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The Pygmalion Effect and How to Transform Lives

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films


  • January 9, 2021
    11:00 AM
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I'm going to share with you a message on respect and self respect something that we reap don't think about a lot but before we do I just ask that you buy or as with me for a word of prayer so let's pray together. Heavenly Father we thank you for the opportunity to study science and scripture the 2 books that you've been given to us I pray that your Holy Spirit would open our minds and hearts that you would convict challenge and propel us closer to Jesus for in his name we pray Amen one of our presidents not a very popular one at least not to us anyway I am sure he was in his day but James a Garfield we read about the day he was elected to the United States he was actually 1st a senator from Ohio in 880 and just before he was nominated for the presidency in an address to the legislature except in the election he said these are his words I have represented for many years a district in Congress whose approbation I greatly desired but though it may seem perhaps a little egotistical to say it I yet desired still more the approbation of one person interesting Who was that one person and his name was Garfield He is the only man I am compelled to sleep with to eat with to live with and die with and if I could not have his approbation I should have had banned bad companionship so here this man said Listen yes we kind of would like approbation for from other people respect from other people but he said the person I most wanted to be able to have this from was even myself. Because when we look down on ourselves when we feel ashamed of ourselves in live in shame of who we are we have to live with ourselves I know what it's like to I went through 10 years of depression and it was a horrible horrible experience I'm actually glad that I went through it because on the other side will partly I'm glad because I found out how to learn to live with that I had actually had got issues and once I learned to change the lifestyle in a way that would my body would work in harmony with itself I lived in Iceland for 2 know a year and while in Iceland we ended up coming all of us well working together from America we were working over there each of us got stomach trouble we lost a bunch of weight I lost like 30 pounds and if you're not very big 30 pounds is a lot of weight. My friend Daniel was with us and when he went there with us he was overweight Well when we came back to the United States he looked great I was gone you know body and myself we were just gone we were just super thin at the time and and I had some trouble and went through depression like I said for 10 years some of that was seasonal depression some of it was just full blown depression and once you know within that time I feel guilty all the time not every day but there were years where nonstop guilt the very 1st thought I would wake up was just oppressive guilt and that was a terrible experience. And I'm so glad to be freed by not only Jesus the whole time I trusted in Jesus the whole time I would read my Bible I read my Bible every day I was seeking God and I felt condemned every single day I felt totally lost but yet I was seeking Jesus I wasn't perfect I messed up many many times but I was seeking to get to know Jesus yet feeling totally guilty spent thousands of dollars to try to make my life right with people I'd wronged in the past and it was just living with yourself and the guilt of your past was such a was such a difficult thing and being set free from that has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I'm actually thankful I went through it because I don't think if I would have gone through that I would have had such compassion for other people who've gone through a similar experience it literally changed my life some actually thankful that I I went through that now being able to even respect yourself this sounds strange because this might sound like heresy but you're going to see that it's not heresy of what I'm talking about here Now 1st I'm going to share with you some research a scientific study that was conducted and actually this study and it's in and of itself I think was a little bit immoral but there's still some interesting information to glean from it. A team of researchers led by Robert Rosenthal went into an elementary school and administered intelligence tests to the students to see how intelligent the kids were the researchers then told the teachers in the classrooms which students say Sam Sally and Sarah they said these 3 are the most intelligent students and have the most likely hood of excelling and going on to success in life and what did they find so they asked teachers not to mention the results of the study to the students and not to spend any time more or less with them and they were actually told listen you were going to actually be watching you to make sure that you don't spend more time or treat them differently and in the end of the year the students were tested again and indeed it turned out Sam Sally and Sarah posted off the chart intellectual ability you say that's kind of obvious the most intelligent kids would be probably the most intelligent kids this would have been very predictable except for what they really had done when Sam Siri Sally and Sarah rather had been tested at the beginning of the experiment they were found to be absolutely wonderfully ordinary they weren't super intelligent kids the researchers had randomly picked their names and then lied to the teachers about their ability that's where it's the immoral part lying to them they did it for science and I wouldn't personally be willing to do that but they did it it's interesting what we find so they lied to them and said all these kids are off the chart intelligent but after the experiment they had in fact turned into academic superstars so what calls cause these ordinary students to become extraordinary although the teachers had said nothing directly to these children and it spent equal amounts of time with everyone 2 crucial things happen. The belief the teachers had in the student's potential had been unwilling Lee and nonverbally communicated more important these non-verbal messages were then digested by the students and transformed into reality this phenomenon is called the Pygmalion effect when our belief in another person's potential brings that potential to life whether we are trying to uncover the talents of a class of 2nd graders or in the work or sitting around us in a morning meeting the Pygmalion a fact can happen anywhere the expectations that we have about our children coworkers our spouses whether or not they are voiced can actually make the expectation a reality this is all a quote from a book called The Happiness advantage by Sean a core Now think about that what we think about another person can actually create that in the other individual so if we think if we believe in somebody else we can actually make what we believe about them a reality. I love science I'm a documentary filmmaker and I read about science almost on a daily basis and so I love to look at actually go right to the scientific studies themselves and read what they have to say and one of the things I have discovered is that almost every good thing in psychology or nutrition we were told long before it was ever put down in the scientific studies over and over and over and over I see research and I'm like we were told that already we were told that our we were told that now. One of the things I know is that Ok there's this thing the Pygmalion effect what I believe about you might actually create a new what I believe so if you believe that I believe in you you may actually try to live out what you perceive that I believe in you I think about the young man that or the young lady that was being witness to and as we're witnessing to someone someone actually might think he actually believes in me he actually thinks I I could do this maybe you've heard of op Cecil role Rhodes Have you ever heard of the Rhodes Scholars the Rhodes Scholars basically there was a there was a very wealthy man you probably heard of the country called Rhodesia that was named after Cecil Rhodes I think he owned probably much if not the country I mean just wealthy wealthy man and maybe was in the diamond business maybe I don't remember but nevertheless he was extremely wealthy and Cecil Rhodes was one day met by the man who started the Salvation Army anybody knows name William Booth William Booth I just read a story about him today this is also the subject of William Booth was he was asked at his death as he was dying to sign some paperwork for you know business or financial reasons and he was literally coming out and in and out of consciousness and so he would just he would he was scribbled something on there like well that doesn't look like his normal you know his normal signature but he's dying and he had to sign multiple pages and when they looked closely at it it said Jesus his last starts were about Jesus and this man preach Jesus and when Cecil Rhodes was met by William Booth William Booth actually came into contact with Cecil Rhodes one of the richest man men on the planet and as they talked together William Booth said to Cecil Rhodes he said Brother how is it with your soul how is it with your soul. And Cecil Rhodes was so touched by the way he later wrote down he said this man actually believed I had a soul not sure he didn't understand State of the dead we understand that I get there but the fact is he was so touched because sometimes when people are in touch with superstars or the wealthy they're afraid to share the gospel they're afraid to share Jesus but now William Booth because he focused his life on Jesus and we share Jesus with other us when we focus on that it may actually change people because they think he thinks I have a chance she thinks I have a chance at eternal life she thinks I could actually become a true Christian and if people see that in us it that we believe that it may actually create that same thing within them but here's the thing now this Pygmalion a fact if God knew that this was true this thing called the paid millions of fact that my belief in you may create that same thing in you why didn't God just tell us about it check this out we were told this over 100 years ago and those wonderful books we've been given one of them is called Fundamentals of Christian education Listen to this if we wish to do good to souls our success with these souls will be in proportion to their belief in our belief in appreciation of them so if you want to be successful with other people and I'm not talking about getting rich I'm talking about seeing lives changed your success will be in proportion to other people's belief that you believe that they can be changed that is what it is so we were told all about the Pygmalion Effect before research even showed it to be true. We knew this to be true and it goes on to say right after that it says The very next sentence respect that's where we get this title of the message respect shown to the struggling human soul is the sure means through Christ Jesus of the restoration of the self-respect The man has lost you showing respect to other people see here's the thing when we live a life of sin and I know what that's like living in sin day in day out I know what it exactly what it's like when the Bible talks about back in Genesis Chapter 6 that the thought of men's hearts were only evil continually I lived the life of nonstop continual sin and in college I actually I had given my life to Jesus at the end of high school or maybe I don't know somewhere somewhere in high school and then a I was I was in the Christian Reform Church and all of my education was Christian Reformed all the way up to college even in college I went to Calvin College right there in Grand Rapids and while I was in college I got invited to an evangelistic meeting Bible prophecy seminar in the year 2000 David Asher was there with some of you may remember that and my life was changed my life was changed at that point so I'm so thankful for this message that I've been given but for years I've lived a life of just nonstop depravity that's what I did and it's interesting that humans can lose their own self-respect but we're told that oss showing respect to others can be the sure means of helping them to begin to gain back the self-respect that they have was is not powerful meaning sometimes we think all self-respect that would be prideful no God actually wants you not to look down and America yourself at all times we're going to look at this so. I've met a pastor actually yeah and yes I want to you know how the whole in a minute meeting him but I met this pastor and it was it was a very powerful experience this man loved to witness he loved to share the gospel with people he loved to share you know Bible studies in Jesus with people and he would do it on a regular basis but he also loved mathematics it's interesting how you can have a bunch of different loves like I love science I love Scripture and we can all have you know individual things that we have a penchant towards you know and he loved mathematics and he one of the things he loved to do with math is to go to young people who were like the greatest failures in school the terrible mass students and what he loved to do with them was sit down with them and show them that he believed that they could become good math students and not only make them good mass students he could make them the top of their class and he would do it on a regular basis he would take the worth of worst mass students they would become so successful in math that they would because they were the kids who were told you're dumb you're the unintelligent one you are the unsuccessful one you are not a thinker you can't do this and he would turn them into the Bassmaster wouldn't so much so these kids and end up going and they'd be like the top of their school in college as a result of it and he taught them as kids how can you do that I think there's 2 reasons he could do it number one he believed in them and these kids actually now before that they don't believe in themselves they don't believe they could do it because they're like I'm dumb look at me I'm not like the other kids in school who do well I'm actually just unintelligent and he showed them no you can do this and I'm going to show you you can do this and because he believed in them they began to actually believe in themselves Number 2 he was a good teacher. And I think about those 2 things not only did he believe in them but he was a good teacher Jesus says things about that his site pulls in John Chapter 17 that sounded like lies Jesus never lied mind you but if you are John 17 is the prayer of Jesus you know starts off early on I think it's verse 3 and this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom now has sent and Jesus long beautiful prayer and in this prayer he's praying about that of cycles and as he prays about them he says some crazy things he says that they the disciples had kept his commandments that that sound honest to disciples always keep the commandments of Jesus no and if you go through that chapter he says a number of things that are like man that seems like an exaggeration that doesn't seem quite right but this is the thing maybe cheese us looks at you different then you look at yourself maybe when they repented their sins really were washed away and he looked at them as clean he actually believed that they could become what he created them to be and he prayed about it like it was a reality what a beautiful picture Jesus did this now I want to talk about some people in Scripture who we can see this example of Jesus this Pygmalion effect this Jesus actually showing to them a different perspective than they even maybe thought of themselves and how it Schrans formed their lives Jesus had certain followers he had the 12 disciples who became the 12 apostles he also had a group of women that followed him and they were his special followers. And one of them was named Mary Magdalen a woman who had lived a life of sin evidently many people not only of our own faith actually believe that she was the woman that was caught in adultery we you know we believe that but others do also the she was the woman caught some dough but that she was the woman caught in adultery that she was there with Jesus and in Jesus speaks to this woman not like a great sinner just caught in the act of adultery but he immediately speaks to her with the respect he shows love and compassion to this woman who felt fully filthy totally guilty I'm sure she might have wondered maybe some of these men are without sin and they will cast the 1st stone your Jesus was the only one there who had never sinned who could have cast the 1st stone but he did he believed that this woman could be something absolutely beautiful something pure like the driven snow and he treated her that way even though she didn't feel that way and he treated her that way and we're told the Bible says Out of whom he cast 7 what devils are demons right and some believe us I happened to that this was 7 different experiences she had gone back to her sin and she kept coming back to Jesus the Bible tells us in the Book of Proverbs for a just man falls 7 times and rises up again but the wicked shall fall into mischief 2416 she felt time and time again that doesn't mean 7 chances my friends it means that the number 7 is the number of perfection or completion but the righteous the righteous falls 7 times but what does it always do after falling. He gets back up the righteous always gets back up and Jesus spoke to this woman with compassion she came to him and she began to wash his feet one day even with her hair with this alabaster box of women and the others were looking down and saying if he knew what this woman was he would never let her do this is ignorant man and yet Jesus kindly he doesn't even try to keep in my mind listen in my carnal heart I mean what I would have liked to do is been like Simon you are a stinking hypocrite I think nice of you to say no but that's my natural that would be my natural tendency you are a dirty hypocrite right but he didn't do that instead he's sure he tells his beautiful story and said listen you know who forgives the most loves most and and and Simon got it and it rebuked Simon but it didn't crush his own dignity some of us would have a tendency if we could just crush somebody else's dignity but Jesus didn't even want to crush Simon's dignity so we tried to leave him with some semblance of self-respect as he was trying to restore the self-respect of this woman in our own soul and he tells us that drug history we would think about this woman and what she had done and here we are talking about her 2000 years later but this same woman who had been caught in adultery the same woman who had been down at the feet of Jesus we read I'm going to read it in Mark chapter 16 it says in verse 9 Mark Chapter 16 in verse 9. It says Now when Jesus was risen early the 1st day of the was week some time there's a little debate among some people even there is of I've met some folks in our church who don't believe that Jesus was risen the 1st day of the week people there are actually no they think about it more the day that he died I shouldn't say that but notice the text really good actually some people do say that he rose again on Saturday but it says it right here Mark 16 verse 9 Now when Jesus was risen early the 1st day of the week he appeared 1st to whom Mary Magdalene who was the very 1st street person of Jesus or rose and showed himself to marry this woman who had been caught in adultery this woman that people had looked down on this woman who had 7 times gone back to her sin and she is graced with being the 1st disciple to go forth to share the resurrection of Jesus Christ a match in what that in and think about Jesus believed in her enough to believe that she would go and do this Koshare the message of him to the world around him but did the people that heard her message believe her no they didn't it says in verse 10 and she when told them that have been with him as they mourn and wept and they when they had heard that he was alive and had been seen of her believed. So they did not believe her it's interesting you may have friends or family coworkers or different people classmates who do not believe in you but Jesus does believe in Jesus regardless of what people do not let other people's perspective. Negatively impact your future Jesus does believe in you he believed in this woman so much so that he made her the 1st disciple to go forth and share the gospel even though other people doubted her so I think in this context of of the death the resurrection of Jesus we see Jesus this Pygmalion effect taking place in the life of Mary but then I think of another person that we all know of we know the story where Peter Peter has Jesus's come to Peter nice as Peter listen you're going to deny me Peter's like no way I know it these guys might deny you I will never deny you and Jesus says no you will deny me and you're going to deny me 3 times I will never do I will die for you he didn't believe it and then he does 3 times aren't you one of his disciples No no no nono Hayward's or when she Aren't you a follower of Jesus no no no no no way and then the 3rd time and he's cursing and swearing and no I'm I'm not his this I don't know what you're talking about. 3 times he sins against his Lord and right at the end of the 3rd one just like the woman caught in adultery Jesus walks by there right immediately as he's denying his lord the 3rd time as he denies in the 3rd time what ends up happening their eyes meet Peter looks he turns and he sees Jesus has just witnessed his 3rd sin against his lord I think if he would have seen condemnation and hatred in Jesus Peter might have one often done and had done what Judas did he might have killed himself he might have thought I have no hope but I believe immediately he saw in the eyes of Jesus' love and compassion. Love and compassion in the Lord Jesus is eyes and then he dies and you can imagine the trauma of the Apostles and all of his friends and family and then after the resurrection listen to says in John Chapter 21 beginning in verse 14 you can turn there with me if you have your Bible John Chapter 21 we're going to star in verse 14 John Chapter 21 verse 14 it says this is now the 3rd day that Jesus showed Himself to His disciples after that he was risen from the dead verse John 2115 so when they had dined Jesus say if an assignment Peter Simon son of Jonas love a style me more than these you'd claim that before he Santhanam Lord now notice that I love the so notice he doesn't say I love you more than the just as Lord you know that I love me and then he says to him feed my lamps give some work to do he say if done to him again the 2nd time Simon son of Jonas love us now me he saith unto him Yea Lord down knows that I love the he saith unto him feed my team he say if I am the 3rd time Simon son of Jonas love us tell me Peter was grieved he was in pain because he said to him the 3rd time love us now me and he said on him Lord don't know a stall things don't know us that I love the Jesus say it on him feed my sheep but then notice what he says so Jesus is believing in Peter anough that even though he just failed 3 times he gave him 3 times to show his love again but not only that not only that he immediately gives him a work to do for him showing Peter listen I know you made a mistake I know you slipped up but I believe you can be a worker for me in my vineyard. Showing Peter I believe in you because I created you for a purpose and all of you were listening Jesus created it you for a purpose. He has a work for you to do every single one of the you may think no no I've done too much no I know what it's like to feel just guilt day in day out the very for 1st thought of every waking day have just crushing guilt come over me when I was in depression and yet Jesus can save you I have to work for you and then it says in verse 18 verily verily that means Truly truly I say unto you when you were young the Gervase yourself and you walked with her you would but when you shall be told about shall stretch forth Stein hands and another show girl the somebody is going to grab you and carry you with it you would not they're going to take you where you don't want to go there this fate he signifying by what death he should glorify gone and when he had spoken this he said unto him follow me think about this not only did Jesus give Peter a a job to do any work to do Peter had said before the cross he said I will never I will never deny you I would rather die for you and Jesus not only gives a job to work a purpose to Peter but he says you know if you're going to fulfill your word I believe that you will die for me some day that you will be faithful to daft and Peter took that call right to the upside down cross Jesus belief in him was fulfilled because Peter believed that Jesus believed that he would be faithful to the calling that he had given him you know. Should we respect ourselves and to share with you a quote from the General Conference bulletin April 25 1001 below has given every one of us a sense of self respect the Lord has given every one of us a sense of self-respect and this must not be opposed to abruptly God wants us to respect ourselves what if in our families and in the church we too often seek to destroy self respect do not do it do not do it in our schools do not do it in our offices the Lord has said that every one of these institutions is to be educational in character the students and workers will follow the example set by those who have charge over them the teacher is to be a pattern to the learner if you wants to use to respect him key must respect them we should show respect to those around us even if it looks like they're living a life that we fully don't agree with we can begin to show respect everywhere we can you know this same pastor who I talked about who would teach students the mathematics and loves to witness to people he shares a story of years ago he was in the grocery store and he was as he was in the checkout line for some reason I don't even say what it was but to the cash cashier there at the cash register he spoke gruffly unkindly years ago and he said as he was walking away he said he saw the cash register speak gruffly and unkindly to the next person in line and he realized he had created that evil within her and it he his conscience was pricked. It pained him to think I just created the evil in that person right there and he decided by God's grace I do not want to do that again and so he decided every time he would go out at the grocery store wherever he was he would try to make people happy one of the things I found especially you know when you're depressed you see all the dark clouds you see all the most harsh statements of Scripture you see all the the things in the darkest light possible not the light that Jesus meant you to see them but I had that for years and when I came out of the depression I began to see as I read through both the Bible and the spirit of prophecy that over and over we are told that God desires our happiness over and over and over and over and over it's like over and over it just keeps going on like God wants you to be happy God made nature God made the trees for your happiness we're told that God made the health message for your happiness over and over we're told that God made this gospel message for I mean just over and over and just tells us these things and we can see to do the same thing we can go on thinking I want to make the cash register the cashier the cash register happy I want to impact people I want to be a person as we seek to do things to make others happy it will create a joy and happiness in us a study was conducted. And this is another quote from Sean Aker once again a long line of empirical research includes one study of over 2000 people have shown that acts of all truism mean just doing good deeds to others giving to friends and strangers alike decreases stress levels and can strongly contribute to enhance mental health one researcher a leading researcher and author of the how of happiness has found that individuals told to complete 5 acts of kindness over the course of a of a day report report feeling much happier than control groups and that the feeling last for many subsequent days far after the exercise is over so if you're seeking to do others you show respect and kindness to others it will bring joy to their heart it will change them but it also changes you it begins to give you a self respect for your own soul your own self because when we're out living for self nobody really respects their self when they're fully just living for self but when we seek to do good to others seek to bring them to Jesus telling them the truth of the 3 jewels messages or simply doing good deeds for people it changes them but it also changes us and something we can do to show respect to people that don't deserve it because let me ask you a question do you deserve respect from God Do you deserve it I know I don't I know I do not deserve one shred of respect from God but does God show you respect yes or no so if he shows respect to people who don't deserve it do you think we should do the same thing. Absolutely listen to this this is a very powerful you probably know I mean that you know that the greatest war and in history of the United States in America obviously was a civil war you had the North against the south right become federal see in the south the union in the north and General Lee was the general of the Saudis a very powerful general but he was fighting for a cause that was not just yet listen to this this is powerful this is taken a quote from Outlook Volume $56.00 this is powerful There is told the story of the surrender of the Confederacy apa Maddux courthouse as the Civil War was concluded General Grant the general of the North under Abraham Lincoln was an unusual man knowing the war was over and the victory was his he showed great and unusual kindness and respect toward the chief General of the Confederates Robert e. Lee He allowed General Robert e. Lee to ride freely in and out of the area he also allowed the Confederate men to keep their possessions and horses Grant gave them food because they were hungry and let them all go home on disturbed leave General Lee was permanently touched by Grant's kindness after the war became the president of Washington College in Virginia and one on one occasion one of his fellow instructors also a Southerner began to speak poorly of General Grant to General Lee assuming that he would receive a sympathetic audience lead turned and looked at the man straight in the eye and said. Sir if you ever again presume to speak disrespectfully of General Grant in my presence either you or I will sever our connection with this university because generally had received such kindness from grants he treasured and protected the good name of the one who had showed him such kindness we live in a time today where people have done evil and I'm one of them all of us have done evil in our lives but there's this strange perceive active in society and it's because society is turning from Christ that if someone has ever done some evil in their past they can never be forgiven by the media or by society we have to treat people if they have always been sinners and always will be sinners because they've sinned in the past that is not what General Grant did General Grant treated it General Lee and the and the soldiers of the South with kindness he showered goodness he gave them food and what are we told what are we to be told we should do to people who are evil to us we should love our enemies we should pray for those who despite fully use us and we will be heaping coals of fire upon their head that it will touch their hearts like a touch general least heart and he so respected the man that respected him undeservedly and if we recognize that we are you may think all that evil man generally we are the generally all of us have done evil against the God of Heaven the general of heaven all of us have been enemies to the God of heaven and yet he looks down with us and he gives us food he takes care of us he gives us freedom to come in and to go out and he loves you with an ever lasting laugh. And let us learn to learn from the God of heaven who shows his love and shows his respect to us I want to close with one quote This is actually called counsel to one who lost self-respect Listen to this you may feel guilty you may feel ashamed you may feel like you could never be saved maybe you're different maybe it's religious people like that guy are all he is religious but not me listen I was not interested in religion I never prayed I lived a life of complete sin and didn't even consider a god even though I believed in him I believed in but I was totally not religious if you would have asked me if I was a Christian Back then I would have told you yes but I had no spiritual interests Jesus later changed my life so I want to tell you it is not about what you may feel or that all I'm just naturally spiritual I'm not I can tell you that but God can create within every one of us a new heart but I want to read you this last quote Jesus this is a quote from something called Medical ministry powerful book I read some years ago Jesus loves you and he has given me a message for you he has great heart of infinite tenderness yearns over you he sends you the message that you may recover yourself from the sneers of the enemy you may regain your self respect you may stand where you regard yourself not as a failure but as a conqueror and in and through the uplifting influence of the Spirit of God Take hold of the hand of Christ and do not let go. Friends Jesus is the answer hold on to his hand he can make you all that he was created to you to be because he has created you for such a time as these the times that we're living in to be a light to the community around us to be a witness to society so that we could share Jesus with the world around us you may have heard the great verses from Romans Chapter and Verse 35 who shall separate us from the love of Christ so tribulation or distress persecution or famine or nakedness or peril as it is written for the high stakes we are killed all the day long we are counted as sheep for the slaughter may I say in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us friends Jesus can make you more than a Congress that you even see we're told here you see yourself not as a failure not as a corrupt despicable person but that through Christ in His Holy Spirit you can become more than conquer us is that your desire to say Jesus I need you to make me a conqueror I need you to give me strength is that your desire Amen Let us pray Heavenly Father we are in desperate need of you because we are we have been conquered in our lives at times we may have been crushed by the enemy but I thank you that you are not like us that your ways are higher than our ways that you like this great general of old showed compassion to one who didn't deserve it at all Father we may not deserve it not only we may not we do not deserve your respect but I thank you that you show us that respect showing that you loved us sinners so much that our Savior died on a cross for us. And that through that cross and in the life of the Resurrected Christ we can become through you everything we were created to be no far no matter how far down we have fallen that you're ready to pick us back up Father help us to cling to Jesus and to never let go. Thanks. For all you've done father and for our blessing Savior Jesus in whose name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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