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Remember Lot's Wife

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 29, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for being with us throughout the Sabbath Day Thank you Lord for watching over us guiding and leading us and one small Lord I know that you never tired of bless your children and Lord we studied last night that you are so willing to give your Holy Spirit to your children and so we are pleading for another portion of your Holy Spirit a double portion in fact that you would inspire our hearts and our minds as we look into a very familiar story that you would speak to our hearts and guide us we pray in Jesus' name amen if you not already guessed from the description of the title that you seen coming in let's turn our Bibles to Luke Chapter 17 verse 32 from where we get our title this evening Luke Chapter 17 and verse 32 let's turn our Bibles their very very short verse is not as short as what you find in John Chapter 11 where Jesus wept but it is close it comes 2nd Luke Chapter 17 verse 32 The Bible says Remember Lot's wife she is famous for turning back and looking at Sodom when God was pouring out that fire and she turned into a pillar of salt you know Jesus is the one that reminds us here of this unfortunate incident and there are lessons for us to learn from it this evening as we go back into the Old Testament and look at what happened and how it is and the circumstances that led up to this point for Lot's wife to be turned into a pillar of salt so let's go back to Genesis Chapter 13 Genesis Chapter 13 and we're going to start there in verse one. Genesis Chapter 13 was starting in verse one please turn with your Bibles let's follow along verse one in a Bram went out of Egypt he and his wife and all that he had and lot with him into the south in a brown was very rich in cattle in silver and in gold and he went on his journeys from the south even to Bethel under the place where his tent had been at the beginning between Bethel and high on to the place of the altar which he had made there at the 1st and there Abraham called in the name of the Lord and lots also went with Abraham had flocks and herds and tents and the land was not able to bear them that they might do well together for this substance was great so that they cannot dwell together and there was strife between the herdsman of Abram's cattle and the herdsman of lots cattle and the Canaanites and the parasite dwell then in the land you know friends Abraham had been blessed he was the one that was inheritor of God's promise and he was the one that went out but lots of his nephew tagged along and it came to this point when the land was not able to support both of them they were too rich and you know what they began to be strife between the herdsman of Lot and the herdsman of Abraham and you know what's very interesting the Bible says here in verse 7 that the Canaanites and the parasite as well then in the land always always always the world is watching to see how God's children deal with each other between a brand and lot. There was strife and there the Canaanite and the parasite watching seeing what would happen verse 8 and a sentence a lot let there be no strife I pray the between me and the in between my herdsman and I heard men for we be what brother and you know what they want brothers it was uncle and nephew situation but yet Abraham brought himself down to the level of lots and he says we are brothers let's not fight verse 9 is not the whole land before the separate myself I pray the from me if that I will take the left hand then I'll go to the right or the other part to the right hand then I will go to the left and lot lifted up his eyes and behold all the plain of Jordan that it was well watered everywhere before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah even as the Garden of the Lord like the land of Egypt as thou comest and says all then Lot chose him all the plain of Jordan and lot journeyed East and they separated themselves one from the other Abraham the uncle he was older than lots. And yet he allowed lot the younger one to choose 1st how many of us would have acted differently how many of us would have said hey I have the right I'm older might my children well if he had he didn't have children that time but he did he would have said look my children are the same level as you I ought to go 1st you know respect is a very big thing in Eastern culture which is very similar to the Jewish culture you know but yet Abraham said you choose 1st and wherever you go I'll go opposite and he chose Sodom it was like the Garden of Eden the Bible says us that's how fertile this land was even like Egypt we can imagine it today can we be let's continue verse 12 a brand Well then the land of Canaan and lot to weld in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent toward Sodom but the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly friends he wasn't in Sodom yet but this was the 1st step that he took in a downward spiral that was wrong he pitched his tent towards Sonam he wasn't there yet but eventually he would end up living in the city of Sodom and friends that's the 1st step that he took in the wrong direction as he began to look for the modern conveniences as he pitched his tent toward that direction let's continue Genesis Chapter 19 and verse 15 now at this time. The Jesus met with Abraham and told him his plan to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and he's been pleading and pleading the brought that number down to 10 and said God please don't destroy sort of if there is 10 righteous people there and the angels have come into the city 2 of them ready to warn lots about what God is about to do and look at verse 15 Genesis Chapter 19 and verse 15. And when the mourning arose then the angels paced and Lot saying Arise take the wife and the 2 daughters which are here less they'll be consumed in the New could see of the city and while he lingered the men laid a hold upon his hand and upon the and of his wife and upon the hand of his 2 daughters the Lord being merciful and saw him and they brought him forth and set him with out the city you know he lingered to obey the decision had been made already God had already decided he was going to destroy that whole Sodom and Gomorra and here was lots he lingered to obey the angels had to come in themselves and take hold of lot with their own hands and dragged them it seemed out of the city unwilling to leave Sodom and Gomorra friends why did He has a tate Why did he linger maybe because he still had children in the city he had gone and begged for them to follow him but they just laughed at him thinking that he was crazy and old foolish man maybe he didn't think that God would really destroy the city while he was yet in maybe he had so many possessions in Sodom that he was trying to think how he could carry all of it out with him Saddam was Todd to his heart dear friends do you have things in your life that is making you hard to hesitate making it hard for you to follow Jesus and your hesitating is it making you think twice maybe some of us will be so tired to our lands and a house as you know and the White says that there will be some that will be perishing with their gold and their silver at the end of time you know. Have you come to this point where maybe the world has tied you down so much that even though your greatest desire is to follow Jesus and you want to get out of the city or you want to leave your your job or whatever it is it's very difficult for you to do that a lot he hesitated he found it difficult friends the angels had to come in and drag him out and so that was his 2nd step in this downward spiral that would eventually lead to Jesus saying Remember Lot's wife he lingered friends he lingered. Step number 3 was still in Genesis Chapter 19 Now in verse 17 The Bible says and it came to pass when they had brought forth a broad been brought them forth abroad that he said escape for the life look not behind the night the stay that one or the plane escaped to the mountain less that would be consumed this was the directive that the angels gave to lots and I mean if an angel messenger came to me and said such a thing wow how I would have been quick to obey at least that's what we think isn't it but look at what Lott says in reply verse 1918 and law lot said unto them all not so my Lord behold now by servant has found grace in the eyesight and the has magnified by Mercy which now has showed and to me and so you my life and I cannot escape to this mountain lest some evil take me and I die can you believe it lots of the angel all know I can go to the mountain in case some evil open State me and I die there we really have some twisted thinking sometimes isn't it we're we are really not that much different from a lot but you know what he say this angel is trying to save my life I never go to the mountain I'm going to die there. God I've never lived in the country before I don't know how to live in the country a snake might bite me and you know friends I'm a city boy through and through you know one of the things that really stops me from going to the country I've resisted it of been more soft that hot in these recent years especially of what's taking place in the cities nowadays but especially with 3 children growing up but I tell people all the time I'm not a country boy I've. Snakes here and here in Malaysia I mean here in the city already we deal with something cockroaches and then you got bugs you got to put up fly screens and you know you've got to close the windows at night or make sure that they don't creep in when they do odd so annoying so many different things I think about my kids getting bitten by snakes the big thing is snakes you know and then there's so many other bugs out there to bite you know tons of mosquitoes you know I'm so glad I live in the 8th floor here and we don't get in the mosquitoes. We got so many reasons isn't it i know i do i'm not saying that I'm not like not lots and that's why I'm preaching to you guys look we give God so many reasons sometimes why we cannot follow him Behold now the city is near to fully and to you and it is a little one 0 let me escape through the my soul shall live and he said into him see I have accepted the concerning this thing that I will not overthrow the city for the which thou has spoken haste the escape therefore I cannot do anything till down be for the therefore the name of that city was called Zoar and while he what lingered there we go again while he lingered the men lay hold upon his hand and upon the hand of his wife upon the hand of his 2 daughters the Lord being merciful and saw him they brought him forth and sent him with out the city there we go again lots was a lingering. But he was bargaining with God he was bargaining with the angels he didn't seem to trust God's leading when he said to him Get out of the city and go into the mountain you know friends sometimes we think we know better than God Sometimes we act that way isn't it you say God I know better but do we really you know sometimes it's hard God God if I don't work on the Sabbath I'll lose my job God if I give ties and offerings I won't have enough to pay my bills and survive this next month God if I don't drink tea and coffee I will not be able to be attentive and give the best of my work and my studies God if I break up with my non as the a girlfriend I'm going to be single forever no one's going to want me you know we give God so many reasons we give him so many reasons as why we think we know better but do we really sometimes as we're going to see here in lots case it's going to be at the expense of the life of other people you know friends what was a result of lots lingering and lots bargaining he lost his wife his 2 daughters committed incest with him and slept with them they are there as they gave birth to 2 nations that would be the enemies of God's people Saddam had followed him all the way out into the mountain you know when when when the Saddam was destroyed by fire the wife turned back and she became a pillar of salt they escaped to that city but eventually they will go up to the mountain eventually they would trust in God that God do what he was doing. It was in the mountain where he found safety it was in the directive of God that he found safety friends are not saying that you have to go to the country today we've got to be balanced in understanding how God is leading each and every one of us that should be our goal that should be our aim and we also need to figure out how we can work the cities from the country as well not just skate there and hide until Jesus' 2nd coming that selfish too you know but God knows best and sometimes in our delay we hurt other people we hurt other people I want you to I want to show you what Peter calls lots in 2nd Peter chapter 2 and verse 6 let's turn our Bibles the 2nd Peter chapter 2 in verse 6 look at what Peter calls lots 2nd Peter 26 and turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes condemned them with an overthrow making them and then sample on to those that should after Live ungodly verse 7 and delivered just lot vexed with the filthy conversation of the week at all he was upset at what we eat heard in the conversations that they see in the city there but it affected their daughters and affected his wife verse 8 for that righteous man dwelling among them in seeing and hearing vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds ole lot was called the righteous man for sure that's what the Bible says He is a saved man it seems it seems that we're going to meet Him in Heaven one day but his decision it affected his daughters and his wife he pretty much lost his whole family we don't know if we're going to see those 2 daughters in heaven chances are very slim we don't know if we're going to see lots wife in heaven the last at seems to indicate that she's going to be lost will we see a lot there yes. But he's going to be missing his whole tribe do you understand that whilst there's going to be this great reunion on the resurrection morning lots going to wake up and all that were under him. Not going to be there. To friends this place is a great responsibility on fathers today the decisions that you are making are going to affect us for time and eternity and not just that is going to affect those that follow us friends we've got to be careful not to linger we've got to be careful not to bargain with God thinking that we know better we've got to make haste today told with mean your Bibles to Psalms 119 and verse 60 Psalms 119 unversed verse 60 the Bible says I made haste and delayed not to keep the commandments let's make haste to obey today let's make sure that when we hear the Word of God that we're not going to to bargain with God We're not going to talk to God as a god you've got to get more abundantly clear when when he's given us weight of evidence already friends if you see the truth to day let us make haste and not linger to obey by the grace of God He's the one that has to give us strength he is the one that has to to to give us that platform on which to stand upon but he's the one that gives us that directive and if he is the one that called us faithful is he that will help us to see it through to the very end. Let's also turn in a bible to Acts chapter $22.00 and verse 16 Acts Chapter $22.00 and verse 16 the Bible says and now why terrorist that why are you Terry in arise and be baptized and wash away the ice in the calling on the name of the Lord friends there are some of you that are just tarrying that a lingering that are delaying to get baptized why you see the world and all the pleasures and somehow you feel sad that if you're going to follow Jesus you're going to lose all these things friends let us not delay let us not tarry don't you think that Jesus has the best in mind for you Don't you think that he loves you that he wants you to enjoy this life as well as the life to come that when he asks you to sacrifice certain things that he knows that is not for your best good and that if he's asking you to keep the Sabbath he knows that you can be happiest only as you keep it to your friends some of you have been needing to get baptized for a really long time and you're delaying to day Delaine friends don't tarry arise and get baptized arrives and call me and let me know that you've made a decision for Jesus tonight arrives shape of that dirt and that dust and that sin that is weighing us down let us commit to Jesus to day to day Revelation Chapter 18 In closing I want you to turn with me that Revelation chapter 18 of appeal to those that need to get baptized but friends for the rest of us Revelation chapter 18 and verse one revelation 18 and verse one and after these things I saw another angel come down with from heaven having great power and the earth was alight in with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great is fall'n is fall and as and has become the habitation of devils and the hold of every fall spirits and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird for all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies and then Jesus says in verse 4 and I know heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins and that you receive knots of her plagues friends God today is calling us to come out not only of Sodom but of Babylon he's telling us my people you got to come out before Babylon fall and if you are found in there at the end of time you will fall along with them the 3 angels messages the everlasting Gospel it is good news my dear friends I want to remind you that if God is calling you out and so follow him and so walk this line that he's marked out for you trust him trust the mill take faith friends trust the because sometimes the way may seem dark that will have to sacrifice certain earthly pleasures will have to sacrifice some things and a life that we've we've had for many many years and God is saying no now is the time to give it up but trust me even though you'll be poor in the world's wealth you'll be rich in faith even though it might seem that everyone else seems to be making ground in their earthly treasures God will take care of you and he will give you heavenly treasure and joy even on this earth as you follow him. My dear friends maybe some of you have made bad choices in the past you've pitched your tent toward Saddam maybe even some of you might be bearing some of the consequences of those actions but friends I have good news for you the sun still shines the Sun of Righteousness that is still shines today God's mercy is still lingering for you and me and it's not too late to repent it's not too late to say God I'm willing to sacrifice everything I lay all on the altar of sacrifice I'm willing to follow you all the way let us not make reasons and excuses and bargain with God today if you hear his voice don't tarry today let us follow Jesus with a heart full of love for him today let us learn to trust him in the good times but especially in the difficult times for that is the time that we have to hold on to Jesus even tighter as he will be the one that will carry us through those dark times friends faith shines brighter when we need to exercise it faith to shine the brightest in the dark times of our life and there are many that are suffering today but I'm asking you trust God Don't linger to obey don't linger to follow him let's not be like lots who lingered and lost everything on this earth today might be the time to sell your house. Today might be a time to sell your shares so they may it might be that time that you got to give up a certain job or a certain relationship or a certain Even course of study I don't know what it is friends but if God has been speaking to your heart and you know it Tom De Lay for lingering only hurts those around you I want to share with you a personal story in closing you know. Over 20 years ago I was in a relationship with a non Adventist I don't know she's watching today because by the grace of God she's baptized today has married a wonderful man with a wonderful family and she's serving God She even sat on the executive committee of the conference and she's serving God with all her heart and I praise the Lord but you know I delayed to obey she was non admin is that the time when I knew that God. Was a youth leader and I knew that God wanted me to do this before I could help the youth I knew that I had issues and some of us you know we're living in this life that we know that we ought to follow God and if we find it hard to serve him because we know that we're living a hypocritical life friends there's nothing worse than having this burden of guilt upon your hearts when you go to bed at night God cannot work he cannot help us to be a blessing but only as we learn to follow him step by step and he gives us a heart full of not just love but innocence and uncondemned life that we can serve him with a heart full of assurance friends today even the smallest speck and dust can my heart our whole experience with Jesus I'm pleading with you. On behalf of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we must dispense with everything that is hurtful to us let us learn to give God our whole hearts if you've never done that you've never experienced his full goodness and assurance and so in this new week that's learned to give God everything that's not bargain with him let's arise today and follow Him with all our hearts friends if that is you I just ask that your bow your heads with me and I'm going to pray very special prayer for you God knows who you are God knows who knows God knows who needs this pray let's be our heads father even as we are now past the Sabbath hours and we're into a new week the great controversy still rages on in the hearts of men and women Lord I don't know who is struggling here this evening but you do and I pray Lord that you would go right now to where they are and even as those that would listen beyond this time that you would be with them and draw close to them right now and strengthen them in this great conflict that you would help them to see Lord your love you help them to see your compassion you would help them to see your arms stretched out to ready to help and support to pull them or leave they would hold on Lord Father please draw close to all my brothers and sisters that are that are fighting against sin and the devil and it's so difficult Lord but I pray that you would please be with them for we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us so Father police be with us in this new week help us to set our sights on Jesus Christ help us to not forget. This great conflict that we're in but in a short while it's going to be all over and we're going to be able to see you face to face and Lord we're going to shout out that heaven is cheap enough that whatever you've asked us to sacrifice will not compare to the glories that you've given to us and haven't and so Father please help us to see that it's going to realities today and even as we're living Help us Lord help us to seek 1st the Kingdom of God and your righteousness. So give us strength for this new week Lord guide each of us we pray in the loving name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we pray news. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons pleading visit w w w audio verse or.


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