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Pr. Michael explains the terms and how you can practically use these tools. 


Michael Kusarawana

Assistant Pastor, Village SDA Church




  • June 16, 2020
    6:30 PM
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Grafton in this afternoon we'll be talking again about digital evangelism it's very exciting that God has given us a 2 that we can be able to use to reach out to the world and as we saw yesterday that the message the gap for is to be preached to the whole world to every Tang kindred and people and I want to thank you Pastor Brice for bringing that question from one of our viewers how do how do I share the presentations that are being presented on this committing if you go to our You Tube channel if I had known this question before starting this presentation I was going to come with a with some images I hope as a janitor not be able to bring some images tomorrow to be able to show you how to share if you go to youtube and searched village s.d.a. you'll be able to see different results but our page to page comes in comes on the result 1st it has our logo on it it's the front of our church but it is drawn in a nice way in a blue icon if you click there you'll be able to see videos that have been posted from our life stream when you see those videos click one of them that you would like to share with your friends and you see many options on that on that video then you click share if you're using your phone it automatically peeks the application that you have on your phone if you have Instagram if you have facebook if you have Facebook Messenger or even a text it will pop up a list of options where you want to share your videos or videos that are presenting here and then you just click one of the platforms and then your friends can be able to see these messages as well so there are some people who are asking So how do I get a lot of the for me. Because this our final exam is so broad We have no time to talk about web development and a lot of things like. Us and blogs and the different things that we can be able to utilize online we're going to be looking into creating another series of of talks or of presentations or seminars that are going to address those those topics or those areas of Ditto evangelism but for now while 3 are still preparing for for that series you can be able to go to the Center for online evangelism my friends some of my friends work there and they run a lot a lot of a lot of campaigns online and they have amazing good information even our division and our general conference they utilize this platform so I'm going to share with you in a one minute video with what they every say homeless people are searching on might know more about Jesus Christ they are essentially googling for God They're also searching to know more about 7 Day Adventists we are and what we believe and unfortunately over the past 2 decades our online story doesn't match the story that we're telling our friends and family members and neighbors and so on the sound of my naturalism we want to partner with you as we see to farm our story online it's our vision that when you tell your friends who you are. Lost they will find out that we are people who is looking forward to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and that we care for society we believe and trust in Christ. To join us on this journey visit a website on line evangelism dot au r.t.. So if you'd like to share with your friends or if you'd like to more know more about the different aspects of ditter vandalism whilst we are still preparing the seminars you can go to a center for line the story finally is. As well so a quick recap from yesterday we read this quotation from the pain of inspiration where this image of God was given in a vision or in a dream that his her husband James White was to publish a little paper and people would send means and it was going to be small at 1st but is he was going to do it God was going to bless it so much that it was going to have a lot of success and it was seen in that vision in that dream that it was going to be like 3 names of light that went clear around the world and we stayed yesterday if you Google Internet or internet logo and just say Internet images and you go to images on Google you find the logo or the images that identified with the word Internet images that look like this one on the screen which is streams of light going around the world and we saw something fascinating that light travels fast than anything else so that quotation fitted very well to the Internet of course in its context it was talking about the publications which physical publications which were from the printed press and we saw how our pioneers took advantage of the printing press to be able to utilize it for the for the Gospel we thought this is a quotation as well that he said the printing press and the publications with with the means that God gave us to carry the world to carry the message to the world swiftly and if you look at it today that in those days they used to print the books from the printing press they put them on the ships and they ship them at through the the ocean and they this books they went to the other side of the world and when they got to the to the places they wanted them to be distributed they would be taken by horses and carts and delivered inland which was a process that would take. Months and months before the Gulf War could reach the people and we thought that God has given us a message which is a global message to say as in Matthew chapter 24 verse 14 and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for witness unto all nations and then the end will come so we so that in order for us to come to the place where we are saying we are going to see Christ in there in the clouds and all the pain and the suffering and the sore and pandemics and disasters are going to come to an end we need to take the Gospel to all the world into the ends of the world as well and we saw last night yesterday in the afternoon as well that people are hungry and thirsting for the Gospel and with so that people are searching for simple things like what is love and this afternoon I would like to share with you one of the testimonies from here from Michigan it's not far away or someone who came into our denomination or who came into the truth because of finding something online. I drank every night to the point where I don't really care if I lived it was just what's when's my next strength I'll go to work and be sober but then when's my next drink it just got to the point where I just want to get a divorce or a just when I die I want to be here anymore. Most of my life I didn't realize it but I think God really had a plan for me a long before I was bar and my mom was 15 when she got pregnant and she had me and had to go into our home for moms and she almost gave me up but my grandma decided you know I want to keep her and. Razor and so she braced me throughout my. Life just a little rough My dad was an alcoholic and. I eventually got got saved and baptized in the Baptist church but then I met my husband to be and we got married and he was from a family that liked to party a lot and so I just got sucked into that and that's what we did we would party all the time I became a pretty bad alcoholic and my kid suffered as a result of it. But then I just got tired of it I was on the verge of divorce so many times but then something and probably my mom's prayers just kept me go and and I started doing some search and I'm lying reading the Bible and Googling some different questions I had about the Bible and I found that there was people that were stopped by and Saturday and I never heard of that before I checked it out and there were 2 churches in the area that were shipped on the set. With a record 7th day adventists. I went to though one church it was actually an envelop Michigan and so then I started doing market research I did find a lot of negative things about 7 they bought us on there. Saying they were shocked Allan why and their call to and just some weird stuff and I thought you know I just don't know if I believe all that so I did some more research Anan the people that I met They distance in light that they didn't do those things that I saw on the Internet and I decided I I want to get baptized I believe this is where God's lady I mean this is what I want to do. I wouldn't be here if I went have a looked up and listen to the pod casts and did my research and not believe some of the stuff was out there I found out for myself whether it was true or not I highly encourage no matter how old you are to get involved my mom she's almost 70 and she gets on Facebook and she posts verses and encouraging words and people see that they get all they it helps it really does help I encourage you as a church member or even a leader to get your church on line get the materials they need. You don't have to know how to get on line and how to do these things. Are on line has a ton of stuff that you can look at and you can get members of your church that know how to do these things already get the young people involved get the older people involved they may not want to get on line and do things but they'll help support either financially or they'll pray for your your ministry and if the churches don't get involved digitally we're missing millions of people and people that are going to be lost my children your children your grandchildren they're all on line if you don't get involved on line you're you're missing all these people. Amen when I see when I hear and when I watch testimonies like these they encourage me so much because there are millions and billions of people that are searching for the truth that we have like this lady Tina and if you heard have a pillow is quite powerful if the it in your church had not put out something online it was going to be hard for her to find a 7 day Adventist Church close to her and you so that she found a lot of negative information about us online this is one of the many reasons why we should be able to put out materials online because when someone searches 7th Day Adventists they see or they get results that are negative because we are not putting enough content to be able to to get high rankings on our search engines but today's topic or today's presentation today Semin or is more practical as a platform to be looking at the platforms that we can be able to share these these messages that we have yesterday it was more of inspiring you to do something but today it's is more practical we're going to be looking at different platforms that you're familiar with they a lot of platforms and I was looking at this image ours thinking this looks overwhelming you see Twitter you see Facebook you see Instagram You Tube Skype different kinds of platforms but here's an encouraging message that I would like to give you take the platform that serves you the birth. Take the platform that you know how to utilize the best and the other encouragement that I want to share with you is take the platform that has a lot of people because chances are that people use more than one platform so people whom you find on Facebook are the same people that you might find on You Tube At the same people that you might find using what's up or messenger but we're going to look at some city 6 in a moment this is a this is a statistic from Hoot Suite it's a platform that is a 3rd party that works with different platforms they create products for other platforms like Instagram and You Tube and Twitter so these are the cities 6 they shed on their website they're sure that Facebook is the number one used platform around the world You Tube follows after Facebook and there's what's up that was that was very surprising to me that what's up is 3rd on the lists because Out think that Instagram was was 3rd on the list because a lot of young people they use Instagram but what's up is up there and Facebook Messenger is well and the list goes on to some of the platforms that we don't even know and I was surprised that Twitter is on the bottom of the list but if you see this chart it actually gives you an idea which platforms to be able to focus on where people are I'm not saying you neglect or other platforms if you have the time and the resources you can be able to utilize other platforms as well you may be able to reach a lot of unique reach on other platforms we we're reaching to people that are not on these major platforms Facebook has become the giant in the room I don't think Mark Zuckerberg when he was when he was developing this platform in his dorm room ever thought that it was going to be a huge corporation is it is today. Some statistics about Facebook worldwide. Dot coms tells us that over 2002600000000 people or actively use Facebook monthly these are people who have logged into Facebook each and every month so Facebook has become the biggest social network worldwide not only in the United States of America where it was invented but worldwide some statistics roughly 3 quarters of Facebook users visit the site on a daily basis so this chat gives you a comparison of different platforms Instagram is now owned by Facebook is it 2nd or on the amount of times that people visit the platforms and snapchat and You Tube and Twitter so if you see the 1st line there you see that 51 percent of book users they visit Facebook several times a day and 23 percent they visit Facebook once about once a day and 26 percent less and less often so that shows you that people are not only on Facebook but they're constantly changing checking their Facebook feed one thing that is more important to know I might be preaching to the choir is that Facebook is free it doesn't cost you anything to have a free Facebook account but I've run into several people who say we don't want all the bad things that we see on Facebook Yes I understand it's our thinking about that that statement or that kind of thinking our thinking of David Livingston David Livingstone went to Africa when there were no game reserves now if you go for example to my country Zimbabwe you don't see lions and cheaters in hyenas everywhere. Then game reserves but when David Livingston went to Africa their way while they were not in game reserves he received his life in order for the continent of Africa to be in lighted with the gospel the same principle ally the same principle applies to their own land platform there's a lot of bad things online there's a lot of danger online there are people who post things that inappropriate online but if we're going to take out all the light from online then the only line platforms are going to be darker and darker and darker every time as that tells us that the darkness is going to cover the earth engrossed darkness the people so let us utilize platforms like Facebook in their free platforms God will give us wisdom on how to be able to protect our minds and we're going to prepare a seminar that is going to help us to understand how to be able to navigate this social media platforms. More carefully and guarding our minds as well so utilize this free account and Facebook gives you an opportunity or a platform to be able to create not only personal accounts but pages that can be used as business pages which we use for ministry like turkeys like the page that we have Village 7th Day Adventist Church page and I'm so I'm so fascinated the screen is carrying a little bit but I'm so fascinated on how different countries are here to lies in Facebook or different users are from different countries are surprised to see that the country of India has more people that use Facebook that the United States of America way Facebook was invented. But maybe it is because India has a lot of people that might be true but you know that in India this is a large population of India that here's an been reached with Christianity that still worship different different types of gods and a lot of spiritualism as well and if you go down the list you can see that United States is 2nd Indonesia Brazil Mexico Philippines Vietnam Thailand Egypt Bangladesh Pakistan Turkey they all use Facebook so I'm going to talk about some of the features that you find on Facebook there's something that I like that Facebook added recently which is called watch parties so this might answer some of the questions that we have been getting How can we be able to share the messages that are being produced here it came meeting so if you got your timeline there is worth Facebook ask you what is only your mind where you post maybe you want to proceed text maybe you want to post a picture but if you scroll down on some of the options when you see the options of choosing a picture or a video there is one that says watch by you if you click on it it asks you to choose a video to be able to watch it with your friends or with your family and if you type in village 7th Day Adventist Church this is just an example you can use it for many other pages as well and many other many other ministries that are putting out content on Facebook and this is a neat opportunity because you can utilize content that has already been created by other ministries if you don't have time to creating it. So when you click Watch body and you only select the video you select in French village 7 day Adventist Church if you want a particular day you can put the dates it pops up on the list of of videos that are associated with what you are looking for and then you click maybe 4 to the finish committing opening night that's just an example in start watching with your friends this gives you an opportunity to have your separate shot room with your friends while you're watching and your friends can be able to ask you questions at the same time the lesson is going now so it'll be nice what you're watching right now on Facebook minimize your screen and going to a way I have just explained Instead I watch for the end see how practical this is one thing that I like about Facebook it has many many many many other avenues or many other features that you can be used more than any other platform that you can use online it gives you an opportunity to have a lot of friends but what I've realized on Facebook is that many people have a lot of friends friends that they don't even know I'm one of them I have at least 2000 friends on Facebook from all over the world sometimes I don't even know them personally but this is a potential mission field. To be able to reach our friends maybe you can set aside time to say I want to reach 10 friends a day I just want to send them something very encouraging whilst I'm on this point making your messages so very personal because I've heard people sending me messages that they just paste quotations I love the spirit of prophecy I love all the books that inspiration to give us I love the Bible I love the verses but if you send me as quotations that don't have a quotation a connection to me like maybe 7 days a week I know that this person is not interested in my life they they're just taking me as one of their lists or one of their statistics that I have done checkmark I have sent petitions to many of my friends or to many of my people say Hi ask them what how their day is going ask them what their life is like I know it takes a lot of time but if you show interest in someone online they know that you are not just copying and pasting petitions and sending to them when they send you messages back respond because I have sent messages back to some people who share with me whatever they want to share they don't respond so on Facebook you can be able to do ads we've been doing paid advertisement for for for this for this committing and we've managed to reach a lot of people and you can do Facebook Live like what we're doing right now you can take your device your phone and you can do Facebook Live People love to see something live that is happening right there and then you have groups on Facebook they're very popular groups but one thing that I want to come to you or I want to share with you something that I did as a mistake is that respect the rules of the groups that are on Facebook when you're joining a group they give you a list of questions on a group. And they say are you going to abide by the rules and regulations of this group and if you click yes please respect that because there are some groups that are like yet sales if you go there and post your religious content some people might not like it because this group is meant for yard sale so in order for you to be able to posts material that is really just make sure that this group is Ok with it you can be able to start your watch quite in the group the same way you study a watch party Facebook Messenger is very effective this day is something about Facebook Messenger later and you have Facebook marketplace as well Facebook has grown to many many different avenues that you can be able to reach people so if you want a little bit of income to your ministry you can be able to utilize Facebook marketplace as well or you can be able to share the books that are collecting dust on your show of that you're no longer reading anymore or maybe you have a lot of copies like you have 10 steps a crisis you want to share it with someone put a little bit of value maybe just a small amount that puts value in that book and post it on Facebook marketplace and reach people as well I want to talk about many chat. Many Chad has changed the game in Facebook evangelism many chat is the Fed party that has utilized the Facebook i.p.o. Facebook a couple a few years ago they opened their IP So what that means he's now other companies that develop these platforms they are now able to send information on Facebook once you're operating out of Facebook and give a lot more capabilities that you can be able to utilize there's a free version and these are provisions so I utilize the free version because it does everything that I want so if you're a church if you're a ministry if you're. A church organization this is one platform that you might want to look into because it makes life easy let's take a look at many chat and see what other options that we can get that we can utilize So you see if they're on the dish board so before we go to to the features here many chant is you sign up many chat is a piss now account I don't have time to go into how you set it up if you look up to Torrijos on You Tube You'll be able to find Torrijos on how to be able to set up many chat so you create a personal account when you pre it create a personal account then link the page that you want to use many chat for so for me this is my personal account I working at Village 7 death and it's just a link to my personal account to village 70 Adventist Church then it allows me to use many chat using that Page One other thing about many chat it doesn't work with test now Facebook accounts it works for pages because it was meant for business but now we can be able to utilize it for ministry. So it allows what many Chad does it allows you to send a message to your Facebook to your Facebook following our I'm going to break it down a little bit more later to your Facebook following because Facebook doesn't allow you to send must messages to all your followers for example on our page on our Facebook page bill it's an Adventist Church we have over $6000.00 followers so if we want to send a notification on announcement about these meetings that we have on Facebook Facebook doesn't allow us to send all these people one message like we do must e-mailing so many chat allows us to do that but in a more respect for way so many chat gives us a platform or a boat be Auty which what's in this way you have to 1st subscribe in order for you to be able to receive a message from village 7 day Adventist Church How do you subscribe all the people that send as a message on our page that says send Mrs de Ville a 7th Day Adventist Church they automatically subscribe but many had sent them in a message to say Would you like to be an subscribed so if they want to be subscribed to our missing system then they can just leave it alone but if they don't want to be subscribed they can click and subscribe so you are not deceiving people into your net that you're just putting them into but you're giving them an option to opt out this is only one downside that they have to send you a message but it's still an advantage in minutes that allows you to send messages to make direct messages on your phone which is not messenger and it does email as well let's look at some of the features on many chap. This is the audience that we currently have you can see that 1750 something people have sent us messages since we started our miniatures account so all these 101-1700 people I can be able to create a message to say we're having a meeting at 7 pm tonight this is the link that you can be able to find the link of the meeting and all of these people that are checked they will be able to receive the message in their missing or why is it a big deal for them to receive a message research shows us that people respond more to text messages than they respond to any kind of communication that we have it would be interesting to see those numbers compared to calls those numbers compared to emails those numbers to compare compared to any other form of digital messaging or digital communication that we have but they have seen that if you send someone a message it becomes more personal and people are like more likely to open it so if you send me a message on messenger or in my texts I'm more likely to open it than if you send me a voicemail that's for sure so the city 6 a true let's look at some some some statistics here so if you look at the 1st line you can see is the percentages I just took some statistics from Facebook from office Book page so the 1st line is the message that I sent in 21000 and it shows you that big then in 21000 in October we had 279 that gives you a clue on how this this board can be able to grow because now we have 1700 and I sent a message to 279 people and it was delivered to $251.00 people which is 89 percent delivery rate. And it was clipped by 34 people which is still pretty good because if you send a mail through there through u.p.s. or any of them mailing company here in the United States you know that when you when you're. Promoting maybe an evangelistic series your response rate is very low and it shows you how many people clicked 13 percent that is $34.00 people but how many people read it $216.00 people of the 279 people read my message so if it was a message that I'm just sending a message of encouragement I don't mind about clicking I might not have sent a link anyway but this percentage is amazing this is 86 percent so it is very effective and some of the things that you can do is automation because on a Facebook page Facebook shows the people that visit your Facebook page that these page responds in a certain amount of days maybe 5 days maybe 4 days maybe 3 days and that affects people in communicating with you as well because they know that if they're going to send you a request or a question you're going to take 5 days to be able to fund it so if you have this automation you can build in message and work a message many of you are familiar with it because you use automated e-mails and automated texts you can do that exactly the same on this platform and it can do that for you for Facebook you can build also a sequence if someone asked this question follow this message why is it important we're not trying to to have people just communicate with computers but how it helps is your ministry go grows you're going to be starting to reach people who are in different time zones that you can not work up in the middle of the night and start texting and responding so that Facebook tells people that you respond instantly So if you have this automated message is going to cover that for you. And it sends in automation for you the other thing that I love this is of our Web site village is the aid or g. floors for slide c.m. for the Kim meaning if you go to our Web site you see that box that is on your right lower lower right on the screen it shows us is hi how can we help you this is something that was created in many chat so on the group tools you can be able to create something that this is that you just take an embedded code and go in paste it on your Web site this tutorials that you can be able to see how it's done but we're going to explain more on this on the presentations or seminars that we're going to have on distro vandalism as well what this helps ease when people visit your website they'll be able to find help instantly and they will be able to be subscribed to your missing the boat as well so this works like a funnel you keep on building and building your audience is you go so many chat has been a game changer in digital evangelism So I would encourage ministries churches church organizations in our denomination maybe people who believe singing from different parts of the world utilize this platform and make sure that you have an option where people can be able to answer describe because you wouldn't want people to be 4th in your messenger bought the next platform that I'm going to talk about is good sweet Who would feed I love this platform because it wakes my life easy. Because as a pastor you might not have a huge team to be working social media because social media is very involving because you have to post constantly so that you are engaging with your followers you have to have content so that your page is is is active so who would see it has changed our game and it has made our life easy as a social media or digital evangelists you can look up for free sign up. The free one is all I need for now because all the things that I need to do I can be able to accomplish them with good sweet free you can sign up for a pro there are so many features that you can get for Pro It's a it's up to you if you have a budget for it so what does would St do what street allows you to be able to link all like your social media accounts with food street and then you can see them in one platform so for example village 7th Day Adventist Church has Instagram it is Twitter it has Facebook so in order for you to be able to post on these platforms if you didn't have good sweet you had to copy and log in again on a different platform in paste and put another image and come out and go to a different platform and paste and put another image and it would be very cumbersome in time consuming so good so it made a life easy because you can see all your platforms as you can see on the screen from left to right this tweeted this Facebook and there's Instagram so if you go to something that you can do as well before I leave the slide is that you can be able to schedule your posts this is how what I love most about what suite you can be able to post ahead of time you can schedule your posts. This is how your posts. On who you select or your platforms into gives you the amount of words that you can be able to to to to put his tacks on these different platforms but let me let me rant to scheduling so when you put your your content when you put your image upload your image it allows you to be able to schedule your posts so let's say for example you have a chunk of time on Sunday that you can just dedicate to schedule your posts for the rest of the week maybe you have a reflections Monday maybe you have. Gratitude Tuesday how ever you do your posts on Facebook you can be able to schedule them the whole week and you can do scheduling for the time the exact time that you would like your post to be posted for example statistics show that when people wake up they usually look at their phones maybe for time but sometimes they end up being on social media so maybe if I schedule my posts for like 56 or 7 am someone will be able to see that early and engage with it so I'm not waking up early and trying to find my phone importing that time you can schedule it on Hoot Suite and you can see amazing display of different days in different times different platform or just one page of all your schedules you can even utilize. The promotion I haven't you haven't used the promotion I usually promote on Facebook straight. And the other platform that was 2nd the other platform that was on the list of our the most used platforms was You Tube So You Tube is primarily videos if you would like to force along videos if you would like to reach out to the You Tube following you can be able to do that as well You Tube is very effective because people watch a lot of videos on You Tube and big companies and big organizations they're utilizing You Tube as well. That if that dot com It shows us this web site shows us that since its launch in 2005 and acquisition by Google a year later You Tube has grown from reports a Tory of much or video amateur videos into the biggest online video platform worldwide featuring a wide variety of corporate and user generated content that ranges from music to d.i.y. and educational clips so this statistic or this statement is just showing us how big You Tube has become. It it allows you to do 2 to sign up for a free account you might not you might know this already if you have a g. mail you your ultimate you automatically have your You Tube channel it's a matter of just setting it up you can have a personal one or You Tube channel for your church and you to have allows you to do a paid advertisements allows you to do you to live it allows you to have a You Tube channel it has allowed you to have prerecorded videos as well that you can edit in You Tube studio there is a lot of things that you can do with You Tube as well I just want to share with you some of the popular s.d.a. You Tube channels because on You Tube It allows you to have subscribers which equivalent to follow us on Facebook all in Instagram so this is my friend Dustin he runs a ministry called Hope through prophecy and if you can see on the subscribers he has 240000 subscribers on faith on on on You Tube This is his personal account on You Tube or his ministry account because he's the one who runs this ministry as well and this Bible flock box he is one of the other guys that are present on prophecy on different subjects he has over half a 1000000 followers on You Tube This is how huge of an impact you can you can have on You Tube or huge following as well. What's up is one effective platform that you can use is specially for an intentional audience but there is one downside to what's up because for you to be able to connect to be connected to someone you need to have their phone number but they're somewhat have groups that see a link for you to be able to join their group and then you can share their link and then you can have a you can have a group on what's up that is shared with with a link so a lot of ministries a lot of people especially in south in Africa where I am from they utilize what's up they've been doing week of prayers evangelistic series on lots of posting videos and audios and make the videos short engaging an audience as short as you can but still communicating the message across. What's up allows you to have groups allows you to message allows you to have video chat as well so these are the fuel platforms that I just have the time to be able to cover in this presentation I could have gone more into You Tube I could have gone more into what's up I could have gone more into Instagram all into Linked In or Pinterest but we don't have that much of time today but these are the main major platforms that you can be able to utilize as your church so find find time to sit maybe with your board to find time to sit with your youth group with your young people one thing that I like our seniors in now becoming very techie I'll give you a short testimony we did invent a disco evangelism seminar here at our church we head I think 5 seminars that we did which were spaced out and we had some of our seniors come who had never used this platforms before or they had an account that was just sitting there so one of one of our elders is a senior guy he just ran with it now he does watch parties now he posts. Very often on social media he now has a following you see him 100 Facebook Live when I saw that our is a very very very very encouraged So this is not the this is not just a platform or a way or a means for just young people to be able to utilize it but also our seniors can be able to utilize these platforms as well so it is my up you this afternoon that your church your ministry your a church organization whatever you do to evangelize the world please research find tutorials look forward to our sameness go to center for on line evangelism just get information on how you can be able to fully utilize this plan. From the god. Bless this prison to. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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