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Gray Matters

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • December 26, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Let's pray Lord as we come to the end of this year I'm praying again Lord send us your spirit most of all give us eyes to see as heaven sees give us the focus the joy that heaven has the deep bonded ness the Brotherhood the sisterhood the unity I'm praying Lord that you would send us the people send them online send them in the building send them Lord in any form and fashion that you so desire to send them new souls Lord give us eyes for people I'm praying Lord for the resources you know from the very beginning of this pandemic when everyone was tempted to just hunker down and close up shop it was clear Lord that your mission was needed now then and now more than ever and I'm praying now Lord give us insight understand what that stewardship looks like I'm praying Lord send us a heart for a lost world give us confidence in boldness send us the resources Lord and I'm praying also for the vision of the organization many people well connected who can move like an army and strike terror in the hearts of the enemy because the captain of the host is in their midst now bless us Lord as I take up this subject of mourning gray matters and I pray that you'll bless us as a people on these last days of 2020 in Jesus' name amen was in Florida on the site visit with our principals school board chair and our one of our ministerial interns Martin Ramirez and I'm not on Facebook if you're on Facebook use it for good don't let it sure into your time be a digital missionary it can be used that way and also I want to suggest if you come across something good that you think's credible don't send it to me on Facebook as I'm not there but send it to me. I'm going to crowd resource my sermon this morning and I'm very blessed when people don't don't send me stuff that isn't good but when you come across something that looks credible and you think you will bless others send it to me I might use it I might not use it but having it to look at is a benefit to me and why not take advantage of our networking so I was sent a mean or it was read to me then it was sent to me via text and I have searched out planned out where it started it started with a man named Ted Bauer who lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area and he said he got this from his girlfriend's grandmother who is 86 years old you may have seen it is so I hope it blesses you challenges you comfort you maybe unnerves you just a little bit it's a mess out there now hard to discern between what's real and what's just simple panic and hysteria or small amount of perspective at this moment imagine you were born in 1900 on your 14th birthday World War One starts and ends on your 18th birthday 22000000 perish and now or later in the year a Spanish flu epidemic hits the planet runs tell your 20th birthday 50000000 people died from it in those 2 years yes 50000000 on your 29th birthday the great depression begins unemployment hits 25 percent the world g.d.p. drops 27 percent that runs until you are 33 the country nearly collapses along with the world economy when you turn 39 World War 2 starts you aren't even over the hill yet and don't try to catch your breath on your 4041st birthday the United States is fully pulled into World War 2 and between your 39th and 45th birthday 75000000 people will perish in the war. Smallpox was epidemic until you were in your forty's as it killed 300000000 people during your lifetime that 50 the Korean War starts 5000000 perish from your birth until you were 55 you dealt with the fear polio epidemic seach summer your experience friends and family contracting polio and being paralyzed and or dying in 55 the Vietnam war begins and doesn't and that must be it must mean 65 at 65 your Vietnam war begins and doesn't end for 20 years 4000000 people perished in that conflict during the Cold War you live each day with the fear of nuclear annihilation on your 62nd birthday you have the Cuban missile crisis a tipping point in the Cold War life on our planet as we know it almost ended and when you turn 75 the Vietnam War finally ends think of everyone on the planet born in 1900 had a day endure all that when you were a kid in 1000 fill in the blank you didn't even think your 85 year old grandparent or stood how hard school was and how mean that kid in your class was yet they survived through everything listed above perspective is an amazing art refined and in light mean as time goes on let's try to keep things in perspective your parents and or grandparents were called to endure some or all probably not all of the above and you're called to stay home and sit on your couch now when I was a boy in private 8th grade my 7 am a school teacher showed us a video. It was a video about people that were living in a nursing home I'm not sure that he previewed it I have very high esteem for this individual I don't know how much of it he previewed if he previewed it he wasn't prepared for how it hit us at the very end of the video 2 people were escaping from the nursing home in their wheelchairs they were rolling down some country road as fast as they could go with more vigor than most people in the nursing home have and in the background very distinctly was the how Louie a chorus that was playing we all thought that was a hoot and we laughed and we laughed and we laughed my teacher was quite troubled by I think for 2 reasons number one was that the Hallelujah Chorus is a completely spiritual song set to truly bring glory to God not elicit comedy at old people escaping from the nursing home and number 2 I could guess that he was troubled by the overall portrayal of dynamics of the you and the aging This morning I want to bring to your attention that as we live on the cusp of eternity and the soon return of Jesus the devil has sought to create a very interesting but not completely new element of how the generations relate to each other and so at the very moment in time when we need to hold the seniors in our midst the men and women of the experience at the very time when they need to be held up the most for understanding how to run this gauntlet of temptation we find ourselves in a situation where they have been marginalized. And their voices in the least so this morning I want to show you something from the Christmas story and I want to show you something from the Scriptures that modern society has passed by the technical revolution has left many of our seniors not all I'm surprised sometimes but the technical revolution has left many of our seniors looking irrelevant out of touch and out of date when the fact of the matter is is that there is no educator like life and there's nothing new under the sun so at this moment in time as we anticipate the 2nd Advent I think it's important for you to understand the in the imperative in this and the role of the seniors in the 1st ad so take your Bibles this morning open them up to the book of Luke the book of Luke and the book of Luke we have 2 very interesting narratives that both involve older people Grey Matters in Luke chapter one verses 5 and onward we have the story of John the Baptist Now John the Baptist's has a very unique beginning in that he like the other children of promise made to Abraham and then to Isaac and Rebecca and then to Jacob all of these people are married to Baron women now we don't know courting the medical science whether or not the baroness was in the bosom of the man or the woman unfortunately in the age of Abraham in the patriarchs it was attributable to the woman. While we cannot ascertain where the baroness was we know that Abraham couldn't have a baby or at least it appeared that way of course Abraham has a baby so in this case the Baroness is in the experience of Sarah but this dynamic of children as miracles in one's old age is a component that repeats itself throughout scriptures. When we come down to the fore runner of Christ we have an old man he's of the tribe that will offer priestly service of Levi in the temple Luke chapter one verse 5 in the days of Herod the king there was a priest name Zacharias of the division of Abijah and he had a wife from the daughters of Aaron and her name was Elizabeth they were both righteous in the sight of God walking blamelessly and all the commandments and requirements of the Lord but they had no children because Elizabeth was barren and they were both in man's and years so we get a clear picture that there's 2 reasons why this couple has no children one is that Elizabeth is barren and the other is is that now age is Pastor by now Zacharias is in this experience of coming to the precincts of Jerusalem a few times of year and it just so happens that he's going to receive the lot to go in and pray before the altar or say Now it happened that as he performed his priestly service before God in the in pointed order of the division according to the custom of the privily office he was chosen by law to enter the temple and the lore of the Lord and burn incense and the whole multitude of people were in prayer outside at the hour of the incense offering and the angel of the Lord appeared to him standing on the right side of the altar now this is a sign of favor and Zacharias has been divinely appointed for this encounter because God is going to begin the announcing of hope for the world people are praying. The angel Lord appeared verse 13 Zacharias was troubled when he saw the angel and fear gripped him but the angel said to him Don't be afraid Zacharias for your petition has been heard and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son and you will give him the name John you will have joy and gladness and many will rejoice at his birth now I want you to pause button for a moment make sure you're not missing something number one this man is old number 2 his prayers being answered number 3 it's a prayer he's prayed for decades there are some of you for home prayers have not been answered and they have been prayed for similar amounts of time I want you to understand that this man also does not have joy and mirth in his heart it's something that he will have Verse 14 you will have joy and gladness God has read the experience of this man and the accumulation of grief through apparently unanswered prayer along with the spiritual condition of the church has left this man in a rather depressed state of mind if you're a senior listening to me today or whether you're not a senior listen to me today be very careful that you don't allow yourself to slide into the grip of depression and discouragement of fear that your voice is not heard there's nothing worse than an old person who could give life the Bible says and probably 15 at the time of the righteous is like a tree of life like this 86 year old girlfriends grandmother that puts things in perspective. An older person has the ability to shore up the nerve to strengthen the spine to motivate the heart to encourage the discourage but a person that hasn't walked with God and learned along the way also has the power to suck the life out of people because it doesn't matter how old we get we all still value the affirmation of those individuals from our parents or our grandparents' generation now of course it works the other way to back up the line for words of encouragement to go but I want you to tell Zacharias is a discouraged old man but God doesn't pass him by because he's lost faith God doesn't pass him by because he doesn't seem to really be a believer anymore God says you're going to have what you prayed for and you're going to get back joy and you're going to be used by me verse 15 for he will be great in the sight of the Lord and He will drink no wine or liquor and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit while yet in his mother's womb and he'll turn many to the sons of Israel back to the Lord their God it is he who will go as a forerunner Now we understand that the Messiah is very near before him in the spirit and the power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children and the disobedient to the attitude of the righteous as to make people ready prepared for the Lord and Zacharias said an Angel how will I know this for I am an old man and my wife is advanced in years it's nice that he doesn't call her an old woman the angel answered any said to him and I preached a sermon on this I entitled it do you know who you are talking to I am Gabriel I stand in the presence of God I have been sent to speak to you and bring you this good news he's so discouraged. Even though he's Ave and Jellicoe epiphany in other words there's an illumination from heaven in his presence the angel that took Lucifer's place has been sent to talk to a discouraged older man can be a whole this is how you're going to know you will be silent and unable to speak until the day when these things take place because you did not believe my words which will be fulfilled in their proper time the people were wavers accuracy they were wondering at his delay in the temple but when he came out he was unable to speak to them now I want you to recognize something about this man as discouraged and waited and dark as the environment around him and where the name was God did not pass him by and for every person that's looking at someone aged in their life or reflecting back on those people who guided you in the way you are the best people to see their mistakes just be assured that the generation after you will see yours. God designs that the gray head found in the way of righteousness is to be honored and whether it's Abraham lie not once but twice to the Pharaohs of his day or Isaac doing the same or Jacob doing the same to his very Father God does not pass these people by because they've made mistakes and they haven't gotten it quite right somewhere along the way we've come to a place where if you make a profession of Christ especially for any period of time and I'm not saying this to lower the state 100 friends I'm saying this to increase the grace but somehow we've come to the place along with the societal pressures of this current day to where if an older person is still growing and has some flaws we want to write him off but I'm here to tell you before Christ returns the seniors in our midst will fulfill a very special role and we ought to be paid extreme attention to those who have actually managed to walk with Christ for a period of time that Darius is still the most respected priest God can work through even though he's discouraged and weighed down and for those 9 months of silence there is a witness that speaks loudly that there was a divine encounter and that something special is underway when you can look at your faith parents if you still have them if you're privileged to have them when you look into the elders in the church nobody gets a pass because they've got status but everyone that has the status of years is supposed to get the honor that goes with the education of that journey I had one of you tell me once that the easiest way if I'm not smearing what you said the easiest way around maturity or really growing up is education. But there is an education in life for those that are humble enough to receive it and if there's a group of people that I value being around it's an older person who has really been tutored by Christ who knows the difference between a lump in the oatmeal a lump in the throat and a lump in the breast someone that can say in kindness what needs to be said and all the credibility they need is the fact that they have lived and loved people and truth and done their best Zacharias is not perfect his flaws are or flayed out before the entire watching universe and written down in eternity in a permanent record but he still God's choice and God comes to an old man to make sure that the highest credibility of voice can be found because nothing educates like life which is why God says rise up in the presence of a gray haired man whose ways are the ways of righteousness when we think about Paul's ammunition to Timothy we realize that the reason that God had to say Let no one despise the you is that there were still cultures of Honor for age that which was ancient was a steam take your Bibles and go to the Book of Revelation Why is it that when we get to the Book of Revelation and we see this one walking in the midst of the candlesticks he has the attributes the physical attributes at least the distinct one of white here why is it that this is the way Jesus is portrayed to John Revelation Chapter one John is having a vision on the Sabbath day. Beginning with Verse 12 then I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me and having turned I saw 7 golden lamp stands and in the middle of the Lamb stands I saw one like the son of man he knew who it was clothed in a robe reaching to the feet and girded across his chest with a golden sash his head now we're going to come to the description of his physical be not his clothes but his physical person his head and his hair white like war now we know from Daniel Chapter 7 believe it's verse 9 we won't look that up this morning this is almost a verbatim copy of the description of the judge in Daniel Chapter 7 and you know it is named this his name is Ancient of Days now I'm going to give you something to think about that I hope you really ponder before sin I believe it's absolutely a fact that people were to get more beautiful as they aged and after sin there were some retentions of beauty that flowed from what was being made new inside even though the outward was like a flower fading. But God never intended for people to not get old is a matter of fact the Ancient of Days is the chosen name of Jesus there must be something more beautiful as eternity goes by it's not just in an understanding that we have about person it's the fact that God is going to always plan for things that age to become more perfect if that can be more beautiful instead in that in the economy of Lucifer of evil all age works on the physical body because of the curse of death and we find that the beauty has to be sought for it has to be noticed and in this is age which is fixated on youth and sexuality age is at the wrong end of the spectrum but I am assuring you today that in the 1st admin of Christ it was the aged through which Christ work primarily of course with the exception of the Virgin Mother. But I'm not done go back to the book of Luke in Luke Chapter 2 we find that Jesus is now 40 days old with this in this verse 8 days old Luke Chapter 2 and he's going to be presented in the temple Luke Chapter 2 beginning with Verse $21.00 the shepherds have come they have gone Bellingham is not far from Jerusalem and Jesus is the firstborn will be presented and offering will be brought. And then this encounter another engagement with the seniors the men and women of life credibility verse 21 and when 8 days had passed before his circumcision his name was then called Jesus the name given by the angel before he was conceived in the womb and when the days of the Appear of the creek cation according the law of Moses were completed they brought him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord an hour at 40 days and as it was written in the law of the Lord every 1st born male that opens womb shall be called holy under the learn this is a reference back to the Passover all of those babies in Israel that were saved were dedicated to God and in order to recognize that special provision and offering was main verse $24.00 and to offer a sacrifice according to what was said in the law the Lord appeared turtledoves or 2 young pigeons there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon this man was righteous in devout looking for the consolation of Israel and the Holy Spirit was upon Him Those that litany of characteristics is exceptionally important because you can grow old without growing holy and you can grow old without growing faithful you have a day at a time life is the educator the Spirit is the teacher those things in in concert with each other have the ability to make a man or a woman like God He was give out. He was looking for the consolation of Israel and the Holy Spirit was upon him he didn't become devout just because he was old he became devout by sitting at the feet of Jesus I say 50 verse for the sovereign Lord has given me a tongue to know the word that sustains the weary one he wakens me morning by morning he wakens me to be taught to listen so that I can have a word to sustain the We Are One God's people who have walked with him throughout their lives are special treasures and the credibility of their person is what God chose to leverage in the announcement or the attempt to save the nation of Israel they were passed by with the shepherds and yet there was this very internal messaging that was going on any honest person had to say Zacharias is a righteous man any honest person even though they were being caught up in the culture of a corrupt priesthood had to say Simeon is a righteous man there is no higher level of credibility to message even than the credibility of a life when commentary and desire of age is written on Jesus in the soldiers don't arrest him and they come back to talk to the Sanhedrin they say why didn't you arrest him and their answer is nobody spoke as this man spoke Ellen White in the desire of ages will come and that the reason nobody spoke is this man spoke is because nobody lived as this man lived it is the life that brings credibility to a message especially in issues of holiness and the awareness of God. Everyone understood that Simeon was the real deal probably some saw him as he centric probably some saw him as just a little over the top in regards to religion and yet for all those people who had had an encounter where his shadow had fallen on them in the tip temple precincts and he like a tree of life had given them a piece of fruit words of life the lips of the righteous are a tree of life and those encounters he had had was so many that had come into that temple had blessed and strengthened and comforted and nerved everyone knew Simeon was the real deal which is why Simeon was allowed the privilege of announcing that the one had come to his own temple looking at verse 26 and it had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that He would not see death before he had seen the Lord's Christ what a message and it came he came in the spirit into the temple friends go every day in the spirit into your daily work don't come to this church without saying Lord bless me before I go I don't know who I'm going to meet I don't know what's going to happen I don't know what you're going to say and when the parents brought in the child Jesus to carry out for him the custom of the law he took him in his arms and he blessed God and he said Now Lord you're releasing your bond servitude of heart in peace according to you learn from my eyes of senior salvation which you have prepared and the presence of all peoples and listen to this this word this Harbinger message telling what's coming which was a wake up for all those Jews who couldn't stand to have the shadow of a heathen fall on them here's the message a light of revelation to the Gentiles 1st and the glory of your people Israel. His father and mother were amazed that these things were being said about him but he's not done Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother behold this child is appointed for the fall on the rise of many in Israel for a sign to be opposed man how can one old man get so much right he's walking in the spirit the spirit is giving him the thoughts the words the courage the kindness and less marriage they have a wrong set of expectations is almost always realized did Simeon delivers a message that she will reflect on throughout her life and its poignancy will become pointed at the cross a sword will pierce even your own soul to the end that the thoughts from many hearts maybe reveal imagine how many times when the little boy Jesus was being bullied in ostracized and left out and made fun of and a mock because he was genuinely good and kind and he wasn't going to bend to peer pressure imagine how many times that sword was piercing her soul Lord why is it like this for your anointing imagine all those moments when they were wondering when will he do something and when will the prophecy come true Simeon delivers to the nation of Israel in the bosom of religious worship what the real mission of the Messiah will be and he's going to be followed up by a righteous woman. There was a prophetess verse 36 Anna the daughter of Faneuil of the tribe of Asher she was advanced in years and had lived with her husband 7 years after her marriage so she was a widow a long time and then as a widow to the age of 84 she never left the temple serving night and day with fastings and prayers listen for this woman the church family was everything do you know there are men and women of senior years for whom this family still means everything train your little children to be kind and warm and affectionate with the older people in our midst train your children to be friendly with the generations that are not theirs help them prompt them require them to actually look people in the eyes and shake their hands and give them a smile actually help them get past the place where that's just an older stranger help these children come to the place where they can actually have a beautiful bond similar to and akin to that of grandparenthood where the children can be rich in the sense of extended family this older lady for whom so much was centered around God's family God's fatherhood God's presence she came verse $38.00 and began giving thanks to God and continued to speak of him all those who do all those who are looking for the redemption of Jerusalem I want you to see what's going on now I'm going to take you one step farther which you'll have to decide if it makes sense for me it makes complete sense to take your Bible internal book of Job Job Chapter 32 I'm going to add one more thing into this Christmas narrative that I want you to think about Job Chapter 32 because all throughout the history of the Scriptures. There was clearly a sense that those who have lived life and especially lived it well were to be especially honored Job Chapter 32 we're in a unique moment in the Book of Job his 3 friends seem to have run out of things to say there's been a 4th man waiting in the bay and this 4th man is of a different generation he's a younger man Chapter 32 a job in history men ceased to answer in job because he was right he was in his own nice. Well you know what job is a very interesting book Job knew he hadn't done anything to bring this on they were convinced he did they finally decided they weren't changing his mind but look what happens in the heart of a young man now this man has it right in one sense and hasn't wrong in another Eliza you he's angry verse 2 but the anger of the Ally you the son of Barak l. the buzz I of the family of Ram burned against job against job his anger burned because he justified himself before God now what a lie us going on for him is the least has a sense that and we haven't quite got there but I'm giving you the warning we least have a sense that he knows enough to hang back and not say anything until the older men to finish talking he also is thoroughly indoctrinated in the idea that if you do good God is good to you and if you do bad God is bad to you so he's true to his understanding of the narrative anything complete agreement with Job's other 3 friends verse 3 the Bible writer in this case Moses is going to get the point across and his anger burned against his 3 friends because they had found no answer yet had condemned job. Now alive who had waited to speak to job because they were years older than he skipped down to verse Well we'll keep reading and when you lie you saw there was no answer in the mouth of 3 men is angry bird you get the idea he was a pretty angry man so I live you the son of Barra kill the buzz I spoke out and said I'm young in years and you're old Therefore I was shy and afraid to tell you what I think that is not the culture of the day but for any young person listen to me here today. I'll take this from my wife Grampa old same he said an empty wagon rattles the loudest there is something about care in what you say it's better to be quiet and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt and this is a moment where we're at the ally who knows that he needs the way it is time and place young people be very careful how much you have to say on a subject matter especially in the presence of a man or a woman a generation ahead of you I'm young in years and you're old versus therefore I was shy and afraid to tell you what I think I thought age should speak and increase yours so teach wisdom now I'm going to let go of a lie whose experience right there but I want to hang on to the last sentiment I just read age should speak and increase year should teach what wisdom now I'm here to suggest to you today confident though not explicitly able to prove it that when men from the east come bearing gifts and the Bible writers choose to label them as what wise I am confident that these men and their entourage but especially these men labeled wise are fitting the Bible definition and they are senior men. What I want you to recognize is that the last words of the book of Malikai which is that God will turn the hearts of the children to the Vollard and the fathers to the children is that God understood just like he understood writing to Paul that we should not for sake the assembling together he understood how important it was going to be the generations were bound up together and why using the illustration of Eli the senior and Samuel the youth says that it is the you for this with the experience of age this is as God would have it be we are living in a time when the Bible writers inspired by haven't understood that and whether they understood or not they were inspired to write it the add a very age when separation is the norm isolation is the desire and when generations have been turned upside down and stepped on that we would need them more than ever at the advent of the 2nd Advent the appearing of the great God and King Jesus Christ and when you don't share as your and hold these people in esteem in your homes and in your hearts you are almost writing your own eternal death certificate as you write off the people who have walked and learned in the only school that really gets the credentials of heaven. It's nice to have letters and name names of institutions after your person if that's what you're called to do but take heart folks the greatest imperative in all of Scripture is that we learn through the to college of the Holy Spirit in the school of life and whether you are rich enough to afford an education or poor enough not to God Himself has pledged to be your teacher and God has ordained in a condom e of understanding and in that economy of understanding the gray head found in the way of righteousness is not only to be revered I would suggest you this morning that gray matters are the matters just preceding the return of Jesus Christ and our churches and our homes are to be bound together in this beautiful humility that recognizes the fragility of age there are certain liabilities with age and yet the richness of all that could keep the compass well calibrated for walking in the true way and stary a stain on the narrow path this is what God designed to happen through the aged in our midst one little post note on a lie Hugh speech to job is that even though God has ordained that his speech be recorded God addresses the 3 older men in the Book of Job and God addresses job himself but God doesn't even address the like you in the book of Joe somewhat of a not so subtle remonstrance when we stop and we think about an old woman giving baby life when we think about where we're at society I want to tell you to sweep in precious memory that I have of my grandparents especially my grandmother who walked with Jesus I'm here before you today because of her prayers. I'm here in for for you today because of her consistency I can still remember the time when we were done with church school I've told you the story before but this is the congregation changes week by week and we're driving out of Peoria Jr in Cata me and my grandmother had just had my grandmother had just had the special music at the Peoria church her voice wasn't nearly as good in her middle seventy's as it had been in her middle fifty's or middle thirty's and for some odd reason I decided it was time to mock grandma singing Well I don't know if you had parents like this but my mom was a no nonsense like he and you know my mom had a code of ethics and if there is for all that my mom got right probably one of the best things my mom got she didn't get a college degree she became a nurse in her middle age down time I graduated Actually I graduated from high school before my mother became a nurse so at this point time my mom had no college education I don't think she had even graduated from Academy she got kicked out 6 weeks before but my mom didn't understand that the wisdom and the honor of age should be respected in there I am sitting in the car and she's driving but my mother was a consummate multi-tasker and she could keep the car going down the road while she spun her head around to look at me and the hand came up and I want to tell you I got a real quick speech which was going to be followed with some application and I knew I better never make fun of my gramma 75 year old voice again I'm embarrassed to tell you the story of one sense now but I was a kid but I did get taught. And so I can still almost see your turning or arm around with their hand like this looking at me and I tell you she had that fiery look in her eyes and said You will never talk about my mother like that oh yes sometimes or people have a few eccentric habits they are a little humorous It's not that all humor is gone but if we don't hold them in extreme revere no free passes laws you've got your right mind older folks and for those of you look at me in an older folks as long as we've got our right mind you gotta keep growing you don't get to stay where you're at but God calls us to be the consummate family in the age of consummate dysfunction and if we want to get it right we better remember the 14000000 people died between 191-1000 followers by another 50000000 a job of 27 percent arised 20 percent unemployment 24 percent unemployment and a drop of 27 percent of world g.d.p. 300000000 people through smallpox marrieds more in World War 2 Korean War Vietnam War Cold War Yes these individuals that have weathered the storms of life and manage to stay loving kind and true are the people God is going to continue to use right up until the very end and we know just before Jesus comes he's going to lay some of them to sleep because the physical Vigors of life are going to become too great. When that moment comes Christ coming is right around the corner is having a conversation with one of my kids yesterday he likes to rag on the boomers I said I pity you when the boomers are gone. I pity you when the people who still have a motive come of values old fashioned values are gone the society you have will be a very unique and interesting 11 where I don't really want to be around the experience. May God help each of us this holiday season stop and say to ourselves Lord and to God I am so thankful for the people you put in my life I'm so thankful for the sacrifices they made I am so thankful for the commitment to the church I am so thankful for the wisdom they have I mean we humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord so that we don't miss the message. Because of God follows in themes and symbolic parallels I don't think we should expect that the last messages will come any other way than they came right before he came the 1st time and they're going to be people whose lives cannot be controverted they are real and genuine and if you don't hear the credibility of the great head down in the way of righteousness you won't listen to anything yes friends great matters and it should matter the most amongst us may we be a society that is contrary to the others may our homes be beautiful and unique leader and then we honor those who have walked the path before us may God bless you this Christmas season as we go into the New Year and may we show the world that we're getting it right because the best educated in our midst are calling out cadence may God bless us this Christmas season Don't forget. When he was a big grey matter. 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