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Perfect Love- Cast Out All Fear

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 24, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Well good morning everyone. Kind of nice being out here in the fresh air isn't it. Kind of feels a little bit like Michigan a little cool and. That's why I have my little warmer jacket on today. But we're going to talk about love today God's love as a scripture indicates So let's just pray bless has to learn to bless his father haven't thank you today we can come to this time of worship not because we're worthy because you're worthy and not because we're powerful but because we need your power so bless us today as we open your word for give us the things that come in tween us and you and others and clear the pathway that we might be able to individually hear a word from you in Christ's name. So love has been pretty perfect among us in this that we may have boldness in the judgment because as he is so are we in this world and there is no fear in love but perfect love casts doubt fear because fear involves torment and he who fears has been made perfect in love we love Him because He 1st loved us what a powerful passage as we see just in those verses 1st 1st 2 verses that there are up there I think there might be on the screen I'm not sure. But if you look there in those 1st 3 verses or 2 verses the 2 verses we read. How Many Times Was Love mentioned in just those 2 short verses. Love has been perfected among us and that we may have boldness in the day of judgment because as he is so are we in this world there is no fear in love because perfect love cast out fear because fear involves torment but he who fears has not be made perfect in love we love him for he 1st loved us how many times 6 times so this is a major portion of our text and if we were I told some people last week how to study the Bible as talking to a group and I said may be the way to study a tech to say what's the solution what's the problem what's the process right so the solution in this verse is going to be love. All right let me think that sounds pretty good even the Beatles would agree all you need is love right and the very 1st thing they sang I mean the very 1st satellite event that went to 500 countries not 500 countries 500000000 people I think was a statistic in 1967 was that song and that was the 1st time they used that satellite technology and they sang All You Need Is Love I know you don't know that song so all you need is one. Love and we would agree partially with the Beatles but because our tax is not just talking about love it's talking about perfect love. And that's the problem most of the love that we hear about today is not perfect love and most of the reasons that we're having problems physically mentally emotionally and spiritually is because our love is not perfect love it's just love or something masquerading as love maybe lust George Valiant had a famous study in Harvard called the Harvard grant study and he said in that study there are 2 pillars of happiness one is love and the other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away so are the 2 pillars love and living in a way that doesn't push it away in our taxed in almost indicates that says love has been perfected of among us in this that we may have boldness in the day of judgment because as he is so are we in the world there is no fear in love but perfect love casts doubt fear because fear involves torment so our need is love. And it's got to be a kind of love this not judged by other people as a torment I mean if you've been around people that you loved but they look at you as a torment to them. This was most of my relationships. And maybe even some in my occur relationship with my wife sometimes you might say you torment me but the whole idea is here is that perfect love will not lead to fear torment which are both a what a judgment of judgment. I mean you've ever had someone break up with you reject you a minute was a kid I used to be a song 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover slip out the back Jack have a new plan Stan don't need to be corduroy just listen to me how we were that song Unfortunately many of you so. There is this idea of you know I need to get away but before that slipping out the back Jack and have a new plant and stand there was a judgment that was made Yeah that this love was not perfect so I'm head man around now in this text then begs the question we don't want fear Phobos phobia we get our phobia our word phobia foam I mean you don't want to have a phobia based love or your love that causes others phobias. We don't want something it leads to torment we want perfect love so what's the difference between love and perfect love what makes love perfect if we can figure that out we might in fact do away with all depression all anxiety everything I mean think that might be true what makes love perfectly that word here in this text perfect is telly or telly OS So maybe define the word 1st what does tell the Us mean you are into science right telescopes and stuff it means to do would have a full expression not punk Tilley or in time but over time it reveals itself more and more and more fully So perfection is not something a point in time it's actually a process you know. So our love can become more perfect as we grow we can we can learn how to love more fully how many of us thank you for that that may be in fact the purpose of marriage right you're teaching him how to love more fully aren't you know you would you say no I'm teaching your. Well the fact is that marriage is supposed to be both teaching each other in fact the word for a wife in Hebrew is it in the word for man or man woman is this on the work for man is this an issue means literally in your face. I mean you notice that your spouse is kind of like that. In your face. And you're actually perfect each other how many of you have ever had your spouse say oh I don't think you should do that. Nobody sides maybe. You guys don't have perfect love them Ok so this is so this is perfect it means to complete to be whole at the end of it it means to be tele maxed out how many you have one have maxed out love so love grows it's perfected you can be a perfect seed then a perfect seedling then the perfect plan then of a fruit bearing plant you're perfect at your stage of development or maybe not maybe you have arrested development. I'm looking to you. Is looking around are going to be. All right so the text is saying something though it is saying that this love actually comes from who. Verse 19 we love him because he was 1st loved us so 1st of all for going to perfect love according to the scriptures it's got to come from where I like verse 7 and 8 as well in that same chapter let us love one another for love is of God and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God and the one who does not love does not know God For God is love so love comes from where God And if you're truly loving in a perfect sense you're born of God In other words you got to be born again to have love and the fullest expression of love we see in 1st John 49 The love of God was manifested to alert us that God has sent his only be gotten son into the world that we might live through him how we want to have a life life different than the one that you're having a life that's more perfect life that's full of love and what it's saying here is if you want to have that there's been something manifested towards you and you need to respond towards it or him. Love of God was manifest toward us that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world that we might live through him and it's manifested toward us because our love is imperfect and that's why verse 10 says he loved us and sent his Son to be pro pca should for our sins. How many if you've messed up in your love relationship with God or others and you can't take it back you have messed up anybody ever had that situation besides me. And nothing you can do about it I mean once you did something wrong it is wrong it's it's done and that's why this manifestation towards us of propitiation is so important what does pro p.c. ation mean what's I mean he's looking at me very worried. It means to turn away anger by offering a gift turn away anger by offering to give Now when the New Testament says propitiation it means that Jesus' death on the cross for the sins of mankind put away God's wrath against his people once and for all you can't escape it it's said over and over and over again in the New Testament and so is God's wrath mentioned over and over and over again the old old and new testaments Romans 325 Christ set forth as appropriation by his but blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness and because of his forbearance God has passed over the sins which we had previously committed how we can say hallelujah to that and all things he's made like his brother a. Wife so he can make peace she ation for the sins of the people you see he was an all points tempted like as we are yet without sin and so when he died he can make propitiation for our sins he can pay the ransom or the debt 1st John $2.00 to himself is the pro pissy ation for sins and not for ours only but also for the whole world. For God so loved the Jews the Christians not the pagans no God so loved what the whole world. And so when Jesus lives and then dies on the cross it's interesting what he says what he's on the cross hanging there what does he say it is and it's the same root word for protect perfected it is perfect it is perfect I have done something. That can bring perfection to everybody how many say hallelujah that. Greater love hath no man than this of someone lays down his life for his friends and Jesus said You are not servants but friends the air my friends indeed and so I lay down my life for you in propitiation for years and now what is sin and this is going to help us understand how to define the difference between love and perfect love so what is sin what would you say thank you for all those feed at the back. Ok sin is the lack of love Ok good Ok transcription of the law trance portray yourself aggressively across some line that God has drawn and we think that's a good definition of sin you have a sense character already we know of a sinful nature but it expressed itself in transgressing yes or no and you may miss the mark you might do it accidentally You may do it deliberately Either way it's then soonest transgression of the law so actually 1st John $53.00 actually explicitly said that this is the love of God If you want to the definition of the love of God which would be what kind of love perfect love this is the love of God that we keep His commandments so if you want to know what perfect love is according to the Scriptures what is it what is it it's keeping the commandments. So that's what it is. And remember if we don't have perfect love what did our tech say we have fear Phobos phobias and torment. So if we're not walking in the midst of God's law then we're not making walking in the midst of His perfect love and to the extent that we're not doing that we're going to have fear and torment I might say something bold I think the reason for all sickness and disease is is found actually in that summary what God wrote with his own hand within the law God and I would say the last 5 commandments are especially telling they're the ones that are related to fear and torment commanding number 5. Or 667-8910 Ok 6 that shalt not kill how many think that killing can cause fear. About torment. Kill Jesus amplifies what was written in the Old Testament I saying even if you're angry that's a form of killing. Anger can it kill relationships. Resentment bitterness killing what about physical things that you know kill you what about smoking what about drinking what about all these areas harmful substances and activities and many times we can trace our torment to the breaking of the 6 commandment next to man without a doubt not commit adultery and those this cause problems. How many of you have ever met someone was just very pleased that their spouse is involved in adultery I just want to tell you I'm so excited Has your wife done this too has your husband done this let's get together and celebrate nobody does that last divorce all related to this Thou shall not commit adultery sexual confusion if you look in the scriptures it has a specific way and person it created something or God created something called male and female that we heard of this kind of confusing when you go to the bathroom these days I mean used to be pretty clear I remember once I was walking to the Wal-Mart I walked right into every Wal-Mart has the same bathroom for a man and a woman you know you just know where it is so I walked in and this Wal-Mart they had switched them. I stayed there in that stall till I thought there was nobody there. And there was a set for that one lady. But now it's so confusing I mean everywhere you go everywhere you go it kind of confused and that confusion has it lead to greater peace perfect love and joy does the lifespan of someone who messes around with God's way of doing things lengthen does the disease level decrease if you do it other ways that God says do we ever hear about this except for this sermon. Too often that's part of what the other commandments thou shalt not lie. Not steal stuff of hard work stealing from others you know when you're not working you don't feel good about yourself how many give notice this. If I'm not working my wife doesn't really want me around that much because I'm a pain I gotta have something to do because if I'm not doing something I'm on doing something. That I shall not lie tell yourself the truth tell others the truth don't covet cover it is of it's it's it's self gratification it's basically narcissism I want everything my way and I'll do anything to get it across any line to get it because I need it I'm not satisfied and so I'll do whatever I need to do can you see how these last 5 commandments are the foundation for mental physical emotional health problems and we can see this so perfect love then needs to find a way to have God's law somehow put into our lives and into our hearts that's interesting you know that love God is the next of the 20 in the start in the 1st commandment saying I'm the Lord thy God who brought the up out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage I was studying Egypt the gods you know I was reviewing some of them you know all the gods of Egypt and Mason basically all the gods not in the Bible are fearsome angry selfish threatening deities that must constantly be appeased or their temperamental character will motivate them to inflict pain torture and death on you and we've noticed this there is no religion aside from Christianity Judaism increased it has a God of love all the other gods are gods of hate and we have noticed this there are gods of cruelty and so when God says I brought you out of Egypt that was 2000 pastureland gods that he was delivering them from. None of them were good characters. When you read so I brought you up this is the motivation the perfect love perfect love is motivated by something it's motivated by someone who delivered you it's motivated by someone who's jealous for you now some things we can do and when we do them as humans we don't do them correctly jealousy is one of those things but when God is jealous it's perfect it's protection it's not manipulation and we're thankful that God can be jealous I'm the God who helps not just in one generation but every generation visiting iniquities of the fathers upon the children to the 3rd and 4th generation of them that hate me in other words I'm not giving up on them I'm going to keep reaching out to them 3 or 4 generations I want that to turn around how many glad that God does not give up on you and what he wants to do is he wants to intervene in your life so I can show you mercy and love for thousands of generations home of you want to stop the cycle in your family in this generation so that the mercy and love can be revealed for multiple generations until Jesus gobs. Some of the women on Jesus come in next week's on at the worry about that. We remember there's a judgment. And people that don't love are not going to be in heaven right so how do you want to. Ask God to work now and you'll notice in these 1st 4 commandments that everything you need to avoid the last 5 commandments is there excepting the Logans of God accepting his love accepting his law accepting his mercy. Excepting his substantiality not vanity but he makes everything substantial as it is within his law it's perfected if it's within his law in vain do they worship me and worship me with their lips and Vanda they were set me teaching as commandments the doctrines of what men if you're in that it's imperfect love but if you're within God's law is perfect love and nothing is vain then how do you want everything to be substantial in your lie everything. And you see the problem is perfect or love as defined by society not only steals your joy put you in torment and judgement and fear what does it do it steals your identity you are meant not to die but to have life everlasting life you are meant not to have lust but to have intimacy within a relationship that brings all Tamin joy you are meant not to steal or be stolen from but to have integrity you are meant not to lie to yourself or others but to be telling yourself the truth Another is the truth so you don't have to have such a good memory. And here you're meant not to be always dissatisfied with everything but to have satisfaction So what happens when you're not in perfect love and you're in a fake love is that you are always well you basically lose your identity you lose your identity because that's how God meant you to be and you want to know you know you're some kind of a zombie. How do you understand what I'm saying now shall not steal. He listens at the sermon he comes up there and takes the chairs. I think is the broom in the back there Ok. Ok so this whole idea is if we are actually in a world definition of love we're actually losing our identity and that's why the 4th Commandment is so important Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days out the labor and all I work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord via God the God of what perfect love in a 1000 to do any work done of the son of the man's or another words extend this identity to others for in 6 days the Lord may have an Earth to see and all them is and rest of the 7th day where for the war blessed the Sabbath day and Hell in other words your identity is found in my deliverance but also in the fact that I created you so don't worship on the 1st day or Sunday which was the normal day and deity of Egypt with all those angry gods putting them into bondage don't do that on the 1st day specifically 1st they don't do the 1st day but instead worship on the 7th day which is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God because he perfect Glee created you it's good good good good good there you could have your following this so that's the big deal about the 7th day versus the 1st day in the context of a lot so that's perfect love how we want to enter into perfect love and perfect love works 6 days out the labor to do all I work. Don't sit at home all day don't get up at 12 o'clock unless you work all night. Work perfect do you find identity and work in here besides me find identity and work like someone says How you doing or who are in love with the 1st thing a guy talks about what they do for work who notices other that's a good thing. Is a good thing so perfect love perfect motivation so when we have this perfect motivation we don't stand in self judgement we're not in torment we're not in fear we're living in why it's perfect love and there is revelation at the end of time that God wants to make as a revelation of His character of love in fact he's had a group of people where it says here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus another words here are some people that are living within what kind of love perfect love and it it can doubt fear that word patience it doesn't matter of someone's trying to totally do them in word patience is who people want to in Greek which means under extreme pressure even under extreme pressure. They still love their faithful that's what commandment keeping is it's obedience to the faith and it's not that they're doing it God is doing it in them they don't take any credit because they know that love is of God and comes from God how are you following what I just said they're very important and then it's all based on what the faith of Jesus righteousness by faith how loony I'm not how many think that this perfect love thing sounds pretty good so instead of erotic love. Others serving me and even care of us me serving others another serving me it actually becomes self sacrificing love pay me. God in me me in God serving others I'm serving my parents faithfully until they reach the grave I'm serving my children faithfully what it means I confront them but also spend time with them in love This love perfect love thing it's not a mystical experience. It's not some kind of sentimental ism that's not some kind of emotional disconnected excursion it's rooted in God's Word and God's law so I want to finish up here but I just want to have 5 quick points that that tell us a little more about God's love 1st of all God's love than in the story sustains us how many faithful that God's love is sustaining you even today his perfect love even if you have an imperfect love his love is sustaining you he caused the rain to sign on the righteous and the end writes As Matthew 545 the rains from heaven the fruitful seasons of the satisfying of your heart with food in gladness Acts 1517 was even written to the pagans it doesn't matter if you believe or don't believe you can still have a good meal I mean say hallelujah the number to God's love we pass over is compassionate and compassionate all Jerusalem Jerusalem use lay the prophets do you think. God is weeping when he looks at you today his compassion looks at us and says I know where you are and I know you are not living up to your ideal. How many of you have ever wept for someone that's not living up to their ideal they have so much potential and yet they're not living up to it they have a sharp mind they have abilities and that's God's love he wants more for Oz has got one more for you I know he wants more from me. And he says look you are created in my image but you're marring my image and I don't want to do that because as. Your image reflects my image you have the most joy you have the most peace you have the most love you have you have satisfaction I don't like to see you doing that you know God is so loving. This was talking to somebody and I gave him the assignment to read is equal 16 and how the rabbis don't read it because it was all about them and their nation Israel and it pictured Israel as a young girl who had everything and was delivered but then turned against the God or the deliver and did all kinds of unspeakable things worse even than Samarian and Saddam and the chapter and the amazing thing is the whole chapter is like God saying why are you doing this why are you doing this it's hurting you it's hurting you I have everything for you are provided everything for you why are you doing this and the the wonderful thing is. When you look at it there it is equal 16 after all the things that they do mean it's all this like 59 verses then God says this Never the less I will remember my covenant with you in the days of your youth. And I will I will establish an everlasting covenant with you I will over $63.00 provided you want to told him and for all that you have done I am the Lord God how we are thankful for a love like that of perfect love perfect love. That's interesting is this it says in John 13 verse when he says having loved his own he loved them to the end I remember that I remember that passage this is the foot washing passes where his going to wash their feet having a lot of his own he love them to the end where these good people what were they doing at that 1st communion and last communion with Jesus before a Senate what were they doing they were fighting who is going to be the greatest and I said here now I want to sit here and then in the next chapter look at the next chapter in your mind John 141 I go to prepare a place for you and if I go I will come again and I receive you to Myself that where I am there you may be also and what about John 15 abide in me and I and you think about this he is saying this to a pick up bunch of people who are not manifesting one kind of love. And he say to them I know you could do better. I know you see you're not having a good dime and I'm preparing a place for you because I believe that when you see who I am. It will bring change into your life having a vessel loving. So God's love sustains us it weeps over us compassionately it warns us this is a judgment I tell you that unless you repent you will perish if you have systems like that but he's not willing that any said Paris but all come to repentance he says look I want to so reveal my love they you're going to have a chance to accept that instead of reject that and you're going to be unless you fight against it drawn to my love and the fact that I'm preparing a place for you and the plaque that I have an atonement for you and you're going to be so drawn by that that you have an opportunity to say I don't want just love I want perfect love I don't want fear and judgment I want assurance and confidence I don't know what you if this is true it's the best thing we've ever heard and if it's false us the greatest lie that was ever told I want to say I believe it I don't think it's a lie I believe that it's the truth I believe God loves me I believe God loves you I believe he loves you with a perfect love and that love has changed me and still needs to change me and I'm going to agree with me on that knowing me as you do how many you believe that God's love has some more telly OS work to do more perfect thing work to do in your life how many want to let him do it see God's law even in the law says I brought you out of bondage I want to continually bringing you out of addiction whatever it is I want to bring you more into the truth. I want to give you a better perfect way I in fact will put my a lot in your heart and in your mind I will do it all right there will be your god you be my people and eventually no will have to tell us neighbor because everyone will have voted everyone will make a decision you see because God's perfect law his perfect love it doesn't just tell us what we're doing wrong it points to what can be right and it gives us a mission and a purpose and one of that mission and purpose is to reach others with the gospel of the kingdom go back ties them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit teach preach reach all nations preach the everlasting gospel so those that dwell on the earth how many thankful for the perfect ministry that comes from perfect love perfect mission perfect purpose couple minutes we're going to have a baptism of Moses wrong by the way the Ministry of this church I think some might be unclear about this but the Ministry of the church it was there didn't used to be a church on campus that there wasn't a church on campus still like 5 years ago. And the board of directors of the institute said we need to have a church and the reason we have a church is so that we can be working within the confines of Christ body which is supposed to be an expression of his love oh how great love they have for one another as says ns on $1335.00 and within that church then students are to come and see. People working to help people that may be dealing with physical issues emotional intell and mental issues and to see them. And start them on that journey to health and whole is how many think that's the reason the Church is here so we have physician minister teams we have in the new Star program we have Dr Golan Dr can you know Bo Dr Lukins Dr Thomas and somebody and they work together with Pastor Walter and that's a physician minister team and they see people make amazing strides coming say hallelujah for a new start and a depressing recovery program of Dr Ned Lee We have myself at the clinic we have Dr Stephens and a number of other providers and we have r.j. partially working with them and others and the whole purpose of these things is not to make money. In fact we have perfected at times how to lose money it's not to make money but it is to get paid and how do you get paid when people pay attention to the Gospel and they buy without money and without price Isaiah $55.00 says and God comes into their life and they move from physical emotional mental spiritual love towards perfect love for which God gets all the glory sometimes people even rededicate themselves and baptism while here and that is a ministry of this church and we were Think of that ministry of this church so when someone gets baptized they're baptized in the name of the Father Son the Holy Spirit and what was said to Jesus when he modeled that experience for us he didn't he says not busy work. So busy or what was what happened what was what was the voice that both of the voice Kate say that came from having This is my beloved Let's through word of beloved this is my beloved Son in whom I am one why because he was going to demonstrate what for us perfect love you know I could say more. All to me have perfect what we started demonstrated to others right we imitate Christ and we reach out to others as we've said but let's close for now one day the pastor was sitting down with Bill Gaither the gator wrote a lot written a lot of him and songs and he asked Bill Gaither What was the greatest lyric ever written and Bill Gaither didn't even have to take another breath What do you suppose the lyric was he said Here it is could we with ink the ocean feel and were the skies of parchment made. What every stock on earth a quill. Every man a scribe by trade. To write the love of God above. Would drain the ocean dry. Nor could the school scroll contain the whole. Those stretched. From scandals. All love of God. How rich. And pure. How measureless. And strong. Itself for ever more endure. Saying. Sinners all. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit w w w audio verse or.


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