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Packing Orders: Revelation 11

Michael Kusarawana
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Michael Kusarawana

Assistant Pastor, Village SDA Church




  • August 22, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Heavenly father we come before your throne at this moment we thank you for the Sabbath and we thank you for your word you have never left us alone in these last days and you keep on giving us encouraging and and Lord as we open your word we pray that your holy presence will be among us us so that we learn to retain and apply this knowledge into our lives in Jesus' name we pray Amen. The message for this morning is titled packing orders it's time God's church faith is faced with a crisis or is time transfusion and into another period of time God gives orders and if you look into the Bible and if you go back to the times of Noah when God saw that the wickedness of the sons and daughters of men had gone up to the phone as of his wrath or the cup of his wrath he told no that go and prepare and Iraq and he gave him specific instructions and also in the times of the children of Israel when they were coming out of the land of Egypt God gave them specific instructions God brought the plagues that plagued the nation of Egypt but to his people he told them exactly what they needed to do and what they were supposed to do and also in The Times of Sodom and Gomorrah God gave to lot the instructions that night when the people of Sodom came wanting to take the angels and wanting to abuse them it was given specific instructions of going out of Sodom and going to a different place where God was going to show to Him So God still does the same thing to his church in these last days praise the Lord that God has never left us alone and praise the Lord the book of Amos tells us in a most of the 5 verse 7 is say's surely the Lord would do nothing but he revealed his secrets until he's 7th of the prophets so God wants us to know what exactly to do in the last times in the last days in this time that we live in when I think of these last days. The things that God has given us I think of the 1st that is in 1st Chronicles little stand our Bibles to 1st Chronicles Chapter 12 verse 32 the book of Chronicles Chapter 12 verse 32 is says here the Bible says I'm bringing reading from the King James Bible it says and all of the children off ice Accra which were men that he had understanding of times to know what Israel ought to do the heads of them were $200.00 and all their brethren would at their command so we are being introduced to a group of people who was such a small group of people in the nation of Israel these were the sons of Isaac are there 2 things that drew my attention to this small group they had an understanding of what of the times. Not only that they had an understanding of what Israel ought to ought to do so in our understanding of Bible prophecy in our understanding of what God wants us to do we are not supposed just to leave by interpreting the prophecies and we do nothing we should combine both of these things to know the times and to know exactly what Israel ought to do so the pin of inspiration in the book Last Day events page 95 paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 and paragraph or the 7 of God says out of the city is is my message at this time be assured that the core is for people to Lake 8 miles away from the light cities one look at son Francisco is it is today would speak to your intelligent minds showing you the necessity of getting out of the cities of course she was writing late 18 hundreds and early 1900 looking at San Francisco at that time she was convinced that the city is going down and the people of guts to come out if she was living in this day and age she would proclaim with a loud voice that like never before you people should see what is happening she goes on to say in progress 3 The Lord calls for his people to look at our way from the cities for in such an hour is he think not fire and brimstone will be rain from heaven upon these cities proportionate to their sins will be their visitation when one city is destroyed let not our people regard this matter is a light affair and think that they may in favorable. Off if favorable opportunity offers builded themselves homes in that same destroyed city she concludes by a thing let all who would understand these the meaning of the. Things read the 11th chapter of Revelation and read every verse and learn the things that are yet to take place in the cities or the scenes portrayed in the 18th chapter of the same book so we're just going to follow the council that was given to us by plenty of inspiration we're going to spend most of our time in the Book of Revelation but to be specific in the 11th chapter Why do we why are we going to spend our time in the living chapter because the prophet of God said these things that happened in the 11th chapter of Revelation they are going to be repeated so before we get into the Book of Revelation let us go through the book of his that up to 28 the 1st 10 the the 7 of God say's here for precept must be a point precept precept must be upon precept line upon line and line upon line here a little and there a little so the Book of Revelation is signified in symbols because the language that he is given in the Book of Revelation was meant by God to preserve his truth over the the period of time the church was going to be in different phases so if you got to Revelation chapter one you see that God is giving his message about his son Jesus to Jesus and Jesus gives it to the NGO and the angel signifies which means to put it into symbols and the angel gives that signified message through John the prophet of God And John the prophet of God gives it to his to the Church of the Living God so heavy I say that having this background let's open our Bibles to the Book of Revelation Chapter 11 hope to be able to finish but if we don't finish to the portion of this chapter that I want us to study this morning we should be like the barium. Who went after Paul had spoken they went and they studied if what Paul was saying was according to the Scriptures so I give you a challenge what ever we don't finish let's go and study it again so Revelation chapter 11 verse one says here and there was given me a read like unto a road and the angel stood saying rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and them that worship they in so the students of Bible prophecy or the students of the Bible those who study the Bible know that when a chapter stands starts by the word end and therefore means that there is something that has been said before which it is in continuation of so in context we should be able to find what happened in Revelation Chapter 10 that the prophet of God and he starts this next chapter with end for those who have been studying prophecy you know that Revelation Chapter 10 talks about the great disappointment how it shows the angel the same angel by the way the angel that is being referred to interpret 10 in Chapter 11 is Jesus himself is not the cherubims or the 3rd feelings or the angels as we know why do we say it's Jesus 10 verse one he says in a saw another mighty angel come down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was was upon his head and his face was is where the sun in his feet is the pillars of fire if you know the Book of Revelation you know that this same description is the one that he gives in chapter one describing Jesus. And in the same chapter we find confirmation that is talking about Jesus in verse 3 says and I will give power unto my 2 witnesses and they shall prophesied a 1200 and threescore days clothed in so the same angel is saying my witnesses we're going to talk about witnesses later but who have we been shown in the Bible to have witnesses it is only Jesus Christ who has witnesses we're going to unpack the witnesses later on so the angel who's talking here is Jesus and John was shown he was he had his foot on the other side of the of the waters and the other on the on the land and he had a small book which represented the small portion of the Book of Daniel which had the 2300 days which was sealed this book was sealed and Daniel was told and John was told to go and take that book and eat it and what happened when John made the book it was sweet in the mouth and it was bitter in there in the belly I am reminded of the time that I went to El Salvador last year I can imagine John feeling the pain and going down when I went to a server the last year I enjoyed it so much I ate everything that I had never ate before I drank the coconut water I ate purposes I ate different all kinds of things because I was so excited but lo and behold one week after when I came back I had a bug in my stomach I was it was hard to stand it was hard to sit it was hard to lie down I was there prostrated on my bed and pain it was just. In my in my turn. I can imagine your own feeling the same thing of course it is in symbols right there and he hears this message Revelation Chapter 10 verse 11 and he said unto me down as prophesied again before many peoples and nations and tongues saw the the bitterness that was in the belly it pointed to the great you supporting Mint How can you say to someone who is in pain prophesies again. And 1st one in the chapter 11 verse one is sales arise so it took faith for the Advent people it took faith for pioneers to get up to remember that the same Jesus who said to the to the leper your claims the same gives us who said to the paralytic get up price up the same Jesus who saved to the men with their. Rise your faith has made you whole the same gives us food give the Church of God power to proclaim the message of God around the world again so this is the context that we get into Chapter 11 so Jesus is moving from the Holy Place going to the most holy place so now the servant of God is strode take what take the read which was like unto like country road Cook tells us the word read that is translated the word that is translated read is Cana which in Greek means the can all where we find the word can which is the scripture so he's told he's directed to the Scriptures so that those who are going to move with Jesus from the Holy Place to the most holy place are going to be grounded in the. But at the same time to be more specific this is referring to the laws into the commandments of God So the principles of studying the Bible if you want to understand you go to the chapter The immediate context of the chapter if you still have something that you want to understand you zoom out a little bit more you to look at the chapters that surround it and you zoom more to the books that are in the Bible and praise God he allowed us to zoom out more and understand it from the Spirit of Prophecy So what is this read we go to the same chapter 11 verse 19 the servant of God was Sean and the temple of God was opened in heaven and there was see him in the temple or the ark of his testament and there were lightnings invoices in thunderings and quick and a great help we have no time to unpack this verse but you can see that in context John is Sauron the Ark of the testament of God what was in the ark the Law the 10 Commandments of God So he's saying for all those who are in the ministry of the Holy Place who are moving into the most holy place measure them by the by the law of God to the law and to the testimony if they don't speak according to this word it is because there's no there's no light in them so the Book of Revelation is for sanctuary language so just to recap I'm speaking to the choir when an Adventist community right. The sanctuary had compartments in the outer court they were there out of burnt sector 5 and there was also the love of bees and when you get into the tabernacle by the way the center was from the east to the worth it we moved from that used to the worse and the songs the some say or David says that way is in the sanctuary such a great God is God so now he was told to measure the temple which is the tabernacle which is the heavenly sanctuary because when you are studying the Bible we talk about literal local and worldwide spiritual which means what ever happened to the temple that was on this planet the miniature of that which was in heaven should be on a spiritual level to God to God's people and the spiritual Israel so he's told to measure the auteur is taught to measure the temple and the altar which altar is being talked about how many altars were in the in the sanctuary there were 2 The 1st one was the author of Ben 2nd Feis and the 2nd one was the author of burnt incense So which one is it talking about same principle that we apply in the Bible and how to study the Bible we zoom out a little bit more and we go to press 2 he was told but the court which is without the temple leave out. So you're not talking about the lot of us is talking about the altar of incense So what happened to the priests and the Day of Atonement by which we understand the investigative judgment started the priest who would go in the temple newco he had the blood in whatever container the blood was maybe it was it was a verse or something and he moved to from the Holy Place to the most holy place to minister on the Day of Atonement but before he passed the veil there was the altar of bent incense which was there he would take the blood and put it on the horns of the Ulta and he would take the calls out of the horn out of the altar and put them in a sensor and he would put Also the instance which meant that the ministration of the altar of incense would go all in the most holy place what does this ministry represent we go to Revelation Chapter 6 verse 9 and verse 10 it talks about the cry of justice don't confuse it or don't make it a distortion of the state of the dead It says here they cried and they say Lord how long show you a vengeance those who persecuted us and where where were the voices coming from they were coming from underneath the altar so the altar represents hear the prayers of the saints so this ministry of prayer will go also into the most holy place so those who are going to call upon the name of the lord going to be measured by his commandments. Jesus in Matthew Chapter 18 he said. Jesus in the book of Matthew he said if you come and 2nd finds and you see that you have something against your neighbor leave your 2nd Feis and go and make things right with your neighbor why did he say that because the sun mission of the Lord the Deca log of the 1st 4 commandments there is a relationship between us and God and the 2nd half of the 2nd 6 the next part which is the 6 commandments it is the relationship between men and then saw if you come to the altar or if you pray to the Lord and you have not made things right with your friends with someone who stepped on your foot in this never said sorry then you are in the balance and found wanting the pain of inspiration tells us here that the grand the grand judgment is taking place and has been going on for some time now the Lord says measure the temple she course the same verse measure the temple in the wash it was their oath remember when you are walking industry is about your business God is measuring you when you are attending your household duties when you engage in conversation God is measuring you when you are doing your work remember there is one that is watching the spirit in which we are doing it not everyone who said to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven Ecclesiastes is the last chapter the last verses he say that God is going to bring into judgment whether what we did whether it was good whether it was bad why we can do good things with the wrong motives that is going to bring it into judgment verse 2 essentially about the court. That is without measure not do not measure the coat that is without Why when you're standing the Bible you should ask yourself questions when you see something unusual Why wasn't he supposed to measure the coat that is that was without he says the coat belongs to the to the Gentiles who are the Gentiles those questions we should be able to find them in this chapter and in the Bible if you see the clue that were given here at the last the last lines of the verse it says these they are going to tread the Holy City of God They were traded for how long 42 months so we go into Bible prophecy and we know from the book of is the curator of the fall of a 6 I have given you a day for air for a year so if we unpack this 42 months we come out with the same time that is spoken of in verse 4 which is $1260.00 days and years so the days of the years in Bible prophecy. So we go into history and we try and find where does this start and where does this end the clue that we're given in Revelation Chapter 13 is the end of these days which is the deadly wound that comes upon the 2nd the 1st piece that is in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13 he's deadly wound that he was given was given in the years 77098 when with the I went in to pop the captive and the civil power from the Roman Catholic system was taken and now backing 1260 years coming back we get to 538 but someone can say no no no no no no pastor that's not that's not good yes I agree with you this is the point where many Bible scholars from out there have been have been challenging Adventists to say you just found a date and you backed back so the reason why is because we have been approaching 538 on a more military bases to say this was the time the author goats had had their war withdrawn but at the same time the prophecy is the book of the great controversy tells us to look at it in a more political in a more legal way. What the few say in the 6th century in the book great controversy page 54 she says in the 6th century the papacy had become firmly established its seat of power was fixed in the Imperial City there and the bishop of Rome was declared to be the head over the entire church Paganini's him had given place to the papacy the dragon head given it to the beast he is power and he see it and great authority Revelation Chapter 13 1st 2 so the plentiful inspiration agrees with the with this interpretation that in this in this period in time $538.00 this is when the drug and gave power to the beast so why is it significant Now we know where the toxic starts and word that core sixties ends now this same period is going to point us to who the Gentiles which are being referred to in this passage are which is the system the paper system the Catholic system don't get me wrong I have a lot of friends who are live true to the 2 to the truth they know who are still in this system that's why she said Go and study Revelation Chapter 18 we say is come out of he might people so now we know that the Gentiles that are being talked in this that are being mentioned in this verse ease the papal system that rained during these days during these years what are they going to do and I will give power unto my witnesses and they shall prophesied the same period of time 1200 threescore days clothed in sackcloth. So the Beast of Revelation Chapter 13 verse 2 it gives power and it see it and its authority to the dragon gives the beast the power but at the same time Hallelujah to God he doesn't leave his church without support at the same time in Revelation Chapter 11 vest 3 God says I will give power to my witnesses what are these witnesses what are these witnesses my 2 witnesses if you go to the Book of John chapter 5 verse 39 Jesus say you believe you read the prophets you read the scriptures they are they would which testify of who offer me some of the 2 witnesses that are being told to John here all the end the New Testament the Old and the New Testament which is the Word of God and Jesus says in myth it's up to $24.00 verse 14 and this Gospel shall be preached to the whole world for air witness and then the end shall come so just just just confirming that the 2 witnesses the Word of God So what is this power being referred to what is this power that God gave to us witnesses yes I can hear the answer the Holy Spirit but how do we prove it the principles of starting the Word of God We go to the Bible in the Bible is its own interpreter we go to Acts chapter one verse 8 this is the verse that we see the word power and the word witness use in the same verse by Jesus and. Chapter one Verse 8 he says but he shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and these are be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and in summer and in some area and unto the uttermost parts of the world so before the Church of God in all ages before the Church of God fronted him major battle a major crisis God gave it our so why is it significant to us before we enter into the time of trouble oh it's going to be the little time of trouble and it's going to be the time of trouble before we get into the time God is promising that he would give He's witnesses power of course this was referring to the time that was June this time and what is going to happen to the witnesses the end of this verse verse 3 says they were clothed in sack cloth what the 2nd of mean the 1st Karin's of. In the Bible is in the story of Jacob when Jacob was told that that he is son Joseph was devolved by the beast of the field he read his clothes and he wore said cloth. Meaning that secular is a symbol of pain and suffering and are going to be in mourning and steer on that said cloth also in Revelation Chapter 6 we are told that the sun was covered in darkness as the circle it also means the obscuration of light or hiding it. Bunch 1000 tells us that the emblem of distress and morning Revelation Chapter 6 verse 12 and he also tells us that during the 1260 years of people supremacy the church which should have been the light of the world was compelled to flee into the wilderness and hide in the caves among the mountains also during this period the Scriptures where proscribed and a cloud of pagan superstitions spread over the church like a cloth of Sickle like a cloak of securing its light so what happened during the Dark Ages the reason why they are called the Dark Ages is because the truth of God was he then the truth of God was covered in 2 pagan superstitions but the witnesses get this point right the witnesses still witnessed but obscuration this is very important because we're going to look at another power and another beast that totally completely wiped out the witnesses of God clothed in sackcloth. The point of inspiration great controversy $564.00 it tells us that the the paper church would never relinquish her claim to infallibility all that she had done in her persecution of those who reject the her dogmas she holds to be right and would she not repeat the same acts should the opportunity be presented let the restraints now imposed by secular governments be removed and wrong be reinstated in her power a form of power and there would. Be a revival of it higher any prosecution remember the quotation that we read at the beginning this thing that happened during these times they are going to be repeated She says the governments are the ones that are restricting the power that she has used to have which is the civil power but if you are a student of prophecy and if you have been observing what is happening right now you see that this power is slowly coming and this woman is slowly being healed and Jesus in God says in the book of Ezekiel type of 33 I have made you a watchman upon the walls of Zion so that when you see this world coming from afar you want my people so that they observe my pecking orders and they get ready but if you see what's coming and you keep silent are the people going to perish by this world and God is going to require their blood upon the hands my friends my dear brothers and sisters the world is not going to be the same again but praise God the signs and wonders that were given in the Bible for us to rejoice because we are closer to home in a man home at last home at last who among you when you are using g.p.s. when you have driven like a 1000 miles and you hear when you when you turn into a street when you hear the g.p.s. say in 5 and half a mile your destination is on the right and you start crying I want to go back and travel again know the scions the signs and the wonders are for us to rejoice. Because our home is getting closer but we are supposed to do else we are supposed to be like the sons of I 2nd when this see the signs they knew what is real or true what is your oath to do so what is you're supposed to be doing let's go through the next verse since you're verse 4 these are the 2 all these trees and the 2 candlesticks standing before the God of the earth these are the 2 olive trees standing before the God of the earth so when you hear the see the symbols in the language of Bible prophecy you should be able to try and find what does this mean this same language was used in the book of the curator for verse one to verse 7 we're not going to have time to read it write it down as your reference and be like the brilliance Zechariah is given a vision and he sees the same vision that is given here of the 2 all of trees and the 2 all of 3 they had also can go stand and if you keep on reading that same chapter. I don't understand what does this mean and the angel said really don't you understand he said no I don't understand and the angel said these either the word of the load and he goes on to say not by power or by minute but by the by the Spirit saw God was reminding the Church of the dark ages that the only way that you're going to survive these times the only way that you're going to stand for me the only way that you're going to have boldness is because my spirit will be working in you you remember Paul saying to the church please please please pray for me so that I can have both an answer to present the Word of God with our. You remember when Jesus was about to be crucified what happened to the disciples they ran away what happened to Peter he decided he denied Jesus 3 times but the same Peter is the one is the one who was crucified upside down for Jesus the same disciples who read when Jesus was being crucified showing you that without power of the Holy Spirit they couldn't stand but when the power pouring of the early reign was upon them they went from nation to nation from town to town from city to city persecuted persecuted and they stood for the word of the Lord so now you might think I don't have a Ph d. in theology I don't have all the knowledge that I think I should God The minute the book Mr feeling tells us that God is looking for men whom we hear we will use and who have an open heart to be used by His Spirit So what is the Church of God supposed to be doing there supposed to be looking up to heaven for the whole of trees who are going to produce all of your oil which is a symbol of God's Spirit which is going to go into the Lambs so that they will burn lead the lower lives breathes burning so that the Word of God who be like what the sun is say that word is lemon to my feet and light unto my unto my path the book of is their Chapter 6 Chapter 6 is tells us that darkness or cover the earth and growth that cover the people but what does it say it say is a rise and shine for they glory has has come the light of the world is in the Word of God It is quickened by His Spirit and those who in their hearts are open to the Word of God and to His Spirit they are going to be lies that are going to shine even in the times of darkness he going to he goes on to say here. And if any men who hurt them this is verse 5 in the sick and if a fire will proceed out of their mouth and divert their enemies and if any man will hurt them he must in this manner be killed verse of and these have power to shut heavens And it and that it's rain not in the days of their prophecy and have power over the waters to turn them into blood and to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will so if you see this language and you go into history during the 1260 years you will find that they all these things didn't happen during that time so what is what is God telling us what is God telling us during this time the pen of inspiration tells of that this time is referring to General Revelation chapter 22 verse 18 great controversy 888 page 2 $68.00 paragraph one it says If any man quoting revelation testify Revelation Chapter 11 the 5 and if any man would read them fire procedures out of their mouth men cannot with impunity trample upon the way of God the meaning of this fear for denunciation is set forth in the in the closing chapter of the and the closing chapter of Revelation and then she quotes the whole the whole chapter and then she goes on to say God shall take away his part out of the Book of Life and out of the holy city and from the things which are written there in 4 she points us into this into this passage which is in Revelation chapter 22 verse 8 in which he refers to the last place for this things are going to happen upon the cities but the something sad happened right after that. In Revelation chapter 11 verse 7 the 7 of God goes on to say and when they shall have finished their testimony the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them and overcome them and kill them or mine it looks like a said story right like the witness is if you are watching something that is action you see something that is winning and something that is winning and you are told at the end like finally lost are no but praise be to God we're going to study more in see what this imagery means and shall defeat them and shall kill them what is this beast that comes after the 7 after the cross 60 days had ended it is a nation of friends why do we say the nation of France because we hear that the 2 witnesses were killed during the time of this beast What are the 2 witnesses as a war against the Bible what happened during the French Revolution they took the Bibles and they burned them in the streets of France the Bible says here that the beast ascends out of the bottomless bottomless pit what does it mean to say the beast ascended out of the bottomless pit you see the Roman rule during the took 60 years the reason why they of skewered the truth is because they pretended as if their basis for their foundation was founded upon the rock which is the Bible and which is eases But now this power that is coming out with it which we know that this is front according to history that came right after the took 16 years it eats the power that was rooted in 88 Islam. How do we know that that this power is rooted in atheism verse 8 tells us that in their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city which is spiritual is called solid dome and Egypt So what do we know about Saddam What do you know about Egypt Saddam was well known of sin and less interest in this and Saddam was well known for the luxuries they had the fullness of bread and one was well known Egypt well known for it was you know well known for in theism why when Moses and Aaron went in front of Pharaoh what did Pharaoh say who you are who is your I don't know him so these 2 things or these components of this nation we are told clearly that these were going to be present in the that rises out of the out of the bottomless pit so they didn't have the foundation of the scriptures they didn't even pretend as if they are using the scriptures they killed the witnesses in the streets so why do we say the witnesses were killed in the streets is the Bible Commentary tells us on page 803 says the period may be reckoned from November 26th 7903 when the decree issued in France abolished the religion to June 70 and 70 in 97 when it is held the French government removed the restrictions against the practice of religion the reign of terror what the bloodiest battle that the Christian church has ever seen. And the Bible here goes on to say and they of the people in the countries in tongues in verse 9 and of nations shall see their dead bodies 33 days and half going back to the Bible Prophecy a day representing a year we see that this is the there are 3 and a half years that we have just referred to which is from November 26th 79 and 3 to June 17th 1797 and it goes on to say here and shall not suffer there they're dead bodies to be put to death we know for sure that their dead bodies was not put to death this is imagery and symbolic language but we know if we go back to history the nations that surround it France or the nations of the world in the Adopt France policy of persecute ing and killing the Bible and extinguishing everything they didn't take it so they saw it happening in France but they did not take it so they didn't suffer their dead bodies to be to be buried God when something happens you allow that for a reason and for a purpose but he doesn't allow his truths to be extinguished Amen he allows trials and tribulations so that he can to you to find his church you remember the early church there were signs and wonders that followed them but you know it's easy for people to want to be attached to something that is great and successful miracles are happening they're breaking bread they were giving their property and they're taking care of each other and so many things are happening so people join the church but the persecution of accept the 8 to unify the church and those who are true and honest and those who are grounded in the truth remains in the church this is the reason why God allowed the persecution of the documents and God allowed the persecution that happens to the church you might think that God is a cruel God why does he allow all these things to happen to his church. Why does he allow it the Book of James tells us in the 1st in the 1st chapter my idea of brother and count it all what joy when you fall into divers temptation because the time of your faith the work of what we get patients and John says here is the what here is the patience of the saints here are they that give them the commandments of God and Job says after he had tried me I shall come out is good so God allowed his church to go through a difficult time so that they will come out on the other side as gold so we have a time that we are bound to face which is time of trouble and the term of jerk of trouble but God will allow it to purify the church so what do we need his power in the strength to be open to be able to overcome be rooted in the witnesses be like the witnesses because the Bible in itself can only only be the witness without people who are witnesses taking the witness to the whole world because in the same chapter that we read accept a one verse 8 he says and you shall be my witnesses to the whole world starting in Jerusalem starting in Judea and to the to the summary and to the uttermost parts of the world so be a witness of God be rooted in his witnesses study the Word of God God has given you blessings of phones in God's ears and all these things but they're not taking the place of God and you're not preparing I was told a story when I was little and I was in kindergarten of birds we know that birds don't talk right but this is just a parable. So this is a migratory birds that were about to migrate from Africa to another part of the world and these Cup for the birds they head they on once and they become the the mother bird or the parents of the birds they knew that the time is coming because they observed the weather that we should be able to migrate from this place to another place that told their kids the young little birds that you should practice flying going round about this tree every single morning so many times but there was one of the birds that didn't want to do the same thing the parents would come with the food in the evening and they would fit and this one little bird became fat and fat and fat and fat and these ones that were practicing they mocked at the art of flying and they were able to fly for a long time the day came when they were supposed to fly and migrate from another place and this fat little one tried to fly but could not go any further and it dropped down and became food for the scavengers so God is giving us instructions of packing God is giving us and such in the preparing God is giving us the to lose on of what to do and what to use in this times that we live in but if you don't take advantage of the word of sure what a prophecy which God says you do nothing without telling you 7 the prophets then you become like this fat little bird that will not be able to stand when the time comes the prophet of God goes on to say here. First then and there that upon the earth shall rejoice over them and make merry and shall send gifts one to another because these these 2 prophets tormented them day to mentor them that well on the earth of course if you took this literally you just think that the earth is referring to the planet Earth that's fine that's Ok but prophecy is more specific he's saying them that dwell upon the earth will rejoice now in context of the same chapter we've been talking about a different power before those that were upon the earth if you go to Revelation Chapter 6 that cry of justice when it ends from the voices that were coming and then from underneath the altar of incense the same is those that persecuted them they persecuted them those are the ones that dwell upon the earth and the power of the persecuted we know that this is the Roman system so what happened so what happened. What happened during this time of the French Revolution we're told by Henry Wyatt in the book the massacre of Cent But Salome Oh by the way we don't have time to go out to to this massacre but we just want to hear what happened when the news of the massacre reached Rome listen very carefully the exhortation among the clergy knew no bounds the cardinal of law reign rewarded the messenger with a 1000 crowns this is the person that brought the news that the massacre sent Bertha let me know what had happened they gave them to give this person crowns they rejoiced that the canon of St Angelo thundered forth a joyous salute and bells rang out of every step of the poor bonfires burnt night into day and Grigori the 13th attended by the cardinals and other ecclesiastical dignitaries went in long procession to the church of St Louis where the cardinal of Lorraine chanted t. there on a meadow was struck and a mirror was prepared for this period of time so we see that the prophecy is saying both that dwell upon the earth they rejoiced because the witnesses were killed because they terminated them all this time the bible tormented the Roman the the people Rome during the 1260 years because it was still witnessing in obscurity but now when they heard that what would happened in France they rejoiced that exchanged gifts and they took a crown in the gift of the messenger What a sad story so Revelation chapter 11 verse 10 it points to Rome rejoicing upon the death of the witnesses. And verse 11 he says after 3 days and a half the spirit of life praise the Lord if the if this story had ended in chapter 10 in verse 10 and in verse 9 it was going to be a said story praise the Lord for verse 11 because it's saying and after 3 days which we have talked about which is 3 and a half years and out of to after 3 and a half years what happened the Bible says the spirit of life from God entered into them and they stood upon their feet and great fear upon fell upon them which saw them praise the Lord he says in the Bible he's the word would never be extinguished the Word of The Lowered who live for ever the word of the Lord who never ever be extinguished in the book controversy to 87 we hear that it was in 1793 that the decrees which abolished the Christian religion and set aside the Bible past the French Assembly 3 years in a half later reason Lucian. Resigning these decrees that granting toleration of the Scriptures was adopted by the same body the world stood aghast at the enormity of guilt which had resulted from the rejection of the state of the 2nd oracles and men recognize the necessity of faith in God and His Word is the foundation of very true and morality you cannot do anything without the Word of God. And wanting to the world we see that it is them is gaining power of course this prophecy was there acted and was there to add to the 1260 years but all these things policies were written for our end samples which means for example all these things that happened the pendulum swing which happened from the the deception that was in the papacy and in which went right across to the other side of extreme it isn't by France we are seeing it in our society today people are starting to think that we don't need the Bible unfortunately in the church we're used to be called out tiny as used to be called the people of the book but now we are being called the people of their own intellect and capabilities we know what to say from our own minds but not the Scripture interpreting it skin its own self so this witnesses will see in life was given from the load and what happened in verse go and they heard a great voice from heaven saying and to them come up hear them and they ascended up to heaven in a cloud and their enemies beheld them in the book great controversy. Page 287 the plan of inspiration tells us that since France made war upon God's 2 witnesses they have been honored as never before in 1808 the British Foreign Bible society was organized just right after this time this was followed by similar organizations with numerous branches upon their continent of Europe in 860 in the American Bible Society was founded when the British Society was formed the Bible had been printed in secular in 50 languages it has since been translated into many hundreds of languages and dialects Praise be to God So what does this mean because we are not going to have another. Chance to go and leave him to the 1260 What does this mean to those who are living in the last days no matter how he who may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning the stone that was seen in the new or 2 which came and destroyed the kingdoms of this world Jesus Christ who will I am and His holy city that was seen by John in Revelation chapter 21 it is either the city that is going to stand for evermore he's word will not pass even though my friends are going to go into the time of Jacob's trouble even though you're going to go into the time of little trouble God will never leave you alone his word will. Fall ever are we are going to be singing here but before we sing it is an appeal that I want to share with you that let us follow Christ's into the most holy place and live according to his principles the song that we're going to sing in closing is one of my favorite songs on what Christian soldiers. The him right to say is on what Chris and charges much ng as to war with the cross of Jesus going on before the 2nd verse goes on to say like mit army moves the Church of God Brothers brothers and sisters we are leaving or we are true or direct reading when the Saints have trodden what was a message that was given when the cry of Justice came from the outer It say's the Bible says God gave them robes and he said just wait for your friends for your fellow believers to be persecuted the same way you were persecuted so we are trading when the Saints have trode we are not divided dead all one body we one in hope one in charity and one in doctrine we are not divided by women's ordination women not divided by tatts parity we're not divided by corner virus we are not divided against massed on one mask one boy do we one in the hope that Jesus Christ is coming very soon which is the hope of glory one in charity which is the love of our dear brother and sister that are sitting next to us that our neighbors in our community and it goes on to say the next verse that says crowns and Thrones if perished condones the rising wind but the change of Jesus can stand has remained throughout the dark ages throughout the apostolic era throughout all this period of time the Church of God can stand his remains. But the Church of Jesus constant has remained we have Christ on promise that can never fail last verse I love this verse onor then you people join our happy throng blend with us your voices in the Triumph song sing in what the glory of praise and owner and your Christ our king but I want to give you a challenge how can they join us singing the song of glory praise in own and yet the people of God a singing off key so in order for them to follow us like Paul who saves follow me as I follow Christ the Church of God should give the court to say Come and join us we are singing a triumphant song let the Word of God reign in your heart your heart lead the Spirit of God sent to fire you and lead the hand of the Lord lead your life so that you can seeing on tune it goes on to say own word Christen Folgers of woe is not of blood and flesh weapons and what can a but our weapons our spiritual weapons so as we sing the song want to make an appeal to you. Those who are saying in their hearts out like to stand for the truth but they haven't for out like of verve and follow God's packing orders I've got saved them a light to leave according to The Spirit of like to open my heart to the spirit of the Lord for that he will reign in my life. In. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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