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Episode 10: Joshua- The Battle of Jericho

Adam Ramdin
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The first city across the Jordan was Jericho and the story of its miraculous defeat is one that can only be attributed to the power of God. Though it was a formidable city by the standards of their day, when the people relied on the power of God, He removed the obstacles in their path.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 28, 2020
    4:00 PM
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The path of the Israelites, the promised land, was not without obstacles. And they had to defeat both the armies of science and all which wasn't an easy task. Boyd, by their recent victories, they encamped on the Plains of Jordan, close to where the Jordan meets the Dead Sea. Here a lack the King of the more bite and lifted the help of a Lamb to curse the Israelites. The Bible says in 2nd Peter to verse 15, that he loved the wages of unrighteousness, willing to go against his conscience for monetary gain. A Lex plan, though, did not work and bail and was an able to curse the Israelites What they were unable to accomplish by cursing they did by deceit and invited to a Festival by Bale. And the Israelites were beguiled by the music, the dancing the indulgence and the sexuality, and was soon in open, thin with the leaders amongst the 1st to thin. This apostasy was quickly put down, but not without tragic consequences. For those involved, oftentimes in life, we are distracted from our goals and our mission when we are the closest to achieving them. Before crossing the River, Jordan Moses laid his hands on Joshua and set him apart as leader of the Israelites. He then repeated the law to the people and gave from final warnings an admonition as they prepare to Cross the Jordan Joshua sense pies across into the land, to check out the 50. They were hidden and protected by Rahab, at great peril to her own life. And their return For her kindness, she was told that she and her family would be protected when the city was taken. The River Jordan laid before them, not a small stream as it is that they do to the water balloon fight went off agricultural usages, it was a raging River in full flow. And the people watched as the Freak. Carrying the Ark of the Covenant walked towards the water and then as their feet entered the water, the River receded. God wanted to test their faith this time, and it wasn't until they had entered the water that he moved it back after a Cross the River Jordan. They then encamped Gilgo. Despite being recently accustomed to War, the Israelites were not told to March on the heavily fortified Jericho. Instead, they were told to March around the city once a day for 6 days. Then on the 7th day, they were told to March around it 7 times and then blow their trumpets. And as they did miraculously, the walls came tumbling down. The victory was not down to anything they had done, but it was all down to God. Jericho began to be excavated from the 1930 s. onward, firstly by gas tanks. And then by Kathleen Kenyon and their findings corroborate much of the biblical account. They found, store just full of grain indicating that it was a very short seat and also happened during the time of the harvest. They also found that the walls fell out words rather than in words, allowing the Israelites the climb over on their way in. Today, the ruins of the 50 to lie here, and there is not much left Testament to the fact that when God destroyed something, it is completely destroyed. Israel was reminded time and time again that the Great is Victories, did not come from the military strategy or achievement. It did not come from the material possessions or intellect, time and time again, delivered them in such a way where it's impossible for any man to take the credit. The Bible says in fiction, Chronicles 16 books, 9 that the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole book, looking for people on whose behalf he can show his power. May we have that are in true with God and he can show his power through US little Little Little little.


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