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COVID-19: The Role of the Medical Evangelist

Roger Seheult
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COVID-19 has been a pandemic for the last 7 months. What has the science told us up to this point? What are the proven treatments as they stand today? What are the emerging treatments? Join us as we discuss the science behind the scourge. It is appearing that the immune system is key early on in fighting COVID. What have we learned about how the virus suppresses our immune system and how can we learn from this to gain an advantage in the fight? The evidence might surprise you.

This presentation will:


  • Describe the epidemiology and pathophysiology of SARS-CoV-2 in how it affects the human body
  • Discuss the latest information and tools for treating COVID-19
  • Discuss the ongoing interventions that have promise and are currently being studied
  • Challenge participants to combine the tools learned with a spiritual emphasis in communicating with patients.


    Roger Seheult

    Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the School of Medicine and Allied Health at Loma Linda University


    • October 30, 2020
      10:00 AM
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    Well thank you so much Norman I really appreciate that introduction as Norman said I'm a homeowner in critical care specialist and I practice in Southern California and so for the last 6 to 9 months I've been taking care of covert 1000 patients and here's a typical scenario that you might see in a hospital like mine a patient comes in with cope at 19 and as you dig down into the medical history you find out that he was just there last week except when he came in he had a normal oxygen saturation and didn't really require to be hospitalized so he was sent home and now he's in a much worse situation and now he's being admitted to the intensive care unit he's been put on high flow oxygen he may even be placed on a ventilator in the next day or 2 but that doesn't stop there because at home his wife is also having symptoms although more mild and she's worried not only about him but herself and it doesn't stop there too because maybe there's a daughter that's calling in from another part of the country and her parents are alone her mom's alone and what's going to happen to her is there some information we could give her mom or something that we could do to support them these are the questions that run through your mind as you're taking care of the situation in real time but by fb i folks by the end of today's lecture I will have a call for you to make in terms of this this is a situation that is happening in terms of all over this country and all over the world that we're seeing the same story repeat itself over and over again. And so the question is what do we do about this what is the call for the medical evangelists so we're going to talk about the epidemiology in the pathophysiology of SARS Kovi to discuss the latest information about the tools for learning about covert 19 and ongoing interventions that are being studied and then most importantly we're going to challenge you the participant to combine the tools learned with what we can do as part of the Body of Christ so as we know we are in full pandemic mode here with covert 19 but we learned early on in a member of articles that came out this one particularly in the Lancet that showed that when people come down with covert 90 and there's really 2 phases to this illness there is the of course the 5 day period of incubation and then about 7 days of symptoms occur fever cough and then those the progress to a worsening course after 7 days will then be admitted to the hospital and from there it goes downhill in a number of these cases so there is an early at home phase of this virus if you will and then there is a late hospital phase to this virus. So once again we have the population and we try to prevent infection then there is this early phase if you will and for those of you who are symptomatic in this phase about 20 percent of these people will go on to get progressive disease and actually be admitted to the hospital and that can cause hospitalization high flow oxygen ventilator intensive care unit and unfortunately death and number of these situations but here's the key 80 percent of these patients early in the course the immune system has success and these patients don't go on to need hospitalization but in fact will do just fine and get better now there are those patients that have long haul symptoms but for the most part 80 percent of these patients early on will do fine and will not need to go to the hospital and the reason for that is their immune system so let's learn a little bit about their immune system there's 2 parts to the immune system there is the innate immune system and this innate immune system goes around and scavenge is particles that are not part of the body and it's very very strong when you're born this is why babies have fevers more than adults do because they have a very strong and they immune system and the cells of that immune system the innate immune system are predominantly I want to focus in on them on a site and the natural killer cells will be talking more about that as we go on the adaptive immune system is the part of the immune system that learns as you get older they see antigens you get vaccines and antibodies this is what learns what's what's self and what is non-self. And this gets better and better with age whereas the innate immune system gets lower and lower with age typically So that's an important understanding the other thing that's very important understand about the innate immune system is that it secrete something called interferon it makes interferon That's a great name for a cytokine because it interferes with infections so high interferon levels early in the course of a viral infection is very very good if you were a virus and you wanted to suppress an immune system response against you your job would be to somehow suppress that immune response through interferon Interferon is the side of kind that tells the other cells in the body there is a danger get ready there's an infection put up your barriers so you want to have good interferon levels so we learned very early on because this virus is very similar to the 1st SARS virus in 2002 and Merson 2012 we knew already about those viruses and there was some suppositions that were made very early on in the course and I'll I'll read to you from one published article it said based on the accumulated data for previous coronavirus infection in 8. Response plays a crucial role in the protective or destructive responses and they open a window for immune intervention acute viral replication later results in a hyper production of type one interferon and an influx of neutrophils and macrophages which are the major sources of pro-inflammatory cytokines with similar changes in total neutrophils and lymphocytes during covert 19 SARS Kovi 2 that's the current virus probably induces a delayed type one interferon and loss of control in the early phase of the infection individual susceptible to cope and $1000.00 are those with causal diseases including diabetes hypertension cardiovascular disease. Listen to this in addition no severe cases were reported in young children when innate immune response is highly effective these facts strongly indicate that innate immune response is a critical factor for disease outcome so we knew that this was published back in March. Here's another article that was published later in June studies of SARS and Mers against the interphone response is the laid they go on to say that severe SARS or MERS had higher viral loads and delayed interferon responses thus it could be that the patients most susceptible to severe disease are those that cannot mount an effective early immune response they studied about 50 patients and they found that those that had a huge interferon response had milder disease and those that had a low interferon response had much more severe disease Ok so this is something that is very important here is a study that was just published just a few weeks ago again it shows that the blue very mild had a large interferon response those that were severely critical had a lower immune response here are 2 studies that were published recently that explained fully 14 percent of all of the severe cope with 1000 cases in one situation there was mutations in the interferon response those patients had almost undetectable interferon secretion during the virus all of those were found in the severe cases none of those were found in the mild cases and then as you get older Unfortunately some of these patients actually had antibodies that balland interferon and in those cases again almost undetectable that would be the read on the slide here on the far right those patients had very low interferon response and all of those were found in the severe cases those patients that had good interferon responses did very well and did not progress to the severe case so the take home point here SARS Kovi to we know in codes many proteins some of those proteins suppress the interferon response we know that because their cousins 20 years ago did the same thing some of these proteins what might block the early interferon response is critical in viral elimination if for any reason that if it's blocked there seems to be an increase in the severity of disease and if the response is late increased inflammation in suits so this is sort of a way to look at this The early in the late the red box describes what the immune response should be and in a severe case what we get is the black box. Late in the disease the red box describes what it should be it should be a low response and then will instead what we see in these severe cases it what we see with the black box so instead of having a ramp down immunity late in the course we see it ramped up the patients develop cytokine storm they go into pneumonia they need to go to the hospital and so that's the problem we're seeing a maladaptive Mal regulation of the immune system Ok And this is what we get we get pneumonia this is a typical case of what we would see in patient with covert 19 this is ground glass multi patchy or pacification on a c.t. scan what you're looking at here is a cross-section of the thorax of a patient and the black things are the lungs those white things inside the black things is the damage that's happening so once again let's look at our our our diagram here we see tens of millions of people in the early phase they're at home they're waiting to get sick enough to be admitted to the hospital nothing is being done for them late in the phase or the patients that are getting admitted to the hospital this is where billions and billions of dollars in research are trying to find therapeutics to treat the patients in this late phase. This is a phase that you already know where we have high inflammatory levels so you can already tell is this going to be an area where antivirals are going to particularly be helpful probably not this is where immunity medications like steroids might be affected and we'll see the 3 things that are currently f.d.a. approved they have emergency use authorization for in this in the United States. Or convalescent plasma and decks of methadone so we'll talk about those here are the 3 things that have been approved by emergent lead by the f.d.a. so Ramdass of fear was one of the 1st drugs that was approved the came out of the actual It was stopped early because it met one of the endpoints and if you meet an endpoint it's an ethical to randomized people to a placebo and one that endpoint was that the time to recovery was 11 days versus 15 days and that was the to Stickley significant unfortunately when they looked at the data the mortality data was not statistically significant so we can't say that Rem deaths of your saves lives but even if it did the number needed to treat the number of people you would have to treats to save one life is about 28 it's not overwhelming you've got to be careful it's given only intravenously at this point so it has to be given the patients who are in the hospital you can't give it to people with renal problems and as you know a lot of people who are being admitted to the hospital have renal problems because that's one of the predilections for this disease you also if the watch liver enzymes Ok it seems to work in patients who have early disease now there's recently a study that was published just a week ago this was the w.h.o. study called solidarity that looked at Rem deaths if you're in hospitalized patients now where is the actual found that there was an improvement in time to recovery the solidarity w.h.o. trial found no difference at all in any and points so big question mark on run this severe currently at this point. Steroids that was the next drug that came out this came out of a recovery trial that was in the u.k. and they gave a very long acting Dex about the zone. About 48 hours 6 milligrams orally or intravenously for 10 days they found that the sicker these patients were the better it worked so patients on the ventilator the number needed to treat was 9 those on oxygen the number needed to treat was 29 if you weren't on oxygen this really didn't make a difference and that kind of goes along with what we know about the disease there's an early phase and there's a late phase in the late phase you have too much inflammatory factors so it makes sense the dexa methods and work in the hospital and this bore out with a Jama article publication that showed in the Med analysis of many trials no question about it steroids saves lives in late covert 19 What about convalescent plasma so very early on you had to be part of a research trial to get into this it was given emergency use authorization this is where you take ploughs from someone who's already been infected with COPD 19 presumably they have antibodies and you give it to somebody who's who's in the hospital again we've passed the point of viral replication we're now into a aside a kind storm and so what they showed here in the in the publication was on the on the y. axis here we have mortality and we have 3 boxes we have the yellow box the blue box and the Green Box The yellow box are those patients that receive low doses of immunoglobulin they have the highest levels of mortality all the way to the green which had the highest levels of immunoglobulin against Koeppen 1000 they had the lowest mortality now if you split it up and say it will should we give it early or late the 2nd box the one of the middle are those patients that got it less than 3 days and the far right are those that got it in greater than 4 days you can see that the group that had the lowest mortality out of all of this was the patients they got the highest dose of. Plasma and got it the earliest and that's the type of patient I would expect and based on this data the f.d.a. gave early use authorization but I want you to notice something about the study there's no control group up to this point the f.d.a. has been very strict that they are not going to give any kind of authorization unless there was a control group and even to this day there are some that would want to poll the emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma literally just a few days ago there was a paper published out of India that showed that convalescent ploughs and in patients who are hospitalized in India huge study no benefit whatsoever and the question is why could it be that they're getting antibodies but they're also getting coagulation factors in that plasma and as we know there's a problem with coagulation too much coagulation in clover 19 so to date where we are is we have 3 medications which are emergency use authorized by the f.d.a. the United States and really only just one of them shows to improve survival in coven 1900 in the late face we have about 30000000 people in the early phase we have nothing for them so we're right back to square one with our scenario at the very beginning of this talk which was what do we do for the man's wife at home what do we do for her what do we do for the other ones that may be infected that don't have symptoms what do they do because they're going to ask you on the phone when you call them you've got to give them an update about the guy in the hospital but they want to know about themselves as well what do we do we got early and we have late there are so many people in the early phase that if we were to come up with a drug for them it would fly off the shelves look what happened the toilet paper. Right look what happened to if you remember hydroxy chloroquine when that looked promising you could the people with lupus couldn't even get it from their own pharmacist so it doesn't make sense are we going to be able to come up with a medication that's going to help people in the early phase even if we did it would not be useful because we would be able to get it to the millions and millions of people that need it and so we have we have severe dexamethasone plasma for the late face we have to think of non pharmacological solutions the situation demands there's no other solution we have to think of something that's going to work for this group of people that we can get to that group of people and so an early phase intervention has to be safe with little risk it has to be affective it has to be able to be implemented without a test in some of these cases we were waiting a week for the test to come back how long does the 7 day period last week you're going to lose precious time waiting for a result a comeback. It has to be readily available to everybody so that there's no rushing or hoarding of this whatever this intervention is and it has to be able to integrate with the current medical situation it has to work with currently acceptable treatment options and it has to be easily teachable so that we can get this out just as the virus can go viral this type of information has to be able to go viral and so one of the things that are being looked at for early intervention I'm going to talk to you about some of these options vitamin d. natural substances I see there that stands for essential oils I hear you say you crazy what are you talking about. We'll just wait sleep can you hoard sleep if I sleep more does not prevent you from sleeping well if you're married in the same bed actually might be beneficial for both of you hydrothermal therapy we'll talk about that are just hydrotherapy this is for the early phase because right let's remember 80 percent of patients in this phase get better on their own if we could just raise 80 percent to 85 or to 90 percent or even pray 95 percent that would have a huge impact in terms of hospitalization So let's talk about vitamin d. as you know it comes from the sun it can change the molecules in your body using alter violet radiation into it's a vitamin form vitamin d. has to be metabolized in the liver in the kidney we have great great retrospective data that higher vitamin d. levels are inversely correlated to the SARS Coby to rate the higher your vitamin d. level the less chance of you of getting a positive could be 2 and that cuts for geographical location that cuts for age that cuts for race and that cuts for gender it doesn't matter it doesn't matter everybody gets affected the same way this is retrospective data I know what you're saying but Dr. Association doesn't mean causation we'll get there Ok here's another Here's another data point if we look at the countries in Europe that have the highest mortality rate for SARS Kovi 2 they typically have the lowest vitamin d. levels so way at the bottom the best the best countries Denmark Finland Norway and at the top we've got Belgium in the u.k. correlates perfectly Ok what about the prospect of Lee Well the Irish and naturally so I mean in Ireland have you do you see the sun much know so they have a potential problem there with vitamin d. Well they started to supplements vitamin d. prospectively and in a study called the till the study they found that when you supplemented patients with vitamin d. there was a 550 percent reduction in acute chest infections I consider Kovan 1000 and acute chest infection all right but there was a study out of Spain that looked at this and you think what people should get plenty of sunlight in Spain but nevertheless they did a pilot study 76 patients 50 of them randomized to calcify dial which is a metabolite of vitamin d. 50 of those patients only 2 percent went to the intensive care unit nobody died in the 26 that didn't get it they got placebo 50 percent went to the intensive care unit 7.7 percent died and they got some pretty mega doses they were vitamin d. early on the form of vitamin d. that they got was 25 hydroxy Vitamin d. it doesn't have to be metabolized in the liver because it's already it's already metabolized and it can work very quickly All right so what do we learn vitamin d. may be beneficial to mitigating cytokine storm vitamin d. has receptor in the immune cells and it can ramp down the immune response late so it acts like a steroid Actually it is a steroid it's a steroid hormone What about natural substance like essential oils. So this to mentor effects of eucalyptus Check this out so here on the far left column we have normal cells Ok immune cells at the very top it's a very low bang the cation at the very bottom a kind of looks like a fried egg but it's nice and smooth that say I'm on a side a macrophage the 2nd column is L.P.'s so l.p.s. is basically the by products of a gram negative bacteria it's in the cell wall it stimulates the immune system and if you probably can't see it too well but now there's these these little arms coming out at the bottom and in the Friday it's bumpy there's like pota sites coming out ready to grab stuff it's ready it's activated Well if you do the same thing to them with eucalyptus oil you get the very same effect the macrophage aspect of the innate immune system gets magnified you can see the same thing on the right side those red dots are the cells the yellow dots which are probably not seen so clearly there is the yellow dots are out there but they all get sucked inside the cell when you give them eucalyptus or because they grab and they eat they know that something is wrong and they start to eat this is what the authors of the study said they said overall our data demonstrating that Eucalyptus essential oil from Eucalyptus globalists is able to implement begin 8 cell mediated immune response. Amazing stuff why were they looking at this not because of covert 19 they were looking to give it to the chemotherapeutic agents so that when they gave it to patients they wouldn't get infections and they found that this actually works you've got to be careful with eucalyptus oil though because in higher doses it can actually be toxic this stuff is not to be fooled around with a drop is what we're talking about but these things don't have to be in liquids and in just the d.c. things are giving off by the trees in the air or in the fresh air that you breathe Here's a study from Japan and what they did was they took 12 healthy men and took them to the forest on day one measured some blood they rested they took them to the forest in the morning forest in the afternoon and then they rested overnight and then they went home after they took blood What did they find they found on significant days on the 1st day versus the 2nd day versus the 3rd day natural killer cell activity improved natural killer cells numbers and proved and the natural killer cell concentration improved one day after the next going up and up and you know how long this lasted this effect so here's here's a graph that looks at the that the enzymes inside of the cells so Granny lies in Perth for Ingrid these are all things that eats and grab and part of the innate immune system this effect lasted for 7 days so in other words you could do this once a week have a oh I don't know a Saturday afternoon walk and this would last for the whole week increasing your immune response isn't that amazing so fresh air fresh air Ok so botanical extracts fresh air these sorts of things you can't be in the city when you do this because there's no trees in the city you've got to be in an area where there's a lot of trees and growth ornamental trees Ok we're starting to learn this now in the scientific literature What about sleep I also happen to be a sleep specialist this is an amazing study where they basically. Took patients they sleep deprived half of them gave plenty of sleep to the others and then they gave them a vaccine and they found that those that were sleeping well had a better response of the vaccine better antibodies they say that are finding support the concept that adequate amounts of sleep are needed to maintain resistance to infectious challenge twice the level of antibodies there's another study that was done this is out of Pittsburgh Ok what they did was they took patients and they actually dropped the subject and they dropped rhinovirus in their nose who would sign up for that you know these got to be college students right they need the money Ok so they went in they got the they looked back at their sleep habits those that slept for less than 7 hours and nights had 3 times the rate of infection if we had something that could reduce the corona virus infection by 3 fold that would that would be f.d.a. approved at the drop of a hat while I've got something for you it's sleeping more than 7 hours of night sleep a night what about the quality of sleep those that slept less than 92 percent of the night and those that some greater than 98 percent 5.5 times the amount of infections in those so here's the researchers came up with this conclusion out of the University of Pittsburgh because of the prospective design and the controls for multiple confounding variable factors these results strongly suggest the possibility of sleep playing a causal role in cold susceptibility folks covert 19 is a cold virus it's the same mechanisms here's the other aspect about sleep not all sleep is the same early on you go into something called slow wave sleep later on in the night you get rem sleep we all know that rem sleep is where you dream guys know that you dream and you wake up you always in the dream right before you wake up this is not the kind of sleep I'm talking about it's important as well but Delta way of sleep happens early in the nights it happens very early in the night slow wave sleep it's physically restore it of. Here's what some people say here is a consultant sleep expert Simon Kyle he says it's actually during the 1st 3rd of the night that we experience the deepest part of our sleep we move into deep sleep more rapidly and it's the phase of sleep during which were least likely to be disturbed and wake up this deep or slow wave sleep is the most restored of part of our sleep we experience low levels of stress hormone cortisol as well as reductions in sympathetic nervous system activity so you can see why it doesn't so much good slow wave sleep is associated with memory consolidation our learning ability and our overall alertness the next day the emerging picture from experimental research is that slow wave sleep this is the part of the sleep that you get when you 1st go to bed is involved in critical aspects of cognition and daytime functioning and that assists in keeping our brain and body in optimal health slow wave sleep early on. All right so we learn that getting sleep early in the night is important we're looking at things that can help patients early in this phase of infection Let's talk about hydrothermal therapy we're going to close a loop. So when I talk about hydrothermal therapy let me be clear I'm talking about using more east heat applied to the body to increase either the core body temperature or the surface temperature Ok followed by a cold cold friction rub Ok so let's look and see what some of the data shows on this this is this is from the science literature that took 12 healthy volunteers and they were immersed in a bath of 39.5 degrees that's about $102.00 degrees approximately what they observe they observe that after 3 hours of this what they call in vivo hypothermia the response of the monocytes that's the innate immune system too and the toxin was enhanced in a L.P.'s say that's the that's the thing I was talking about the gram negatives as expressed by greater tumor necrosis factor alpha release which was statistically significant and they concluded that the thermal effect of fever directly activates directly activates monocytes which increases their ability to respond to bacterial challenge let me unpack that for you you may have a mutation that prevents you from having interferon response like we showed you at the beginning fever directly bypasses that activating the innate immune response. That's very important Here's a study that was done out of the University of Toronto it was actually sponsored by the u.s. military and they wanted to see what healthy people the response would be if they were expired responded to cold after being in a warm bath so those graphs that you see there at the side are increasing time periods with increasing bass and it shows that the natural killer cells go up and the little units go up in those cells and they concluded this they said this study suggests that despite popular belief that cold exposure is detrimental that actually it's quite the opposite indeed the opposite seems to be the case the fall in core body temperature resulting from cold exposure lead to a constant consistent and statistically significant mobilization of circulating cells an increase in natural killer selectivity and elevations in circulating I'll 6 concentrations we don't mind increases in I'll 6 here because this is early in the course this is where we want to have an increase in the immune response not lates So this this timing issue is very very important there's another one that looked at hyperthermia in humans looking at Guess what interferon specifically gamma interferon and what this is what they found when they took cells out of these patients at various temperatures and activated them they found that the ones that came out of the people that were at 39 degrees that seemed to be the key 39 degrees 10 fold increase in interferon response so here is something that may be able to counter acts what the SARS virus is doing in these patients early on which is suppressing interferon hydrotherapy may actually be the key that fits into the key hole that answers that specifically. So what are the key points that we've learned in possible interventions that vitamin d. and sunlight may impact our immunity to reduce morbidity from Kovan 1000 especially inside a kind store that natural substances like essential oils may impact our immunity in positive ways especially in areas that are depressed by coven 19 number 3 that sleep in its consequences have a major impact on our immunity especially when it comes to viral infections the most important part of sleep is that the beginning of the night before midnight and that number for hydrotherapy hot and cold therapy also impacts our immunity especially our native moon system which is crucial to fighting Cova 19 so let's go back to the paradigm early late we've got great medications really we've got some medications that may work late in the course. It's not good enough we need something that's effective early on that's widely available and that could reduce this overwhelming surge to go to the hospital not just because we need to save the hospital folks that we put another thought into your mind that we don't even want to think about what happens if we get to the point where a pandemic actually interferes with the supply chain and there is no hospitalizations they're not available. That is something to think about but there's tens of millions of people in this group so let me suggest to you that sunlight fresh air rest and hydrotherapy may be the answer in this early phase is this revolutionary thinking not even close this is been thought of before let me introduce you to Dr Julius Wagner Yorick Dr Julia Sweig New York was an Austrian psychiatry ists living at the let in the last 2 centuries ago he noticed that his patients with neuro syphilis got better when they had a fever for some particular reason so what he did was he took malaria patients with malaria which they did have the cure for penicillin wasn't invented at this point and he injected their blood into his patients obviously that caused the patients to have high fevers the high fevers cured the neuro syphilis and then the patient was cured of the malaria with the drug for malaria Chloroquine as it turned out for this this was not French he actually won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1907 for just this work and notice what it says here in this article that was published in 2013 in the following years of his discovery artificial fever was induced by any one of the following methods the introduction to the patient of a parasitic disease and it goes on it goes on and then it mentions simple immersion of the individual in a hot bath or placing him in a heat cabinets. This was the pinnacle of medical service in the in the 1900 in the early 1900 this was not developed in a vacuum no some of the most prestigious patients in the world would visit the world's largest sanitarium in Michigan the Battle Creek sanitarium that was run by John Harvey Kellog also an ardent student of this work folks in 1927 Mr Wagner your egg Dr Wagner Your I've won the Nobel Prize for medicine the very next year 928 you know what happened we discovered penicillin and that took us down a completely different road a road of randomized control trials of the f.d.a. of medications of companies having the money to do the randomized controlled trials and we completely discarded in some way in some fashion a lot of what has gone before us but this is not new what we're talking about who's Ellen g. white She funded the medical education of John Harvey Kellog she was also interested in reform so why is that because in 8632 of her sons came down with diphtheria well as it happened there was an article in the paper written by a doctor Jackson and Dr Jackson as it says pointed out the procedures that would bring relief and finally a cure for Ellen White children she says these were attained by the simple means which we call today hydro therapy proper baths packs rest fresh air and above all absence of insight So who is this guy James Jackson of Van Zyl 18111895 this is what he wrote Where is great he's talking about diptheria was great numbers of persons 4 years ago died of the disease in this town. Kind of sounds like covert doesn't it and whose deaths caused a real panic among the people the disease has become known more to be fair than any other more because addition of the body common to our people this is what James c. Jackson said so what is Ellen Ellen White read very vastly on these things what does she say about eucalyptus which we've already shown to be impressive she says I've already told you she wrote a letter to one of her friends she said I already told you the remedy that I use when suffering from difficulties of my throat I take a glass of boiled honey and into this I put a few drops of eucalyptus oil stirring it in well know to use the few drops when the cough comes on to take a teaspoon of this mixture and relief comes almost immediately I have always used this with the best of results I ask you to use the same remedy when you are troubled with the cough this prescription may seem so simple that you feel no confidence in it at all but I have tried it for a number of years and can highly recommend it again take warm foot baths into which have been put the leaves from the eucalyptus tree there is great virtue in these leaves and if you will just try this you will prove my words to be true the oil of the eucalyptus is especially beneficial in cases of cough and pains in the chest in the lungs so that's good I want you to make a trial of this remedy which is so simple and which costs you nothing this isn't a letter in 1909. She didn't have the benefit of that article that we just saw what about sleeping and weights Council to her secretaries make it a habit not to sit up after 9 o'clock every light should be extinguished this turning night into day is a wretched health destroying habits and this reading much by brain workers up to the sleeping hours is very injurious to health wake up in the mornings set your hour to rise early and bring yourself to it then retired early hour and you will see that you will overcome many painful disorders which distress the mine and cause a gloomy feelings and discouragement and unhappy friction and disqualify you from doing anything without great taxation but I love this one the best I know from the testimony it's given me from time to time for brain workers by the way that's all of us that sleep this is amazing sleep is far more worth far more before than after midnight 2 hours good sleep before 12 o'clock is worth more than 4 hours after 12 o'clock she knew it was about fresh air remember we just read about that Japanese study and eucalyptus listen to what she says she says trees with medicinal properties the Lord has been giving me a light in regard to many things you show me that are sanitariums should be erected on as high an elevation is necessary to secure the best results and that they are to be surrounded by extensive tracts of land beautified by flowers and ornamental trees why just because it looks nice in a certain place preparations are being made to clear the land further action of a sanitarium light was given me that there is health in the fragrance of the pie the cedar and the fur This is amazing and there are several other kinds of trees that have been dissimilar properties and that are health promoting let not such trees be ruthlessly cut down let them live mazing. Ok what about vitamin d. it's just for bones right it's just for bones no no no if all would appreciate the sunshine and expose every article of clothing to it's dry and purifying rays and mildew and mold would be prevented this is the only way rooms can be kept from impurities every room in our This should be daily thrown open to the healthful rays of the sun and the purifying air should be invited in this will be a preventative of disease exercise and free and abundant use of air and sunlight would give life and strength to the m a she hated the feeble one should press out into the sunshine and earnestly and naturally as do the shaded plants and vines the pale and Stickley grain blade that has struggled up out of the cold early spring puts forth puts out the natural and healthy deep green after enjoying for a few days the sun and the life giving rays of the sun go out into the light and warmth of the glorious sun you pale and sickly ones she says and share with vegetation it's life giving health dealing power. So here we put it together let's put everything together rest peace hydrotherapy sunlight sleep all of these things into something we call sanitarium rational treatments and that's exactly what happened here are pictures of sanitariums of the time and you see spall skyscrapers No you see lush green you see why the lawns you see sunlight here is a picture of the Loma Linda sanitarium you can't even see the cemetery and there are so many trees that's covering it all up it's absolutely just beautiful. So what does she have to say about the sanitariums this is what Ellen White how to say the Lord in His providence has opened the way for his workers to take an advanced up in New England's Let's talk about the sanitarium in New England a field where much special work should be done the brother in here have been unable to arrange to change the location of the sense here him from self Lancaster to Melrose Listen to this a place much nearer Boston and yet And yet far enough removed from the city so that the patients may have the most favorable bowl conditions for the recovery of health health was determined by factors that they foresaw and they knew where the sanitariums should have been by the way Ellen g. White is one of the Smithsonian's 100 most significant Americans of all time so here we go can we put rest peace hydrotherapy and all of these things that we've talked about into Senate irrational treatment the answer is yes because in 1918 Dr Rubel the president the actually the medical director of that very New England sanitarium said this in an article that was published in Life in health May 1st in 1900 he said the present epidemic of influenza has furnished excellent opportunity to test out the efficacy of rational treatment in dealing with respiratory disorders especially in conditions accompanying and following attacks of influenza and so what Dr Rubel went out and set out to do was he canvassed the 10 to 15 different sanitariums in the northeast of the United States and he wrote down the statistics of what they were doing and how they were doing it and he looked at those that were being treated in the outpatient and those that would be treating in the inpatient remember this is a time where they didn't have oxygen they didn't have the type of medications that we have now almost everything that they did in the Sanitarium at that time can be done today in the home. In just about every single respect so let's compare I'm pulling basically from his article May 1st 1900 called as we see it's available on the Internet you can actually pull up the article and we're going to compare what happened in the army camps at the time and what happened in the sanitarium notice that there were 2 phases that he does this very nicely he's able to show that what they did and what the what the numbers were before they got pneumonia and what the numbers were after they got pneumonia I would say that before they got pneumonia that would be like the early phase. After they got pneumonia that would be like our late phase that's why patients get admitted to the hospital because they have pneumonia they require oxygen so if you can see here in the army camps here he got there published information and he found that 1st of all 20 percent of the camp came down with influenza in those that came down with symptoms 16 percent of those patients develop the Mona in the army camps and of those patients who develop the Monia 40 percent of those patients died getting pneumonia was a very severe complication it was feared if you got pneumonia it was almost like a death sentence Ok And so the overall infection fatality ratio was about 6.4 percent in the Army hospitals in the cemetery and. A soon as they came down with symptoms based implemented treatment immediately and what was the what was the treatment of the implemented what we just talked about rest sunlight fresh air hydrotherapy all of those things to percents came down with pneumonia only 2 percent came down with pneumonia that was 18th of the number of people in the army camps. But the same number of people in terms of a ratio who got pneumonia also died about 55 percent so I would say that you really couldn't tell a difference once they got pneumonia the key is preventing the pneumonia that's the take home point of this slide preventing the pneumonia to give you a further illustration I'm going to read to you an article that was published in the Union report December 17 about exactly what they did in these type of epidemics on the authority of Dr Fred Sheppard health officer of Hutchinson public health no public institution the state of Minnesota has up to date made a record in handling influenza the worldwide epidemic that Aswat millions into their graves like that to the credit of the Hutchinson the 7th Day Adventist seminary the seminary with $120.00 of its $180.00 students and teachers housed under one roof talk about a nightmare was invaded by the lady 3 weeks ago symptoms of the lady developed with some 90 of these and under the direction of Dr h. Larson a graduate member of the seminary faculty every person showing indication of sickness was at once put to bed with a trained nurse taking temperature and watching for symptoms of the epidemic did they need a covert 1000 tests that they need an influenza test the answer is No they did not need that symptoms was enough if those symptoms develop the patient was required to remain in bed there were no drugs to be given but with complete rest and quiet when a carefully regulated diet and fomentations applied to the throat chest and abdomen this treatment in almost every case reduced the temperature of the patients and in a day or so they were apparently well but that did not end the matter with them the next danger was that of relapse we're talking about pneumonia. To guard against this every patient was required to remain Abed from $2.00 to $5.00 days after the apparent full recovery according to the State of the flu affliction as a result of this system of handling a disease that is scoring thousands of victims every day there has not been one case that could've been called serious or a single death in the seminary although there were more to 90 persons affected the record is remarkable It makes the ordinary methods of dealing with the flu appear irrational again course of the disease early late we have concentrated billions of dollars and research into the late treatment and what we have today is a single drug that we know can reduce mortality and it's a anti inflammatory medication that's about the zone what do we have for the early we have nothing for the early currently that is f.d.a. approved So folks what are we going to do. You know Daniel and his 3 friends Joseph in Pharaoh's court the little servant girl in a man's home all of these are examples of somebody who was God's servant who was afflicted and a prisoner against their will in someone else's home you know that Daniel and his 3 friends were prisoners in the Babylonian court they could have said phooey on you but they didn't when there was a crisis they intervened and they spread their light to the corner of where they were you know the Joseph in federal court he was falsely accused he was thrown into prison. And yet and he was even forgotten by the baker in The Butler writes It was only until later on they remember who he was he could have said all of you guys deserve to know you know what you did to me know he had special light that was given to him and he didn't keep it to himself he used it for the betterment of everyone around remember do you remember what his brother said to him they said are you going to kill us are you going to throw us in prison he said no it was for a divine purpose that you sold me into slavery it was for a divine purpose that I was imprisoned think about the little girl the live little servant girl the names home she was taken from her parents she was taken from everything that she ever loved and she was forced to be the servant of the wife of the of the of the chief military officer of Syria and then he came down with leprosy she could have said Serves you right because you took me and that's God's punishment on you but no she said I know I know who can help there's somebody back where you took me from that can help and so what did she do she shown her light where she was able to focus Jesus is coming soon and we know that in the last days that we're going to be persecuted why because Jesus was persecuted and should we expect anything different when we are persecuted maybe we will be imprisoned maybe it will be somewhere we don't want to be and we can hold it against them but the only way that we could be able to show love to heal our enemies is if we are trained in the appropriate way and I can imagine at that time we're not going to have hospitals will be doctors I was reduced to joke with my wife is also a doctor now upon a critical care doctor I'll be completely useless if there's no hospitals all of that training that I've had if I can write the order of change the ventilator to these settings there's no ventilator I'll be completely useless and pay all of my training will be useless. Unless I understands some of the basic things that God has given us let us not throw it away let us let us look back we've forgotten it let's look at it again because we may be in a situation where we can love our enemies just like ourselves or even love our family and so if we go back to our 1st initial situation that we talked about at the very beginning where we have somebody in the hospital and a wife that's calling up and they don't know what to do I think we know what to do I think we obviously we need to do some conduct well designed randomized controlled trials but what the purpose of this is to is to do it to convince people that this is what we need to do there are some people that need randomized control trials to understand that this is where and I don't I don't disparage that in any way I think that is something that we need to do it would be great to be able to do that but at the same time people are dying in this pandemic and as we talk here today on October 30th 2020 the numbers are going up the numbers are going up in North America the numbers are going up in Europe and I can't help but think that there are certain aspects of this virus that open to us interventions that we know as a as a Christian body just as just as the woman reached out to touch the hem of of Christ's body we are the Body of Christ and if people reach out to us we ought to be able to do that you know it says at the end that that the last people the remnant will have Christ's character fully reproduced in them you know Christ came Christ was taken from his home in heaven as a prisoner of this earth and we killed him and yet. He did that to save us and so Christ's character is fully river reproduced in Daniel and he has 3 friends Christ character is fully reproduced in Joseph in Pharaoh's court Christ character is fully reproduced in that little servant girl in name and home and Christ character will be reproduced in us when we are in those situations so I call on you to learn home remedies Here's the call to order here's the call to action the time has come you've always wanted to do it you always said it be nice to go and maybe take a few weeks off and learn some basic things folks it is yet daylight the night is coming learn when you have it it's a lot of the ways that we can teach this is through the Internet by God's grace the Internet is still working Ok use it take this opportunity if you don't know where to go if you don't have facilities where you are or your local You can't meet because of coven 1000 I've put up some very interesting references here hydrotherapy at home dot com is one reference another one is hydro for Cova dot com These are people that have studied hydrotherapy and have done this for many many years and have made this resource available to you this is not just for health care providers This is not this is pacifically for everybody everybody is going to be part of that right arm that I show up on the screen that's the right arm as we talked about last night that is going to propel the body of Christ into the future and as we as we prayerfully consider the pandemic that we have now folks we do not believe fables we have been raised for such a time as this for such a time as this. Let us pray Dear Lord thank you so much for giving us the science behind why we do the things that we do. Help us to. Realize that the time is now to understand and to learn these things while it is still light because the night approaches. Give us wisdom give us strength give us understanding and and just as this virus has spread as a virally let this information go out not only will we learn it for our own but let us teach it to others let us spread the word let us make this well known in this country so that God hosts and the world knows that there is a prophet in this room and I need. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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