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Episode 08: Aaron- Mount Hor & and the Anointing of Eleazar

Adam Ramdin
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Aaron had some of the highest honours ever known to man, yet his life had some of the deepest disappointments and regrets also. Despite his high standing in world and Biblical history, his final resting place and funeral would be a humble and private affair in the beautiful surroundings of Mount Hor.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 14, 2020
    3:45 PM
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Before 3 years since the rebellion a contest pioneer when they rejected the opportunity to go into Israel and doubted God's power, the children of Israel have been wandering in the World in it. Now with the 40 years almost up, they once again made an approach, but they had to make a detour to either mine who are relatives of theirs. Been defenders of Esau and Jacob's brother refused to let them pass through their land. So they had to go around edam got instructed that they shouldn't bother the either might be refusing their request, but leave them alone because their ancestors were brothers. As they walked through the Wilderness mound, or towered above them, it's some it was to be the place of Aaron's death and burial, and moses' was instructed to take care of and Las, up to the top. And to take the priest the garment off. Aaron and give them to Las, are these 2 aged men as they walked up the mountain were both now at least a 120 years old. They had experienced the deepest trials and had the greatest honors that had ever fallen to the lot of man. They both had great natural ability, but it had been developed and exalted by communion with God. Mt more is located in PETRA today in Jordan leaching. The top of Mount Hor right here. They will look out into the Plains behind me and see in the camp of Israel spread as spies. The eyes can see this people, the ones for whom they have sacrificed so much and dedicated. Most of their life. At the age of 83, AARON had agreed to help his brother Moses in his mission and now his work for Israel was done. He had held up Moses when they had fought the America. He had been the high priest, yet stayed faithful without murmur when his own sons were killed for disregarding God's express commands for his life was marred with one moment. Aaron is remembered for the Grevious been at Sinai when he yielded to demand of the people. And also when he United with Miriam in envy and murmuring against his brother Moses. And along with Moses for the sin hakodesh, when they both angrily struck the rock. Instead of speaking to it, it was due to the exalted nature that both held and made their sin of such a great magnitude. It was with deep sorrow that Moses took the priest economics from AARON and put them on his son, Ella gave her. Aaron was not to offer the 1st sacrifice in the promised land. That privilege would fall to his son instead. The biblical record says there AARON died and there he was buried in Deuteronomy 10, the 6. This monument behind me Bill in relatively recent time, is built a commemorate what is believed to be the spot of his death. One of the most illustrious men who had ever lived had only his son and his brother at his funeral, in Stark contrast to some of the lavish and often takes of funerals. We see today of people of high position. As Moses in l.a. as a came down the mountain on their own, the people followed for AARON, yet none would feel the loss so much as Moses for he now knew that his own end was near. Aaron has a special place in Israel history for he was the 1st high priest. He was a faithful leader of Israel, standing side by side with his brother and communing with God daily. God has a special place for AARON for his life, illustrates that there are consequences for our actions. Aaron, what's the given by the Mercy and Grace of God placed in academics, but forgiveness does not always remove consequence. If my we humbly accept God's plan for our life and be patient and we continue to be a consequences both in that we have been forgiven. Our little little little.


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