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03 The Faith of Noah

Benjamin Ng
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  • June 19, 2020
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for gathering us here this evening thank you for seeing us safely through out this past week thank you Lord for your watch care over us and as we are now coming to study together we ask for your blessing we ask for your leading we ask for your guidance and especially as we study about this character nowhere that probably to all of us is so familiar help us law to again see fresh truth and its application to us this evening please God is with your spirit as a 1000000000 prayer for you pray in Jesus' name amen so tell him in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 11 let's go to Hebrews chapter 11 and we're going to reading verse 7 about Noah Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 7 this is what the Bible says let's follow along. By faith no of being warned of God of things not seen as yet moved with FIA prepared and och to the saving of his house by the which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith look the Bible says here that Noah he was warned of God of things not seen as yet what had no one never seen you see there were 2 things in fact and maybe even 3 but there what there were some things were leading up to the flood there were some things that he had never seen for us let's go in a bible said Genesis Chapter 2 Ok Genesis chapter 2 What had no never seen before Genesis chapter 2 verses 5 and 6 Genesis chapter 2 verses 5 and 6 this is what the Bible says and every plants of the field before it was in the earth and every herb of the field group before it for the Lord had not caused it to rain upon the earth and there was not a man to till the ground but there went up a mist from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground so what had know what never seen before it was rain and of course a flood as well so the world has never been flooded before and it never rained God called cause mist to come up from the ground Miss comes from beneath you see rain is from above so when God came to Noah and said look I'm going to make it rain upon the earth he had never seen rain before all. And we have another evidence let's go in the Bible to Genesis Chapter 9 Ok Genesis Chapter 9 versus $12.00 to $15.00 Genesis Chapter 9 versus $12.00 to $15.00 this is when Noah comes out of the boat after the flood Ok Genesis Chapter one Verse 12 and God said this is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you for perpetual generations I do set my bow in the cloud and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the us and it shall come to pass when I bring a cloud over the earth and the Boesch be seen in the cloud and on I will remember my covenant which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all the flat you see when Noah came out God says I'm going to make your promise Noah. And make you promise every time you see a rainbow Just remember I'm not going to destroy the world anymore by a flood you see the last time know was Saul it the flood came and so if he had seen a rainbow before which is mixed a mixture of what water and sunlight right if he had seen that before the flood came God could not use that as as a token as a promise because God The last time I saw a rainbow the flood came you see so God He came up with something quote unquote new and the rainbow was new because the. The what the rain was knew as well so it was very clear that when God comes to know or at the very beginning and warns him of things not seen as yet the very 1st thing that God warns him is rain Ok he had never seen rain before and neither had he seen a flood as well which was caused by the rain Ok but look what was it that moved no one to go and build the ark What was it he wasn't afraid in a sense but look the oc at that time was probably the biggest thing that he'd ever built all right he never had to build anything such of such size before why this had to house all the animals Ok but in Hebrews 11 verse 7 when you go back to our original text it says here that it was faith that moved him this is the very thing that pushed him and drove him to go on build this boat of immense proportions that it was probably a blueprint given directly from God and of course the choice of materials to use as well so it was faith God comes and says No what I'm going to destroy the world by a flood and rumba faith comes by hearing hearing by the Word of God Don't forget that Romans Chapter 10 and verse 17 you got to remember this verse throughout this whole faith study because really this is the foundation of everything that will be looking at especially when it comes to faith because this is all about faith so God comes to know and speaks to him his word faith comes by hearing hearing by God's word in this case it is directly from God's mouth Noah I want you to build a boat. Now. Maybe that was not the 1st thing he says maybe comes to know and God says no look this world has gotten really wicked my spirit will not always try with men Ok I'm going to destroy the whole world. Ok God and God continues and says Noah I'm going to send a flood to destroy the world well what do you think Noah's response would be God What's a flood Well you see I'm going to get the water and it's going to cover the whole earth Ok and only those that as I give instruction and listen to you they're going to be saved well got how are you going to get water to cover the whole Earth Well you know I'm going to send rain and at this point what does Noah say God What's rain because no one had never seen rain before right god what's rain or you see Noah I'm going to send water from above and it's going to come down and it's going to flood the whole earth and of course he's probably going to send jets of water from beneath and pushing up and from above and below and it's going to cover the whole earth again is going to send it back to its original form like before I created anything Ok God and then God says Noah as a result I want you to build a bomb. Then you'll be safe Look if know what did not believe God Ok if he said God I don't know what rain is I don't know how you going to do it no way you gotta prove it to me 1st before I do it he would have never done it if he never believed God about what rain was because you see in the Bible in never says Noah stand aside let me show you what rain is about and he sends water coming gushing down off in the distance No he never did that. He never proved in a sense to know what a flood was what was rain or all water gushing up from the beneath as well he never did any of that you see no one had to take everything at God's word that's it there was no proof and friends I want to remind you I think I've mentioned this in previous times of when we studied and it is this if you have to wait for God to prove something it is no longer faith it is no longer taking God at His word because now you've got evidence you know today we don't need faith to believe that there is rain or that there's flooding we've seen it with our own eyes we see it on the news we've seen in pictures and videos we don't need much faith to believe in that but back then no one needed a lot of faith faith that took hold on God's Word and God's word alone to believe in something he never seen and we know that he had faith how do we know he went and built an ox. He went to build an ark Ok so we know that no one had faith and if you go back to Hebrews chapter 11 verse 7 look at what the Bible says about Noah in this verse here when it says that he was warned of God of things not seen as yet he moved with what the Bible says that he moved with fear and began to build the boat build the ark now friends what does it mean fear he was not afraid I was going to be a flood and it's going to destroy the whole world and I better get moving and go build the boat that's not what fear is when we looked at fear of God Last week on Sabbath morning for divine service if you missed the sermon go back and look at those videos but what does it mean to fear God. To obey it even when you don't understand the reason why why God Well in a sense he understood why but did he understand how God was going to do it no he didn't he did not understand how this rain was going to work and how the flood was going to come up and what was going to happen he didn't understand all of that but he just knew that God said You got to do this to stay safe you've got to do it and so because he believed in God He understood the command of what God wanted him to do even though he didn't understand what rain was and what the flood was so he moved with FIA he obeyed God and he began to build the boat Now look if you know and you truly had faith Ok huge really had faith to believe in His Word in God's word and you believe that there's a flood coming and it's going to cover the whole earth where would you build the boat you want to build it up the sea you know what I would build a boat I would build it at the one resource that I need the most which was what would I would build the boat in the very middle of the forest because the water would be covering the whole earth anyways that's what got said and so it doesn't matter which place you choose well if the whole world would be covered I might as well go to the place where there's the most would not water would you see that and so it would only make logical sense for no to do that anyways he starts building the boat and in the process of time guess what people then begin to question him and ask him and ask him what Noah what are you doing Noah building a boat building an ark Well they ask next why. Why you know why you're building a boat God told me to carry God told you to why did he tell you to build the boat Well you see friends the world is very wicked and God is going to destroy the world by a flood what's the next question what's a flood Noah Wyle you see God is going to cover the whole world with water you got to get on the boat you got to help me build the boat and you got to get on there's plenty of room for everybody it's big it's not like you know the Titanic they didn't have enough life vests for everybody you know there was plenty enough room for anybody who would repent to get on that boat and you're going to you've got to get on the boat but you gotta help me build it why because it's going to be a flood Ok no where is this water going to come from you can imagine the conversation is the same conversation that Noah had with God Well you see God's going to send rain what's rain you see water is going to come from the sky. Now you really thought no was gone crazy you understand that. Look when we learn to obey God when we learn to fear God it makes you seem radical it makes you seem crazy in a sense like Peter walking on water or in this day and age it's it's keeping the Sabbath even though you might lose your scholarship or get kicked out of school there are some things that when you apply faith the world just does not understand look the world appreciates an honest man. The understand that that they appreciate things of faith because it affects them in a positive way and they appreciate that you're a forgiving person that you're honest person that you don't lie that you don't steal you don't cheat you don't commit adultery you don't cover it you don't do all these things that the world in a sense does but then when you take it a step further because you see as Christians sometimes we only see those tender will things as well but faith drives us to be faithful to God and obey his word no matter what and sometimes the world just does not get it friends so no we're He seemed pretty radical in his day and age do you understand that he seemed pretty radical and that's what faith does friends especially when you learn to step out by faith economy there were too many people helping Noah but every hammer blow every section of the art that was being built all of it was a testament to know was faith in God's word why this size it really had to be this big Why in the middle of of the the forests Noah just doesn't make sense all these things it doesn't didn't make sense and moreover flood and rain did not make sense and so friends if you're one of those people that is struggling to explain your faith to the people in the world sometimes just being quiet is better you understand that because sometimes the more you explain the more crazy you look you see so sometimes just being quiet silence is eloquence and so. Did Noah preach Yes we will see this let's go to 2nd Peter let's turn to Bibles the 2nd Peter chapter 2. And verse 5 2nd Peter chapter 2 in verse 5 you know friends our relationship with God and our trust in His Word must be the foundation of everything that we do this must be the platform upon which we stand upon you know but did he preach absolutely he didn't just build it he wasn't just a boat builder 2nd Peter chapter 2 and verse 5 look at what the Bible says and spared not the old world but saved Noah the 8th person a preacher of righteousness bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly so no was a preacher Ok he did not just go build a boat and get in it selfishly and save his own family no he went and warned the world about the flood he went out and I'm pretty sure that the boat probably attracted a lot of attention because no such thing had ever been built and so people are probably flooding from all over the place and coming to look and the all the time that Noah had the opportunity to share the word of God and how long did you preach for let's go back to Genesis Genesis Chapter 6 and verse 3 let's turn our Bibles there how long did Noah preach will Genesis Chapter 6 and verse 3 and the Lord said my spirit and this is him come God coming to Noah my spirit shall not always strive with man for that he also is flesh yet his days shall be 120 years God gave humanity 120 years he gave no with the Time 120 years to build the boat and he needed it because it was a huge structure and he probably didn't receive that much help there were people that did help and that passed away before the flood came but. Amongst him and his 3 sons and their wives there was probably just a little bit more help than usual but you know for 120 years he had the opportunity to build a boat but for 120 years God gave humanity time to repent time to change and no Was message was the same there was only one message he gave his whole life and all his possessions were wrapped up in this boat there was nothing else and whatever he had if he didn't bring on the boat it wouldn't have survived Anyways all the possessions in his house everything that no one had was built and invested into that boat and that was the basis of his preaching friends help me build the boat and when it's ready you got to get on God is sending a flood you got to get ready the world is way good this was the same message he preached for a 120 friends our message is no different today as we look through the 3 angels messages in Revelation 14 we going through that on Sabbath morning please join us at 1130 just started fear of God last week and we're going to continuing those messages from tomorrow on words but that is the message that we are needing to be preached to since 1904 it hasn't changed and we ought not to keep thinking of any fence of full ideas of things that we need to pull out from here or there friends the truth that has been established has been established for the past 170 yes we don't need new truth the way for salvation and present truth has been relevant and present since 1904 yes it's a bit longer than what Noah preached but friends our message is simple. And is not get in the boat we don't need to get on any boat today is a spiritual application yes but stay tuned in the future weeks as we continue to study the 3 angels messages together but look friends know he preached for a 120 years did God give the people enough time to repent absolutely absolutely more than enough time but sadly only 8 were saved but look friends the Bible says that Noah was a preacher of righteousness friends before we can be preachers of righteousness we got to be righteous What does it mean to be righteous Let's go to Genesis Chapter 7 verse one look at what the Bible says about no one Genesis Chapter 7 and verse one he was called a preacher of righteousness a 2nd Peter but look what the Bible and what God declares about Noah in Genesis Chapter 7 verse one the Bible says this and the Lord said on Samoa come vow and all the house into the ark for these have I seen righteous before me in this generation friends what does it mean to be righteous Let's turn our Bibles to Genesis Chapter 6 Genesis Chapter 6 and verse 9 Genesis 6 verse 9 the Bible says this these are the generations of Noah know well was a just and just man and perfect in his generations and Noah wore it with God nor was a perfect man you see that. If we had to be righteous we need to be perfect he this this is no a flesh and blood. This is nowhere the man that lived on the earth this is Noah just like us no different this is not Jesus this is Noah but yet God declares him perfect just like job just like 144000 in the future but notice what it said at the end there no well also one walked with God not just Iraq but even know it as well friends it is possible to walk with God today and yet one walked with God and he went straight to heaven one walked with God and he didn't go into heaven we leave the results to God we don't need to worry about that we got to make sure we walk with him today friends what does it mean to be righteous how do we know if we are righteous or not Genesis 6 verse 22 this is just from Genesis Ok this is not taken of the New Testament Genesis Chapter 6 verse 22 it's just about Noah how did Noah walk with God How do we know that he was righteous Genesis 622 thus did Noah according to all that God commanded him so did he he obeyed every specification of God's word everything that God instructed him to do he did it not because he was any different not because he was anything special not because that's what patriarchs do and you know that I'm not one of those paychecks no friends no was no different than us he didn't have any earthly advantage that we don't have today sure he lived longer but that didn't make him more righteous those that lived longer those that were wicked it only made the more wicked you see. But friends what does the Bible describe of righteousness Psalms 119-1728 text that we've turned to before Psalms 119172 the Bible says my tongue shall speak of the word for all like a moment's our righteousness what is righteous friends it's the commandments of God If no one was living to day he would be a c'mon Ment's keeper or could I say to but more specifically he would be a 7th Day Adventist he would have obedience to all of God's law yes he would because God is the one that described him right Ches and yet we know in Romans Chapter 3 there is a seeming contradiction Let's go to Romans chapter 3 verse 10 this is the challenge that we face that we think did not apply to Noah but it did Romans chapter 3 verse 10 the Bible says this as it is written there is none righteous no not one there is none that understand earth there is none that seek a thought to God they are all gone out of the way they are together become unprofitable there is none that do with the good no not one friends look we cannot be righteous in and of us selves impossible we are attempting an impossibility that's what the Bible says it doesn't mean that no one is able to become right choice there is one person that ever lived that was right just as Jesus Christ and it's through him that we can be righteous but without him in and of ourselves every single one of us including no one is not righteous it's impossible. There is none righteous yet God declares No we're right choice how was he able to be righteous by faith let's go back to Hebrews 11 and verse 7 Hebrews 11 verse 7 by faith no well being warned of God of things not seen as yet moved with fear prepared an arc to the saving of his house by the which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith. Righteousness is only by faith faith comes by hearing Hurin by the Word of God and is this example that I always stress every week when we look at this faith experience when God said No Well there's a flood coming there's rain coming and he to build the ark when his faith took hold of God's Word it was that faith that in able the him to do it right just this by hearing the Word of God righteousness by faith where is the value of the Faith found not enough cells except only as we believe God's word to see that so righteousness is by faith faith in His word and as we put it in our hearts as we allow it to sink in our hearts and minds or if you not watch the video of my kids as we allow the Word of God to be written in our hearts and minds God gives us the power to do it so if you're struggling with righteousness tonight don't struggle to do his commandments what you need to wrestle with is putting God's word into your heart and mind. Righteousness by faith not by what you do. When when no well built the boat when you got into the boat when you preach to others about the flood and getting into the boat that's not what made him righteous that was evidence that he was right yes what made him righteous was his faith in God's Word and other very moment he became righteous whatever he did after that did not save him well in a sense that say that he got on the boat right but what was the driving force behind that faith and you can know whether your righteous today by what you do let's go to John 1415 we know this if you love me what keep my comments what comes 1st love well guess what faith is built upon it's built upon love let's go to Galatians chapter 5 Galatians chapter 5 and verse 6 this is what faith is built upon if you love me keep my commandments Well look at Galatians 5 or 6 for in Jesus Christ neither circumcision avail of anything nor uncircumcision but faith which workers by love faith works by love and it works by love you will end up being a commandment to keep or you see that so that's why my conclusion is sound and solid if no well was alive today he would be a command keeper he would be a Sabbath keep faith works by love and if your righteous by faith you're righteous by love because you trust God look nowhere did not have some rookie experience fresh experience with God when God came to him to ask him to build a boat. It didn't require a large leap of faith to build it it did but God was taking it step by step but he had to make sure sound trusting loving experience with God and then when God took it to the next step he was able to catch all of God's word and still do it. We don't know exactly what experience he had but the Bible said that he walked with God and then when God came in and he gave him this instruction his faith took a hold of it and an able him to be friends. God gave everybody in nuff chances to be saved and they heard the word of God through Noah but you might say look where you see no well he had an advantage that the rest of the world didn't he actually heard God speak but do you know that the people that perished they had just as many chances sure they maybe didn't hear God speak to them directly but they had enough chances how do I know let's turn our Bibles to Genesis Chapter 7 look at this Genesis Chapter 7 verses 2 to 4 Genesis 7 verse 2 what happened. Of every clean beast shall take to the by sevens and the male and female and all the beasts that are not clean by 2 the male and his female of files also of the air by sevens the male and the female to keep seed alive upon the face of all the earth For yet 7 days and I will cause it to rain upon the earth 40 days and 40 nights and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth and so what happened in verse 7 no men in his sons his wives his sons wives with him into the ark because of the waters of the flood of clean beasts and of beast that are not clean and of files and of everything that people the pon the earth there went in to and to know what into the ark the male and the female as God had commanded Noah look no one he did not go around chasing the animals to round them to go into the ark they went in obediently led by unseen hands angels and the lion did not chase the dealer and licking his chops probably but he did not chase the deer and eat it but they went into their stalls and all know what he you know he wasn't catching all the birds and the insects and what they all went in by themselves what am I trying to say there was ample evidence there was miracles that God gave to the people of the world that something was about to happen that has never happened before and it gave support to know was words because they went into his boat that he had built to see that and then they went in and no one went in and the door closed with an unseen hand there was in evidence so the whole world. That something miraculous was about to happen that had nothing to do with Noah and his hand involved in it except that he had to build about friends one more trying to say. God gives us all enough evidence to believe. At the end of time those are lost they are lost because they rejected ample evidence given from God that they did not want to apply in their lives Ok so those that will be lost and they will burn in the fires of hell at the end of time they are lost because they there they did not want to believe God's word. And so friends this evening when I ask you is your life out of harmony with God's word we like to conjecture we like to debate we like to twist we like to do some spiritual gymnastics with God's word and try to fit it into our lives but friends a square peg never fits into a round hole. It doesn't you gotta come form and this is where faith as you put in your heart and you allow it to transform your life God will change you and allow you to fit with his requirements only as you put the word of God into your heart friends people did not believe the preaching of Noah they did not heed the miracles God was warning them again and again and we wonder sometimes how could they have missed that but God God has given us plenty of science to do you know this pandemic is a sign. Do you know that. Doug Batchelor showed today about some news article that had just been released about day of worship. We have so many signs that are given to us today and yet we persist in our own way of life our rebellion we are no different we're no different from the rest of the world that lived back then and know as they we have lots of miracles and some people just to court of law no we're not Ok I believe but I'll come back when I'm ready you know some of them probably didn't outrightly reject the Word of God from Noah as some of us we don't rightly reject it but we don't appreciate it we don't apply it we don't put into our lives friends look we got to be so careful with sin. Why. Before we talk about getting on the boat and time events and getting ready for the mark of the beast we've got to be righteous like No well was righteous we got to us got to cleanse us from all defilement of sin who are to make sure that we follow Him every in every particular and not cut corners and and skip out things here and there even yes at the expense of people getting angry maybe you losing your job you losing some money you losing some business you losing your scholarship you losing some life of health and and sleep and whatever it is a making you stressed out more apply it trust God don't cut corners friends sin deceives us do you know that in Hebrews 313 the Bible says but exhort one another daily while it is called today lest any of you be hardened through the deceit fullness of sin. And Sin doesn't just deceive us to make us live differently sin makes us unprepared for the End Times. Sin makes us unprepared for last day of events and friends the past 3 months I focused all my preaching on the books of Daniel revelation and last the events has your life gotten any more prepared has the word of God stirred you up has it changed you has it made you right choice like how God declared of Noah and other characters in the Bible friends today when you hear is why stone heart in your heart today God is still pleading with you whoever is listening out there he's pleading with you he's pleading with me we've got to get ready not ready for last day of us but we gotta learn to exercise faith in His Word today and as we continue to study the characters throughout Hebrews 11 you'll be able to see where your faith lies as well and I pray that tonight. God would help us to ask forgiveness if you would help us to see where we're coming short and it's through people that spoken to and some of you I've spoken to you directly and I've played with you I you know some of you you talk back and you think that I'm against your life or I'm trying to make your life miserable or I'm trying to make you poor or I've just shared the Word of God with you friends you know who you are and I plead with you this evening. That you would apply everything that you know is right don't cut corners. But make sure that your faith takes hold of God's word through and through that we can be righteous by faith just like no. So friends police today if you hear his voice don't harden your heart let's pray Father in heaven lot I want to pray for my brothers and sisters this evening and myself also oh lord sin it just has a way of taking hold of our life's Father I pray that you break the shackles of sin that binds us to Satan this evening that you set us free that you help us to confess our sins that you help us to turn from the things that we know are not right Lord we've made excuses we were given reasons we try to struggle in our own strength and. We've not put your word in the heart please Lord help us to cling more and more and maybe some of us we've been doing our devotions but yet we we still find ourselves we're coming short we need a more walk more often with you Lord I know it because I know your word does not return void it accomplishes that which it commands it has creative power a lot and so a lot on this evening I'm asking that you create in each and every one of us a clean heart that you help us to exercise faith to live by faith to grow in faith that we might be righteous by faith to. The Lord we believe help our unbelief we pray and strengthen us fill us with a spurt Lord empower us that truly we can reflect your character this day thank you Lord for the Sabbath. And police continue to guide and lead and watch over every one of us until we meet again. It was a good night rest we pray in Jesus' name. Amen. 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