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Who Shall be Able to Stand?

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 9, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Father in Heaven. Thank you, Lord for this time. Thank you for your word. Thank you for your Holy Sabbath, our US and Lord as we are on Holy ground. And we are Holy time. We pray that you would send your Holy Spirit to sanctify our Hearts and our minds that truly we might understand these words that were about to listen to that you'd guide US and lead US into all truth. We pray in Jesus name. Amen. Let's turn our Bibles to Revelation Chapter 6, Revelation Chapter 6 and we are asked a question at the conclusion of this chapter. It is pretty much the end of the 6 seal, although we, it does stretch into the step to 7. But I want you to tell him in your Bibles to Revelation Chapter 6 and verse 17, Revelation Chapter 6, and verse 17, The Bible says, for the great day of His wrath is come. And who shall be able to stand? The Bible is asking US this question, Who shall be able to stand in the day of God's wrath? Friends? When is the day of God's wrath? Let's turn our Bibles to Revelation Chapter 15 and verse one. What is God's wrath? Because he is asking who shall be able to stand in the day of God's wrath. Revelation Chapter 15 and verse one, the Bible says, and I saw another sign in Heaven, greats and marvelous 7 Angels having the 7 last plagues for in them is filled up the wrath of God, friends who shall be able to stand in the day of God's wrath who shall be able to stand when God paws out his 7, plagues upon the Earth. There will be a group that will be able to stand. There will be a group that will be standing through these plagues. Just as God had a people that went through the 10 plagues that were poured upon Egypt, who are they? But friends, when you look at the 7 last place, if you take time to read through Revelation 15 and especially chapter 16, which is where the 7 plagues of found. These plagues like none other that have ever been poured upon the Earth. There is nothing that we have ever seen or experienced to this time since the beginning of the Earth that God has died Would be comparable to what we're going to see at the end of time. Mind cannot even imagine. It's not even reached to that point, but friends, Let's go back to Revelation Chapter 7. Now, because Chapter 6 and verse 17 is the very last verse of that chapter. But in chapter 7, we see the son who shall be able to stand Revelation Chapter 7 and verse one. And after these things, I saw 4 Angels standing on the 4 corners of the Earth holding the 4 winds of the Earth, that the wind should not blow on the Earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. We see 4 Angels standing at the 4 corners of the Earth and they are holding what the 4 wins of the Earth. This is related to the wrath of God. How do we know what does wind represents in the Bible? What does wind represent? Let's turn our Bibles to Proverbs Chapter one. Proverbs Chapter one and verse $27.00. What does wind represent in the Bible? These 4 Angels, It only takes Angels, it takes Angels, not only it takes Angels to hold these wins. What do they represent? Friends? Proverbs Chapter one and verse 27. When your fear cometh as desolation and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind when distress and anguish come Earth upon you, friends, what do these winds represent? It represents worldwide desolation, worldwide destruction, worldwide distress and anguish. Friends this coming a day when these Angels are going to let go of these 4 wins and they're going to blow on the Earth. And then these plagues are going to be poured out. That is what is represented right there. Blessed ton of Bibles desire Fanaa of chapter one. What is this destruction and desolation referring to Zephaniah Chapter one, Verse 14. Zephaniah, chapter one, and verse 14. What is this destruction and desolation? Referring to Zephaniah 114 and 15, the great day of the Lord is Neo. It is near and haste with greatly. Even the voice of the day of the Lord, the Mighty men shall cry their bitterly. That day is a Day of Wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of waste in US and desolation, a day of darkness, and gloominess a day of clouds and thick darkness. Do you see that the day of the Lord is a Day of Wrath? It is a day of what trouble friends, this is none other than the 7 last plagues. But now Let's turn in our Bibles to Daniel Chapter 12 and verse one. Daniel, Chapter 12, and verse one. And at that time shall Michael stand up. The great Prince, which standeth for the children of the people, and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time. And at that time, the people shall be delivered every one that should be found written where in the book, friends, you see that there will be a day of trouble. One day, there will be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation, the 7 last plagues. Like none other that we have ever seen in the history of the Earth. That is that time when Michael shall stand up. But that is a time when everybody who shall have their names written in the book of life shall be delivered. And we could probably wrap it up here and say, look, who shall be able to stand those that are saved, obviously. But we want to dig in a bit deeper 1st, I want to look at Michael. We know that Michael is Jesus. Ok. Michael is Jesus Jude Chapter one Verse 9 1st, chapter 4, the 16 John Chapter 5, verse 25 with these 3 techs, we can see that Michael here is represented as Jesus Christ. And He will stand up one day. And when he stands, then the time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation, shall come upon the Earth. But friends, what did Jesus sit down US? If he is to stand up, what is he doing right now as he is sitting down? He is sitting down right now because the 7 last plagues have not been poured upon US yet. Jesus is sitting down and when he stands up, he's done with something. He's finished with something. Let's turn in our Bibles to hubris, chapter 8 and verse one, Hebrews Chapter 8. And verse one. When Jesus went to Heaven, what did he sit down as Hebrews Chapter 8 and verse one? Part of me he was 8 verse one. Now of the things which we have spoken, this is the sum. We have such an high priest who is set on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens. Friends, when Jesus went up to Heaven, he set down as what high priest who ever Live Earth to make what intercession for all of US. So what does the High Priest do? Hebrews, Chapter 7 verse 25, Hebrews Chapter 7. And verse 25 I quoted it a bit too early. Let's turn our Bibles there. What is the role of the high priest? What is Jesus doing for US right now? Is high priest, Hebrew, 725. Wherefore he is able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever Live Earth to make into session for them. For such an high priest became US who is Holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens when Jesus went up to Heaven, my dear friends, he did not go on a vacation. He was not taking a break because of the trials that he went through on the Earth. No, he went straight into the Holy place and he began to make intercession for every single one of US. So that even as we sin today, and we confess our sins, He is faithful as a High Priest to forgive US our sins and to cleanse US from all unrighteousness. Friends, Jesus is still making intercession for US today. He is still there sitting down as a High Priest, but the Bible says that there will come a day one day when Jesus will stand up and intercession will cease. Intercession will cease. That's why when we go back to Proverbs Chapter one, Let's turn our Bibles, their problems, chapter one, and we read verse 27, those, those winds of desolation and destruction. Proverbs 127. Now look at what it says in verse 28 problems chapter one. And verse 28. Then shall they call upon me, And I will not answer. They shall seek me early, but they shall not want find me. Why? Because Jesus, at that time when the winds are blowing out on the Earth, he stood up already. There is no more intercession for anybody at all at that time. If you feel sorry for your sins and you want to pray to God and ask God to forgive you, he will not forgive any more. My dear friends, this coming a day when probation will close upon the whole Earth. What Revelation 22 verse 11 says he that is Holy. Let him be Holy. Still he that is righteous. Let him be righteous, still he that is filthy. Let him be filthy still. So there is coming a day when everybody's destinies will be sealed for ever. Even those that are alive on this Earth, they might be a life. But when the plagues begin to fall, there is no more changing sides. You are the righteous or your unrighteous for ever friends who shall be able to stand who shall be able to stand in that day when the plagues fall. Who shall be able to stand when Jesus stops interceding? Who shall be able to stand? Let's turn our Bibles to Psalms 24, verses 3 and 4. What does it mean to be able to stand Psalms 24 verses 3 and 4? The Bible says this. Who shall ascend into the Hill of the Lord? Or who shall stand in His Holy place? Who shall stand verse For he that hath clean hands, and a pure heart who hath not lifted up his soul on savanna T, nor sworn deceit, fully friends who shall be able to stand those that have clean hands and a pure heart friends? Do you know that the Mark of the Beast goes in 2 places in a forehead and or in our right hand, the Hearts and our hand? Do you see that? And if we want to avoid having the Mark of the Beast, we got to make sure that we have clean hands. And a pure heart who shall be able to stand is not only in the day of God's wrath is not only that time when the 7 last plagues are being poured out upon God's people. Friends, it is also that short time before probation closes when the Mark of the Beast has come upon the Earth, and those people that are receiving the Mark of the Beast and receive the Mark of the Beast on the foreheads or in their hand. They will be receiving the plagues of God. They will not be able to stand. Let's turn our Bibles down to Revelation Chapter 7. Were there in verse one. But now I want to read verse $2.00 and $3.00. So we see those 4 Angels standing at the 4 corners of the Earth, the wind is ready to blow upon the Earth. Verse 2, Revelation 7 verse 2, And I saw another Angel ascending from the East, having the seal of the Living God. And he cried with a loud voice to the 4 Angels, to whom it was given to her, the Earth and the sea saying hurt, not the Earth, neither the sea, nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in their what foreheads, friends, the servants of God, Of those that will be sealed in the forehead, and they are the ones that do not receive the Mark of the Beast. They are the ones that are able to stand when God's wrath is being poured out. Who are these people we see in the very next verse of Revelation Chapter 7 and verse 4. The Bible says this, and I heard the number of them which were sealed and there were sealed, wants 144000, of all the tribes of the children of Israel, friends, God's last, the people that will go through the time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation, they are 144000, they are the ones that receive the seal of God in their foreheads. They are the ones that are able to stand through the day of God's wrath when everybody else is falling. When all those back in Revelation Chapter 6, The great men of the Earth, they are crying to the Mountains and to the rocks, to fall upon them. Friends, they are 144000, but yet they are called something else. Back there in verse 2, Did you see what it was? They have the seal of what the living God They received, not just any seal, but it's a seal that is very special. It's the seal of the Living. God. Let's turn our Bibles to Acts. Chapter 14 and verse 15 Acts Chapter 14 and verse 15. What is connected with the living God, acts 14 verse 15 and saying service. Why do these things? We also are men of like passions with you and preach unto you that you should turn from these vanities unto who the living God. What about the living God? Which made Heaven and Earth and the sea and all things that are there in friends, the living God is the Creator God. So the seal of God is connected with God being creator. Now what else is connected with that? Let's go over to Isaiah Chapter 8 and verse 16. What is this seal of God, the seal of the living? God. We know it's connected with creation God as creator. But now Let's go to Isaiah Chapter 8. Isaiah Chapter 8 and verse 16. This is what the Bible says. Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples, friends, what is being sealed the lore of God, and you know, what's in the 10 Commandments. There is only one of the 10 that is connected with creation that you know that there is only one of the 10 Commandments that is connected with creation. It is the Sabbath, the seal of God is the Sabbath Commandments. That is what God's seal is. And look, this is the one that only points out God as the creator, the Sabbath. You know, friends, It's probably easier than ever today. To break the Sabbath, especially during this time of n.c.o.. Do you know that somehow the Sabbath message is brought out? Somehow the 144000 that will stand through the time of trouble such as never was they'll be Sabbath, keep US. Do you see that they will be Sabbath, keep US. And today, during this time of MC, Oh, it is probably more tempting to break the Sabbath than ever before. Why all the days are just becoming why we're just stuck at home all day. Granted that I lived a little bit, but many of US are still working from home. We are still stuck at home. We are still a home. And then on Sabbath we're at home as well. And it's so easy, it seems like there's no different from Monday, Sunday, a Sabbath. There's no difference. Maybe some of US are even dreading the Sabbath. You know, maybe your Dread is a little bit different from my Dread. On the busiest on this, the I preach 4 sermons in the space of 24 hours. It gets busy. I have no time to be sitting idling around. But you know, friends, it's so easy for US to just pick up our phones and get on the news and just maybe even do the things that we've been doing all the other days of the week. But friends, I want to remind you that this day that we are in right now is Holy tie. It's Blessed by God and, and we've got to be careful that we are not transgressing it's I hope that during this time of m.c.a. you've grown closer to the law. That's a Sabbath has been more special that you've been more Blessed that you've learned to be more Holy in these times. But friends, God wants US to have clean hands and a pure heart. Even on the Sabbath day that we got to be careful that we are not transgressing it. But how can we have clean hands and a pure heart? What does this mean? Is it just a Sabbath? What? What does it mean? How can we have these clean hands and pure Hearts? Let's go in our Bible said James, Chapter 4. James, Chapter 4, scriptures song, James Chapter 4 of a 7 and 8. Look at this. It gives US a solution right here, because those are able to stand of those that have clean hands and a pure heart, According to Psalms, James 4, verse 7, and 8, submit yourselves, therefore, to God, resist the Devil. And Huey will flee from you, Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands sinners and purify your Hearts. You need double minded friends. We are to have clean hands and a pure heart. And if we are to cleanse those hands and purify our Hearts, the Bible here is in. James says we got to submit self to God. We will never have clean hands and a pure heart. We will never be ready for the 2nd coming of the end time events, unless we learn to submit self to God to day friends. What does it mean to submit? Let's turn our Bibles to Romans Chapter 13 and verse one. Romans Chapter 13 and verse one. We're going to go to a few texts here, but just to give US a little bit of understanding about submission, What is this referring to? Romans 13 verse one. The Bible says this, let every soul be subject to the higher powers. For there is no power of God, but the powers that be are that be our ordained of God. One of these higher powers is not those spiritual wickedness in high places. Ok? We should not be obeying anybody. We should be resisting them. The Bible says, but we should be subject to the higher powers. What does that mean? We should obey them friends, so long as what the government puts into law in our lands of today does not go against Our ability to follow Jesus. And what the Scripture says, we should submit ourselves to them. We should obey. So look, if the laws of land says you should stop what is right you should stop. Do you see that we should as far as possible, obey the laws of the land where God has put in allow these powers to be in control at this time? He is the one that allowed it. But of course, if it goes against the dictates of our own conscience, then we've got to be careful. We ought to obey God rather than man. But look, so we see it in relation to submission. Now Let's turn to Chapter 5. If Chapter 5, The fusions 522, this is what the Bible says, Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the Lord. So submission, Ok, does that mean really just obedience? Maybe. So maybe some of your husbands saying a man has like, Hey, look, you see the processing you should submit, right? Not only wives, friends, Let's go back one verse. Let's go back to verse 21 of the 5, submitting yourselves one to another. In the fear of the Lord, not only wife, husband as well, and husbands, police. Obey your wife today. This weekend is his Mother's Day. Treat them special, right? What does submission mean? We are putting ourselves into subjection to somebody and whatever they ask US to do, we do. And so as we obey the Word of God as we submit ourselves to God, The Bible says that the Devil will flee from US. Why? Because as we drawn nearer to him and were obeying Him and crisis living in and through US, the Devil has no part in our lives whatsoever. And so he Fleece because we are under another power. His name is Jesus Christ. So Friends, question. Have you grown closer to God in this Lockdown? Have you drawn closer to him? He doesn't draw near to US. If we don't draw near to him, Do you know that? We've got to take the 1st step. Jesus, he's taken all the steps already that he can take. He took all those steps all the way down that bloodstain path to get so many of the Cross and friends, he's done all that he could already. So it's not, God is not going to do anything. If you don't do anything, he's done all that he can possibly do as God already. He's waiting for you and me. When, when the Bible asks Who shall be able to stand? It's not in some haughty way who shall be able to stand and asking who can and not anybody can unless you're with me. You know, God says no. He's done all that he can and he's waiting for you and me to submit to him. He's done all that he can to get our attention to reach up to US to Chase US. And today he's waiting the you know that he's waiting for US to respond, but many of US maybe even then walk down. We've been too busy. We've been too busy trying to entertain ourselves with too busy, so many things, except reaching out to God. Friends, how can we stand before God? We've got to submit ourselves to him. What else? Let's turn our Bibles to Chapter 9. As a road chapter 9. And verse 15, Ezra chapter 9 and verse 15, What else does it mean to stand and to be able to stand in the day of God's wrath as Rich up to 9 verse 15, whole Lord, God of Israel, the righteous for we remain yet the skate as it is this day behold, we are before the in our trespasses for we cannot stand before the because of this friends we cannot stand before God. If we are in our trespasses, we cannot stand before God. If we are in sin, we cannot stand before God unless we have had victory over sin and that must take place before probation closes. Remember because one day when Jesus stands up and if you are in your sin, you going to remain in sin for ever. That means you going to be lost. Today is the day that we got to deal with our sin problem. Do you know that today? Not in the future, because in the future, when God closes probation and he comes for a 2nd time, we will have, have our fates sealed already. And look, how do you know that there has been close of probation throughout history? Did you know that in Acts Chapter 71 when Stephen was stoned before he died, he looked up to Heaven and he saw Jesus standing means that he was sitting before what has happened, probation closed on the Jewish nation. And even Sodom and Gomorrah, probation closed upon them. And even as Abraham pled for the lies of the people there just 10 people, God just 10, probation still closed. And those that were destroyed in those cities were lost, forever lost. And on a side note, you know, a lot he had 2 daughters, but there were other daughters that stayed back. And Saddam that were lost friends. If you want to save your family, you got to get out into the country. He know we talked about country living a quite a few times now, but some of US we are in the cities and lost because we're, we're just soaking up all this wickedness that is in these cities today. Some of US we've got to simplify but you know, there are too close of probations that I want to focus on. That mean very much to US. I want you to tell him in your Bibles to 1st Genesis Chapter 6, verse 3 is related to no one. No one. Genesis Chapter 6, verse 3, this is another close of probation, the flood. But you know, it's very interesting. In Genesis 63, God said to know what my spirit shall not always strive with man, for the law, for that he is also flesh yet his days shall be in 120 years. God said there's going to be a closer probation. My spirit is not going to strike with men all the time. And of course, the flood would be that time when it would destroy the whole Earth, but there would be a few saved. However, probation actually closed a bit earlier before the waters actually came upon the Earth. The animals all went into the Ark and that was a sign that something great was about to happen, right. But when all the animals finished going into the Ark and the Noah and his family went in, Let's go over to Genesis Chapter 7. An Angel came and close the door. The are. Genesis Chapter 7 and verse 10. This is what the Bible says. And it came to pass after 7 days that the waters of the flood were upon the Earth. Do you know that for 7 days, After all the animals went in and no went in the door closed and for 7 days nothing happened. Rain did not come upon the Earth, yet probation had been closed on the whole Earth. And yet for 7 days nobody knew it. Did you know that it is possible to have probation closed? And yet the plagues not come yet? Did you know that friends? It's possible to have your probation closed and still be alive. Let's go to Genesis chapter for that famous story of Cain and Abel Cain and Abel. And actually before that, you know, back to the story of Noah. I'm sorry I'm a Mrs. Little bit. Back to the story of, do you know that there was something that was interesting that happened before probation closed? It was not no a building the flood 400, building the flood, building the boat for 120 years. No, it wasn't. It was the animals that walked in orderly step after step one behind the other. And they all in went in. No one did not have to go and Chase the animals. Do you know that the Angels rounded them up and they went into that boat? There was a sign that God gave to the people of the World that something stupendous was about to take place. And you know, friends, look, some of US might be waiting for something Big to shake US awake out of lethargy and Laodicean condition. Do you know, God is sending signs? Do you know that this is a pandemic? A worldwide pandemic? Do you know, look, this pandemic, this covert 900 is not one of the 7 last plagues. Discovered 19 is not the abomination of desolation, will study that in the future. Discover 19 is not the close of probation already. This is not the time of trouble, even that little time of trouble befall probation closers friends. This covert 19 this pandemic worldwide, is one of the signs that God has said would be leading up to the close relation. And the time of trouble. Friends has this covert, 19 shaken your way. Do you realize that we are living in unprecedented times? I've never experienced a day like this before locked up for 2 months. People that have lived in the past 80 years, my parents have never, never experienced such a day like this. Do you understand this? We are living in on President to times those animals walking into the Ark, those animals that were walking into the boat was a sign that something great was about to take place. And today, God is giving US a sign. Something is about to happen. You better get into the boat, you better get into that shelter and that safety. Something is about to take place. Friends. Has this pandemic shaken your way? Have you been more spiritually awake because of this? Or are you having your mind sealed unto the day of destruction and not redemption? Maybe some of you have got more wicked. In this Lockdown, you understand that friends? Have you had your eyes open? Have you been watching? Have you been praying? Have you been spending time in His word because you realize that these are the signs of the times. These are the Beginning of Sorrows. The birth pains are of taking place right before our very eyes and God is saying, Wake up, wake up and yet he's telling his Angel an Angel is sending from the East, having the seal of God and is saying to the 4 Angels that are ready to let go. Of the winds. Waits waits, because somebody is not ready yet. Or friends. I hope that this time has shaken you way. Maybe not awake enough. But you know, God is trying to get our attention friends. Let's go back. Go go over to Genesis chapter fall, you know, after King Cain killed his brother Abel. You know what happened in Genesis Chapter 4, verse 16. Cain went out from the presence of the Lord. Do you know from that point onward? Cain was a last man. He was a last man, and yet he would live for hundreds of years. God set a Mark on him to make sure that no one would Hunt him down and kill him. But he was lost. He was not turning back to righteousness again. Do you realize that there can be probation closing upon people while they are still alive today? He and the little time of trouble, the Sunday law, the Mark of the Beast has not come in yet. We could be like Cain. It is possible that even through this time of pandemic, some People's destinies are being sealed forever. I don't know. We don't know. It's called the unpardonable sin friends. It's people having their consciences seared with a Hot ion. That's why in Hebrews Chapter 3. Let's go there. Hebrews chapter 3 and verse 15. Let's go there. Friends, Hebrews chapter 3 in verse 15. While it is said today, if you will hear his voice Harden, not your Hearts. Why? Because that's where God wants to seal it's. With every repeated action and transgression we are hardening our Hearts, always softening it. If the Holy Spirit is the friends, we can only stand before God If we are free from sin and today there is no excuse to continue in our sins. 144000 will stand before the throne of God with our faults. And this has to happen before probation closes. If you are still sinning and probation closers, my dear friends, you are verily lost. You are lost. Do you understand that? Last but today Jesus is asking who shall be able to stand you not standing alone. You standing in the strength of Jesus Christ, my dear friends, Jesus saying if you hear my voice, don't Harden your Hearts today. Don't throw away Salvation that is given to US. So freely, but that was paid with such a dear price friends. This is where the seal of God goes into our Hearts and our minds. This is where we must be soft and receptive to the Holy Spirit. You know, I've heard of reports that some people are just suffering out there During this time a pandemic. Some of US were on a downward spiral, and God has allowed this pandemic to maybe affect you very seriously. You might have lost the House, might have had to close your business. Maybe some of you have had your hair's turned white overnight because you're stressing out trying to figure out how you're going to get some money. Friends might be suffering health economically. But God is trying to get your attention the understand this, these are the birth pains. This is the time in this time of epidemic and pandemic that God Strine to wake US up. To help US to see that if we don't wake up, we are going to be verily lost. And so I, I sympathize and empathize for those that are going through difficult times. But I want you to see that even as you're listening today, maybe God is trying to save you. Do you understand this is trying to save you friends. Want to listen. What you wake up. If this little sermon has in some way got your attention, then I praise God. Because today is the day of US Elvish. I'm not preaching to you anything New. The way of Salvation has been the same since the very beginning of time. It's faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ, and as a tolling blood and that blood has to sanctify US it's got to change, is got to justifies. And then it's going to sanctify it's got to change the way we're living. You can't go on living this way. Granted, bad things happen to righteous people as well. But if bad things are happening to you today, maybe just maybe God is trying to get your attention. Is trying to say, my son, my daughter, wake up. The World is going to close up soon. And today, if you realize that you've been doing things that you should not have been if you've been living in sin, now is the time to change. Now, today, today's the day that we got to build characters for Eternity. Today is the time that we got to start taking our religious life seriously. Today, we need to start keeping the Sabbath Holy. Today, we are setting in stone, our Hearts and our hands for time and Eternity today, not Tomorrow, friends today. Today we need to be faithful. Today we need to set our House in order to day. We need to let Jesus in friends. Today we must fully surrender to Jesus Christ and to His Holy Spirit. The signs are there ready? Let US be ready with our lamps trimmed and burning. For truly when the time comes, many will be caught unawares. But today, are you watching and waiting father and have a lot. I want to pray for all my brothers and sisters out there. I want to pray for myself, Lord, that to day you will help US to make thorough work of our Salvation. Help US to see that there's a part for US to do, help US to see that none will be saved in indolence. But Lord, we got to put forth earnest effort as well. And as we do, Lord, I know that effort will be combined with the infinite power of God Almighty. Who will help US to be more than Congress through Jesus Christ, our Savior. So Lord, police bless US to that and today help US that we might allow Jesus at And Father for those of US suffering, please comfort them. But through this time of trial and Tribulation opened their eyes to the desperate need help US all to see Lord that at the end of time we might not be deceived. But that we might be able to stand on the sea of glass with the Harps of God praising you for the victory that you've given US in Christ Jesus. So Lord, we surrender our lives to you now. Lead US through the 7th. I was Lord, help US to grow and face. We pray in Jesus This media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse, or if you would like to listen to more sermons, pleading visit W W, W, audio verse, or.


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