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Country Living and the New French Revolution

Chad Kreuzer


This message is based on the following quote: "Let all who would understand the meaning of these things read the eleventh chapter of Revelation. Read every verse, and learn the things that are yet to take place in the cities. Read also the scenes portrayed in the eighteenth chapter of the same book." LDE 95.4


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films


  • September 4, 2020
    7:30 AM
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Hello everyone my name is Chad cruiser with Anchor Point films and before we begin our message today on fleeing the city and the current French Revolution let's powerhead for a word of prayer evilly Father we thank you so much for the opportunity to study both current events and scripture I just pray that your Holy Spirit would fill us that you would draws near to that even in the midst of these things that Jesus our Savior would be uplifted we pray in the name of Jesus Amen. Now a little bit of current events maybe you're keeping up with the news I know many people are depending on how you get it you may get it from the Internet or television or newspapers. But notice this article here from The Wall Street Journal this is a little bit older we're going to start with earlier this year we're going to move right up until basically right now in some of the current events in the Wall Street Journal The question was asked just a little while back back in June is another exodus ahead for u.s. cities and that's the question now why might people right now be was fleeing the cities or the question was asked are they going to begin and then we're going to come up today and see what's actually happening good question Well initially we had something called a pandemic a global pandemic and global pandemics largely take place we've known this for centuries this is not a new thing we've known since the plague of the 16th century that the main places that are struck with plagues are were in large population centers where you have a a high density of human beings in close proximity and when you have that what ends up happening you have a very just a perfect kind of a recipe to spread disease and so even back then we're going to get to that people were leaving the cities now this is taken from the Atlantic the title of the article is listen people are panic moving now I want to be very clear that we should not panic moves we were actually told not to panic we were told in the book country living and by the way if you have not read that book it's 32 pages you you're missing out I mean you could take a savage afternoon and you could just read the whole thing it doesn't take very long I mean a couple hours depending on how fast of a reader you are maybe more maybe last but in that book it's very clear that. People should be wise they should see God's guiding hand they should not be fanatical about it but they should they should move with caution know what they're going to do know how they're going to make a living and and see God's guiding hand so that's that's important now I'm not suggesting that you do what the Atlantic says people are actually doing presently and that is they are panic moving and why are they panic moving because they're seeing all the difficulties around them and it's scaring them and to go even further the Wall Street Journal once again another article from The Wall Street Journal says a scape to the country by city living is losing its appeal during the pandemic and you can you can see the it's beginning to sound like the book what country they escaped to the country we were told in that mode you know we should be we should move into the country so that we can raise our own provisions for in the future the problem of buying and selling will be a very serious one and now that that's not why people are leaving right now they're not moving typically because buying and selling has become very difficult although it slowly probably will become more difficult right now many things are actually increasing in price food is slightly gone up but some of the other things like wood for building in some areas we were just reading someone talking about how it's actually double doubled so the cost of building is potentially doubling at least for you know the softer wood the the wood that you would frame a house wood with and so we see this now the great thing is there are other ways to go about it to move to the country in a relatively cheap ways to do it but but it's becoming potentially more expensive but that's that's not just the main reasons why people are leaving and we were already talked about that we read here from Forbes The wealthy are leaving the cities for good so the wealthy are getting out of the cities now you can also kind of understand why right now in the midst of not only a worldwide pandemic but on top of. Social unrest in that people are angry we were told this was going to happen it was actually prophesied that people become angry with those who had finances those who had means the are there's difficulty you know with many poor people and so this is this is one of the things that people are angry about and so we just were just looking at the you know the News this is all we're saying we're not here I'm not here to talk about exactly what is going on we're just talking about in this context what is taking place with those people choosing to leave the cities so they're leaving for good we're being told and I don't know how you could tell that because you know just because someone leaves right now I mean a lot of people love the city and they just want to be there and so they may leave while it seems difficult but if it times did somehow you know become better they might go back but but we also see here from the Hill Americans leave large cities for suburban areas and rural towns so not everybody I mean some of the folks who maybe live in places like New York City Manhattan for them to move from Manhattan to the suburbs probably feels like they're in the deep country but you know it's relative and so some are moving to the suburbs but other moves are moving for more rural towns and others are actually maybe moving to the country that there is even massive movement of people in society that are interested in being able to raise their own provisions not just this week I was actually I was talking to actually a few weeks I'll tell you 2 stories a few weeks ago we were talking to a realtor we were visiting a church and it was a it was a very very serious it was a small town and. The realtor told us she said we cannot keep house is on the market houses go up and boom they are sold and then just this week now this past week anyway I was talking to a friend of mine who did choose he and his wife his. Life is a doctor and he does technical things I when I say that computer work and I talk to him and he was he moved from the city a small city actually just a suburb I don't know if you could call it a suburb city but it was a suburb of a good sized city in Texas and they now moved to the country in another state and the realtor they were talking with a realtor in the realtor said to them Are you 7th Day Adventist and they said. Yes Or why do you ask and they said I am I am selling property to a lot of 7th Day Adventists right. And so what they're seeing is 7th Day Adventists are actually moving to the country so not only are are just common people all walks of life meaning the people of the world are sensing they've got to get out of the cities but now I found out that not only are they doing it but even the realtors are like what's going on with the 7th Day Adventist people they're moving out of the cities they're seeing something is taking place and they're actually moving out now let's go folks this is this is taken from time you probably you know one of the most popular periodicals in the head in the title of this article is covert 1000 is prompting wealthy people to move out of the cities the plague had the same effect hundreds of years ago now this is interesting too you know for historians to go look at history you know obviously when you're in the midst of a plague historians what they think a I should see what happened in the past and so as you look into it you find that you had the plague in the 16th century and the King I think it was Henry the 8th or Louis the 8th I should have gone back and checked that out before I spoke about this but but nevertheless the king at that time while the plague was going on he was terrified because his grandmother had potentially died from the plague and so he had this fear of dying in and he thought about it regularly and so he would actually would move out of the city but he would do the same or you would move and move and move that was kind of his gig to try to avoid the plague but it's interesting that back then in the 16th century they knew they knew that that the cities were hotbeds of the plague because of the close once again the proximity of the people in the cities were as such that it would spread the disease very rapidly and so it was dangerous to be there and even back then people were leaving the cities because of the plague and so both historical. We see this we see this in the present time and we were told us in the spirit of prophecy that the cities were places for the spread of disease and it's interesting because you would have thought like we're so technologically advanced that like a plague like this it just could never even happen and yet it is and so we're actually told that as religious liberty begins to be curtailed or or. Trying to think of a good word for but as religious liberty diminishes in our land we need to learn more in more how to do natural remedies and you think white bread natural remedies come on now the reality is is there a scientific research that compares head to head the natural remedies this is not just like in you know in the backwoods of you know so and so state you know you name the state but they're actually doing peer reviewed literature is actually doing scientific study comparing head to head natural remedies and they're finding in many cases that it's actually just as good or better than the standard drug medications the pharmaceutical agents it's just as good or better often not always often and yet with less side effects and we were told that we were told that we should be able to use remedies that don't have the side effects of the drug medication and the research is showing I know this sometimes can scare doctors but if you're willing to look into the scientific literature you will begin to see these things for yourself now I know this is not commonly taught in the medical schools but it is in the scientific journals and so the research is out there and here's the thing so we need to as we get toward the end of time and as the methods that are being used are not very successful people in society are turning towards They are turning towards natural remedies and things to help them out in the good news is we now have research to show them many of these things are very. Good at what they do some of them are nuts some of them are all wives tales I'm not here to defend Just because something is natural means is healthy no poison ivy is very natural but it also has terrible side effects in many people so something but I'm getting a little bit off point here now I just read an article this week on moving companies not being able to keep up with the movement of people out of places like New York City that from what I understand they're actually having to turn people away because they just they can't even move them obviously their plan probably just postpone it but they're getting so busy that it's hard to keep enough maybe trucks or you know personnel to even staff this kind of the migration of humanity in so you know seeing all of these things seeing these things take place and also recognizing I've read that book Country Living over and over because it just stirs my soul and I see that we are told that we need to be able to teach people we need to be able to train people in these things to prepare them and to share with the world around us were not meant to hide in the country we were told by a messenger of God by an angel that God's people were not to be living in the cities but they were to work they were to work the cities yes we don't hide from the cities we're to share the message share the gospel go into the cities and spread the 3 angels messages but not by God's people living in them but by their visiting them to tell the people about about what is going to come upon the earth. And I thought about that for years telling the people what is to come upon the earth and we know and actually I've known and and I thought me and I need to tell people what is going to come upon the earth so I've started a. You Tube channel called health and homestead that is mixing together scientific studies on natural remedies where they compared compared head to head with the actual pharmaceutical agents in the showing ones that are beneficial we'll probably look at some that are not where we'll show hey this one turned out this is kind of a popular one that people believe is beneficial but it's actually now we now know and that's good to know also and so we're going to look at the research there but we're also talking about homesteading and country living and also Bible prophecy so that people will know in the world not just within our faith I want everyone to know what is coming upon the earth the Bible is is so clear and I want to move into that right now this is very interesting maybe some of you read the book it's called Last Day events in this book talks about well last day events write it talks about what's going to happen in the last days now what is interesting to me is that it's fulfilling right now in front of our very eyes this is blow your mind incredible information but it's also potentially life changing notice this on page 95 last events all who understand the meaning of these things read the as 11th chapter of Revelation Now stop right there the 11 chapter of Revelation is anything but we know what is in the 11 chapter of Revelation we're going to we're going to read some of that just a moment and she goes on to say read every verse and I want to challenge you to go on your own Spend some time reading it's not that long as 18 verses go read every verse of Revelation Chapter 11 all 18 verses. And she tells us this is this is what is going to come upon the earth again now we know it already happened what originally happened in Revelation 11 was what we called the French the French Revolution and the French Revolution was an incredible time where the papacy had had kicked the Protestant Reformation years before probably the 16th century and onward had kicked the Protestant Reformers out of the country of France they had gone to the king and they had said listen do not do not allow the Protestants to share the gospel to share the Bible because if they do this not only is the church the Catholic Church in danger of being overrun but the king himself will lose all of his power because these people do not care about the power of kings which is not true actually you find that historically the Protestants are people who respected governmental laws they respect the laws of their state that's just historically how Protestants have been there's something called the Protestant work ethic the diligence of Protestants so it wasn't actually true but they scared the king and so the king you know boots the. The French who were Protestant out of the country others were burned or killed in various ways in so as a result the Protestants were largely thrown out of France so the Reformation was thrown out of France and what happened was the papacy began to just rule with an iron fist all long with the aristocracy of France and it became so oppressive that all the common men and women and the maybe the lower and middle class were supporting the euro stock Recy and the priesthood in the nobles so and so there are all these people were just working and slaving and and doing this and and the people began to think this terrible life that we live at the bottom of society is the outworking of. The bible which is not true at all actually out with the working of the Bible is is a freedom is a joyous is not a burden it is actually one of the it is the Great One of the greatest blessings you could ever experience on planet earth but but they began to believe that this is the outworking of the Bible and so that led to people throwing off the shackles of what they perceive the Bible taught in creating what was called the French Revolution so not only did they they kill the king they also you know began to take the guillotine and begin to sever the heads of the priests and so forth and and then the the leaders of the revolution just turned on themselves but we're going to get to that so so what is that what is this a sick child get to the quote is let all who understand the meaning of these things read the 11 chapter of Revelation read every verse and learn the things that are yet to take place in the cities and this thing about this is 1006 Now when was the French Revolution it was the latter portion of the 18th century meaning it was the latter portion of the 1700s basically largely the $790.00 s. And so and it ended right around $1799.00 and so the French Revolution. Took place you know for us 200 years ago yet we are told if you read Revelation 11 read every verse you're going to learn things that are yet to take place in the cities the read the scenes portrayed in the 18th chapter of the same book so we're told that what happened in Revelation Chapter 11 the French Revolution is going to repeat itself not everywhere it is going to repeat itself specifically this text says in the city. This is mind blowing because you are watching it this is the this is every single day daily news right now something that and this isn't just like outsiders calling it a French Revolution the people within the movement in society are referring to this as the French Revolution and they even had a place by the name of Chasse the Capitol Hill autonomy. Was an autonomous zone yes the Capitol Hill autonomous zone and they changed the name to chop and they were even talking about what happened during the revolution the people within the movement there were saying listen people who did not go along with the revolution of the French Revolution were chopped they were actually saying that the people within the movement are recognizing that this is a a modern French Revolution and notice what we see I want to read to you from Revelation Chapter 11 Revelation Chapter 11 says this is says these are the 2 all of trees and the 2 lamb stance that stand before the Lord of the earth. And if anyone harmed them fire pours from their mouth and consumes their foes anyone would harm them this is how he is doomed to be killed I use this translation the s.p. because the 1st verse of here that we're looking at verse 4 says these are the 2 all of trees in the 2 lamp stands now the King James version calls it the candle sticks but it's interesting the lamp stands are what they actually use they didn't use candles the way that we use candles today it was more of the lamps where they would put oil in the lamp and so this would be a. Very probably accurate translation that these were the 2 all of trees these 2 things that are there to olive trees that are the 2 lamb stands what does this represent now that I word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my wife path what is a lamp and a light by work that these 2 these 2 lamps stand these 2 all of trees are there a the presentation of the Word of God that sheds light on life in the future and the past and the truth of our Savior Jesus Christ that sheds light on how he is the light of the world that he died for our sins and if we give our lives to Jesus we can have eternal life if we give our lives to Jesus in the midst of the turmoil the trials and the troubles that are going on around us even today we can have peace in our hearts knowing that my Savior Jesus is with me even if even if things didn't go well for me here on planet Earth I still have a Savior and he can bring about a peace in my heart that surpasses all understanding so these 2 olive trees need to lamb stands represent the Word of God Well how both the Old and the New Testament. So you have the Old Testament the New Testament or shining light both on history and also the present but yet also upon the future and be you have these 2 depictions here I'm not going to go into any more detail on this right now but it says they have power to shut the sky that no rain may fall during the days of their prophecy Who is that remind you of their minds who may be given light and they have powers over water the waters to turn them into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of play so as often as they desire Now what does that remind you of it remind you of Moses right Moses turning the water into blood nothing now could these men do this by their own power no they did this by the power of God God told them and through His Word they had power to do such things and it says and when they verse 7 and when they have finished their testimony. The beasts that rise from the bottomless pit will make war with them and conquer them and kill them so when they have finished their testimony so this is during this time period the time period of papal suppression during what do we see we look from 538 when in 530 the Ostrogoths 8538 the Ostrogoths kicked rather the papacy was able with the help with help to kick the Ostrogoths out of the city of Rome and so now they actually had their own land they were there before but now they were able to get the Ostrogoths out of the area and wanted up happening you began to have the power of the beginning of the reign of the papacy that would rain for $1206.00 the days or prophetic years and when they finish their testimony the beast that rises out of the bottomless pit will make war with them and conquer them and kill them he'll kill who will the 2 witnesses kill destroy the Word of God at the end of their testimony now remember the papacy reign for 1260 years and that break brought us from 853-8217 was $98.00 and it was during this time period at this time period a beast meaning a nation rises out of the model must pay and that nation would destroy the 2 witnesses the 2 olive trees the 2 lamp stance that their bodies the bodies of the Word of God will be slain in the streets. Did that happen during the French Revolution it says in verse 88 and they're dead bodies will lie in the street of that great city that symbolically is called Sodom in Egypt where their Lord was crucified was Jesus crucified in Saddam or Egypt the answer is no so this is obviously symbolic and he was not killed in either one of those places but he was in the place of his people in the place of his people in so Saddam was a place of sexual immorality some people are trying to argue because easy. Now says said of all that the sin of Saddam was pride arrogancy fullness of bread abundance of bread and idleness was in her midst so the sin of because that tax says that the sin of Saddam was of those things the sin of Saddam was not sexual immorality that idea of what went on there was not the real sin the real sin were those other issues now those other issues were real sins of Sodom that lead to the sexual immorality how do we know that sexual immorality was really one of the great issues of Sodom not only because the story there in the book of Genesis but on top of that the New Testament just tells us so we don't have to gas Jude 7 tells us in turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes it tells us that this city Sodom and Gomorra go read it for yourself Jew This 7 it tells us that one of the sins of Saddam was struck going after strange flesh. Sexual immorality was one of the sins of sodomy says it very clearly and it says that is an example what happened to Saddam will be the example of what will happen in the end of time the destruction of the way it did partly in part not only in part because of sexual immorality but in that context it was sexual immorality So this city that is called Saddam a city that went off after sinful sinful fleshly things and number 2 Egypt now Egypt denied the true God of heaven and do we see these 2 things taking place in the French Revolution. Did they make the holy sacrament of marriage I don't even know that we use that word but the the holy the holy what we call dictate of marriage that God gives us in the Bible did they actually kind of begin to and all that they they they absolutely did you look back on the history and it just became like a contract again no big deal of divorce and you know being with someone else and you know I think one of the one of the popular speakers in their day called marriage the sacrament of adultery because you know you know if you get married just going to you're just going to sleep around that's just the way it was back then you know times are so different today well not so much but but you get the idea so did they reject God They absolutely did they actually within the Assembly did exactly that and we're going to be a few quotes and I'm going to share with you some fascinating information so we read here it says this is from education to 28 at the same time in Archy is seeking to sweep away all law not only Divine but human the centralizing of wealth and power the vast combinations of for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many so this is $11.00 of the things that's going to take place at the end of time we largely businesses are going to it is the combinations of the poor classes for the defense of their interest in claims because the rich are gathering up all there is in various lines of business we're told that the poor are going to rise up that's what happened during the French Revolution the spirit of unrest of riots and bloodshed the way the world wide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution all are tending to involve the whole world in a struggle similar to that which convulsed France but the. Now let's go for this is taken from Haskell he quotes a man by the name of Scott in the life of Napoleon in speaking of France in the year 793 just a few years before the expiration of the allotted time speaking of verse 36 which says the world for the 1st time are speaking of this meaning this what goes on in verse 36 the world for the 1st time heard an assembly of men born and educated in civilization and assuming to govern one of the finest European nations op lift their united voices to deny the most solemn truth which Mansoul The receives and renounce unanimously the belief and worship of the deity France stands apart in the world's history as the single state which by the decree of her legislative assembly pronounced that there was no God. And of which the entire population of the capital and a vast majority elsewhere and women as well as men danced and sang with joy in accepting the announcement this was atheism the logical result of the position taken in Alexandria when Christians assume the garble pagan philosophers God's word was treated as a product of the human mind Atheism is the individual atheism in the individual is likewise the result of so treating the Scriptures now once again what took place was Christianity turning from the Word of God as the papacy turn from the Word of God the natural outworking was skepticism atheism and could that be happening in the churches of today in America that many churches not just Catholic but Protestant even so many churches many denominations treat the Bible as something that where oh you know Genesis come on the stories of Dennis's we know that that part is not true not that part's not true why would you believe in any of right it would especially Jesus talked about Genesis as if it were true if he believed it was true and isn't then why would you believe anything he had to say while you a good moral principles would you see the idea so you get to now pick and choose what is true and the logical outworking of this is there is no God because of God can't tell the truth about history why on earth could he tell us the truth about the present and so you can see the logical outworking is atheism perfectly logical but the reality is no we should stand upon every word that precede it out of the mouth of God friends the Word of God is true Jesus said same defy them through the truth of the word is what is truth. What we see this in John 1717 that God's Word is the truth we can trust in His Word we can stand firm on the words of our Savior and all of Holy Scripture which by the way is the testimony of Jesus Christ so looking thinking about this French revolution in Revelation Chapter 11 for 7 we read the beast that is sent out of the bottomless pit shall make war with them and shall overcome them and kill them so the great controversy tells us the atheistic power that ruled in France during the revolution in the reign of terror did waged such a war against God and His Holy Word as the world has never witnessed the worship of the deity was abolished by the National Assembly Bibles were collected and publicly burned and every possible manifestation of scorn the law of God was trampled underfoot the instructions of the bible world bollixed the weekly rest day was set aside and in its stead every 10th day was devoted to revelling and blasphemy baptism and the communion were prohibited and announcements posted conspicuously over the borough places declare death to be an eternal sleep like one part of the right death is asleep it is not eternal sleep but here's the thing the begin to burn the Bibles and these these kinds of things this is what took place now you say well who Good then we don't have bible burnings going on in our modern French Revolution remember the people within the movement are calling it a modern rent French Revolution it is not just me placing this upon the movement taking place today it is a movement that in part is actually saying that we need to abolish the family unit. Which would fit once again with what happened in the French Revolution and secondarily you say kept their numbering Bibles Oh actually they are they are now burning Bibles as a part of this what is taking place today we were told this would take place you say Ok I get Ok to burning bibles and some of these things have to do with getting rid of them and the family unit the nuclear family as it's called but Chad the guillotine are not doing that are they yes if you're watching the news you're seeing now they're bringing out via teens into the protests and so what do we see they're actually bringing your teens in they're doing mock you know beheadings of various people whether it may be I don't know the president or other people but actually one of them is right outside the house of a man by the name of Jeff Bezos you may know of him he is the richest man in the world it just came out that I think he's one of the 1st people to 200000000000 at least these are the popular people there's other people probably have that much money but we just don't talk about them in the news really but nevertheless. So he's one of the richest people in the world in his own workers have come up to his property and protesting him and bringing good teams now we were told that the rich that people would become angry because all of the capital all the money would be gathered together within a few people's hands and people would revolt So you see we live literally living in prophecy we're not we're not just looking forward to prophecy we're watching prophecy unfold right now so we're seeing we're living in a time where the French Revolution we were told it was going to happen again in the city and so not only 7th Day Adventists but people of the world are sensing something is not right something is not right and so they're they're leaving they're fleeing the cities now I want you to consider. The whole concept the way we know when to leave the cities is by reading the Word of God We see we see information on this throughout Scripture but then we also have the testimony that we've been given and things like the country the book country living it gives us gives us insight on to when no here's the thing you can study it for yourself but we are told over and over the time is come the time has come the time has come to move out of the cities you say chambre aren't we also told that at the Sunday law that is the time to leave the city so these attacks do they contradict the answer I don't believe they do at all you can study it for yourself but we're told over and over that even an angel of God has told us that we are that we are to do the work from outposts being outside of the city go into the city yes don't neglect the city they need the gospel work there are certain works that need to be done in the cities right. Not so much on spittles but more so restaurants were told specifically obviously you need to reach the people so we need to reach the people we can have some health clinics in the city but largely our health institutions we're told should actually be in the country because they will have a better healing effect in the country but you can study these things for yourself but ultimately the Sunday law is the final message now you just leave the city you just flew time to get out of the cities but before that God has been saying listen if you want safety if you want freedom there's something there in the country and I If you haven't heard my messages on scientific studies on the benefits of of spending time in nature you're missing out on that we have a whole you know check it out we've got some on audio verse and I have a whole series on that otherwise but nevertheless So we see that this is this is this is interesting also from the gate controversy the infidel infidel Voltaire once boastingly said I am weary of hearing people repeat that 12 minutes dabblers the Christian religion I will prove that one man may suffice to overthrow it. And then it goes on to say generations of pass and his death millions have joined the war in the war upon the Bible but it is so far from being destroyed that where there were a 100 involved terrorists time there are now 10000 yes 800000 copies of the Book of God in the words of an early reformer concerning the Christian Church the Bible isn't and still that is worn out many hammers say if the lord no weapon that is formed against the shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against the in judgment shalt thou condemn you know that I didn't used to claim that verse because I didn't really think all that much about it no weapon that is formed against the shell Prosser I've had in Bible or cannot and or as I've had someone threaten me as I was doing the work and and but just recently the world as is is literally seems the Spirit of God is being withheld are kind of pulled back I don't know but it sure seems like it we had a we had an interesting situation where someone was chasing us in their car and they use their car to ram into our car just recently just after we had given a. Zoom Bible study at a park and I don't have a clue why this person did it we we don't know them they're just and then just after that somebody in my family. Who was witnessing to somebody that same person came to actually with a gun to their door to kill them and they called the cops and so we went in we moved them out of their house because it wasn't safe to be there anymore but things are happening friends and we were told by the police we were told the people are just. Dave and it sounds like they've never seen anything like this people are just they're becoming even people who had. Moderate problems are now becoming serious problems. And so but Voltaire said listen the Christian religion will be destroyed but what did we see where there were you know maybe 100 Bibles now there's 800000 Bibles meaning what does that mean so right after the French Revolution so it ends right in 799 m. by the way people were looking for freedom in the French Revolution and did they get that now I don't know how far to take this that is read every verse of Revelation Chapter 11 these things will be repeated in the cities but do you know what they got Did they get freedom in France is that what that was as a result of of burning the Bibles and and becoming atheist No actually they got a dictator his name was Napoleon Bonaparte So this idea that rejecting God rejecting religion burning bibles and slaughtering leadership is how you come to getting freedom because they did kill their King at the time and so is that how you bring freedom to the people of the world No it actually probably bunged they got a dictator even though they killed the King they got in his place Napoleon Bonaparte who is a dictator who brought in one of the deadliest wars in history some 7000000 people died during the Napoleonic wars so it didn't bring about freedom like they hoped actually you got to hope freedom you know in another part of the world and interestingly that country was initially based on a now we know all things were not free obviously. Things were not perfect by any stretch of the imagine it's a political force so. Now I want to share with you one powerful quote here also from great controversy is the word of are gone you shall stand forever which is actually in the Bible all his commandments are sure they stand fast forever and ever they are done in truth in uprightness this Isaiah 40 verse 8 and Psalms $111.00 verse $78.00 and so whatever is built upon the authority of Man will be overthrown but that which is founded upon the rock of God's immutable word shall stand forever friends that which stands upon God's immutable rock his word shall stand forever now what is that rock it is the Word of God and Jesus is also as 1st Corinthians 10 tells us verse 4 he is the Rock himself he is the Rock of Ages cleft for me friends it's time to hide ourselves in him as difficulty goes on in the world as we see prophecy taking place not just as some future event not just as a far off situation but my hope since these prophecies we're told are going to be repeating in the cities My hope is that not only a portion of it will but the most important portion because what does it say after the after they struck down the 2 witnesses in the streets and they had their dead bodies the Word of God was was dead in the streets as they burn the Word of God but yet at the end of During that time period after 3 and a half years something took place they resurrected they came back to life in the Allow they realize man we need to allow the people that actually have the Word of God Again this going against God thing doesn't work out so well because the people in the revolution begin to take out their own the people who started the revolution like robes the air. He himself was thrown to the guillotine So so the people who initiated the revolution they also were taken out by the same gear that they were using to kill other people and so what do we see here just after that time period the rest of the world England the United States just after that time England began to have the British Foreign and Foreign Bible Society and what happened they began to share the message with the world their mission movements began to take place then the United States begin to have their mission societies and the gospel began to spread to planet earth this led up to 844 in preparation for that time period and my hope is as this is taking place we know we're living in the fulfillment of prophecy and by God's grace the Gospel can begin to go to the world but that's up to you that's up to me Will we share this message we have with other people you know we're living in a time where people are terrified to say anything that might offend somebody but the reality is if we don't say something about the truth you're going to offend people eternally we're told in the end they're going to say why didn't you tell me I don't say that as a threat it's just a reality friends God is calling us ask Jesus to help you to make you love him so much that we would actually want to share his message that we would say like Paul in Romans one I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God and to salvation to him that believe it to the Jew 1st and also to the Greek friends we don't need to be ashamed of the gospel. It's the power of God in our lives the power of Jesus the one of died to take away our sins but also the power to live a life of righteousness and we can share that power with others friends Jesus is coming again we see it happening and we are living in the misses we're living in the prophecy our life was prophesied and we can choose which side we will be on Friends Jesus wants to use you as a tool just like after the French Revolution that we may be living in the midst of the modern French Revolution God can use you to be a light during this time period and so friends I want to challenge you use your life standing on the Rock of Ages is here foundation is here all in all let us close with a word for every father we thank you for eyes to see and I pray that father you would guide each one of us to be a witness for you father as we talked in the beginning about people who are fleeing the cities Lord we also know that you are not calling us to be real radically crazy no not not in any food stretch of the imagination but you're calling us to be wise to be cautious to know what we're doing to prepare and to see your guiding hand to not move ahead of you. But also we don't want to be too far behind your well we want to be in line day by day with the movement and the prompting the. I pray that you will draw each one of us nearer. The name of. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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