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A Focus on Politics and Party

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church addresses some of the ramifications of the attack on the Capitol that occurred on the morning of his talk. He gives advice on which political party we should focus on.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • January 6, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Freddy gathers then we'll have a little time a meditation on the word and then we'll go off camera and we'll trade together Ok so let's let's just pray together Father in heaven today as we've been listening to the news maybe watching the news. We realize dead. Our only hope really is you and we asked a you would honor the promised there and saw him $107.00 if we cry out to you in our trouble you'll save us out of our distress we ask that he was sent your word and heal us tonight and deliver us from our destructions in Christ name we pray Amen Ok open with me to this song oh by the way you know some weeks ago a friend of mine John from 70 an article and I could not find it I mean I know I preached about it recently when I was like I was listening to my own sermons on youtube trying to find it and I was just searching my computer Have you ever had that moment we just can't find something and I was trying to find the article but in this article was an article on. Totalitarian states or strong leaders maybe not to tell turn State's been strong leaders that are rising around the world because people feel nervous that they're losing their traditional values systems they feel like they. What they stand for is being threatened in the secular arena and in the and in and in government and so they actually. They don't know what to do and so they gravitate towards people who promise great day. And we've had people and not just around the world in America that promise great things and they're both sides of the aisle they could be Democrats they could be Republicans change you can believe in was the last administration's mantra Make America Great Again is this once and they'll be there there will be many others I can't remember even what's the other one besides make America great was this last year but there's always these lines that are simple answers to complex pop problems and are bigots or hopes up and then they get behind somebody and this is happening more and more in fact in this article it said it's been happening for a number of years. In many different countries and you see many people that stand up and then the people the people usually it's gravitating more now towards the cities in America a little over 50 percent of people live in the cities now and so the country so they have a little edge when it comes down to elections right so you watch an election that looks like Oh man all the entire state looks like it's going that way but then you just have these pockets of big population areas and then want to call it a count of the votes because we all the way this is so close and people are so invested because they so desperately want change they're afraid they're fearful they're anxious they're they're losing their jobs they're losing their health they're losing their their trust they're losing their confidence and and yet they they still want someone to help them you know and they want something else and so in this study it said this isn't happening and this is what it's going to be like according to the article I was reading Harvard professor study over $100.00 different countries and looking at the same trends in all these countries and said This is what is going to be like for the next 30 years he said in the article. 30 years is going to be a time that's going to time just like this. But I was kind of talked about as a time of trouble. Such as never was since there was a nation and so you know it pictures is that way my dad you know there was watching this some of this with me today and he said wow this is like a time of trouble such as never was because I've never seen something like this and. You know there's that tension of looking at those signs and this is me Christ is coming soon but then his attention. You know. He can't come until he's got a people to come for so either the signs indicate that he is has prepared people I don't know exactly has connected I talk about that other side of the equation this weekend what does it mean for us to be. Hastening Christ coming right so it was a year or so have said Right so there's people that are desperately invested in this all came to my mind as I was listening this morning and I was listening last night. To some of the news and I have drawn to someone 46 so let's read it 1st of all and then reflect a bit crazy the Lord Oh my soul while I live I will praise the Lord I will sing praises to my God While I have my beingness it doesn't say Praise to other people or praise yourself or talk about what you did talk about all your accomplishments or talk about what other people or even other leaders did as you it says Praise The Lord Is that what is what we hear in political discourse. We don't hear this at all we hear about why you should vote for me why I am so great what I did and how I did it not praising God at all. Do not put your trust in princes or the sun a man was there's no help for his spirit the parts of your fern returns to his earth in the very days plans Paris will come back to that but happy is see you as the God of Jacob for his help whose hope is in the Lord his God who has made heaven and earth the sea and all that is in them who keeps truth forever who executes justice for the oppressed who gives food to the hungry or gives freedom to prisoners to the prisoners the Lord opens the eyes of the blind the Lord raises those who are bow down the Lord loves the right is the Lord watches over the strangers he releases the photos in widow but the way of the wicked he turned upside down words so rain forever you your God knows why and to all generations now that's all of this came out late this is both solved for today so let's look at our 1st of all verse 509. Says the section happy is he's who has the Lord right there for 9 another words God is our only hope and we can trust in Him Those verses are sane Why look at him very closely happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his out what Sammy Well Jacob was delivered he ultimately is named Israel and even though he went through all kinds of trials he was delivered and some you know you know I. Look at so I'm 20 just really comes to mind so I'm 20 because it talks about Jacob I believe it's my memory serves me correctly so i'm 20 Look at this May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble may the name of the God of Jacob they the name of the God of Jacob set you on high or defend you. So Jacob was a surplus or he was a cheater he was talked into doing some bad things he brought God delivered him and then he delivered the children of Jacob are the children of Israel and so what the psalm is saying back here is someone 46 is just as I delivered Jacob and just as I delivered Israel I will deliver you and you'll be happy if you look to me for your help and your hope is in the law is in the Lord his God In other words your hope is in your where Elohim Iyaz way means the judge Lord l. already is always the judge he makes the true discriminating the city's like the Supreme Court justice the ultimate He knows exactly what's going on and he's going to adjudicate things in a way that will now I make you happy but you also he will be your God Elohim that means the mighty covenant maker the one who's in relationship with you so the reason we want to trust in God as Early Read hope is because we look back and see that he is our deliverer But verse 6 reminds us he's not just our deliver He's also he made heaven and earth the sea and all that is in them because that this is just like the 10 Commandments he brought you up out of the land of bondage this is Israel coming out and also then the Sabbath commandment Remember the Sabbath Day For in 6 days he may have an unearthly it's following that same pattern that you see in the 10 Commandments and this is the context of the covenant the mighty covenant make and he says look I am your Redeemer and I'm your Creator and you can't get better than that. No Democrat can do better than that no Republican do better than that no independent can do better than the man so look to me I am your rich Damer and I am your Creator can you say hallelujah that sets it. Now I don't want to be on kind but I wish nobody were going to Washington today. I was everybody would have said you know I'm going to trust in God with this offer I wish. Anyway. I'm not saying you should never have time to protest if God says I'm going to send the Levites out in front of you and I want them to blows horns and you're marching around the city and you know that God's presence is with you then go. Amen but a little today was one of those situations so he he read Ames' us He creates us and notice this verse 6 at the end he keeps truth forever. I mean ever heard in the public discourse for the last year we need to be told the truth and you heard this it all both sides in our country today are saying we have the truth no we have the truth wait a minute he's not telling the truth we're going to flag his Twitter account wait a minute let's not tell the truth we're going to take the post of Facebook and wait a minute no we had the truth we are a special news agency and we tell you the truth we everybody is saying they have the truth and this says none of them have the truth I have the truth I'm God and I have it forever. That transitory truth it's truth for ever true that how many think that's the kind of truth we need. Who is saying they have it someone who created us and pretty teamed us look at 7 he executes justice for the oppressed both sides say wait a minute you're being oppressed by the other side in our politics there is a saying that oh you're gonna be oppressed of their lives if this person gets continues on as president this is what's going to happen if I'm president this is what's going to mirror sideways if he continues President this is was going to happen is going to be oppression both the Senate but what does God say I execute justice for the oppressed. Look to me and I do what gives food to the hungry yes and I give freedom to the prisoners the Lord notice Lord it's capital l. r. d. Which means what the judge again yacc way I'm the one that knows when to let someone out of prison. A man. Now then verse 8 the Lord opens the eyes of the blind talk about health care for everybody I mean that's all good. In the eyes of the blind. Raise those who are bowed down and I love the righteous I watch over the strangers you have to worry about the immigrants I'm watching over them. Right. Here relieves the fatherless in the widow but the way the wicked he turns upside down another word God is our only real hope everything in this list politicians have promised for time immemorial and they never really have dollar only person to really deliver on these things is it guys. So that's point number one isn't it God is our only real hope now like I said politicians has promise continual promise many of these things but God is the only we can deliver and he delivers in humble ways Who was it that quoted some of these very same things in his very 1st sermon in his public ministry to remember it was the King of Kings the Lord of Lords it was Jesus Himself and what did he say in Luke Chapter 4 look at Luke Chapter 4 just remind yourself of this great passes verse 17 he was handed the book of the Prophet Isaiah. When he opened the book he found the place where it is written the spirit of the Lord is of on me was saying no songs about the Holy Spirit He says the Spirit is by me because he has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor he has sent me to heal the broken hearted to proclaim the liberty of captive Does this sound familiar same thing we saw in some 146 and recovery of sight to the blind boom there it is to set at liberty those who are oppressed is that sound familiar and to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord and that's the end of the 70 weeks prophecy or the beginning in the end of that there be a week so he's baptized in that verse and this is actually 827 and then he does that very thing for 3 and a half years because it was the acceptable year of the Lord right and he does all those things so go back to someone 46 and plug that in another words who is being talked about in verse 5 through 9 Jesus the hope of the world is is God But God was in Christ reconciling the world himself and tangibly he did everything that was in those verses so really should we be pointing people's earthly powers. Who's we going point people to we should be point people Romanek toward to God and who specifically Jesus right yes sure God and you know this if if If what is happening in our politics and party deliberations today has taught us anything it is that's not the way to look that's not the way to go both sides of this equation have demonstrated bankrupting this when it comes to answering our true and deepest needs there are dead in streets doesn't mean you shouldn't vote doesn't mean there are some good things they do but it's only a limited and that's why Section 2 I kind of divided the psalm up differently homiletic Lee Tonight I'm taking license with the song I can and sing in the 3rd verse of the 2nd verse you know me let's go back now to the the 2nd verse of this look at 3 1st 3 and 4 so because of this because we already know who we should be putting our trust in who should we not be putting our trust and put not your trust in one princes nor in the Son of man in whom there is no help is rough go of for if he returns to his earth and that very day his thoughts perish so in other words if Section one is true that God Jesus Christ can deliver on all those things as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Then who should we not put our trust and do not put your trust in princes literally that means Princes you look it up it means those of higher rank humanly speaking so if you get someone away where there I put them up on some kind of rank I might say there are a billionaire live show that they don't handle money some are put them up on Iran. And if you've been in a room where the richest person in the room people kind of gravity to them because they think you know what they made a lot of money we must listen to them not necessarily so in fact. Can be a real dead in St This can happen in the church and it can happen outside the church don't do that as with saying Don't don't do that put not your trust in the Son of man literally that means a descendant of Adam I mean if you here are descended from Adam you're all part of the Adam family so. Yet so do not put your trust in there why because what's the say in them there is no help the word help there is a very interesting word that doesn't mean transitory help like you know a healthy change my tires on like that it's actually the word salvation so all timid salvation is was is talking about so you might be able to help him for merely by somebody but when you talk about salvation there's only one person who can help you one person only there is no other name get among men by which were say except for who Jesus Christ Lord of War and King and King. You say amen and if a person could help you with ultimate salvation how we think they can help you with anything else. And so another words Put not your trust in people that are high rank humanly speaking and put not your trust in the Son of man because in humans there's really no ultimate help no salvation literally and also number 2 because at best they're only alive for one us short time they stop breathing the check says Let me think that it doesn't matter how good a president you may have been if you're not breathing you're not that helpful. Right they stop breathing they return to their earth you know. They're dead so they die their bury and their thoughts depart it says they vanish their ideas their plans their agendas their platform its guidance so don't put too much trust in them because they're transitory very very very transitory In fact in America and the American system was being greatly tested right now. They had so little trust they had so little trust and putting their trust in people for a long time and they said look let's limit the amount of time they can actually be in power and let's also limit the power they have while they're in power so let's have a legislative branch that's Congress and let's have the Senate and let's have the executive and let's have the Supreme Court and let's spread the power out because we're so nervous about putting our trust in men and that system has supposed to function well but notice the system just totally totally is nervous about anyone who's human look at the person next to you say the nervous about you because power total power totally corrupts right and it doesn't matter if you're a Democrat Republican Independent doesn't matter if you're red yellow black or white this is dangerous to invest in the Son of Man and God even limits our time you know he says look when he says you look at the Bible Chronology What do you find people were supposed to live forever he said eternity in their hearts they're supposed to live forever but then they sinned and then what happened. Their life spans aren't going down down down down you mean Ari I was reading I'm reading through the Bible listening to the Bible my kids are to have this Bible that I s all app you can listen to the Bible as different apps out there you should listen to the Bible this year I mean when I'm exercising now most of the Bible every day and as I'm listening to the Bible I was listening to these genealogies and I was like me in some people I know if they were to live to be 100 years old without a look at all the damage they would have done so God kind of limits the time of humanity even. If Because. You live to love. Your method a lot of people up will start in to an atheist this week. Is very honest atheist and we were talking about the story of Job he says because i Message him you know behind this it were time or something because actually I hate the story of Job because it shows the god is it is terrible he killed all these children in the actually who's behind it in Job says he was behind these guys where these people were innocent. And I said ever consider the fact that all those people were going to die anyway they're all going to die everybody mentioned in jobs or is going to die they're going to die it's not a matter of if is when so God in His wisdom decided to accelerate that why decide to accelerate it because he wanted to see a job would demonstrate faithfulness even if he had that all that horror and eagle rays all those people from the dead are going to live eternally. And you know what if I had the time and toll and I would I need to do this in a sermon but did you know that for every single commandment of Gad there's an incidence in the Bible where someone instantly dies from breaking that commandment that you know that instantly. He accelerates it at least one time for every single commandment and you see that spelled out for instance in the book of Deuteronomy it takes the 10 commandments and goes through them slowly says hey look if you're saying stuff against your parents you should be stoned to death bull. Says if you decide to give someone else that worse of a false god you should be killed but doesn't say what it says you can be killed right then though and this is why Clichy as it says because the sentence against an evil is not executed speedily therefore the hearts of the sons of men are our senator constantly do evil the one good thing about the coronavirus is accept this not good but the one good thing is it's teaching us all to measure our days while thinking about what if I got that out it would be a might be a life of 5 days and then I'm going to see my immune system attacks it and then that man will go to the hospital put me into bait me and I might not make it back there was like oh there the sentence is being executed speedily So now everybody's read their Bibles now we're going to heaven revivals now God is not willing and he said Paris and he's merciful and he sometimes lengthen the but make no mistake we're all going to die women want to die right as a limited forgotten his wisdom even sees that. Is it connected to what we're talking about here yet don't put your trust in princes or the Son of man in whom there is no hell the spirit party returns the earth and that very day his plans than is now in and Jeremiah 17 look at this Jeremiah 17 and 7 there my 17 is a powerful chapter about many things. You know Jeremiah talks about the wickedness of man in verse I think wanted to have I'm recalling correctly or it says the sin of June is written with a pen of iron with a pointed diamond and engraved on the tablet of their heart so in other words man is sinful they have a diamond point at sings of simpleness in their own hearts and that's why God says I want to write my law your heart your mind I would do a surgery and change that and then is does this because this verse 5 set the Lord curse it is the man who trusts in man and wait a minute and in our text it says Do not put your trust in princes but this gets a little more pointed Carr said is the man who trusts in Man look at this cursed it is the man who trusts in Donald Trump curse it is the man who trusts in Joe Biden curse it is the man who trusts and done magnetized curse it is the man who trust in you just fill in the blink curse it and make flash his strength verse. Or his arm another word but it when he says his arm this is the right arm of got the right arm of God that leads and guide if you say someone else is going to be your Savior which is this is basically what happens when you put your trust in man your cursed his depart his heart is doing what the parts from who the Lord if we have learned anything. Again and again in American politics it's that if we trust in individuals they're always going to let us down. That's why the church is not to be involved in saying let's get with the right political party and let them do our bidding and help us make the nation Godly that does not mean that your god in this race is a nation and all of that the Bible says that and we have a godly person there but a godly person never takes credit to himself he always gives glory to God and the solution to the country's ills is pointing people to Jesus Christ and conversion to Christ and the humility of Christ the services of Christ yes that's a thing yes. So what happens when you to when you depart from the Lord and you put your flesh and strength verse 6 you'll be like a shrub in the desert you'll see no good when it comes you shall have at the parts places in the wilderness of the soul lamb out of heaven so ultimately when you put your trust in man you're going to end up where the destitute dry place you know is happening but notice verse 7 but bless it is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is in the Lord's Does that sound exactly like our text so if today taught us anything if your was a lose it all day. And I could see it in the I'm only watching these newscasters who are big supporters of President Trump and I was watching a newscast with their big supporters of Biden and the ones that were supportive of Trump for their rolling menaces bad day there's a man I wish we went to trust him with is but then some oh do it. And there actually there's a myth this if we don't turn around we're going to be in a dry place politically we're going to be in the desert we're not going to come back from this they didn't say these words but they were living these words out the answer is what God. This is a very powerful song isn't it. Job 814 whose cut hope is cut off who's Trussell be a spider's web with the spider's web cam and I'm here a look at the spires of what that looks like it could hold me up then when you set a hole in the spider up to do you touch on that side spider what happens lets you down and Guy says the same thing about Egypt in another verse he says don't trust in Egypt and his staff because in the end they will pierce your hand in other words it looks fine all God's people are always like we should trust the Egyptians Pharaoh let's not have feral make us great again or let's you know let's let's let's just do that and he he's the guy ferals the guy says Don't go don't go down a feral so then they're feral make himself sound good Finally he goes up to the Baloch are chemists and he gets wiped on by the Babylonians they made the blitter ate him and then the Babylonians all come down and they take everybody cast of the Babel who was trusting in Egypt including Jerusalem who didn't listen to God But listen to Pharaoh so sometimes it looks like we can trust people that are in power and a looks good they have slogans they have they have memorabilia they have uniforms they have banners they have they got a good looking people that you know they got celebrities attack about them they got all the stuff going on but then when it comes down to the real thing they let you down you lean on them and the staff lets you down got right instead comforts you but the staff of Egypt will let you down trust not a man trust in God. Section 3 verse 10 for the Lord back to someone 46 still reign forever even though I God knows I am on the whole generations praise the Lord look at this 2nd 3 a saying one human government with its transitory players and parcel solutions is transcended by the government of God Why because what the Lord meaning the right is judged shall reign meaning literally be king for ever lead I'm all King eternal all the day of March has come we sang and then we lead on o. King for 4 years for 8 years now King eternal forever always and this includes how many generations every generation including our own generation I mean this is a powerful Solomon who you voting for I'm voting for Jesus. And then Section 4 points to the assignment then is given to those who put their trust the Lord God instead of man 1st 10 see and verse one and 210 see is at the end of 10 but it's a prayer it's the law. So don't pray your political party pray with. The war and then go back to verse one and see who prays he will or praise the Lord Oh my soul while I live I will praise the Lord I will sing praises to my God He is the judge he is the one I'm a relationship with while I has any being at all. No I'm talking about going to a mall and same for more years than them were sent for ever for ever or now say we love you trump We're does say we love you bitin we're saying we love you Lord now we're saying as we were saying and so our assignment for the day is what to praise the Lord our summers a put our trust in his government and our Simon is the be happy what it says are back in verse 5 Happy is he who has the God of Jacob Rozelle So in other words we've got a lot of angry people have you noticed that we have a lot of angry people it doesn't matter which side you're looking at political all we're angry about all we've got some injustice on on all. Oh everybody James angry and I me a secular anger the secular and you know these news these days and they this focus on the things they got angry about it is constantly ruminant this is not the life of a Christian this is not the life of someone who had Jesus as their king they don't need to be glued to the set of what they say next they're only that they have focus on Jesus Christ and Him alone and guess what happens as a result of that they have happiness so our job is to do what has Leone Hallelujah Hello Lou ya praise a little These are the filial Psalms ya way praise the Lord sing about it put your trust in his government be happy in his government and point others to is government you say hello to you this is the word I believe for today this is over today so serious. Make your heart glad in it and. Don't be hard on people that have invested in political powers. They're trying to find help and hope but point them to something even more powerful you want 4 more years God wants it turn 80. You want better health care he wants to take away your blindness completely you want the superficial he wants the significate that's what the song is teaching Let's pray and then we'll go off camera and then we'll pray together here in our socially distance ways but let's pray Father heaven thank you for the meditation reflects on the song Thank You for the songs that you actually taught engineers will help them remember to keep the main thing the main thing and the main god the main guy it's a message we need today in our own lives in our own country and our heart goes out for those in this nation that are so polarized and so often even ourselves looking not to you but if you man may we readjust our vision may we put our trust in you. Right they were for. 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