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03 Lifestyle Links for Living Free

Vicki Griffin
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Vicki Griffin

Author, Speaker, and Director of the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention series



  • June 17, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Well good morning good afternoon thank you so much Pastor Brice for that wonderful introduction it's such a blessing to be here today this is our 3rd session of living free finding freedom from habits that hurt also called habits that last and it's a joy to spend this time together our 1st meeting we took a fly over the forest and we looked at how our brains are constantly remodeling themselves according to what we learned that were actually engineers to be able to move forward engineering for renewal recovery and restoration yesterday's meeting we talked about the internal environment of our attitude our mindset our worldview and how those things those inner workings are actually the raw material for our actions and so today we're going to continue and we are now going to take a look at our x. Journal environment and creation living and take a look at the brain body connections because the Lord wants our hearts He wants our heads and then he will shape our habits so as we begin let's Bower our heads for prayer bother and heaven thank you Lord that we can have this wonderful time together as just believers as family there are probably people who are questioning who are in challenges who maybe don't believe in a higher power in an in a god in a savior and I pray that as we come together and reason you would in light in our hearts and mostly give us hope hope in our heartaches hope in our habits hope in our hindrances and hope for heaven because that's where our citizenship must be we thank you we praise you in Jesus name Amen. So today we're talking about living free your x. Journal environment we're talking about yesterday we talked about creating an environment your internal environment of how we think your ex Journal environment is your surroundings and creating a lifestyle that is today's topic we're talking about creating connections with God and with others so what is your ex sternal environment your internal environment is how we think our extra nl environment is what our surroundings are because our surroundings are going to call us in a direction so it's very important if you've been challenged with addictions or you simply want to move forward in your most important goals that you remove triggers that would pull you in a wrong direction I'll never forget years ago my husband and I were called to a certain city to do some health meetings and diabetes meetings we stayed in the home of an overworked oncologist she was really in poor health herself she had habits that were really hurting her mentally and physically and her whole house every dish every decoration was candy she decorated her home with candy and on her refrigerator there was a picture of a woman with her hair sticking out a cartoon and her eyes were like really gigs and underneath it said I have one nerve left and you're about to get on it well we tiptoed through that house all that weekend and so today we're going to take a look at some of these connections but our extra Lynn Vironment is so important as a person who struggled and suffered with Billy Mia for 20 years. Years from age 11 to age 33 I'm I'm quite old now I've been many years away from that but there are still to this day foods and things that I can't just put in my house because I'll be thinking about it and here's how you know if you have an addiction a food addiction or an addiction to something that may be harmless in itself but but not around you and not in your house everyone is different so here's how you can tell what needs to stay out of your house whether it's chips chops or lollipops if you bring that thing into the house you know where it is you know how many are in the package you know who's eating it and you're mad at your husband if he eats the last one that does not to be need to be in your house get it out of there so remove those triggers. Replace with positives this is really important to have things around your home that call you in the direction that you want to go that God wants you to go he has put the inclination in your heart but now you have to follow through with vigilance and recapture the joy of purpose filled living when you get up in the morning make that bed if everything else in your day goes wrong your bed is made you're going to brush your teeth you're going to get up dress up and show up for the day that is God's plan for you you have lessons to learn new heights to gain and new victories to be won we want to practice new behaviors practice not only makes perfect it makes progress and that's such an important thing to have a mindset of progress Ok yesterday you know I messed up in this area I I was unkind I was rude I was hasty I didn't I did not need to eat a whole sleeve of Oreos you know I fell into the self-pity trap but today dear god you've taught me something and I'm going to turn that mistake into a victory the Bible says ponder the path of your feet let all your ways be established but you know I have learned while I do that I have to set my affections and my focus on things above because if I were to get lost in my own little world of every single thing that needs correcting I could get pretty discouraged but when I keep my eyes on Christ this is the will of God your growth your sanctification your journey let's place it into his hands and he says if you are willing and if you will obey my impulses you will eat the fat of the land and it's not hamburgers. We need to avoid media reading and activities that are depressing traumatic violent immoral or pointless That's a that's a big. Menu order right there and it has it is a sad state that we have come to the place where we watch evil for enjoyment and entertainment pure evil. And we're already in the news where shrapnel we're machine gun with scraps of information and it can it can actually cause a hardening effect and here's here's the reason there are there are different parts of the brain for processing information so cognitively we receive information every 2nd every 2nd year cognitively so the screen is divided up in the news you know you have some stock here somebodies car blew up here a fire here a robbery here. Some Widow here that has a story and it's all happening at the same time and cognitively we're receiving it very quickly but according to neuroscientist Antonio Damasio emotional tagging takes more time it takes about 3 seconds and so while we cognitively are receiving all this information and notice if you're watching those gory programs every 2nd every 2nd or 2 there's a change cognitively receiving it but there's no emotional tagging so we can be cognizant and know that something is wrong but there's no feeling attached to it this is not good and so we need to unplugged from that type of programming. So pleasure really does come in many packages there's nothing I enjoy more watching than my grandma than watching my grandchildren I pull out paints or play dough or just mud in the in the yard it's just so great to watch them play dead just figure it out as they go and the Lord has designed us and engineer to us to have real joy and real pleasure and to enjoy novelty not the kind of novelty that creates an extreme stress response bungee but Bindi jumping bungee jumping I don't know when these are one of those are very good. But but all of these things that produce extreme terror fear excitement these are are not the best usually there's a reaction afterwards and it's using up stress system it's it's dressing your system but we are designed to enjoy life and to enjoy new things and novel experiences so the flowers the trees the birds gardening chores learning something new These are the pleasant experiences interacting with other interesting people learning new skills intellectual growth is a wonderful thing our brains need stretching. And just like our muscles do positive friendships I have friends that have very different disposition than I do and I'm really grateful because I can go to them when I'm having a challenge and I can say how would you think about this and I can learn from them how they would think about or think through a challenge that I'm facing and it becomes a useful tool of the Bible says that iron is refined by iron and man is made better by contact with his neighbor healthy choices helping others just doing something for someone else I really enjoy making bread for other people I it's just something I really love to do especially in the wintertime so let's talk a little bit about creation living because I have been through addiction programs with friends of mine who suffered from alcoholism and the eating habits and the lifestyle habits of people who have fallen into serious addiction are usually pretty poor and they don't understand what that brain body link is between mood memory learning and behavior and physical habits so that's we're going to land there today we're going to look at several aspects of this and you can go as Pastor Bryce said to lifestyle Matters dot com and there are 26 votes short videos you can watch on 26 different wellness topics there are power points in English and Spanish that are free and downloadable free materials there are books we have a companion book with this program called living free and this resource is also available to you in a 6 session format with a living free book so our job is to put materials and resources and tools into your hands so that you can become a home of hope in your neighborhood your community your family so positive lifestyle choices actually protect the brain and body making it easier to cope with stress and enjoy new things in life. So some basic if we just look at a big picture and we just think about the big picture right now hydrating with water many times we have false hunger signals because we're just simply not hydrated people will fill up with sweetened drinks or even diet drinks and even the diet sweetened drinks are actually an independent risk factor for diabetes there are changes that take place in appetite signaling and the average caloric intake of people who use diet drinks is actually higher than the average person when we think about these drinks that you can get during the summer the 64 ounce soda pop drinks that's 135 grams of fruit those fruit doses one molecule of fruit does and a glucose together is a sugar a simple sugar when you separate the glue the fruit dose out in it and it is manufactured to be a high troop dose of corn syrup you would have to consume $33.00 peaches to get that much fruit those there's only 4 grams of fruit dose in a peach and that Peaches matrix in fiber nutrition phytochemicals nutrients micro and macro that are going to create real Sit tight a real satisfaction and so you can see how these substances are what are called Psycho pharmacologic doses of a macro nutrient sugar is a macro nutrient in that dose and it has a brain shaping effect and it creates hormonal and neurotransmitter changes it actually changes the structural It makes structural changes in the brain so we want to hydrate with water instead of these sweetened drinks or caffeine get your rest we're going to talk about that we're going to talk about exercise and we're going to talk about. Good brain and body building nutrition today I love this quotation by Guy Macand scuse me we are only just beginning to understand how the brain as an organ is influenced by the nutrients that it derives from the foods we eat and how diet has an impact on mental health so this is an incredibly important. Topic and we actually have a book called foods for thought nutrition slink with mood memory learning and behavior in that book we have a chapter called those dulling diseases so we've talked in the last meetings we've talked about suffering we've talked about psychological emotional and spiritual health and we understand that not every storm is in the forecast but I remember watching. The fires in Australia recently a 1000000000 animals killed in this 10000 structures the fire was so fierce that it actually created its own weather and we are in danger of indulging in habit patterns with our lifestyle and our thoughts that actually create their own weather and so my purpose today is to help us to understand some of those self induced weather patterns and how to dial them down and extinguish them and I'm talking specifically about the fires of inflammation because when we consume what is called a pro inflammatory diet it also creates inflammation in the brain we've spoken about how the brain produces new nerve cells in substantial numbers every day and that these nerve cells migrate into specific areas of the brain 2 of my favorites are the hippocampus an area which has to do with learning and memory and the a middle of which has to do with emotional memory and fear so what this tells me about God is that you and I are engine eared for increased learning and wisdom over time and healing from emotional trauma but the generation of and migration of these new nerve cells is one thing but their survival is another and when we are in a pro inflammatory state in our body which is induced by inactivity lack of movement poor sleep poor diet obesity chronic ailments that we are fueling through lifestyle practices then it creates this inflammatory condition in the brain and a loss of needed nutrients for metabolic head. Else so this is an incredibly important topic I don't worship food I worship God I understand that there are some mean vegetarians out there there was a vegan Congress and some woman pelted the speaker with a healthy lime pie so I get that I get that but would you agree with me that this is an important tool that we need to consider in our tool box I could just go on and on on this but then will then they'll have to open up the floor to get rid of me at the end of the hour so here's here's one of the challenges that we face. You can insert food you can insert media you can insert shopping we are living more and more in a boundary list society where more isolated where more anonymous so food or media or shopping it's available anytime anywhere for any reason there are less distractions you know you can you can go to the store perfectly happy with your bathroom tiles and by the time you leave the ads and the pictures have convinced you that you are you are in big trouble because of the way your bathroom looks now you're standing in line with a stack of towels that you really don't need and can't afford somebody stops talks to you you have a minute to think about it you think about your paycheck you think that you well wait a minute I don't want to charge this. And you have a chance to think about it before you buy but these these buffers have been slowly removed and so these impulse items are everywhere and they're just a click away in addition we talk about on the media you'll hear things like you get a value meal Well what is a value meal what does that mean it means for as few extra pennies you can get a 1000 extra sugar or fat calories that's what it means but value also has another meaning quality. And God wants to add value to your life and I want you to take that to the bank I want you to understand his love for you is expressed in the healthy foods that he gives us to enjoy so the marketing today it's cheap it's calorie dense oversized portions highly flavored I'm going to show you what that looks like this is a fast food shake have a look now if you can find a strawberry in that list I will send you a free book but you're not going to find it it is true that some of the chemical Esther's listed in there this isn't all poisoned these are estimates s. these are esters that create the flavor the aroma perhaps some elements that create a texture or a mouth feel that you would have with a real strawberry but the nutrients are missing the fiber is missing the the real elements of a strawberry are gone and it's there just what are called highly had Donek so they stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain with a blister factor that is unreal so you need a real strawberry and it doesn't have the same effect Now the good news is. That we think of taste as sugar I'm sorry salt sweet bitter sour as the 4 basic tastes that are in the tongue but the truth is there are literally thousands of receptor is on the tongue and the genes the genes that control for taste just like our other genes can be active or inactive and everything we do affects the activity of those genes so as you have new taste experiences and new foods glide across the tongue it actually triggers new taste sensations that are rewired in the cortical area of the brain as a new experience so if what if some beautiful healthy foods don't taste good at the beginning. You know in this pandemic we've been in I haven't seen any runs on asparagus there are foods that we can get that are just amazing they're amazing but people aren't aren't going for them because they don't know how to use them their tastes have been perverted to highly sweet salt fat and so the good news is that over time that can change to where those very highly seasoned foods are not even appealing anymore now the important part to remember is that what begins as a curiosity or a crutch very soon becomes a biological condition so strong biological shifts occur with high intake of low fiber calorie dense foods and one of the 1st affects of this dietary pattern is guess what fatigue and I'm going to show you in a moment a picture of what insulin resistance looks like at the skeletal muscle of muscular skeletal level. So fatigue inflammation insulin resistance insulin is the hormone that ushers the glucose into the cells and when the glucose which is the feel of the cell gets into the cell then you have energy then you have metabolic processes that keep that cell running and healthy it helps your mental engine to purr instead of paying but when we have insulin resistance that means that the insulin is not working properly to get the glucose into the cell so one of the 1st signs is fatigue and the reason for insulin resistance is often inactivity and over feeding especially if certain nutrients that results in food cravings when we eat these highly sweetened as I mentioned say the 64 ounce soda what's going to happen is you have a strong spike in blood sugar Well the insulin is a chaser it's going to chase it overshoot it and clear the blood so quickly that biologically within 2 hours your brain will perceive that you're in a fasting state even though you may be consumed 1500 or 2000 calories because it has overshot the mark over cleared the blood and now you're hungry again in addition the this washing down our food with these sweetened drinks actually triggers something called neuropeptide y. in the stomach which says I'm hungry then you case it with a burger and fries high in saturated fat and calories. And it dials down leptin which is produced in fat cells leptin is the signaller which says I've had enough so imagine you're to eat a meal that says I'm hungry and then the turn off knob that I've had enough is dial down and we think we're having a psychological battle or a spiritual battle but in reality what began that way has now shifted into a real condition so again the addicted brain isn't fighting very hard but we need to fight smart we need to use every tool in the box so elevated stress hormone it actually is a rescue. It's a rescue function or it's a backup system when we get into this this unstable blood sugar situation where the your body is insulin resistant it can't clear the glucose so now you have a backup system that's going to compensate so what it does is stress hormones become elevated and studies show that people that have obesity and insulin resistance and some of these chronic ailments diabetes heart disease type 2 diabetes heart disease these corner artery disease situations and I understand that some of these occur that that you can't do anything about but we can always do better we can always do better and so diet will help even more it can it can make a big difference especially in those very fragile cases where you may have a strong genetic predisposition or you may have had an accident or been exposed to a fire and now you have pancreatic I mean there are there's never one reason but I'm here to tell you that we want to dial down every risk factor that we possibly can because God wants to add value to your life. And so very very important that we pay attention to these things. And so the high intake of sweetened drinks it adds excess calories it increases that hunger signaling and it overrides appetite control so what happens with the stress hormone is it now elevates you now have an elevated level of cortisol even when you're not upset nothing's wrong there's no emergency you don't need to run anywhere the reason that this happens is because there's too much sugar in the blood and the liver now is triggered to release these 3 fatty acids which are going to glom on to the carbons and produce triglycerides and lay it right around the mid body and mid body fat is very metabolically active Now the good news is that it's also very unstable so as we begin to make better choices and as we begin to move then this process begins to reverse and I'm really thankful for an exercise physiologist that I heard he said a good bout of exercise can increase insulin sensitivity anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days that's a good thing when insulin sensitivity is increased that means that the the glucose can get into the cells and then we have another amazing and wonderful backup system and I'm so thankful to God because He knows that we come to him all broken up we come with these habits we have these conditions we are just a mess but he is in the business of turning messages into miracles so if you are under conviction right now if you think oh wow I have real I'm wiped out I'll take I'm toast. Literally then you must understand that God is here to help you one step at a time when choice that a time and this condition begins to reverse and plus there are other proteins in the muscle called glucose transporters and this isn't another m this is another amazing back up system when the sugars are high these glucose transporters these proteins come from within the muscle and they migrate to the edge to the end of the muscle to the outside and they pull in glucose even if your insulin resistant even if you're a type one diabetic it can really reduce the need for insulin in the insulin dependent individual always work with your health care provider these are serious conditions this is a lifestyle program so very very important how God has built this into us low carb diets are not good for your brain the food of Eden is unrefined carbohydrates it's the fuel of our muscles it's the fuel of our brains trance fats animal fats and hydrogenated oils gum up the works in the brain and the body you know I want to take a break here before I show you what insulin resistance looks like and I want to I want to deal with your heart and your mind. This is a beautiful statement that I really love it's found in a devotional called our father cares those who work against the natural laws of the being must suffer the penalty of trance question but the savior pities us even when we suffer from infirmities caused by our own wrong course of action in Him there is healing power for us let us praise God for the Tree of Life the leaves of which are for the healing of the nations everywhere the effects of the curse are seen Let us praise God that in the earth made new There will be no more curse but the throne of God in the lamb shall be in it and his servants shall serve Him Here's another one poor souls saint says I pity you mourning under sin but God has no pity you long for some ray of hope but God leaves you to perish and find satisfaction in your misery this is a terrible deception the writer says Do not give your to the tempter but say Jesus has died that I might live he loves me and will not that I should perish many times we make decisions because 1st of all the inclinations of our heart the environment that we have been taught we not only inherit genes we also inherit cookbooks. And so we make choices when when we are separated from God All of these factors the Lord knows and he understands our inclinations and he wants to give us a new heart and a new start in life so don't be discouraged as you hear these words today this image is very very important for us to understand when we feel the fatigue the mental fog it's so difficult to want to get out and move when the very condition that we've created by overfeeding and not moving has created what is called insulin resistance now this you are looking at one side of the screen you're seeing a an image of fatty skeletal muscle on the other side of the screen you see a picture of normal skeletal muscle in activity and overfeeding. In animals creates a marbling of the meat that's the kind of meat that people pay a lot of money for and barbecue because the fat in it makes the meat tender and so they keep the animals from moving they over feed them and this is what you get this is human skeletal muscle this is what insulin resistance looks like and that's why I love what my colleague Evelyn says she says the question today is not am I going to exercise but it's when and where. Now she says something else that I haven't quite gotten along. Alongside of her with yet but I'm sure trying she says there's no bad weather just bad clothing. Ok I'll go up and down the stairs Evelyn you go ahead and put your ice cleats out and go out there but we need to choose more of the good stuff what do you already like what is colorful that you love we want to eat a rich rainbow of colors that these many of these agents that provide the color texture and flavor to the plant foods that we love they actually are stress hormones that protect the plant and they have incredible effects in our own system so lycopene we talk about like oh peanuts in tomatoes. And tomato paste when the when the tomato is stressed it actually produces more like a peanut and it has anti-cancer properties for in human beings so the golden rules for best weight is let's put a boundary around meal time the goal is about 15 grams of fiber per meal per day if you have 3 meals if you have 2 you still want to get 45 to 50 grams of dietary fiber at your meal and not in a pill form or a powder form the plant foods that God has given us are amazing and we don't get enough dietary fiber when you get the dietary fiber in the plant foods you are going to maximize the absorption of those nutrients you're going to maximize their utilization you're going to maximize their retention so nutrition is a 3 legged stool and as we start consuming healthy fats instead of the animal saturated fats and hydrogenated fats then what happens is these cells all of our bodies are every all the cells in our body are made up of what are called by lip and layers kind of like. It's 2 layers of floating ping pong balls in a jacuzzi and they keep remodelling all the time and the type of dietary fat that we consume is going to influence how permeable how conductive how electric these cells are and how fluid they are so the more fluid and conductive and electric and permeable the better communication systems between brain body hormone transfer can all of these communications improve and when you have a stress response molecules are released fatty acids are released from those cells that create a safe and inflammatory response so with a healthy diet it's lower so there is a linear relationship with healthy fats and lower levels of impulsivity depression and even chronic inflammation and pain so that every choice is going to make a difference so we want to put a balance Drea around meal time and watch portion sizes limit sugars and sweet I want you to eat well enough at one meal so that you don't have to think about food for the next 4 or 5 hours I mean does that sound like freedom to not have food on your mind all the time to not have this glucose flooding and then this clearing of the blood sugar so that you're famished in 2 hours even though you've eaten 2000 calories I remember for a demo buying a little package of it was a snickerdoodle it was literally this just this big and I looked at the I looked at the nutrition information on the back it said 200 calories Ok snickerdoodle 200 calories then I looked at the serving size for so you see we don't understand what we're putting in our mouse. So eat only at meal time limit sugars and sweets limit fat and fatty foods especially the unhealthy fat so what are the healthy fats olives Ah because nuts seeds just a handful of walnuts $1200.00 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids a handful of any kind of nut every day is going to cut your risk of a heart attack by 50 percent extra virgin olive oil has $31.00 different anti-oxidants including hydroxy top Tyrus saw we don't want to drink soup ladles full of it but it sure is lovely sprinkled on a salad with a little lemon juice and that lemon juice is going to increase iron absorption and your mental engine is going to start working you're going to start having more energy you're going to feel better you're going to act nicer with plant foods more is better so plan fiber rich meals stock up on fresh foods it's boy when we're hungry halt we're when we let ourselves get hungry overly hungry angry or anxious lonely or tired that's when we are in trouble so plan ahead eat more raw fruits and vegetables 3 cheers for salad ra ra ra although I'm not a total raw food a because I cooked vegetables and being injured sweeper Cato's are wonderful it increases carrots annoyed absorption it increases iron absorption and protein absorption so these are amazing when you think of carrots in oids we think of carrot juice but there are more than 500 carrots a noise in the plant kingdom and they are all just amazing Many of them are very immediately bioavailable bioavailable we don't know about all of them but there's a Japanese study that that showed very clearly that when we eat more of these colorful fruits and vegetables and have higher levels of care it annoys in the blood in serum levels that there's actually a lower incidence of sleeplessness and irritability. So focus more on being one cup of cooked beans is 15 grams of fiber whole grains and lagoons Jesus is the bread of life it's an end these grains are amazing they are they are this main substrate or food or material for the bacteria in your g.i. tract to digest very very important and the digestive products from the insoluble and soluble fibers that we are talking about in these foods today stimulate the production of neurotransmitters that calm us they are ant day anti ngs the oject anti obesity neurotransmitters Sera tone and dope Amine gaba which has to do with impulse control so when we're consuming these kinds of foods there are mental health benefits just from the type of bacteria that colonized the cut I think this is incredible it makes me so thankful that these molecules of well being are created to assist our mental health however the junk food that we go to when we're upset it creates obesogenic molecules and dip depressive and propane not the gas not propane but pro pain molecules are produced. So what about exercise how do exercise and diet work together I think it's very interesting that in the beginning God linked nutrition and exercise together he said by the sweat of your brow you will eat as we approach the end of time I think it's in is equal Chapter $36.00 it says the sin of pride of Saddam was pride fullness of bread and idleness so the very thing that God put together for our good at the beginning is the very thing that we are not doing now as a culture and we need to be focused we need to be intentional we are honoring God when we understand his priorities and make them ours So exercise is actually going to improve mental processing learning and memory brisk exercise especially is going to stimulate blood flow neuron growth in the brain and repair it's like throwing Miracle Gro on your brain it's called a brain derives neuro tropic factor. Exercise counteracts depression at almost every level depression is an erosion of connections I would say it also is a treatment for addiction because it's so calming in your life as well as between your brain cells exercise reestablishes those connections praise the Lord you know I exercise every day to control anxiety to keep my my think tank in line with God Remember motion balances emotion I call it going for a soul stroll so daily exercise builds muscle it is going to burn fat and it increases your resting metabolism so when you're sitting doing nothing because you have more muscle that's where energy is produced it's going to be burning your metabolic engine at a higher rate and it defat those muscles that are insulin resistant by building muscle you increase the number of calories that your body burns when at rest it's going to improve your mood reduce stress I love this reduce impulsivity Don't you want for God's thoughts to become your habits and your impulses we have to cooperate in this process like I said yesterday I cannot do what only God can do he's the only one that can give me the confidence the courage the inclination the desire and the will he's the only one that can create that new heart in me but he won't do what I have to do and that is follow through with his instructions because those changes as I act upon them are embossed upon my material self I get that beautiful brain that we're going for it controls appetite and improves judgment and as I shared earlier we used to think that you were born with all the nerve cells you were ever going to have and all you could do over your life lifetime was lose them you know I just say like why are we doing this if this is the case fortunately it. Is not well that is wrong you do make new nerve cells in your brain how many of you want to not only appreciate the fact that they're made and that these new neuronal neighborhoods are ready learners but how many of you would like to keep them alive keep them alive put your hand up if you want to keep them alive even if you don't mean it you're still be telling your brain and you'll be convinced later when 1st establish new routines require mental strain and stretching the formation of new and different synopses and connections to neural assemblies it takes a little pain a little difficulty and a little discomfort. But once the routine is mastered the mental processing becomes easier even automatic nobody has to force you into the bathroom to brush your teeth in the morning on a good day you brush on a bad day you're brushing I want for my habits to be such that regardless of what emotionally is raging I'm still going to be on automatic pilot with some of these habits and I tell you I experience that with my husband's cancer journey we we still we were we were like on a roller coaster that we couldn't get off it was a nightmare and worship's were like big stepping into heaven and then we would get back into our reality that we didn't understand some author said Faith is accepting in advance what we're really only going to understand in reverse and that was what we were going through but it was amazing to me as I watched myself in this flood of emotion and fear and stress and the testing of our faith my husband praying one more project for the cause there God as cancer was really killing him it was horrific but we were still taking care of our lifestyle we were still going for those walks we were still having that good diet we were still doing we were going through the motions and here's what I can tell you what you learn in the sunlight is what you're going to take into the dark with you when you're in a severe crisis you're not going to learn anything new but I am so thankful that when that those habits held us they were habits. And when you can't hold on to Christ when you're going on through something like that you just say Lord hang on to me just hang on to me and he will and we were blessed in that experience and his ability to take care of himself and have quality of life even though he was he was going to the tomb it was an amazing experience I want to share something with you right now because everybody came to me during that time they had cures they had reasons somebody came to me and they said Quick I've knows what you need really I said couldn't have started by breaking my nose and let's see if that works people say things that are just awful they don't mean it at least I hope not but I love this I want to share it with you I'm digressing amid all his afflictions the Christian has strong consolation and if God permits him to suffer a lingering distressing sickness before he closes his eyes in death he can with cheerfulness bear it all he contemplates the future with heavenly satisfaction a short rest in the grave and then the life giver will break the fetters of the to release the captive and bring him from his dusty bed immortal never to know pain or sorrow or death oh what a hope is the Christian's let this hope be yours let it be mine Amen So let's talk for a moment about rest and how important it is 2 thirds of the population is tired just tired and tipsy fatigue this is according to Gregory blanky a who works with troops in what's called sleep debt being tired. Fatigue selectively targets the highest order of cognitive mental functions critical thinking becomes impossible what is critical thinking critical thinking is the ability to take a set of facts thrash out what's going on and make a reasonable decision I mean this is a really important we pray for these things don't we don't we pray for wisdom we pray for wisdom about we have to follow the laws of our being in order to be able to realize that prayer So God created us this is so important God created us in His image. He created us with insight with the ability to experience insight that's what that's not what to do with the information you have that's critical thinking he has created us with the ability to practice oversight that's the part of you that monitors yourself he has created us with foresight the ability to reason if I eat this whole Sara Lee cheesecake or drink that beer this is where it's going to get me that's foresight and then he is gifted us with the ability to exercise hindsight where we actually have a store of memories where we act we're learning something we're actually learning life lessons the interesting thing about a pro inflammatory lifestyle and the diseases that go with it and the mental health states that we get ourselves into have bitchery chronic worry chronic stress you know obsessing over things ruminating when when we get ourselves into that state with an unhealthy lifestyle it actually starts to atrophy the parietal area of the brain which where these traits are situated so your brain is the hardware of your soul so it's one thing to pray and we should and it's one thing to claim promises and we must but God's plan we cannot ignore and expect to be able to exercise those traits they're actually destroyed you can see it under imaging so we need to move along here I want to show you a picture of a rested Barrett brain versus a tired brain and wow which one do you want. So the the tired brain does not discern as much it doesn't care as much about what it does discern and it doesn't resist as much think of poor Elijah after his Vic great victory on Mount Carmel an exhausted man out the mill the desert then he goes leaves a servant alone goes sits under a juniper for tree and prays to die anything that lessens physical strength in Fables the mind and makes it less capable of discriminating between right and wrong so we may have good intentions but we need to kape take care of our body temples to buttress those good intentions we become less capable of choosing the good and less strength of will and by the way Ellen White says that exercise strengthens the well less strength of will tend to do what we know to be right so rest matters it's going to improve your blood sugar lower stress hormones the next day improves immune health solidifies learning and restores the body and mind well how do we establish a sleep routine that's a set of practices that you go through in the evening to tell your brain and your body that it's time to shut down so you you you slow your evening paced leave media alone at night don't eat at night what are you going to do what you going to do build a barn. Leave the caffeine and alcohol alone as alcohol will put you to sleep but it actually wakes up the brain stem so physical and mental exercise proper nutrition and adequate sleep will help anyone to gain cognitive clarity and emotional stability Jesus says Come away by yourselves to a quiet place rest for a time we want to rest in Him Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit of God which you have from him you are not your own you were bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ therefore let's bring glory to Him today should we make that decision one step at a time one thought of the chime one choice at a time glorify God in your body and in your spirits which are his amen let's pray Father thank You for this time that we can spend together discussing these brain body links and the beautiful way that you have reached down from heaven and given us medicine in the form of the way we live to give back that which to us which sin has broken and taken away fill us with your spirit the spirit of hope every day that we will do the next thing and do. 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