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Misplaced Zeal

Benjamin Ng
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  • December 12, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time to come and study your world once more what a blessing Lord to be out of fellowship together to build the study together even though we're separated physically we can be together here to worship you in spirit and in truth and Lord we need both of those this morning we need your truth to speak so clearly from your word we need to your spirit to explain so clearly to inspire our hearts and minds in a Luminate and more than that you convict our hearts and minds to come up higher our lives to be challenged by your word this morning so far the police lead us grace us with our presence is our earnest plea in prayer we pray in Jesus' name amen the title of my some of this morning is mis placed zeal and really before we went into lockdown we had been studying in our churches the gospel John we've gone through about 24 sermons on the Gospel of John and we're still not done yet and I really wanted to finish this book by this year but I don't think it's happening we've been looking at other different topics in the prior weeks but today we are going to continue in John Chapter 8 team now we looked at John 17 the famous prayer of Jesus not as famous as the Lord's Prayer but this is that chapter that he prays aloud in the presence of the disciples for his disciples that they may be one just as Christ was one with the father that they might be one in Christ and so he's finished communion with them having that last supper he's in the garden of get some money and just as he's finishing praying these prayers and what's very interesting in the gospel John is what is not recalled is the prayer of Jesus where he's saying Father please take this couple way from me I don't want to drink it it's not actually in there. But a greater prayer has been replaced and it's focusing on the disciples So anyways he's finished praying and now comes Judas who has betrayed Jesus he comes in to arrest Christ and take him away to lead him out to judgment to quote unquote teach him a lesson and they're ready to take Christ and who steps in but that Eveready Peter and what does he do look at what the Bible says in John 18 verse 10 then Simon Peter having a sword drew it and smote the high priest's servant and cut off his right ear the servants name was Melkus this is the only place friends of the 4 Gospels that we see Peter's name mentioned that he was one that drew the sword and also that we know the servant who had as your cut off his name was Melkus And John is the only one that gives us extra details but you know 1st when we read this passage with thinking number one Peter Where on earth did you get the sword from C'mon you're a fisherman and not only that for the past 3 and a half years you've been the disciple of Christ why are you holding on to a sword and you know maybe he took the words of Jesus too literally when he said in Luke Chapter 22 in verse 36 and 37 then said he Jesus under them but now he that hath a purse let him take it. And likewise his script and he that hath no sword let him sell his garments and buy one for I say unto you that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me and he was reckoned among the transgressors for the things concerning me have an end but you know when Jesus said here sell your garment and go buy a sword Jesus was not being literal He was not why look Peter musta missed the point because right after that look at what happens in verse $38.00 and they the disciples said to Jesus Lord behold here are 2 swords and he said it's a them it is enough Jesus did not approve of the 2 swords that they pulled us I hate Christ we don't have to sell we got Solus here he's like no that's enough that's not what I'm referring to and of Jesus really had meant for them to fight. In the book of Acts they would had swords to fight you know after 40 days Jesus might have reprimanded the During the 40 days after Jesus resurrected he might have told the disciples where you get your swords Why don't you get your swords How come you don't fight and we would have seen a whole lot of fighting with swords in the book of Acts isn't it but we never did Jesus was never talking about literal swords there is something that we are instructed to by though in problems $23.00 in verse $23.00 it says by the truth and sell it not also wisdom and instruction and understanding we are told to by the truth and that is what Jesus was referring to not a literal sword made out of metal but the sword of the Spirit which we know in the Feagin Chapter 6 verse 17 is the Word of God we are to by truth we are to by the Word of God meaning friends we are not to spare any expense to be able to get the Bible in our hands to be able to receive the Word of God If that means just we sleep a little less so that we can come to church on time to catch the Word of God in Sabbath school not divine service but in Sabbath school 1st and then in divine service then we can grow then we can see for wisdom then we can see it for knowledge then we can see for understanding we've got to buy the truth we've got to make sacrifices to get the word of God in our hearts and it will come back friends as a double blessing to you eventually this afternoon at 2 o'clock friends maybe you might still be having lunch does eat a bit faster all or maybe just eat while you're studying together come and make sure you buy and sacrifice for the truth the Word of God So firstly Peter what are you doing with a little sword. But secondly Peter when he drew his sword out when they came to arrest Jesus do you know that Peter was not aiming for the ear he was not look he was either chopping top down to cut his ear maybe but then he would have chopped his shoulder right or he was going across aiming for the neck and maybe the angel of the Lord deflected it and went up and cut off his ear but Peter was not aiming for that year only he was planning to take the life of this man Peter what were you thinking 3 and a half years walking with Jesus and you're still acting like a murderer it was only supernatural intervention that prevented Peter from killing this man friends this is what we call mis placed zeal. Misplaced zeal look at looks account of this situation where Peter cut off the ear of the servants Luke 224-9251 when they which were about him saw what would follow they said unto him Lord shall we smite with the sword and one of them small the servant of the High Priest and cut off his right ear and Jesus are incidents said Suffer you thus far and he touches here and healed him you see in verse 49 someone asks God Jesus Lord shall we smite with a sword and straight away in verse 50 before Jesus can say anything Peter reacts and goes and aim for the neck of the servant he saw rash misplaced zeal zealous but wrong chopping and not following the Lord's orders had Jesus asked for literal swords to be used he would not have gotten on the ground there and picked up the man's ear that fell off and healed him in that very instant no friends Jesus was not referring to literal swords but you know I think that we can all have missed placed or mistaken zeal in our lives thinking that was the cause of God when in fact we're acting in opposition to it acting out of personal preference and personal emotions and things that we have felt were right rather than consulting with God I want you to consider Saul who became Paul he says in Philippians chapter 3 verse 6 he says concerning zeal persecuting the church touching the righteousness which is in the law blameless he had a whole lot of zeal he was the foremost in persecuting and killing Stephen he was the one that was to hauling people off to prison and sent things sing them to death he had a whole lot of zeal but it was misplaced it was mis understood. It was not from God it was mistaken zeal he was the instigator behind all this persecution that was taking place he was the man that was leading the charge of it in the Farriss and all this and here and they were so happy to have Paul in their ranks and he was on his way to dismantle the massacres to persecute more of Christ's disciples when God arrested him along the way and open his eyes and shine light into his soul and I don't doubt that Paul he was sincere but he was sincerely wrong and friends we can be so so sincerely wrong that we are led down the wrong path that we're blinded to the actions of what we are doing the scribes and Pharisees will probably sincere in Christ's day and under the pressure that zeal that they crucified the lot of glory it must have taken a long awful amount of sincerity in the case of some to have been able to believe that the cruelty they were practicing were really preplanning to God killing a man planning the death of a man and Sol here he was plotting the death of the whole Christian Church he had missed placed zeal he was fighting a cause that God had not told him to fight for sincere but zealously wrong in Romans Chapter 10 versus one to 3 were also told brother and my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved for I bear them record that they have a zeal of God. But not according to knowledge for they being ignorant of God's righteousness and going about established their own righteousness have not submitted themselves to the righteousness of God You see Paul he calls this people of Israel zealous they have 0 that is what Not according to knowledge they had a zeal that was for the wrong cause just like Paul before his conversion and just like Peter in this case that we're looking at in John Chapter 18 and they were persecuting Paul from city to city they had a zeal that was not according to knowledge they were intensely religious in their way but they were not in the way of truth they were ignorant for had they known the way of truth they would not have persecuted Paul they are running and running well but they're not running in the right road they're laboring and they're laboring hard but they're not laboring in the right course we must be careful that we do not have a zeal that is not according to knowledge but this must not dampen the zeal that God puts in our hearts you know friends it was with this is ill that when Paul was converted he became one of the greatest Apostles of the early church that he could write down in pen and paper that he had preached the gospel to every creature that was a sort of zeal that took the gospel to the whole world in his time zeal that helped him endure much affliction and tribulation with what zeal and earnestness he put into the wrong way when turned around he put the same amount of effort and zeal and energy into the right because of right and we need this sort of zeal today friends. But we just have to make sure that it's not misplaced but it is according to knowledge so how can we know whether we have mistaken or mis placed zeal or not while the 1st is whether we are going against the express will of God we must have zeal according to what is written in the Scripture according to knowledge it can be checked it can be double checked it can be triple checked because God says I am God or change not you can go back and look and really look to make sure what is written down to make sure that what Jesus told the disciples and what Jesus told Paul and what they've written down for us it is there we can go back and check and Jesus he had already told Peter what back in Luke Chapter 22 verse 38 when they brought out the Tussauds he said it is enough Jesus made it very clear that this is not how we ought to fight the battle for Sol when he was prosecuting the Christian church and Jesus shine light into his heart and blinded him and he says Paul Paul or Saul Saul why are you prosecuting me the message from God was clear when he asked him that question and from there they change from there that they realized their mistake but there's also another way to understand whether you have mistaken or misplaced zeal. Let's come back to the story of Peter and John Chapter 18 looking Jesus he's already taken captive he's already healed the the ear of the servant that Peter had chopped off and they've hold them off taking him to the court of us and in John Chapter 18 we're told this verse 15 and Simon Peter followed Jesus and so did another disciple and we know that the that is John that disciple was not into the high priest and went in with Jesus into the palace of the high priest but Peter stood at the door without then one of the other disciple which was known and of high priest and speak to her that kept the door and brought in Peter then say if the damsel that kept the door and Peter are not the also one of this man's disciples he say if I'm not Peter is famously known for his denial that he knew Jesus Christ not once not twice but 3 times they say once is a mistake 2nd I guess that still excusable but 3 times over denial you can't tell me you were in ignorance that you didn't know what you were doing right that's not a mistake any more this zealous man who just moments before had chopped off the ear of the servant now is following Jesus from a distance and he's already denied Christ once he didn't even want to go into the palace until John came out and gain entrance for him but then what happens. John 1825 and Simon Peter stood and warmed himself They said therefore and to him are not the also one of his disciples he denied it and said I am not one of the servants of the high priest being his kinsmen whose era Peter cut off say it did not I see the in the garden with him Peter then denied again and immediately the cock crew in other other passages of the Gospels he denied with cursing and swearing and immediately he denies and the cock crows he was recognized as one of those that cut of the servants' ear but even then a lying denial how do we know when I misplaced friends Firstly when you compared to the knowledge of what the Bible has and it doesn't line up you've checked and you know that it's not according to God's will but secondly how do you know if you have misplaced zeal when we are to be found in nowhere when the going gets tough when the hard work needs to be done and we're not present when the commitment is needed now more than ever and we're found running in the opposite direction oh friends is easy to preach it's easy to teach but when you've got to get into the trenches roll up your sleeves and you know get your hands dirty many people they have a zeal that is not according to knowledge they're gone or they have knowledge a little bit but it's not enough to have changed their actions what happened what happened to Peter after he denied Christ what was it that turned his life around that directed his zeal in the right direction that he became the man in Acts chapter 2 a preach the powerful sermon and 3000 got baptized in one day how was Christ able to redirect you see in Luke 2232 Jesus says to Peter. But I have prayed for the but I Faith fail nots and when the converter would strengthen the vibe brother and friends this is a matter of conversion in the judgment hall of a 1st son pilot when when Peter was observing and he was seeing the trial that was taking place and and Jesus he was being questioned he was being spit upon he was he was being beaten just as one person when it's that face that face turned just as the cock crew and the eyes of Jesus met the eyes of Peter and in those eyes were eyes of compassion of forgiveness of love and that broke the heart of Peter and he ran out from the palace and he ran all the way back to the garden of get so many and wept on that rock from which Jesus just hours earlier had been praying for him Jesus said When you are a convert to strengthen your brother many people have have a zeal that is not according to knowledge that is not according to Christ they have a zeal and energy which does not rely on the instruction of Christ they have a zeal but yet they are not converted it's possible to be zealous seemingly for the cause of Christ and still not be converted friends it has to be according to knowledge it has to have the practicality of it that when the going gets tough you're still there you're still present. We must have a zeal according to knowledge that wisdom and knowledge that shines from the light of the glorious gospel today in Romans Chapter 10 verse 3 it says this for they being ignorant of God's righteousness and going about establish their own righteousness have not submitted themselves and to the righteousness of God friends we must be willing to submit ourselves to the righteousness of God we must submit to what the Word of God says for all his words are righteousness all his commands are righteousness we must be willing to surrender fully to God's will and totally Otherwise our zeal will always be misplaced the preacher might preach the truth on the Sabbath whether that's about the Sabbath whether that's about our diet whether that's about tithing offering or any topic that you might disagree with and you might be going around sowing the seeds of discord and disunion and error simply because you have a zeal that is misplaced and you don't agree with what the preacher has preached we need to be zealous friends of good works in Titus chapter 2 and verse 14 it says who speaking of Jesus gave Himself for us that he might redeem us from all iniquity and purify into himself a peculiar people zealous of good works you see friends zeal is not wrong but missed place zeal is not only wrong but dangerous there are times that we can speak so passionately but for the wrong course but you know there's something else that we need to be zealous for as well let me show you 1st Corinthians 1412. Even so you see for as much as years of spiritual gifts seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church friends we need to be zealous of spiritual gifts but for what purpose it says there so that edifying or what the word edify means is the building up of the church all the spiritual gifts that God has given are for the purpose of building the church for the Advancement of a course that that can be put on the same level that can be put on the same level with the talents that God gives us so when we talk about spiritual gifts you know the gift of the sermon the gift of tongues and all these things that's a talent of speech the wisdom of knowledge all let's make it more in our modern age what talents do we talk about the talent of music or singing or the talent of programming I'm talking about computer programming the talent of media video audio design. The talent of cooking or the talent or whatever you can think of it must be used for the edifying of the church God has definitely given at least one talent every person definitely one and you know that cooking is worth 10 talents if all you can do is cook and I can preach sing and do all these other things and only have 5 talents your one talent of cooking is worth more than the 5 Towns that I have. But friends we have to be zealous to obtain these spiritual gifts these talents that God has blessed us with to use for the edifying of the church look what the pain of inspiration says on councils on stewardship 40 $3.00 and stewardship friends is not just about money it's even about how we use our time our talents for God every soul that has made a profession of Christ has pledged himself to be all that it is possible for him to be as a spiritual worker to be active zealous and if fish and in his Master's service Christ expects every man to do his duty let this be the watchword throughout the ranks of his followers do you see that Christ he expects us to be active zealous and even efficient let's make sure that when we when we have a task that set before us we give ourselves a certain time limit and then we bend all the energies of our mind to accomplish that you know every week I have a deadline I have to preach whether I like it or not no matter how I feel how I feel ready or not I still have to do it and you we have to set ourselves deadlines for things when it comes to work and studies Yes we don't have a choice for those but we even when it comes to the Cause of God we've got to be a fish and we've got to be zealous got to be active What else testimonies for the church volume $7196.00 paragraph 4. We are to be active in our work but another element is to mingle with this energy a living zeal in the service of God into our daily work we are to bring what devotion piety godliness if you carry on your business without this you make the greatest mistake of your lives you commit robbery toward God while professing to serve Him Do you understand what this means friends we've got to add energy with a living zeal what is living zeal devotion piety godliness what zeal is referring to is something spiritual something related to godliness and holiness something good you see we can have energy in our work but we must bring zeal into it as well even though your work might not be religious of nature you know I want to challenge all of you that have talents that you don't just use it for selfish purposes getting a job finding what your talent is too to match to the job description that is needed out there to find the perfect course for you to study to find the perfect helpmeet you know too often we use our talents for selfish purposes Oh I can talk so I could be a good salesman I'll be a good businessman are good I can sell cars I can sell houses I can sell whatever it is I can talk that's my talents but God He wants you to add to that zeal holiness piety godliness don't just use the talent of your speech just for selling cars all the time use it for one selling the gospel. It's called Bible study it's called preaching it's called teaching uses talents that God has given to you for the advancement of God's kingdom because we can have mis placed zeal misplaced energy we can use it to earn a living we can do it for self pleasure we can do it for our hobbies but friends God did not give you this talents just for selfish purposes it must be for the advancement of his cause for the upbuilding of his church for that edifying of the church the some of us we have a zeal for making money you're busy all for your study you have a zeal for your business you have a zeal for your family you have a zeal that is not according to knowledge the same focus and intensity the same brainpower that you bring into your work into your studies in raising your children in earning money to provide for your family into saving money so that you can live a comfortable lifestyle the same amount of zeal that you put into your business put it into the God work otherwise many of us we have a zealot that is mis placed. What he waiting for we wait for the pastor to come and talk to you why not stand up and be counted some of us we don't like to be poor so we go out and we we work hard why not do the same for God's Cause don't sit on your hands and and wait for someone a common approach you before you stand up and say your God if they ask then I'll do it if not I don't want to do it what's your will God's will is for everybody to be saved. Before the foundation of his that the world before we were created before we were ever brought into existence God's desire the mystery of His will is to unite heaven and earth according to chapter one and he wants to save every single one of us but today we have a mis placed zeal thinking that God has given us these spiritual gifts these talents for us for earning more money for living a more comfortable lifestyle so I can shop at those type of shops so I can buy this type of car so I can live in this lifestyle and we tell each other hey they're allowed to live because they earn so much more right friends maybe you have a zeal that is misplaced your busy or that is misunderstood you're busy or that is not according to knowledge God Do not give you the intellect and brain power just so that you can be top in your class and you can be the straight on a student and get scholarships not pay a single cents to your parents or to worry about money in providing for you God Do not give all of that to you just for selfish purposes to the wisest man on Earth apart from Jesus he gave us so he could judge a nation so he could be a blessing to his people and when he started using for selfish purposes that glory became a curse to the whole nation friends it is possible that we can have a mis placed zeal the energy that you are putting into your work the energy that you are expanding upon your studies if we would expend the same amount of energy on God's work we could probably say you like Paul I have preached the gospel to every creature. Friends God wants workers today who are as zealous for his course who will work just as hard in the gospel ministry as in their work yes but where will you find the time friends you can make the time you can but you know without such zealous people today the earth and work cannot be finished and closed up we can say that we're waiting for the 2nd coming of Christ but in our lives we really deny him but going to church is not enough No it isn't France it isn't God needs people who are willing to be all and to forsake all for the Gospel those who are willing to sacrifice time money means comfort for the advancement of the Gospel those that are willing to spend and be spent for the sake of Christ those who are not just refocus the those who will not just focus their zeal on themselves but refocus in the right path not on self not just using the intellect for self and game for Jesus and His gospel work today education to 71 paragraph 2 with such an army of workers as our youth rightly trained might furnish how soon the message of a crucified risen and soon coming save you might be carried to the whole world how soon might the end come the end of suffering and sorrow and sin young people you need to have a zeal and an energy in your youth and it must be used rightly and not just the youth only but those also with all the experience use the zeal and energy that God has given to you to finish the work in our generation and wrap it up. Time is coming to a close you've got to stop living for self it's time to change your priorities and put Christ 1st some of us were way too scared and the energies that we put into our work in our school we tell our people we have to do it I don't have a choice but you do friends you can reorganize your priorities today. Let's make sure that the zeal that we have is not misplaced that we truly are seeking 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness that we're hungering and thirsting after his righteousness that we are putting Christ 1st and everything else 2nd that we today can have energy and his eel that is of the knowledge and of the righteousness of Christ let's pray Father in Heaven Lord I'm praying for every single one of us here today all of us you've given us a many measure of energy and zeal and and the desire to do something but to many of us long we've misplaced that we've put it on our own selves our own lives are our own thinking and our own thoughts and our own everything we've been living a selfish life and we've been using these gifts and talents that you've given to us for selfish purposes all Lord please forgive us we've got to admit we've not been thinking about your gospel but we've just been so worried about our lives we've been afraid to test the law that if we seek you 1st and and your righteousness and your kingdom we're going to be left behind in the world we live a poor life we're afraid Lord help us Father help us to test your promises the day because you will add all these things to us help us to trust you with all our hearts and Lord today. I pray that you'd read direct our zeal that you would shift our focus and help us lord to put our energies and as zeal in the right direction Lord help us to surrender help us to see not self but Jesus standing before us today and so Lord please quickly even now take our hearts if we cannot give it Help us Lord as we make this decision we give you permission to even come into our hearts right now and clean it all up and just turn our heads and redirect everything into the Lord save us to that and that's a day we might be a blessing to everybody because we have a zeal that is according to knowledge as zeal and your proof not only that but you bless us. Thank you Father we pray in Jesus. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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