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04 Design and Video Part 2

Michael Kusarawana Jonathan Min
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Pr. Jonathan and Pr. Michael teach how to make simple design and video content for digital and print.  



  • June 18, 2020
    8:45 AM
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If you have been tuning in for this seminar or that on Monday and we covered why we need to do the story vandalism and on Tuesday we covered some of the platforms that we can be able to use and yesterday pathogenic them covered design and that was an amazing presentation pathogenic thank you and he showed us how got communicated the plan of salvation in symbols and he showed us how Image is important in communicating the message so he highlighted that communication poor communication is a very very very important so today we're going to be touching the side of creation of you tell them but design today will be going to be talking about the video video. Video pathogenic and how but you're a man yeah I have grown to grow for love for video actually started with just design but do the years I've also incorporated video and I found that there are actually more linked than we think so video is definitely one of my. Favorites Wow That is amazing because I have seen you here at Village 7th Day Adventist Church creating a lot of videos some of the videos that we are watching education faith moment here for these committing it and you have done an amazing job so I have 1st question for you when did you start getting involved in video and when did I start well I guess initially it would have been in college that was my 1st introduction. I took a class called Video Production and one of the assignments so we had to do was we had to create a short 3 to 5 minute video and basically talking about anything that we could use or ministry like a ministry video and so I came up with the script he told a story boarding I came up with. The role in the shot and edited in the video is not good but I was glad to hear I'd ask you it was it was very easy for you right you just put stuff together and the video came out it was really my thing did the 1st time. Yeah that's that's a common idea people think hey can you make me this video clip throw some stuff on there and you have a video but that's actually not the case there's a lot more that goes on to video than just yeah anything is a lot more that goes into into video you have to have the gear and idea we referred to the equipment but he used the cameras. And you have to come with it and position yourself in such a way that you can be able to take good videos and you have to write a script and you know one has just mentioned the writing a script you're doing just make things up and put them together you have to be intentional Yeah very very Then it's funny because you'll spend some yacht you lots you spend hours for a short 3 to 5 minute video maybe even last and people don't see the 4th are all the planning that goes behind the scenes so that it's through so it tell us more about your 1st video that you were just telling us about my 1st video actually if you look up my name on You Tube Jonathan min you it's actually on my youtube page really it's going to look it up I haven't watched it yeah it's as a college assignment like I said and the video was about is about God as a creator designer and I came up with the script and basically the gist of the video is that it through nature we see God. As our designer and I had a quote in there I said. What makes the artist different than the designer you know what makes are different than design and I came up with the answer after I had said a design serves a specific function and a purpose and so basically from there he showed that God created us to have a specific purpose. That is amazing and I. Testified that after that you have made a lot of videos you have gotten better thing is in many a lot so my next question is maybe you have time some of the video but I would like to know what video is all about this sounds more like a generic question but do you mind explaining what video is all about yeah. Tend to that question it's a broad question but to break it down there's a couple of different types of video you'll have. A bunch of different types will have like those hour long sermons you'll see on on You Tube you'll see like short little promotional videos you'll even see like 32nd ads in just various types of videos so when we talk about video we're not just talking about one specific type of thing there's various formats. But for me what I've come to understand about video is essentially for good video even if it's something else as formal as a promo or something. Something that drives good video is story. To me that that's what video is all about really and the reason is because you know let's say for example you're watching an ad right and it's just giving you the facts it's very dry you know it's saying this is what we're selling. This is how much it is this is how much time you have to get it get it now and then it's done and then it's done and you don't want to get anything from me and there's no there's no incentive for you to actually there's not desire to hook you want to what they're selling so you're seeing all those facts inside its story yes yes yes or. Tell a story that will grip your viewers so that they can actually have the heart connection and then be interested in what you're giving them so you're talking about creating a someone's attention exactly exactly the whole thing and sorry to cut you off but more than attention I would say I would say a good story really grips your heart and if you grip if you can grip the heart of the people then you can do whatever from there on yeah I remember important that we recently went on together we did a video that was probably 5 to 6 minutes summer. The one that we took from El Salvador where promoting their college that he's being the 0 down there and we took the history of the pioneers of the wing in El Salvador the missionaries that went there and then we we we all the story of how those missionaries died and they passed the baton to the present day missionaries and we've been transmitting with we transitioned into what needed to be done right there and then so was that a good example of Oh yeah there's a great example and actually Elegy guys know if you go to our You Tube page village s.t.a. orgy The video is called for Mission College right for the Ford mission more Ford mission you'll find that on our You Tube page village s.t.a.. Interestingly the creation was actually Michael so maybe you can tell us a little bit about how you came up with that story I read through the script and I was like wow he came out with a very nice script that's right I love history especially history of pioneers this is something that we can use in our church as well because we have so many amazing stories I love a lot of life sketches by l. and your idea though taking that he says and making it live again so that our young people will be attracted to our history putting it into video so when I was there in El Salvador when I was shooting the plans of doing the college and the meeting that were happening and what the forecast was I had in my mind that there are some people who who have died who who never knew what the story or this country would be like maybe they struggled by like going through countries where there are wild animals and stuff like that so now there are people that have better equipment and they're building on to the work they have done so I wanted to communicate that idea that this work is not just what we're doing today there are actually people who laid the foundation of the stone so when I was shooting different shots I'm thinking in my mind what needs to be communicated as well and so that we can bring those life stories that we take from our past history as a denomination or as a movement so that many people will be attracted to those stories as well Ayman and. I'll share with you a little bit of what was going on through my mind when I actually saw the video I was inspired by a man very inspired and they go right and that's the goal and that's that's what we're trying to explain here that's that's a story does and the example that Michael the video that he made the script the storyline was intended to inspire people of. The history of the work so that when the college actually comes into fruition the people can look back and say wow this is this wasn't just like Ok one day we're just going to build you know this came through a history a legacy that missionaries left behind and it leaves you with a feeling of gratitude that you're working on the shoulders of the past and it makes you grateful for where you are today and so that story inspired me bed that is so true because I just wanted to jump in there because there were people online that we're sending us messages after watching that video and they were saying how can I be able to be part of the mission field but unfortunately that time we had to close the registration and it was impossible for for to add more people into the mission field but I just wanted to finish that point that when you have a story one of the thing is that you need to have an i.p.o. at the end right you mentioned it when you're explaining about the ad and like you lay the story which has your facts and then you have a call to action at the end so that was the same thing with that video it had a call to action this is mission this is Osama doing this is a village and we had mission message and we see in this and the end so it makes you feel like you're part of the work visas that leads us to to my next question why should we use video in ministry that's a great question. And just explain sort of the same line of thinking that I share yesterday in my talk a lot of times most creatives tend to side to one. You know let me lot get political but in any case you'll find that most creative are usually. Not that they don't like to be bound or restricted and so it's hard when you try to work when you put that in a ministry setting. You know you want to make sure that the story you're telling is not just willy nilly or just anything you know you want to make sure that it's intentional in that it's in line with the mission of the church yes I think I can agree with that because what you're saying is you don't just want to give people a general information exact point sample referred to the video that we did for a Ford Mission College if we're going to just show people how beautiful he is and then not to tie it with the mission and what is to be accomplished in terms of the Gospel it was going to be just an informational video bright or even of you know a vacation or video exactly how it is beautiful place yeah that's true so if we're just going to show the people of the places how nice the people it will make people want to go to a summit or how how is this video going to tie people to the media exactly Yeah exactly and so it's so important and many times people are not intentional when they do this but that's that's just the point you need to be intentional especially when you're making content and videos from ministry they're not just simply. You know it for example the video with all Salvador in there not just to make the place look nice into make people want to all I want to go to our Salvador It looks beautiful and that's not a bad thing but again we're being intentional and that comes when you understand what the mission of the church is about when you when you understand what purpose you want to have for this video then you can actually be intentional in how you record that influences how you record your. Charts your script everything else and so that's right that's right so I was thinking whilst we are talking about video and ministry are thinking that we have referred a lot to an organization like ministry like a church but now there are people or some of our members that make videos on a personal basis they have their audience ministry as an individual so I. Am thinking you can be able to make a video that just shows people hey I woke up today this is what I do this is why what I did this is what I do on every day basis but not actually communicating the Gospel online so you have any advice that you'd like to give to someone who is creating content for like on a personal basis they're not waiting for an organization like you and I write right. With this before a Christian Yeah so I'm a Christian I have my You Tube channel I have my Facebook account I just put a video sometimes I go live. Yeah. I would say in that case it I find nothing wrong with doing that sort of personal feeling that that personal style of video if anything it actually draws and attract people people can resonate with that a lot more easily easily a lot of times these these more professional videos can seem corporate and the problem with corporate is that. In a bigger group setting it's inspiring but at the same time in a personal basis you feel like you're not connecting you know it just feels like that's a big place over there here I am here how does this connect to me and the right so these personal style of videos are good but then again you know you don't want to just leave it there you want to to somehow tie it to some bigger purpose you know whether it be whatever perps want to be in your business or ministry that's right that's right so you want to be intentional you want to spread the gospel if you're There's nothing wrong with doing person of no use where you explain what you do maybe d.i.y. videos like hey this is how you do this and this but as a people we have the message to take the Gospel to all of the nations time in kindred so want to make sure that there's no video that you post whether you have a You Tube channel maybe you have your Facebook account on Instagram just make sure that you are communicating began with 2 other people as well yes so when we started you are for to the 1st video that you did write it was out of an assignment Yes So we have many of us that watching right now we're asking the question how do I start when how do I set yeah. This is how you start you start small Yes You know there's a lot of people had this idea and I have had this question too I've always thought. What camera do I use what lens do I get you know these things are so expensive and yeah I've seen you with some of the equipment and the right people these are the Game Boys and something that looks like hey it shows a little r. I mentioned many men on a mission. And yet these things they cost a lot of money they're not cheap. And so for the average person you know wanting to look for a low budget or within their range. If you can't get a camera I would say start with what you have you know the Bible talks about how he that is faithful in the little things will be faithful in much and God gives us these things and the principles that we need to use what we have and then God will then later guide us to greater blessings and in tools that we can use for him but. A little bit of information actually if you have an i Phone Most i Phones today can actually recording for k. and formal so that I mean I'll just leave it at that that's very high quality Ok so we're kind of tackling 2 questions. How do I start and what kind of equipment I'm glad that you're tied in both of them together so that we can heat 2 birds with one stone right so I'm thinking. In their churches out there may be small churches or big churches but I want to start with small churches maybe the young people in the church maybe there are people there seniors in the church is it going to make videos right so I want to ask you how can a church that's dot everybody a ministry a more immediate ministry maybe it might be live streaming or just short videos promotional videos any kinds of videos that you mentioned how can a church not everybody a minute right right practically Yes that's a really good question and then thank you for tying that back because we the purpose of this talk is to bring information. Not just too personal to you guys personally of course that's the intended audience but we want to remember that this is in the context of church ministry and so we're thinking of big churches and smaller churches as you said that's right. That's right so we have small churches and the big churches that want to start their media ministry recently we got a request for that how do we start can you guys come to our church and teach us how to be able to start a media ministry so we're looking at a very simple gear of looking at the testimony of someone who who had an i Phone and they didn't have a media ministry or the church so what that person did they took that i Phone and they took a music stand they just set it on a pew and they would live stream to Facebook that the message is so what what what would you what other advice would you give to people who would like to start a media ministry at the church of your ministry. We might or might have. All right we just we just continue. Church a small church that he is looking forward to set a media ministry or a video Ministry set with the equipment that you have then develop from there I would like to. Actually have a budget for media ministry as well because this is the avenue that God has given us to be able to reach. So. Adventist Church we started very small we had we had 2 cameras and then we started adding equipment as we needed and so. On that journey of adding equipment and. Video started developing Yeah. On I mentioned you mentioned budget just to throw this in there. If you're a church and you're low on your budget I know it's hard but I want to encourage you to chance to step out in faith and that only comes when you have see believe in the power of digital evangelism and one way that you cannot start small is. For example when we 1st came here to the village church I believe we only had one camera Yeah one camera and from then on we've been blessed enough to have a whole variety of equipment but. If you have one camera use that camera really well and. You know maybe it might not be as elaborate as you'd like but. Make use of the resource that you have that's right so let's talk about some of the equipment that that is out there like we can start with a crib meant that we use here can you take us through like it tore off the equipment that to use or on a daily basis yes so if I remember correctly we have 33. Lumix Panasonic g h 5 skimmers and those are what you call a d.s.l. ours d.s.l. Lars are basically camera lenses that you can actually detach the lens in and put on and any other different ones that you want but we have 3 of those and we have 3 Charlie Pods and 3 lights and a big green screen and I think Oh and a gamble I think that's I think that's it as far as equipment and a ton of audio equipment and equipment as well as you can see this is simply Chris meant it's not like a huge television production right now but I've seen the videos that have been said each evening or it's morning I've seen the quality high quality you can actually have high quality but he's ing simple equipment as well would you like to share how you be able to achieve high quality through using simply gripman Yeah. I would say what let's say for for example all you have is just a camera on a tripod and you don't have any lights maybe you have something let's say you don't even have audio. One thing that you can do practically is you can take that camera that you have an assuming you have a tripod you know let's let's make it even more basic Let's say you just have a camera no try. At the bare minimum a shaky camera. One tip that you can do I'm telling you d.i.y. do it yourself will save you when you don't have the resources so for example if you need you don't have a tripod you can use anything like it like a desk your table you can prop it up somewhere you can stack of books you can be creative and so in that way you can use or make your own d.i.y. tripod or some sort of stand and for audio actually like I said again if you do have a smartphone these cannot see record audio somewhat well and so if you. Record in the audio recording software Yes you to hold it up to their mouth you can see sync it later and post in there you have your audio and for lighting. I know when I 1st started out in video I had never played around with lights I just thought I never actually saw the big deal about it like you just sure you shoot and you see it's bright outside there and you just point there in the light Yeah but is that how it works I actually know there's there's something about video you never realize good lighting and video and that's that's just it I mean when it's good lighting you won't realize it it's it's smooth it seamless and it looks flawless you just feel that this video is nice if you just want to watch it you just get that impression wow this looks really nice Yeah and there's some video that you have made passage at the end that will say oh you want to watch it and watch it again every day that you can hear it again how how how do you feel when you have made such kind of the video where you see that it's communicate what you wanted to communicate Yeah that's a good question I'm just going to go back quickly to the light thing. The chances are that if you don't have light make use of natural light by let's say if the light is shining out a window you want to shoot to where the window light is actually coming naturally upon the person's face in that way you can use lighting naturally without having to have lights wonderful and that reminds me of a very important point. One thing that you would like to do is to continue learning and you can learn from other people that are making videos as well like a passage at the end that you can send us. An e-mail on our church website you can. Put on our Contact Us page you can send us a note that you'd like to learn more and you can also find tutorials on You Tube You know I learnt a lot by just a Tauriel So if you want to know about lighting you can find tutorials about lighting if you want to know more about audio you can find tutorials on audio equipment and gear you can find a lot more equipment but before we move our way from equipment you do post editing as well it's not just you doing so tell us what do you use for post editing process and s. after you have recorded with him or with your phone you now want to edit because there are some things that you don't want in the video or something that you want to add in the video want to attack the text narration and it music different things so take us through that process Yeah that's actually the main chunk the main half of the part or the process of video making which is editing and I use a software called divin she resolved that spell da v. and I resolve and they have a free version in the paid version exactly in that's why I love it actually it's perfect for those who are in churches who don't have the budget to buy these expensive video softwares That's right. That's right and you get all you need in bed for the free version of that so for yeah to give a little background I started video editing using Final Cut Pro I believe that cost around 150 or $200.00 somewhere on the range. And with Premier Pro That's another video editing software you have to pay monthly monthly and it's quite a lot of money and surround like $20.00 huge so that's that's really expensive but with defense you resolve it's completely free and I found out this software although it's free it actually has more then a final cut in in my opinion and. Yeah it just has everything you need the color grading is absolutely amazing and. Once you have it you won't go back and that's that's wonderful So if you don't have a huge budget that signing to media you can find some free software is like. And if you do have a budget for other software this well we're not we're not down to as well you can use premium pro or you can use Final Cut You can use many other software is these days there are other companies that are not well known that are making software so you can find something that you're comfortable with and that you can be you can be able to use as well is that right yeah that's definitely right we don't want to downplay any other softwares for those watching one line. But just in the context of church ministry this is a free resource so I would take advantage of it but if you do have the resources and you do want to pay a little more than other choices are good as well wonderful so I've watched some of your videos they have nice big around music and you have thrown in some some some videos that up from some other places that I don't even know and it just makes it so nice and so smooth there's more engaging more and more engaging there's someone talking about maybe education in the of that my music in the big around the bat that ties in nicely together you have made a video of what you do in children's programs for a place to do something you have put in kids' music that is so nice that makes it feel like this kid's programs right so my question is a what sites that you can be able to get music maybe if you can tie in with some b. roll bureau is deaths that have been recorded that you can put in. Overlay your video to express or to communicate what you want to communicate Yeah. So for Beyrle in music or stock footage in music 1st I'll talk about music. It's this is such an important thing and again where like we're saying what we're talking about a church ministry contacts and or whatever context it may be related to the church but. Music is so important music which is a very important and these things influence. Without speaking right you can get a lot of impressions you can get a lot. It speaks volumes about the video without even having to communicate with texts music is very important you know what kind of organization it is what their values are things like that and so with music you have to be very careful but I've tried out different music sites throughout the years and I've tried audio jungle that is a. Website where you can actually pay for the songs song by song so for example $1.00 song will be around like $25.00 and depending upon the license it actually gets more and more pricey Yeah and it's something that you need to pay attention to as well because there are some details in the in the licensing to tell you that when you download this song you cannot pass it to a friend or. Just have to use it yourself and there are some sides and a pretty generous with their licenses they say if you don't load it's yours we don't care how you use it or how you pass it around so you want to pay attention to that because we're doing minister for $4.00 God and would like to be people that. That a credible as well we want to have integrity and we're going to have. The sites that you have Yeah so that was the 1st site that I've used and. Again not to downplay or show favor to anything but just sharing resources for those who are looking for resources in the church but I found that I've tried out. A website called Like I said audio jungle I've tried out. A place called Art list our list. And I've tried out another place called the. Premium be in all of these different websites their eyes are very expensive or. Music quality isn't that great or if the music is there hard to find music without any sort of crazy drums going on or some sort of like craziness going on right now right I've heard the same problem as well when I was looking for for music to put in some of the videos that we have worked together for you you find all sorts of music as well so you'd like to contact maybe pathogenic then to send you some names of some good tracks that he has found or yeah that we can have a community it'll be nice to have a community where we can have a group of about content creators are good as well that we'll be able to share some of these things what worked for you and what didn't work and what the best things that are out there as well you have used and at the site that you're using currently story blocks as well would you like to share something about that yeah and just just to mention this quickly the for the music site I'm actually using a site called Sound stripe sound that sound and then stripe as in like a zebra stripe and this is by far the cheapest It's $1125.00 a month I believe and you get access to a ton of songs in a limited of the license you know it's it's not the license is just once you have it you can use it and so I love sounds right. And change your question about video I use story blocks and story blocks has been amazing it's actually been updated since the last time that I've used it. Before they only had a select number of videos that you could get for free but now with the subscription you can download a bunch of videos and you don't have to pay for the video by video you can get a whole bunch Wow that that is amazing wow that is amazing you have covered this area very well of music and beer all now want to go to the green screen I. Went into the youth room downstairs and I saw this wall that is covered with a green screen so if someone who doesn't know and it doesn't know anything about video if they walk into that room they will be thinking what in the world is this why is there a cream that is so big would you like to explain to us what you use the green screen for. So the green screen is used you know if you look at behind the scenes in Hollywood they'll use that for. Taking out the background in putting whatever background they want in there so for example if we had like a green screen right here right now we're speaking we could put ourselves in the ocean or we could put ourselves by the beach or anywhere else and. Basically in the software that in the whatever software you're using you can edit out the green screen and the reason why it edited it's out so easily is because most skin tones of people are in the orange ish reddish area and on the color on the color circle opposite spectrum or side of the color orange is green and so. Meaning green is the greatest amount of contrast between our normal skin tone so therefore you can take it out very easily that's that's wonderful and I've seen you throwing every right to a big rally that makes people. In different places. Because it's really hard to find if I had a big runs let's say it's a church and you can you can exhaust all the big grounds and within maybe like 10 videos that's a really good point and it becomes more not and as you just see all the videos with one big round and I was thinking and looking back before we started using the green screen we had a few. Videos that you recorded in the sanctuary and they all had the background of the sanctuary did you want to hear something about that yeah so. If you tuned our subscribe to the You Tube channel of our village church you remember that we had Jesus on prophecy during fall and we actually recorded it right here near the organ so this is a video of science and. Reasons to Believe reasons to believe and there are see on a playlist in our You Tube page you can go check that out but you're right you've run a really good point. That's an excellent point I never thought of it that way but you get to a point where you exhaust the amount of background or at least a good background as you have in whatever building you're so then it's like Ok where do we shoot it with a green screen the reason why it's so useful is that you can use any sort of background that you could ever want and of course you want to make it look realistic but it's a very good tool Yeah because I've seen in the videos with educational videos I've seen you putting blackboards and putting pencil and different kind of the angles in the back yeah. Books and all sorts of things and those videos are nice because if you're going to just shoot it in a classroom and you have all the teachers and all the parents or maybe all the the students just being in a classroom you have cares and you have the whiteboard it becomes very boring very boring monotonous so the green screen gives you that opportunity to take out the green background and throw in behind and just a little bit of tips on how to use the green screen some very very key tips when we 1st got a green screen I spent a couple hours in the night to tape our green screen on the wall and. The green screen was all wrinkled we didn't lie to properly in our 1st couple videos using the green screen were pretty bad times you would see parts of our bodies would flicker in an hour and so before before you move on I just want to jump in that I don't miss that that point that he just brought so it's it's something that. Is Inevitable to make mistakes when you're doing video creation right you can make mistakes even passenger and then who makes my videos can make mistakes. Oh definitely I have. Our past or team has a very keen eye surprisingly and they always notice every flaw so it's hard to avoid it but I'm glad they help me to find you my video sometimes honestly when you're so busy you just kind of get lazy but that is a very important point because when you create your videos you would like to have a 2nd and 3rd eye to go through your video because as a content creator there might be some things that you might have missed in creating your videos but if you pass past your video to a friend and maybe to whoever is around you they may be able to show. That this part of the video you could do better. Because even if they're not specializing in creating videos then the consumers they can see what they like also in a video so it is good to consult other people it's all right it's very good and something that you'll need is humility Yes And it's it's hard because as as a creator creator when you're making any sort of our Whether be like you know pottery or video design and the sort of thing that you create you take pride in your work and you spend long way Boris hours and when someone comes and tears are down it's hard so you have to be humble enough to say Ok maybe I have my biases in working on whatever project I'm working with maybe they have a fresh eye on it but at the same time you want to know the principles that you're working on or using to make the video or whatever thing you're working on you want to make sure that you understand you're not just making it to simply look good you're working based on principle so at the same time you want to be open to feedback but you also want to have a reason to back up why you did things you did bad that's very true when you explaining that to a thought came into my mind because you were mentioning. Refitting to video making as creative and my mind went its Genesis God created no god is the great creator and was making videos for ministry to spread the gospel you would like to be inspired by the Holy Spirit as well and you actually have a testimony of something that you made. Recently while Theo making videos for this committing you tell us what happened. While there's a variety of different things that I had to work on pre can't meeting and it was. The project that Michael was talking about was a logo design a logo animation and a whole batch of videos I believe 14 around 14 and so to make a logo 1st off it it's not the process of a day or a couple hours sometimes it can be but usually especially with something as as big as. To explain these videos for the v.a. Yes futures that you've been seeing throughout the week for the village school these these especially if it's a school logo you really want to take the time and make sure that it's communicating what you want because this will be a long lasting So how much time do you usually take or how much time is there quiet to make that right. I would say maybe like a couple weeks or even a month even in my moments I'm so how much did it take you how much time did it take you to to create it it took me around 4 hours really so what happened yeah so what happened was I was so pressure time and I was like I don't have no clue how I'm going to do this I got down on my knees and I pray this prayer and I remember reading in the Book of Exodus if you go there I believe in Exodus chapter somewhere in the twenty's forgive me for not knowing the reference but. It's interesting to know that in the building of the same jury it talks about how the artists or the craftsmen who were building a century it's a God told them or they had the Spirit of wisdom a man so I got down on my knees I asked more as you did for them please grant me your Holy Spirit I can't do this without you and their God Blessed are made everything in a short amount of time and it's been a Praise the Lord because they might be some someone out there maybe a person or someone who is working on videos or was wanting to start to make videos maybe you're looking at videos that are made by professionals you're thinking No I'm not qualified to make. Your testimony in a kneeling down and asking God that log him I have a great creator you're the one who designed the whole planet isn't it beautiful the rivers the oceans the grass and the flowers everything came from the design of God and He is the same God who can give us inspiration to give us something that will help us communicate the Gospel in an attractive way so knowing that and understanding that God Jesus is by your side and he is the greatest designer for design he can help you to be able to design something that would case the attention of people so we're coming to the end of the seminar here so I just want to ask you Pastor any awards final words. For the people out there that are watching sure. Yeah I would say if you are a young person or even older person in ministry and you're looking to use video for ministry. First and foremost recognize that everything comes from God and God is the one ultimately who will help you to grow in your talent whether you realize it or not it's easy to say Ok I can watch a bunch of tutorials and the thing is the truth is of course we don't want to neglect that you know God uses the education that we've learned but at the same time we want to continually depend upon him in the creation of our continent so it's important to rely upon God continue to grow and learn as much as you can but at the same time don't let it drive you further away from ministry because it can happen like that but instead see how it connects to God see how it connects to the Bible and it'll actually teach you a lot of lessons to grow your faith as well Amen Amen thank you passage and then for sharing all the things that he has shared with us in this seminar and I want to encourage you if you're watching this semi now live or you watch it later if you have questions just send us a message go to our Web site and hit that button that says Contact Us and fill in the contact us send us questions we'll be able to respond to any questions that you might have we were not able to cover everything about content creation or destroy vandalism in these in this fall segment of our seminar and planning as well to come up with a food series that cavity every single detail of what we use and what we do for the store evangelism as well but I just want to encourage I want to appeal to you if you have your smartphone if you have a device if you have. The simplest equipment you can have visit you have to use what you have the stud Don't be intimidated by people you use it with Gameboy as with Kranz and different things they're all good we can use them for ministry but if you don't have all those things that simple steps small God will use you ask. Vibes from people that are in ministry that are using their talents and gifts as well and let and let us create content for Christ because there's a lot of content out there but is for the won't and that is full of darkness and we have less content that is spreading the gospel so I want to encourage you I want to challenge you that God is by your side and you can be able to create content of for him through video in design in different. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave the w.w.w. audio Verse dot org.


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