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Character Climb

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • August 28, 2020
    6:45 AM
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The Church. It's good to be in the house of the Lord. On the Sabbath day as you heard earlier there is a lot going on in the world. I'll be honest with you it seems like this year is just. One mess after another one and. It's taken a toll on people. From a morning walk and ran into one of our neighbors and. It's an older retired physician and he was really in a state of depression he said By now he is overwhelmed the year is taking its toll. He said 1st it was coronavirus then it was riots he said the economy looks like it's going to crash he said and now I don't have any power and he's really in a state of depression and even the former 1st lady of the United States Michelle Obama. Made a statement this week that she is having low grade depression the scriptures tell us that in the last days men's hearts will fail them for fear of looking after those things that are coming upon the world we are in a time when mental health I did like 3 talks resume talks this week just about mental health one of them with a state senator from New York. Around this issue and so we could talk today a bit about what God is trying to do when these challenging times come I believe that one of the ways to stay healthy mentally in these times of trial is to remember that God has a purpose even in our difficulties. So we're going to go our scripture reading is taken from the Book of James the 2nd chapter James Chapter 2 I want to read verses 21 to 23 was not Abraham our father justified by works. When he offered Isaac his son upon the altar see is that how faith wrought with his works and by works was faith made perfect and the scripture was fulfilled would say if Abraham believed God and it was imputed unto him for righteousness and I like his last part church and he was called the friend of God He was called the friend of God our message this Sabbath is untitled the character climb the character climb let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to to study your word Lord once again I ask that you make me just the nail upon the wall or rusty sorry nail Lord but upon that nail or ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ let air it was not be seen or heard instead father let us hear word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name the church say amen So we're going to go to the Book of Genesis. If you guys don't mind me take off my jacket for you if I can pick up my mask up here in private do you. Really want to get into this word this is a very important thing in n. times for us to understand Genesis 15 starting at verse one the Bible says and after these things the word of the Lord came to a broom and in a vision saying Fear not Abraham I am that shield and I exceeded great reward Abraham was in a time that was still Aber here he was an Abraham yet and he was in a time of propensity and difficulty. He had he was trying to find his way he'd left his homeland and move to a new place he was trusting God in many aspects of his life yet he was not seeing that God was blessing him as Abraham began to wonder if God was really there the scripture in Genesis 51 tells us that God gives Abraham a promise that I want to lay as the foundation of our message today God please the foundation my saying to Abraham and I want you to put your name when Abrams name is he says fear not. A broom I am done shield and I exceeding great reward I hope you get that the next time you feel distressed as life is piling on you when you don't know what's going on on the job or at home and when things are difficult I want you to go back to Genesis 51 is it fear not Eric I am that shield and I exceeding great reward Abraham said Lord God what wilt thou give me seeing I go childless. And the steward of my house is this is our of Damascus Abraham was upset because he had no children and the way that the it worked in those ancient times is if he didn't have children his inheritance would go to the children of the caretaker or a manager of his house so Abraham was perplexed is developed all of this wealth and here he thinks he's going to have to turn it over there's also a spiritual component that Abraham has no see he nor Sarah and and in that Sariah time and in that it appears as if God is not in favor of them you've got to get this. To everyone around as he is as his cattle and his herds as his wealth multiplies he can't have he has no children and because of this it doesn't matter how much he has with out at all spring it appears a broom does not have dogs blessing he says seeing I go childless and Abrams said Behold to me that has given no seed and lo one borne in mind the house is mine here and of course this speaks to the fact that that he's worried that he's going to have to give everything he has over 2 years or verse 4 and behold the word of the Lord came unto him saying. This shall not be done here but he that shall come forth out of their own bowels shall be. Your talking foolishness I told you you're going to have an air of the air is going to come from you it's not going to come from somewhere else verse 5 and he brought him forth abroad and said Look now toward heaven I like this verse he brought before the broad and said Look now toward heaven and tell the stars if you be able to number them and he said unto him so will your seed be that you get that Abraham is sitting sulking wondering if God is going to give him a child. And God takes outside out from this 10 out from his place of of depression or in place of discouragement and the God of the universe points to the stars that God created. And he said. You've got to get this Abrams your You'll have children your offspring your project. The seed will be like the stars in their numbers. Now you got to get this Abraham Abraham still now and Sarah are not young at this point the years of fertility have basically passed them a promise like this if in the rational logical biological physiological step trick mind is. A nonstarter this is for any parent to be upset it was because a year after year. Attempt after attempt for them to have children had come and gone and they realize now that opportunity from man's vantage point had dissipated but God says don't worry you're not just going to have a child you're going to have numberless children I want to submit to you that for some of us this is what happens in life we allow what appears to be reality to form our faith you are missing this thing with Sometimes what we do is we allow our circumstances to determine how much we believe or how well we believe how completely we believe we didn't when we look out of our window and see the conditions around us when we see the plight that our life is in maybe the. The condition of marriages in or or or the separation the child has from the religious upbringing that means that we look at those circumstances and logic takes the place of faith God never asks you to figure out by your own calculation the possibilities he has for you God always says trust me and I will deliver the possibilities. This is so shove I see verse 15 chapter 15 and verse 6 is one of the most important scriptures in all of the Bible if you're a Christian it says and he believed in the Lord and he counted it to him for righteousness God said look I'm going to take you outside you're going to see the stars of the sky and if you can number the stars remember they didn't have electric lights back then we didn't this week either surprise a moment some of us and sort of Scott there's the sky was nice and dark the air was not polluted yet so Abraham with his naked eye could see what many of us cannot see because in the current world condition he saw all of those stars and all vote it seemed impossible My Bible tells me in Genesis 15 in verse 6 that Abraham believed the in the The Lord let me say something when your circumstances get ahead of you when life seems as if it is impossible I want you not to trust the outcome that God is going to give you I want you to trust in the Lord and he believed in the Lord and he counted it to him for righteousness now the story of Abraham is the story that says Avram was not righteous yet you are missing this thing it was about to make blunder after blunder mistake after mistake he would commit Sin After Sin yet when he trusted God at the beginning of his life it really wasn't a big it was like but at the beginning of of the the start of his story my Bible tells me God gave him credit he credited him righteousness front that wouldn't show 3 years. This is why I am a Christian I am a Christian because what I believe in the Lord as Genesis 156 s. when I believe in the Lord I am credited with righteousness that I have not shown yet how the deform across the promised that day he would be with Paradise in Christ later on he had no time to show righteousness but it was credit to him because he believed in the Lord Jesus Christ on that cross every day some do not walk around feeling you are unsaved somehow God is not on your side that you are so far from him because the truth of the matter is your righteousness if it is of yourself is the Isaiah says your right says this is as filthy rags it must be the right just this credited to you by Jesus Christ it must be a righteousness that you have not earned apron was given right just as that he would not for a long term time show which ought to liberate you to understand that God is working for yourself ation even before you have the good sense to act on it so out of Scripture says that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us so Abraham's chronology 75 years old laughter but look at how he messes up here and 86 is born he was supposed to believe God in Genesis Chapter 15 yet later on Sarah is faith Waynes his faith wanes and he takes Hagar as his wife and he bears a child Ishmael who is not the child of promise it would be years 14 years of court and 14 years more before Isaac is born I want to get this so he is credited with being right just long before the promised child was born. Genesis 22 we jump forward in the story verse want to came to pass after these things that God did tempt Abraham and sent to him Abraham and he said Behold here I am now Isaac is in his is in his teens Abraham's promises been fulfilled but he has made a mess in lying about Sarah being his sister more than once in his life in taking Hagar to be as wife in putting Hagar away one in a cruel way I could go on and on Abrams not displayed what he was a when he promised he would display when he saw the stars and believed so years later verse 2 and he said take you now by son only son Isaac Isaac was not his only son but he was the only one that came by the promise he said take your son whom I love us and get into the land of Mariah and offer him therefore burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell the of sacrificing children was not a strange thing in the time of a room in the area where he lived there were many of the people around who passed their children the Scripture says through the fire it was not an uncommon thing but the God of heaven never required such a thing this is one of the reasons the story so interesting when I was in Israel and I was studying Jewish history one of the things that my professor told me as we were at the Mount where this supposedly happened is that he said to them they believe Abraham was testing God as much as God was testing Abraham I believe God was testing Abraham. Because that's what the Bible tells me God was testing him he said to take your son to go up to the mountain and offer him as a burnt offering where I tell the of in verse 3 says and Abraham rose up early in the morning and sallies us and took young men with him and Isaac his son and claimed the word took for the burnt offering and rose up and went on to the place of which God had told him then on the 3rd day Abraham lifted up his eyes he saw the place of far off neighbor and said unto the young man abide be here with the Ass and the ladder will yonder and worship and come again to you he could not bear to have the young man see what was going to happen travels for 3 days leaves them and he continues on when he sees the mountain way this is supposed to happen and Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering and laid it upon Isaac his son Isaac and Abraham had many times Abraham had many times gone in worship like this this wasn't strange that Isaac was strange is about to be said and he took the fire in his hand and a knife and they both went together and they're walking I want you to get this note it done this many times but as they're walking Isaac keeps looking around because something is missing and the Bible says in verse 7 Isaac spoke to Abraham his father said my father he said here my my son he said Behold the fire and the wood but where is the lamb for a burnt offering Isaac says wait that seems a bit strange to it we've got everything we need to have worship but there's nothing to to sacrifice with the life and again a powerful verse of scripture if you read it right Genesis 228 says And Abraham said my son. God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering so they went both of them together I heard a preacher preachers when I was a kid and what was shocked me is when you take when you take this verse apart watch this and am said my son you can read the whole thing God will provide himself a lamb for 5 parts that 1st part of the sentence God will provide himself a lamb but as you take off each part it says something about God God will provide himself God will provide Dodd will this is telling you about the sacrifice that Christ would make that God Himself would one day step in to be the only son who would be sacrificed one day he would take this position and I could imagine on a road to amaze us as Christ was giving instruction to those 2 disciples I can imagine this might have been one of the verses where he went to to show them that the Old Testament prophesied fully to the coming of Jesus Christ and to the work that he had to do in going to the cross God will provide himself. That's who Jesus is he is the one that God provided because you know who deserved to go on the altar we did our sins made it so that we deserved to be the ones who died not him he went in our stead and as the story shows the 20 chaps go into reverse 9 and they came to the place which God told him of and Abraham built an altar there and laid the wood in order and bound Isaac his son and laid him on the altar upon the wood. And Abraham stretched forth his hand and took the knife to slay his son can you imagine a strong young man his father's older but somehow there's not just faith and Abraham Don't miss this parents the faith is not just in Abraham the faith is also in his son Isaac does not put up a fight and push away his father and run for safety Isaac is willing to go on the altar because Isaac is also a man of faith and can you imagine as Abraham tears streaming down his face as he takes the life of the son who God promised him years earlier when he pointed to the stars raises the knife over his head ready to plunge it into his son Abram's journey was an incredible one it was a character climb it shows you this little graph shows years ages the records of approximate ages of Abraham he had faith he goes down it is there when he goes up it's trust when he goes down it's doubt and you can see all the time that Egypt he doubted when he got the covenant he was trustworthy but what he had Ishmael he was it came up here a covenant circumcision he trusted and then he laughed and some of what would happen blessing and then a bimah like and then Isaac is born and then mount Mariah he goes up and I want to submit to you that God is asking each one of us to have a character Torah if you get that I don't care where you've been I don't care how many mistakes you make Abraham is called the father of the faithful yet when you look at his life he made countless mistakes he many times he fumbled the football on more than one occasion yet in the final analysis we find Abraham great Abraham completely obedient knife in hand over his own son. Abraham's character was developed How was it developed through the very trials Abraham had to endure are you getting this I want you to understand that this Corona virus as terrible as this thing has been has been an opportunity for many of us to reflect on where we are with God You see when Jesus comes back that's why character is so important he's not coming back for you because you have the best skin the on earth you know coming back because you got the best here on Earth and not coming back because you've figured out how to chisel your physique the right way so he's going to pick you when he comes back he will look past what a man looks at as he said to save you in dealing with the choosing of saw. When he was looking for a king man he said looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart when Christ comes riding on a horse comes to collect his own he will look through our flesh and see our character is. Those who will be deemed worthy to return to glory with him will be voles whose characters look like his he will see a reflection of himself in each of those individuals Peter says and like this he talks about the character time and how you how you experience this character climb 2nd Peter one in verse one Simon Peter a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ to them that have obtained like precious faith. With us through the righteousness of God in our Savior Jesus Christ grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God in Jesus our Lord according as his divine power have given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that has called us to glory and virtue God has called you to glory and to virtue where by are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by these by these Bible promises that might be easy be partakers of the divine nature that. It is to Bible promises that you can become a partaker in the divine nature that's what Christ Looking for having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust then look at what Peter does it gives you this roadmap to developing a character that looks like Christ's verse 5 and besides this giving us all diligence so he starts out by saying. Promises with escape the world as it is beside this giving all diligence add to your faith virtue and to Virtue knowledge and to knowledge temperance and to Temperance patience and to patients godliness and to godliness brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness charity did you see that that's the character can you start with faith that's where Abraham started and to his face he had a virtue as he learned a lesson when he lied about Sarah's relationship to him so that he added knowledge as he began to learn and know who God is so our Bible study is so important because once you start to study God's Word and the truths are revealed to you now you've got to add to what you've learned temperance or self-control so that you will live as God says live and because you're trying to develop temperance you're going to need some patience Amen. You have to be able to wait on the Lord the Scripture says here is the patience of the saints to patients once you learn to wait on God when you want to learn not to run ahead of God what you've learned to let God show up in your situation patients you add godliness you begin to behave different function differently and then you'll have brotherly kindness you treat the people around you differently and then charity is where Abraham Abraham landed he went through the stages and any time you want to know. Read and study the process Peter gives it to us this is the character Klein he says 4 of these things be in you in a bound they make you feel that they make you that he shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ Abraham was worried that he was barren with a child but let me tell you something what you ought to be worried about is are you buried are you not giving birth to the fruit of the Spirit. But he that lack of these things is blind cannot see a far off and forgotten that he was purged from his old sins wherefore the rather brother and give diligence to make your calling and your what and your election sure for if you do these things you shall what ye shall never fall that you get that is a process. That takes intention to be a Christian and so are so many are going to fall off the road they won't be patient they won't wait on God and part of that sometimes because we beat folk up when they make mistakes let me tell you something I was going to call this week talking about. Addiction and in the world of addiction one of the phrases that the addict would say when I was doing addiction medicine whatever phrase they would say is that relapse is a part of recovery. Because every time you fail there's a lesson you ought to learn so that you don't fail that way again so yes you will make mistakes but if you take your falls you take your failures you take your mistakes to Jesus Christ let me tell you something he will teach you in that moment and develop your character you shall never fall is what happens of course in the frontal lobe I talk a lot about this this is the part of the brain here. Role that happens is work our habits are developed we talked of been talking a lot in my talks recently about habits habits happen by repetition spread of prophecy it is by repetition of acts that habits are stablished and character is confirmed by repetition of x. So what you do regularly and we know that no anatomically have shown us here before these buttons the French word for buttons these. Reference were for buttons and they show up this is a lecture micrograph of it literally the neural anatomy of your brain changes as you develop a habit but you get at the very structure of your brain changes making it easier for you to do that thing over and over again and as the Spirit of Prophecy says it is my repetition of acts that habits are established and character confirmed Peter warns us as he wrote those about it why was i so important because it is in the frontal lobe where we reason come out of us reason together say of the Lord though your sins be a scarlet. Be as white as snow they be red like crimson they shall be as wool. How do we reach the mark of perfection How do you develop the character of Christ Spirit of Prophecy says this the mighty power of the Holy Spirit works an entire transformation in the character of the human agent making him a new creature in Christ Jesus when a man is filled with the spirit the more severely he is tested and tried the more clearly he proves that he is a representative of Christ if you want to sign that you are not filled with the Holy Spirit look at how you believe behave when difficulties come we're trying to get a generator yesterday and you know and Lowe's and the media is a little pandemonium it was like Black Friday and you know for a 2nd you know the people claiming the there is only about 5 left in the front people start claiming. And you know you do you start thinking maybe maybe it's time for us to you know maybe it's time to just get you know bring bring back old man for a 2nd and go wild in here and get what I need to get out of here but if you're a Christian even in the most tense situation you don't give people a piece of your mind because your mind the belongs to Christ you don't get angry when the situation seems out of control that is a sign that you are filled with the Holy Ghost and when you get mad you quit the last out of focus get mad someone cut you off and try thinking and you call them everything but a child of God characters not developed she says we may talk of the blessings of the Holy Spirit but unless we prepare ourselves for its reception of what avail are our works are we striving with all our power to attain to the stature of men and women in Christ are we seeking for his fall this ever pressing toward the mark set before us the perfection of his character. We said you don't just come to church just because God is good and he loves you you come to church because God is so good he has washed away your sin and wants to develop you into someone who are poor is sin when the Lord's people reach this mark will be sealed in their foreheads filled with the spirit it will be complete in Christ and recording angel want to clear it is finished he was as alive as he Religion 717172195 faith Abrams Abraham when he was tried offered up Isaac and he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son of whom it was said that in Isaac shall die See be called accounting that God look at this accounting that God was able to raise him up even from the dead from whence also he received him in a figure the Bible says that the reason Don't miss this that Abraham was able to take that knife and lift it up the way he did ready to plunge it into the chest of his son is that Abraham had developed the kind of character when he looked at his son laying there he trusted God so much that he knew that if God wanted to go all the way through with it and a ram was not caught in the thicket Abraham knew Isaac would be raised from the dead is that the faith you have you have the kind of faith that when Trial Heat your life you are not afraid to go forward because you understand that God is your shield and your blessing that even if that occurs in what you thought God was planning for you the God of the universe has the ability to resurrect it to life. Genesis 221112 says and the angel of the Lord called on to him out of heaven and said Abraham Abraham and he said Here am I And he said laid not done hand upon the lad neither do the anything on to him for now I know that you fear God seeing you have not was healed your son your only son from me God says Ok Abraham stop put the knife down I'm not a god that asks for you to sacrifice your children to me but now I understand that you truly trust me that you truly have made the character Kleinman verse 13 and Abraham lifted up his eyes a look and behold behind them around caught in the thicket by his horns and Abraham went into the ram and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son let me tell you something while Abraham was coming toward that mountain when he left his 2 servants with the donkey as he traveled with Isaac with out something to the sacrifice some 3 to say the ram was coming up this side of the mountain while Abraham was coming up this side of the mountain I believe the Rand was on the mountain waiting for Abraham for days God was not asking Abraham to do anything the sacrifice was already there that's why we say Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world it wasn't that Jesus was willing to go to Calvary when he made a decision and got 70 that decision was made before the world began yourself a nation. Has already been etched in the stone of time. All you have to do is accept Him neighbor and call the name of that place John Hoeven John. That is said to this day in the Mount of the Lord it shall be seen as the very spot where the temple would later be built. And that powerful it is upon this spot that one day later Christ himself would preach the Lamb that was prophesied and this would one day stand on that spot and proclaim the gospel and the goodness and the Kingdom of God being at hand one day on that same spot that Abraham looked up and glanced around and behold behind it was a rampart in a fit by its horns and Abraham went and took the ram and offered him it up for burnt offering. The Amplified Bible Bibles as an ascending sacrifice instead of his Son So Abraham named the place look at I like this not Amplified Bible says this here the Lord will provide and it is said to this day on the mountain of the Lord it will be seen and provided I want to speak into what you might be going through on your job in your home in your health I want you to understand that God is still just hold for a jockey right he still the one who sees and provides and the angel of the Lord called him to Abraham out of heaven the 2nd time and said by myself have I sworn save the Lord for because that has done this thing and is not withheld by son only Son that in blessing I will bless the blessing comes full circle starting with the Stars look at how and look I got capstone this blessing that in blessing I will bless thee and in multiplying I will multiply the I seed as the stars of heaven and as the sand which is upon the sea shore and I see that shall possess the gates of his and in me. God says no you not just will have a whole lot of kids you're not going to have project generations they're going to be blessed and they will possess the gates of his enemy you know God says to us that the gates of hell will not prevail against his church. And I see so all the nations of the earth be blessed because the hassle bade my voice lift him up in 66 these last couple quotes will be done shall those who might be elevated in the noble Philip to be coal laborers with the greatest teacher the world ever knew be content to remain imperfect and incomplete in character producing disorder when they might become vessels of the honor of the bodies and souls of God's purchased inheritance be so hampered with the world bound habits and unholy practices that they will never reflect the beauty of the character of him who has done all things well in order that imperfect man to the grace of Christ might do all things well and here at last Christ benediction well done that good and faithful servant enter into the joy of the Lord of the Lord God calls upon us to reach the standard of perfection and places before us the example of Christ's character in his humanity perfected by life of constant resistance of evil the Savior showed that through cooperation with divinity human beings may in this life attain to perfection of character that is God's assurance to us that we may obtain complete victory. Before the believers held out the wonderful possibility of being like Christ obedient to all the principles of the law but of himself man is utterly unable to reach this condition the holiness that God's Word declares he must have before he can be saved is the result of the working of divine grace as he by was in submission to the discipline and restraining influences of the Spirit of Truth man's obedience can be made perfect only by the instance of Christ's righteousness which fills the divine fragrance every act of obedience fills with divine fragrance every act of obedience the part of the Christian is to persevered in overcoming every fault constantly is to pray to the Savior to heal the disorders of his sin sick soul he has not the wisdom or the strength to overcome these belong to the Lord and He will stone them on those who in humiliation and contrition seek Him for help j. or scripture reading again James 221 through 23 was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son upon the altar see is that how faith wrought with his works and by works was faith made perfect the scripture was fulfilled which says Abraham believed God and it was imputed it was credited to him for righteousness and he was called the friend of God I don't know about you with this but I want to be called God's friend I want to have a character like the character of Christ and I know it is a tough and difficult struggle in a world that is so. Injected with evil. On every side we have mass murders and kidnappings we hear of of man's inhumanity to man every day on the new speaks to to the debauchery and the loss of all moral sensibilities in the world if the Christian is to follow the course of having the character of Christ we must be insulated from this world by the spirit of the whole of the whole of our holy God in the Holy Spirit and by a knowledge of the truth not just an intellectual knowledge but a spiritual one transforms our characters and helps us to be more and more like Christ in causing us our patient as we who was really going through some hard times as well so family issues that were very terrible she was very sick English was not her 1st language and she was very frustrated trying to deal with all of the what life was throwing out her but in her speaking to me she made mention of a phrase she said something as simple as I just pray to God that this in this in this will work out as if the Holy Spirit said to me this woman is a Christian you need to encourage her and I asked her what was going on and she told me and I began to expound to her a few of my favorite Bible promises and I said to her something I've said to many patients in my career I said it is not an accident that you and I have come together today God has a word of hope and encouragement for you and I quoted your 2nd Timothy Jeff to one in verse 7 for God is not given as a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind church let me tell you something people are in panic mode take them the security and confidence that comes in knowing Jesus Christ. People are hungry for something to hope for now so I pray that as our characters climb as we develop to be more and more like Christ that along the way to brotherly kindness as Peter says we share this with our neighbors our neighbor help cut down the tree damage the fence here somehow we ought to find a way to share would have the good news of Jesus Christ Jesus is about to return and all of these struggles are about to be over and he's coming for a church without spot or blemish so we must complete the character class let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word lord it was a lot in that message but I pray Father got it we walk away with the fact that one if we believe in you wholeheartedly and without any without any turning Lord you a credit to us right as this we don't deserve it but then Father God you won't leave us just believing as James says Lord you will help us to not only have the faith but you'll have give us faith that works for the Lord we will develop our characters and become more like you not of our own strength not of our own doing but by relying more and more on you Jesus to help your church the purpose of the church is the purification of its people Lord God help us to be a church that is purified by the influence of the Holy Spirit on us collectively and on us individually. For more we want to go home where they are no more power outages no more pandemics no more riots no more racial struggles Father God has no will war where we will study war no one. Period people for that place is our prayer and Jesus is precious. The church say with. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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