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2. You Shall Be as Gods: Spiritualism's End-time Deception

Alistair Huong
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While spiritualistic encounters may occur discreetly, it is possible to determine where spiritualism has left its influence by identifying its "viral marker". This message reveals what that viral marker is, and traces its effect through history down to the end-times. You will see the pernicious influence of spiritualism on Romanism, Protestantism, secularism, the Sunday Law, and the conclusion of the Great Controversy.


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • October 24, 2020
    4:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for being with us today for the blessing of the Sabbath and for the blessing of the word that you have given to us to instruct us to reprove and rebuke us and admonish us into holy living and Lord as we discuss this solemn topic serious topic about spiritualism and the Devils and time deceptions we pray that your Holy Spirit will illuminate us give us clarity of thinking give us. Spiritual eyesight to see for spiritual things are spiritually discerned so hear this prayer and guide us now in the study we pray in Jesus name you mad. So to review just a few points from our morning discussion we talked about the 1st spiritualist encounter found in the Bible and that is when he encountered the serpent in the Garden of Eden at the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and we brought this experience down into overt and discreet spiritual ism overt spiritual ism is dealing with the idea that we can engage with the supernatural and the foundation of this belief comes from the lie that the devil told at the tree the Ye shall not surely die so the doctrine of the immortality of the soul and that leads into various beliefs like paganism and witchcraft and the occult and also of the Christian flavor of it would be the idea that the soul goes to heaven right when we die and that we can commune with those people who have passed away and I know the hollowing is coming up soon and I didn't mention it this morning but I'm sure it crossed many of your minds and speaking about spiritualism in the overt sense you can see the comfort level of the popularity of spiritualism and the supernatural and ghouls and goblins and goes and things like that every time following term comes around and I just want to mention on audio verse last week we posted a excellent message by Dr Eric Walsh also I know a friend of Avid hope. Entitled be which hollow mean and the rise of spiritualism and he does a excellent job breaking down the trends of spiritual ism and I would say the overt flavor of spiritual ism that we see in our society today it's very good and I think it actually is an excellent pairing with the series of studies that we're doing this week today with with you here at Ave hope. But the 2nd part of that spiritualistic encounter is what I call discreet spiritual ism and it is represented by Satan speaking through the medium of the serpent too and until unwitting woman Eve did not know that she was speaking with the devil and so discreet spiritualism represents that type of spiritual ism where people are encountering the supernatural without knowing it and this morning as well as this afternoon this presentation now we're going to be focusing emphasizing particularly on the discrete form of spiritualism. We also read this quote in great controversy page 516 that says none are in greater danger from the influence of evil angels than those who notwithstanding the direct an ample testimony of the Scriptures deny the existence and agency of the devil and his angels so long as we are ignorant of their wiles they have almost inconceivable advantage many give heed to their suggestions while they suppose themselves to be following the dictates of their own wisdom and so we saw here that this describes a class of people who are. The most susceptible to the influence of evil angels and these are people who are the non superstitious if I could call them that or the more common term is the secularists people who don't believe in the supernatural we're told that they are the most at risk to be influenced by spiritualism and this is a very key point. For where we are going with our study this afternoon and it talks about brilliant people smart people who think that the ideas that they have originated from themselves but in actuality unknowingly they have been influenced by the devil himself so this is the very important key idea we want to keep in mind and the passage continues the same paragraph this is why as we approach the close of time when Satan is to work with greatest power to deceive and destroy he spreads everywhere the belief that he does not exist it is his policy to conceal himself and his manner of working and again this ties right into what we were just talking about Satan we frequently associate with overt spiritualistic manifestations we think that the devil is at his most powerful when he's you know possessing people through demon possession or through mysticism or through the occult or magic or voodoo or these types of things but in actuality according to this passage Satan has a different preference he prefers a secular environment in which he does not factor into the consciousness at all in which he's just ruled out as superstition and that he you know is not a threat so. This is an important point as well now we also look at this passage from great controversy 556 it says The very name of witchcraft is now held in contempt the claim that men can hold intercourse with evil spirits is regarded as a fable of The Dark Ages So again we're talking about the climate in society in which a belief in the supernatural especially evil spirits and the devil and demons is believe viewed as silly superstition as hocus pocus. Is like believing in Santa Claus but we continue reading but spiritualism which numbers as converts by hundreds of thousands by millions which has made its way into scientific circles which has invaded churches and has found favor in legislative bodies and even in the courts of Kings this mammoth deception is but a revival in a new disguise of the witchcraft condemned and prohibited of old and so yes spiritual is a may exist in the sense that there are you know secret societies and there are individuals that are in touch with the you know spirit world while they hide it to the viewing public but nevertheless the way that this passage is constructed about how there are millions of spiritualists around the world and that they seemingly all hold witchcraft and this believe in evil spirits in contempt. It seems to suggest that there are plenty of people who actually are under the influence of spiritual ism without knowing it and without knowing it all the while in a culture of secularism and also you know this also highlight to highlight this point is the idea that it is found its way into scientific circles which we discuss this morning by its very definition nowadays is a naturalistic type of. Realm of study and it just precludes the existence of the supernatural and then also even in the area of legislation of Bob bodies of government and also the courts of kings and we're going to be dealing with that a little bit as well this afternoon and then we also read this passage from 1st Timothy 4 Verse one this is now the Spirit speak of expressly that in the latter times some shot depart from the faith giving he'd to subdue seeing spirits and doctrines of devils So the Bible warns us in no uncertain terms that and the end times there will be those in the church who will leave who will apostatize because of spiritual ism and so to review what we've talked about basically here is a summary of what we went over this morning at least some of the points from this morning that will lay the foundation for where we're going this afternoon and that is spiritualism may be manifested overtly or discretely spiritual lives them affects the specially those who don't believe in the supernatural and spiritualism is pervasive in all levels of society spiritual ism will affect the church and finally spiritualism is the means to transmit the doctrines of devils and this idea of the doctrines of devils is is a good transition to the heart of what we're going to discuss this afternoon. And that is this morning we were using the metaphor of a pandemic to illustrate how spiritualism is communicated how it is spread throughout society but we never really dove into the question of what is it transmitting it right we know the means of transmission. But what's the actual virus right what's the actual virus of spiritual ism So if you think of it this way spiritualism is merely the mechanism by which ideas and beliefs are communicated and we saw this morning that there's 1st degree 2nd degree 3rd degree you know there's community spread asymptomatic spread you know all of those things we discussed already of how spiritualism spreads but now we want to talk about what's the actual pathogen What's the actual virus that's being communicated or transmitted through spiritual ism and to answer that question we need to go right back to our theme text the foundational text for our study today that's in Genesis 3 Verse 4 and 5 and the serpent said to the woman you shall not surely die for God does know that in the day you eat thereof then your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil we talked about verse 4 this morning and discussed that So now we're going to focus on verse 5 but we need to really think about this the context of what happened or the context in which this exchange occurred in Eden Satan was restricted. From harassing Adam and Eve There was only one place in the entire universe where Satan has access to mankind and it was at the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and we know the story Eve came alone to the tree and she engaged the serpent in dialogue now in Satan's minds this might have been the only chance that he had to influence Eve This might be the only opportunity he has to to end that his grand plan to make humans fall so he must have concocted a thought through with his you know Luciferian intellect but what's the most potent deception I can you know I can use here to deceive Eve and of course you know we talked about spiritualism you shall surely die that certainly is a core aspect of this but what is the lie in the 2nd half of this passage well the core of it is simply you shall be as gods that's the core of the message of what Lucifer was trying to communicate to eat that's the hook that's the bait that he was baiting his hook with and so he supplements this with a few other ideas right like God is hiding something from me he knows that if you eat this you're going to be like him so it questions of you know undermines God's character but it's because of the potential for Eve to be as gods and then knowing good and evil it cannot simply merely mean you will then know what good and evil is on an intellectual or academic level Eve was intelligent she had a perfect unfallen mind she could intellectually understand good and evil but what is what is. The Satan actually saying he's saying you shall be as gods in so far that you no longer need God as the arbiter of right and wrong you can determine what's good and evil for yourself and that ultimately is what Lucifer says is the essence of being as God So the deception the core deception that Satan was a communicating through the spiritualistic encounter here at the tree was that mankind can usurp their Creator and for all of you Bible scholars out there you must be thinking. That sentiment sounds familiar and if that's what you're thinking you are absolutely correct because of what we read in Isaiah Chapter 14 versus 12 to 14 is how our fallen from heaven Lucifer son of the morning how are cut down to the ground which does weaken the nations without a set of the heart I will be like the most I say 10 believed the same thing so what Satan was trying to convince Eve of was merely the same lied that he fell prey to himself Satan believed that he could be as God he believe that he could be like the most high to usurp the creator that he can be the moral arbiter of right and wrong for himself and he no longer needs to be under the authority of God and his moral standard and his moral law. To confirm this this is what it says and great controversy page 554 Satan beguiles man now as Eve in Eden notice carefully the deception the Satan uses used for Eve he still using it today the same deception by flattery by kindling a desire to obtain forbidden knowledge by exciting it ambition for self exaltation it was cherishing these evils that caused his fall and through them he aims to come past the ruin of men so there it is Lucifer is simply trying to get man to believe the same lies that he believed that caused his fall well what are those lies what are those ideas you shall be as gods he declares knowing good and evil as Genesis $35.00 spiritualism teaches notice carefully that man is a creature of progression that it is his destiny from his birth to progress even to eternity toward the Godhead continuing and again each mind will judge itself and not another thus in place of the righteousness and perfection of the infinite God Satan has substituted the sinful erring nature of man himself as the only object of adoration the only rule of judgment or standard of character this is progress not upward but downward so the spirit prophesying great conference he makes a very clear the essence the virus of spiritualism the the core of it is the deception that man can take the place of God man can be God and what does that mean it means man can be our own standard of character our own rule of judgment our own moral standard rather than God and His moral law so lets in caps like this spiritual ism is the means by which Satan seeks to transform man into his image. That's it that's the key point of spiritualism I want to communicate and what is the image of Satan with the image of Satan is the desire to use sir our Creator the rib rebel who wants to take the place of his creator that's what the essence the character of Satan is in spiritualism and all of its various types of manifestations overt or discrete is merely the vehicle is the mechanism of transmission by which to accomplish this transformation another way to think about it is a Satan loves to just counterfeit the truth and in this regard it is a counterfeit spiritualism is a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit wants to dwell in us that indwelling of Christ through the Person of the Holy Spirit transforms us into the image of Jesus into His likeness right that's the whole essence of Christianity the indwelling of the Holy Spirit spiritualism simply counterfeits that Satan wants to imbue us with His Spirit so that we through this means will be transformed into his image his image of rebellion against our Creator and to usurp our God And so we've been talking about the metaphor of a of a pandemic and I'm going to continue with that metaphor here and just like Kovan 19 we cannot always see you know in the case of community spread an asymptomatic spread we cannot always see how the pathogen how the virus is actually transmitted we may not know where we picked it up right like was it out a certain location you know or surface we touch or through the air we don't fully know however we have tests we have tests that can identify whether a virus has been through there whether an infection exists right and the test is looking for a viral marker and so. The viral marker is usually. Sometimes but in the case of covert 1000 is a piece of genetic material you know r.n.a. or you know d.n.a. And and so when we can identify that a viral marker that the virus has been through here we can know that the virus the pandemic has actually reached so in the same way when we're talking and thinking about spiritualism it is going to be well nigh impossible for us to identify precisely where the transmission originated and we talk about why that's the case this in with this morning's presentation however we can have a test to identify if the viral marker exists to know if the infection of the virus of spiritual ism is present and what the viral marker the viral marker is a piece a little snippet of satans d.n.a. and what is that if this is simply this idea that we saw in Genesis chapter 3 verse 5 this idea that man can be as God whenever we see this idea in a belief system that is held onto and and. Adopted we can know that the effect of spiritualism is present but the infection is there even if we don't know where it came from so we also read this passage in Revelation Chapter 12 how the great dragon was cast up and that old serpent called the devil devil and Satan was deceived the whole world was cast into the earth and that this dragon also called the serpent is going to make war with the remnant of her seat so we know that the serpent is going to represent spiritual ism right that's a direct. Direct reference back to Genesis 3 in the garden. And so we see that at the end of time this war between Satan and the remnant of her seed spiritual ism is going to play a part and so the question now is. Can we identify the viral marker of spiritual ism in the end time characters that's going to play a part in the last great conflict in the war that the serpent is waging can we identify satans d.n.a. So let's take a look. We understand that the papacy the anti christ the little horn power the man of sin in all so many different names for it is going to be one of the prime movers and shakers in the final event so let's see if we can identify a spiritual isms viral marker in the papacy Daniel 725 and he just be great words against the Most High and to wear out the saints of the most high and think to change times the laws and they should be given into his hand until of time and times and the dividing of time so the papacy here is described as changing God's times and God's laws that sounds a little bit like taking the place of God and replacing God's moral standards with man's moral standards but 2nd Thessalonians to verse 4 makes it even more explicit who oppose it and exalt themselves above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he as God sitting in the temple of God showing himself that he is God There you have it that is a carbon copy that is you know. A reflection direct reflection of the character of Satan we can see right here the papacy contains Satan's d.n.a. the spiritual isms viral marker and it's even more explicit than that Revelation 132 tells us that the Dragon or Satan gave him or the papacy his power and a seat and great authority so clearly Satan has a direct influence over the papacy. Great controversy page 268 says in many of the nations of Europe the powers that ruled in church and state had for centuries been controlled by Satan through the medium of the papacy so there's that word again medium Satan influencing the whole of the Europe through the medium of the papacy so this is definitely spiritual listing language going on here and we can certainly identify the spiritual isms viral marker in the papacy but what about secularism. Earlier right at the beginning we reviewed those quotes where we stated where this bitter process stated the secularists those who denied the spirit the supernatural are the most susceptible to the influence of evil angels and so we want to test that statement right now to see if we can identify the viral marker of spiritual ism within the common commonly held secular belief systems Ok So atheism skepticism naturalism evolution there could be plenty of other isms that we throw in here but I think this is representative of what we're talking about it says there is no god that's the belief and that we are the result of pure naturalistic processes therefore there is no divine law giver and man's reason is supreme So that's the natural logic flowing out of this idea that there is no God Well who is God In that case. Hedonism essential ism teaches that selfish pleasure seeking worldliness and licentiousness is the ultimate goal or pleasure is the greatest objective Ok again in this philosophy who is caught and then there's postmodernism which says there is no objective truth there is only my truth and only my subjective lived experience is true and again in this scenario who is got it's interesting. Because we now live in a post modern society postmodern view that philosophy is really the cultural water in which we swim today and in western society I think you know popular culture certainly academia and and many fields it's largely become a default world view and it leads to the question that I've been asking well in all of these scenarios who is God man is designed to worship something we're going to worship something and so when God is removed out of the equation the only logical conclusion based on what we see here is that we worship ourselves and does that not sow that awful lot like the lie that you shall be as gods I found this passage very enlightening from testimonies for the church Volume one page 297 I was directed to the scripture as especially applying to modern spiritualism but that's what Ellen why to say she was show that Colossians to verse 8 has special application to modern day spiritualism Ok so what does this say beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the traditions of men after the rudiments of principles of the world and not after Christ. What does the statement say it says modern spiritual ism has more to do with philosophies ideologies and world views than merely the mode of transmission or the actual spiritualistic manifestations themselves Ok I hope you catch this connection because this is very crucial when we think about spiritualism where frequently in Nam heard with actual manifestations Oh there's an apparition here someone says they saw a ghost here that person had an out of body experience there there's black magic in voodoo going on over here and we think about you know in the end times over when the devil impersonates you know the Saints and and fire comes down from heaven a miracle healings and all of these things we associate as that's the sum and total of spiritual ism but this statement from the Spirit of Prophecy. And the Bible tells us what's more important for us to consider about spiritualism is the underlying belief system that grows out of it Ok so it's not so much the mode of transmission but what the infection is at the end that's the key idea I want to leave with you from this passage so I want to review a little bit go back to the Church of Satan we mentioned at this morning and I want to go back and look again at the f.a.q. on their website the Church of Satan we assume worship Satan but what do they say why decision is worship the devil they say we don't and this is again the f.a.q. from the website satanists are atheists we see the universe as being indifferent to us and so knows carefully all moral and vet all morals and values our subjective human constructions our position is to be self centered with ourselves being the most important person the God they literally put that in their statement here they would consider themselves the God of our subjective universe so we are sometimes said to worship ourselves. Now does that sound remarkably similar to what Satan was trying to deceive evil in the garden I say Amir is precisely the serpents lie to Eve that you can be as gods and all the while the Church of Satan denies the Satan exists at all they clearly carry Satan's d.n.a. the viral marker of spiritual ism they consider themselves a secular atheistic religion is so oxymoronic but nevertheless it confirms what we read in the beginning that those who deny the exist of existence of Satan are the most susceptible to his lies and I had a little question that came in earlier and I need to make this clear if occasion and that is when I talk about the Church of Satan it is distinct from pagan religions witchcraft the occult and those types of spiritualistic superstitious belief systems there are 2 distinct groups Ok so I don't want to get the mixed up because there are a cultists and demon worshippers and those who really do believe in the supernatural and they actually do worship the devil but they're not the Church of Satan they are the occult and they have different names. But doesn't mean that they're any less dangerous right but I just need to make that distinction because there is the Church of Satan which is a secular branch and then there's the pagan branch of the occult and all the witchcraft and things that go down that line now also we talk about the satanic temple which is another say tannic religion it is not the same as a Church of Satan but on the same token on their website they asked a question that f.a.q. asked a question what the Satan mean to the Satanic temple Satan is a symbol of the eternal rebel in opposition to arbitrary authority for ever defending personal sovereignty even in the face of insurmountable odds Satan is an icon for the unbowed will of the un silenced Inquirer or the heretic who questions sacred laws and rejects all radical in positions both these satanic religions reflect the prevailing post-modern view that everything is based on our subjective views on life subjective morality everything is up to us that reflects Satan's lie to Eve and Satan to them we see here is an icon he they don't believe that He exists they believe they don't believe that Satan is a personal being but they view him sort of like Zeus in Greek mythology he's a representation he's a mythological figure that represents the values that they uphold that they hold dear and what are those values the values is a rejection of divine authority and morality. And basically that man is the center of the universe that we can be as gods knowing good and evil that's what they believe. Now you might be thinking now that's nice and all but tannic religions are not exactly representative of broader society or even broader culture we don't see a satanic temple or a church of Satan on every street corner in the city Well you're right about that I think it was helpful to illustrate my point but now let's transition and let's ask the question so do we can we see Satan's viral marker or spiritual isms viral marker in broader culture can we see this notion that man can be as gods that we don't need him to be a moral standard in broader culture Well let's take a look what about this Disney's Frozen I think I don't even need to ask lest i embarrass anyone right but we all know about this movie it's one of the most popular movies of all time right definitely an animal one of the most famous most popular animated movies but and a lot of it has to do with the saw right let it go this amazing you know big throated ballad in the middle of the of the movie and how many parent you know and children and teacher and everyone they've all heard this right and many people probably haven't memorized but it's an anthem it's become an anthem of an entire generation and at the near the climax of the song what does the song say no right no wrong no rules for me I'm free and if you listen to the essence of the whole song it's a song of. Rebellion it's a song of rebellion against established norms of rejecting authority it's living according to your truth making your own rules. And really it's about freedom and empowerment via rebellion and relativism that's really the core if those of the song. And it's become the anthem or theme song of an entire post modern generation so do we back to our question so can we see the viral marker of spiritualism in the culture around us I think it would be foolish for us to deny that is there but now we're still on the topic of secularism and spiritualism but I want to turn our attention back to the Bible we've talked about culture and society but does the Bible make the connection between secularism and spiritualism is that connection in scripture well for that let's turn our attention to Revelation Chapter 11 and verse 7 this is a passage Revelation Chapter 11 is talking about the French Revolution you need to remember chapter 11 of Revelation it will come back in a little bit but what does a say verse 7 and when they the 2 witnesses of God shall have finished their testimony the beast that ascended out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them and shall overcome them and kill them so the beast in Bible prophecy represents a nation or political power and that represents France in Revelation 11 and France This beast is the scribe as a sending out of the bottomless pit which is another word for abyss or the bottomless pit where Satan is cast into during the millennium or a boost in the Greek and though this word is always in reference to the devil to Satan it is the place of the devil is even in the way that. France atheistic France is described in and in prophecy in Revelation it is described immediately as and as a secular political power that comes from the place of the devil and so clearly the French Revolution was under spiritualistic influences we're going to confirm this with another statement just a moment but as an aside here I just want to also mention Daniel 11 also Daniel 11 verse 40 also makes reference to France at the time of the end which we know prophetically is $798.00 shall the king of the South push at him the king of the north and the king of the North to come against him like a whirlwind the king of the north represents the papacy and in the year 798 at the time of the end a king or political power would push at the King of the north and this is synonymous with the papacy receiving the deadly wound that we read about in Revelation Chapter 13 and what nation took the pope captive in the year 798 well it was France the French general birth e.a. took the papacy captive and he died in captivity and that marked the end of the $1290.00 or 1260 years excuse me of papal supremacy in the middle ages and we I will mention this so the king of the South also represents atheistic France and the ideology that comes out of that but I will also mention that we are still yet today currently living in Daniel 11 verse 40 Ok so we are still living in that this time of conflict between the king of the South and the king of the North Ok so let's keep that in mind. So let's go back to see if we have any confirmation that the French Revolution was actually under the influence of Satan This is from Spirit of Prophecy Volume 4 page 192 the same master spirit that urged in the massacre of St Bartholomew lead also in the scenes of the French Revolution Satan seemed to triumph now he appeared in a new guy in France a rose and atheistical power that openly declared war against the authority of heaven so clearly although they were atheistic and in no way believed in the supernatural France you know by legislative decree they decree as a nation the 1st one ever that there is no God right they declared war against the authority of heaven and they were under we're told here under the direct influence of Satan and they in so doing they sought to become as God's right they got out and we know the history of what occurred in France now it's interesting because there's also this statement that I found in letters in manuscripts volume 13 this is manuscript 12 from the year 898 and everyone writes such men as Voltaire Hume Rousseau and Byron were under the training of Satan they were under the training of the great enemy of God and man the acknowledged leader of the Prince of policies the powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world why is this significant Well number one it's because this morning this illustrates that Spiritualism can be transmitted unwittingly because all of these people are are atheistic or at least Deists philosophers infidel falafel loss affairs and they were under the influence under the training of Satan even though they didn't really believe that he existed they were secular. And more than that at least definitely the 3 names Voltaire human Rousseau these are philosophers that influenced the revolution they were sort of the brain trust that had a significant influence on the things that happened during and the belief system and and what occurred during the French Revolution so you see Satan when we talk about Satan's influence in the French Revolution he was not just in the mobs in the end arche in the in the in the massacres he was in he was there too but Satan actually trained the infidel philosophers that laid the intellectual groundwork for the revolution so this confirms what we've been talking about all day today about how transmissible spiritualism is how insidious and pernicious it is and the French revolution happens to be an example of when this when it all to comes together we see it come to a head because God has been completely taken out of the mix and also it shows the danger of the press right the media and how spiritualistic ideas can just rapidly spread and create literally a revolution. And in the book or a controversy there's an entire chapter on the French Revolution it's Chapter 15 you can go and read it for yourself but the question is can we see the viral marker of spiritualism in the French Revolution I think we've already started seeing elements of it but the thing is France held many noble values and ideals but divorced from God these ideals became corrupted and without God they were unable to actually effectuate those ideals for example they elevated human reason now as human reason a good thing well yeah I certainly hope so because God says himself Come now let us reason together but without God in the mix human reason led them headlong into atheism. Well they have liberty as a value but without God liberty became license they had a value of equality but without God equality turned into equal despair everyone was equally impoverished equally in fear. Of being you know getting their heads chopped off for example and without God virtue became vice and that without God justice became merely a pretext for vengeance against the perceived oppressors of the people. This is what happens when God is divorced from society and the guillotine that we have here on the on the slide here became the symbol of the French Revolution the key a team became the tool of choice in advancing the utopian dream right the ideas the noble ideals of the French Revolution and during the reign of terror blood ran in the streets if you dissented or even if you were suspected of dissent you were led to the getting and so this is important because without the power of God to convert sinful hearts the French Revolution is a very clear picture that mankind will always resort to force into violence or to persecution that's just fallen human nature that's who we are without God and this leads people to co worse other people's conscience and this is what the sticky a teen symbolizes in the French Revolution the guillotine symbolized the desire for men to control other men's thoughts other men's consciences and believes if you don't agree with us we're going to kill you. And why is this significant because when man gets to the point of coercing someone else's conscience it is like the terminal stage of the virus a spiritual ism because when man has made himself to be God and when man has come to a point where my room my own standard of right and wrong is the absolute because I've made myself God then it is only a half step to get there to the point where we are now violating other people's conscious to make them believe as we do to think as we do to speak as we do right so this idea of coercing the conscience and as you can as you know this is going to be a major issue in the last days in the final crisis we see that this is the virus of spiritualism what has become a terminal condition it is spiritual isms deception or Satan's deception that you should be as gods knowing good and evil taken to its logical conclusion and so I want to ask you this question now we put this next picture side by side do they look familiar Do they look similar to you we have the guillotine on one side and then the steak on the other interesting the enough the 1st guillotine in France was set up on the very spot where Christian martyrs were burned at the stake centuries before and both of them represent the same spirit of coersion both are instruments to persecute and to enforce compliance through force to coerce people's consciences So what we see here both the papacy and atheistic France both believe the same essential lie of spiritual ism and both ended up in the same place of coercing the conscience you see the similarities here the papacy and atheistic friends were both under the influence of the same power. The key a team and the stake both represents when man becomes God and takes the place of God And there's one other important note to mention. The the guillotine and the stake also represents something else and that is that they represent that the state has been made God The state has become God let me break this down. You see without God But the French had to turn to the most powerful of human institutions to enact their biddings because they have to use force to coerce other people when the power of God is no longer in the picture and what is the most powerful human institution it is the state and so the French Revolution is all about revolutionizing the state right revolutionizing the state in order to create a utopia to accomplish these noble and upstanding ideals that originated from this godless philosophy of secular philosophy that man is able to basically create a perfect environment for ourselves how Christianity became corrupted when it turned to the state to do its biddies you remember the origin of apostasy that led into the dark ages during the 1260 year reign of the papacy when the pope took the place of God How did that begin how did that power begin Well it was begin it began when it received the power of the state at the beginning of the 1260 year prophecy so you see the union of church and state in the papacy led to persecution it led to the violation of the conscience and when the mortal wound was an acted on the papacy what would that mean it didn't mean that the pope was the papacy was completely abolished it simply meant that the civil power of the state this or the civil power of the church was taken away the key similarity between the between the French Revolution and the Papacy between the guillotine and the state the commonality here is they represent state power so the break this down some more the union of church and state in the papacy and the separation of church and state in France led to the same result. Now you must be thinking now I thought separation of church and state is a good thing and yes you're right it is a good thing and we need it Ok but we need to just this and my point is this just because someone says they believe in separation of church and state they may not mean the same thing they you're thinking when you think the separation of church and state Ok So whenever people championed separation of church and state I think it's helpful to just sit down and just ask them Ok what do you actually mean by that because in France they believed in a separation of church and state it was a hostile separation of church and state to the point where God was completely separate out of society all together and that's the wrong kind of separation of church and state so the guillotine and the stake both represented a power using the state to coerce the conscience both were infected with the virus of spiritual ism which is Satan's d.n.a. it is man trying to become God by wielding the strong arm of the state now the French Revolution has passed into history but the principles of the French Revolution formed the basis for an ideology that proliferated throughout the next century and of course I'm talking about Marxism which is a refined meant of the principles of the French Revolution by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels and this led to the proliferation of communism in the 20th century and as Karl Marx famously said he believed that religion is the Opi it opiate of the masses so again here the separation of church and state and Communism certainly was very antagonistic to the church and it was an idea communism and Marxism is this refinement of this idea that man is able to socially engineer. A utopia on earth and through various means economic means cultural means you know through the military and it has always whatever has been experimented with led to totalitarianism tyranny and persecution and importantly the violation of conscience so the Russian Revolution the Chinese Chinese Maoist cultural revolution in Cuba Latin America Southeast Asia everywhere North Korea and this is also represented by the king of the south of which we mention in Daniel Chapter 11 this is always the Nash natural consequence when man tries to make himself got. And his in the balance the statement by saying and this is exactly the same result whenever the church is given state power as well when church and state unite it always results in the same thing and that represent the king of the north right coercing the conscience so man let me summarize this whole section like this man seeking to coerce the conscience is merely the logical conclusion of the virus the spiritual is of this belief that man can replace God and be our own moral arbiters and so when man seeks to coerce someone else's conscience man will always turn to force to enact that concept that coercion and ultimately the most powerful of human forces that is of human institutions on the earth will be the power of the state or of government and this is going to be a significant factor in the end time scenario. But last events page 95 I read this interesting statement says Let all who would understand the meaning of these things read the 11th chapter of Revelation and there it is what is the 11th chapter Revelation all about it's about the French Revolution. Read every verse and learn the things that are yet to take place in the cities so this passage is taken from a place where Ellen White was encouraging people to move out of the cities in the end times and she says now we should expect the same spirit that actuated the French Revolution to be manifested again especially in the cities What is that spirit the spirit of coercing man's conscience of taking God's place in being conscience for someone else and then turning to violence to force to you know quote unquote using the guillotine to force enforce compliance and also this reminds us that the king of the South and Daniel 11 is still alive we're still living in Daniel 11 verse 40 the battle between the king of the north and the king of the South continues I also find this statement in the book Education Page 228 is at the same time Anarky is seeking to sweep away all laws not only Divine but human the centralizing of wealth and power the vast combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many combinations of the poor classes for the defense of the interesting claims the spirit of a Rest of right and bloodshed the world wide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution all are tending to involve the whole world in a struggle similar to that which convulsed France so this statement tells me that the whole world is at risk of witnessing a struggle similar to the French Revolution and the 1st half of the statement describes circumstances in the world and talks about you know economic circumstances and social inequalities in the in the in society. That there seems to mirror France at the revolution and this statement I think certainly applies and encompasses the various Marxist revolutions have swept around the world in the 20th century but doesn't preclude the threat from rising again that's the question here and so the key I believe is this idea of the world wide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution what are those same teachings is there a clue from the Spirit of Prophecy Well let's just scroll up we just have to go back 2 paragraphs on the very in the very same passage so this is education page 227 now she writes spiritual ism asserts that men are unfallen demi gods that each mind will judge itself that all true knowledge places men above all law that all sins committed are innocent for whatever it is is right and God does not condemn multitudes of us led to believe that desire is the highest law that license is liberty and that man is accountable only to himself it's interesting because in this passage can you see the viral marker of spiritual ism do you see Satan's d.n.a. shining through this core belief that you shall be as gods formed the foundation for the teaching of the French Revolution that atheistic humanism you know human centric philosophy and it was promulgated I might add by those infidel philosophers that we read the quote about earlier they were trained by Satan and we are told that the same teachings beanball the whole world in a struggle that is similar to what occurred in France. And the notion that man knows better than God that man can take the place of God spiritual ism is the core of the root philosophy of it all and I find it fascinating that in in the immediate up preceding passage to that quote we read about the French Revolution and the same teachings in the French Revolution and the White talks about spiritual ism So is there a connection between spiritual ism and secularism and is it possible that spiritual isms influence through secular means and institutions and the secular idea of ideologies and philosophies does that is that it is possible that that influence that we saw in the French Revolution may yet still affect the world that's a question for us to consider but at this point I think we are ready to dive into spiritual ism and in the Final Crisis So what have we seen so far we've seen the spiritual ism can be found in Christianity and in paganism it can be found in philosophies and ideologies of the world it can be found in scientific circles in legislative bodies and states spiritualism is already pervasive in popular culture and the whole last section we have discussed spiritualism is also found in secularism manifested through secularist ideas. And here is a statement from the great controversy page 588 that is very interesting it says the Protestants of the United States will be foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to grasp the hand of spiritualism they will reach over the abyss to clasp hands with the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold Union this country will follow in the steps of Rome in trampling on the rights of conscience. That last phrase trampling on the rights of conscience as a sound familiar man seeking to coerce the conscience of someone else do we already get a flavor taste the flavor of the Satan's d.n.a. shining through here so we know that we know that the trampling of the rights of conscience essentially represents the Sunday law when we are forced to violate our belief in the law of God and the obedience to the law of God but notice that what effectuate what promulgated and causes the son the law we're told it is a 3 fold union there is Protestantism there is Roman ism and then there is spiritual ism so we see the spiritual ism is an equal partner in this terrible triumvirate if I can call it that in the end time scenario and remember the list that we just read in the previous slide spiritual ism in compass is vast swaths of society. And now we can know that all 3 of these belief systems are undergirded by the same philosophy and we see the Protestantism and Roman ism will not act alone but there is a 3rd power in this trio and you know I used to think in reading this passage that when spiritualism is mentioned here it's only referring to fire from heaven like in Revelation 13 you know evil spirits like frogs deceiving the world into miracles miracle healings and Evil Angels masquerading as the dead saints say to the person in Christ I thought that's the spiritualism is just some day down the line in the future and only for those people who don't know about the state of the dead and maybe you know that's when the occult of the mystics and secret society they'll come out all come out of the woodwork at that point and I often associate the secularists as not really even in the mix like they're just hanging out somewhere else but when the miracle starts happening and fire comes down from heaven and signs and wonders are happening the secularist would just be grudgingly and haltingly just acquiesce they're just like find the dragging their heels right. To finally give in to the religionists crusade now you know I think a lot of that is probably still true I don't necessarily feel like that's incorrect I just feel like with the study that we have gone on so far in instance spiritual ism that this view may be overly simplistic that there is another layer to this that we can go a little bit deeper. So on the very same page great controversy page 5 so in the same flow of the same thought Ella White writes this interestingly papacy it's Protestants and worldlings will alike except the form of godliness without the power and they will see in this union referring back to the threefold Union a grand movement for the conversion of the world so interestingly notice that the different construction that Ellen White uses here in the previous passage she said Protestants Roman power and spiritual ism and here she says papacy it's Protestants and worldlings So it certainly looks as though Ellen White is associating spiritualism with world the lames and what our world blinks In short there are those who are opposed to God and I believe it is not too much of a stretch to say that they would include secularists So this gives me the picture that the vast deception at the end of time this threefold Union is something that is broad enough to catch everyone in its net it's not just for the religionists it is a willing coalition between religionists and secularists Ok that's what I see in this statement and it's interesting because when we look at you know papers and Protestants we view them as you know religion and the worldlings and secularist we think of them as you know secular. And as advantages I believe we have you know a reflex of tendency is just unconscious tendency to map these 2 categories of religion and secular neatly onto the 2 political parties in the us right you've heard it before the religious right and then the secular left. Now whether I think it's important to mention that this distinction is not something that's found in the spirit of prophecy there is you know the Republican Democrat Party of today certainly did not exist like they are now in her day so she never really mentioned it this is a like I said a reflect a reflex this is just sort of our intuition of why we group things this way however when we have this view and then we couple it with this belief that the only threat in the end times will come from the religionists then we have a I think we come to a logical conclusion with that chain of reasoning a conclusion to think that the quote unquote secular political party must therefore be a bulwark or a fire wall against the Sunday law or the trampling of the rights of conscience I think you understand what I'm getting at like this is the reflexive Adventist chain of thinking based on you know the pieces that we have in play but I like to suggest that perhaps we need to re-evaluate some of our assumptions here number one like I mentioned the spirit of prophecy does not need categorize you know a religious party and a secular party but putting that aside. Is a truly sensible to believe that only one political party is capable of passing the Sunday law while the other one cannot does one political party have a monopoly on the final events like Will the culmination of the 6000 years of earth's history of the entire great controversy between Christ and Satan ultimately come down to political operatives in a specific party like just just sit there and think about that how utterly ridiculous it sells because it is. Or more than that like is it really up to a specific president or maybe a Supreme Court justice is that really what the Spirit proxies teaching us like do we really think that the devil is that incompetent Do we think that God is that powerless and if we think that political parties have that much power and control over the destiny of the universe it sounds a little bit like we might be inadvertently placing politics and political parties in place of God. And that sounds a little bit like we've been talking about all you know the session the viral marker of spiritual ism it's it's kind of laughable to think that God and the devil 2 of the most powerful beings in the universe is somehow waiting or dependent on let's say the election of the next president of the United States just sit with that for a minute and just contemplate how utterly unrealistic and unbuckle that way of thinking is what am I trying to say what I'm trying to say is that there is a 3 fold union that is tall talked about in the book great controversy and it is a willing coalition between people of all stripes and belief systems so the picture here suggests a universal coalition of right left and center all right of religion and of secularism and to make this abundantly clear what does the Bible say Revelation Chapter 13 verse 14 says same to them that dwell on the earth that they should make an image to the beast the people that dwell on the earth. What Or they are the ones that clamor for the image to the beast which is the union of church and state to make this abundantly clear great controversy to says even in free America rulers and legislators in order to secure public favor will yield to the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance the liberty of conscience which has cost so great a sacrifice will no longer be respected the whole world will wonder after the beast the people will demand the Sunday law the people will demand from their politicians and the politicians will simply give the people what they want that's the picture that is given to us in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy So how do you suppose Satan controls the people well it's through this threefold Union and this threefold Union includes Protestantism Roman ism and spiritualism and hopefully by the time by this time you see how spiritual isn't actually under her is the philosophy of all of the above. Now I really need I really want to drill a little bit deeper into this so we're going to read this passage from testimonies for the church volume 5 page 451 and you will notice that the 1st half repeats what we've already read but the 2nd half expands on the idea of trampling on the rights of conscience that's what we read in the 1st statement and this expands here is what does a say when Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the Gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power when she shall reach over the abyss to clasp hands with spiritualism when under the influence of this threefold Union our country shall repudiate every principle of its constitution as a Protestant and republican government and shall make provision for the propagation of papal falsehoods and delusions then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near there is a lot to unpack here but 1st we see right up top the same threefold Union that we read about earlier Protestantism Roman ism spiritual ism joining hands so mental picture there like Ring Around the Rosie the 3 of them are holding hands with each other and this is the threefold Union but this passage makes it clear that there is something that stands in the way of the trampling on the rights of conscience there is something that gets in the way of the final events and what is that thing it is the u.s. constitution that's exactly what it says here by the pen of Ellen White so the u.s. constitution according to this passage must be neutralized 1st before the final events or the Sunday law takes place so what's so significant about the Constitution and what does this have to do with our talk tonight. So the structure right Constitution means structure so the Constitution defines the structure of the government but is not just how the government works it is the structure that effectuate the principles that were outlined in the Declaration of Independence I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who once said that the Declaration of Independence or like apples of gold in a frame of silver which represents the Constitution so the constitution is the framework by which the nation can. Effectuate the values and principles and ideals that articulated in the Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Independence clearly states that we have been given a little rights by our creator all men is created have been created equal and we have been given inalienable rights by a creator and the state or the government's role is to protect those preexisting rights so the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution put together makes clear clear that the state does not grant us our rights our rights preexisted government it came from got the rights came from God And so the Declaration of Independence and by extension the Constitution recognizes that God is a power greater than man or the state that there's a sound Contra in contrast to anything we've talked about tonight well yes it is and it is a direct deterrent to the underlying philosophy of spiritualism that man can be as Got so you see how now why the Constitution gets in the way of the trampling on the rights of conscience and how does the Constitution accomplish this well it is through 2 great principles the Constitution protects the rights that have been given to us by God which includes the liberty of conscience. Through the 2 great principles of Protestantism and Republican ism and that's what it says here in this passage a Protestant and republican government and it's important we have to make this distinction when she says a Protestant and Republican government she's not talking about a state church it's not like we have a national religion of Protestantism that's not what she means she's talking about the principle of religious freedom that's what she means when she talks about Protestant government and then republican government we're not absolutely not talking about the Republican Party is talking about the Republican form of government of representative government. And to tie back to Revelation Chapter 13 we know that the beast has 2 lamblike courts what these are it the principle of Protestantism and Republicanism of religious freedom and civil freedom constitute the 2 horns Christ like a lamb like horns of the United States of America. And we have added this we focus a lot on the 1st Amendment right of religious liberty and the freedom of conscience and of the separation of church and state which is very valuable and very important and I think we focus a little bit less on the Republican horde. Which And what is that the Republican horn is talking about those mechanisms of government of civics that protects the rights of every individual protecting the rights of the minority and if you think about it the smallest minority is the individual so these are through principles like you know representative self-government and checks and balances the separation of powers and federalism and limited government you know there are plenty of other principles that you learn about and in civics class I'm sure. But this Republican whore of civil liberty ensures that there can be no tyranny by a king and also no tyranny by the mob and when I say mob What does that mean it means pure majority Tarion rule where a simple 51 percent can terrorize the other 49 percent I be French Revolution right that's French Revolution was mob rule and so here the United States Constitution protects the religious liberty of all of its citizens because there are mechanisms in place as represented by the Republican form of government that ensures that the system itself will not simply cave in to tyranny by either a king or a despot or a dictator or 2 simple majority mob rule and Adventists we rightly worry about the coercion of our conscience which is a subtle and so we watch very carefully that Protestant horn religious liberty horn we watch it like a hawk and and we value it very highly and rightly so. But how well will the legislation for Sunday worship be passed. We have already read the statement it will be done by the will of the people them that dwell on the earth we're told so this signals to me that there will be a breakdown of the Republican horn that leads to the erosion of the Protestant whore because it shows me that the safeguards protecting the freedoms and the liberties of the minorities of the individuals of this country will be gone and this also tells me that the 2 horns go together if we lose one we lose the other Ok so what So wrapping it all up what is the significance of the u.s. Constitution it is simply this The u.s. Constitution describes a government that's powerful enough to protect our rights but not so powerful that it can take them away and in so doing in creating this form of government it safeguards the government from fallen human nature and it it is a safeguard from our carnal desire to make ourselves as God It prevents what happened in the French Revolution and it prevents what happened in the papacy and it prevents everything that happened in between you know with Marxism and communism. And this statement again $5451.00 says that this threefold Union will be a coalition that seeks to repudiate every principle of the Constitution so this gives impression that there will be ongoing sort of a gradual undermining of the Constitution that paves the way for the Final Crisis so what the way I see it is son the Sunday law will not be the 1st violation of our constitutional rights it will be the last. We can also think of it another way the freedom of conscience is the most fundamental or foundational of the freedoms as found in the constitution and so when this freedom is rejected and abolished it signals a tells us that all of the other principles are also abolished or have been abolished so when that protection goes a freedom of conscience goes it means we have made a man we have made a state to be God just like the papacy just like an atheistic friends so we ought to be fearful when the Constitution starts getting chipped away at because we know where it will lead this Constitution of the Constitution we are told of the erosion rather of the Constitution we're told occurs through the mechanism of this threefold union and I want to think I'm going to think about this visual Protestantism grasped hands with the Roman power which thing grasped hands with spiritualism the 3 of them are in a ring holding hands together so rounding the Constitution and our freedom of conscience is surrounded and so just using this as an illustration right this is not necessarily a plane does say if the Lord but I think it's helpful for us to think about the end times scenario our freedom of conscience with the Constitution stuck in the middle of this threefold Union when we see the threats which direction are the threats coming from very simple it's coming from the left it's coming from the right and it's coming straight down the center it's all around is what I'm saying so continuing. Trampling on the rights of conscious so we tend to think that we are always only one step away from the sun though and we also have this idea that the church state union is the only threat to our freedoms on the horizon. And it is a great it is the greatest threat we're told about in prophecy and this year prophecy and it is the final step right that's why we call it the final movements the end times the last days if the last crisis before Jesus comes and yes I agree maybe it can very well be right around the corner and I'm not going to diminish that possibility one bit however I think we do need to pause and ask the question is it not possible that there may yet be other threats other steps to intervene between where we are now and the image of the beast and this church that union and the Sunday will is it possible that there's may still be steps in the progression to the erosion of the principles of the Constitution is it possible there are more ways than one to repudiate the principles of the Constitution is it possible that the devil is smarter than we are and that we haven't gotten him totally figured out rhetorical questions I know so this is the picture of the one step that I think often is in the absence of mind but maybe maybe it looks something more like this now I need to be very clear this light is not intended as my prediction of how many steps we are away from the from you know the final events please don't take it that way it is merely an illustration to highlight that we don't know Ok we just don't know all the details every single detail that will happen between now and then there's still a lot that. Can happen just imagine when Ellen White 1st wrote the book great controversy until today how much has happened and so much of it she did not give the Lord did not see fit to show her every minute every single detail every historical event so we simply have to have some humility to realize we don't know everything however very important what do we know we do know that the Bible the sphere of prophecy is explicitly clear very crystal clear an ambiguous the clear about what the image of the beast is the image of the east will be a church state union where a positive Protestantism seeks the power of the state in mimicking the system of the people power in the Dark Ages that's why it's called the image to the east it is very clear that it will be Protestants who take the leading role in. Getting the power of the state to enforce its dogma us and it is very clear that the proudest of prostate Protestantism in the United States will continue to chip away at the separation of church and state which is one sure way of repudiating the principles and the protections of the Constitution we must continue to preach the truth that is the Bible Prophecy that is unequivocal that is crystal clear in the spirit of prophecy as well the use that we need to resist the movements to to join and unite church and state Ok we need to make that I need to make that very clear however having said that again the question is are the Protestants the only threat to undermining the Constitutional freedoms in the run up to the Sunday law is that the only trick of the devil sleeves is that the only thing he's allowed to do or can there not be other challenges preparatory to the Final Crisis can it be. That in our myopic fixation on the evangelical world and the Papacy that perhaps spiritual ism in all of its guises right which includes secularism and other forms may be laying the groundwork in preparation for that Final Crisis can it be the spiritual ism is setting up the dominoes all in the line ready for the final church state union to come in and knock them all down might we be watching the front door so intently but have forgotten and left the back door unlocked remember this is a 3 fold union of Protestantism Roman ism and spiritual ism to use a historical example Ok imagine would it have been any consolation to our avid his brethren living in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany or in Cuba or North Korea in China in any of these secular totalitarian countries if we told them secularism is not a threat because they're not going to pass a Sunday. What do you think they would have thought how do you think they would feel what I'm trying to say I'm trying to say that to leave the impression that secularism and also other forms of spiritualism to say that secularism poses no threat or that it is even a safeguard of our of the liberty of conscience That's simply something that I do not find to be supported in the history or in Scripture it downplays the devil's Sophos tree which to me is frankly irresponsible thing to do and we might be thinking Oh but that's in the past that could never happen again what Remember the king of the south we're told and Daniel Levin is still alive and still at war with the king of the north. And we are we are not told no Remember we are not told precisely how this conflict between the king of the north and the king of the South will end we know that the king of the North will win we know that much but how will the Conquest be effectuated in the end is not 100 percent clear but let it be known Let us remember that neither of them neither the king of the north nor the king of the South are friends to the Saints both are persecuting powers both are under the influence of Satan both have a history of coercing man's conscience so let's not be naive or arrogant about the devil's tricks Ok that's my point let's not pretend we've got everything figured out or out or that we know exactly how the future and will unfold all I'm trying to communicate here is that we need to study and preach the prophecies Yes but we need to stick with what is clearly revealed we recognize the threats may be more than what we previously imagined that the Bible actually allows for that and also realize that God hasn't given us every minute detail every specific and so perhaps it is help for us to not be overly dogmatic about things have not been revealed and so just as an example I am not one of those people that watch every little piece of news that comes out of the vacuum Vatican you know the papacy but I cannot deny that there has been a broad trend and consistent trend coming out of Pope Francis's Vatican. That seems to be a direct reversal of what we saw with Pope John Paul 2 when he and Reagan took down the Soviet Union in the Cold War which I have you know often which I believe still believe has significant implications in prophecy and the relationship of the King of the north and the king of the self but what we see now is that Pope Francis and his policy priorities and his. Policy Priorities and agreements are much more in common with the secular society and their priorities then the religionists I don't I'm not going to prognosticate and predict what that means I don't know but it does indicate to me that perhaps the threefold union of Protestantism Roman ism and spiritualism may yet transpire in a way that is not exactly how we had imagined and I think we need to allow for some of that to happen now so what should we do I think we need to remember to be to operate based on principle that's the most important thing so we need to defend the divinely inspired principle of freedom of conscience as found in the Bible and the Constitution. Because of basically the what we just read from the Spirit of Prophecy stand on the Bible principle stand on clearly inspired principle and no matter and we need to to to stand up for the right no matter where the threats are coming from whether it's from the left whether it's from the right whether it's down the center whether it's the Christians whether it's the pagans or whether it's the secularists we need to stand on principle and leave the consequences with God and I know there's an election coming up in a few days so I would be remiss for me to just interject this and we need to stop it with our allegiances to political parties. There's a reason why Ellen why I said it is not safe for us to vote with political parties and the sometimes silence is eloquence on political questions and also I think we need to remember the to resist the urge to co-opt prophecy in such a way merely to justify our own political preferences the is too late in earth's history for that kind of nonsense it's as though we think any one party is amusing to the devil's influence they're not the threat the 3 full of union is going to come from all sides them that dwell on the earth will set up the image of the beast that a stick with the Bible but a stick with the clearly revealed principles found in God's word so wrapping up the section on spiritualism in the last days what am I saying spiritualism is the glue that's going to hold the end time coalition together and yes there will be spiritualistic manifestations Yes but there is more than that it is the philosophy of spiritualism that undergirds this this underlying world view and belief system that says that man can you serve God that man can tell other people how they ought to behave and think and believe and it will be visibly manifest in the end times in the cocoa word of conscience via the agency of a church state union aka a Sunday law spiritual ism and the philosophy of spiritualism undergirds all of it so whether it's Christian Spiritualists or Pagan spiritualist or secular spiritualists they will unite at the end of time and all during this time there is going to be the holy spirit seeking to transform a people into Christ image but spiritual ism is going to be tricked seeking to transform the world into Satan's image. The Saints are going to have to Latter Rain poured out the Holy Spirit poured out in the latter rain proportions and Satan is going to pour out His Spirit with the evil spirits going to gather the world for the battle with God all mighty So we need to be ware of the virus the spiritual ism we neither introspect and think do I place myself in any way in place of God do I put man standard of morality my self interest and pleasure or or my reason or of or earthly philosophies and ideologies or naturalistic science or the church or religious leaders or why place political parties or or the government in place of God because look if we have any of these things in place we will cave during the final mark of the beast crisis because the whole point of that crisis is to test whether or not God has our supreme Allegiance that's the whole point will you obey God or will you obey man will you obey God or are you going to try to save your own skin that's going to be the test so what is God's treatment plan what is the therapeutic that is at our disposal looking at how deep the Sophos tree of spirits journalism really goes well as the 3 angels messages Revelation Chapter 14 for 7 the same with a loud voice the 1st angel fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth in the sea in the fountains of waters right off the bat the 1st angel says Fear God In just those 2 words the angel cuts off at the knees the deception of Satan Thus as you can be of God the 1st angel says. Man shall not be as gods you must fear God and give glory to him because there is only one true God He is the Creator God and we will be held accountable to him according to his moral law in his judgment and he is the only one who is allowed to control our consciences. Number one and then the 2nd angel flies in and says Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and yes Babylon includes the papacy and includes fallen proselytism Yes but what else does Babylon include revelation $802.00 and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen and is become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean the hateful Bert Babylon includes more than just the papacy more than just Roman ism and Protestantism it also includes all varieties of spiritualism Babyland is 6 religious and spiritual confusion and we read in our message this morning that Babylon the sea is the world through her sorceries so. Spiritual ism is certainly a part of Babylon and I heard another voice from heaven revelation 18 for saying come out of her my people that ye be not partake of the persons that you receive not of her for plagues so a part of the 2nd angel's message about the Babylon being fallen is our message to call people to come out of the tyranny of Babylon come out of all forms of religious confusion of fallen Christianity of all stripes come out of paganism of all stripes and come out of the severe chill ism of secular world views and deceptions as well what about the 3rd angel the 3rd angel says here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Revelation 1412 they keep the commandments of God and the very 1st commandment says Thou shall have no other gods before Me Man shall not make himself to be God man shall obey God and keep his $77.00 which is the 4th commandment and not take his name in vain and not bow down make any graven image and bow down to them the 1st 4 commandments cuts off the deception that man shall be as gods and the saints of course will keep all of the commandments including the 1st 4 as well as all 10 but that's not all the 3rd angel's message is about 1st like the messages page 372 says several have written to me inquiring if the message of Justification by Faith is the 3rd angel's message and I have answered it is the 3rd angel's message in verity so we're told that the 3rd in Jill's message is also the message of justification by faith and you must be wondering though what's this in the what's the significance about that great question the faith I live by page 111. What is justification by faith it is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which is not in his power to do for himself when men see their own nothing this they are prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ Justification by Faith is the antidote it is the anti-venom to the Devil's original venomous lot that man can be as God's justification by faith shows us our nothingness and our complete dependence on Jesus and that's the message that undermines Satan's kingdom of lots so God's treatment plan what's the the therapy of course of treatment for any time spiritual ism number one to fear God give glory to Him He is the judge and worship Him Man shall not be as gods and we do not get to dictate the moral standard for ourselves we are to call people out of Babylon and we are to reject her sorceries and we are to keep all of God's commands including the 1st 4 which reminds us that we are the creation and He is the Creator God and finally justification by faith this precious message which lays our glory in the dust and helps us recognize our nothingness and our entire dependence on Jesus the antidote is the 3 Angels' messages the 3 Angels' messages provides the philosophical worldview that can counter the virus the spiritual ism it is the message that neutralizes Satan's most effective law. And friends our job is to tell it to the world that is our job that is our mission you shall be as God's Spirit to the Sims and time deception thank you for sticking with me through this marathon I invite you just to Ballyards now as we conclude with prayer Father in heaven we thank you we thank you that you have not allowed us to follow cunningly devised fables you have not allowed us to be tempted above that we are able but will with the temptation make a way of escape that we may be able to bear it we're thankful that he which is within us is greater than he who is in the world and we're thankful that the seed of the woman has already crushed the head of the serpent and we can completely depend and rely on Him Lord we have understood better now the deep and sophisticated Sophos trees of the devil his lies are printed and insidious and dangerous and we pray Lord that we may not fall prey to his wiles that we will be intelligent in our faith we will have a firm foundation based on the Bible on The Spirit of Prophecy and on the 3 angels messages and we pray that we will tell it to the world and I pray that we will learn to interact with the world around us based on those principles in such a way that we can give glory to you and prepare a people for your return Lord we know that time is short you are coming soon the final crisis is upon us but may we Lord be faithful and not follow private interpretations. And that we will stick closely to the plane thus saith the Lord and so Lord help us to study as we never studied before May your Holy Spirit fill us that he may. Be a deterrent from the spiritualistic influences that inundated a society all around us today help us to remain faithful keep us by your grace be faithful to the prince. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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