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Exact Proof the Bible is Accurate Using Time Prophecy

Mark Finley
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Daniel 8 and 9 show us proof the Bible is accurate. We can look at the time prophecies and calculate the exact dates with precision. It's amazing more people don't know about Bible prophecy. The 2300 day vision given to Daniel, the 70 week prophecy, the meaning of 1844, and whether the antichrist is a future event can be understood. Join Seventh-day Adventist international evangelist and author Mark Finley as he studies the longest time prophecy in the Bible.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 4, 2020
    7:00 PM
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If you have your bible please take it and turn to Daniel Chapter 8 and we're going to look there at what took place in the life of Daniel at the end of the 8th chapter the Angel Gabriel had come and Gabriel was explaining Daniel Chapter 8 to Daniel the heavenly messenger had explained the meaning of the ram me to Persia the meaning of the he goat Greeks he came down to a prophecy in Daniel 81422300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed Now God had told Daniel son the Angel Gabriel something look at Daniel Chapter 8 verse 16 Daniel 8 verse 16 and I heard a man's voice between the banks of the u.i. who called and said Gabriel make this man understand the vision so Jesus said something to Gabriel What did he say to Gabriel make Daniel do what understand the vision now when Gabriel has a message that comes from God Do you think Gabriel is going to be very persistent in following through on the instructions of God So Gabriel begins to explain the vision today and you he explains about the ram explains about the ego he comes down to this long time prophecy the 2300 days and his Daniel as listening to the prophecy explained Daniel 8 verse 27 and I Daniel fainted and was sick afterward I arose and went about the king's does business I was astonished by the vision but no one understood it so did Gabriel accomplish his mission by the end of chapter 8 did he accomplish it how do you know he didn't accomplish his vision. Because it says nobody understood it but in Daniel Chapter 8 verse 17 Gabriel was commissioned to make this man do what I understand but what portion of the vision did Daniel not understand the time prophecy because was the ram explained in Daniel Chapter 8 was the he go to explain in Chapter 8 did he begin to explain the 2300 years he began it but Daniel didn't understand it and Daniel what Saint it now what would you expect today and in Daniel Chapter 9 if Gabriel was told make this man understand the vision if Daniel doesn't understand it at the end of chapter 8 what would you expect in Daniel Chapter 9 you'd expect Gabriel would come back and understand make then you understand the vision Now here's the interesting thing how many years took place between Daniel 8 and Daniel 913 years Virt teen years went by now you can imagine that Daniel for 13 years is wondering about the vision of Daniel Chapter 8 why did God allow so much time to go by Have you ever prayed for something for a year or for 5 years or for 10 years or 5 or for 12 years have you ever prayed for something and you have not had an immediate answer to your prayers does that happen sometimes one of the reasons God did not immediately answer Daniel's prayer is because Daniel God wanted to reveal to you and to me persistence. The fact that we would earnestly seek Him when we don't get immediate answers to our prayers that we would not give up but we would petition God Another reason is this God wanted to allow time to come go by so that Daniel would see more eagerly and more for the more focused on the fulfillment of this prophecy so time elapses Daniel is concerned he has not given up and we come now to Daniel in chapter 9 and we look there in the 9th chapter of the Book of Daniel in verse one now the Bible does not tell us the day of Christ 2nd coming but it does tell us when the time of the end begins and we are going to see in this prophecy tonight one of the most amazing prophecies in all the Bible because this prophecy actually predicts the exact date that Christ would be baptized it predicts the exact date that Christ would be crucified it's predicts the exact date that the Gospel would go to the Gentiles and then it takes us down the stream of die and shows us a period of time that would be noted as the time of the end this prophecy has led more people to accept the Christian faith than any other in Scripture. It's a prophecy that is silenced many skeptics because it is so mathematically exact and mathematically precise but we begin with Daniel chapter one in the 1st year of Darius the son of a hash Juris the lineage of the Medes who was made king over the realm of the King County and so it's the 1st year of Darius we know then something about the dating of this chapter in the 1st year of his reign which is approximately 538 a.d. I'd Daniel understood by the books the number of years specified by the word of the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet what does this text tell us about Daniel if you just were reading the text what would you know about Daniel from this text that he reads the Bible I've got a good student on the front row my adults were wondering about that but my young lady on the front row that he reads the Bible I Daniel understood by books the number of years specified by the word of the Lord through the Jeremiah the prophet did Daniel leave us a good example Daniel was a Bible student he was studying the prophecies of Jeremiah now he was studying a specific prophecy of Jeremiah that he would accomplish 70 years and desolations of Jerusalem so Daniel was concerned he was studying the prophecies of Jeremiah in Jeremiah had made a prediction that. Israel would go into a 70 year captivity so the Babylonian Sunda never can as or attacked Jerusalem and took Daniel and his friends captive in the year 605 So if you take 6 o 5 you move 70 years forward you come to approximately 535-5368 d. Darius begins to ruled in 538 so what does Daniel know from Jeremiah's prophecy he knows that Jeremiah's prophecy is coming to an end doesn't it because he knows that the 70 year prophecy is going to run out within the next couple years he knows that Jerusalem would be desolate for that 70 years so Daniel is in captivity to Babylon he now is an old man he's been in captivity for at least 68 years he went into captivity when it's about 70 so he's about 85 but he longs for his people to be able to go oh he wants them to go back to Jerusalem Have you ever traveled and been out of the country for any extensive period of time and at times too long to go home. For a number of years I lived in England I was responsible for training pastors in about 17 countries and often traveled to the former Soviet Union during the days of communism this was 190521990 I can remember there would be times I would be alone and what I was alone in Yugoslavia it was the winter I was away from my family for over a month I was negotiating working with communist governments trying to get religious freedom and I remember I would walk down the streets of Belgrade cold freezing cold with my coat wrapped around me I wouldn't want to speak a word because they would know that I was an American I didn't know a word of Yugoslavia and at the time I'd pull my hat down over my head but I was staying in a church sleeping on a little bed in this church day after day week after week and so I wanted to go home I wanted to see my wife I wanted to see my children I wanted to go home but I knew that for God I needed to be there to try to open up opportunities for the preaching of the gusta. Once a year my wife and I were able to come back to the United States and were able to come and I would love to come back to the states to see my parents they were getting older you know when you are away there's nothing you want to do more then go home Daniel was 85 years old he knew that it would be too arduous a journey for him to travel those 1500 miles from Babylon back to Jerusalem but he saw young Jews growing up who never knew Jerusalem he saw Jewish families and he wanted them to be able to go home so it's the end of the prophecies and Daniel begins to pray and he gets on his knees and he begins to seek God Daniel 9 1st 3 then I set my face toward the Lord God to make my request by prayer and supplication with fasting and sackcloth and ashes one of the great dangers when you study the prophecies of Daniel is this. You can get so involved in the numbers in the prophecies that you missed the spiritual essence and there's enormous spiritual lessons in Daniel's prayer then I set my face toward the Lord God to make my request by prayer 13 years have gone by he's longing to know the meaning of these 2300 years he's longing to understand this prophecy and he gets on his knees and begins to pray by prayer and supplication he fast he puts on sackcloth that means morning and ashes and I prayed to the Lord my God and made my confession and said oh great oh lord great awesome God God is awesome isn't he God is awesome and this is one of the most awesome prophecies in all the Bible God is awesome he knows the beginning from the ending God is awesome he knows the future from the past oh great an awesome God and he talks about got it he says about got who keeps his confident and mercy with those who love him and with those who keep His commandments God is a covenant keeping God when we study this prophecy tonight we see that God is always on time the purposes of God No no haste or they know no delay it's written in the world Moses All this disaster has come upon us Daniel 9 verse 13 you can look at it there in your bible I'm summarizing Daniel's prayer as it is written the law of Moses All this disaster is come upon us yet we have not made our prayer before the Lord our God that we might turn from our Nic with ease and understand your truth Daniel says. There's a lot of cause and effect Israel has rebuilt against God and as a result of that rebellion disaster has come upon us that we might turn from our iniquities and understand your truth there are times in life that God allows us to face tragedy not because he wants to afflict us with adversity but sometimes God gets our attention in remarkable ways as many of you know for a number of years for 14 years I was the speaker director of it it's written television it is written is an international television program shown around the world about one in every $200.00 Americans watch it each week and during that time I had the privilege of doing many outstanding interviews and one of the people that I interviewed was Johnny Erickson Tata how many of you have ever heard of Johnny Erickson tada Johnny Erickson tada is an amazing person she has an international radio program that is world renowned when she was 17 she had a diving accident that then she became paralyzed from her neck down and so she could not feed herself she could not button Hersch blouse she could of course not walk she had to be cared for Couldn't comb or hair and one day I was interviewing her I was sitting in her studio and she had these colored pencils in her mouth and she was drawing she could draw with these pencils and drew beautiful pictures and I said to her Johnny What's the most difficult thing about. Painting with those colored pencils in your mouth and she said take offense a lot of my mouth I took it out remote and she said the lousy taste of these pencils she just said amazing amazing credible person such an inspiration. Before her diving accident she had been living a life as a teenager that I think she would say that she was not the most committed Christian she was doing things that she knew were not were not right not in harmony with God's will and one day she came home from a date with a young man 17 years old and she felt that way about certain things that happened on that date and she said that she got down to her knees and put her head on her bed and just wept and said God whatever it takes whatever it takes to turn me to you whatever it takes to bring my life in harmony with your will whatever that takes I want to do it it was just a month or so later that she dove into that shallow water and broke her neck and she said it was that accident that gave her that sweet fellowship with Jesus that she just had longed for all of her life it was that accident that drew her close to the Saviors heart it was that accident that enabled her at the listen to the voice of God and dedicate her life to a boy to a life of service God wanted to reach Israel by prospering them. And God wants to reach you and me by prospering us it's not God's intent that we suffer but there are times in our lives that if God sees us drifting from him he will not cause but allow circumstances to come onto our lives that draw us closer and closer and closer to him I cannot tell you the times that I've been lecturing to thousands around the world where I've talked to young people whose lives have gone in a direction that was contrary to God's will but God has allowed certain circumstances to take place in their lives like he did in Israel so they might turn from their iniquities and understand God's truth I would much rather have God prosper me and learn the lessons by being obedient in those times than having my heart drift from him and facing the challenges of adversity there is a law of cause and effect when anyone knowingly and willingly turns their back on God they forfeit God's design blessing now there are times that we live ignorantly outside of God's commandments but there are times that if we turn willingly and knowingly from God that we forfeit is a blessing Daniel says that we might turn from our iniquities an interesting it is true there is one thing you notice about Daniel's prayer Daniel does not point is things are at the Israelites and say that's what those Jews are doing it serves them right that they're in captivity to Babylon Daniel a dentist sides with the sins of the Israel Daniel since corporately that their sins were his sins you know it's a wonderful thing to admit. That you've been wrong it's a wonderful thing to unite with other people's hearts when they are confessing their sins and not stand back arrogantly and proudly as if you had not seen Daniel a dent aside with the sins of Israel the history of Israel is the history of a nation that God taught in deep sorrow because of their rebellion God would have wanted to favor Israel and make them the head and not the tail But as Daniel was spraying Daniel 9 verse 21 you need to see this in the text then unite verse 21 yes while I was speaking in prayer the man Gabriel whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning being caused to fly swiftly touched me about the time of the evening offering so did we did we look at Gabriel before in this chapter did we look at Gabriel What did God commision Gabriel in Daniel 8 verse 16 Gabriel make this man what I understand the vision but did Daniel understand it didn't understand it time passes so Gabriel comes back to explain to Daniel the onyx the on explain portion which is he being caused to fly swiftly reach me about the time of the evening offering So Gabriel is coming back to explain the vision it is in for me and talk with me and said Oh Daniel read it with me please from the screen I have now come forth. Give you a skill to understand Daniel 816 he does not understand Daniel 827 he thinks before you understand Daniel Chapter 9 verse 22 Gabriel comes back and Gabriel makes this man understand that the angels always accomplish their purposes is that good news angels always accomplish their purposes so the so the angel Gabriel says and then you lay person to understand Oh son of man that the vision refers to the time of the end so when does this vision of the 2300 days apply to what time you know that because I told you right you know it why because in the Bible right notice understand oh man that's what the Bible says for the vision appears to that side of the end that's when this vision appears according to Daniel Hey now Gabriel comes back to help Daniel understand the vision the vision of the 2300 days applies to what period it's and I'm the time of the end but wait a minute 2300 days doesn't take you down to the time of the end from Daniel's time does $365.00 days a year so there are more than 6 years when you have symbols in prophecy the time periods are symbolic Now when you read a day in the Bible that's the day you read it God created the earth in 6 days rested the 7th that's a literal day but when you read a time prophecy like in Daniel For example you read about a lion with eagle's wings you ever go to the zoo and see a lion with eagle's wings you ever see a leopard with 4 heads on it I'll never see this kind of dragon like so when prophecy is symbolic. Well I can date one revelation the time periods are symbolic So there's a consistent principle so that and we studied that symbolism in the Bible one that prophetic day equals one literal what year so let's see what we can learn the Angel Gabriel comes back to explain the meaning of the 2300 years but to position us to enable us to understand that the angel Gabriel goes down the stream of time explaining certain events that would take place Daniel did not understand this vision about the time of the end Daniel $827.00 he fainted was sick he was astonished at the vision we read it but nobody understood it so the angel Gabriel comes back at the beginning of your supplication the command went out and I've come to tell you for you are greatly be loved therefore consider the matter Daniel $923.00 consider what matter the 2300 years and understand the vision what vision the vision of Daniel Chapter 8 that you did not understand don't you like this expression in Daniel Chapter 9 when Gabriel speaks to Daniel in verse 22 he had for me notice verse 23 at the beginning of your supplications like a man went out I've come to tell you you are greatly be loved as you and I are on our knees prayed asking God to solve a perplexing problem that we cannot understand. A mystery that for us has been sealed for years as we're on our knees pray as we're on our knees crying to got as our hearts are strangely warrant and God said You are greatly be loved I will not leave you in doubt any longer you are greatly beloved there as we pray we feel our hearts warped there as we pray we sense the presence of God we sense God speaking to us saying to us you are greatly beloved What a wonderful expression the God of the universe looks down upon you in upon the interest and tells us how valuable we are to him you know greatly be loved for your greatly be love there for consider the matter understand the issue then he says in verse 24 Daniel 9 you have your bible take a look at it here we go into the time prophecy 70 weeks are determined for your people you see the word determined here the word determined is a Hebrew word the word is shut to and it needs to be cut off from 70 weeks are determined are cut off from cut off from what obviously the 2300 days for your people for who the Jews and for your holy city to finish transgression to make an end of sins make reconciliation for iniquity incidentally let's go back and look at that again to finish transgression to make an end of sin or a sin offering who would make an end of sin offering. Jesus would wouldn't he who would who would indeed here make reconciliation for iniquity what's another word for iniquity That's it isn't it who is the only one that could make reconciliation for our sins who could do that Jesus who would bring in everlasting righteousness Jesus who would seal up this vision that had to do with the Jews when they would be no longer his chosen people Jesus would who were to send a have it and go into the holy place of the sanctuary then anoint the entire sanctuary in the most only place before he began his priestly ministry only Jesus could do that so this must be a prophecy about Jesus no therefore and understand who is talking Err no their friend understand who's talking the Angel Gabriel Now when Gabriel says no one understand something isn't important to know it isn't important to stand so the angel says no one understand from the going forth of the command to restart war and build Jerusalem until Messiah the princes Messiah the Prince Jesus the family closely remember we read in Daniel Chapter 9 at the beginning that Daniel was prayed and what was Daniel concerned about what was on Daniel's mind the prophecies of who Jeremiah and the release of his people from captivity so here Daniel says no one understand from the going forth of the Commandery store and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince. There shall be 7 weeks in 62 weeks so if you can find out when the command to reste or and build Jerusalem went for it if we could ever discover that date we could go forward on the timeline 69 prophetic weeks 7 weeks and 62 weeks how many weeks is that 69 prophetic weeks so if we could ever find out when that command to restore and be built Jerusalem with and we could walk forward on the timeline $69.00 prophetic weeks we could find out when the Messiah would go Now does anybody know another name for the word that the Hebrew meaning for the word messiah what is the word messiah the what the are Noin to it was when was Jesus anointed at his fap to his Wow Could this prophecy in the Old Testament given hundreds of years in advance predict the exact date for the baptism of Jesus Christ if Daniel can predict that date Daniel was written 600 years before Christ if Jesus if Daniel could predict the date of Jesus' baptism that would help to establish the credibility of the entire Book of Daniel now one prophetic day in Bible prophecy equals one literal year you can read that in the book of. Ezekiel Chapter 4 verse 6 and read it as well in numbers 14 verse 342300 days would represent 2300 years now remember he said 70 weeks are determined upon you and your city 70 weeks of this prophecy would apply to the Jews 69 of those weeks would take you down to the baptism of Jesus Well how many days in a week I knew this was a good question I mean I knew these were sharp people that how many days in a week last 7 so if we've got to figure out how many days there are to get this in 2 years 70 weeks 7 times there are. That was good 7 times 7 are 49 to 70 Weeks says 490 days or 490 what year that was difficult one prophetic day equals one literal year so 490 days are 490 years Ok 70 weeks would represent 490 years we've got to figure out a starting point so when was the starting point no therefore and what Understand now Hebrew the word just to means cut off or separate from 70 weeks are determined are cut off from the 2300 years for the Jews Ok we have the 2300 years that take it out of the time of the year you have 70 weeks of that or 490 days of 190 years that are cut off. For to the coming of the Messiah I know therefore and understand what is the age of Gabriel say know it and understand it's not the time to fall asleep now folks because the angel Gabriel speaking he says what know it and understand it from the going forth of the command to do what restoring Don't you is under messiah what is another word for Messiah the anointed one prince shall be how long 7 weeks 69 weeks the street will be built the wall in trouble this time so $69.00 weeks the timeline begins with the command to do what restore Bill Jerusalem when did that take place one prophetic day calls one literal year 69 weeks died 77 times 9 and what 63 in 67 times 6 of 42 and 6 are 48 so 69 weeks would be 483 days or 483 years 490 years for the prophecy relates to the Jews the 1st 483 years of that prophecy should take you down to the baptism of Jesus now the whole thing starts at a decree to restore Bill Jerusalem got to find out when that took place here it is as for 7 verse 13 let's read it from the screen as her says I issue a decree that all those of the people of Israel and the priests and the Levites in my route who volunteered to go up to Jerusalem may go with you. Bless it be the Lord God of our fathers was put such a thing as this in the king's heart to beautify the house of the Lord which is in Jerusalem now Art exerts East passes this decree the Persian king in 457 b.c. 457. There were multiple decrees passed by our it exerts Why do we choose the date in 457 why did you choose another date when the 70 years of Jeremiah ran out the Jews were allowed to go back in 536 and in earlier than that they were allowed to go back very few of them went back there were there were at least 3 decrees when Art exerts CSKA The difference is this and this is why the prophecies dated from Arctic Xerxes degree it is the 1st time that a civil decree provides the finances and the legal permission for them to rebuild the wall so here you have not only the ability for them to go back but you have the legal permission provided for them not only to rebuild the wall but to do what beautify the house of the Lord which is in Jerusalem so now they have a legal justification in as for a 7 to a stablish worship previous to this time they were able to go back but you have a legal justification to establish worship and you have the means to rebuild the temple in Arctic Circle East to curry and so the issue in Daniel's mind was to Jews going back to worship so therefore we date the beginning of the 70 weeks back to the days of 457 there's another reason have this anybody ever said to you if the shoe fits if the shoe fits that's what where it when you date this prophecy from 457 everything on the timeline comes out right in the prophecy Ok so. The decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem was issued in the autumn of 457 b.c. Now if I'm in the autumn of 457 and I remember the text no therefore and understand from the going forth of the command to do what restart and build Jerusalem that we just read that decree never 7 same language until Messiah the Prince who is the Messiah the Prince and Jesus he's anointed by the Holy Ghost as he's baptized shall be 7 weeks in 6 and threescore and 2 weeks 69 weeks or sick or 483 prophetic days are literal years now look if you start at 457 b. c. and you walk forward on the time line so I'm walking forward now if I walk 457 steps so let's suppose I'm walking this way and I'm back here at 457 b. c. and I want to go forward 483 years but let's start by just going forward 4057 if I'm walking like this and I take 457 steps what's going to take me to 0 right what 457 from 457 I might not stay with me not to lose meaning for 57 which is what 0 Was there any 0 year in history no so if I go forward on the timeline for the 57 years I go one year beyond one b.c. I got to want to do right what because there's no 0 year in history so I don't want to dig but how many years are left over that I have to go for what I did I wasn't supposed to go for that the 7 hours was before how many 43 says 26 left over that takes me to 278 is what happened in $8027.00 this remarkable this is this incredible Luke 3 1st one notice how the Bible gives you dates now in the 15th year the rain at Iberia season when is that. 2780 what happens in that year I don't want you to miss this can you teach your finger a marker pen something in Daniel Chapter 9 when it come back below to Luke chapter 3 verse 13 Verse one let's go to the New Testament Luke 3 Verse one what happens in our Around $827.00 Luke 3 Verse one now in the 15th year the reign of Tiberius Caesar punches pilot being governor of Judea Herod being Tetrarch of Galilee what happens then well verse $21.00 tells you verse one tells you it's the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius verse $21.00 says now when all the people were baptized it came to pass that Jesus also was baptized while he prayed Heaven was opened the Holy Spirit descended upon him so Jesus is baptized in 827 what this crisis a when he was baptized Mark Chapter One how does Mark record that the Gospel of Mark Chapter one mark one what does Scripture say. Jesus comes to be baptized of John in March after one verse 14 now after John was put in prison Jesus came to Galilee preaching the gospel the kingdom in saying The time is fulfilled so in Mark one verse 15 Jesus says The time is fulfilled what time was fulfill the prophecy of Daniel that Jesus would be baptized in a deed $27.00 so here Jesus is confirming the fact that he would be baptized exactly on time exactly what the Bible says so Jesus is the Messiah prophecy there is there are many false messiahs but nobody has fulfilled the prophecies exactly like Jesus Christ that Jesus baptized exactly on time $69.00 prophetic weeks 483 years take us down to 827 but the prophecy was of 490 years right that would be given to the Jewish nation how many years then would be left if you have 483 that take you to 2788 how many years will be left of that for that 90 year prophecy 7 Ok let me ask you a question it's a very simple question even the children can answer this even the adults could answer this one is a very simple question but do you know on this question hangs one of the greatest false words in Christianity Today. If you if you have 490 years Ok that apply to the Jews and if Year one is followed by year 2 if by year 3 it's by year 4 if you have 4 to 5 if you have 405083 of those years one falling right after the other what would you expect to happen with the next fall after that it's off to some people want to say well you know what happens there's 69 years and then there's this great gap between the last 7 away over here but I'm going to show you that why that's one of the Satan's greatest deceptions and why it is because those last 7 years that the Bible connects to the 1st 483 there's no gap there in the Bible that's a manmade theory but look the reason why the devil is Palm that off and many Christians is because the last 7 years are the greatest prophecy showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is the Messiah and the devil hates that Jesus Christ is the Messiah that he died on Calvary's cross to shed his blood for our sins and so he would try to take away our undergird that prophecy you'll see it tonight. Luke 3 1st 21 when all the people were baptized and came to pass Jesus was baptized as he prayed Heaven was opened we just read that and the Holy Spirit descended and bodily death upon him exactly 27 a.d. no therefore understand from the going forth the restoring Bill Jerusalem to Messiah the Prince the 7 weeks in $62.00 weeks after $62.00 weeks Ok so some time after a.d. $27.00 Messiah shall be what Kut-O. who is the Messiah Jesus what does it mean that it be cut off what does that mean he would die and be crucified but not for himself what does it mean that Jesus would die but not for him so he died for you and for me right in the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city in the saying to wear it as the result of the Jewish nations rejection of Jesus. Did Titus the Roman prince in a.d. 7 day destroy Jerusalem this prophecy has been fulfilled exactly so some time after a deed $27.00 the Messiah would be cut off does the Bible tell us when it does it does now to position us clearly the decree of arctic circle sees went forth in the for all of 27 a.d. I 20 s of 457 b.c. in the fall Jesus was baptized 483 years later exactly in the for all of $27.00 a d. So the decree goes forth in the fall of $457.00 Jesus is baptized in the fall of $8027.00 now is or becomes interesting the end of it that is the century of Jerusalem that would be destroyed by try to show it shall be with the flood in till the end of the war desolations are determined exactly that happened with Titus we continue then he that is the Messiah shall confirm a covenant with many for one week you know I've had some people say well doesn't that refer to the anti-Christ Now I just want to show you something in your bible that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that that does well the 1st in the Bible the only one that ever makes a cover meant it covenant is to Jesus Christ he's the son of the everlasting covenant but I want to show you something in Daniel 9 in Daniel Chapter 9 I want you to look in your bible now at Daniel Chapter 9 and I want to ask you some questions and you feel free to answer them that will be in the conclusion will be self-evident Daniel 9 versus 20 thought No therefore and understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince who is the main theme of verse 25 class who is that. The sigh of the prince in that Jesus verse 26 and after 62 weeks Messiah shall be cut off but not for himself who is the main theme of verse 26 Messiah verse 27 he shall confirm a covenant who is the only one that can ever confirm the eternal everlasting covenant Jesus how did Jesus concern confirm the covenant by dying with his own shedding his own blood Remember when Jesus talks about communion he says I will not take the cup again drink the covenant of this Cup So here we have he the Messiah show confirm the covenant with many for one week but in the middle of the week in the middle of the week he shall bring in or in and to sacrifice an offering Who was it that brought an end to all the lamb sacrifices so did that Jesus see Satan would want to take the most precious prophecy say Ok I'm going to take 7 years I'm going to put it at the time of the end with no Biblical justification to destroy the prophecy about Jesus now wait a minute you can fill in the content for with many for one week 69 weeks and one week are how much is 691-7069. Prophetic days is 469 weeks is 483 days or 483 what years runs out in a d. 27 but there is one prophetic week left something is going to happen in the middle of that last prophetic week if you have 7 What's half a 73 and a half now follow me closely if Christ is baptized in the fall of 27 a d.. If an event was to take place 3 years into the future it would take you to the fall of 30 but it was to be 3 and a half years into the future so that 6 months would take you over to the spring of a d. 31 Jesus was 33 years old in the spring of 31 a.d. what happened when Jesus was 33 in the spring it's when he sealed the everlasting covenant with his blood and his death Jesus was crucified on time he brought an end to every animal sacrifice look a day 28 days 273 and a half years take you to 31 a day in the spring exactly at that point Jesus the Messiah is crucified He sealed the eternal everlasting covenant with his own blood now 3 and a half years for that 83 years take us to $27.00 a dig 3 and a half years beyond that take us to the spring of $3013.00 and a half years that take us to the fall of $34.00 a.d. Let's look and see what happened both at both of those dates Daniel predicted the precise timing of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ I have shared this prophecy with thought leaders around the world in fact one night I was preaching in the Kremlin in Moscow God did some amazing amazing things just after the fall of the. Communist government for a very short period of time the Yeltsin government I had been working in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in the Kremlin auditorium was given to us to to speak we had 6500 people each lecture it was just an amazing experience to see what God is doing but the general that led the Afghan invasion gathered a group of intellectuals together and we were studying the prophecies of Daniel during that lecture series they were amazed at the precision of Daniel's prophecies Daniel predicted the precise timing of the crucifixion of Jesus at the end of the 490 years something what happened though $31.00 a.d. Christ to be crucified 3 and a half years more would complete the 70 weeks or 490 years that would go up on the Jews in 34 a.d. the Jews would seal their destiny as God's people how did that happen and I should pull us to say this how merciful our God is Don't miss the mercy of God in the numbers the numbers are important when the Jews crucified when when Jesus was crucified on the cross by the Romans as the Jewish nation rejected him he did and the veil was rent into in the temple Christ gave the Jewish nation 3 and a half more years to repent. Before there do was sealed as a nation now the Bible teaches that thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of Jews were later baptized and became part of Christian faith and even now God is reaching out to our Jewish brothers and sisters we were in Israel in Jude had a marvelous baptism one of the things about the Gospel is it brings people together you know the Bible says that Christ has made of one blood on nations and I remember we're in the Sea of Galilee this Jude that ties here is an Arab businessman being baptized next to a Jewish woman I mean you know it's just so in Christians I remember one time I was in Israel and molecule of cocktails were being thrown in the streets in there was in foot to Fatah and we were having communion and before communion we had foot washing and I had a arab here and it is really here and here I'm a Christian and but the Arab accepted Jesus and he's worshipping with us and the Jew accept Jesus and we're washing one of those feet and I'm thinking to myself Here is an Arab watching is released Here's an Israeli watching an errant seated out in the streets they're throwing these Molotov cocktails the Gospel is amazing it unites us in Jesus it brings people of all nations and kindreds and tongues together in Christ and we become one body and one nation and we're bonded in Jesus. But God is more merciful than we are sometimes. Sometimes you have a child that may not fall in the footsteps of Jesus and you but rather throw your hands up and give up Jesus did not give up on the Jewish nation even after they crucified his son 3 and a half years go by how merciful God is gracious God is in $8034.00 the 1st Christian martyr was stoned and the High Priest ripped his garments and gave a speech in the rejection of that gospel and the gospel began to be preached to the Gentiles and so the 1st fortnight and the years that was cut off in the 2300 years had to do with the Jews the last part of the 2300 years that begin at the exact same place as the 490 because the 490 were cut off from the 2300 remember Daniel's commission what was Daniel's commission make this May and what understand the vision so how do what's God strategy to make Daniel understand the vision it is to describe events along the timeline of history the baptism of Christ the crucifixion of Christ the dustbowl going to the Gentiles it is God's design of history. Daniel 81442300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed What's that talking about it's talking about the restoration of God's truth at n. time in the light of the universal judgment remember in Daniel Chapter 7 Daniel looked up and he said the judgment was set the books were open so previous to the coming of Christ the last days of verse history we will enter into now notice if indeed this prophecy began in 457 b.c. And if this prophecy actually predicted the exact date for the baptism of Christ the exact need for the crucifixion of Christ the exact date for the Gospel going to the Gentiles got tied earthly advance that we could see with our eyes to a heavenly event that we could not see that would take us out of the air $844.00 a d. Now what significance that is of that the significance is this since 1844 in the eternal sweep of history if you look at all of human history from the beginning 6000 years of the time of creation Now let's suppose you have a clock Ok you have a time clock Let's suppose on that time clock we start with 12 am and then you got 12 or 112 o 2 it's actually a start it will you go to 6 am 6 am and that time clock would be probably about the days of let's say they would go down to if you going from $4000.00 b.c. onwards they would go down to about the days of Abraham. That's 6 am Let's go to 12 am you go about 3000 years into human history you're down to the days of David now you go 2000 years ago to the days of Jesus now we're down to 6 pm in the days of Jesus would you then say if you come down to 1844 that's about 160 years ago that's after 11 pm at night in the time clock in other words when you look at the total panorama of human history from God's perspective what God is saying to us is since $844.00 we've been living in a unique time of Earth's history a special hour of the Earth's history there are multiple things occurring at this hour earthquake famine fire flood Haven't we always had those yes but they have catapulted forward we're living at a time when God wants to restore all of the truth of Scripture to his people that God is appealing to his people were living at a time when when we're living in God's final judgment our will study what that means even later more but we're God wants to restore truth in the light of a final judgment where nations and individuals will be judged just before the coming of Jesus since 1844 we've been living in this last days or judgment now you say isn't this a long time Can anybody remember how long no a preached what did God say and no as day he said to no you preach because you're in the last days before the flood comes and how many years was that that Noah preached 120 years. Do we have any more people living on the earth today than know it did probably do don't we we have a lot more people on the earth today so some people have said to me Well how could we be in the time of the end since 1844 very simple just as Noah preached a 120 years in God's panorama of history the Bible does not give us the exact date of the time of the end but what it does do is it lets you and me know that we're living in a special time of versus tree a time that our hearts are to be right with God a time that we are to be on our knees confessing our c In a time that were to say God It's no longer business as usual or pleasures as usual god this is a this is a period of time no a preacher under 20 years before the flood game but the world was under judgment that entire time wasn't it the flood was getting ready to come all during those 120 years so our world is hanging under judgment as you look at our world tonight is it quite fragile would you say our world is quite fragile is it economically fragile today with a 20 trillion dollar debt in America somebody said when America sneezes the world catches pneumonia. With a 20 trillion dollar debt we are fragile whoever is president we're fragile when I look at what's taking place in Syria it's pretty fragile when I look at what's taking place in Iran with nuclear weapons you look at what's taking place in North Korea with the testing of nuclear weapons you know there has never been a weapon that has been developed that hasn't been used and so we're living in a very very critical time you look at the food shortages around the world that's that's pretty serious we don't feel it in America because we are very well fed when you look for example at climate change and global warming in the and the Milton of the polar icecaps you look around the world and there's some very very serious economic political saw show and problems that we're facing what does this tell us. It either can be bad news or good news it can tell us that the christ that promise you remember Jesus promised Let not your heart be troubled John 14 verse 123 you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you Jesus said I go and prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again you know neither you or I are getting any younger and. The great joy of it is that death is not a dark hole in the ground and the grave is not a long night without a morning the great joy is this that one day Jesus will come and there are dead loved ones who we have wished sed good bye to said good bye remember the Bible says and 1st this on each chapter 4 verse 16 and 17 the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel in the dead in Christ shall do what rises 1st and we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air so we shall ever be with the Lord what is this judgment our call to it's a call to faithfulness to live our lives in godly faithfulness to prepare for his soon return let's pray Father in heaven we just thank you so much that the Bible is not just some book for intellectual ignoramuses it's not some book that is filled with fiction in fable but there is substance to this book the prophecies of the Word of God indeed are true and we are so thankful for those prophecies that produce that ink word that clearly reveals Jesus' grace and His love that reveals who he is and lets us know with confidence and assurance where we are in the stream of history and so father. Touch our hearts with your love thank you for being so patient with us and grant to us a sense of your divine presence in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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