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02 Hiding in a Cave

Jim Ayer Janice Nelson
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  • August 31, 2020
    10:30 AM
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There. You know I think that. We welcome everybody to talking donkey International in our new television series country was the let's set the tone for this new series of hours it's found in Proverbs 4 let your eyes look directly forward and your gaze be straight before you ponder the path of your feet and then all your ways will be sure join us now for country it was. This whole area is high desert as you can see it's filled with rocks a lot of dust Misty Juniper earth but there's something else that this whole area is full of. Caves. They can go on for miles they can be way deeper than they look and you know I can't help but think that as often as I've been down in some of these caves in this area I have been in a cave of a different type way too often because periodically due to circumstances or whatever my own fears I have found myself retreating into an emotional cave a cave of depression of fear of anxiety where I am not really functioning like I usually do like I'm supposed to. And I've discovered though that even when I have been deep and dark in a cave. The moment that I actually turned my thoughts back to God instead of just inward into my own my own Headspace which is can be a dark place when I did determine to turn to God He's right there I mean he been there the whole time I just wasn't seeing him because I was looking inside so much but I turned to him and every single time in matter how deep a cave I've dug for myself he's been right there this is what's so exciting Janice because he's the God of the mountaintops He's also the God in the caves God is everywhere and God is always searching for us and God always wants to know exactly. I'm sure you're aware of Abraham Lincoln this amazing man in the United States but probably what you didn't realize is some of the things he said in the things he felt in life I've got a little quote I want to share with you I am now the most miserable man living if what I feel were distributed to the whole human family there would not be one sure for all honor. Sure remain as I am is impossible I must die to be better. Wow What an unbelievable quote then I have another one here I want to share with you Spurgeon the greatest preacher maybe who ever lived he wrote a book lectures to my students and in those lectures he devoted an entire chapter to depression so listen it fits of depression come over the most of us usually cheerful as we may be we must at intervals be cast down we must it in a bull's be cast down you see I believe God uses those times to lift us up to remind us he is God. He continues the strong are not always vigorous the wise not always ready the brave not always courageous and the joyous are not always half you see. Being a Christian doesn't mean you're always going to be happy you're always going to be joyous there was a man of God in the Bible and it's so interesting to me because God doesn't sugarcoat his people of the Bible he lays it right out there and one of those men that had real troubles are real what would I say a real cave experience was Alija Alijah was a tremendous man of God during his time Ahab the king of Israel was a nasty evil Henri vindictive me. And he was leading quoth the children his real God told a lodge I want you to go tell that man I'm withholding I'm closing up heaven I'm shutting off the rain so he knows who God really is because they were worshipping Bell and all these other gods. Alija marches down to that castle he goes right in past the guards nobody dare touch this man a gun he walks right up to a happy puts his finger right in his face and said look there is a real God of heaven you're going to know it God is shutting off the reins. And he turned and he left. Now God continued to feed this man as the rain stopped in the country that there was no more rain for 3 and a half years God continued to feed this man during that period and let me tell you things got really bad why the the moss that was once green and beautiful there was nothing anymore Ahab begin sending out scouts and people the little creeks and things that there were still anything left to find grass for the horses and the donkeys and in the various animals God took care of his men as we get toward the end of this this time frame God sent him to a person outside of Israel this this woman who was a sweet sweet kind woman just turned her son lost her husband some time ago the woman looked up at a lodger she'd been gathering sticks and he looked says please bring me some water she goes she comes back she brings him a cup of water and then he said Bring me a little something to eat a little biscuit please or I only have enough. Deal in just a little oil in the flask we were going to eat that ourselves in then die that's all we had is noises you go ahead get that for me 1st. Oh real situation here my son like trust this guy who I've never met but he seems different he seems like I should trust him well she does in the mazing thing is this went on for month after month after month and the oil continued to stay in the flask and the meal continued to stay it it never ran out for for such a long long time and then one day her son dies she goes to this man of God and she said did you decide do all this she said just to bring me to this point that my son is dead he takes the son he goes up in this upper chamber he lays the son out he lays on top of them he prays to God God wake him up healing does this time after time after time still he gets up nothing and finally all of a sudden the child coughs gasp and he's fine takes the child back to the mother that Maisie's store. But now God says. It's time to go make yourself known to a have you see a habit search for a long long time couldn't find this man of God matter of fact it was a situation that every time someone spotted him this man of the king would run back the Kings a king and I found him I found him bring all the army. They get there he wasn't around to see God always told what was going to happen if he would leave and they have would be so mad he'd kill that man. Well finally John says make yourself known so one day he placed himself exactly where he knows that this man of a have is going to show up and certainly he does show up and this this fellow was a believer in the true God he didn't want to follow what he have said but he comes up to to a lie Genelec just as hey I want you to go telling him where I am Oser. I can't do this because as soon as I go off until you leave you you'll go someplace else and when the Army gets here you'll be gone and I'll be dead well will I just tell them No no I will be here I will be here and so he runs off to go and tell the kids. For 3 and a half years this vengeful King had looked for this man of God and now he had a right there in front of you said you you are the trouble of Israel. Of course all I just said no no you have this all wrong you are the one you and your people have gone down the wrong path you want to know who God is I'll meet you on top of that mountain later today and we will discover and find out who the real God of heaven is. On that fateful day. The people came from everywhere that word had gone out that the man of God was going to meet up on the mountain top here what was going to happen well people came out just to know and they wanted to know was there ever going to be any rain again allege on that day set down the parameters he said look here's the situation you people you need done to stand this if God be God then serve him f. bell then serve him but choose you this day whom you will serve it's just that simple make a choice in what you're going to do. Look we're going to bring up 2 bullocks you build your altar however you want to your god and you put your Bullock on it and I will reconstruct the altar of God and put a bullock on it and then the God who answers by fire he's God all the people said Ok they were pretty quiet about it but there were some OK's throughout that audience and so on that day they they brought the bullocks they they came together and the priest began fashioning their little altar whatever it was and they placed the bullock on it and they begin dancing. To give you a little idea of the bedlam and the chaos they were going on during this time there were $850.00 prophets of this false god they are out there and they're yelling and screaming and hollering you know God says Be still and know that I'm God this is relax listen to the still small voice of God God is not the author of Chaos God is not the author of of all the the bedlam and that's exactly what these guys pitcher $850.00 men they're there out there they're they're yelling they're screaming they're hard they're taking knives they're cutting themselves they're they're piercing themselves Intel the blood is running everywhere and they're shouting to their their god it's kind of interesting that Alija said hey fellows Maybe you should yellow a little louder maybe perhaps your god is asleep or maybe you know your gods gone to the bathroom they just can t. discontinuous to kind of jab a little bit because he knows there is no God there. Well they continue they continue they're doing this all morning into afternoon still in the afternoon these guys are getting so tired they've gone on and on and on and they're just about dying and they're so tired I can hardly stand it now and there's still no fire coming down on the altar there is nothing happened not at all in about that time logic said Ok it's it's my turn any ghosts of the pair is alter it was scripture says it was about the time of the evening sacrifice everything is in God's time always always in God's time. And Alijah begin gathering up the stove to reconstruct the old altar of it had fallen down from disrepair disuse because the people no longer worship the God of Heaven he gathered 12 stones the 12 stones represented the 12 tribes of Israel now you talk about a sacrificial system and and sacrifice was not something they just did to appease a god no no a sacrifice was to train the people that one day Jesus Christ the God of the heavens and self would come down and lay out and be sacrificed for the people that's the difference between the the God of that they worship you know cutting themselves and doing all these things they want to appease an angry God but that's not the God of Heaven the God of heaven building the altar laid down upon it be sacrificed for the good of all humanity that sue this guy that's who this guy it is that allied you want to begin pointing everybody back to so gather all the stones he prepared to sacrifice just absolutely perfectly. He sent me and all the way down to the ocean to gather barrels of water while they were gathering those barrels of water he dug a huge trench around the altar a great deep trench in these men brought back a barrel of water they dumped it in the trench said go a 2nd time brought another one dumped in the seconds ago a 3rd time they poured water all over everything everything was just running drenched in water everywhere. And then he got down on his knees and said God So these people know who you are I am your I'm your man here Lord and I prayed to you and ask you Lord please please will you answer this prayer it read to you just a little piece a little windy today if I get home I will often his prayer was that hour at the God of Israel in that I am by servant and that high I have done all these things at the time were wasn't doing this on his own he was at God's word and this is found in 1st kings 1836 and 37 now hear me oh Lord hear me that this people may know that our the Lord God in the 1000 has turned their heart back again and then the fire with the Lord verse 38 the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt offering consumed the sacrifice the wood the stones and the dust and licked up the water around the church even licked up the water around the tree and in the thousands and thousands of people who were standing around went down on their faces the truly truly this is the God of the universe see it's so easy to forget who God is as as time goes on we slowly and in perceptibly forget who years if we don't see big Manifestations of God Every day we just tend slowly but surely forget. How do you how do you get that back well you study God's word you you listen to God you you follow the stories of the Bible and realize who the true God is and at that moment logic gets up and tells all the people to kill the prophets of bail you can't have good and evil exist in the same place and they kill all those prophets and then he gets up and he walks over to a him that they have I hear the sound of an abundance of rain they have says I don't hear anything I don't see anything see. What can I say Alija had the ears of say. But as the clamor in the people begin to dissipate Elijah waited for that time when you could be quiet and calm now after all the commotion to begin praying to God about the rain he sent his made his servant out to the edge of the cliff to overlook the sea and tell him if he saw anything come back my lord nothing sends him again and again and again 7 times went 7 times and finally on that 7 time he came back Lord I I see a small cloud the size of a man's hand well that was good enough for a lie just he was a man of faith a powerful man in the face of the said Ok. God gave him tremendous energy at that moment he wanted to catch up to a hand King Ahab and matter of fact he remained down the mountain caught up to him in verse 30 miles he ran in front of the church. Can't even hardly imagine but God's power we can do anything if. They do know. How to go up there all work really well we were able to tell a lot of the story of a larger. Light up to the point where he's running ahead of the chariots of 30 months now only I can't really tell but he stops short of it is a dozen bells in the barrel and that was a pretty good feel good choice Oh I have seen those and. I can just picture him tail between his legs all defeated he goes How did things go and he probably died the top story. You won't believe what he lied to you know the fire going there. And he's just to think that he's you know curled up maybe in his bed calling for something warm to drink and just I want to forget about the day. They're worth. When she heard that all of her prospects were dead she was on the warpath Have you ever seen a really honest. I don't know I'm not going to say I thought after. Scene with scene where a big a hapless all defeated she is out. And back she's out of messenger and she says you go out you find that meddling little pal and you tell him there's a God do to me what you've done to my prophet if within the next day I think this time tomorrow you're not dead and she meant that she had the resources for it I think decibel ran the kingdom because a had was fairly weak he would have done anything he said he was giving or he get the soldiers you get and you find him kill him and when he got there nothing that was a turning point for him all of a sudden per some reason he focuses on that message he focuses on Joe the bill he loses his focus on God and Iraq. He's lost all reason he's running he's running he's running and he doesn't stop to think about all that God had done for me and we pick up the story in chapter 19 the 1st kings verse for it said he came and he sat down under a juniper tree. He was so tired he was so beat laid down and he goes to sleep and he gets kind of a tap on the shoulder he wakes up and there's an angel there in the angel prepared a cake a little fire a cake and some wonderful says drink you've got a long journey eats drinks is back to sleep. Later on you wakes up again another tap the angel again prepared more students to eat now he said you're going to need your strength for your journey. I think God is so amazing he saw incredible he knew a lot of it was not doing his will he knew that he was not supposed to be running away from the fight away from a had been just a bill he was supposed to be standing in for God and he is running with God feeds on takes care of we serve an amazing time. After an arduous 200 mile journey he finally reached his destination What was that it was a cave in the side of a hill he wanted to hide he wanted to die. He finally made it to the cave you know in a cave the devil has all kinds of things going on you get in your own mind in the cave the devil has lots of things going on you know you're alone you have no help there's nobody to help you anymore he throws the darkness around you and you're surrounded by dorkiest there's no one to help you nobody to help you no one cares these are the things the devil throws at you when you allow yourself like a lodger to get caught in a cave in this cave situation but God is always there God showed up and the Lord said hey what are you doing here logic. Well Lord I did all these great things now he begins to pontificate as if he's got all this pride and all this self-worth when a few minutes ago he didn't they give is worth anything anymore to begin spouting on and then all of a sudden Lord says hey wake up pay attention this. Huge winter storm. God was Wednesday I know this quick shook everything scared and thought that the rocks are going to fall and what God will. And then there's a mighty Fire God was not in. And then there was still small voice of God This whisper of God And why did you who that was he paid enough attention he got up he stood up and he went on to the mouth of the cave to listen to what God had to say and again The Lord says take a legit What are you doing here. And he again kind of goes into this whole situation about all the things he'd done and all the great things as he's saying how great he is to God God says Ok it's time to appoint your successor I want you to find a life of them and make him a prophet in your stead. Well the Lord Well Ok kind of thinks about that when a little bit. Continues these things on You see God does some amazing things God provides for us in this case for a larger when he was in the cave he provided rest for him getting healthy you know we need good food we need rest if we're going to hear the voice of God and there's many other things God did here too he reminds him that the work is God's and that God is always a work it's not our work it's God's work in this case God used him to perform the work that God had on going. And then the Lord also gave you my fresh commission a new commission because he said in this cave in you think my life is over and done all these great things have done everything but this is it I'm done just kill me and we're in the war gives him a fresh Commission tells him to also go appoint this other guy king and to do these various things so a new commission and then the biggest thing is. We read through this story in law just said you know God I'm the only one left it's just me I'm always me I feel so sorry for myself out in this dark little cage and said hey there are 7000 others in Israel who have not bowed the need to bale and other guys 7000 so many times we can be tempted they were the only one were it God there's nobody else out here The believes like I do there is nobody else out here who who fights for Your Honor there's nobody else out here that you know does church the way I do church what ever it is John says hey there are any others there media pay attention listen to me I'm going to got you and I'm going right yeah. This is what needs to happen in lives is that we get out of our cave situation we could feel good feeling sorry for ourselves and move on move on and. Move on to what he is looking for you know. She's God this day remember that's up on the top among Carmel So it's Who will you serve f. God big God serve him a bell and serve him. God and work all these mighty marigolds and his wife all of a sudden he forgot God and. It's easy to happen when we take our eyes off the Creator. That it really is you don't take your eyes off him. God is in pursuit of you. Now there's a whole story is called Paul my believe the hounds of Heaven God 6 the hounds of heaven upon us to follow us to the dog our footsteps to call us back to hear whatever's going on whatever cave you may be sitting in right now all the all the troubles in the trials you think God did this is it just kill me I'm done on. God has a long story God had more for his prophet you see at the end of his journey Oh beautiful chariot God's chariot with angels came down and picked him up and those Chileans headed right on up to him one of the only men in all a biblical history that never tasted of death that's what got here in store for his what does God have in store for you all let me tell you God has a long and often choose God you sit. On a one story home and every word of it is true I knew you could have turned mine right because I've been where you lied to him emotionally. Berent. Anyone can find themselves or Elijah was where I've been at it so comforting to know that God doesn't wait for you to climb back out at that pit come back up from that cave he comes to you he's with you even in that dark pit if you've ever found yourself there if you're finding yourself there right now we've got a little book for you overcoming the 3 days depression discouragement and despair for just a small donation this can be your simple step to getting out of that pit it's written by Jim Lehrer and you can find it talking donkey international dot org. Thanks for joining us for country will. Be a next time.


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