the owner of the bakery had pressed the alarm the priest came as the police came and they arrested this man he was brought to court and when he was brought before the judge the judge said to him You stole that bread I did do you confess to stealing it I do do you do you do t. deemed that you're guilty I do and the judge said I have a question for you why did you steal the bread the man said this I have a wife and I have 4 children I tried to get a job but I have not been able to get a job of it out of work for months my money has run out my kids were starving so I therefore went down to find out where I could possibly get them some food in a weekend moment I went into the bakery and stole that bread the judge looked at him and he said you're guilty and what I'm going to do is charge you a $50.00 fine but he said look any man in my city that has to steal bread to feed his children he said I am taking off my Judge's cloak right now and I am coming down by your side to pay the $50.00 on your behalf and I want to invite you and your wife and your Finley to my home to eat with me tonight Jesus says to you and Jesus says to me I'm stepping out of the judgment seat. I'm coming by your side I'm putting my arm around you I'm paying the price for you and I want to invite you home I want to invite you home is Jesus wants more than anything else to have you would home with him and that's what the universe sees that's what the universities in the judgment this amazing manifestation of the law of God and that's what the universe things were the word the is that they have seen a manifestation of His love on the cross they have seen his intent in the judgment to save every human being they've seen the ways that he has rude human hearts the judgment of God is incredibly good news for the people of God because eventually it speaks of the end of the reign of scene and speaks of the deliverance of God's people Daniel and Revelation describe powers that rise they describe Babylon that rises but it does not rain forever it falls me to Persia rises but it does not rain forever it falls Greece rises but it does not rain forever it falls Rome rises but it does not rain forever it flaws the kingdoms of this man of this world rise there is a power that rises that unites church in state room is divided and out of room there is this power that rises in Daniel 7 It's called The Good to horn with eyes like the eyes of a man we're going to study that in this series to understand the whole issues of the end of Christ the mark of the beast but here's the point. Political kingdoms rise a religious political kingdom rises but then Daniel's eyes are taken away from Earth they're pointing to heaven John and Revelation points us to heaven it says beyond what is there will be the eternal kingdom of all the universe one day will worship Christ and live with Him forever and ever and ever and ever through the ceaseless ages of eternity Christ's kingdom will never come to an end in the judgement the universe will see the glory the magnificence the beauty of the plan of salvation they will say worthy worthy worthy is the lab Daniel $722.00 says the kingdoms of Earth reign until the Ancient of Days came and judgment was made it what in favor of the saints of God Christ will step forth judgment is made in favor of the saints of God One night Martin Luther was sleeping and as he was sleeping he had this terrible dream he dreamed that the devil came to him and he dreamed that there was a scroll in the devil's sand in the devil and rolled the scroll and he saw this hideous evil angel and he saw a list of all is sins and it was the judgment and it was before the judgment bar of God and in Luther's dream he said those are my scenes in The Devil said Are they your sins yes they are are you guilty of every one yes I am does that is the wages of sin death yes it is do you deserve to die eternally Yes and the devil said you're condemned but then Luther saw the devil's hand on top of that school and he said in the name of Christ move your hand the devil said no in the name of Christ move your hand the Devil moved to say and it said the blood of Jesus Christ coins as Martin Luther from all the scenes in the judgment not good deeds against baddies. Our deeds reflect our faith our deeds are important because they reflect whether or not we made a full commitment to Christ in the judgment Jesus wants to step forth for you in the judgment Jesus says that he wants to make judgment in favor of the saints in the judgment or evil powers will be destroyed in the judgment or wicked powers will crumble in the judgment Christ will be exalted as Lord of all Daniel 7 verse 27 then the kingdom and the Dominion and the greatness of the Kingdoms under the whole haven't shall be given to the people of the saints of the most His Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all Dominion show obey and serve him in the judgment the Father gives to the son the kingdom and you and I participate as the royal line in that kingdom we become princes and princesses and sit on thrones with Christ and worship with him through the ceaseless ages of all eternity would it not be foolish would it not be foolish. To think of another word but that's the only word I can think of a foolish wouldn't it be a foolish choice to turn your back on that love of Christ to turn your back on that invitation to be with Him in heaven would it be foolish. To make choices for the tawdry pleasures of this world when Jesus offers us eternity when we can sit on a throne with him when we can worship with him we can travel from start to star and planet to planet and see the vast technology of civilizations that have never fallen by sin and be his honor convoy's sharing with the universe the depths of his love and the Corey of His grace in the highest praise we will fall that is feed and worship Him through the ceaseless ages of eternity Jesus will stand for us in that judgement we with the angels in the redeemed of all ages revelation 5 verse die they say the new song you are worthy to take the school and open the seals for you were slain in every deed and dust of God by your blood out of every tribe What was that message of Revelation 14 verse 6 I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to every nation kindred tongue and people here it is now those that have accepted that message those that have responded to this message of the 3 angels those who understood these 3 cosmic messages at in a verse last hour it says you've read deemed us they seeing by your blood out of every tribe in tongue and people and nation and have made us kings and priests to God and we shall reign on earth we are kings and priests of God Do not throw away your heritage do not turn your back on a love that is appealing to you many years ago there was a farmer who visited London for the very very 1st. He had never been to London before and he was all odd by things like the London Bridge all awed by things like Big Ben in the parliament. One day he had a little time so he decided that he would go to one of London's famous art galleries this farmer was a Christian and as he was walking through the Art Gallery he came to a picture it was a picture of Christ hanging on the cross he stood there. As gripped by that picture. Overwhelmed again by the thought of Jesus. With nails through his hands. Blood running down his wrists with a kind of thorns upon his head. Bearing the sin and the guilt of all humanity. And as this man stood there. 15 minutes went by 20 minutes went by Soon there were tears. Running down his face. And all he said was all he could say was. How I love him oh how i love you. Somebody standing by her the old man stood by his side and looked at the picture and said I love him too and somebody else stood by a side is that I love him too pretty soon they're a group of people their arms around one another. Riveted to that picture. They made a decision in their life. I'd rather have Jesus. And silver or go. Rather have Jesus than riches. Untold in the judgment. You need not fear Christ reaches out to you right now. Deep within your heart is Sheryl sings would you like to say. I'd rather have Jesus. God for all I'm a love of Jesus or. Than see use for her role rather than the higher who are off our Moby's. That ivory richest gone to war hotter on harm a heart of a Jesus than I was the earth or the. Mire around the world we. Are his use of pierced. By Luby we go forward to seeing all over I just go we're going over here to. See you. Swear to. God would or us are her have a Jesus. To the we see. This all learned World of War was. Good. Was a rom of the Jesus. Then. Not all blood all nighter om a be full. Or gone and I are obvious she has done for all was. Because of brother oh we didn't. To hear who will be. On to be. Cheating on the. Wall. To. Her all the top of. This world. Or for those. Who are all. Good and. Or are both. More like my home server in. Each. Other or Ahmad of Jesus. Did you lose. 30. Or teach. Her. Off. Air. Views. Will you open your heart to pray with me right now. Father in heaven. We've heard the appeal of the song. And deep within our hearts we respond that we would rather have Jesus. Help us each day to make those eternal decisions. Decisions prompted and guided by your spirit enable us today deep within our hearts to say I would rather have Jesus in Christ's name Amen.


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