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The Healing Touch of Faith

Brian Schwartz
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The video of this presentation includes a panel discussion on "Building a Strong Immune System" with Pastor Mark Finley, Dr. Brian Schwartz, Dr. Roger Seheult, Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel, and Dr. Joel Sabangan.

This presentation will:

  1. Discuss COVID-19’s impact on society and the opportunity this provides to use the Adventist health message as an opening wedge to the Gospel.
  2. Describe how a strong personal relationship with Christ is the foundation to effectively engage in whole-person care.
  3. Discuss the role faith plays in healing and how introducing patients to the healing power of Christ provides motivation to make lasting lifestyle changes which lead to improved physical outcomes.
  4. Challenge participants to actively strive to inspire their patients to reach out to Christ with the ‘Touch of Faith’ leading to improved quality of life.


Brian Schwartz

Interventional Cardiologist in Kettering, Ohio


  • October 29, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Well good evening once again to again like to welcome our Amen members who are tuned in from all around the world as well as the 3 a b. and audience as I mentioned earlier we were a little disappointed that we're not able to meet in person but really the Lord has worked things out and we've been able to join the 3 b.n. family and from the 3 b.n. studios we are having a a virtual live conference in just really want to especially think Greg and Joe are so appreciative of you guys making us feel so at home the whole 3 a.b. and family all the team. Also John and Adele you for the 3 b.n. Latino that just actually opened up to also broadcast this to our Latin community also in South America and around the world and we just believe that God is really blessed as he's opened up the store in a few minutes I will share with you some more details about the Adventists medical evangelism network in how God called a men into existence at this time but 1st let me set the stage of where we are today in history. But 8 months ago on February 29th 2020 the United States received a wake up call our world was about to undergo radical change you see we were hearing reports of this virus that was happening over in China but suddenly on February 29th 2020 the 1st United States death from Cove at night team occurred in a hospital in Seattle Washington. The patient had no knowledge of any contact with anybody who had been sick with coded in so they had not travelled in fact they had been in a nursing home the alarm bells went off all over the medical community it was a dreadful realisation. What we had learned and what the world learned from this experience is that covert was not contracted just by direct spread but it could be spread by community spread it could have people that are asymptomatic that are carrying it to unsuspected people if you would ever have predicted that in a matter of weeks the whole world economy would literally be shut off turned off borders would close countries would shut down their borders churches were asked to stop having church we stop having face to face medical visits and our hospitals were emptied of all but the very sickest of patients. We hadn't really known of months about telehealth but all of a sudden telehealth became the way that we were doing business with our patients before this it hadn't been even covered by insurance and I literally had physicians in our group that were afraid to come to the office to do a telehealth as unless they were provided the full p.p. in a gown to keep them safe that's how much fear was circulating in the medical community it's similar to what happened when the aids virus 1st broke out back in the 1980 s.. Fear had a firm grip on everyone. We would be asked to stay home and isolate it there wasn't any mask or personal protective equipment to be had our governor talked to the president our hospital and said that's all you're going to get we had about a 2 week supply and we had to make it stretch out for at least 6 weeks before we could get more medical care and more supplies everything was overwhelmed and even if you got admitted to the hospital there wasn't much that they could do support of measures a few fluids and maybe they'd put you on a ventilator but the disease really had to run its natural course the system was being overwhelmed. Sadly we were not practicing medicine based on evidence based medicine but we were practicing based on the availability of resources often people died alone or on face time with their families it was very sad we all thought that this would be contained quickly that it would be over soon and we get back to our lives by summertime as we hoped everything would settle down as with everyone else I certainly did not think that we would be meeting here 8 months later in a virtual conference had no idea that it would take this long and here we are having our face to face conference canceled and meeting virtually just through television in through our streaming sites Colbert is still here and in fact is to accelerate in the United States and around the world. It's not yet been contained it's now topped over 44000000 cases so far and just. Just yesterday France in Germany now has gone back into lockdown the world has changed but I was struck by the fact that once again the 7th Day Adventist health message was probably of more benefit than many of the modern therapies we've certainly learned a lot over the past 8 months there appeaser getting better but simple lifestyle medicine Madela teas are still very effective there are a powerful tool for preventing in possibly a powerful ad for therapy for this disease it's still as effective today as when Ellen White. Gave this message of help over 100 years ago suddenly several of her quotes were ringing in my ears like you should live outside the cities you should learn how to grow a garden and provide your own food and you should learn simple natural remedies. Even the Bible that ancient literature from thousands of years ago such as Numbers Chapter 19 verse 11 had recommended the Old Testament quarantine laws that suggested that you should wash in water in you should quarantine for 7 days if you had been in contact with a dead person or a sick person to it to avoid the communicable diseases and all of a sudden this ancient advice started sounding like it was written today. Hospitals have become overwhelmed our hospitals become overwhelmed just with the flu season and now kobold which is 2 and a half times more contagious and possibly one to 5 percent higher or a one per one to 5 percent mortality rate which is at least 10 times more than the flu you can see why our system is completely overwhelmed our hospital systems in fact no hospital systems anywhere around the world were built to accommodate this kind of sudden increased demand couple that with the fear that the 1st responders might also be affected and they might be knocked out for $10.00 to $14.00 days before they could come back even if they recovered quickly. We can quickly have a complete catastrophe but this isn't one of the 7 last plagues rather this is the beginning of sorrows that Jesus talked about it's a wake up call that this world is very fragile and that we are living in bar old time. We are living in much uncertainty many of my patients as well as several of my church members started talking about the covert experience in biblical. Proportions they were seeing in time scenario everyone everywhere is going to be affected somehow though from knowing somebody who died from the virus in Sadly a colleague of mine in our Tom a cardiologist just 2 weeks ago or a week ago on Sunday passed away from coded after picking it up 6 months ago being in and in the hospital with a trick and then to a vet facility and waiting for a lung transplant because a coven he just suddenly passed away it's very very sad right now I have one of my colleagues a cardiologist in my group his who's out for 10 days because he just came down with code that it's still a very real thing you may have your children home from school because of having to quarantine you may have lost your job you may not be able to find things like rice and flour and bread and who want to thaw in the world's most prosperous country that toilet paper would become the face of the necessities that we were all looking for our world has changed and it will probably never be the same again. Add to that the on rust that is happening in our country in around the world there are race riots in the streets people being shot cities destroyed by looting in rampant theft of stores that are now boarded up in some of our biggest cities chanting slogans like No justice no peace millions are out of work around the world just this morning in Nice in the south of France a knife attack occurred in a church that left 3 people dead our world is coming apart at the scenes are our Qana me is on life support there is now a genuine distrust of leaders in the hatred that is being expressed from the highest offices to the very lowest places is rampant throughout our whole society but God is not caught off guard. In Education Page $173.00 Ellen White had this observation in the annals of human history the growth of nations in the rise and fall of empires appear as dependent on the Will improbable us of men the shaping of events seems to a great degree to be determined by his power ambition or caprice but in the world of God The curtain is drawn aside and we behold the hind above in through all the playing Connor play of human interests and power and passions the agencies of the all merciful one silently patiently working out the counsels of his own will God is not surprised and he has been at work preparing for this last great showdown onto the world stage God has prepared a people who have the or only solution to these insurmountable problems of people that have the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ministry of healing page $142.00 and why it states that we are living in the midst of an epidemic of crime at which thoughtful God fearing men everywhere stand a gas the corruption that prevails it is beyond the power of the human pen to describe every day brings fresh revelations of Pullet of strife bribery and fraud every day brings its heart sickening record of violence and lawlessness of indifference to human. Suffering of brutal fiendish destruction of human life every day testifies to the increase of insanity murder and suicide who can doubt that say Tanach agencies are at work among men with increasing activity to distract and corrupt the mind in defile and destroy the body doesn't that sound like that was just written in our day it was written over 100 years ago for the epidemic of crime God has a solution he unleashes overwhelming grace God has been preparing a people who will clearly and powerful a proclaim the 3 angels message is a threefold message that is to prepare the world for the things that we are facing in our day God has given his people present truth for these troublesome times a 3 fold message what are the 3 messages and why are they relevant for a min our hope tonight is that we understand where we are in history that we have a heartfelt appreciation for the unique message that God has given our church and that we will see how Amen fits into his overall plan let's start with the 1st angel's message. If you have your Bibles I invite you to turn to Revelation 14 versus 6 to 7 then I saw another Angelo flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue in people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea in the off springs or in the springs of water 3 things to notice the everlasting Gospel is proclaim with a loud voice the call to worship the creator in the hour of his judgment in Matthew chapter $24.00 Jesus describes a scenario that sounds very much like our day he describes wars and rumors of wars famines and pestilence natural disasters like earthquakes and fire people Haiti one another and killing one another and lawlessness a bounding in the love many growing cold and then he says this in Matthew forte in Matthew 24 verse 14 and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come note that this text says this gospel Let's suppose that somehow we had enough money to put I broadcast all around the world every Saturday night for 3 hours in we broadcast messages would that be enough to bring on the 2nd coming it has to be a particular gospel it has to be this gospel that is preached to all the world it is not an issue of quantity alone the Gospel is different it is complete it's mature it's compelling it has to be partial enough to bring on the end it must convict it must convince in a must. Convert. The 1st angel proclaims with a loud voice a gospel powerful enough to bring on the 2nd coming it's the Apostle Paul tells us of the power of this Gospel into texts and so you can turn to Romans one chapter 16 the text that we're all familiar with I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation to everyone who believes in also 1st Corinthians 117 and 18 for Christ to not send me to baptize but to preach the Gospel not with wisdom of the words lest the cross of Christ should be made of no effect for the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to those who are being saved it is what power if we put these 2 text together the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power in the message of the cross is the power then the cross of Jesus Christ is the message that has the power. L.-y. in manuscript release page 31 and 890 wrote there is one great central truth to be kept before the people or be kept before the mind in the searching of the Scriptures Christ in him crucified every other truth is invested with influence and power corresponding to its relation to this theme it is only in the light of the Cross that we can discern the Exalted character of the law of God the Soul pause a bison can be endowed with life only through the work wrought out upon the cross by the author of ourselves. The love of Christ constrains man to unite with him in his labors in sacrifice as were a man comes in to unite with Jesus in his labors in his sacrifice the revelation of Divine Love awakens in them a sense of their neglected obligation to be like bears to the world in inspires them with a missionary spirit. The truth in light is the mind and it sanctifies the soul it will banish some belief it will inspire faith one Christ in His work of redemption is seen to be the grand central truth of the system of truth a new law is shed upon all the events of the past in the future they are seen in a new relation to the pests and possess a new deeper significance what is the new and deeper significance seeing Christ as the center of all the doctrines that we believe and as members of Amen it's about seeing Christ as the center of our medical work importantly the gospel the powerful gospel was given has was given us in Christ Jesus even before time begin 2nd Timothy one verse 8 talks about this in the 2nd in verse 9 actually it talks about him who has saved us and who has called us with a holy calling Not according to our works but according to his own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time begin. The everlasting Gospel is the same gospel that was preached in the Old Testament is the same gospel that God shared with Adam and Eve in the garden is the same gospel that God preached to Abraham that in him all the nations of the Earth would be blessed it was a promise of the Messiah the Messiah would accomplish something for every single person on the whole planet the gospel the everlasting gospel is for everyone these texts addressed this idea specifically we'll turn to them real quickly 1st John 414 we have seen him testify that the Father has sent the Son as savior of the world. In Titus $211.00 the grace of God hath appeared bringing salvation to all men and he is the savior of the world he bring salvation to everyone in us like a Romans 5 Verse 6 will start in verse 6 will look at verse a it will look at verse 10 for when we were still without strength in due time. Christ died for whom the ungodly we couldn't save ourselves we had nothing to recommend ourselves we were on godly we were on we were helpless verse 8 God demonstrates His own love toward us and that while we were still sinners Christ died for us all pagan religions have at their core the belief that we have to do something 1st to make ourselves acceptable to God but the Gospel is different Jesus died for us while we were still centers why we were ungodly in verse 10 for when we were his enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his son much more having been reconciled we shall be saved by His life God through His Son is pursuing every single person God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth should not perish but have everlasting life he desires all mankind to be saved he has he is holding out hope for everyone and tell there is no more hope. This is the gospel that the world needs to hear this is why the 1st angel says that this message is for all who dwell on the earth for every single nation for every tribe even the remotest tribe every single language every single people group no matter how remote and no matter how far away this gospel has to be given to everyone because Jesus died for everyone he has offered selfish and as a free gift to everyone won't you receive His gift. The 1st angel presents the truth of the everlasting Gospel but the 1st to enjoy is message does not in there he continues in verse 7 were it says saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come. And worship Him who made the heaven in the earth in the sea in the spring of water has the Danity is as the creator and that reveals his that revelation has great significance to us he is the creator and he is deserving of our worship in our praise but the fact is in the fact that he is the creator has significance for each of us we didn't just evolve out of the slime over millions of years we were created in the image of God the Godhead got down got down informed Adam out of the dust he breathed into him the breath of lives your life and my life every one of you has significance to the creator to the God that made you. We are made in His image and so we are special this should is sort of the question of racism this should answer the question of the petty differences that we hold against each other everyone is created in the eyes of Jesus everyone has worth he is the savior who is close to us the intimate God the lake Carl Sagan a famous astrophysicist asked a question that the Psalmist also asked in chapter 8 of the Psalms but they arrived at to start different conclusions back when Voyager one that 1st little spacecraft that was supposed to go out and study I think Jupiter in the outer planets it went out there are millions and millions of miles and they turned the spacecraft around and they looked back at our small little earth it looked like a little dot in the sun in the sunshine and reflecting on this Carl Sagan said that our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark in our obscurity in all this vast this there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. But the Psalmist appreciating God as the creator of everything saw differently and in some separate verses 3 and 4 he says when I consider your heavens the work of your fingers the moon in the stars which you have or date what is man that you are mindful of him in the Son of man that you visit him what is man the Hebrew word here is anus which speaks about man's frailty our weaknesses when one stands in the presence of the vastness of the mystery of the glory of the heavens as we see at night he must feel that man is in significant just a small dot in the universe but the best part is the idea that you visit him your you give attention to him. It's not just visiting but what the visitor God has accomplished on his visit is of importance the word indicates that God is a caring God that he cares for every single human being he shows us favor in attention why should an infinite God who has a universe of worlds to claim his whole attention. Be mindful of finite man Jesus Christ came to our world as the un wearied servant of man's necessity as ministry of healing states it this is how this is where Christ came and it's all only in the realize a shot of the worth of the human soul created in God's likeness that we can answer all these questions this realisation comes only in the appreciation of the death of the Son of God on the cross in the mystery of the cross Christ shows us what the worth of one human soul is. It is an infinite value when the creator of the world the creator of the universe the Creator who made everything in the physical universe is willing to lay down his life for just you or me it's of infinite value God sees us as valuable in this 1st insoles message we see the answer to the chaos in the world the beginner God who initiated all things came to our world and did for every single person what we could not do for ourselves with this kind of God we have nothing to fear about the judgement and in fact in Daniel Chapter 7 verse $22.00 it says that judgment is made in favor of the saints it's his trial we're not even the ones that are on trial the world is judging God and making decisions about him we are just the ponds that are caught in the crosshairs his people who have the everlasting Gospel present a true picture of God's character of love by the way that they live their lives with and come with compassion and what they show to their fellow man around them in the midst of this chaos in our world they point the world back to God as the creator of our world and as well as to Jesus who is the savior of our world the Gospel is God's covenant with the human race to save us no matter what the cost is to himself even if it cost him a cross Jesus was willing to give up his eternal existence if that is what it would cost to save you into saved me God loves us more than he loves himself he has literally redeemed the whole world in His Son. Revelation one 1st 5 through 6 says to him who loved us who washed us from our sins and in his own blood has made us kings in Priest to his God and Father to him be glory and dominion and for ever and ever God has redeemed us he has called us to enter into a priesthood of believers with him to share his very throne 1st John 5 verse 11 says this is the testimony that God has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son He who has the Son has life and he who does not have the Son of God does not have life do you see it Jesus is the gift of God to all men Jesus is the gospel the amazing truth must be shared with all the world Revelation 14 says that it has to be given with a loud voice ministry of healing states that the giving of the Gospel to the world is the work that God has committed to those who bear his name for Earth's than in misery the gospel is the only antidote to make known to all mankind the message of the grace of God is the 1st work of those who know its healing power notice that the everlasting Gospel has healing power he it the gospel is the only solution for the unrest in our world the injustice in our world and the only solution for the lifestyle diseases that are afflicting mankind and this is just the 1st angels message Let's quickly move on to the 2nd angels message in Revelation 14 I saw another angel followed saying Babylon is fallen is fall in that great city because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. What does Babylon represent Babylon represents the system of false religion the the system of principles that is at work in our day not. Many honest people realize that the systems in our world are coming to an in the world system is built on the principle of self and self exile Taishan there really is a evolutionary principle of survival of the fittest. Moreover Babyland has a pope has been opposition to God's people from the very beginning beginning of sin and so the Bible predicts that Babylon is coming to a Soon and very speedy in. Let's go on to the 3rd angels message Revelation 149 through 12 that an angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any one worships the beast and his image or receives his mark on his forehead or in his hand he himself will also drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out full strength into his cup of indignation and it is with this statement here is the patience of the Saints Here are those who keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus 5 testimonies page 383 states that the 3rd angel flying in the midst of heaven and herald in the Commandments of God in the testimony of Jesus represents our work. We are the ones 7th Day Adventists are the ones that are giving the 3 engines messages to the world we are the angels the message the entire message that has the solution to the in time problems this message she says this message loses none of its force in the Angels onward flight for John sees it increasing in strength and power and tell the earth isn't light in with its glory and then she says that the message of truth that we bear must go to nations to tongues in peoples soon it will go with a loud voice in the earth will be lightened with its glory we are preparing for this great outpouring of the Spirit of God The message of the 3rd angel has many aspects we don't have time to go into them all tonight but we see a merciful God who is barren long with his children and then we see a group a small group of people that would rather obey God's commandments than to die or to be disloyal and bring dishonor to God into his law they also have the faith of Jesus they keep the faith of Jesus they have appreciated what true righteousness by faith is and they have responded to the Gospel and now they are entrusted with this in time work they have beheld the uplifted savior the sacrifice for the whole world they have accepted that only through Him Can they be justified but he does not want to leave them there he invites them to receive His righteousness that is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God and as their eyes have been directed to his divine person his merits his changeless love for them their hearts are strangely warmed and they have said to him. Yes in he will impart His Spirit upon them the lettering power will be poured out with great power and they keep the faith of Jesus we don't have time to get into this very much but when Jesus was on the cross the spirit of prophecy says that Hope did not present to him his coming forth from the grave and conquer Psalms 22 talks about Jesus beginning with my God my God why have you forsaken me but it ends with it is finished which was a cry of faith Jesus was tempted to to give up in despair and to believe that he wasn't coming through this he could not see through the 2 but he remained on the cross because He loved you and loved me more than he loved himself and when faced with the choice of him existing forever or you existing forever he chose you. Just for a quick in the 3rd selected messages page 172 White says in faith in the ability of Christ to save us amply in fully in entirely is the faith of Jesus Jesus Christ was the Vic was the was by faith the victor and he gives his last day people his faith a faith that has never failed a faith that has always endured even to the cross This is a faith that endures to the end it is by Jesus who was the author and finisher of faith God will have a humble people who will be touched by this faith who will live his faith in the he will live it out in us as a result of this faith as a result of the showdown between Babylon and God's people God is going to pour out His Spirit and they are going to demonstrate the principles of the Gospel this is where a man comes in as part of the 3 angels messages. Elway in 88 Materials page 1710 says the truth for this time the 3rd Angel's messages is to be proclaimed with a loud voice meeting with increasing power as we approach the great final test this test must come to the churches in connection with the true medical missionary work they work that has the great physician to dictate in to preside in all it comprehends. In 7 testimonies page 59. She states that medical missionary work is the right hand of the Gospel every city is to be entered by workers trained to do medical missionary work. As the right hand of the 3rd angels message God's method of treating disease will be will open doors for the entrance of present truth this is why God has been raising up Amen ministries all around the world the right arm is being restored by God to be connected with the body the gospel the 3 Angela's message is the message that we are specifically called to give to the world and it blows my mind but we hear in a man in the United States that started 16 years ago have had nothing to do other than being an inspiration to the groups that are springing up in India in the Philippines in Malaysia all over South America and Australia and Europe God is doing a work in restoring the right arm the Ministry of Health the vandalism it's a work that he will do in councils to workers on page $139.00 at the white states that health reform is as closely related to the 3rd angel's message as the right arm to the body but the right arm cannot take the place of the body the proclamation of the 3rd angel's message the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus is the great burden of our work the messages to be proclaimed with a loud voice and it is to go to the whole world the presentation of health principles must be united in this message but must not in any case be independent from it. Or in any way take its place have you ever tried if you're right handed especially if you ever tried to open a door that's the right arm it's the hand that grass the knob and it opens the door that's what the health message that's what the work of the health message does in the very last days. And so as professionals we are to blend the health principles with the Gospel Principles and especially in these last days we are to give the 3 angels messages to the world I believe that this is the very reason that God has raised a man all around the world physicians dentists optometrist podiatrist psychologists physical therapists nurses health care workers of every color and are heeding the call to use their training in their professional talents to to further the cause of the gospel a man's 1st priority is to help health care workers turn their practice into a ministry teaching and sharing the health principles coupled with or linked together with the Gospel Principles. To experience the joy of leading patients to the Savior not just to give them 7 to 14 more years of good health but to give them everlasting life abundant life that lasts for ever to experience eternal life is what God has called us as physicians dentists and other health care workers to experience. To Ixtlan encourage our parent patients to be made a hole by the Savior of all men Amen is about reclaiming that right. For the body the thing that will capture the world stage is a demonstration of God's love. Put in action in the very same way that Jesus did 2000 years ago I mentioned earlier that Jesus spent more time healing that he did teaching in preaching the ministry of healing page 143 is a this is a quote that many of us in the health work know very very well but it's worth reminding ourselves Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people the savior mingled with men as one who desired their good he showed his sympathy for them he ministered to their needs and he won their confidence and then he bade them follow me and in Christ object lessons page 233 away states that Christ servants are to follow his example as he went from place to place he comforted the suffering and healed the sick then he placed before them the great truths in regard to his kingdom this is the work of his followers as you relieve the suffering of the body you will find ways for Mr into the wants of the soul you can point to the uplifted Savior and tell of the love of the great physician who alone has power to restore I have personally seen the power of this in action at the pathways 1st pathways conference in San Antonio Texas. At an outreach at the Alamo Dome I had a young man come into the Amen medical treatment area for cardiology he was suffering from a heart murmur and also had hypertension he was only in his thirty's and so after talking to him and giving him a prescription talking to him about lifestyle I prayed with him and then he started asking me several questions he said why are you all doing this are you supported by a grant from the government. And I said no he's to he said I can't believe why would there be so many people just volunteered their time to take care of people like me without insurance he said I can't believe this and then he started yelling nobody does this nobody does this I can't believe it and he started to cry and he started saying I want to be a member of your church now he didn't preach a sermon in fact he had never even heard of 7th Day Adventists before coming to this event he didn't even know what we believed but he wanted to join and what he saw because he saw the Gospel in action that is the power of the right arm it opens the door to the heart. L.-y. States the ministry of healing page 143 there is a need of coming close to the people by personal effort if left less time were given to sermonizing and more time were spent impersonal ministry greater results would be seen the poor are to be relieved the sick cared for the sorrowing in the brave comfort to the ignorant instructed in the inexperienced counsel we are to weep with those that we can rejoice with those that rejoice accompanied by the power of persuasion the power of prayer in the power of the love of God This work will not and cannot be without fruit did you get that last part if we you know I am blind these principles into our ministry into our health work it doesn't matter whether you're a pastor who is bringing in health principles or you are a dentist who is bringing in spiritual principles if we unite these with persuasion with powerful prayer in with the power of the love of God it this work cannot this work will not be without fruit do you want to see baptisms from your patients unite the gospel with the health message several patients that Amen Clinics have questioned me why do you do this work voluntarily. We have seen many baptisms after a minute free clinics especially when they have been coupled with outreach is at the church where the Vangelis to meetings and with Bible studies. And my own practice I have witnessed patients who 1st I was 1st able to pray with and then interviews them to the gospel and then invite them to help through outreach is that our church and it's just an amazing thing to see your patient who you have worked with sometimes over the years to be baptized into joining the church a wonderful experience that I hope everyone of us has the opportunity to to hear and all white states and 6 testimonies page 288 that again and again I have been instructed that the medical missionary work is to bear the same relation to the work of the 3rd angel's message that the arm and the hand bear to the body under the direction of the divine head they are to work United Lee in preparing the way for the coming of Christ the right arm of the body is the truth to be constantly actively at work and God will strengthen it but it is not to be made the body so soften we separate the health work and so often the health work has gotten all the resources while the ministry has kind of lingered along the health workers not to be the body is to be the right arm and at the same time the body is not the same of the arm I have no need of you the body has need of the arm in order to be active and to do active aggressive work both have their appointed work in each will suffer a great loss if worked independently of each other. In the Igi Whiteman manuscript releases Volume 4 page $427.00 she states that the Lord has signified that the missionary hell 3 Stuart of gospel shall never be separated from the Ministry of the word the Lord Jesus has it his own example showing us the way in which the work is to be done in the restoration of suffering humanity the gospel records that Jesus spend more time healing and minister into the needs of people than he did with teaching in preaching sadly we have had a huge divide between the gospel work and what pastors in the medical work in a big divide and it's so common in our Even in our haven't us medical centers that if the patient expresses a spiritual interest or wants to pray that we as a medical professional say all call for the chaplain but this is a work that we're supposed to do we're supposed to blend the 2 to be effective there is so much more power when the 2 are combined explosive power when we combine the 2 sadly we are speaking of this very thing Ellen White says that I want to tell you that when the Gospel mystery in the medical missionary workers are not united there is a place in our church is the worst evil that can be placed there. And so with the birth of a man this divide is being restored we have pastors in physicians working together there is another role for health care workers and that is to train and educate our own churches our own church members so the delivery of the in time health message isn't just for health care workers it's not just for the medical professionals that are gathered at a conference like amen it is for every single member to share with their neighbors ministry of healing page 149 states that every church should be a training school for Christian workers its members should be taught how to give bible readings how to conduct and teach Sabbath school how to help the poor and to care for the sick and how to work for the unconverted 5 things how to care for the sick and care for the unconverted there should be schools of health cooking schools and demonstrations classes and various lines of Christian help work there should not only be teaching but actual work under experienced instructors let the instructors lead the way in working among the people so imagine instead of hiding in our homes in and in with our stockpiles of toilet paper if we were instead safely and carefully out there Mr into the needs of our neighbors. Offering simple methods to deal with covert 19 in other BRICs things like eating simple foods yes a plant based diet. Things that are high in fiber and fight a chemical So they will boost or enhance our immunity in our immune system offering hot and cold fermentations or water treatments that can help if their if they are already in their sick bed yes there are many effective ways that are very simple that we could train every 7th day adventists to be able to do. And. In medical ministry page 320 says that in every place the sick may be found and those who go forth as workers for Christ should be true health reformers prepared to give those who are sick the simple treatments that will relieve them in then to pray with them thus the way will be opened the door for the entrance of the truth in doing this work will be followed by good results the early Christians of the early centuries of the church often died caring for people it is stated that when there was an outbreak in the 1st century in Rome that killed off a quarter of the Empire overthe $5000.00 people were dying in a day it is recorded that prior to Constantine's decree that Christianity was to be the official religion of Rome there was much interest in the christians and one of the primary reasons is that when the plagues hit the Empire the rich and anyone who could afford to would flee and head for the hills but many of the Christians stayed in cared for the sick and the dying off and dying themselves in the romans asked who would do this and why this small group of rebels The Misfits were then able to share the faith and there was explosive growth in the church sounds like our day when the rich people in New York can flee to the Hamptons or their private yachts but imagine that if 7th Day Adventist instead of fleeing were actually going into the cities to minister to people Martin Luther stated it this way when the plague broke out in 1527. You ought to think this way very well by God's decree the enemy has sent a pestilence I shall ask God mercifully to protect us and then I shall administer medicine and I will take it I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order not to become contaminated and thus per chance infect and pollute others and if people in a city were to show themselves bold in faith when a neighbor's need so demands and cautious when there is no emergency that exists in if everyone would help ward off contain John as best he can then the death toll would indeed be moderate but if some are too panicky and desert their neighbors in their place in the summer so foolish as to not take precautions but aggravate the contagion then the devil has a heyday in many will die it claimed the life of his daughter but we are called as Christ ambassadors to be ministers to those and so counsels on diet 73 when properly conducted the health work is the opening wedge making a way for other truths to reach the heart when the 3rd angel's message is received in its fullness health reform will be given its place in the councils of the conference in the work of the church in the home table and at the household arrangements then the right arm will serve and protect the body. My hope is that you will feel God's call to commit yourself and your life to his service as physicians and dentists and health care workers you most likely entered this field with a high deals in idealistic expectations that you would make a difference sometimes we get jaded in the process but the work of the Avid to us medical evangelism network has to call every 7th day adventist physician and dentist every medical student every health care worker to transform your lives and to commit your life to service and to every member of the 7th heaven to search time is very short it's time that we embrace this message that we will unite the 2 and that we blend the health work with the gospel ministry that we give the 3 angels musses with the opening wedge this is our call in these last days. 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