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Risk and Redemption: Vaccinated for the Apocalypse

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • November 21, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Let's pray bother. We've come into your House. We desire your presence. Help US to discern the glory of who you are, the beauty, the blessings, the health and the vitality that you bring to person, relationships, families and churches, societies and businesses. I pray, Lord, give US comfort. When discomforted, May we turn to you? I pray now, Lord, anoint US with Hearts, ears, eyes, and tongues. And may we be able to discern your guidance through the word now in Jesus' name? Amen. This morning we're looking at Daniel Chapter 5, you've heard it in our scripture reading. And while we will make reference to it, so I encourage you to turn to it now. I will not reread the chapter. This becomes the last chapter of the story of the nation, the Empire of babbling, with a few things you need to know about this dynasty before we delve into the story and that is that for most of its existence, at least the biblical portion of it was ruled by man named never can answer. Most of you are aware of this that we can as are dies in 562 b.c.. That means from the time that he 1st conquered Jerusalem until his death he reigned about 44 years. So most of Daniel's exile in Babylon was under this Kings leadership. That means also there's only 23 years left of this dynasty, which was the head of gold. Amazing. The greatest nation to ever exist on the face of the planet only has 23 years of existence after its most preeminent King. It makes me think of the fact that it only takes really one generation to ruin that which previous generations have built up with prayers, sweat, and effort around $550.00 b.c.. So 12 years after, As there is died, there's been a number of little Kings or attempted Kings. And they, they had their kingship for a short period of time. But there is one that rises to the surface. His name is now been ictus. He marries the daughter of now became a necessary name Nitta Chris, and he becomes the legitimate King of Babylon. Now he goes on a campaign in 550 b.c. 12 years after the death of never can answer. And he's in Palestine and he becomes ill while he's ill in Palestine. He summons an unknown character in history by the name of Belle Chasse, or you need to know that prior to 854 the critics of the Bible said the bills as or was a made up person in the Scriptures. He wasn't found in recorded history outside the scripture, but in 85150, in 550 b.c., Neben ictus summons his son to the land of Lebanon, where he turns over the leadership of the Kingdom to this Belshazzar. So now we have a convalescing NAB and ictus, who's married to the daughter of can as her and the son. Belshazzar is summoned because now been ictus is ill. We now have a code Regency, we have 2 people that hold a measure of control. Now this is why you'll see in the chapter that Belches are offers to make Daniel the 3rd ruler in the Kingdom. Now this story is a very interesting one. Nabbing ITIS goes on to recover. He goes down to Arabia and does some concrete. And while he's there, he conquers the city of team, and he must love the climate and he must love the ease of responsibility, not managing this large Kingdom because Bell sounds or is left in Babylon to run the show. And thus we come up to the story of Daniel Chapter 5, a young King. It's important for you to understand. He is the image or in many ways. And we're going to see that immaturity come out in Daniel Chapter 5. And by the way, as I said in the 1st service, I want to encourage If you'd like to capture a good history of this, the New Anders commentary, the one volume Old Testament commentary does a very excellent job on it. So I highly encourage you to have this book in your Library. Belle's jazzer is not an invention of the Bible, not only where the, the texts that mention his name found $854.00, but in $882.00, the Nabonidus Chronicles are found. And Bell's jazzers story, or at least now the night of his story that involves the dynamics of Bell's jazzer are discovered also when you come in the reading of Daniel Chapter 5, you need to remember that while bells jazzer the terminology between Bill Shaz or, and never can answer is read for to his father. This term that used in the Greek is there for a reason. It's there because there is no term for grandfather. As a matter of fact, the idea of Grandfather incest, or is commonly caught up in the use of the term Father. So Let's do a little bit of looking this morning at the story of Daniel's postmodern generation and how he related to it. 23 years after his death. Here we are Enter Belle Shatner's Party. But before we do that, turn to the book of Isaiah, hold your hand in Daniel 5 and turn back to the book of Isaiah chapter 3. And I want to show you the God problem side. This trauma in general, not only for Daniel's day, and not only for all of those citizens of the Babylonian Kingdom, but for all that should find themselves dealing with dynamics of immaturity. And Isaiah, Chapter 3. The subtitle in my Bible says God will remove the leaders says in chapter 3 of Isaiah verse one for behold the Lord God of hosts is going to remove from Jerusalem and Judah, Judah, both supply and support the whole supply of bread and the whole supply of water, the Mighty man, and the warrior, the judge, and the prophet, the diviner and the elder, the Captain of 50, and the honorable man, the counselor and the expert artisan, and the skilled Enchanter. And I will make mere lads, their princes and capricious children, will rule over them. And people will be Oprah asked each one by another, each one by his neighbor. The youth will storm against the elder and the inferior against the honorable. This is a major text. This morning for this message is we proceed. You'll see why. So here we are the young King Daniel Chapter 5. Let's look at a few of the verses there and figure out what's going on. The year is 539 b.c.. You need to know as we start the chapter that the Medes and the Persians are camped outside the city, And they're wanting in, and they're planning to get in. Most of them do not understand that as they have 45 chapter one Cyrus. Their leader has already been prophesied as the anointed deliverer of God's people in the reign of Babylon and the Conqueror of this head of gold bells jazzer. The King held a great feast for a 1000 of his nobles, and he was drinking wine in the presence of the 1000. When Belle Chasse, or tasted the wine, he gave orders to bring the gold and silver vessels which never can answer his father had taken out of the temple, which was in Jerusalem, so that the King and his nobles, his wives, and his concubines, might drink from them then they brought the gold vessels that have been taken out of the temple, the House of God, which was in Jerusalem. And the Kings in his nobles, his wives, in his concubine strength for them. They drank the wine and they praised the gods of gold and silver, and bronze and iron and stone, and suddenly everything changes. In this story, there is no doubt that intoxication plays a very significant role. If you have any doubt about the Bible's message, even on keeping your senses clear and your judgment sharp, this story should bring it into a reiterated, reinforced, forced focus. There is never been a more critical age is. I will suggest to you that the time frame of Daniel 5 mirrors our time frame painfully. We're living in an age, in which wealth and privilege and assumed lies the lies of in conquer ability, the lies of perpetuity, of our freedoms, suggest that we can Party on just like everybody else. But the story line of Daniel Chapter 5 is a painful story line built around ignorance and blindness when the handwriting appears on the wall and those fire, those fiery letters, those fiery words 4 of them. All of a sudden the Bible says that Bell shatter, loses the strength in his legs. This is really a euphemism for incontinence. It is such a frightening moment for this man, that the embarrassment of embarrassment is upon him and perhaps the whole rest of the group except for one thing, the Doom of potential judgment is hanging over all of them. Income, the wisemen for their 3rd turn at being unable to deliver any kind of meaningful message about the secrets of Heaven and out they go. The Queen mother, probably not a Christian or self. The daughter of never can as or is come, is brought into or hears the rumors of the trauma in the Party zone. And she declares there is a man. His name is Daniel. When Daniel comes into the scene, you remember his verbiage. He basically says, what you've done is exceptionally unacceptable because you know the story of your father who acknowledged the true God of Heaven. So matter of fact in the in patriarchs and in our prophets and Kings, Ellen why I will explain the bells she has or grew up in the Court of never can as her and he was familiar with privilege and the story line of Babylonian history. So there is something about Daniel Chapter 5 that isn't particularly apropos for US, and that is this, that the story line. It will follow this simple story line. It will go from ignorance to arrogance, to defiance, and then judgment. So Let's just keep this in mind. It will start out with ignorance, it will move to arrogance. It will end in defiance, and then God will intervene and bring it all down. Now if you think we're in any different situation in modern America now, I'd like for you to stop and think again. Belle, she has or was aware of the fact that never can, has or had lost his mind for 7 years. Bell says it was aware of the testimony of Daniel Chapter 4, but Bill Shatner found it convenient to set it all aside and to operate in a New zone of information. You might say his own truth. These elements, these inconvenient elements of the previous generations needed to be moved out of the way. There was a blindness that developed in this New narrative that set him up for the last moment of terror in which God's message declares the game's up. The party's over. Now we are living in a similar age of ignorance, and I'm going to ask you a question just to see if, if I can establish my point, but only by you to say anything. But I want you to ask yourself, Do any of you know that this year is an anniversary year for a significant moment in American history? Could I see hands? Do any of you know that it is? Nobody knows that it is Ok. I find this particularly interesting on December 18th, 400 years ago, something very significant to American history happened. It just has to do with this little boat called the Mayflower and where it showed up. And the fact that, you know, half of the people were going to die in the 1st year, you see 4 centuries ago in a few weeks. Those who were seeking religious Liberty, the real story line of America landed here. How come none of you know that you know, 3 days ago, I won't have known it either. Fortunately, I had a pastor friend who sent me a great article. I want to know why we don't know why we're not celebrating that 400 years ago. The pilgrims who were seeking religious Liberty landed on this country. Yes, they were in Jamestown already, but that was an economic endeavor. And it wasn't the real reason for the founding of this country. No Revelation talks about the Earth swallowing up the water. In other words, a place was made this sanctuary for a New Society, one that would allow freedom. How come you don't know this? You don't know it because those who hope the control over the messaging in this Society don't want you celebrating this narrative of American history. And I want you to stop and think about this. If you don't understand the narrative of this nation and you're not celebrating and significant events, you can embrace a New narrative. And if you're taking from your devices, all the different things that you'd like to know, and you're not bothering to seek out a few of the old ways and understand them, you could find yourself as ignorant as Belle Chasse, or was on the night of the final fling the truth of the matter is, is that there are all kinds of opportunities in the history of this country where there's been an attempt to create a form of ignorance. There was a man who published a book, a long time ago called The Common Sense book of Baby and Child rearing. It was a bestseller. He was a pediatrician. Some of you know his name is name was what Dr. He was Dr Spock. We come upon a moment, not the one that some of the used to think of with the pointy ears are right. This is a different Dr Spock all right. But it was now time for a New form of child rearing. And if you believe that Britannica has any real value as a reference point, it says that the book was written to basically combat the rigid paediatric doctrines of his day. So it appeared that how children have been raised for generations wasn't quite good enough for the New generation that needed to question authority. And by the way, for all of you that are of that generation of which I am not praise the Lord. You should only Six-Pack that when the, the who, when the monster is question authority, whose authority is going to be questioned 1st by the way, the parents. And if you can, under the authority of the parents, you can totally and Ravel a Society. I was listening to Catholic radio as I was driving across the great Plains of North Dakota. And there was a gentleman that they had on quite an interesting encounter. I'm not recommending the book because I haven't looked at it. But the title of the book did get my attention. He's a psychologist, a Catholic psychologist, name is Dr. Ray, and this is the book is written, raising upright kids in an upside down World. Colin defined the n.t. parent culture. Now I want you to think about it. The name of the book distills the dynamic of the age we're in. We have decided to throw off the wisdom of the ages and the sages and embrace the New data which can be collected over a lifetime and experiment over a generation. And thus we find ourselves perilously close to the same kind of postmodern arrogance that's built on the same kind of ignorance. That puts US in the same moment of almost judgment. Yes, if you can create ignorance, which leads to blindness, you can do all kinds of things. So how do you get to where 23 years from the death of the greatest King perhaps ever on the face of the planet? You can have the most foolish one, who's about to dump the Kingdom into the hands of the Medes and the Persians. Wealth, privilege and pleasure are very poor educators. Listen to me carefully, Wealth privilege and pleasure are very poor indicators. And if you add to that some sensuality and I don't mean just of the immoral type, I just mean the constant desire to be entertained. If you add some sensuality to wealth, privilege and ease, if you do those things pretty soon, you can create a generation that feels superior in every way, but it can be in a form of ignorance and blindness. Now, I want to hit the pause button. In my reading of this viable, there is no record of God intervening in Belshazzar's life. Like he did in Mt, condensers, and I want to ask you why to God not love Bell Shaz or to God not care about the next King. Had no interest or was the only waiting to watch the dominoes of prophecy fall and it doesn't matter who else is in the way. Just let Bill Shatner get run over by time in history. Could that hardly be so? Does God not care for the grandson of never can answer as much as he cares for never can is or cannot think about this. So Here's the question I have for you. If God really cares about Belshazzar the way he cares about never you can answer. Then how was Bell showers, or to learn the lessons that Nabby can use or learned he was there, learn them from his Grandpa. Now I want you to think about the ramifications of that statement for the well being of the generation we're raising and the Society that's all around US. If ever there's been a question authority dynamic in America. It's been in the last 60 years. If ever there's been an absolute, almost Mechanize, and if I believe and I do a, some level Bible teaches about a Grand conspiracy. Of course that conspiracy is the unraveling of the American experience. But if there has ever been a time and which Society has such a drive, a wedge between the generations, it's now and somehow we think that in our ability to put our arms around Imperial science and collect data, we've gathered more wisdom than all the sages of the ages who had it handed down through the years, when I held my 1st little baby in my arms 30 years ago. I had to make a decision. Where was I going to get the information to raise this child? He would have 2 other brothers that follow and finally, a daughter or a sister, my daughter. And the truth of the matter is with that little baby, that little miracle falling asleep on my chest, a Memorial Hospital in South Bend. I had to make a decision. House, I'm going to races to me and I want to tell you I landed on the right side. I decided that the wisdom of my mother checked and see and filtered through the power of the Bible. And the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy was the collective wisdom of millenia, passed down through people who had lived life so that my mother who was raised by her mother, my grandmother, and my great grandmother, which is as far back as any connection I have with living people that their collective wisdom, wisdom that comes not from a book or a device, but actually was, was the oral tradition of the, the, the synthesizing of societies, especially in successful societies. The that collective wisdom was worth more to me than the newest, smart Guy with the slick title on the front of a glossy covered book. Yes indeed, the common sense book to baby care and child care which was written against the rigid Pediatric Habits and practices of the 1940, s., and Fifty's and those beyond, it was written in direct contradistinction contradiction to so many of the principles that in the Bill on the fabric of a religious Christian Society. So where you at today friends, are your parents in your way when they enter the circle, the sphere of your be Are you are, you're are the grandparents in your life. People who are largely irrelevant. I'm here to suggest you day for Belles jazzer never can as hers experience was the lesson. It was the Pedagog of humility. If he would of taken advantage of learning it from a previous generation, He would have had what God gave him. But in rejecting it, and in embracing the wisdom of the Fools of his own generation, he chose instead to bring judgment down on himself, which is exactly where we're headed in ignorance. In the realm of morality will lead to arrogance. And that arrogance will lead to Defiance, which is why when he was have Sauza, he called for the vessels from the temple which his Papa and his Grandpapa never dared get out for any kind of celebrated. And in the moment that he's drinking beer prophecy tells US and prophets and Kings he is the leader of this orgy. In the middle of that experience, the hand appears on the wall. In the midst of it all, if he simply would have remembered to honor his father and his mother, he would have been saved perhaps from being the one to bring, not only the Party but the walls down. Yes, it's natural for young people to always want to cast off the restraints of the previous generation, especially if they grew up privileged and wealthy. Enjoying pleasure, especially if affluence was the cultural Experience of the day post modern societies create their own lies that are built on ignorance. The lie that this city was unconquerable was about to be known. It was their truth, it was their own truth. Now I want, I want to show you part of how this is developed. We have found ourselves so busy discovering New things that we have forgotten the old. And I'd like to suggest you day that the Mahdi pluck its fruit when we actually put the fruit in the hands of our Jew. This is its primary use is for immorality. There is a time of suppose it exists. Is that functionality and health and well being are dynamics of law gives me in the effort of inertia of past days. And other words lead to a stop once the engine is no longer fuelled by the morality of God's word. This is where we're at on the face of the planet. And I not only am will, I will be waiting, although it will be too late for the statistical analysis 10 or 20 years from now. But I'm getting it already. I passed over 20 years at an Academy church and it breaks my heart when people who have barely been married are already divorcing. And I'll tell you the cause. It's the human heart run amok without Accountability. It's the human are without Foundation for a future life. It's the human heart unrestrained and unfettered that kills love. The Bible says because of lawlessness, the love of many will grow cold. And while none of US like have somebody put the brakes on what we're doing or what we're thinking or where we're headed, it's the safeguard is the way rebuke and reproof. But the arrogant cast this off. They actually suggest insulter really, that you have no right in their life. Of course, this is not true. This combined ignorance and arrogance leads to a resiliency, a Teflon sort of person, chapter 5 today is that not everybody was invited to the Party. Praise the Lord Daniel didn't get an invite, and if he did praise, the Lord he didn't go. The truth of the matter is, I highly suspect there was no invitation in Boston gold foil slid under his Babylonian apartment. The truth of the matter was, Daniel would like to have been forgotten and it would been better in many minds if the God of never can never, never showed up again to Harper the hat to limit the happiness of Babylonian festive Society. But Daniel is called the other person who wasn't invited is God, Listen to this from prophets and Kings. Little did bells jazzer think there was a heavenly witness to his idolatrous revelry. That a divine Watcher unrecognized, looked upon the scene of profanity, heard the sacrilegious mirth. They held the idolatry, but soon the Vida guest capital g. made his present fell. Listen, train your kids, prepare your own minds that you will declare Sands of a New Society. Don't be surprised. Everybody wants you. There's probably a problem. But if there's elements of your life, this stand apart from the Society, marginalization and ostracisation is probably what you should expect. But I'm here to tell you friends, it all going to go on its head. And what's going to happen at that point time is we're going to see an ascendancy of a New focus on things of spiritual nature. I would like to say God, but I hardly think that will be the case. It will be a false revival that precedes the outpouring of the hold one of those Golden bowls. The fiery letters are written on the Long. Now it's absolutely certain for this kind of judgment to take place Adele. She has or had to know something. God doesn't hold you accountable for things you don't know. Now willful ignorance, on the other hand. And I do need to take a minute to talk about this willful ignorance, on the other hand is a different Beast. So I refuse to let it be my enemy. It will, they don't like to hear me preach because I think I constantly rail on these. The problem is brought into our life, out of which the enemy comes and occupies. When I look at my home screen, I'm thankful for that Bible AD that's on there and I'm thankful for my Him. No, that's on there and I'm thankful for the L. N G y app that's on their friends to understand you better spend a little bit less time lead to arrogance, which will lead to Defiance, which will lead to judgement, which is eternal loss. You can't have the writings of Ellen White, the Spirit of Prophecy, a manifestation of it. You cannot have these things, but never read them and expect that somehow you won't catch the spiritual diseases of Bell chastises what matters most. And then use these to fill in the places where they serve well, but never listen. The Party is almost over the Patriarch or prophets and Kings 524 were but a few moments before had been hilarity and blasphemous witticism. If you're watching t.v. between 6 and 10, that's what you're watching. And if you've got your subscription to Netflix, and you can watch your favorite shows, even if some of them are 20 and 30 and 40 years old, you're still watching some of the same stuff. But what I was surprised by when I read prophets and Kings was the degree of rebuke that Daniel delivered you don't capture it all in the Bible. I want to read a little commentary to you here from the pen of inspiration. He spoke of never can answer sin and fall. There's the history, you know, he was 7 years and Beast and of the Lord's dealings with him. The Dominion and glory bestowed upon him the divine judgment for his pride in the subsequent acknowledgment of the powers in the Mercy of the God of Israel, that parts in the Bible. Then emboldened in phatic words, he rebuked Can you imagine a church full of a 1000 people who didn't want the preacher to show up because everything they were doing was all wrong. And the preacher shows up and they get a sermon or a sermonette in bold and emphatic words. If the handwriting hadn't been on the wall, he would have been written out of Babylon on a rail, delivered to the MEADS in the Persians. But God opened the door and created the way any other attention. Bold an emphatic with a word he rebuke bells, jazzer for his great wickedness. He held the King sin out before him, showing him the lessons he might have learned, but he did not build jazz or had not read or write the experience of his grandfather. Oh man, if these words aren't dripping with meaning for today, I'm going to read it again Bel, she has or had not read or write the experience of his grandfather. What's that mean? That means he read it wrong. How many times have I heard children critiquing their parents? They think they got their parents all figured out. Like somehow when they arrive at the other side of parenting, they will have done it. Absolutely wonderful, perfect. They can write the Nuba book instead of Dr Spock, how many young people in ignorance and arrogance all only only trained by wealth and pleasure and ease. How many have looked back at the humble lives of their parents, and read the whole thing wrong. I can remember for telling my own kids you don't even know me. We haven't gone under the vaccination for the Apocalypse, but I'm going to tell you it's Super Duper important Yes. How many young people have read the experience of their parents or grandparents? Exactly the wrong way and they don't heed the warning events. The opportunity of no, you know, again, the true God had been given to him. Belch as are, but it not been taken to heart and he was about to reap the consequences of his rebellion. Because of the strange perversity of the human heart, God had at last found it necessary to pass the ear revokable sentence. They'll Shaz or was the fall in his Kingdom was the past. In the other hands, one more paragraph, every nation that has come upon the stage of action, including this one, has been permitted to occupy its place on Earth. That the fact might be determined whether it would fulfill the purposes of the watch or capital w.. And the Holy One prophecies trace, the rise in the progress of the world's great empires. Babylon, me to Persia, Greece Rome with each of these, as with the Nations of less power, history has repeated itself. Each has had its periods of test. Each has failed. Its glory has faded, its power departed, 400 years ago on December 18th $1620.00. The prophetic roots of a prophesied nation with a Protestant Foundation was begun. How come you don't know? And it's time for US to quit rewriting. It was some people who listen to this sermon are going to be very frustrated with the preacher Because supposedly that journey of religious Liberty is not the preeminent risen. But really what should we be? So celebrating is a different kind of original sin, which I'll suggest to you is indeed a sin of this nation. But the idea that we rewrite the history and this component of suffering. And somehow we elevate every generation supposedly to our New level of morality. And we impute those who at great sacrifice, even death itself, establish the greatest nation of modern history that protects Liberty and life, and gives the chance to have a pursuit of happiness. All right, so Let's get on to the vaccination. Pretty painful. Description of a Babylonian post-modern Society. So what is the vaccination? If I told you today, you could walk in such a way that you wouldn't be 2nd to the fear mongering of the conspirators. And you wouldn't look down your nose at the wisdom of those who have gone a generation or 2 before you over the path of life. And other words, it wouldn't be pride that I know better. I'm picking from the technological Tree of Life. I've got my arms around more information than my parents have ever had. Haha! You've got your arms around more data. How much of it is good for anything and how much of his construed to misconstrue fear? Gotta constantly be on the inside tracks on the head of the people out to get me or pride. I don't want to do it. Those people, those old fogies, they're in the fast Lane and everybody knows that you need to move over and get out of the way for progress. If I told you there was a way you could walk, that would make you safe from repeating the blind and willful ignorance and arrogance and defiance of Belle Chasse. Or would you be arrested? Well, there is. And it's Fortunately it's nothing New. Prophets and Kings page 529. The prophet Daniel 1st reminded Bell's jazzer of matters which he was familiar, but which had not taught him. Here we go, get ready. You can take this action Ation. Yes, I know more than half of Americans don't even want to vaccination. But this is one you need because the spiritual diseases around you are infectious beyond degree the proper reminder Bell shatter, of Shaz or of matters with which he was familiar but which had not taught him the lesson of humility that might have saved him. Yes, friends. We can hear prophet Micah calling out, do justly, love Mercy, and walk away. Can anybody tell you you're wrong? Are you close enough to anybody to where they could actually bump into your zone of existence and not upset your fragile ego? Are the relationships you forge with people deep enough to where somebody could love you enough to say, Hey, what you do on, Hey, you're wrong, Hey, dislike me, but get over it, because nobody loves you enough to make you Mad like me. Hey. Judgements just around the corner. Do you see friends, Stephen Echols, who specialize in an elements of addiction, not only in his education, but also out of his personal life. He was for years, an alcoholic. He's one of our elders. He said in a staff meeting the other day said something really powerful. He said They say the opposite of addiction is connection. I want you to think about it. We live in the most addicted age of American history. If you want to be free, your life is going to have to be infused with the love of Christ shared through the love of the brothers and sisters. God is looking at this moment to take the fabric, which not only has the power to deliver you from wrong attachments and Society, but deliver you through right attachments that will call you back to the narrow way in which humility, because you actually have semblance of self image that's based on real love from other people and from God, not self-love that comes from patting yourself on the shoulder here and on the shoulder here. My mother used to say to me, Don't break your arm patting yourself on the shoulder. I don't think that's the esteem ISM of Dr. Spock's book, but it was necessary for an arrogant adolescent to hear the words. Some of those rigid paediatric methodology is, were utilized in my home. But I never, never, in my whole life doubted my mother's love. How did she pull this off? Somehow she saved me and I grew up in a less dangerous spiritual era. She saved me from the idea that somehow the World revolved around Ronnie. Now most people don't call me Ronnie anymore. Little Ronny because I'm a Junior so I ask myself the question at the end of this sermon. Why in the World to God send Daniel just a few hours before the execution when he say, well, it's for you and me really Daniel needed to show up for you and me when there's been enough, you just read in the chapter that there's a great Party going on, and they got out the vessels from the temple, the Holy vessels dedicated for only the service of God. And that very night, judgment came down. Why not just that? Why does God send a prophet to confront them? We're thinking about I'll tell you what I think because even in the midst of a drunken orgy with over a 1000 people, God's goal is still redemption. And we don't know how many people were there who are being sucked into the social elite ISM of post-modern thought. Especially the wealthy cream of the crop, the educated cream of the crop in my mind, right? To the very end. God plans to read in some of the Party goers who will hear the rebuke and return to the simple, narrow way friends. If there is a spiritual pandemic that is circling the Globe, it is the arrogancy of our age. It is the willful neglect of the generations that have gone before US. It is the idea that I know better than everybody else, especially the generations that raised me or raised my parents. With better stop and think twice. Lest we find ourselves reading the biographies of our parents and our grandparents the wrong way. Lest pride and self-importance twist the story line. And leave US confused about the issues of eternal life. Could we be humble before God? Are we any better than our fathers? Isn't this the cry of Elijah as he's running away? Let me die. I'm no better than my father's. None of US are But we're loved every bit as much. I mean by the you this morning, friends. There is a War on. It's an information War. The history is trying to be rewritten. You should have know that we should be celebrating for centuries of gods opening up the Earth to swallow all the flood that came out to destroy those who live by conscience in the Word of God. But Nobody's talking about it because religion stands in the way, true religion. Of course, politicize religion stands in the way to, it appears To God help US Judgment will come to an end. The Party has begun. God is calling US to live the most noble, dignified, credible lives, and to speak where we should speak Be quiet. If your life's not been credible, Be quiet. If you made it easy to be discounted, To go to your knees as God to guide you And make you fulfill your God given role you have breath Above body and mind. And May the generations that are here rise up and call the great head found in the way of righteousness blast. May God favor our seniors. I pray they will make him all like Caleb and Joshua strong and viable into their old age. And may this be a place where across the generations, not the dividing of the generations. We see the happiness, the health and the vitality the lesson of never can answer is a lesson for all of US. God is able to humble the proud. Last thing, the other day I was somewhere with a group of people and they talked about pride And God humbly. And I said Look, I don't pray for God to humble me. I pray God, help me get out in front of the curve and humble myself. I don't want to have to be humble To God help each one of US rely on the paths of the New Kingdom. The feet of generations before US are often filled with Hearts of love. The wisdom that we need to go there. May we not be fooled by this rapid increase of information and they we focus on what matters most May God God, vaccinate US with this humility so that we can walk all the way through the time events of the Apocalypse and see his face a man and a man This media was brought to you by audio, a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse, you would like to listen to more sermon, W.w.w., audio verse, or.


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