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12 Mark Of the Beast 2 | Everything You Need to Know Part 2

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • August 28, 2020
    7:00 AM
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Illo Well thank you for joining us again 3 cosmic messages a series of presentations on The Book of Revelation we are actually at number 12 we've journeyed through the great messages of the 3 angels outlined in Revelation 146 to 12 there are 3 messages pictured as being carried by angels in mid heaven outlined in Revelation 14 for 6 to 12 we are on the last of those 3 angels messages or the 3rd angels message that message says outlined here in Revelation Chapter 14 verse 9 then a 30 inch Will followed him saying with a loud voice if any one worships the beast in his image and receives his mark on his forehead or in his hand he himself should drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out full strength into the cup of his indignation this is a solemn warning from a God who has a heart of the man's infinite in comprehensible love so as we go through. This 2nd message on the mark of the beast You'll remember that I presented one last time and this is the 2nd part of that message a 2 part message remember where the message is coming from it's coming from the heart of one that loves his people beyond what we possibly can ever imagine let's pray Father in heaven as we launch into this message help it be saturated with the dripping with help it be filled with grace but Lord we know that your warnings sometimes are straightforward they are urgent you pull the curtain aside and help us see truth from error so help us understand that as we study in Christ's name then the topic of this presentation is the seal of God in Mark of the beast part 2 these 3 angels flying in midst Heaven give God's last message for humanity this message is a message to prepare people to stand when Jesus comes to prepare people for Earth's final crisis a crisis that's going to break upon this world as an overwhelming surprise the central issue in this final conflict this age long controversy between good and evil is over worship this battle began in heaven a rebel angel challenge the government of God This angel claimed that God's commands are arbitrary that they cannot be obeyed the creature the one created by God This angel of dazzling brightness that was created perfect in the heavenly realms chose to rebel against God Now how rebellion occurs in a perfect world that's what the Bible calls the mystery of iniquity but the Bible tells us what went on behind the scenes what we ought went on in Lucifer his mind that he wanted to rule wanted to set his throne above the throne of God So the issue was one of authority. The issue is one of worship and one of obedience now in every generation starting in Eden the evil one has led men and women to disobey God in Heaven the devil said to the angels it's not necessary to obey one 3rd of the angels accepted his ally and followed his delusions when Lucifer came to earth he said to either is it necessary to obey as God said You can't eat of that tree and again the issue was one of obedience or disobedience down through the Old Testament and into the New Testament era the same issue obedience worship loyalty the authority of God These are great issues in the controversy between good and evil in Christ and Satan in the last days God would demonstrate that his gracious commands are for our best good we do not keep the commandments of God in order to be saved but because we are saved so our obedience springs from a heart of love we love Him because He 1st loved us now who is this beast power we introduce this last time what is the mark of the beast and one of the real issues over worship in the last days of verse history the beast we pointed out is not a political power but it's rather a religious political power or a religious counterfeit power we showed that last time it would arise out of Rome the dragon Satan working through pagan room would give the seat of government or authority to this new power that happened with papal robe it would become a worldwide system of worship that as well happened with papal robe it would be described as a blasphemous power now that seems rather strange why would a religious power. Claimed a blasphemous power you'd think that our blasphemous to be an atheistic power but that word blasphemy is used to identify the beast power and the fall and religious power the same as the beast power called Babylon of the anti-christ let's look at some of the references in the Bible that explain to us the use of this word blasphemy and what's that all about Revelation 13 verse one says I sort of on the stand of the sea I saw a beast rising up a power out of the sea he has 7 heads and 10 horns 10 divisions of the Roman empire on his horns 10 crowns that's the kingly nations of Europe and on his heads of blasphemous name again you have that idea of blasphemy on the name of this beast he opened his mouth to blaspheme against God bless fim is name his tabernacle and those who dwell in heaven see have blasphemy associated with the beast power this is true also in Revelation 17 verse 3 so he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman remember we studied that a woman in Bible prophecy represents the church a fall in woman a harlot woman who's left her true lover represents a church in apostasy So this woman sitting on the scarlet colored beast the fallen church directing the beast power the state has a cup full of names a plus for me again blasphemy is associated with the beast with the Anti-Christ with this fallen power that has Mystery Babylon the Great honor forehead now how do you define blasphemy Let's go to the Bible the Jewish leaders accused Jesus of blasphemy which he says the blast the mayor absolutely not he was all he claimed to be but the Jewish leaders accused him of blasphemy why John 10 verse 33 the Jews answered him saying for a good work we do not stone you but for a blast from. And because you being a man make it yourself God So any human being that claims the privileges and Parag actives of gods equal is guilty of blasphemy was Jesus a blasphemer certainly not why not because he was the divine Son of God Tabernacle in human flesh Jesus' claims were true but when a mortal human being claims the privileges and Parag of his of God as an equal that then is blasphemy in Luke Chapter 5 verse 21 we find another claim by the scribes and Pharisees that Jesus was a blasphemer they said Who is this who speaks blasphemies who can forgive sins but got a load so there are 2 characteristics of blasphemy to Biblical examples 1st if any man pretends to be assumes the privilege and prerogatives or claims to be God that's blasphemy Secondly if any man claims the power to forgive sins that's blasphemy why so why is that so it's because that human being exalts themself above God or that human being takes the place of God does the Roman church that we've a dent in it as this beast power growing out of Pagan Rome and becoming a worldwide system of worship does its leader claim the privilege and prerogatives of God's equal do its priests claim the authority to forgive sins the Roman Church has to distinctive Dr ins which the Bible does label or does call as blasphemy the Roman Church claims that the power of forgiveness or absolution is vested in the priests by Christ himself now let's go directly to some church sources. If you want to find out anything about a into vigil organization that is true you should definitely go directly to their sources so let's look at the sources one source written for Catholic priest says this seek where you will through heaven and earth and you'll find but one created being who can forgive the sinner who can free him from the claims of hell that extraordinary being is the priest the Catholic priest now this is a Catholic manuscript Catholic book document that is saying this I continue who can forgive sins except God was the question which the Pharisees sneeringly asked who can forgive sins is the question which the ferrous of the present day ask also so it's linking the Pharisees of the past 1st century with what they call Pharisees of today they're asking who can forgive sins now this is Michael Mueller in the book The Catholic priest printed in Baltimore it's Catholic imprimatur 876 Pages 78790 he answers the question this way I answer there is a man on earth that can forgive sins and that man is the Catholic priest we go on though that's not one isolated statement. In the Bible in contrast to that we find 1st Timothy Chapter 2 verse 5 there is one God and one mediator between God in man the man Christ Jesus who gave himself a ransom for all see why what led to this idea that the Catholic priest was the medium between God and man that could prove that give sin the idea was that human beings were not righteous enough human beings were not holy enough we could not approach God so we needed a mediator that idea is true we are unholy we are unrighteous we cannot approach God We need a mediator but thank God there is one Mediator between God and man and that is Jesus Christ you know I mentioned it earlier presentation that I was brought up in a lovely Roman Catholic home and and this text means a great deal to me because I will never forget the hot July day in Norwich Connecticut when my mom was sitting in the backyard I had accepted Jesus Christ I had accepted him as my true mediator but my mother was still locked in many of the superstitions and false foods of Catholicism and I remember going to her and saying Mom you know I was taught from the catechism by the priests that there is one Mediator between God and man and then that that's the priest and I couldn't approach God because they need a mediator and I open my Bible and I read 1st Timothy Chapter 2 verse 5 there is one Mediator between God and man Jesus Christ and I said Mom we have a mediator and that's Jesus mom you can kneel by your bed and come directly to Jesus and I can remember her glossy eyes in the little tear that came down her cheeks to understand for the 1st time in her life. That Jesus was her greedy or Jesus was her Savior Jesus was the one that could forgive her since no human being could do that now since the priest himself is a sinful human being he cannot be our mediator because he also needs a mediator you know not long ago fact not so many years ago in the late 20th century in the late 190984 in fact it's not some ancient document. The pope said that there was no forgiveness directly from God We find that as a headline by one of the staff writers in the Los Angeles Times no forgiveness comes directly from God The pope says with the Bible says something different what does the Bible say it says 1st John chapter one verse 9 if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to do what forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness if we do the confessing God will do the forgiving we need a sacrifice not the sacrifice of the mass but the sacrifice of Christ we need a priest we cannot come before God and cheese us indeed is our priest the earthly sacrifice of the mass kid never a substitute for the Atonement provided through Jesus in Christ by Christ because of Christ we are made at one with God He is our dying ally I am he is our living priest he appears before the very frozen of God for you and for me but yet the church teaches something quite different in amazing it says the Pope is of so great dignity and so exalted that he is not a mere man but as it were God and the vicar of God Remember one of the definitions of blasphemy is one would want to exalts themselves above God or takes the privileges and Parag of God claims equality with God Notice I go on reading this statement hence the Pope according to this Catholic document is crowned with a Triple Crown as King of Heaven and of earth and of the lower regions the pope is as it were God on Earth chief King. Of Kings to whom has been entrusted by the omnipotent God direction of the heavenly kingdom that's Louis Feddis in his article on the pope in prompt a big blow tech of volume 6 comes directly from Italy this Catholic document defining the pope's role as indeed God on Earth Pope Leo the 13th urged complete submission and obedience of the will to the church and the Roman pontiff as to get this god in self you find that the great and cyclical letters of Pope Leo the 13th Pope Leo the 13th also said in an insecure cool letter June $2894.00 we the pope's hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty So it's very very clear that the papacy fits the description of Revelation 13 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 3 and 4 says Let no one deceive you by any means for that day that's Christ 2nd coming will not come unless there is a falling away that's a falling away from truth that comes 1st and the man of sin is revealed the son of perdition who opposes and exalts themselves above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he sits as God in the temple of God showing himself that he is God So here revelation. 14 describes the beast power and eventually the mark of the beast Revelation 13 describes the the characteristics of the beast 2nd Thessalonians says that there would be a power that would rise up claiming equality with God We see that indeed in the Roman system in a variety of symbols all pointing to the same conclusion the Roman Church is a dent to fight as the beast power of Revelation 13 and Revelation 14 it's a worldwide system of worship it receives the seat of its government its throne from Pagan Rome its leader claims the authority of God its priests claim the divine right to forgive sins but yet there is another proof a mathematical proof Revelation 13 verse 5 says he the beast power was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and he was given authority to continue 42 months. What does that mean the authority to continue 42 months when the Bible as we've studied in this set in this series one prophetic day equals one literal year we call that the day year principle each prophetic day in the Bible equals a literal here no that's not every time a day is mentioned in the Bible in the Bible when a day is mentioned it's a day but when you have prophetic piece when the Bible says I stood upon the say into the see saw a great beast rise up out of the sea and his mouth was a mouth like a lion feet like the feet of a bear and he had a drag he was like a dragon and like a leopard when you see all of those composite symbols and you know that's not a literal animal so when you have symbolic prophecy you also have symbolic time periods now in the Bible one prophetic day as we've mentioned equals $100.00 or a year numbers $1434.00 says every day for what a year is equal for 6 I've appointed you each day 3 what a year one prophetic day equals a year now in Biblical times there were 30 days in a literal month so if you have 42 months where this beast power would rain $42.00 times 30 would equal $1260.00 Prophetic days or 12 or to 63 literal years in the ancient calendars of often of the Egyptians the Hindus the Assyrians the Hebrews often you'll have these $360.00 days in a year we didn't begin to develop the 3 and 65 in a 4th day calendar until later so the point is they had 30 days often in 12 equal months 12 or 60 years of literal time or 2 over 60 days prophetic time no let me give you the history of Christianity what hap. Babylon rules me to Persia rules Greece rules Rome rules the Roman empires broken up as the Roman Empire ruled from 168 b.c. to about 351 a.d. in the days of Constantine 30 years before that when the barbarian tribes are attacking Europe and coming down Christianity is legalized by Constantine throughout the empire Now the reason he does that is he wants to unite the empire he wants to unite paganism and Christianity so he doesn't lose his empire but as things continue to fall apart Constantine moved his capital in 8330 from Rome to Constantinople which is now its temple Turkey as he does that he leaves this leadership vacuum in a row and the pope then fills this void and becomes not only a powerful religious leader but a powerful political force to be reckoned with in Europe so for this period of time you have the tape papacy which is a strong in its leadership and you still have Roman emperors. In $53880.00 Justinian the pagan Roman Emperor officially grants to the Roman Bishop the role of defender of the Emperor's empire the definer of heretics and the defender of the faith it is in this year that the last of the barbarian tribes who do not accept the papacy are driven out of Rome and in 53880 the pope becomes the supreme ruler of the Roman Church in the church throughout Christendom and at that period church in state unite in this period called the dark ages begins so if this 1260 year period of people supremacy of church state Union begins in 538 and you go down the timeline to over it 60 years it would take it is 798 who was ruling Europe in 798 what did the bible predict Revelation 13 verse 10 he who leads into captivity shall go into captivity the Bible predicted that the papal power would have a deadly wound and go into captivity then in $7098.00 Napoleon is ruling he looks to the southeast sees his rival power in the Pope of Rome sent birthday his general down to Rome in 797 birthday comes back empty handed the prophecy wasn't to be fulfilled until 70987098 birthday returns he takes the pope captive and Pius 6 dies in exile in Valencian France in 799 exactly fulfilling the prophesy. So as we look at this prophecy what do we see we see a power of the papacy growing out of Pagan Rome we see it becoming a worldwide system of worship we see its priests claiming that they can forgive sins it's leader claiming the authority of God and we see it ruling for 1260 years we see then the papal power going into captivity and many people at that time felt that the papacy was dead but the Bible predicted a revival of papal power it predicted that the time of the end that once again church and state would unite do we see that taking place Revelation 13 verse 12 says that the deadly wound would be healed that the papacy would rise again to prominence and today we see that prophecy fulfilled around the world as the pope travels the world as an ambassador of peace as he travels the world and thousands and millions gather as political leaders kneel to kiss his ring as he addresses Congress is around the world and parliaments around the world as presidents come to greet him with their families as he comes to address even Congress in the United States and bless America that the pope has a road arisen as an ambassador of peace even atheistic countries welcome him there he is recognized as the moral leader of the world you know the latest research on moral leadership finds this that employees managers and executives believe that the need for a moral leadership is more urgent than ever with politicians today losing the confidence of the population with pop with politicians facing moral falls and decide. Honesty with corruption in government with the institutions of society failing men and women are looking for moral leadership millions of people wonder where is someone who is morally fit to lead the world could it be that the devil himself is preparing an amazing deception the word anti-Christ doesn't mean against Christ it means another Christ could it actually be that the devil is preparing a deception where church in state will unite again in a time of chaos and calamity where the Pope of Rome will appear as the moral leader of the world where human decrees and commands will be passed compelling worship in a world of uncertainty and instability the devil is planning one of his greatest deceptions for humanity in a world of rising hunger an increasing poverty there is the need for a moral leadership in a world of environmental disaster a growing threat for nuclear weaponry and certainly in a world where pandemics run wild and viruses seem to be out of control threatening the lives of millions there is the need for somebody to step forward there is the need for a moral leadership in our world at a time of economic crisis where the world's economy hangs on a slender thread there's the need for moral leadership and what does the Bible predict the Bible predicts that the solution to the problems of this world is not a human being and a church state union but it is rather the coming of the prince of peace there will never be peace on earth until the Prince of Peace comes the leader that we are looking for the true morrow. The leader is Jesus Christ he is the blessid hope of the world he is the one that will come is King of Kings and Lord of Lords he is the one of the stream down the corridors of time every human leader will let us down every human leader will fail us but there is one that will never fail us he is the one that came tabernacle did human flesh he is the one that defeated Satan he is the one that died on the cross He is the one that rose from the dead he is the one that Indra seeds in heaven He is our Lord and Savior that will come in the clouds of heaven now what vehicle do you think the devil might suggest to unify society what vehicle might the beast power used to to unite the entire world Maybe history will give us a lesson the Roman Empire was falling apart the Roman Empire was crumbling and as it was Constantine the pagan Roman Emperor tried to unite church and state in an attempt to save his empire Constantine turned to religion I wonder in a world that has a shaky foundation in a world that is falling apart could it possibly be that the world at a time of economic political crisis natural disasters at a time with the threat of thermonuclear war and viruses and pandemics at a time of such uncertainty could it be that men and women would turn to religion as the savior of the world that happened back in the days of Constantine but something more specific Constantine attempted to blend pagan id is and ideas from Christianity and one of those things that he attempted to do was a stablish a common day of worship. As a day of rest and peace for the world Constantine passed the 1st Sunday law and then the church through its decrees and through its councils reinforced that Sunday or decreed Artha wing go in a book called paganism in our Christianity page 145 makes this remarkable statement the church made a sacred day of Sunday largely because it was the weekly festival of the sun for it was a definite Christian policy notice definite Christian policy to take over the pagan festivals in dared to the people by tradition and give them Christian significance a common day of worship had the potential then to unite a divided world and a common day of worship could be the very strategy that Satan is using at a time of enormous crisis in attempt to unite the world since the change of the Bible Sabbath was instituted by a church state union in the early centuries worship on the 1st day of the week really is a sign of people authority. To change the law of God from the Sabbath the 7th day worshipping the creator someone or some group must have authority that is falsely assumed to be higher than God's authority how did this change of the Bible Sabbath ever take place it took place in the early centuries through Malcolm ation union of church in state where pagan practices were brought in that's how it took place and the church actually acknowledges this the Church of Rome claims that Sunday is really the mark of it's a cliche as tickle authority look here's Louis Gaston singular in his book plain talk about Protestantism today published in in London 874 he says thus the observance of Sunday by Protestants is a homage they pay in spite of themselves to the authority of the Catholic Church see the church change the Sabbath falsely from the 7th day of the week that was written with the finger of God on the tables of stone never to be changed God said remember it the church changed in the early centuries to accommodate paganism in a divided empire that was falling apart could that ever happen again we shall see now notice. This statement goes on of course the Catholic Church in the American Quarterly Review says continuing of course the Catholic Church claims that the change was for Act That's the change the Sabbath in the act is the mark of Hercules the ass to go power and the authority in religious matters so the beast power that rose out of room is a dent of as the papacy the Roman Church not certainly an individual pope but the system that grew out of there are there many Roman Catholics that love Christ there are are there many that have never heard these things some possibly watching this broadcast absolutely certainly do they have the mark of the beast today definitely not nobody today has the mark of the Beast What does Revelation 14 predict Revelation 14 is God's final call to come out of every lawbreaking church Revelation 14 is God's appeal not to receive the mark of the beast it comes from the heart of a loving God a heart of God that overflows with love for you and for me the heart of a god that wants you save the heart of a god that wants you with him in eternity more than anything else the mark of the beast is the change of the Sabbath substituting man's authority for God's authority so the issue is much more then the issue of a day some people say to me what difference does a day make it's the issue of authority does any human power have the authority to change the very law of God It's an issue of worship who do we worship the Create tool or or the creature whose laws are supreme the lords of man or the laws of God though no one has the mark of the beast today Revelation predicts that there will come a time of international. ISIS in that at that point the pope will emerge as the moral leader of the world at that point the vehicle to unite the world will be used to accomplish this goal of world unification and that's going to be Sunday worship Pope Benedict the 16th in June 6th 2012 said this you say well how could that ever happen look at this in cyclical He says the demands of work can't bully people out of needed time off and then he goes on to say Sunday must be a day of rest for everyone notice not only for Catholics but for everyone why so people can be free to be with their families and with God by defending Sunday one defends human freedom so here the Pope of Rome is suggesting. That Sunday should be a day off it should be a day for social interaction he even says it should be a day for your nations to rest so the Earth can rest in a time of climate change he often said he also says it should be a day with our families and a day of worship so the poop who's emerging as the great moral leader of the world at a time of insecurity and international crisis suggests that Sunday the 1st day of the week can be one of those vehicles that unites all humanity he goes on to say Sunday is the day of the Lord in of May And will the Bible says that the Sabbath is the Lord's Day Mark Chapter 2 verse $2728.00 it says the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath Luke Chapter 6 verse 5 says the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath Matthew 12 or say it says the Son of Man is Lord of the sap I go on with the quote The pope says Sunday is the day of the Lord of May and a day which notice the word again everyone must be able to be free free for the family and free for God So the Pope presents the Sabbath that he calls Sunday the Sunday sabbath not the true Bible Sabbath but he presents that as a day of freedom. So the idea is the whole world unites and there is freedom for everybody freedom from work freedom to be with your family freedom to worship God What about those that eventually conscientiously could not go along Ellen White in the book great controversy pages 592 and on board makes this observation she really echoes the words of Revelation 13 about the beast and no man being able to buy or sell she expands on that she says those who honor the Bible Sabbath will be denounced as enemies of law and order as breaking down the moral restraints of society causing enter key and corruption and calling down the judgments of God upon the earth their conscientious scruples would be pronounced obstinance e. In other words will be called stubborn because they don't go along with the majority stubbornness and contempt of authority they will be accused of disaffection toward the government as the movement for Sunday enforcement becomes bolder and more decided the law will be invoked against commandment keepers they will be threatened with fines and imprisonment and some will be offered positions of influence and other rewards and advantages as inducements to read announce their faith isn't this exactly what Revelation 13 says it says unless they receive the mark of the beast they cannot buy they cannot sell that eventually a death to create will hang over their head but God's people will be sealed for eternity in this time of crisis rather than accepting the mark of human authority rather than accepting a false Sabbath God's people indeed will be sealed for eternity Jesus said in John Chapter 14 verse 15 if you love me do what if you love me do. Keep my commandments in the heart of those commandments is God's seal now SEALs were used in ancient times to notarize or to attest to the authenticity of documents every King would have his seal every political leader would have their seal and when they stamped that seal they stamped authenticity upon a document the seal indicated that the document was genuine Now to be authentic a seal can contain various elements many SEALs not all of them had at least 3 the name of the sea or the title of the sea you are the territory of the sea you are the seal in essence had to a dent to the one whose authority it was in Isaiah Chapter 8 1st 60 in the Bible says bind up the testimony and seal the law among my disciples so God's seal is 1000 in the heart of his law. In Exodus Chapter 20 verse 8911 we find that the Sabbath right in the center of God's law has the a dent to find characteristics of the seal Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy 6 days you show labor into all your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God For in 6 days the Lord He is our See you or he is the one who has authority he's the Lord He is the maker of heavens and earth that's his title the maker heavens and earth the creator and what did he create Here's his territory the sea it all that in the minutes he rests the 7th day therefore the Lord blesses the Sabbath day and how is it let's look at it this way Here are the elements of the authentic seal found in the heart of God's law it has the name or the originator of the sealed He's the Lord your God check it off he it has the title of the seal or he's the one who made or he's the creator another check he it's his territory the heavens and earth so here in the Book of Revelation there are to worship worship of the creator coming in worshipping him on the Sabbath entering into that Sabbath Rest resting from our works trusting in his resting in his grace resting in the one that made us having a sense that we're not some speck of cosmic dust but he created us He made us he fashioned us are we are anchored in Him we are sons and daughters of the King of the universe the creator we rest in the fact he created us we rest in the fact that he redeemed us we rest in the fact that he's coming again for us true Sabbath worship is worship of the Creator but there's also worship of the beast the acceptance of a counterfeit Sabbath that's a substitute that came into the church in the time of compromise that will be a very of unity in the last days with a church. State Union the Bible says Revelation 7 verse $1.00 and $2.00 do not harm the earth the sea of the trees 2 We've sealed the servants of God in their foreheads Now notice the seal is received only in the forehead Why because the forehead is a symbol of reason it's a symbol of conscience it's a siege a symbol of judgment it's a symbol of the freedom of choice God never coerces the devil either deceives you by putting the mark of the beast in the forehead or he deceives you by putting it on your hand that is to say he pressures you he can work a worse issue but God never pressures the seal of God So the plagues stood not fall on the earth the 7 last place until the message of God goes out leading men and women back to Jesus leading them to the authority of scripture leading them to worship him as creator Jesus respects our freedom to choose and he invites us to let him shape our mind with the things of eternity so we can not be moved from the ng current of our faith in the very Word of God The mark of the beast is received in the forehead or in the hand indicating that people are either intellectually convinced and by the choice they make to accept Satan's lies or they are forced against their will to accept the mark of the beast through an economic boycott or the threat of death Satan's last deception fuel by spiritualism fueled by false miracles at a time of international crisis will undermine the law of God undermine the authority of the Creator the Sabbath was assigned given at creation for all mankind Satan hates the Creator he hates the fact that Jesus can create any cannot and so he's attacked Christ he's attacked. The creator he's attacked the authority of creation the great controversy between good and evil will bring all humanity to a test and that's what these 3 cosmic messages are about their messages of love to your heart into mine by a god that wants you with him forever through Sabbath observance we concede to God his position as creator we accept ours as creatures and we open our hearts to serve Him as our Lord the Sabbath places us in a special position of worship and loyalty to the creator that's why it is singled out as the keystone commandment the sign or seal of the eternal everlasting covenant God Once the universe to be hold in his people the triumph of Grace Church and State will unite like in the days of Constantine like in the days of the Dark Ages the powerful church will super impose its laws on humanity state powers government powers political powers desiring to forego a crisis with this world falling apart thinking indeed that if they unify God's blessing will be upon the world Satan fuels this false revival with counterfeit miracles. The sick are miraculously healed now God's going to work miracles at the time of the end don't misunderstand me but the devil is going to use false miracles How do you tell the difference between the false and the true in genuine miracles we are always led back to obedience in full miracles men and women are led to be him bolted and in this obedience disobedience to the laws of health in every nerve and tissue in their body disobedience to the law of God including the Sabbath genuine miracles lead us to allegiance to God and accept his authority and genuine obedience false miracles lead us to be emboldened in the sensational caught up in the miraculous rather than the clear teachings of the Living Word of God God is looking for a group of people who demonstrate the triumph of his grace in the darkest hours of Earth's history the light of Jesus grace is going to shine through his people in the most fierce times of persecution just like Jesus on the cross trusted the father in darkness they through their faith of Jesus living in their are it's because their faith in Christ brings the faith of Christ into their lives because the Spirit of Christ lives within them they are strengthened any empowered it is written of this group of people Revelation 14 1st well here is the patience of the Saints where are they here are those that keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus they are God's honor convoy they are God's light in a world of darkness they are God's people a number of years ago 1741. You remember the story of the writing of Handel's Messiah you may have at Christmas time or some other time of the year listen to that fabulous fabulous or give strength rendition with the choruses in the choir is singing Handel's Messiah and your heart thrilled with that but you may not be aware of the story behind the writing of Handel's Messiah at the time that Handel wrote the Messiah he was quite discouraged in fact he was quite depressed he was bankrupt or near bankrupt he had a few dollars left but very very little the creditors were coming after him he was right on the verge of bankruptcy his health had really broken he hadn't had much success in the last musical scores that he wrote he is about ready to give up but as he was he began to think of Jesus. And he read the book of Revelation and as he read the book of revelation he was impressed with Revelation 11 verse 15 the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ he shall reign for ever and ever and ever in the darkness that comes in the future when we hang on by faith in the time of greatest challenges this promise will inspire our hearts as it inspired handles are the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and He shall reign forever and ever handle continue to read and he read Revelation 906 and I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude is the sound of many waters and is the sound of mighty thunder sing Hallelujah for a Lord our God and to put it rains you remember that from Handel's Messiah Hallelujah the Lord our God I'm to put in the reigns with the beast power in forces his will upon humanity we can sense that we are on the winning side that the power of the Living Christ will deliver us and one day he will reign Hendo read further Jesus is King of Kings Jesus is Lord of Lords he then began to write and as he wrote it was as if his pin was divinely guided and it was when one of his associates a servant came in after Handel had finished the Messiah in a very short amount of time George Frederick Handel's head was in his hair Hades. He looked up with tears coming down his face and he said I did think I saw heaven open and saw the very face of. Jesus come he streams down the card of the sky one day you would I will see the face of God hang on my brother hang on my sister may be for you the time of trouble is right now maybe for you the time of trouble is in your home maybe for you the time of trouble is with your health maybe for you the time of trouble is with your finances but you're going through some time of trouble right now and you might say to me Pastor don't talk to me about a future time address because I'm overwhelmed now one day Jesus will come look beyond what is to what will be will be on the darkness to the light that is dawning in your life through Christ right now cling to the promise this life is not all there is Jesus Christ is coming again he will stream down the corridors of time he is our bless it hope listen as Charles comes and sings. A song about the return of Jesus the savior can't be far away the signs of the times indicate that the signs of the times are revealing that we are headed for crisis but the message of the 3 angels speaks to this generation it calls us to prepare for the soon coming of Christ it calls us on our knees it calls us to seek God It calls us to open our hearts to his grace it calls us to receive his power it calls us to the faith of Jesus listen as Charles sings. There'll be no song and he's with Jesus Balbi no tone of the things he does come album No dumb I mean when he comes to night a. Whole. Other load on coal mine to knock out the. Long cold then I'll be told don't bother me when he. Do now there's just a long long phone now been known most following Jesus Come now be known lovin. Come on glory all some small role when Jesus come to guide her follow along so who was to take out the the whole over to my God Oh on alone then I mean lolo saw a woman Jesus come to God a low blow was home and there be songs come very take a new Jesus Come now be song a song early to the tune he does come on show him home beating when Gene called to tithe or long on the whole of June Alberta him alone the other to his alone lonely doubt me songs Omer mean he when Jesus. To God or His Beaumont home there'll be a dog that when Jesus comes down to know it done all of the even. Tom thank you for those thoughts of I'm with Jesus who gather his phone home. To move out there in the love was told to go there in His love the old valve you sold off so Bobby when he's old enough to go there. Was home to who got. His hands dirty lol The oud. That's why he's coming. To gather his loved ones home Jesus is lonely without you. Haven't would be a lonely place for him if you were not there there's a place in his heart only for you. You say Mark how can that be true. How could it be true that there's a place in Jesus' heart only for me. Are you a mother or a father. You have one child 2 children 3 children. Let's suppose. Tragically so that you lost a child. That the other 2 xl love make up for the one you lost. If you had 5 children. One child died with the love of for make up for the one that died. That one that died especially. That one that died. As a place in your heart that nobody else. Can still. But who is it that put in the heart of a father. Or a mother the capacity to love 2 children 3 children 5 years. Have a great who did that it is God in God's heart there is a heart of infinite well. There is an ocean of love in God's heart. In the God that placed in a mother's heart the ability. To love 2 children or 3 or more has in his heart the capacity to love an infinite amount and if you're not there he's going to miss you forever. The reason he gave these 3 cosmic messages. The reason he gave them in Revelation is because he knew in the last generation. You would be there. In his for knowledge in his wisdom he saw you. And he's appealing to you to step out in follow. This may be new for you. But he invites you today to step out from the majority and follow him. You may be an Adventist and heard these messages before. But there's some decision God wants you to make it's not only intellectual material for Amalia. It's for our heart it's the message of Christ to change your life. Is there some cherished Idol in your life some sin you've been clinging to some habit you have not given up the appeal of God is to worship the creator. And find power in him to overcome let's pray Father in heaven. We come to you just now we come from varied backgrounds we come from different understandings. But Lord we come we come to you as our Creator and asking you to recreate our hearts we come to us our redeemer asking you to give us peace and grace and forgiveness we come to you in hope of the coming King and we will all come to be caught up with you and meet you in the air and live with you forever in Jesus' name. Made the grace of Christ and the power of Christ and the love of Christ daily fill your life until he comes again in Jesus' name is my prayer.


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