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06 The Faith of Abraham Part 2

Benjamin Ng
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  • January 13, 2021
    8:48 AM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this Sabbath day that you brought us into Thank you Lord for all that able to come together to as we study together Lord I'm just so thankful that you lead us through this past week and now as we're about to open your word we are asked for a blessing the blessing of the Holy Spirit and a psalm and ask for wisdom Lord you promised in James Chapter one that if we lack in wisdom you are more than willing to give it liberally you won't hold back and you want a break don't make fun of us Lord because we know that only spiritual things are spiritually discerned So a lot please grant us your Holy Spirit now as we open your word together guide us now we pray in Jesus' name amen. Hebrews chapter 11 going to continue the story of Abraham Let's go there let's turn to the Hebrews chapter 11 and we're going to start in verse 7 team Hebrews 11 verse 17 the faith of Abraham and I've been told this with a subtitle The ultimate test of faith Hebrews 11 verse 17 by faith Abraham when he was tried offered up Isaac and he that had received the promises offered up his only big cotton son of whom it was said that an Isaac shell the ice seed be cold in order to understand this we have to go back to the Book of Genesis and this is probably the greatest test of faith that God has ever placed on any human being apart from Jesus of course but as we look into this you're going to see why so let's go back to that Genesis account how Abraham was instructed to offer up Isaac Genesis Chapter 22 and I'm sure that this is a familiar story to most of you as you're listening this evening but I pray that you would still be able to learn something from this story as we begin Genesis 22 starting in verse one. And it came to pass after these things that God did tempt Abraham and he sent to him Abraham and he said Behold here I am and he said taking out by Sunday an only son Isaac whom Daal love most and get the into the land of Mariah and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell the all of and Abraham rose up early in the morning and settled his ass and took 2 of his young men with him and Isaac his son and Clay the wood for the burnt offering and rose up and went on to the place of which God had told him look why did God have to test Abraham like this he comes to him and know not only does he say often when you offer your son but I want you to offer that some your only son Isaac whom you love God knew that Isaac was special to him Are you all there I don't know if the connection has been restored I don't know if my video is cut off I saw that my internet connection disconnected all together so. If you please say say something say everything's good please I don't know I need to restart the stream so we all there oh Ok wonderful wonderful thank you thank you thank you so I don't know where we cut off so I have to go back just a little bit and. Ok wonderful So look I want to go back to Genesis 22 look why does God have to test Abraham like this why does he have to ask him to offer Isaac his only begotten son the only one to him because even though there was Ishmael God had made it very clear that Ishmael was not the one why did God have to go to that extent to tell Abraham to sacrifice his son look we can look back on it today and go Oh that was a good object lesson for us you know the father offering Jesus Christ and for us we can see this in a sense and a figure of what Abraham had to go through but why did he have to do this look Abraham had failed the previous test you've got to understand this Abraham failed the previous test of faith God came to him and said I'm going to make your own your your your family as the stars of heaven you can have so many children you can't count them and what does he do he goes off his wife says No not through me go to Hagar Ishmael comes out Abraham failed that test and even though 13 years later. God comes back to him and says Ishmael's not the one you're going to have Isaac and Abraham goes and sleeps with Sarah look he still failed the test the original test so before God could fulfill his promise and his covenant that he made with him in Genesis 12 where he said I want to bless you I'm going to make of you a great nation and through you all nations of the earth will be blessed before God could fulfill that covenant in his life he had to make sure he had to make sure that Abraham truly trusted him so God had to test them again to see if he really believed his word this time because a last time he didn't and even though I came out look God made it abundantly clear it's going to be through Sarah it's going to be about this time next year you can name him Isaak that was no faith there was no faith and that in a sense there was here and there but not to the extent that God was expecting of him when he told them in Genesis 15 that he was going to have a son and his faith faltered in a Ishmael you see so why would this have been such a difficult test when it came to Genesis 22 now to offer his son Isaac in Genesis 17 let's turn our Bibles there Genesis Chapter 17 and verse 19 Genesis 17 and verse 19 and God said Sarah by wife shall bear the a son indeed that house shall call his name Isaac and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant and with his seed after him God made it abundantly clear in Genesis Chapter 17. That it will be through Isaac that this covenant would be a stablished and now God comes to him 5 chapters later in Genesis $22.00 and he tells Abraham what now I want you to sacrifice now I want you to kill him. How would you harmonize these 2 words of God. To give you certain a little glimpse of an example of what we are trying to mean here is this Look God says I want to bless you if you follow me if you give tithe an offering in chapter 3 that's a promise I will pour out the windows of heaven there won't be enough room to receive it so he says if you give that but but then he says what I want you to keep the Sabbath so you're working this job and now you got to quit with no job in sight it's maybe it's a lockdown like now and the only way to support yourself you're thinking I have to keep this job and if I don't keep the Sabbath if I don't go to work on Sabbath I don't go to work on Saturday then how am I going to be able to keep the Sabbath you see. And keep my job I mean so how do you harmonize these 2 things God wants you to be faithful there's a command and then there's a promise how do you harmonize these 2 things God how are you going to bless me if I don't have a job and sometimes our faith falters you see and so look there was a promise from God through Isaac all the nations of the earth will be blessed then there's the command kill him they both came from the same mouth the command and the promise came from the same out from the same being from the same God and yet they seem to contradict each other you see there are going to he's the promised one of establish my covenant with them now kill. How if you were Abraham would you have reacted while the pen of inspiration tells us that he went back to that tree where he met the 3 strangers that were passing along but nobody came. Nobody he didn't tell his wife why she probably would have stopped them all we read in Genesis 22 was Abraham got up he obeyed he left and he went let's keep reading verse 5 and Abraham sentences young men abide here with us and I and all that will go yonder and worship and come again to you and Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering and laid it upon Isaac his son and he took the fire in his hand and a knife and they both of them went together and Isaac spoken to Abraham his father and said my father and he said Here am I my son and he said Behold the fire and the wood but where is the lamb for a burnt offering may bring him said my son God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering and so they went both of them together how it must have pained the father's hearts. To hear those words from his son and it wasn't just as he was walking up the hill you know this was 3 days' journey in verse 4 it says on the 3rd day Abraham lifted up his eyes and he saw the mountain off in the distance that God said this is the one Abraham had 3 long days to contemplate to think about it God Are you sure this is want you once is this what you said and he could have doubted you know sometimes friends sometimes the more we think about it the less likely we are to do it isn't it especially when it comes to God. If you're struggling with your money and your finances and how should I put it on or should I not and the more you think about it sometimes more often than not we are less likely to do it Abraham had 3 days to think about the act that he was to perform a burn sacrifice was something that he probably did every day the burn sacrifice is is you know in the Hebrew culture in the Israelite time where they had the century and they had these sacrifices and they would bring the sacrifices for different reasons there are 4 types of offerings that the Israelites would bring the brunt offering was not one for sin it's for consecration consecrating myself to God and God had asked Abraham to offer Isaac his son as a burnt offering every day most likely Abraham would have offered this type of sacrifice if not at least every week you know every day we consecrated a life to God isn't it this is one of those sacrifices we give it everything our whole heart or whole life and this time the burnt offering was to be his son. You know. I I find myself that I probably would have reason things out God if I offer Isaac how of course the obvious one How are you going to stablish your promise that promise you gave me if you could have thrown it back in God's face and said No you're the one who gave me the Son it was obvious I'm not going to do it God or if I do it and I start sacrificing my son people are going to hear about it how would that make you look God Well you know friends we're going to let God worry about his own image. We just make sure we learn to obey his commands there could have been many many reasons he could have given but yet he didn't he didn't what did he do he got up he went and even though he had time to think about it what does the Bible record here and Abraham verse 8 and Abraham said my son of verse 9 and they came to the place which God had told them of and Abraham built an altar there and laid the wooden all all order and bound Isaac his son and laid him on the altar upon the wood and Abraham stretched forth his hand and took the knife to slay his son and the angel of the Lord called on to him out of heaven and said Abraham Abraham and he said Here am I And he said lay not going hand upon the lad Neither do I anything and him for now I know that the fear ist God Seeing that has not withheld by son vine only son from me you know every time a recount the story and every time I share I am always amazed at the obedience of Isaac his son. Abraham was certainly well in advance in Hewers before Isaac came out Abraham was all the nuff to come to this point where he himself could not have children any more certainly he was a week old man in a sense by this time his son could have easily overpowered him and ran all the way back home but when Abraham told him this story this this command that God toms to do he willingly laid down on the altar amazed at the the sort of training that Abraham was able to teach his son that sort of obedience unquestioning obedience something even Abraham had to learn this was the experience he didn't know why but he went ahead and if they would have that why does God want you to offer me as a burnt offering if there was no logical answer he could have just gone home right it would have made Abraham look crazy and we've seen this before with Abraham part one the faith of Abraham part one we've seen it with no We've seen it with many people who's learnt to live by faith already these sort of reasons that God give sometimes it just makes no sense God if you if I'm faithful to the Sabbath hardly going to support myself how if I lose my job hunt going to find a job if I don't get my my degree if I lose my scholarship if I just kicked out of the Course I'm not able to pass the exam and sometimes the only answer that we get is silence is the command clear yes. But sometimes a many times friends we are waiting for another door to open before we go all k. God Now I see why you don't want me to take the exam on Sabbath you got a better way but with Abraham that door never opened not until he had his knife stretched out over his son ready to kill him that knife was ready to be brought down and only then did Angel come and probably restrained his hand from plunging it down to his son's chest that he says now Abraham Now I know that you feel me there was no good reason there was none whatsoever except God wanted to test them and that reason was not given until later friends if there is something this even if you already know from the Word of God from the commandments of God that God says I want you to obey then it would do us well to just move forward and sometimes only the answer comes after you move forward in faith had Abraham just stayed there under the tree and waited for the the 3 men to come by they would have never. Had Abraham prayed and fasted and prayed and fast that an answer would have never come from the time that God comes to him at the beginning of Genesis $22.00 until Abraham has his hand outstretched to kill his son Isaac nothing but silence the voice of God came of your son Isaac and then only later now I know that you feel me silence 3 days I'm sure Abraham must have been praying and sometimes runs silence is only what we get from God because the answer is all too clear already. You know friends that's a thing many people they come to me sometimes as a pastor Pastor Pastor I need your advice and you know sometimes it's we're hoping for a different answer we're hoping for something that a pastor a religious man would would give me to excuse me from this and just let me do it even though God says no and that's a very dangerous situation to be and sometimes as a past the you know guiding people even though they already know the answer and they don't like to hear it sometimes why are I already knew that as of good one Ben You haven't told me anything different but friends you don't need to go to people for advice if the answer is clear yes I know the Bible says In the multitude of counsel there is safety but when the Bible says that I shall not lie there's no way around don't lie you don't need to go to anybody and say hey this situation should or should I lie or not no friends if the Bible is clear by the grace of God Let us learn. To move forward but you know friends what was it that in a bold Abraham to follow through this yes it was faith by faith he was strengthened to do this but for 3 days Abraham had this opportunity to toss up in his mind should I shouldn't I on the way Ok but why God what's going on and you know what strengthen him along the way why was Abraham brave enough or strong enough to follow through with the come on and of God How was he able to harmonize in his mind the command of God versus the promise how is it able to bring these 2 together go Ok God Now I know why you're doing this through Isaac he's going to be the one that will bless the whole world now kill him how is he able to bring these 2 things together. Hebrews chapter 11 let's go back there Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 19 what was it that gave strength that Abraham to follow through with God's command Yes it was his word the command was very clear but you know what reason Abraham gave Hebrews 11 verse 19 accounting that God was able to raise him up even from the dead from whence also he received him in a figure what was Abraham thinking as he was walking for 3 days and he says Ok I'm going to be a God and God the only way that you can harmonize these 2 things your promise and your command is this I'm going to kill him. You're going to resurrect him now when you look at the 1st 21 chapters of Genesis Ok Genesis 22 is where Abraham goes with Isaac to offer him on Mt Mariah. If you look at the 1st 21 chapters do you see any where there is a resurrection there isn't the only thing that we have is translation you knock walks straight into heaven there was no such thing at least not in the 1st 21 chapters that we read of the Book of Genesis where there is a person that dies and God brings him back to life so when you look at he was 11 Ok and verse 19 and it says there that he accounted that God was able to raise him up even from the dead that was something new. It was something new friends something that no one had ever seen no story had ever been told Abraham that somebody died and had been resurrected back to life and there they are there they are standing there there was no such history book there was no such record something that came in that whatever came into Abraham's mind it was something new based upon trying to harmonize the 2 words of God One of promise one a command and friends you know when it comes to following God we like to be pessimistic we like to be realistic you know we like to think of the worst case scenario so we are disappointed isn't it but in the case of Abraham the only thing I mean the very least he could think of was this in order to harmonize these 2 statements God I'm going to kill him you're going to resurrect him that's what he was thinking friends it's time off faith starts thinking in the positive not able to pay your Tice Well look look here's the thing for us some of us we can't pay tithes or give offering because we're living beyond our means you understand that so don't go Ok God I'm earning 1000 and my rent is costing me 900 and you know. I'm going to give 100 anyways no friends what you should start of with is what the general of thumb 30 to 40 percent max is your rental 300 on little place for 300 what we should go is God you've got to give me a place for 300 but I'm going to put in my ties 1st and I'm going to move out Ok that's what we've got to do we've got to do as much as we can humanly possible to make sure that we can live within that means in a sense but then and only then we can test God's promises you see the friends so there is a part for us a play in a sense but in this case with Abraham there was nothing he done all that he could the command was clear he moved forward and so friends it's time our faith starts to think in a positive manner sure if you got to quit your job because causing to lie is causing you to break the Sabbath the command is clear but move forward on it right away if you know it's wrong don't go Ok God I know it's wrong under start fasting and praying and. I will move my job once you give me another job that's what the world does friends that's not how God operates he says today if you hear my voice harden not your heart to day is the day of salvation today is the time that we've got to move forward and if you know that there's something wrong that you do it by God's grace fix it now don't wait for the door or the window to open before you say God I'm going to move forward by the grace of God he's got to give us a strength he's got to give us the wisdom he's got to give us that trust to hold on to him because he knows what he's doing so look here's this resurrection right. You know there was nothing in the 1st 21 chapters but yet Abraham had seen something similar I want you to tell him when your bible is to Romans Chapter 4 there is something not a total resurrection of a human being that came back from the dead but there is something that came back from the dead that Abraham was able to build his faith upon and take it to the next level Romans Chapter 419 Romans chapter 4 and verse 19. And being not weak in faith he considered not his own body now dead when he was about a 100 years old another yet the deadness of Sarah's womb he staggered not of the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith giving glory to God and verse 21 being fully persuaded that what he had promised he was able also to perform you know there was in some sense a resurrection that Abraham had experienced and Syrah it was there both both their bodies when Isaac was was. Promised to come out both the body of Abraham and Sarah were dead by this time and so God had to do some sort of a resurrection of their bodies and it says here that he staggered not at the promise of God So was there some faith involved absolutely but not to the extent of what we see in Genesis 22 and so Abraham took the situation from his experience with his wife about the birth of Isaac and he brought it now forward to now when God is asking him to kill his son. And he's able to do that why because he was fully persuaded that what God had promised he would also before Friends Are you fully persuaded about the Word of God If you are fully persuaded you would you would have the faith of Abraham you'd move forward in all the blessings and the promises and even the commands of God Are you fully persuaded that the Sabbath are you fully persuaded by honoring your parents no matter what they've done to you Are you fully persuaded about not stealing even though your whole family is going hungry are you fully persuaded about not lying even though you might lose your job are you fully persuaded 100 percent 200 percent not a shadow of a doubt friends there some of you that you you know but the truth of the Sabbath but you're holding back you're holding back and friends you are saved by grace through faith if you're not fully persuaded your faith has not grasped the promises of God Maybe it's grab some of the things that make sense to you but when it comes to the things that don't make sense how do you react Are you fully persuaded. And look at this 1st a team Romans 4 of us. Who against hope believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations according to that which was spoken so shall see be against hope he believed in hope Paul was against hope in Genesis 22 was against hope it was God's command kill Isaac. He believed in hope the very same thing. Let's put it in a different way who against God believed in God God is seems like he was against himself he was contradicting himself you understand that here's a promise Here's the command that goes against the promise yet the only thing that Abraham could hold onto was the promise even though the very God that gave the promise went against it against hope he believed in hope when all things seemed now to go down hill Abraham held on even tighter to the Word of God isn't that so different to our experiences nowadays when everything seems to be going downhill we let go of God God why did you allow this to happen God why did you do this to me and we like to blame God even put against hope Abraham believed in the hope his faith was able to lay hold on the Word of God and grab it and not let go and then he I don't think he threw it back in God's face but he knew that God was the one that promise he made it too clear he made it too clear that Isaak in him shall all the world be blessed look. We know that Abraham went through with the sacrifice as reading the story but the final declaration was what he feared God. He lived in obedience to the Word of God without questioning without waiting it was unquestioning obedience he moved forward with this and we've looked at this in our 1st angels message study as we study Sabbath mornings if you missed that I think you can go back about a month now we started the fear God we looked at the 1st angels message of Revelation 14 by the way we're going to be looking at Revelation 14 the 2nd angel's message tomorrow please join us at 1130 but we know that Abraham is the 1st one to be called the man that feared God and it's through his experience that we get the definition and the experience and so really what Abraham goes through should be the basis of our experience as well friends look sometimes it makes no logical sense to do what God asks us to do it makes no logic at all and when you get to that friends it's time to start to keep walking and you'll see maybe in hindsight the answer that God gives you even though at that moment you don't there was no good reason that Abraham could have come up with to sacrifice his son Isaac there were plenty of bad reasons that he could come up with but. He still move forward friends God had to go through with this he had to test Abraham again because the last time when God came to him with this word that seemed unbelievable it was an Isaac It was a birth of Ishmael that his faith faltered and you know God is merciful he didn't cast of Abraham and said. I don't want to work through you anymore. And I praise the Lord that even in our disobedience even in our rebellion even when we know better God says my son my daughter here's another chance and he standing there he says I know you can do it. You know the test of Genesis 22 the sacrifice of Isaac was much more difficult than the test of having the son that was promised in Genesis 15 before Ishmael came along. You know with every successive Test that comes our way when we fail God has to give something more drastic why the same test comes again and we realize now we learn from it it requires not much faith as when he 1st gave it what I mean look there are some of you that. You've been never tell you've never been tested on the Sabbath until you went to university there are some that you've been tested on the Sabbath when you're in high school but most likely the faith that your parents got you through they just said no you're not going to school but there are some of you that you leave your home maybe broadness 7th day of honest home where you converted while university you converted while you're working and the 1st test that comes to you about the Sabbath your heart starts to beat fast you get really worried you're not sure what's going to happen you know maybe you're there at church on the Sabbath day and you can't think about anything about except what your letter is going to say or your friends are going to say or what your boss is going to say or the Monday when you go back to work but the 2nd time it happens it gets easier isn't it. And that's why when we don't pass the test the faith that God gives us originally he has to give us something a bit harder it gets a step harder and that's what happened. With Abraham. That's why God called him to sacrifice his son Isaac and had he failed the test what would have happened is his heart would have gone just that little bit harder until what the voice of the Holy Spirit is no longer heard. Friends but I want you to realize today is that God is trying to lead you in this journey of faith trusts will come dot com to everybody all attest are different so don't look at your neighbor and start comparing what God why is my life more difficult than theirs all things work together for good to them that love God all things we don't need to compare We don't need to say that person had a better life so that's why they're more faithful and so I'm allowed to be unfaithful because I had a more difficult life or no friends definitely not Jesus was a poor man who lived a carpenter's life and yet he lived the blameless life he never gave an excuse for sin and he lived in one of the most wicked cities called Nazareth That's why when one of the disciples that could could any good thing come out of Nazareth they were surprised that even the Son of God the presumed Savior would come from such a wicked place but Jesus never gave poverty as an excuse for any sin that he was allowed to do you know I had friends that turns me in says Ben I grew up in a poor family so I'm allowed to act like this in a sense I never had the things that you had or you know and we feel entitled to live a certain way sometimes but that's not the right mentality all things work together for good all things and sometimes you don't see beyond that. I just want to share a story in closing. You know when I was a lot young kid. I'm the youngest in the family of a brother ahead of me and a sister and then myself and as younger brothers do they are the lies they're all the product and that's what I did you know everything my brother had I wanted to wear whatever he did I wanted to do the hairstyle that he had I wanted a copy obviously for those that know me that's not the case today but when I was younger that's what happened and I knew well actually my mother knew this as all hell and it just so happened that my hero my brother at a young age in his teens he went to university and he got into the bad crowd and he started going clubbing and he started doing drugs. And guess what my mom kicked him out of home you know she locked the door changed the padlock changed the key wouldn't let him in and I was really angry at my mom. Hose really angry why she would do that you know until I came back one day and I you know the house that we were living in was just a small little unit at that time and it was a very small place and he came back looking for my mom and I couldn't find her she was in the laundry crying and I realized. You know she was crying and have been what have I done what have I done and all I could do at that moment was just give her a hug and I knew that from that moment that my mom really loved my brother but she had a really important decision to make and she was thinking about me because she knew that if one brother went to drugs. And went clubbing that I probably follow the same path as well you know friends sometimes we don't see beyond just the circumstances of our narrow sighted human mind sees we just see our present circumstances. I maybe some of you right now you can't see God how can this be good for me how can you tell me that this is for my best good when it seems like you're just angry at me that you want to you know me to feel pain or feet feel discouraged or just be tested God is a test and why you know friends all things work together for good God wants to bless us he wants to give us the very best as a father does to his son and his daughter willing to give heaven and earth to their children what parent wouldn't and the Father in heaven once that as well and maybe the see even in your discouraging you going through a few things I want to remind you that our Father in heaven loves you very much he's got a mansion prepared for you up in heaven he's got the very best waiting for you and he wants to give you the best on earth as well. But in order to do that. We've got to learn to step out in faith. We've got to learn to take his hand and say I will follow you where ever you lead me and even if I'm on the valley of the shadow of death I know that you're with me and I don't have to fear any evil your rod and your stuff they come for me friends let's learn to follow girl God in the good times but especially in the tough May God help us all to have the faith of Abraham to have his experience to learn to talk with him face to face to trust him even when we don't understand the reason why God bless us all and teach us how to exercise our faith today let's pray Father in Heaven Lord help us help us to see your word in a different light the see evening. Help us to realize that this book that you've given to us and these words are written in there are all for our good is all calculated to give us a blessing sometimes all we don't see it so I ask that you give us the are you face to behold that to look beyond our present pain our present circumstances help us to hold on to your word and say you cannot let go no matter what happens so a lot please be with my brothers and sisters out there who might be suffering this evening and some of them are self-inflicted from what we've done in our own lives but some of us were going through a sort of trial because we're following you and it seems like our road has gotten thorny and more difficult help us to trust you even more and not let go so Lord guide us to that end and when you bring us back up on the mountaintop help us to look back and understand the reason why you allowed these things to happen so that it will give us greater confidence and trust to follow you through the valleys again in the future lord please bless us this evening as we retire for the night watch over us and keep us in good health and strength. To we meet again in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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