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Episode 14: David and Saul- The Pursuit to Ein Gedi

Adam Ramdin
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Saul was King, David was anointed as successor, loved by the people for his role in defeating Goliath, but hated by Saul due to jealousy. Forced to go on the run, he ends up in Ein Gedi - a place that still exists today - where an encounter takes place with lessons for us today.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 25, 2020
    4:15 PM
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After David Kilgour, ally of Israel was happy to be free from the terror of the Philistines, but not everyone was pleased. King Saul didn't appreciate the fact that the women in Israel seeing Saw, have killed his fowls and but David has killed his 10000 envy and jealousy built up in him as he heard people singing that a Shepherd boy had killed 10 times more soldiers than he had in spite of this day, but it was invited into the King's Palace to play the harp for the King, but envy, jealousy and bitterness would build up to a breaking point. King Saul son, Jonathan and David were very close friends and on several occasions Jonathan into seated but David and persuaded his father to make peace with him. However, as the resentment and be built up, and as his father wouldn't humble himself, they came to the point where David had to flee the Palace and go on the run. Initially he went to the town of not and there in the Tabernacle, he got the sword of Goliath. However, the priest who helped in the Himalayas and the whole city would eventually pay the ultimate price as King Saul killed them all in a raid. Leaving no, he went to a cage. When they found out he was the one who had killed the Lion. He had to leave fleeing to the cave of Adam. He found rest there for a while until Saul pursued him. Then he went to Kayleigh, then he went as if pursued in each location by an angry King who remained on the run with these men. Then he fled to the Mountains of and gave the where he found rest. And if occluded came here, David hid for a while, for some Told Saul David was in a cave with his men. When King Saul entered the cave, David's men urged him to kill the King, saying that this was the Providence of God. David conscience spoke to him those things, but not the Lord's anointed. His men still encouraged him, and so David cut a portion of King Saul's robe. He felt bad about it though after King Saul was leaving the cave, David called after him, think his men had told him to kill him. That he wouldn't, that he cut off a part of his role. But he felt bad about this and was sorry. Saul heart was touched and he realized he was completely in the power of the man whose life he was trying to take. They made peace here in, in Getty, but based on source past assurances, David had little hope that his change of heart would remain. And so we stayed here in ng getit in these Mountains with his faithful men. David was learning through all these experiences and each one would eventually help him when he rose to take the throne. David made mistakes, but God's hand was over him preparing him to be King. David would become the most famous King in Israel's history, and it was through his bloodline that Messiah would come. He in Getty, he demonstrated a foresight, respect and honor, not normally shown amongst men of War. It was this respect for the position and person their God had anointed that Bertha and my part to be a leader and have this great responsibility. Later on May we have respected day in our lives for those that don't have called to service and not destroy them with our critical actions and words.


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