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01 Prophetic Peril in America

Norman McNulty
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Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • September 25, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven I just thank you so much that we can be together during these Sabbath hours and that we can worship you and I pray that as we get through the message that you will give us understanding and clarity Lord we're truly living in momentous times and I just pray that we would be awake to eternal realities to pray that you would be with me as I speak because this message be with each person who is listening may each one of us hear that which we need to learn and to understand. That if you would speak through me and I pray in the name Amen. The title for this evening is prophetic Harold America you know we're living in a very interesting time of earth history. We're living at a time when we've had a pandemic for months now that has affected large parts of the country and for those of you in California you have definitely been affected with not being able to attend church in person and other issues and that's happened in other parts of the country also and we've also had social unrest so and we have an election coming up and there's a lot of things that are going on that are making people look again at the in time prophetic message what does God say about what is happening at the end of the world and so what we're going to look at tonight is. Where America if it's in end time prophecy but we're also going to do a comparison but Tshwane the French Revolution of Revelation 11 as opposed to what happens prophetically in America as seen in Revelation 13 so this is going to be a prophetic study it's going to be a prophetic presentation and we're going to look. What we as 7th Day Adventists should be saying what we should be promoting how we should be living what message we need to be giving to the world and what we should be standing up for with respect to America now I think most of you who are watching this presentation are Americans there may be some of you in different countries watching as well but clearly America is a prophetic nation at the end of the world that God raised up for a specific purpose so those are some things we want to look at now here's where we're going to start so Revelation Chapter 11 we see as a description of the French Revolution there's the 2 witnesses clothed sackcloth for 1260 years that's the old the New Testament Jesus of the Scriptures testify from the Scriptures are a witness of the old the New Testament are witnesses for Christ and their cloth for soccer for 1260 years ironically enough by the power that professes to be God's Church on earth the Roman Catholic Church they power so because strip sure was trampled under foot and was clothed in sackcloth during that period of time the picture of God was lost sight of. And so towards the end of this 560 years in France people said if this is the picture of who God is we want to. Read it and so you have the French Revolution from 793 the fall of 793 to June to 790 s. 7 and during that time you have the reign of terror the guillotines and it's interesting revelation 11 describes how the Shia witnesses their bodies were burned in the streets of a city called spiritually Saddam and Egypt that's Revelation 11 verse 8 and it talks about how our Lord was crucified in the streets of that great city of France and I'm just kind of giving you some highlights I'm not doing and look at Revelation 11 we're going to look a little bit more Revelation 13 but the point is this. Revelation 11 describes the French Revolution and during the French Revolution the French decided to deal way with God altogether they said if the picture that had been painted by the Catholic Church of God was so bad they said we want nothing to do with God at all and so Revelation 11 describes this beast that comes up from the bottom most this is the beast of atheism that's the say Tanach power the bottomless pit and the Greek is the Greek word of do so which means. It's the Jew Welling place of Satan so this is to say Tanach power that comes up and this is atheism that makes war against Scripture makes war against the Bible and they said during the era we're going to worship the goddess of reason and rather than worshipping God they worship reason they worship intellect they they wanted nothing to do with God The humor is what I want you to understand from this the French Revolution started off seemingly a something very good. The Catholics had oppressed the Protestants and you hear language today of of oppressed and oppressors that comes from Marxist philosophy and the revolutionaries in France became tired of being oppressed and you had 3 classes in French society you had the nobility then you had the booze Wahoo were the wealthy and then you had the proletariat the working class and in the French National Assembly each party had a vote Well it was in the interests of the booze and the nobility dough to vote together even though they were far outnumbered by the working class and so the wealthy and the and the nobility although they were in the minority they outvoted the majority who were the working class and so you have the oppressors and the oppressed and this led to the revolution there were a lot of different things going on that led to the revolution eventually. You know there needed to be some fairness that was brought about the what happened was this the revolutionaries were pushing for 3 principles liberty equality and fraternity that sounds really good and part of the revolution included the separation of church and state now this is something that I want you to think about because we're going to talk about America here is whoa and I. Are also. Bay and a constitution so the French believe can but there's a difference but Tshwane at the separation of church and state that came out of the French Revolution as opposed to the separation of church and state that exists in America since its founding in the French Revolution there was a hostile separation of church and state so. In the French Revolution you have a hostile separation and ever since that time Communist and Marxist nations have have used the model from the French Revolution Chu have a very hostile separation of church and state you can see that in the communist nation of the Soviet Union in the former Eastern Bloc communist nation of Europe where Christianity was basically outlawed by the Communists other than what may have been practiced by the official sanctioned state churches in certain locations but basically Christianity was outlawed in Marxists and communist nations and this was an overreaction to. What happened in. In France and so so we have this interesting development of the French Revolution where l m I have some interesting statements this is a great kind of receipts you a.t.t. where she says of the opening of the revelation by a concession of the king the people were granted a representation exceeding that of the nobles and the Clipper Deacon bond thus the balance of power was in their hands but they were not prepared to use it with wisdom in moderation. Eager to redress the wrongs they had suffered they determined to undertake the reconstruction of society an outlet and outraged populace whose minds were filled with better among treasured memories of wrong resolve to revolutionize the state of misery that a grown up bearable and avenged themselves upon those whom they regarded as the authors of their suffering now listen to this the oppressed wrought out the lesson they had learned under tyranny and became the oppressors of those who had oppressed them now this is very interesting Ellen White uses the language that marks the use of oppressors versus oppressed and she says the oppressed wrote out the lesson that they had learned under tyranny and became the oppressors of those who had oppressed them so here's what we we see from the French Revolution there's this been this ongoing principle that Karl Marxists ha of what's called the oppressed in the oppressors you have in society those who are oppressed and those who are oppressors and Elmo even acknowledges in great controversy that that was true but she says that the those who had been oppressed were not prepared to use with wisdom and moderation the power that they were given Yes if there are issues that are a. Play where people are being oppressed we as God's people should speak up and say this is wrong and we should be legal principles to speak up for those who are oppressed but in the French Revolution that's not what happened what happened the French Revolution is what we call anarchy and Ann and you guys know this you're smart and the English language means without an arch means law so without law with without risk isn't you Arky means rule so without rule so there is without There is no rule and so what you have in the French Revolution is anarchy. And l m I has another statement about what happened in France and what's going to happen at the end of the world this is education page huge one he ate she says at the same time an arche is seeking to sweep away all law not only Divine but human the centralizing of wealth and power the vast combinations for the enriching of the few the acts at the expense of the many the combinations of the poorer classes for the defense of their interest in claims the spirit of unrest of riot and bloodshed the world wide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution all are tending to involve the whole world in a struggle some light of that which convulsed France such of the influences to be met by the youth of today now this is a very interesting quote is she saying anarchy is trying to sweep away all law Anarky is not something that we as God's people should be supporting Yes we should stand in defense of those who are oppressed but we do not do so with the spirit of anarchy that sweeps away all law and Ellen White says that the world what I did to the nation same teachings that led to the French Revolution What were those teachings they were Marxism of labeling you know classes based on if you're oppressed or an oppressor and so you have these issues in the world today that have really sprung up in the last several months and clearly we need to be mindful of those who are being oppressed that we don't help them out by promoting anarchy and then Ellen White makes one last name and that I'm going to read about the French Revolution for I make some comparisons between the French Revolution and the American Revolution this is from the last events page 95. Now my wife says Let all who would understand the meaning of these things read the 11th chapter of Revelation of the 11 structure of elation of the striving the French revelation she says read every verse and learn the things that are yet to take place in the cities read also the scenes for trade in the 18th chapter of the same book revelation 18 describes the loud cry where the world. Is called to come out of Babylon and then the the rich men of the earth alumna the fall of Babylon here's the interesting thing they want to learn why it says read every verse and learn the things that are yet to take place in the city's Well and why is saying is look at revelation of Ivan m. look at the French Revolution and look at the anarchy look at the guillotine it was a reign of terror people were turning against each other so Robespierre starts the revolution and. We've seen the. It's seen an before long ropes v.a.m.c. of was killed up again 18 Aniston's place between 224-0000 people who died of the guillotine during the revolution it was awful people were climbing over each other to try to get to the top to be in control and it was just complete lawlessness complete anarchy when God was removed from society you had total anarchy so they have separation of church and state but they had a hostile separation of church and state where God was removed from society completely and that's an important point because when God was removed from French society completely what you get is anarchy where this beast from the bottomless pit the say tannic power of atheism takes control of society and rather than being a utopia as the revolutionaries claimed it would be it turned into a complete reign of terror which is nothing that anybody would want to be part of and so that's what happened in France and Ellen White says that the world wide to some a nation of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution are going to happen again before Jesus comes back and she says that this is what's going to take place in the cities so I want to make a little fish to right now if you haven't thought about leaving the cities before you know 2 on now would be a good time to start mapping out a strategy because if you see what's been happening in the last several months or doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to realize that. What is happening in I thought well in a few cities like Portland or Seattle or Chicago or New York or places like found will eventually spread to many other cities as we get closer to the coming of Jesus and as the Spirit of God has withdrawn from the earth so why did I mention this while I'm contrasting what happened in France from 79327907 with what happened in America around the same period of Earth's history where you have the American Revolution on the Declaration of Independence and 776 and eventually America forms a constitutional republic and elects its 1st president George Washington in the early 7 $190.00 s. right around the same time that the French revolution is taking place and you know America had aids difference for suspect of then then France France was reacting to the abuses of the papacy America they were looking for and Americans they were looking for liberty both from a religious standpoint and a civil standpoint your eyes some of those very well in his book Daniel in the Revelation page 580 that those who came to America were looking for a country where there was a church without a pope and a state without a king so we don't want a monarchy where a king is a dictator if you're over it and we don't church where there is a pope who rules over us like a dictator either we want a legit and civil liberty so you look at Revelation 11 you have a beast coming up out of the bottomless pit this is a Satanic power it leads to a revolution that brings the bibles in the streets and Jesus crucified and God is done away with completely. And it leads to a reign of terror where there's an arche where it's it's a terrible situation and eventually the revelation ends and God was reinstated in the French society and it was you know for the get of France that the Happened once the revolution was over but America had a different model and this is where we look at Revelation 13 I've been studying revelation pretty intensely now Luke mentioned that I've written a book on Daniel on working on a book on revelation now and I've recently gone through Revelation 13 it's a very fascinating chapter to study you know the 1st 10 verses are specifically describing the 1st beast which comes up out of the sea it's described in the Roman Catholic Church they power has a mouth speaking ravings and blasphemies just like the little form power of Daniel 7 but then we come to verse 11 and this is where we're going to contrast the beast that comes up out of the bottomless pit in Revelation 11 versus the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13 which is a very interesting revelation alone for a series in Revelation 13 versus Levenson I beheld another beast coming up out of the years if and he had shoehorns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon. So the 1st piece gang came up out of the sea out of the populated areas of the earth we understand the waters represent nations multitudes tongues and kings based on Revelation $715.00 so by contrast the earth is an unpopulated area now when you look at the 1st piece of Revelation 13 it has 7 heads 10 horns and 10 crowns on the horns and the crowns on the horns represent the kings of the earth that support the Roman Catholic Church state power so you have monarchies supporting the Roman Catholic Church they power in the 2nd beast the house shoehorns notice without the Crown so it's not a monarchy but Horan's describe the power of a kingdom now a beast represents a king and we understand that very clearly from Dan of 717 and then in 713 and we see it again in Revelation 13 so obese represents a kingdom and so you have the horns on the kingdom representing the power that gives this kingdom what it is of what makes this kingdom what it will be what gives the its power with the chew horns and what about the few who runs through each. Now the 1st be. It represents itself as a Christian power it's the Roman Catholic Church they power but scripture says that the Dragon or Satan gives us to receive authority to the beast that's a verse to Revelation 13 so even though it's a professed Christian power it's a say tannic power but the 2nd beast has 2 horns like a lamb know the horns represent the power behind the kingdom but there are 2 horns like a lamb so this means that what gives power to this kingdom or nation are Christian and attributes which is very interesting Now this is the other key point if the 1st beast is a professed Christian power that is actually say Tanach and as the Roman Catholic Church they power and the 2nd beast comes up out of the earth around the time that the 1st beast receives its deadly wound in 798 This means that around 798 you have a nation arching them coming up out of an unpopulated area of the earth that is not Catholic in nature it's Christian and by definition true Christianity according to Scripture is Protestant Christianity that's a key point true Christianity is the rock of us and Christianity that's what Revelation 13 is is teaching us so what are these 2 forms that give power to America that are Christian and nature these are the horns of civil and religious liberty see in France. The French Revolution destroyed Christianity altogether which by definition destroys the religious liberty of the subjects of its kingdom and if you don't have religious liberty you really don't have civil liberty either so here's where we need to think wisely about where we are prophetically on Earth history right now we believe a 7th day Atmos very clearly prophetically in the separation of church and state but separation of church and state without civil and religious liberty is not true separation of church and state the Christian principles of civil and religious liberty give a separation of church and state because civil liberty and religious liberty are both connected tew America to the freedoms of America and then by definition we separate the church from the state so that we have a church without a pope and a state without a king but we have a liberty for both Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the free exercise of religion if we don't have the free exercise of religion and we are allowed to pursue what we want and life we don't have religious and civil what. He earns they offer it so there are some interesting things that are happening in America right now let's talk about these 3 who will be more now so. When you look in Scripture neither only 3317 for us and it's you 10 for us kings 27 a back a chapter 3 verses 3 and 4 show that horns represent power so what gives America Power Well it's civil and religious liberty but civil and religious liberty are also defined as Republican as them and Protestantism now Republicanism is not the Republican Party just say you know here I'm not here indoors in the Republican Party I think you guys are smart enough to know what Republicanism means we are a Constitutional Republic in the United States of America a constitutional republic is not strictly speaking a democracy and what that means is that within the constant Shushan there are certain bill in liberties for minority groups so that for example American citizens cannot go out to take a vote to say we're going to prevent atheists from being able to vote and so here we take a vote and 80 percent of America votes to prevent atheists from having the right to vote in an election that's unconstitutional because the the Constitution protects the rights of minority groups from the or the rests of the country from the majority even if the rest of the majority doesn't believe in the viewpoint of an atheist they can see Vo into law. Something that would prevent an atheist from x. that x. sure exercising his constitutional right to vote his or her constitutional right and so that's what Republicanism means it means that in a constitutional republic the minorities within this constitutional republic have constitutional rights that he can not be voted out by a majority and that's very very important and so that civil liberty and then we have religious liberty so that minority religious groups cannot be prohibited from the free exercise of religion so that what I believe I can practice in my church setting it I can choose to go to church or I can choose not to go to church. Hopefully you do but I can choose to go to church and exercise my God given religious liberty for the free exercise of my faith and the government cannot penalize me for speaking out in my local church setting or in in a church setting based on what my beliefs are and that's a very important point as well some of you may remember the story if. Walsh was who was targeted for speaking his local churches where he gave Biblical definitions about marriage and sexuality and when those views were made known publicly he lost his job which was really very clearly a violation of his free exercise of religion and the a lot of thing to me as I found 7 Phadnis you were defending the actions of those who terminated Dr Walsh's job all you have to do is is substitute what Dr Walsh said about biblical sexuality and other topics and. Insert into that topic the Sabbath and you have found Christ as of her sister and so we should be able as a minority group as some of the evidence we are a minority group and we have the free exercise religion of religion to speak about what we believe and we can speak so as we can do so openly in our churches and we can promote what we believe without the fear of being. Retaliated against but this is where things are headed in America where I have some concerns that I wanted to to talk about as 7 Fayad into this we should very clearly be defending the choo horns of the lamb lying beast of America of civil and religious liberty of Republicanism and Protestantism now where some people get confused is that as he had shoehorns like a lamb any he spake as a dragon Now some will point out that there are pioneers who believed in time that America spoke of as a dragon from its inception because of the issue of slavery and there's no question that the issue of slavery at the beginning of America's history is a shameful part of America's fist 3 and slavery we went against the very constitution that. That we we have in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights so I mean you know it says slavery definitely as a as a mark against the history of America but you know interestingly even though that your rawest muff and some of the other pioneers equated the issue of slavery with America speaking as a dragon James and l m y actually never made that application and in fact Ellen why it very clearly applies America speaking as a dragon to in the future want to someday laws passed there's an interesting paper written by Trevor O'HOY Reggio and Deutsch and have a den of it she teaches that we March for her as us teaches at the seminary or at Andrews and they wrote a paper and how did the connection between slavery and prophecy as it related to the American nation and the writings of the admins pioneers during the antebellum period it was written in 2012 and they show in that paper that James and l m y Well they say it's. It's. Britain and the slaves that did not equal a thing with America speaking as a dragon and if you look at Revelation 13 very clearly you can show that speaking of the Dragon is the Sunday law because the dragon who is Satan gives this power see authority so the 1st beast the Revelation 13 and the 1st be if he has the mouth of a lion any of them out speaking rate things and when you go to shoot Daniel 7 you have the Little Horn who is the papacy who has a mouth speaking ravings and a Daniel 725 the papacy thinks to change times the mosque So what's the mouth that speaks great things it's a mouth the things that it can change the law of God That's how the dragon speaks he thinks he can change the law of God when America speaks as a dragon a nation speaks through its Watts and Dragon speaks that just to use a colloquial term is to try to change the law of God So when America speaks as a dragon it will speak as the 1st beast did by thinking to change the law of God and when America speaks as a nation through its laws it will instead shew a Sunday law about the Sunday law and Revelation 13 so that a still future so as 70 ad in the us we should be doing everything we can right now in the time that we are living Q defend the choo horns of civil and religious liberty because as long as we have civil and religious liberty we are still operating under the lamb principles the Christian principles that God raised this country have to promote and that furthermore. From America the 3 angels most edges were birth this is where the miller movement came out of the universe astri and from there the 2nd Advent movement in the 7th they have missed church took off and from the 7th they have missed church the 3 miles messages have gone to every nation kindred tongue and people and the message of Adams says them is a message that cuts against race and racism it's a message an everlasting Gospel on the 3 angels messages that go to every background every social group every ethnicity every race every language group it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor or wealthy or famous sword not famous whatever it may be the 3 angels messages which came from America because of the religious and civil liberty that existed in this country that allowed these messages to go to the entire world and so in this time of her sister as we see what's happening in the world around us we want to defend civil and religious liberty Now here's the thing that we need to understand when we look at Revelation 13 to me becomes a very. Clear that. A sticks as a dragon when Protestantism unites with the papacy and Protestantism becomes a pos they in fact Revelation 120 identifies a pos they Protestantism as the false prophet and so let me read to you a couple of statements Ellen White makes it's about what is coming upon the world. This is from great controversy page 442. The lamb like horns and Dragon voice of the some bull point to a striking contradiction between the professions and the practice of the nation thus represented the speaking of the nation as the action of its legislative and judicial authorities by such action it will give the lives of those liberal in peaceable principles which it has put forth as the foundation of its policy the prediction that it will speak as a dragon and exercise all the power of the 1st beast plainly foretells of development of the spirit of intolerance and persecution that was manifested by the nations represented by the dragon and the leopard like beasts and the statement of the beast with few horns because of the earth and the mage while they're in to worship the 1st beast in the case that the authority of this nation is to be exercised in an a in and forcing some observance which will be an act of homage to the papacy so this is in the future but you see that it will speak. In another same a just the page before page 4410 my says Republicanism products them says it became the fundamental principles of the nation these principles are the secret of its power and prosperity the oppressed and downtrodden throughout Christendom have churned of this land with interest and hope millions of thought its shores in the United States has risen to a place among the most powerful nations of the earth so here's what I want to say that addresses some current issues even in the 100 to them I'm seeing people in the church right now basically saying that America has spoken as a dragon from its beginnings it speaks as a dragon now and it will continue to speak as a dragon when the Sunday last passed and here's where I see this as a problem. Yes there are issues of racism in America very clearly racism did not go away with the amounts of patient proclamation that is true but I think we can all admit that the Emancipation Proclamation represented progress in America the end of slavery represented progress now I'm very well aware of the fact that there were Jim Crow laws and other issues that continue to perpetuate racial injustice as many many decades and that are even continuing now where there are certain disparities that are not fair but. Who ever be some of those in the us this is we as 7th Avenue should be breaking through those and jobs is very poorly but we also need to be very careful in applying. What we need to be very careful in making prophetic applications about America speaking as a dragon to something that doesn't apply to you yes we should all speak out against any form of racism any form of injustice any mistreatment of minorities that takes place and we should stand down on the right side of those who are oppressed we also need to be careful that we only apply America speaking as a dragon to what it what that's referring to prophetically and that is the National some a law because here's what's here's what happens if you say No America is just all bad it speaks as a dragon now because there's racism and America Then and what you're doing is you're ignoring what God has raised up through that you morons of civil and religious liberty of Republicanism and Protestantism and that those are Christian principles that have empowered America to be what it is yes there is separation of church and state and how does that work the separation of church. State in America means that Congress can't pass a law prohibiting or establishing any type of dogma or religion or domination whatever it may be everybody has freedom to choose how they're going to worship God but there's also no law that tells you how you can worship or can't worship and so we have the freedom to worship God God has not been a radical heated from America the way the French Revolution did however I would urge caution from both sides of the political spectrum right now we understand that it's going to be the religious right which is obviously with the Republican Party that will eventually push for a Sunday law so you don't want to be a bit diehard you know pushing for the right in America without realizing that at some point prophetically and it could be very soon they will push for a Sunday law which will turn into intolerance and eradicate all freedoms for those who worship God according to what the Bible says. But I'm also concerned about what I'm saying from the left right now is to make any sense what I'm saying from the left of America. Because what I'm saying from the left in America reminds me very much of what happened in the French Revolution and if we say that America is all bad that the Christian principles of civil and religious liberty. And the matter is the stuff religion of church and state was just separate church and state and if people lose their religious or their free exercise or religion was one of the church and state or suffer that's the only thing that matters we start to see principles that are very much like the French Revolution and we start to see Marxist principles we start to see totalitarianism we start to see things and I'll just give you some examples when the Supreme Court passed its ruling that allows for gay marriage in America it's set the stage for those of that persuasion to go against religious and Christian institutions that say based on our beliefs of Scripture we don't allow for that practice in our institution well based on the Supreme Court ruling those on the left to go out and say hey you are in for it and for edging on our civil liberties Well now you have this debate of Ok the left civil liberties are being infringed upon but what about the school or the college or the institution or the church what about their religious liberty and the free exercise of religion that's where things become more difficult and when you have separation of church and state it's still with this Christian principle that is God given that you have religious liberty you have civil liberty you have Republicanism you have to Protestantism and the one doesn't infringe upon the other if you don't have freedom of conscience if freedom of conscience is a violated then separation of church and state is meaningless and so that's where we are in America right now and so we have these issues that are are before us and you know I like the what's happening with the Supreme Court. It seems from was the news is suggesting that it came out today that the president is going to nominate another Catholic and if that confirmation goes through you'll have 7 Catholics on the Supreme Court of the United States of America what happened a Protestant America so that's concerning and it's also concerning the that the left is going so far as to bring in the principles of the French revelations of that there's an arche in the streets buildings have been burned down and the left is willing to go again it's the freedom of conscience for Christians and so here's what's going to happen as I see where America is headed the left is becoming radicalized as far as I can see and by the way please don't take this as me telling you who you should be voting for I'm speaking against the clearly negative folk prophetic aspects of both the left and the right here I see the left as. There are Russian and French for a while and I we would see before he's back on the right I see as being those who will carry out America speaking as a dragon with the passing of a summit last I don't think that I'm siding with. I don't think that I'm siding with one party versus the other I'm a element is that we cannot with safety vote for political party so be very careful when you analyze these issues but I'm concerned that if we in our attempts of God's people to defend the separation of church and state and then we start lining up with the left who say have Let's get rid of God altogether. When you do that you start to violate the religious liberty and even civil liberties of Americans and the freedom of conscience and when you do that the religious right is going to react against that very clearly and that's going to lead ultimately to America speaking as a dragon through the passing of the son in law because when christians in america still a predominantly Christian nation based on the people who live in this country most people will last though a majority of people will still identify as Christian and if the left pushes thing so far that freedom of conscience is violated God is taken out of society can completely to the point that Christians lose their freedom of conscience. Chewed the man with a lot. Then eventually there's going to be this count a reaction that will swing the way too far to the right that will say it's time to bring God back to America and we're going to pass a law that will put people in church on Sunday so that we can get back to you to God as a nation that's kind of where we are right now that's where I see things prophetically I just see that the left is becoming so extreme they're instituting principles of cultural Marxism where they have the language of the oppressed and the oppressor there is to tell us here in asm that says you have to think the way we do you will tolerate you as long as you accept our viewpoint but if you don't we're going to come after you will destroy your businesses your churches whatever else that may be and that's not American that's not civil and religious liberty in practice that's French Revolution that's anarchy and that's not something we should be supporting neither should we be so aligned with the right that we. Would be in line with with what. The religious right is doing you know Ellen y. has an interesting statement in in great controversy Page 6 their weight and that talks about what's going to happen. At the time that Jesus comes back this is a great controversy page 6 so it wasn't of this very carefully she says of. The. Proves large class professed faith in the 3rd change those months a judge but not been sanctified through obedience of the truth abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition and then there's the key sense by uniting with the world and partaking of its spirit they have come to view matters in nearly the same lie and the test is brought they are prepared to choose the easy popular side Minitel and pleasing address who wants rejoice in the truth employ their powers to deceive and mislead souls they become the most bitter enemies of their former brother in one Sabbath keepers or robber for the courts to answer for their faith these apostates are the most efficient agents of Satan the misrepresented to use them and by false reports and insinuations to stir up the rulers against them here's what I want you to think about so the storm is approaching and there is a large class or profess of professed faith in the 3rd angels message but they have not been sanctified through beings of the truth how did they not become sanctified through being to the truth while the next sentence tells us its by uniting with the world and partaking of that spirit they have come to view matters in nearly the same lie and when this house is brought they are prepared to choose the easy popular side be careful if you have united with either political party because you when you when you unite with the spirit of the world. And both political parties are giving you the spirit of the world you come to view matters and I prefer political party wrath and through the prophetic lens of in time prophecy Revelation 11 Anarky French Revolution we don't want to be part of that Revelation 13 apostate Protestantism we don't want to be part of that we want to be on the words side and a 7th a oddness we can't find safety in either political party now we're at the same time having said that we want to do everything we can with our understanding based on Revelation 13 to defend the chew horns of civil and religious liberty which are like Christ those principles come from Jesus himself he gives us religious and civil liberties he even gives us the liberty to much use the fall of him but he doesn't force us or compel us to do anything but when America uses force and speaks like a dragon then we know that the end is near when the Sunday laws passed those are some things that we really need to be mindful of a sudden they had us as we see the the end approaching we want to be on the Lord's side we don't want to be aligned with either political party and I'm sorry but I see a lot of my friends some of the Adams friends on Facebook who are more well versed in flushing out the arguments of the great political debates of the day than they are in promoting the 3 Angels' messages the answer for today is not either political party it's the 3 Angels' messages those are the messages that God has given us to take to the world to prepare the world for the soon coming of Jesus to be 7th. Not a Republican moderate Democrat or any other political party but to be a 7th Day Adventist and a stand on the Lord side and to be part of the 30 was message and to defend the civil and religious liberty of everyone let's defend of the civil and religious liberty of all and let's do what we can with the time that we have left to give the 3 engines messages to the world around us so I'm going to offer a prayer to to close and then I'll turn things back over to leave so let's just pray as we close Father in heaven thank you so much for being with us this evening to receive the prophetic peril in America today I just pray that we would be on the Lord's side that we wouldn't be it on either side of either political party but that we would stand on the Lord's side and that we would give a clear message to the lost and dying world that Jesus is coming soon and that now is the time to come out of Babylon and be ready to meet Jesus when He comes it will be faithful may we be found ready thank you for all that you've done for us and made each one of us choose to stand with the way this is my prayer and Jesus. 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