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The Door was Open - But We Didn't Go Through

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • June 5, 2010
    4:00 PM
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well thank you for sharing your seven definitely 's hunger to get the most of you will probably hear this morning so you probably were not severely a little review bills he has gotten us I guess it really is thanks I will will be against the moments the door was open his Vienna title here added unfortunately I subtitled it as well but we didn't go through the door will that we didn't go through he saw this this morning why is any of this important because as religious teachers we are under obligation to God teaches students how to engage in medical missionary work everybody's a teacher in a classroom are and I also think that nature but nonetheless at least exerting some educational and funds for Atlas of the review here we saw this morning to Doctor Kellogg was converted in eighteen eighty eight and he soon began working along the network lines this was an essential work of the churches had left undone and closing and it wasn't his life is basically paraphrasing is progressing him it's a lien on screens at some ministers reject analysis form criticized the kind worked on was doing and made war upon him in order to build themselves up Doctor Kellogg began to fight back belittling the ministry and seeking to make use work into a monument to himself the disunity between the gospel ministers and the sorry workers placed on our church is the worst evil that can be placed there in nineteen oh two both the batteries entering an area help this analysis were providentially destroyed as the Lord tried the leaders of these institutions to do the work represented in the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah Doctor Kellogg was eventually disfellowshipped and the denomination quickly moved away from the network and again I want to emphasize that is advancing at an easy thing to understand I know somebody hopefully not everyone but now every now and then you end up in a situation where you you have somebody you are working with either above you were below you will hazard out to chief trustee candidates is not that pleasant enough and after a while you get tired of it and denominational leadership of the General conference had plenty of reason to be tired of Doctor Kellogg by the time he resigned his fellowship in nineteen oh seven it is a very easy and natural thing to do two associates who work one does with the person so I don't find it hard to see how that could've been done well anyhow during that time out in California something that was going on Ellen White was calling for the establishment of sanitarium particularly specified in Southern California now there is little tidbit here that will come back to much later why California why does you say Eminem with they what's wrong with Arizona Barbie 's accessor now but she kept calling for signature hands in California and Hawaii for a particular compelling reason for California and ethnology cited instances the considerations and is and whether the weather was what it was at the Jamie factor California the time was famous as a healthy place whether they are it was it was in some places and we had a way yes but the other words there was in the countryside but it was off they must first carry it was the tourism that she specified in particular she said we establish these places where the tourists go and somebody comes from Minnesota down here at Snowbird or something I get out of the winter in California for their health know a lot of time since I'm health institutions in those days were not focus on acute care and were focused on more Bullwinkle lifestyle medicine at the thing of it is okay to go to institutions for their health sake and then they go back home and she said we want to catch the terrorists communicate the gospel at home and legal she was a student lounge and said that several times with originality on the horse she was beating so to speak but that she did say that I never get satisfied away as literacy and tourist traffic than there was a second issue that came primarily to the front after Sister White came back from Australia again they remember from eighteen ninety one to nineteen hundred she was in Australia to came back in September nineteen hundred and soon after she returned to the United States she began raising an issue that she had spoken of song before her departure not much during the Australian years but when she came back she started talking about cities there were cities in the states they were in last assay was still fairly young and somewhat sparsely established and geriatric patients are insanely synchronous we must do more than we've done to reach the people of our cities as donated a look at this focus on cities this will bigger she said there is to be working on our cities as they never have been worked in that which should've been done twenty yes more than twenty years ago is now to be done speedily and making a five nineteen oh nine here henceforth medical missionary work is to be carried forward with an earnestness with which it has never yet been carried this work is the door to which the truth is defined entrance to the large cities notice I thought what is the approach the angle the richest cities medical missionary work okay she says adding been quite a number of places okay nineteen ten in every city there should be a city mission that would be a training school for workers many of our brethren must stand condemned in the sight of God because it not done the very work that God would have them do house little rough and I am convinced that God is merciful but is also about her justice I let him sort out the two sometimes I not sure that statement means but it's clear she was however working cities that much I don't look at the burden of our cities is rested so heavily upon me that it has sometimes seemed that I should die now I I don't know that I have that level of empathy in my heart in the work in the cities is CE social worker this time is now to be taken hold of and faith with mighty power that Christ was honoring our large centers of population behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him I know there are a lot of cities that last statement said that in every city there should be something that's a medical figuring the and every CD updates to statements in the area and everything it should be a city mission as it was when the trains are okay in every city actually I haven't done a full now statistical evaluation on this that I went through a wager a guess that the story is the most common story word phrase that she uses in this discussion here is in every city she said that over and over again in every city there should be this in every city there should be that in every city allegedly negligent work is neither going to do something in every city and every doing a lot of that something whatever it is okay is a lot of cities how how any kind that some point you have to scratch your head and say she is one hot air from fifty to one tablet daily in every city the realistic is it or is you and what would we do and that's okay how is you will also be done well okay when a religious exercise try this statement if we were only vitalized by Holy Spirit there should be a hundred missionaries were there is now one in every city measure words there should be a more organized while this worker is not merely one or two but scores should be set to work more attention to begin the training and educating missionaries with special reference to work in cities and as we are now thinking I need to access back a few years every day so the ideas she does not like she originated this after she came back from Australia but no eight ninety three jargon saying in every significant book let's take a look at break this down a little bit what does that word mean Army a body I'm hearing okay actually have to put an E on the end of the word when you get okay it's like the Marine Corps okay it's an organized body has often yes often use of an army of finishing the eighth floor of organize well does the word is not merely one or two but scores what is a score twenty one C the enemy which means a minimum of forty forty forty yes yes okay talk off everything there should be forty workers that's what we've adopted in our work with endless emissions as a minimum if I would stop it is so conveniently with a population of about four hundred thousand cents only ten thousand each days ago and are we overdoing eye and she is exaggerating when she's in the scores and scores I don't see best in any room I have a hunch that no ten thousand people that's that's good of you to busy for a few weeks but school on the linear is writing she's has aroused your associates to work under some name whereby they may be organized to cooperate in our bodies actually get the young men and women in the church to work on my medical missionary work with the proclamation of the third Angels message make regular organized efforts to let the church members out of the dead level in which they had been for years to the breath of life will not then come into our churches this break is sometimes little bit work under some name or that went by they maybe organize again this is not a haphazard slapdash database is an organization going on and that have to be so much organization each elbow abrasion redtape or as an Indian friend of mine is an American Indian friend of mine is to collect what it is officially off like that when energy is wasted again this is not the only place quite a number of places in in discussing this kind of work there is a specific call for young men and young women why now many some of us have a few gray hairs over it why don't and wife who are calling for all of us have well-heeled years but there is a special role as a special place for young men and young women if you haven't figured out yet what the important things for going to life gracefully is recognizing what you can and cannot do it certain ages and when I first started teaching in my early twenties I couldn't do things some as talking physically dining I used my influence was different I had different relationship with my students in my thirties and forties so things change over time anybody is if you are a twentysomething is still young enough that you carry some of influence of the teenagers at your old enough that people begin to look at you as a smell some sort of a certified adult after great economic time capitalize on the influence you have during a time because it exactly it will go out there and I don't even think all the vitamins you want something unitary authority in half as it happens again so many young men and women okay my medical measurement in population during this message again don't these two things go hand-in-hand with church members you will find educational legacy crank their ensigns are the dead which is a dead level okay see if the breath of life will not then come into our churches you know I come from Kansas currently add out in the Midwest especially I think unless terminated several statistics do with there is a fair amount of talk about small dying churches specially similar rural areas rural America is going through some down demographic changes night I don't know the make an explainer deal with all that but we start talking about dying churches I would like to point out that this is a divinely inspired remedy for how to revive a dying church and I prefer divinely inspired remedies to most all other Stanford okay this sort of approach worked the one time it was dry from content was dragged anchor what was done it was working it happened in San Francisco there are many lines of Christian effort being carried forward by her brother and sisters in San Francisco these include visiting the sick and destitute of finding homes for orphans work for the unemployed nursing the second teaching the love of Christ and house to house the distribution of literature in the conducting of classes for healthful living in the care of the sick the school for the children is conducted in the basement of the meetinghouse I don't know what kind of school that was a bad time find out in another part of the city a working man's home i.e. homeless shelter and medical mission is maintained on market Street near the City Hall there is a bad establishment we would call it a hydrotherapy treatment center operated as a branch single unit manager in the same locality is a depot on the health of the company where health foods are not only so that instruction is given industry reforms in diet near the center of the city our people conduct a vegetarian café which is open six days in the week and is entirely closed on the Sabbath day here about five hundred meals are served daily and no flesh meats are used Doctor and Mrs. Doctor Lamb are doing much medical work for the poor in connection with a regular practice and Doctor Buchanan is doing much free work at the work in its own we earnestly desire to vigorously hold that the steps taken in the future in the work in San Francisco will be steps of progress the work that has been done there is but a beginning San Francisco is a world in itself and the Lords work there is to broaden and deepen look at these words she is left it all out off and she said couldn't start it but a beginning it was working thank the Lord for there is to broaden and deepen you did not unfortunately having a life it all ended in nineteen oh six earthquake that make using cell came down and it was never we established that that's sort of multifaceted full school Metropolitan evangelism to the best of my knowledge has never been tried since the women are in four years but it'll affect that I did best of my knowledge no there are possible exceptions that they stood out on me I know there's some know of writing things going on down in like São Paulo Brazil maybe that comes pretty close I'm not sure but in the United States I think I can speak with a pretty good degree of certainty would never than would never nonsense that it is my contention my belief that's the multiple facets of metropolitan minute apology ministry are to work together and as they work together you will have success if you try any one of them by itself well it's been done the last thirty four years all of those things and then tried on multiple occasions in isolation and by and large they have died on the vine 's been discouraging I've watched it happen again okay one final point here on logistics repeatedly the Lord is instructed us that we are to work the cities of from helpful centers in these cities we are to have houses of worship as memorials forgotten but institutions the publication Armitage of the beginning of the state of the training of workers in status outside the cities especially is important that our youth be shielded from the temptations of city life I'd like to make just a quick point here for all generally anybody up to now early thirties I think I do want you to be aware if you're not already that what ever you were raised with becomes the baseline for your evaluation of the rest the world that make sense to follow saying that if you were raised in the city the city is normal bank normalcy in your eyes does not make it necessarily accept patients it's a simple enough at some point you're going to have to come to grips with the fact that what is normal to you may not necessarily be right this is why we have an objective source of authority we call it inspiration it may not be right and this is one of the hardest things that you hate in every teacher has had to deal with this now live the way we do it at home the other man's right sunshine at soccer headache and Isaiah tell you how well it all and know people he bought the import gross don't you enter the make away now and some other homes in on a practice manual blessing that is willing to make a nice bouquet normal doesn't mean right now I'm not a concern here and scheduled his own after our next statement this is must be worked the millions living in these congested center as I hear the message this works in a minimal rapidly during the past years a beginning has been made for which we praise God outsourcers are being established from wins like enough mold our workers can visit the cities and do faithful service this was the norm in my message to the brethren and sisters assembled in conference in Los Angeles on the morning of the San Francisco earthquake April eighteen the second day after the scene of falling buildings and passed before me I spoke in a car street to church and board decided testimony I refer to the great work that must be done in the cities of our land and of our inability to do this work by establishing institutions in the heart of the city 's we must learn to labor from outpost now I would like to draw your attention to know that what what does that mean what doesn't in ability meet at something they can get it now I have a hot tip for you some people find meaning in life by taking on the challenge that's good if you want a serious challenge that will give you some level of meaning I suppose for your entire lifetime to ask that God says is impossible for you to do and spend a lifetime to do it every challenge you will fail the satisfaction of a job poorly done or something I don't care what you forgot that it will happen I'm just normal stupid enough to believe that maybe he means they won't get on out of the cities out of the cities this is a message the Lord 's been giving me the earthquakes will come the floods will come and remember between we are not to establish ourselves malignancies when enemy is served in every way and when God is often forgotten we must make life less worn a citizen of the same time lived that we can shield our children and ourselves in the contaminating and demoralizing influences so prevalent in these places are in this is this is a speculative type of the thought Mrs. of the essay of Dave so take it for all of that's worth okay actually gave not even saying anything this is a business en masse wonders Dave K is a lot to think about these cities which are contaminating and demoralizing and which most of us grew up in and see normal that we are counseled to protect us especially our children from is there a possibility that that contamination and demoralizing influence could actually disqualify people from finishing the Lords work in a remembered David wanted to build the Temple and I like the idea of the Temple that is it even then a man of war and you are disqualified you cannot build my camp I went to Spokane for a moment that David had in actual fact thought in one hundred and twenty eight battles I made up a number and let's just suppose for a moment Billy and the chance to ask the Lord is a bold one and only four hundred hundred and twenty battles cleaned up the Temple that I have no idea I is a bizarre absurd question I raise it to make the point is that the bizarre question God simply disqualified incidents are appreciate your interest crocheting your intentions but you are disqualified and there is nothing that I can do about that now I look at these statements I say if we are in fact to serve as John the Baptist and we are to prepare people for the coming of the Lord would it not be a shame if we failed to follow John's example to get out of town in a sense it's a question that's not a statement of of of theology but that's a serious question I evening eligibility statements there there I don't know how to avoid them or ignore them I'm not sure exactly what they mean in every case but anyhow okay well now the outpost concept there she especially in a emphasized following the destruction of San Francisco for the simple reason that everything in life and I wasn't so I was now no revenue after we start from and after nineteen oh six you find her repeating over and over again much more incessantly the idea that we work the city from outposts and this was actually a whole new approach to evangelism the cause of God 's day when advanced far in advance what it is and him we inform readers and more active in the training of nurses and things like I missed something ask as one logical disconnect going at them and we've always been more active in the training of nurses in addition to the requirements of more than ordinary skill in the cancer had also learned to labor as evangelists in soul winning service became so she's advocating an approach this is something that we had not done at the time his writing and it is for the training of such workers as well as the training of physicians of the school at Loma Linda has been found in English school many workers are to be qualified of the ability of physicians to labor not an professional licensed physicians but as a medical missionary evangelists the cause is in need of hundreds of workers will receive the practical and federal education and medical lines and were also compared labor from house to house as teachers by the workers and coal porters is a tremendous example of what in the business world of late has become rather trendy crosstraining I just know the Lord is not calling for people who has a medical skill is going to people who know how to be a canvas a carport rank a Bible house to house that now this is a whole new approach this is not what they had been doing when you try something new it is often a tricky business right and ignorant event having to invent the wheel now offer yourself any administrator that most administrators and it got him in his IRA somewhere along what has realized that when you start a new program sometimes what that means is you better have a new person to run that it's it's it's hard to tell dog new tricks the good news is that when Ellen was writing all this she had just a man in my better yet he was already on the job site he just didn't know what his job was going to be elder John Burton until quite recently I believe that mental Idaho long ago but now than when you're okay since the last time I was at last time I was here you are still reading and inverting all named after this dapper looking young man here again John Burton is about as close as I come to having a hero and his history disguise incredible he's the guy that bought the Paradise Valley sanitarium there's not Glendale Cemetery and don't want was still calling for a third senator accuses there's another one is another one is that this is really funny letter that woolly white once wrote in a AAA is probably not that easy being the center of the processed data had little awkward at times about the hero 's letter and he said young mother he keeps calling for century and work in Southern California so Elder Burton bought this property don't paradise Valley and we thought surely this is this is a good thing that mother kept calling for more sanitary Morgan so he bought Glendale it would thought surely that would fill the bill that mother calling for four more and so it was a Doctor Ledbetter was in private practice but he agreed to do so his practice and entering his his side his bread underwear this was because it was in LA I guess the answer is practiced in civilized observant denominational age today I would hope that that wouldn't that is a ballot may want to hit him and we will hope that would satisfy the need but it did not and she is going for another secretary and an visit in the land of the thing I don't know what would I do that was unburdened that was not little and running if you have not read the story the purchase of the property now around here someplace you need to reintegrate story I'm not into that now the best thing about John Burton in my humble estimation could you go to the white estate and you start counting up the number of letters in a letter will a lot look to people John Burton receive the sixth most number of letters that something in excess of three hundred I forget exactly the first five by the way would be woolly why Aji Daniels John Harvey Kellogg George Butler Stephen Haskell man you are out of whack of those the people that John Burton received three hundred letters from Ellen White not once was he reproved scheduling Daniel no recorded fans and three hundred letters from the top and was rumored he was counseled he was cautioned him be careful of is that anything but it was never ritual is currently airing that's that's that's stunning okay okay what was his secret I think it was just he was stupid enough to do it he was told I have no doubt it alone approach no lights writing is that it will take some time to get a right understanding of the matter the justices any as we begin working the line of truth on the Holy Spirit will meet us and I guess if we're willing to be guided much good can be done by those who do not hold diplomas is fully accredited at accredited physicians some are to be prepared to work this competent physicians many working under the direction of such once can do acceptable work without spending so long a time instead he added as it has been thought necessary in the past which is due this is like nineteen old plow and I sounds like no second-guessing something in any letters in a four years of hundred and forty years ago she just invented a whole new profession what we call in today physicians assistants or your strategy and probably a hundred years ago she would call it something along the lines of an evangelistic physician assistant or something like that again she was saying our job our focus is evangelist that bad if you notice if you remember the name of the institution as originally established year it was the College of medical evangelists it was not the college of evangelistic physicians subtle difference perhaps okay it was the College of medical evangelists okay well this is how John Burton wrote out to the general conference executive committee his letter is his understanding of geologic and clear from the testimony discarded that there are at least three glasses in order to be educated medical lines first many well-trained nurses to work as evangelists second a large the person is qualified with the ability of physicians to labor as evangelists third a few fully accredited physicians with recognition to stand at the head of the work was that me stand at the head of the work by Oakton meeting tonight okay stand at the head of the word we might ask where in the answer is at the next medical school but they'll Loma Linda was not necessarily supposed to be the only medical school and operate a school there certain technical legalities are not able to and those people needed to be recognized by the state there were some burgesses a large number who could be well-qualified evangelists without the necessity of the formal recognition and well any new idea will face some challenges no rethink this case should be any different but sometimes God can cause us up calls to set up higher than we've ever gone before and Ellen Weiss sensed that this new concept of what was to be done at Loma Linda was going to know that the it's going to be challenging resistance and so she wrote some of the strongest things you never will dealing with this topic our people are now being tested as to whether they will obtain their wisdom for the greatest teacher the world ever knew or see to the God of Accra let us determine which shall not be tied by so much as a thread to be educational policies of those who do not discern the voice of God and will not hearken to his Commandments and who is always this document nothing was what that from my fellow students blamed on the other death was imminent Felicity I don't read the language environment good job don't I looking for second King Leslie comes from hunting and second Kings chapter one again now Ahaz I have felt the lactose of his upper room in Samaria like the guys standing around the balcony leans on the railing and is waiting for you guys I work Cynthia was away at almost letting Ellis is a strange thing happened out there on the learning and again as we sentence messengers to find out easily well to whom the defendant but I never again and so the angel of the Lord said to Elijah despite a rise go up to meet the messages looking at the Marion stated that even because there is no God in Israel that you are going to inquire of the LOC blog the God of Acheron so the messages come back to the king and they say a man seems up to meet us and sent us will return the Kings and you and say to them thus says the Lord is it because there is no God in Israel you are sending to require Beelzebub the guys that run therefore you shall not come down to the bench in which you gone up but you shall surely die now I had failed to quit that thing my apologies no matter what was going on you have high positive and metadata quick look and see if I have some slides they always seems like some slides are showing up as hidden now this is a frustrating pathologist I now study and employment on the form out there maybe I just stabbed him though old-timers owners and nothing well again this is the same quotation as it continues here how I is talking about this question of what to do with homeland she asks gently represent before the world that our physicians must follow the pattern of the world before they can be qualified to act as successful physicians this is the question it is now testing the faith of some of our brethren let not any more brother displease the Lord by aggregating in their assemblies the idea that we need to obtain from unbelievers a higher education than that specified by the Lord this is an interesting statement is laughable but not here she is not saying as she sometimes does she is not saying that Mitchell education from the Lord is the highest of all education is not anything that here she simply saying don't let somebody displays the Lord by saying what's behind the world 's statement that we need a higher education than that which the Lord is specified as a very challenging thought and the question boils down to this besides what's going to be most useful and what criteria is undecided and I suspect that from the Lord 's perspective the alternate criteria is going to come down to how many souls can you save following this route as opposed to following this route and what I'm seeing here you make it if I is a minor point video what I'm seeing here is that the world may come to us and say you need more education then God has said we are swinging thoughts on what you make docents make us a sense we're going to do a little history is kind of interesting when I went to look this up I found out enough in Sacramento there is a small group of eager beaver legal eggs and you can call them up from anywhere in the country and maybe even outside the country for all I know and say hey I'm wondering what this loss and a hundred years ago I now say all I I almost find that all mail you a copy I couldn't believe it but even if the claim was great your text here to your tax dollars at my work I love you and so I integrated a letter reason for me at their was great so you really are in nineteen hundred California medical societies they were simple and the American Medical Association not that old by this time by the way only about twenty years old and the American Medical Association had pulled off what any advertising or public relations world today we would call a fantastic case of branding regular guitar branding event new buzzword about the last five years on the cutting keep up with all the court anyhow they got themselves a brand is a colossus under that has only been exceeded by teachers that what do they call a college that teaches people how to teach what the course called and I'm normal school and with all due respect I'm here to tell you and I know lots of very abnormal features but I have no idea how we ever got going on our behalf the stages and I went to a normal school but you will AMA got a similar sort of branding accomplished they were known as regular they are the regular medicine by implication of course everything else was there and you okay okay Raceway vinaigrette you also had the osteopathic medical Society noted that the medical society the chiropractic medical societies and pay my personal favorite is for originality nothing else the act like the medical society now you're laughing but it existed the Atlantic medical Institute later known as eclectic medical college operated in Cincinnati Ohio from eighteen forty five to nineteen forty two the school medical thought emphasize the use of herbal remedies that was open to adopting any other techniques have proved advantageous to how guys like pledgers of an hour so I thought that's what Atlantic name to grab what works I think there was a school for ninety seven years the athletic medical college of them the point is in nineteen hundred medical practice in California and elsewhere amount of variation in there was nowhere near as homogenized as we have perhaps come to think of medicine today in nineteen oh one that changed on February twenty seven of that year a new law placed all medical licensing under the jurisdiction of a single board of medical examiners made up of fiber prisoners the AMA to homeopath into athletics you may allow the fix but in a not unimportant okay hope to get under the board the chiropractors and osteopath and basically now if you were going to osteopathic medical college in nineteen hundred in California and hoping to graduate and get licensed in the spring of nineteen oh one your goose just got dropped okay because the reality was those guys those guys were not handing out licenses the chiropractors are osteopaths and a discussion for all practical purposes chiropractic and osteopathy were made illegal in California as a debris twenty seven nineteen oh one however you don't allow politics somebody had caught wind of this game marks ten days later another new law established a Board of osteopathic examiners and explicitly exempted them from the jurisdiction of any other provision California law the osteopathic thing as they become the chiropractors they were dead meat that's just the way it works okay now this is this whole change of affairs did not make some people happy most notably the better breakfast again and to be honest apparently the homeopathic neglecting some not to the situation either notice the makeup of the board right five and a juvenile and faster than that I think what the chances of the homeopath and athletic railroading anything through this committee zero okay now that meet the login stipulate that required a supermajority of six sets the real effects in Ocala it required a supermajority of sixty votes to pass anything but so be AMA representatives could not even of themselves railroaded into the boarding but be ready at one vote whereas the homeopaths are neglected second first of all band together and then convinced to the other hand a guys about with them is a runner trying to live anything else nobody was happy with this law and so that's the way it went to in the next few years there were a number of scandals that no political financial scandals involve members of this is board at a notice of nineteen hundred right tell for yourself or us or the wild West there were some wild things going on one of the chairman of the Lord your the agriculture motor vehicle in the head of this board of medical examiners there was a lot of complaints against him because he seldom shut up removing a form for meetings he was too busy as the Commodore of the San Francisco Bay yacht club itself whatever that is often the way things sound so society progresses I guess that well so that lasted until nineteen oh seven from ninety one to nineteen oh seven there were twenty one Congressional bills all of which the people of Sacramento synagogues of that failed to rewrite the law during those years finally in nineteen oh seven we came up with a new law has really gotten there were four bills introduced into the legislature in the fall of nineteen oh seven and somewhere in January in a smoke filled room over a bottle of whiskey somebody got to be a half I think I've been planning on just out of the blue one day off for those bills were scrapped removed from consideration and a new bill which clinical cobbled writing things together was placed into the consideration and with the added what it was like four days family went through an endless snow ran twice and engrossing read again and sent from the legislature to the represent house in a row to helping those over and over whatever it is like ten days when it was lot but someone cut a deal someplace other there were a number of minor changes in the law and two very significant new provisions this is a lot making a seven three forms of certificate shall be issued by said board first a certificate authorizing the holder thereof to practice medicine and surgery that would be an AMA license and now the regular medicine I don't think that's the first thing in this second certificate authorizing the holder thereof to practice osteopathy that's the result of an error a certificate authorizing the holder thereof to practice any other system or mode of treating the sick and afflicted not referred to in this section can know what somebody's a blank check to some requirements this third certificate this is a medical license as a license to practice medicine in California okay this third significant you had to have graduated from a chartered medicals for that wasn't that hard to get okay you had in the past the sound staplers available to them the second okay so it's not like I fit in your bath outfoxed us and even brags that it wasn't quite simple okay and in Iowa sailors and only one arena of possibilities this happened in nineteen oh seven and as with the loss said the new law required examinations on anatomy histology gynecology pathology bacteriology chemistry and toxicology physiology obstetrics gender diagnosis and hygiene what's missing is not the second significant and what's missing what do you mean I have to take to become a doctor in California ninety oh seven nutrition additions never been on the list 's name in the next weather pharmacology that Baghdad when they call it a mature human again a gum the day to listen to items you didn't have to have one was material medico ancient Latin for the materials of medicine which today would qualify because you did not have to learn the science of pharmacology or jobs they could even have to do that you put me do not have to what else is missing surgery you did not have to be exposed or or ill educated in surgery nuclear you do not have to be I'm not missing something this opens up a huge area for a somewhat less complicated level of medical training and essentially within the classroom along with getting more medical thing no but I don't than the door for something that we would hunt at home I pay I don't really know what a physician 's assistant has to know and I'll think of surgery and going copying to do gays the surgery they assist in surgery okay okay do they prescribe drugs they give of what one hears practitioners as I may get the decided educator things are okay latter works for me is not the first thing about medicine I haven't understood that the but there was this new level of fun playing field now and it's there was Eleanor and three hundred letters was the original K and that some something to me at Laburnum wrote this letter here explain the situation he says since the legislature of California is open the way for the students in such a school of the Loma Linda College of medical advances to be legally recognized to practice charity methods of healing the racial remedies with no thought or effort on our partners the legislature did a big admission agitated as a mental lobbying going on it's happened it seemed to us a divine providence coming as it did the next year after we started our school the battle was fought by osteopaths but the legislature this was a delight goals requirements for entrance the medical course legal to a high school preparation on the tenth fundamental branches that underlie medical education maturity of medication and surgery are both so now so that a good thorough school of hygiene or rational practice of medicine would have no difficulty in being recognized in this state and assured our school be recognized here if students would have abandoned ground from which to secure recognition in other states the same as the osteopaths of the writing is very healing art is gasping recognizing all the states with a magnifying way to the front with everything against them they're opening the way will evidently make it easier or a time at least four other reputable methods appealing to become recognized it certainly was a great misfortune that the American medical missionary college stop right there was that was Kellogg medical school in Battle Creek again it certainly was a great misfortune that the American medical missionary college was launched under cover of the regular school stop right there what this AMA rather than under the banner of the healing art embodied in asserting this message and it seems that some of us that we shall make the same mistake may be limited to follow their example in establishing a medical school was very standard if it is at all maintained means commercialism from first to last the guy was a hundred years at this time how do you mean most divisive decisive issue of the political landscape of two thousand ten will be healthcare reform and financing okay you player development mistakes also in a beginner I am sure is learning going on I ensure that as soon as the question of establishing anything uniquely admits medical college thumbs up the first thought will be on a superficial medical education it would be a disgrace to the work of the message unless we can establish a fully equipped medical school after the world idea which could become a member of the Association of American medical colleges I do not believe we should for a moment didn't countenanced anything of the sort for what was the Association of American medical colleges if AMA's accrediting body that I am not a big conspiracy and no black helicopters flying overhead earning I am not anti- AMA I am so full for the world Amy has done imagine would be without them without notice and he is making is evident in all requires a high school high school education and and I am not sometimes I'm not opposed to requiring freemen of the footage as it was adopted and they have to come to work my only question is is it the Lords work the I think it ended with the island supporters and me I'm in your journal Jason and I like their stuff I love modern science now that is an actual for evangelism that's my question going on elderberry continues to write she said yes much that is now embodied in the medical schools in the world is as useless as the maxims of the scribes and Pharisees and if there are Internet studies there are a positive injury to the mind of the student disqualifying them for the work he should do and again if much of their course is mere rubbish half again is that the second dear sweet mother burdens giving credit where and what right does he have to say that stuff it's so uncharitable I wondered about that what right did he have well his comments as it turns out are almost not quite but almost an exact quote from a forty eight page pamphlet alike counselors about the work of Loma Linda and was titled testimonies and experience in the Loma Linda Senate to medical advances prints for each of those were her comments and a little researching we find out that the original source actually turns out to be elegy white B two forty one oh three October seventeen nineteen oh three that stand for the personal economic downturn a personal letter from LA in nineteen oh three to before they are written by the Lord and in preparing him to think how long a different wine mingled for he had any inkling he was going to be done simply by the applicant holding on with all the birds thoughts he says if all this is about above is to a liberty would enable school and eliminating these useless things in its work and adding that most helpful healing agency the gospel prices revealed that the descriptors combined with rational remedies and attempt fundamental branches talking harmony in their list boys get his ministry and senses once at the school becomes superficial simply because it stood alone and was not recognized by the modern schools of the world when it doesn't clash with so here's the thing I I think that all the burden was on to something I think his ideas probably needed refinement and development is a actually try to put them into practice things might change in the here and there but I really think he was on something I think he had an idea of way of fulfilling the spare prophecy counsel then we have not followed I think we may be lost still something a bit of a value for having not followed that's okay let's thought that was that whole section there is established out of Illinois in this whole concept about oasis cities was relied very heavily on the work that was to come the workers or to betray Loma Linda to carry out this lawful medical missionary evangelism listings okay now it's want back to another question on the finances I will be going to see for a core of medical workers in every city I believe that well in every large city there should be a core of organizing the workers at minimal activists largely secular government that but the perplexing question is yet unresolved how they will be sustained and the bill at the perplexing question what she later tried to come up with some answers that question in order not to give her everything on a silver platter she didn't know I was supposed to work out but she tried to come up with answers later on keep it simple stupid and embryos I'm back keep it simple stupid keep it simple son keep it simple Sam Gibbons simple saints doesn't want the efforts of lines getting a low collection and thinking simplicity some statements in every city where we have a church there is need of a place where treatment can be given for common ailments the building might be inelegant anything really but it should be furnished with facilities for giving simple treatments these skillfully employed a total blessing not only to our people but to their neighbors and might be the means of calling the attention of many to health transports if there is a natural human tendency to think that we have to have the latest and greatest of everything before we can do anything that is not true you can start with less than the latest and greatest the Lord make finally this is the start was last refusing to go all the grand displays in and maybe been made in the medical missionary words probably thinking Chicago boring building still thinking Chicago or in dress language document there or anyone in the north I don't announce in a statement all these grand slams are contrary to the will of God our work is to be carefully studied and used to be in accordance with the seniors plan with our stated that when you stop and you think about Jesus planning vandalism it was it was this very simple it goes like this walk around how people talk about the pinnacle is not rocket science it's simple do not let me do not understand it is a bit easy remember they killed him for doing that none is so easy I think that sounds like in every city relative form is presented in every city in every city wealth of wisdom and of the people it should be a limited ministry of the benefits of practical former place provided with a stick maybe treated for common ailments the building may not be all that could be desired but maybe to give treatment and simple lines this a simple work over the blessing of the physician who understands the simple means we use in our first facts about the form has done wonders even Eric Hemmings this work has always proved a blessing now the greatest downslope what do you see common here one an Adventist evangelistic physician focus on common ailments lots of people held the flashlight of their guy okay what you're trying to reach people you know we can do is it all one for ten thousand of the population that is not everything and bless ourselves I thank you now limitless where whatever type down first I never diagnose diseases I know somebody would take an interest in my case I know I I envisioned that he is an evangelist and make sense the one where the people are running against common illness was at opposition simple lines simple work simple means this work is always proved a blessing I want to try and reiterate something out of it I can not opposed to the latest and greatest in letters it's fascinating stuff I like I'm especially fond of modern acute-care if I ever got there been wrapped myself around a telephone pole at seventy miles an hour I do not want chamomile tea I want hydrotherapy treatments I was in there was vacuuming up in the last ten and one possible and rebuilding me and I am carried out in this letter the other thing in our life by what microscopes on the job I like that I buy one by one whenever the waters I offer I will staff a drain I just don't think it's a woman that given his evangelistic tool and wrong when it is not the tool that God gave us for our job in a thing of the statement that often you find Illinois encouraging a limited ministry is like all but all is not due so much evangelism and providers they went assuming limited ministry well but in conjunction with those words in every city how limited is that okay limited in size in a single location delivered the Sunday morning Jesus and heal everybody in Capernaum the night before going to bed now in a great while before day he went out to pray I have disciples finding any common sense will you when you say I believe him to go again this there are other places the party was not the only come there other souls is my point the gospel medical missionary vandalism is like paint you can submit in the bucket if you want but it does no good we spent out and spread out going we must do more than we hand and reach people Mercedes are not direct large buildings in the city 's little covered in white spaghetti that plans should be made in every city in America with no timetable editing is what was for years as an outline before us in every city there are many women who involved with sanitarium were near at hand would not be able to do one a long way off I love this matter very decided light the Lord 's plan is a small senator and established in many places of the greatest number of people East and West North and South can be reached through this means the sacred and he reached nothing massive buildings about establishment of many small senators as early as lights shining in a dark place our senator answered help to make up the number of the people we are not established a few mammoth institutions for that would be impossible to get the patients the messages that will bring health to the soul small senators are to be established in many places and again the problem work challenging by one life is a challenge okay we get a topic that we seem to lay down in time deal with the financial aspect of the second simple methods simple sanitary and steep costs down actually our counsel is small for anything associate with us again this year restaurants bakeries health and manufactured by Susan did Massimo that grandma is spread them out and spread them out okay but I don't I got slimy but to say that you're only going to span a joke the project I'm involved with right now the last year and a half the Lord has blessed and without bragging about the individual my partner has sunk well over eight hundred thousand dollars in the project last year money that he did not have when we started is a building contractor you may have or something that the building industry lately but he's been busy pillars blessed and is taken every diamond that and most of what we develop we develop probably have an estimate twenty cents to the dollar on the restaurant deli but we got all our stoves are all our sinks everything we got the restaurant we got used off of eBay out of an option I spent a year and half lying still while making him look nice again okay I think it can be done for last night my partner is is easier and cheaper he knows he is being out how to get the most out of a bath okay so let's just say another who come there a hundred grand in every city you pay for that as well let's look at that you are to go into these cities and begin work in a humble way if we eventually followed from the first the instruction regarding city word means were to come in for us to establish in these places schools and small senators voted treat the sick and preach the gospel and educate people and Bible truth look at this sentence we would have had means to sustain all the enterprises for missionary work that we could carry forward under what circumstances would that have been available if we faithfully followed the first discussions regarding city work how in the world the city would generate money so far with many hundred grand in Wichita when you start generating money you might ask well it is interesting statement do you not know that unless you get into the city there will be drying up of means she tells us that city work is a financial producer and to neglect it the cost is financially and city work is to be the financial foundation of the loud cry for you to pay for that they have and will try to connect them to someplace he comes from those who were converted in the cities the money in our world is congested in the was that they are converted they will put their money into the work with neglect of them are totally the to some extent shall we not advancing faith just as if we had thousands of dollars we do not have half a can of what is at our partner warning the city the warning message must come the people who are ready to perish on one unsaved how can we delay as we advance the means will come but we must advance by faith trusting in the Lord God of Israel was written in nineteen oh nine adjusted for inflation thousands of dollars make about something more along the lines of hundreds of thousands of dollars but trust me hundreds of thousands of dollars and go all out for you when you are not a thousands apartment in a restaurant is open for four months now and I would like to say that after a hundred and twenty days I now feel qualified to come back from the promised land I'm slower than Joshua and Caleb they'll come after the promised land they say you want this method works we are well able to take the cities I don't care if they have fortifications like Jericho we are well able to begin for months we have three people attending church we have thirty easily forty people all I know maybe fifty people on a first name basis asking spiritual questions to him during levels but it we've got one the consequences I am a skeptical guy the last thing in the world would ever walk into a some sort of commercial establishment entrusted to give me a straight answer to that but people walk anywhere waffles would start at the thing acted for the guitars that want to an athlete what should I do for this one you further down we try to be careful now I another doctor I don't diagnose I don't prescribe him hello I am not trying to assume the role that I should have but but the openings to win their confidence are are are mindnumbing what I've seen four months ago as we advance the money will come in but we must advance by faith I think that means you not see the money to your moment the rain the thing that as many women are brought into the truth this is a means of begin to come in as surely as honest souls we converted their means in regard to a large service we shall see an increase of our resources abilities wealthy man with a heart filled with love the crisis of any marrying asset help you know what you are trying to do for the master as they see that you reveal the sentiments of the network the only test hearts they will realize they can be try something and by doing medical mission work they will be led to cooperate with God provide facilities necessaries and operation the world needs this is I mean piece of social engineering and white suggested it admits of the longtime figures out I went only statement leveling these wealthy men and because I did not understand the benevolent work they talk about this morning that was completely off my radar map until less than two years ago today I do not understand I had no idea how to approach his ultimate this how you approach of argument you start doing something to help your neighborhood you help the people you are in your bona fides but then you have the right to vote Mister money bags and you say to Mister money bags this is what were trying to do it on a self-centered could you help us weed out nine times out of ten it is a handling it I like a limited amount of my but every so often you no one in sunrise off this is feeling guilty for whatever reason enough and you and I can't probably already donated and I did something that now that I will now make up for any damage a thousand bucks marketing eleven thousand and twelve a lot we can do something similar using ten thousand dollars in legal new something and you don't know wise as serpents there again you just thought the thousand dollars and the button is not that house in dollars eating something very very specific with that heating and shares many come back in this thread is a Mister money bags is one decisive and will begin the Gentiles and disillusionment I know we can have as our initial and forty degrees and rising Jack-in-the-Box and with your money Mister Monday for the children and we learned from Bill Clinton and a half and I collect in order people and I had been the guys on your sign and now you have the right not just asking from you more than a thousand bucks Minnesota five hundred and thirty by now you have a friendship he is helped you as you now you have a right to work for his soul to that needs to be done why not our people wake up the trail sending them in women this is America wired on her churches aroused and what is yours call me for volunteers volunteers that the way to save money because a person you don't pay costs a lot less than a person you do I learned that in business one oh one okay volunteers the Lords work requires in light of the Lord 's work will require volunteers opinions vary on this point this is in fact the one point upon which I caught the most flak some people who don't like no some point or other that might happen to say I got a letter and e-mail mother Juno Lady Gaga websites amount she heard about it she recognizes how you will will will will I been studying about in China where and when the Lord is calling us toward freedom the thyroid back I said great and glad you're interested we do not currently have any pain positions were actually looking for volunteers and I don't have any housing offer but that's not a problem to an issue out of action it has been hard to understand when and the tone of voice and e-mail may be now maybe dozens of a persecution complex something is wrong inactive e-mail that was just a little steam Jacob and his wife the volunteer I am of the volunteer will actually volunteer and Bayside 's no worker is worthy of his hire again now maybe she didn't write it in that town I don't know but you know you can do so Bible text away the workers weren't entire figure the data go your way behold I send you out as lambs among wolves carry neither moneybag knapsack nursing homes and bring along the road but whatever house you later first they piece of this house and some of these is there your peace will rest on it is not able to review and remain in the same house eating and drinking such things as they give the laborer is worthy of his wages that's what our brother that's what I'm offering for my Florida Bible actions is rumbling anger is biblical and not the position for everyone right is another reason why those police no single twenty something types to pay when I was twenty something everything I own fit in the thirteen boxes now I was pretty mobile back nosing your life golf scheduling America can get worse than that were confiscated okay the road we traveled by looking at the history of this opinions varied story on this particular opinion was voiced does the plant ecology medical managers contemplate the establishment of a full-fledged medical college that will be recognized by legal bodies such as the American Medical Association you know it must have such recognition to be worth a nickel now Angel Daniels is a man for whom I have a great deal of admiration he was not a bad guy the day I have any right or reason to stand up and criticize our pioneers is a new day in my book that all better men I am they'll get more from the archives that I have but I differ with him on this was right after he was dealing with Kellogg he was tired of his message Chicago benevolent work can't we just have some normal dignified doctors can't we just cut the nonsense and thinking maven 's line of thought in the hands as they consider the majority of the brethren saw advantage in associating with AMA one exception I might mention was the colleges this is manager John Burton but joining AMA wasn't easy one major hurdle is the matter of a facility for the practical training of medical students the AMA authorities obtained a look at the school rejected the sanitary building has inadequate so that doesn't bode to construct the hospital building at Loma Linda after two years the building was unfinished behind schedule and over budget and already rejected by the AMA because it was too far out in the country because it was in fact in a tourist area right where God said a soul winning healthy citizenship he the AMA he will know there is the logical they just have a different program don't throw rocks at them then their president let's listen listen Swain people tend to deal with a wide variety of known disease circumstances possible you can find out how dinosaurs are instantly when you seriously this is a waste of time and a little nice little touristy healthy evident that at all to be exact I think that it will not realize little not how we treat the place became one of the medical school by went back as for your missions what did they need to do for name a perspective well they needed Martinez they are wide varieties of of illness cells disease condition sign where we find out around here Los Angeles again to sixty four what the college needed they said was a two hundred Hospital in downtown Los Angeles this raised questions in the minds of brother because they remembered some counsel families again was it right to build a two hundred bed hospital in downtown LA is that when the and he remembered back to a circumstance in nineteen oh one where they had considered briefly building a sanitarian out on Wall Street and a light had gone there and at her invoice saying God forbid informational settlement here of any description the Lord is at no time guided in the large land and labor buildings in Los Angeles if you like us that we should move in yet movements a day later contrary to the light and instruction given I was taken to see this property on Hill Street and as I want that they offer that I heard a voice distinctly I just heard distinctly a voice that said encourage no settlement here of any description confidence when people must get away from such a place is as Sodom in wickedness the place of my institutions are established must be altogether different leave the cities and lighting company retirement to warn the people the city 's nineteen oh one Los Angeles Sodom and using the scanner speculate what was the moral condition of Los Angeles in nineteen oh one in some ways I think it was better than now someone's of my divorce I suspect it's done I'm just guessing but I think the prostitution might've been more prominent and prevalent in nineteen oh one I think so I doubt that homosexuality would've been I doubt that the movie industry would have heavy influence in those days had been born a safe bet okay well okay and him going on it was felt by some of the brother that the testimony making one had reference to a sanitarium and not to a clinical hospital such as the needs of the medical college now required and here's my question my question is generally in fact did the Lord 's work in fact require that kind of a medical college and I'm ready to step on toes and was at something to do I don't think it I think it was another another avenue that was open for why don't we didn't mean it when committed corporate talk to your revocable apostasy and saying I think we made a mistake maybe you never make them but I do the final result of the consultations of course was a two hundred bed hospital downtown Los Angeles its construction was authorized in the fall of nineteen fifteen it was completed in nineteen sixteen and name the Ellen G White Memorial Hospital in honor of the Lord 's messenger who died in June nineteen fifty over the decades since the whites has played a huge role in the training of thousands of fully licensed highly trained and qualified them as physicians many of w


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