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Risk and Redemption: The Journey to Babylon

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • October 3, 2020
    12:30 PM
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All right let's open the Word of God And before we do that let's ask for a special blessing I invite you to bow your heads again Lord guide us now may our hearts be humble before you may we serve you in humility and thus be able to see and serve in truth and grace save us Lord from the many lies that are twist on the truth that are floating around today in Jesus' name amen I'm holding in my hands an article I'm going to go after this message a little differently than the last one and I'm going to do this to get your attention in the midst of a sermon entitled risk and redemption the journey to Bethlehem to Babylon. Climate Sunday comes from the independent Catholic News Agency climate Sunday launch to promote church climate action from earlier this summer it was organized by the environmental issues network and churches together in Britain and Ireland what are they going to do they are going to encourage churches once over the next year to be sure and hold a climate Sunday for the purpose of understanding our responsibility to heal our planet and to pray and to act in response to the climate emergency it's interesting in the article it identifies a bishop Johnno John Arnold Salford the bishop responsible for the environment for the Catholic bishops of England and Wales now we have a lot of departments in the 7 am as church but we don't have this department I think it's imperative that you understand they do have the apartment the department when you read the rest of the article you come upon Ponce some very interesting facts and this statement was made in a post pandemic world the climate Sunday project is an excellent opportunity for Catholic parishes in England and Wales as well as our ecumenical brothers and sisters to understand responsibility our responsibility to heal our planet and to pray and act in a sponsible way to the climate emergency now written down this side of my piece of paper I've written the names of all the churches that have signed on as organisations so a few of them are not churches you have Christian Aid the Tearfund Salvation Army a Roka u.k. operation no ah the climate stewards those some of them are not religious organisations but listen to the rest that are eco Sunday Scotland eco congregation Ireland green Christians Church of England the Methodist Church the Baptist Union of Wales United Reformed Church the Church of Scotland the union of Wales independence and the Church in Wales and the interesting thing is they were hoping. For 7 I don't know exactly what and who was I know they were looking to launch on the 1st Sunday in September they had 700 churches signed up and they're hoping by their own admonition that they have thousands that are keeping a global a global climate Sunday along the way now I looked at a prophetic website earlier that week or 2 ago and I was looking at it I saw a tagline for an article it said dire we forecast in Great Britain. Produces potential 10 percent rise in bread costs and I'm thinking dire we harvest in in England I'm thinking it sounds a little sensational to me and I'm against sensationalism I don't want to be manipulated by my feelings into making a decision so I thought I'm going to google this and see if it's true so I took the exact title of the article I googled it into my search engine and guess where it took me it took me to the b.b.c.. Now why does that matter because it's one thing for you to read a sensational title to an article on a prophetic website because they may want to hook you keep bringing you back it's another thing when the title of the article is taken almost word for word from a very secular organization the truth of the matter is Britain went through its driest May and decades there we don't harvest is down by 40 percent the cost of bread is going to go up maybe by 10 percent and do you think it's doing anything but fueling the fire for a global climate Sunday ecumenical movement now why am I saying this why am I sharing this if you want to scare us faster No I don't want to scare is a matter of fact I want to do exactly the opposite I want to arm you with confidence and courage for this strange world we're living in and we are living in one I want you to come away from this moment aware of how the Holy Spirit might be speaking to you for change and also aware of how God wants to assure you for the present and the future in this morning's message we're going to talk a little bit about Babyland What has it been literally what does it mean in regards to our current culture what will it be prophetically at the end of time but I want you to ask yourself a question at the beginning of this sermon how open to you are truth whether it's you sitting here in the pews or whether somebody's watching online and we have thousands of devices that tune in on a weekly basis so here's the question can you hear truth whether it's said by your worst enemy or your best friend can a truth be truth whether you like their starting place and don't agree with where they're going to end up but it still rang true I want to take an issue let's take the issue of global warming. If I were to take a poll right now and asked how many of you believe that the world is warming several hands would go up and some hands would stay down as a matter of fact a number of hands and stay down not just because they don't think it's happening but because they believe it is a right wing political or leftwing political conspiracy theory to get control over people now I personally am a person who whether it comes from the left side of the aisle or the right side of the aisle m trying to figure out what's actually going on in this world is there anybody else here like this today I want you to really be able to understand something human beings are constantly questing for power they are not naturally people of integrity they'll tell you what they want to gather you into their power base and I want you to stay on this is going on so it appears to me that all of the thermometer is that are spread around this world are probably not liars it appears to me that the intensity of storms in the Repeatedly of things that are going on the world's never been on fire quite like it's been on fire in the last few years Ok you just can't deny that I'm working my way toward 60 now and in those 6 decades I've not seen the world quite on fire like it is now when I look at the dynamic of of the day that the low barometric pressure is in the super storms that are created now for some that are listening right now they're they're writing me off they're writing me off some of you are listening right now and you're writing me off because you've already decided before into Don't confuse me with the facts my mind is already made up and since you tend to be right of center you've decided this is all this is all man made. If I were to come over here and talk about another issue it might be true too but because it's left of center you're being written off you're being written off as a matter of fact I preach a couple of sermons over the last few months one was in title given to Caesar Cole and fear respect and love in the age of covert 19 and they don't preach 12 Sabbaths ago that was in titled self-interest in the virtual gospel and in the midst of these sermons in the midst of this pandemic I'm actually challenging people to stop and think about where their motivational base comes from and what obligation they have to a world and how much risk they're supposed to take I've got some interesting feedback from the sermons as you can only imagine it is not to be forgotten that I spent a series of 8 weeks preaching a series called confidence in crisis where my only goal was to assure you not to be afraid God was in charge but you know that's not my only job my job is actually to remind you there's a living God who is going to nudge you out of your comfort zone every once in a while to do things you don't feel comfortable doing and you set your brain on the shelf No But are you to move according to the direct understanding of the principles of love to reach the last and take some risks Yes So in getting feedback from different people near and far on these messages I've come to a conclusion. And my conclusion is this there's a lot of 7 they haven't who have already decided right or wrong and they don't really want to hear a message especially if the message goes against what they think already and they've defined themselves politically and they found any good reason they can to tag or turn down the volume on somebody who approaches it differently Well now you all came here of your free will and all watching on this device we call a live streaming internet ability platform everybody's watching of their own free Well everybody came of their own accord which means that this morning you must believe that there's something you at least ought to engage or listen to and I'm here this morning to challenge you so let's take global warming for just a little bit I've come to a conclusion and I would really love to sharpen iron was somebody I've never heard anybody say when I'm about to say and I would love to visit with you after the sermon not during the Sabbath because I have plans but farther into the week if you want to visit me that you can but I figured out why the right believes it's a complete concocted conspiracy of the left because the theology of the right is not the theology of truth the theology of the right believes a temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem believe an anti christ will show up and you know what they believe after that 7 year period of tribulation they believe that this world will be a place where Christ reigns for a whole millennia there's no place for a dining world or a cleansed world in their theology so they know beyond a shadow of a doubt the global warming is a hoax but you know what my Bible says that this world is like a garment and it's actually wearing out. This Bible I read tells me that there will be some way that the world is united and it will be united I'm convinced now in self interest and I'm absolutely convinced that the global warming or global climate Sunday Anishinabe which will follow up with its own global summit they're calling it the c o p 26 it will be held and Glasgow next November 21 I don't mean this November 21 and I'm quite convinced that as I stood here in prayer meeting on Wednesday night with Pastor and he's the Janowicz and one of our college students and we thank the Lord and he thanked the Lord for food and then we knelt down and prayed and I dealt down and I prayed Lord thank you that I've never gone a day in my life where I worried about a meal I'm quite convinced that the driest may in London and the actual economic impact of some kind of agricultural crisis climate event is just a little bitty harbinger that means a forebear or someone who's telling something in advance I'm quite convinced that all it would take in America is for a larger agricultural crisis to develop to where food prices went up and were such a small fraction of American lives styles and maybe even a little bit of worry that there might not be these huge silos with grain sitting and I'm quite convinced that a few little circumstances could recalibrate the sense of this country with its wide and diverse climates and its very disadvantage to fight agricultural base I'm quite convinced that it wouldn't take too terrible much to get all the world with a little insecurity tracking exactly the same way I want you to think about it folks. I'm talking to you this morning about the elements of risk and redemption and what a journey to Babylon looks like Babylon has 2 phases in the Bible there is the influence of Babylon and there is this cuddling up of the church to Babylonian ideas in ways which leads to prophetic messages and then finally there is the aggressive dominating and abusive element of Babylon when we look at the viable Bablon is everywhere take your Bibles and open them up to the Book of Revelation Revelation Chapter 14 we should know this one by a heart but we'll go there anyway Revelation Chapter 14 What does the journey to Babyland look like we have these 3 angels Revelation Chapter 14 vs 8. It says and another angel a 2nd one followed seign fallen fallen is Babylon the Great who has made all the nations drink of the wine of her passion of her immorality and by the way it's not soley structured around the dynamics of sexuality that this immorality is focused it's around the whole componentry of abandonment from the law of God and where this leads take your Bibles and turn over to Revelation Chapter 18 Babylon is fallen and what is the obligation of the church Revelation Chapter 18 verse one after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was illumined with His glory this is the 4th angel's message it is ours to give it has not been given yet and he cried with a mighty voice saying fallen fallen is Babylon the Great she's become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit and a prison of every unclean and hateful bird for all the nations of drunk of the wine of the passion of her immorality the false teachings the immoral living and the kings of the earth the kings of the earth have committed acts of immorality with her in the merchants of the earth have become rich by the wealth of her sensuality verse 4 and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people so that you will not participate in her sins and receive her plague for her sins and piled up as high as heaven and God has remembered her iniquities there is an element of Babylonian influence and there is an element of Babylonian oppression both referred to in the scriptures we have not yet come to the prophetic point of Babylonian oppression and persecution but it's not far around the corner and I want to go just a bit farther here I want every person listening to me who who worries about opening their church to understand that in Michigan be. For there was a softening of what this thing meant the very 1st churches to declare they were open in spite of governmental orders were Catholic churches and I want you to know that their boldness is because they have a plan and they are making plans so that when the post coven crisis is gone of phrase directly from this article they're ready to move but what about God's people should we sit around and do nothing should we dig holes and hide and then should we decide that there is no mandate upon us to declare that Babylon is fallen I'm not going to take the time this morning to declare what apostate babble it is in the future most of us are familiar with that definition but I do want to understand this there are many in the 7th Day Adventist Church that are drifting into babbling and their 1st journey or their 1st indicators that they're moving off the course is that they are choosing preachers to tickle their ears to tell them smooth things and to make sure they never hear anything that goes against their primary lens their primary lens of interpretation is a function of being immersed in a world in which the physic cation and higher learning is an affront to the simplicity of what would be called a fundamental belief in God's word in order in one's life in such a way God is calling us in this hour to make sure we're ready to deal with the battle that's coming now is the church immune and should we expect that there would not be a prophetic call like there was in the pre exhilarate days that calls us to a readiness for what's coming from an oppressive Bablon pastor make yourself clear I'm going to do it this is the 1st of 5 sermons primarily on the life of day of Daniel and I want you to know that most of the stories related to Daniel deal with life and death issues for somebody it. Might be Ashton as it might be the Wiseman It might be the 3 where this it might be Daniel it's all of these people I want you to understand that the Book of Daniel while it has a prophetic component to let us know it's coming it has a live in communication of faith that the God who knows it's coming is ready for it take your Bibles and turn back to the Book of Daniel Jeremiah is equal Daniel go to the last chapter I want to read a verse that has struck fear into many well versed prophetic students Daniel Chapter 12 where they Daniel seminar coming up in this church the 3rd weekend of October and we'll be looking at Daniel Chapter 11 trying to put our arms around what it means it doesn't appear that we have a real united sense of what it is so we're going to keep studying him praying but this verse has struck fear into many people's hearts and I'd like to know why but I think I know why Daniel Chapter 12 verse one it says Now at that time Michael the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people will arrive I want you to make sure you've got it friends when Michael or Jesus stands up in the Bible something significant is going on when Jesus stands up for his people it means something powerful is about to happen at that time this is the very great crisis of the end Michael the great prince who stands guard he stands guard yes those angels are sent to encamp around us we've read We've studied we've taken assurance in but in this moment Christ himself is going to come down into the battle he stands guard over the sons of his people he will arise now the phrase that really gets us and there will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time. And we think what are we going to do what are we going to do wring our hands what are we going to do what are we going to do I don't want to be through the time of trouble I don't I don't want to live in that phase in period of life and it's is it all of a sudden God left the throne empty for a few minutes and that period of time is going to be one of those moments when I guess you're better off and for yourself and and and act like there is no world that belongs to the Father like we just sang about this is my father's we're on somehow in the midst of our spiritual journey in the 21st century there are lots of people that are worried about the distress that's going to come but let's finish the verse can we do that it's a time of trouble such as and never was since there's been a nation you say Well Pastor there it is don't you get it there's been a lot of bad things that have happened are you not a student history I am I am I am I am but you know the difference between history and this final chapter in history is that in those chapters of history God's name has not been on the line God's people have not been such great disadvantage as they are right now and for all the human suffering that's going on I cannot explain it all but I do know this God has always cared but when it finally comes down to the attempt to destroy a reminder a visible reminder in the people of God from the face of the earth Christ himself stands up and he takes over guardian and he says I've got this the rest of the verse and at the time at that time your people everyone who is found written in the book will be some of your verses say delivered this one says rescue now I don't know how much kinder God could have written chapter 12 verse one I don't know how we could have put it together in a better way to say to be afraid. I don't know how God could have said the future is pretty dark but the light of this world is going to come down and be your light and be your security the wall of fire is going to be about you the cloud by day the fire by 9 God could not have had Daniel penned this verse any better than it was penned it's bookended on one hand by the a shares that cry stands up and he takes over every element of guardian his people on the other side it is with an assurance that my people will be delivered now you may go through some hard times you probably will but you know as I was reading this yesterday actually about about how us being let out to die one of the most beautiful things I read is I was reading from the Spirit of Prophecy as how God took away from him the fear of death and so when they come around to light the pyre the pile of sticks and they go to the back he says Don't light it from the back if I was afraid I wouldn't be here come around and light it in front I want to tell you friends as the Catholic Church in the dark ages sought to destroy the little country of Bohemia and time and time again God stood in the way to protect is true but those battles me nothing to what's coming and God is going to be for us more than he was for Moses and more when he was with the Israelites and God's going to do more than he did for Joshua and more for just a fat and God's going to do more than he did for the 3 were these and God going to do more than he did in the Lion's Den can you say amen this is where we're headed these are just the warm up since the trouble is going to be greater the deliverance is going to be greater and God doesn't want us to be afraid but if we're living by fear now then we have no chapters to get us ready if we don't learn how faithfully is and that he intervenes when he needs to and we don't we learn to suffer on the way then we're in big trouble now before Daniel got to Babylon he was living in a town called Jerusalem. And I want to show you today what the chapters of life were like before the outbreak of the persecution of that mighty power from the north there are in the Old Testament 299 mentions of babbling. More than every other Old Testament book combined Jeremiah has 179 of them if there is a prophet that precedes the breakout of persecution it can be none other than Jeremiah himself I want to go on a journey with you risk and redemption are you willing to move according to the still small voice amplified by the Holy Spirit as you're in the word in a place like this perhaps go back to the book of Jeremiah we're going to start in Jeremiah chapter one and we're going to have a rapid survey as rapid as I can make it as a matter of fact probably more rapid than it should be but the book is there for you to read I'm just going to highlight a few things Jeremiah chapter one it's an amazing story chapter one is the commissioning of Jeremiah go to verse 17 he says now gird up your loins and arise and speak to them all of which I command you don't be dismayed before them or all dismay you before them you get the idea that God is a very intimate relationship with this man he is not afraid to say the tough fatherly things in other words Jeremiah knows God can be trusted God knew him before he was born in the sense of his plan as he knows all of us in the sense of his plan for our lives and God is fit him for what he's going to do but he tells him don't act on your fears verse 18 now behold I've made you today as a fortified city and a pillar of iron and as walls a bronze and you're going to be against the whole land against the kings of Juda against its priests princes and its priests and the people of the land they will fight against you but you will but they will not overcome you for I am with you to deliver you declares the Lord it's important for us to understand that in the days preceding the breakout of Babylonians persecution Babylonian persecution God will bring people to call Israel to a moment of repentance chapter 2 verse. Explains the problem in Israel Thus says the Lord what injustice did your fathers find in me that they went far from me and walked after emptiness and became empty go down to verse 8 the priest did not say the priest did not say where is the lower and those who handle the law did not know me the rulers also transgress against me and prophets prophesied by Bale and they walked after things that did not profit now if we went no farther in the book of Jeremiah than that right there I want to ask you has Babylon made its way into the experience of the Old Testament church in the days of Jeremiah if we're prophesied by Bale maybe the Babylonian influence has already done its work to destroy the soul of the nation before the nation is physically accosted by never can answer himself verse 10 well the start of verse 9 Therefore I will contend with you declares the Lord and with your sons I will contend in the margin of my Bible I have written this little know love that leads to conflict do we have the real thing or do we actually have some sentimentalism which is not love at all there are many people who don't understand that love is much is inclusive of feeling but it supersedes feeling in a sense of right and wrong verse 10. For cross to the coast lands of kitten and sea and send to conduct and observe closely and see if there's been such a thing is this and here's the thing has a nation change gods when they were not gods in other words why turn your back on a god that showed himself a fall continued on but my people have changed their glory for that which does not profit be appalled heavens at this and shatter be very desolate declares the Lord for my people have committed to evils they have for saken me the fountains of living waters to hew for themselves broken cisterns they cannot hold water and skipping down to verse 19 it sounds like a a commentary on our day our day you know folks our society is just about the product will society we're just about in the pig pen all we have to do is to get to the place where we don't have enough to eat and then everybody will be turning back now I don't want to do too much with that metaphor but it does tie in just a little bit with climate Sunday doesn't it your own wickedness it says will correct you verse 19 and your apostasies will reprove you you talk to an employer it's a great achievement in today's day and age if you hire somebody and they actually come to work every day how many parents have said we're going different directions and children have only one side of the gender line to direct them especially as they come into adulthood illegitimacy is an illegitimate word nowadays the truth of the matter is nothing or anybody is illegitimate The Scriptures will say we don't even know how to blush. But the dysfunction of disobedience is about to catch up with us and the world getting ready to say enough disorder anough chaos and breakdown and all we need is for the is for the pillars that have created security for the last 7 decades or so since World War 2 to be knocked out and pretty soon this fragile and insecure world that can be moved easily by fact or fiction will be ready to move according to the dictates of the supposin security coming back to God your own wickedness will correct you that's where we're at as a nation go on to verse 29 why do you contend with me you've all transgressed against me declares the Lord in vain I have struck your sons they accepted no chastening your sword devoured your prophets like a destroying line God says I've sent you people to talk for me and what do you do you completely ignore them but more than that it's not enough you need to shut them up so you'll destroy them you'll take their lives when we look at the experience of the Israelites I can be certain to assure you that there was still a temple there were still services in the temple but they had a whole lot more going on than that but they did not want to lose their assurance go over to Chapter 5 beginning with Verse one chapter 5 of Jeremiah the story before the fall of Jerusalem and the oppression of Babel in Chapter 5 Verse one Rome to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem a look now and take note and seeker in are open squares if you can find a man is there one who does justice and seeks truth that I will pardon or you get the idea that Jeremiah's contending with God like Abraham did what if you find somebody in the city and God saying I've looked I've looked hard and long verse 2 and although they say as the Lord lives in other words they haven't lost their cultural verbiage happy Sabbath. They haven't lost the ability to speak according to their religious uniqueness surely they swear falsely oh lord do not your eyes look for truth you've smitten them but they did not weaken you consume them but they refused to take correction they made their faces harder than rock they have refuse to repent skip down to verse 12 but they all want assurance it's false assurance but they like it nonetheless verse 12 they've lied about the Lord and they've said not he misfortune will not come upon us and we will not see sword or famine turned over to chapter 6 looking at verse 13 chapter 6 from the least of them even to the greatest of them everyone is greedy for gain and from profit even to priest even everyone deals falsely they were healed the brokenness of my people superficially sane peace peace but there is no peace God gave them a test it was in the voice of the prophets would there be any repentance verse 27 and Chapter 6 I have made you that speaking of Jeremiah and a sayer and a tester among my people that you may know and to say their ways all of them are stubbornly rebellious when we stop and we look at the journey of Israel before Babel and fell before Daniel was carried off we find a nation in which the principles the ideas and the experience of Babylon has invaded the experience go over to Chapter 7 verse 13. It says And now because you have done all these things declares the Lord and I speak to you rising up early and speaking but you did not hear and I called but you did not answer indeed I will I will do to the house of Israel which is called to the house which is called by my name in which you trust and the place which I gave you and your father's as I did to Shiloh I will cast you out of my sight I have cast all your brothers and all the as I cast all your brothers in the offspring of Ephraim as for you do not pray for these people this is now God talking to Jeremiah don't pray for these people and don't lift up and cry and pray for them and do not intercede with me for I do not hear you pretty painful moments but let's find out why skip to the end of the chapter God is done what the false sense of content contact with him and here's why the end of the chapter for the sons of Juda have done that which is evil in my sight declares the Lord they have set their detestable things in the house which is called by my name to defile it well we already read about that Bale the idols of Bale probably signed by Bale verse 31 they have built the high places of toast with which is in the Valley of the son of Hinnom to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire which I did not command and it did not come in to my mind verse $32.00 Therefore behold the days are coming declares the Lord when it will no longer be called Top of the Valley of Hinnom But the valley of slaughter for they will bury him TOEFL because there is no other place I want you to get the picture it's a lot of Bible verses. Israel was destroyed in 722 by the Ninevites the 10 tribes you have to remember at this point time there is no Israel there is always been a faithful follower followers of God which we call Israel but the 10 tribes to the north were called Israel. And they went and committed spiritual adultery with every other god on the face of the planet and God sent prophet after Prophet but finally in 722 b.c. Israel was destroyed by the Assyrians and they are no more God in effect says to Jeremiah you saw all of this you knew about all of this and you made only the slightest attempt to be different and in the end you're worse but it is in Jerusalem the Valley of Hinnom you've heard about it it's what those who believe in the immortality of the soul teaches the illustration of why people burn forever because it was the trash dump and in the trash dump there was always a small green fire which you need to know it was it turned into a trash dump by Josiah because they were offering up little babies in the hand of a red hot heated Idol in which you could hear the burning flesh of the baby as it was screaming out and God says I couldn't even think of such a thing and you're doing it in Jerusalem this is the the depth of degradation to which Israel has gone in the days of a young boy named Daniel the risk and the redemption are on the line God is taking the rest Jeremiah is his mouthpiece and God says I couldn't even think of this. Go over to Chapter 11 actually we're going to run out of time so I'm going to move us farther along here we know that Jeremiah's 79 says the human heart is deceitful the wicked beyond all understanding but let's get down to the brass tacks the skip over all the amazing chapters you ought to read but go over to Jeremy Jeremiah Chapter 26 and let's get us into the showdown moment between Jeremiah in the institution of the of the city and the institution of the king Hood and the institution of the church here we are German Chapter $26.00 in the beginning of the reign of joy Kim 609-2605 b c. The son of Josiah king of Juda his word came from the Lord saying Thus says the Lord stand in the court of the Lord's house and speak to the cities of Juda who have come to worship in the Lord's house and all the words that have commanded you speak them don't omit a word that's some pretty strong marching orders from God to Jeremiah perhaps they will listen it's God's prayer everyone and everyone will turn from his evil way that I may repent of the calamity which I am planning to do to them because of the evil of their deeds and you'll say to them Thus says the Lord if you will not listen to me to walk in my laws which I have set before you to listen to the words of my servant the prophets whom I have been sending the you again and again but you cannot listen then I will make this house like Shiloh you have to remember now this is the place of worship in Israel the 10 Tribes It's now gone and this city I will make a curse to all the nations of the year versus 7 the priests and the prophets and all the people heard Jeremiah speaking these words in the house of the Lord he chose the wrong time the wrong group the wrong place with the wrong message how do I know verse 8 when Jeremiah finished speaking all that the Lord had commanded him to speak to all the people the priest in the prophets and all the people seized him saying you must die now I want to tell you when what you believe is so in you are so insecure and what you believe that you can't listen to something else you my friends are walking in darkness when someone cannot talk with you about something without it making you mad when nobody can tell you you're wrong I want you know understand that the main work of a prophet prior to the oppression of Babylon was to declare that there was a call to repentance that was needed in God's people and we're living in a day and age when that call comes rare and rare or. God actually knows that in the age of affluence and luxury in the age of purposelessness and largely meaninglessness in mission his own church has wandered into a friendship with the world which the city of Babylon represents and the nation of Babylon represents and you should expect in the age where there is to be a call of readiness for what's coming in the breakout moment that there will be a call to repentance and that God will be sane trouble is coming the lawlessness of the world will be punished and before it's punished there will be an attempt to silence all those who call the world to repentance there is a call to the remnant remnant that should be coming from fathers and mothers teachers there is a call to repentance to the remnant who have a call of invitation in repentance to the world which should be coming from the pulpit but we have been trained just like the rest of the world could be to listen just like in the days of Jeremiah we want to be told everything's Ok it's all going to work out well I'm here to tell you we've got the most wonderful good news there is and that is that the Prince Michael is going to stand up and that he's going to take guard over his children and he's going to deliver everyone who's names written in the book The bad news is is that the heart and soul of the Israelite nation in the land of Judah was so rotten that there's only 4 people to write about when you come to the experience in exile and we don't know how many people also were nerved by Shadrach me shakin a Ben ago and Daniel but we do know this the remnant got a whole lot smaller after number can as you came to town. Babylon finds its way into the hearts and minds of people before it exercises its persecuting power take your Bibles and turn to the book of easy kill go backwards to seek you Chapter 14 we have a harder element to wrestle with is equal is equal chapter 14 I want to look at the verse 2 and 3 is equal was also a prophet a contemporary of Jeremiah he got carted off halfway through the sieges of he didn't go in Daniel went and he wasn't there when Jerusalem was destroyed but when never can answer came and did some rearrangement of the royal King kingship he took 10000 tradesmen with them and he went with them is equal was pronouncing similar messages before he left for Babylon like Jeremiah was inside the city of Jerusalem and this is equals message same period of time Son of Man these men have been setting up their idols in their hearts and have put and have put right before their faces the stumbling block of their iniquity should I be consulted by them at all therefore speak to them and tell them thus says the Lord God any man of the house of Israel who sets up his idol in his heart puts right before his face the stumbling block of his iniquity and then comes to the Prophet I the Lord will be brought to give him an answer in the matter of the view of the multitude of his idols in order to lay hold of the hearts of the house of Israel who are is strange to me through all their idols therefore say to the house of Israel Thus says the Lord God repent and turn away from your idols and turn your faces away from all your abominations Oh it's harder today because we've gotten quite good at saying the church in the past was the problem leader list we got very good at creating enough space between us and the Holy Spirit so we can maneuver our own way to the new world. We don't want to be like them the truth of the matter is there were some people in the church of all there were truly legal us and there's people in the church today listening sitting on these very pews some Listen to me at this very moment who are legal list whether they're on the left side of the aisle or the right side they are they're going to do it their own way and they're going to believe that it's their actions that matter most and they don't want anybody messing with their lives if they tend to be over on the worldly side they don't want anybody to tell them that the commandment says you know so as to make people work on the Sabbath so prepare for it remember it and don't go make everybody work and if they're over here on the right side they may want everybody to eat just like they easy and if you don't well you have a huge problem with the truth of the matter is God is calling us to a narrow road but you know what it doesn't matter whether you're really really careful or really really careless and you take the name 7th Day Adventists the truth of the matter is is says Jesus is not Lord and you don't love him and you do and you know whether you're a legal us whether you're on the left or the right this is the way it works can the Holy Spirit be Lord can I humble myself at God's word am I willing to say Lord search me and know me like David did in someone 39 and see if there be any wicked way in me have I set up any idols in my heart Lord I'll tell you the things that make people the maddest music and dress and die it's probably not far behind ask me how I know because when I disciple somebody to serve Jesus I take enough time to help them understand how practical religion works 7 they haven't happened to believe that the way we live in every single little thing should be turned over to be directed by Jesus but if I go to talking to you about how you're dressed or how you eat or what you watch or what you listen to I sat in an office once not in this conference talking to somebody who took their payroll from the tide just like me and I want to tell you I saw a man get so mad. Now I want to tell you something I believe in the truth and I really believe the truth is independent of the motion and why I'm the love the truth I don't have to hate people who don't think like I think I don't have to tune him out I don't have to turn him off as a matter of fact I just might be wrong and I might need a lesson and you might be wrong and you might need a lesson the truth of the matter is arrogance is the sin of this age and people are looking through their lenses and deciding whether they want to listen before they ever hear what is said and this my friends will get you lost just like Paul writing in the 2nd book of that alone is chapter 2 you don't love the truth you believe a lie it will be your lie and by the way this modern age is all set up to affirm that you can have your own truth but I'm here to tell you believe in you've got the truth is not the same as letting the way the truth and the life talk to you about right and wrong the road to heaven is much narrower ask the one who went before us he said it's wide on the way to destruction and it's narrow on the way to heaven and there are only a few who find it the good news is there can be as many as want to but if we've set up idols in our heart and somebody actually talks us and we get angry it might be to us a call to remember we might be on the path of those preexisting Jerusalemites before never can answer showed up at the door for the last time and says I'm done with this I've been patient for 20 years it's all coming down this is where we're at if you've got your mind made up already and you can't be told you're wrong why you even bother coming to church why do you bother tuning in to watch if there is and by the way we are experts at disjoint somebodies credibility. I would say we don't really know much about Jeremiah and I'll tell you what he had some personal growth moments and I'm sure it would have been doable to find a reason not to listen to him. Hannon Ira the head of the Falls priest when Jeremiah comes in with his yoke and he says this nation is going to wear the yoke of Babylon head and I take that off and destroys it Jeremiah says you know what God's going to replace it with an iron oak iron yoke and they're going to know I'm a true prophet in a false prophet because by the end of the year you're going to be dead for deceiving God's people false insurance you know folks we may not have those chapters in our church it may take a little bit more work for you and a little bit less of supernatural intervening for you to figure out what's right wrong because in Jeremiah's day they didn't have 66 books and they didn't have the promise of Revelation 12 and 14 about the spirit of prophecy but for you and I our hearts can be calibrated in humility to hear truth and to be called to a life of obedience nobody wants to stand up and be different nobody wants to be the only one did they throw him in jail no not that time but later on in Chapter 32 he is imprisoned in Chapter 32 he mentions Molik again in chapter 38 let's go there Jeremiah 38 we have to see one of the most of the greatest men of the Bible chapter 30 Jeremiah gets himself in trouble again what's the in trouble for doing he's in trouble for doing what God told him to do which is the right kind of trouble to be in if you're going to be in trouble Jeremiah chapter 38 and what has he done this time he's reminded them that doesn't matter how many prayers they pray they're still going to be taken over by Babel and God has ordained Babyland to be the punisher of a prophet nation Jeremiah chapter $38.00 he's thrown into the cistern verse one now chef Chef attire the son of Metatron and get a lie the son of passion and the son of. They heard the words a germ I was speaking to all the people. Thus says the Lord he who stays in the city will die by the sword and by famine and by pestilence but he who goes out in the Kal DNS will live and have his own life as booty and stay alive thus as the Lord this city will certainly be given into the hand of the an army of the king of Babylon and he will capture it then the official said to the king now let this man be put to death in as much as he is discouraging the men of war who are left in the city and all the people by speaking such words of them for this man is not seeking the wellbeing of this people but rather their own so that it Kyra said great cowardly move he knows Jeremiah is true later on is going to call him for a secret rendezvous behold he's in your hands for the king can do nothing against you then they took Jeremiah cast him in the cistern of the Son of The King's Son which is in the court of the guard house and they led Jeremiah down with ropes now in the cistern there was no water but only mud and Jeremiah sank in the mud now here comes one of the greatest men of the Bible 900 understood you know Paul has some pretty positive words in the New Testament for the people who seek him out while he's in prison when everybody says you're the bad guy and somebody some steps up and says he's not that person becomes more special to you and just about anybody else and this is an Ethiopian by the name of the bed Melich So you need to understand the siege is going on the men of war on the wall the establishment is keeping the phrase up keep your courage up they're going to go away it's going to be Ok the temples here nothing bad can happen and Jeremiah says the temple isn't going to matter anymore you have to understand that everybody just said he needs to die you have to remember the everybody ran away from Jesus you have to remember how the carnal heart is now actually just plain old fearful and self-serving. To understand the greatness of verse 7 but event Malik the Ethiopian a Unix so he's working for the King while he was in the king's palace heard that they had put Jeremiah into the Sr and now the king was sitting down in the gate of Benjamin and he bed Malik went out from the king's palace and he spoke to the Lord saying my lord the king these men have acted wickedly and all that they have done to Jeremiah the prophet whom they have cast into the cistern and he will die right where he is because of the famine for there's no more bread in the city where the king changes his mind he allows a bed Malik to get him out praise the Lord for a man of courage who understood right and wrong and was willing to throw his lot in with the truth how sad it is that so few were able or willing to hear the truth go down the verse 17 now for the private visit between Jeremiah and Zedekiah then Jeremiah said is that a guy that says the Lord God of hosts the God of Israel if you will indeed go out to the Avs as the king of Babylon you live the city will not be burned with fire and you and your household were survive but if you will not go out to the arms of the king of Babylon then the city will be given over to the hand of the cow the and and they'll burn it with fire and you yourself will not escape from their hands now folks could we have a grace moment for a minute here how much interest in the greatness of what God does in a person's heart 10 verses earlier the king shows no loyalty to the prophet was so ever and says to all of his counselors treat him however you want and 10 verses later the king has called him after a bad Malik is confronting the king and said we're acting wickedly and Jeremiah as a true man of God even though it was just abandoned by the king is willing to give the king a private audience and give him assurance that the future can still be good but the king said to Jeremiah verse 19 I dread the Jews who have gone over to the Cal demons. For they may give me over into their hand and they will abuse me then Jeremiah said they will not give you over please obey the Lord and what I'm saying to you that it may go well with you and you may live one amazing man the Spirit of God in his heart but I do want you to sense some of the Jews have already snuck out of the city and everything's Ok the day will come when the gig is up the day will come when Jerusalem is captured that chapter $39.00 The interesting thing is that Jeremiah all those Jews that have gone now what do you think they've been doing they've been talking about what's going on in the city they know everything in the camp of Babylon that Jeremiah said that's why is that a coyote was afraid to go because he had been resisting for 11 years this rebellion against Babylon was over a decade old and Seneca is afraid after creating all that trouble that he'll be in trouble no matter what Jeremiah says friends do you know how to tear here truth how does that a cat get himself into a position where this man could not take any piece in The Word of God through Jeremiah somehow he had trained himself to not be able to hear its mainly because when he heard he wouldn't obey if he would have moved one step the assurance of God would have come into his soul he would have lived but instead he doesn't live his eyes he watches his own sons be killed his eyes are poked down and he's a captive Intelli dies but the chair Maia spared chair turn over to Chapter 40 not only is Jeremiah spared but Jeremiah turns out to be the hero verse 40 the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah from the Lord after never a day when there's a lot of Nebulas here this is not never you can answer this is never a day and the captain of the bodyguard had released him from Rama. When he had taken him bound in chains among the exiles of Jerusalem and Judah who were being exiled to Babylon now the captain of the bodyguard had taken Jeremiah and he said to him Listen to this testimony the Lord your God promised this calamity against this place sounds to me like somebody on the outside might have been quoting the prophet Isaiah doom and the Lord has brought it on and done just as he promised Listen to this the heathen so call because you people sinned against the Lord and did not listen to his voice therefore this thing has happened to you go over to Chapter 45 we're almost done how about peruke his attendant these people associated verse one this is the message which Jeremiah the prophet spoke to Baruch the son of neuron. When he had written down these words in the book of Jeremiah as dictation in the 4th year of 2 wake him the son of just say the king of Juda seen thus says the Lord the God of Israel to you Bill Root you said it was me for the Lord has added sorrow to my pain I'm weary with my groan and I found no rest it sounds a little bit like the 12 disciples who all thought they were on a trajectory to greatness and glory with God's man God Himself Jesus what did they think would happen attaching themselves to Jeremiah Maybe they expected the nation to turn around and great honor to come to them but it didn't work out that way verse 4 thus you are to say to him thus says the Lord behold what I have built I'm about to tear down and what I've planted I'm about to prove this is the whole land verse 5 for all people today who somehow are anticipating something better in the future I'd like to suggest you this is what you should claim what God gave to Baruch let's claim to. But you're seeking great things for yourself he actually puts in in the form of the question but you are you seeking great things for yourself do not seek them for behold I'm going to bring disaster on off last declares the Lord but I will give you your life as booty in all the places where you may go and I've got just a little bit more you could think this was written for us in the coronavirus era turn over to Chapter 49 Chapter 49 beginning with Verse 14 I've heard a message from the Lord and an envoy is sent among the nations saying Gather yourselves together and come up against her and rise up for battle for behold I have made you small among the nations despised among men Obadiah records this very same message we don't even know if it's original with Obadiah or Jeremiah but it's in both books now listen to this last verse verse 16 as for the terror of you the arrogance of your heart has done what deceived you the arrogance of your heart has deceived you oh you who live in the clubs of the rock and who occupy the heights of the hill it's like they were doing the admin as burgeon of getting out of town and by the way there come a time when we should get out of town though you make your nest as high as an eagle's I will bring you down from there declares the Lord I want to end with this statement when Jesus walked the earth he fulfilled the role of prophet when he went back to have any fulfilled the role of priest and when he comes again he'll fulfill the role of king he was rejected for the very same reason they said no to Jeremiah but he wasn't rejected by all you find this very little interesting commentary which is worth a sermon. But we've already had one but I'm going to tag it on the very end after preaching to the mix multitude from the scribes in the fairs is down to the little boys who brought their lunch you have this very interesting commentary by the gospel writer and this is what it says and the common people heard him how gladly You know the head elder of this church is a retired general surgeon but he grew up on a farm and he had to do all the dirty work and all the down to earth work that for some reason this society today thinks is less important his preparation to be our head elder probably is a whole lot more about what happened on the farm than about what happened in the school of us the apathy it doesn't matter what letters are after your name or aren't after your day we're all the same before Jesus Christ and if you don't want to be deceived then you're going to have to be common enough to recognize that you're a sinner and there might be idols that were set up in your heart and it might be that your lens is political or polarized even inside the church and you won't listen to somebody over here or over here in the truth be the truth Jesus offended his own disciples and he offended the Farriss How do you manage to pull off such a wide spectrum of events because he walked in the narrow way that is the only way to heaven and Christ will walk it with us but as we begin a series on Daniel you need to understand what he came out of where he was. Obviously there were some inside the city that were redeemable more than redeemable they would be part of risk taking for the redemption Israel didn't do for a lost world God scattered them and they did for a lost world and a monarch of the greatest order is converted in Daniel chapter 4 and we don't know how many other thousands and millions said this is a true God but we do know this wise men from the east ended up when Jesus was born there can be no doubt this is a legacy of Daniel God's calling us our homes are to be sanctuaries our hearts are to be sanctuary Babylon is fallen but Babylon has found its way into the heart of God's people sometimes and into the church and he's calling us today to repentance no this sermon isn't chock full of encouragement but there is this encourage minute the crisis spread his arms and died for your sin and my sin even though my sins put him there the Christ we abandoned the Christ that we've abandoned or maybe our modern day spiritual harlotry is still calling to us how before we find ourselves in the last crucible of purification for his people he's calling us to take the journey with him wherever it leads us whoever is our friend on the other side of following Jesus is a true friend whoever's None was a false one and he's calling us to make a journey in which he is paramount he is 1st and truth is truth whether it cuts through this lens or that lens this chapter that her chapter this circle of friends or that circle of friends God is standing in the voice of his messengers parents pastors prophets teachers policemen whoever and he's calling these people back to the humility of hearing so that we won't allow our human nature to concoct a lie of our own creation. And thus be eternally lost because babblings about to break out in oppression Babylon is about to exercise authority for compulsion in compliance God calling us to repentance in advance of it I don't love for a lost world so that we walk into the dark clouds with the assurance that Michael the Prince will stand up and personally guard his people and he will deliver everyone just think of Zedekiah would have taken the decision the advice of Jeremiah could have been delivered he's going to deliver every single one whose names are written in the book which are like your name written in the book I mention for most of you are already years can you be happy can you be thankful he wrote it with his own he and and your engraved on the palms of his hands so let's go forward in the life of Daniel knowing what he came out of let's remember people's redemption is on the line and we're called to take a few risks and just follow him wherever he goes it's the safest place to be so if it's in a lion's den be there if it's in a furnace that you're feeling the heat 100 feet away walk into it if it's like us standing amidst the power of the of the the word be there it's probably going to be a whole lot smaller in the early chapters but don't fail to be there and then when Jesus stands up and stands by your side with Jesus in the vessel you can smile at the star that's the go that's the point it's yours to do something with either I just churn through an hour of your time and it was a royal waste I just took you on a journey of self reflection of what to expect before oppression breaks out and who you need to be. Christ alone can do this but he will Christ along with it I'm appealing to you today Christ the Lord of all and walk with Christ afraid of nothing because he is. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon later visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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