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How to Resist Temptation

Randy Skeete
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Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • September 5, 2020
    10:00 AM
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I was lifted my eyes into the hills from whence cometh my helped my help cumbersome the Lord which made heaven and earth you will not suffer thanks for to be moved either keep is the will not slumber behold he that keep it is right hell shall neither slumber not sweet the Lotus I keep the law does not shade upon thy right have the sun was shall not smite day by day nor the moon by night the launch will preserve the from all evil he shouts preserve that soul the Lord's help preserve I going out and I coming in from this time forth and even forevermore I'm grateful to God for this privilege he has extended to me to fellowship with you the family that I don't hope the Countess of Ormont in the university in Southern California it's an honor to speak for God and He is spending that to me and I thank him for it and my commitment to him is to present the truth as faithfully and as effectively as I can and one wish only to do that is to keep my opinions to myself only if you just said the Lord in prophets and King's Speech 626 and like writes the words of the Bible Abba in the Bible on should be heard from the pulpit and so my desire is to give you simply the words of God Jesus says of the words of God The words that I speak and to you they are spirit and their life he did not say that about my words and so that's my desire if there's anyone watching internationally from any other country thank you very much a lot less those countries represented by the viewing audience made a lot less the leaders of those countries that the decisions they make may be absent a just to the spread of the Word of God The Bible says righteousness exalted the nation and I like to use that 1st when I'm online because we go all over the world leaders need to understand. That doing what's right has benefits and benefits alone there are no negative side effects to proceeding along a course of righteousness my particular welcome I extend to anyone who is not 70 and if you are not a Methodist and you're watching we are delighted to have you and I hope that you will be blessed that a lot of particularly especially bless your children if you have them in the home thanks again for joining us our subject for this day is how to resist temptation how to resist temptation before I begin the 3 little Severus I will ask of you one if you're using a device as a bible please make sure it does not ring because we're worshipping God and reverence is required even if we were shipping him under a tree the demands reference from us 10 to 2 while I'm speaking Chris for me and say Lord put your words in that man's mouth that is based on Jeremiah chapter one verse not which says them the Lord put forth his Adam and touched my mouth of the last 7 to me the whole I put my words invite mouth in that 1st I see the cooperation between the divine and the human in doing the work of God Then the Lord that's defined put forth his hand that's divine and touched my mouth that's human and the Lord defy Seddon to me human I defy you to put my words defy. Human and so God will have this treasure in this very very earth a vessel called Randy skeet temple of the 3 I want you to think as you listen thinking it's not as automatic as you may believe a lot of people listen without thinking but you must think it is required by God I still want 18 Come now let us reason together said the Lord it is comforting to know. That there is a God in heaven who is reasonable he tells us let us you in God let us reason together he came down into the garden to reason with Adam he came to Cain to reason with Katie and God wants to reason with us and if we will accept this invitation to reason with God He will lead us in the path of truth let's pray for him having the best of snow as we worship you through the spoken word put your words in my love the God the words of life the spirit filled word I humbly myself before your father and my desire in so far as I can identify it is the glorify you by presenting the Lord help me to do that to God in a simple way so that even a child really understand bless all those listening blessed every country represented by the listening audience this father bless their leaders if anyone listening has contracted the coronavirus I'm asking you to God in the name of the Great Physician Jesus Christ here that person father and for those of us who have not yet been touched by it protect us from the coronavirus call that 19 now to god I commit this service to you use it for your glory and the blessing of your people whom you love in Jesus name I pray Amen Matthew Chapter 4 read original verse one Matthew Chapter 4 reading from verse one and I read from the King James Version of the Bible Matthew a chapter for reading from verse one. The Bible says that was Jesus led of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil when you're stressed is 40 days and 40 nights he was afterward an undead and when the attempt to came to him he said If thou be the Son of God command that these stones be made bread but he hadn't said it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word proceeded out of the house of God we have the picture of Christ himself under severe temptation and I sense it because Christ is being tempted at the end of 40 days of physical sassing he was hungry and perhaps the storms looked like a loaf of bread in the only does Christ was tempted by the devil we can be assured if Satan tempted Christ he was surely tempt us Temptation is a reality of life under the system in cause the punished by Adam by that I mean that since Adam sinned we all live in a sense a world we come into the world with a nature that prefers to sin let me say it again everyone born of fallen Adam comes into the world with a nature that prefers to send another horrific way of expressing that is a nature that prefers to avoid got not necessarily avoid church building but of void God that's the condition with which we come into the world that is like everyone born into the world needs Safia at any age everyone born in this world since Adam fell needs a savior Temptation is a reality you know a reality in our lives as it was in the life of Jesus and Christ is a model for us regarding halde to resist temptation and what I will do is to outline a few steps as a. It to use the word technique a few steps are effective in the system in resisting temptation temptations as I said Are you because just as long as you live in this world let's look at the most powerful way that we can use to resist temptation we should look at the Word of God the Bible but word of God as the most effective weapon against temptation but in order to understand the power of God's Word in aiding a stop overcome temptation Let's look more closely at the Word of God And let's look at the Word of God as it relates to the chief of temptation and that is the devil himself the Bible says you need seeker will Chapter $28.00 the 1st $15000.00 was perfect in the ways in the death of the was created until iniquity was found in the that's verse tells us also 1st 13 that Lucifer was created being it's now the power that creates it's great and wonderful thing created and remember Fifa number 3 reason reason the power that creates is greater than the think created a portrait is not as great as the one who painted a portrait the power to create is greater than the thing created itself now we have read from the Bible the sequel 20 years 15 that Lucifer was created. In the book paychecks and profits pays 38 How about 3 am I says Jesus was a Son of God He was one with him before the angels were called into existence and he was a fish surely was an angel and I'm taking this little longer route to demonstrate the relationship between the word and its effect on Satan l. life writes I repeat Jesus was the Son of God He was one with him before the end jewels were called into existence how were they called into existence by the Word of God someone 48 reading from verse 12 and 5 brings you the Lord breezy the law and from the heavens praise Him In The Heights praising him all his angels praising him all his hosts skip a verse 5 let them praise the name of the Lord for he commanded as they were created in other words the insoles are just called into existence God did not use physical material as he did in the case of Adam but there were created by the Word of God he commanded and there were created among them was Lucifer what I'm trying to show you is that Lucifer was created by the Word of God The thing that creates is greater than the think created the word of creation is created then Christian itself because the word of creation is the very power of God It is the very life of God The word that gives life to the word created trees the word created that the most the word of creation has the power to give life because the life in that word ease the very life of God in the book Education Page 126 about 4 away rights. The creative energy that call the world into existence is in the Word of God This word imparts power it begets lives every command is a promise accepted by the will receive into the soul it brings with us the life of the infinite One it trends forms the nature and recreates the soul in the image of God she says it brings with it the life of the Infinite what the very real life of God is in His Word. Let me pause so that sinks in the very life of God is in his words keep this in mind as you listen to John 663 it is the spirit that quickness the flesh prophetess nothing the words that are you speaking to you they are spirit and the a life one Spirit the Spirit of God What life the very life of God And so I repeat the life of God is in His Word and there is nothing more powerful than the life of God not Lucifer was made by the Word of God Clearly then the Word of God is more powerful than Lucifer who is now to say that is why the most effective tool against Satan against temptation is the Word of God because the devil cannot conquer the Word of God He shall not overthrow of the Word of God He can overthrow us when we use the word temperance upon God's word but he can not overthrow the Word of God He made he sees us into thinking otherwise but when confronted with the Word of God The devil has no power we've looked at the fact that the statement was made or use of a by the Word of God is rebellion turned in to say no let's look at the universe at large some 33 for 6 and 1st time and we'll look at Hebrews 113 songs 3346 before I go any further let me pray again Holy Father in heaven control my my my my my. Just of expression in Jesus name I pray Amen some 336 by the word of the Lord were the heavens made and all the host of them by the rest of his mouth 1st night for he spake and it was done that he come back to it and is so fast the Word of God is something a finite mind cannot fully comprehend how can God speak. And then disappear how can God speak and trees sprout from the ground how can God speak and he think creatures occupy the land the sea and the skies this is the power of the Word of God This is the power you're holding in your hand where if you are the Word of God So by the word of the Lord were the heavens made and all the host of them but I do breath of his mouth and forming Hebrew parallelism the word is the Guard and the rest of us must have really the same thing the 1st night he spake it was done he commanded Mr sassed those 2 expressions are the same thing one paralleling the of Hebrews 11 verse 3 through since we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God 2nd Peter took the 3 1st fives for this they willingly are ignorant of my new word of God the heavens were of old and the earth standing out of the water and in the water everything in creation came into existence but the Word of God. That's interesting sermon called hands free operation where I try to show that human beings 1st father and mother were also made by the Word of God All of creation by God's word which means that you and I live in an environment local global and you're the 1st of that cane into existence by the Word of God It is maintained by the Word of God we are discussing how to resist temptation and I'm trying to list a boss or as the central of the key weapon it resisting temptation not only is creation made by the Word of God it was made it it is sustained by the same word Hebrews Chapter one Verse 3 The Bible says who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of his person and holding all things by the word of this power of the something follows its course by the Word of God the cells in our body sanctioned by the Word of God and business goes on it each individual mitochondrion by the Word of God This is the new wrongs they communicate by the Word of God This is not exaggeration this is Biblical truth that's why the Bible says in acceptance in 20 it in Him we live and move and have our being without the Word of God everything would collapse not since we live in an environment that came into existence by the word of dogs is sustained by the Word of God Our intelligent decision is to live by that word that's word is power whether we are tempted our 1st recourse must be the Word of God and if we do it cannot the word of the ox we print earlier we will not need another recourse because the word of the heart is come to. He Hence if it is a sex it's effect as a deterrent to the devil and his temptations but even before we get to the Word of God walking we have to deal with temptation perhaps the really the most effective way is to avoid it in the 1st place of void it in the 1st place where I've heard the saying that I was a little boy you've probably heard it an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and out of prevention is better than a pound of cure when Jesus went into the wilderness he did not go looking for death Satan knew where he was and follow him even though the Bible says then was Jesus let the Spirit into the wilderness to be kept to the devil we must not take that to mean that Jesus went looking for trouble never go looking for the death by the way there's something within the f. of this church I believe called the Literates Ministry people are casting out devils that's not a spiritual gift don't go looking for demons to cast out if in doing the work of God the situation arises where you have to respond you must respond but there's no such thing as professional exists within the church it is not a spiritual gifts so please don't go practicing the difference ministry let me say again in doing the work of God and occasionally arise when someone has to be the enemy but apart from that there is no such thing as the gift of casting out devils I get back to the point of blending temptation listen to how God described one of this Sterling believe ors of the Bible Job Chapter One reform for 6 subject out of Lloyd dictation joke chapter one reading from 1st 6 and I'll pray again for the father please continue to speak through me literally to God I pray in Jesus' name amen Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan can also among them and the Lord said to Satan has come to snow then Satan answered a lot and said from going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down in it. That's a good answer Lawrence and the last sentence of Satan has considered my servants you know there's nothing like human the earth a perfect and an upright man one that filled with God and is true with evil the fans who are extra Symbionese of our God said this of Joel g. of evil and I said earlier one of the most effective ways of perhaps the most effective way to resist temptation is to not cease it in the 1st place of Floyd's situations and settings as circumstances that immediately generate temptations which you and I may not be able to handle gone describes loop joke as one who has chewed a person who avoids is a person who understands then so be this of the fallen man the natural because of the economy and chooses to avoid settings and situations that meet this him or her in a compromise situation causing the person to be overthrown by a temptation that is key number one prevention rather than cure but. To the best of our ability no matter how we try to avoid temptations will come this is the devil's speciality and so since your number one key number one the word God is the power we need to resist temptation we look at the Word of God as it relates to the Lucifer Lucifer was made by the word Satan understands he was made by the word Consequently the word has moved out and he does we also saw the universe was made by the word Let's look at the word as it relates to got in someone 38 1st to the Bible says the 2nd half of that 1st that has magnify they were above all the name that has to magnify they were above all the names this is what God's word means to him Gaunts reputation as a safe look out of God upon whom we can rely is based squarely on his word and his relationship to his word got on with his keeps his word that's why he has an intergalactic reputation so say so lest he never breaks his word as I do and perhaps you have done he is always civil to his word that's the relationship between God and His work another thing to keep in mind God's word has a very powerful life of thought as we said earlier and so the Word of God and God the Word of God and Satan the word of gotten the universe in which we live Satan was made by the Word of God when he was Lucifer to we live in an environment created by the word sustained by 2 or 3 God's word is elevated by God above all his name and there are approximately 300 names for God in the Bible the Bible says that as magnify the word above all the name if God does not keep his word he nor longer has a claim to face the mist and righteousness if he is not sinful to his word to his cousin and so do. Word of God as it relates to God shows us how close you was his Were I get it is so personal to him that it's a range he gives to his son Revelation $1013.00 and he was clue to the death of Mr dipped in blood and his name is called the Word of dog it is the filthy name of Jesus and we know what it Jesus says when you create if he's a last new thing in my name I will do it Jesus has many names but the one we must run to immediately is the Word of God because that's how Jesus resisted Satan he went to the word I am I haven't extending my my time with this technique number one for resisting because it is simply so central and comprehensive Jesus not wish to go back to Matthew Chapter 44 but yeah incident said Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word proceeded out of the mouth of God Miss look of that microscopically every word perceived from the mouth of God Not the mouth of Socrates on the mouth of some famous philosopher from the mouths of God we're talking about the Word of God The Bible because this is largely 7 we have this congregation I will never ever neglect to let us know that God has given to us a special source of wisdom and guidance to help us to understand the word and that special source of course the writings of the light and I must say that despite the growing unpopularity among us which is very very very sad so we have this source of wisdom we have this knowledge the Word of God and we have this basic common 3 insights from God's servant. We are to resist with the words that proceed from the mouth of God This is what Jesus did and by the way Jesus resisted as a man not as not and I need to go in that direction briefly is a beneficial that question Jesus resistance it and temptation as a man the belief is too widespread that Christ has an advantage in is struggle of sin he had not yet Christ came to show us how to live us in how to deal with the devil he came to demonstrate in his condition which was ours which he took that the righteousness of God's law can be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit Romans verse for that's one of the reasons Jesus Christ came and so Jesus the man Jesus the man with the weak a nature which he inherited Jesus the man susceptible to temptation we know that God shall not be tempted James one reading from verse 13 Let no man say when he's tempted are tempted of God For God can not be tempted of evil neither tend to see any malice So Christ was tempted is proof he was not tempted as God He was tempted as Matt yes he was God in the wilderness he always was both the 2 natures were blended but he face Satan from the human side and so we have the assurance that as Christ overcame weak can overcome the temptations that besets every day all day. This is gone expectation of us as we continue how to resist temptation in Revelation 321 Jesus Himself speaking to John he said into him to overcome this like Grant to sit with me in my strong even us I also often came and I'm set now with my father in his throne the question then arises How did Jesus overcome he overcame by the words of God When Jesus said on the cross father in that I have that and that my spirit he did not mean he placed his spirit in the father's as he trusted the word of God which had said that he is so on would not be left to see corruption and Jesus died trusting the word of God not seeing a way out from the tomb where he was headed this is an example for us we must see list by the Word of God Even the words of God seems to make no sense tell a finite limited and corrupt mites so Jesus said it is written not it is assumes all I heard some gossip it is written meaning it is authoritative Why is it a father to it is because it was written by the Holy Spirit using human beings as this instruments of writing let me say that again yes the Bible is a product of human and divine but essentially the Holy Ghost is the author of the Bible using people as his instruments and so the Holy Spirit is defined as the father when we talk about the Word of God we're talking about a device weapon man shall not live by bread alone but by its free word to proceed if out of the mouth of God Genesis to Revelation proceeded out of the mouth of God in dealing with temptation to weapon number one is the Word of God it worked for Jesus. All his life Jesus depended upon the Word of The Father for spiritual victory and spiritual conquest. Another way to do some station is to prepare ourselves before the temptation comes let me buy that. We must be feeding on the word of well very often the devil signs us in very weak and conditions because we have not been seeding on the Word of God And consequently when the wind blows we are easily toppled easily overthrown is not enough simply to say it is written so and so at the point of temptation a weak person who says that men will say that with the level of space required for that to be effective against such a great power a sentence giving it might that force it and sell it he was the highest power in intellects that God in heaven next to got a wife writes in The 5th I live by did 66 paragraphs do speaking of most of us she says God made him good and beautiful as near as possible like himself got mid Lucifer as much like himself as he possibly could and as I also say the only reason why it was or wasn't a god was that he was created and you cannot create God but he was made as an re much like God as God himself could have made it when he left when he was thrown out all his power get with him he simply lost his position and I thought thousands of years of doing evil he is most skilled in the art of doing evil and tempting and so when we are confronting this power we need not be intimidated we must approach him in the Word of God making this point don't wait until the temptation in order to use God's word we should d.c. stink on the Word of God diddly so it becomes our chief source of nutrients you see so when he comes he signs this with a spiritual immunity if I may be bold to use that word we are in we in me or not I as it works a very large degree so that the temptations then can have little effect because these tendencies someone who has prepared things so or herself if there are more of God's word a person who does not study the Word. God and does not believe the Word of God is setting himself up or herself to be overthrown by the smallest and the slightest of Satan's temptations when dealing with temptations we need to understand the devil chooses His them Titian very strategically when he came to Christ crisis has the 40 days and 40 nights he was a human being he was punished he was fate he was weak that's where the devil came the devil comes to teaching Caly the devil than 10 times rob a bank or to you know steal somebody's source a security check the Devil tempted him to turns Tolan's into great it looked like a harmless invitation do something to ease your hunger but Christ mind despite his family's condition was still clearly enough to recognize the danger to himself and to the entire plan of salvation the only that was possible is because Christ grew up under words this thing on the word no wonder when the sense of disciples when He was talking to the woman well John said before when they were going off device when he came back with food they said to him in 1st 31 mass to eat he said to them I have meat to eat you know not often that was the gospel he was preaching to that lady Jeremiah says until my 1516 that words were felled and I did eat them joke tells us a joke 23 1st 12 you have to have this team the words of his mouth small that my necessary food this is the relationship we must have with the Word of God If we are to use it as an a sensitive defensive weapon against temptation I repeat the words of Job and his team the words of his mouth still 23 more of them might necessary for my listening friends this is not a symbolic statement is not this is literal job Salyut God's word more than physical force there are people who value a basketball game more than breakfast or lunch or dinner they are young here. Who value of videogame more than branches a bunch so it's not surprise if George valued God's words more than his physical food we see this phenomenon in our modern life we have to come to the place where God's word means more to cost them anything else on earth because the word contends the very life of God The word is a kind of salvation the word is power the word is Spirit filled the word brings us into some a ship with God that you know what has a very very powerful quotation Education Page 127 about one she writes with the Word of God it is have. Every human being where ever his lot in life may be cast may have such companionship as usual shoes in its pages he may hold converse with the noblest and best of the human race and Millicent into the voice of the turtle as he speaks with men as he studies and meditates of the scenes into which the injustice I have to look it may have their companionship he missed follow the steps of the heavenly teacher and he listened to his words as when he talked on mounted and played and c He made well in this world in the atmosphere of heaven in karting to earth soaring and tempted ones thoughts of hope and the longings for holiness himself coming closer still close to fellowship with the unseen like him of old who walked with God drawing nearer and nearer to threshold of the eternal world until the portal shall open and he saw and to that he will find himself no stranger to the false things that will greet him the forces of the holy ones who unseen on earth with his companions voices that here he learned to distinguish and to love he who through the Word of God has lived in selling shoes with heaven with find himself home in Heaven's companionship a powerful statement What's he saying is this through the Word of God we may actually well in a heavily. Even though physically we're on the earth if there's one thing the devil of all it's is a heavily atmosphere we can sort of live my friends that we make tempting us an unpleasant experience for the devil why because we're given the very critical of God through constant interaction with God's word let me pause and say I think yes because I believe you might have missed it we can soar live through the Word of God that we live in the very presence of bugs. Something Seaton does not like and by living in God's presence by the differing in some with God and with the jewels and with the Holy Ones of Scripture we in a certain sense make it unpleasant for the devil to come to us to tempt us he still does his best but it becomes a real experience for him why because through God's you think word we are in the fairy presence of God. How somebody college to resist temptation my listening friends I'm still on technique number one weapon number one which is the Word of God and the reason why I continue on this 1 May not get to the others is because the Word of God is so universally neglected among God's people and it is our only offensive weapon if you read efficient 6 crafts or 17 the Word of God Everything else is the sense in the shield issues the bell but the sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God as most preachers will tell you is the offensive weapon this is God's word and that's why I stress it so heavily in this discussion about resisting temptation it is God's word not only temptation but the word becomes the way we live Jesus said I am the way I am the truth I am the light the Word of God is the way the word of God is truth the Word of God is life and so when Jesus says I am the Way the Truth and the life all these things are combined in the Word of God And so I offer to you today as you know weapons of warfare against the devil the Word of God The Bible itself recommends itself to us I say again the Bible recommends itself to us this is to some 1900 versts not wherewithal shall a young man cleanse is weights by taking him there to according to the work put that in simple normal in the English how can a young person cleanse his or her life young man young woman by the Word of God This is what Jesus told the disciples brought men John 16 1st 3 not clean through the Word it is the Word of God and I usually. Demonstrate the reliability and strength of God's word and our relationship to that word this way Now this is a form covering for my phone it's black you can see it if God's word says this is what you have to say what if you believe the Word of God let me say again even though your eyes see black if the Word of God says white we must see it light even though we see black This is the degree of trust and reliance we must have on God's word in that we place God's word above our own intelligence to let only Ph D.'s and deeds we have we place the simple word of God but our own intelligence until the truth that we are not fully trust in God's Word as a defense against the devil and all his demons and so one more time I recommend to use the word of God which is largely literal I said again it is largely literal most of the Bible is not relish most of the Bible is literal and should be taken as it reads For instance someone 1001st level if I were to have a hit in my heart that I might not sin against the we have the word again I missing friends wherever you are I give to you as your weapon of war for yes the devil. The Word of God someone 19 verse one of 5 The words are land under my seat and the light under my past people frequently has watched like I do what direction should I take it go to the Word of God alive you will not find the word biology of the Bible you won't find actuarial science in the Bible you want cite pharmacology but you will fight you find God comes from the one who is the source of all knowledge and so as I come to the thoughts of how to resistant to show I've only dealt with one approach and that is the word thought it quite frankly if this process is used effectively we realize that the others may not be a script of have sections it's critical but the others will be even more effective and the others were prayer and of course outreach a busy person in God's work has little time for death let me say again a person busy in God's work is not as susceptible to Siddons them Titian as someone who is not and of course there is no substitute for Praed Jesus have to pray but of all the approaches you and I can use number one is the Word of God but the Word of God must be studied and obeyed the Word of God must be our life blood it must be what sustains us whether in the presence of temptation on not we must depend and trust on God's Plan thus saith the Lord it created the universe it's a stance the universe is created using who became Satan it is elevated to been above God's very name by God's own pleasure and it is the name given to Jesus the Word of God trust God's word or big God's word study God's word as that word will strive to fire you against the most tempestuous temptations that sit and complain against you trust God's word live by the word study the Word and keep this core Titian in mind Christ's object lesson. And speed 101 if studied and or big the Word of God works and what so doing every unholy attribute Now let's let's put the devil aside for a minute because he's not responsible for all that we can as we do if the devil die tonight people will sing tonight then say tomorrow we don't sin because it's a devil he said because we have that nature and we said we submit to that nature but the devil challenge forced any want to sin so I'm simply saying trust the word of God trust it and the Word of God will not the quotation from Ellen White if studied and obeyed the Word of God works in the heart subduing every unholy attribute unholy actually will spring from within and the Word of God is the power to some do them even as the devastated and lost will somewhere creating mystery and you're something to Southport you'll still have a lowly attribute you high still have the carnal nature which has to be sought and pressed and subdued and subjugated and choked this is done by study of God's word and obedience to what we study again if studied and obeyed the Word of God works and some doing every under what I say again every But every White says every unholy attribute whatever it is the Word of God is the answer and said Dave remedy made a lot bless you as you really evaluate the Word of God in your life. It is good to be decent and continued to live different lives it is good to be culture continues to be cultured but it is God's word. That can make the eternal internal changes it is God's Word in law to clarify as I was Asian It is God's word alone that clears up with thinking it is God's word known to have no wreck our steps the Word of God study and how the resistant Titian was only able to deal with one the Word of God Let's listen to Matthew 4 for us for again but he answered and say it is written man shall not live long but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God made a lot bless you as you make the Word of God Your preferred manual on the r. item on your spiritual physical emotional manual and as the Word of God becomes a path that enlightens the way you go lest you let me off the prayer Father in heaven let me thank you for your words it is eternal as long as you are there because there is your word it continue like it contains your character when you receive the word you receive your life when you reject the word be reject you please Father move up and every listening going that we may experience a greater appreciation for just said the Lord this all those who listen and help us to trust your words I would descends against the enemy and use us from to create and others to love and a desire for your word bless those associated with this program because this all goes Listen I pray when you come see us all of us I ask you that it was in one Jesus. 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